Proceedings of the International Conference On Social Studies, Globalisation And Technology (ICSSGT 2019)

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Social Studies Learning Model Based on Socio-Cultural Through Blanded Learning (Study in Junior High School in the Depok West Java)

Sujarwo, Desy Safitri, Tubagus Ali Rachman
This research aims to develop Social Studies learning model based socio-cultural based on content with blended learning in junior high schools in the city of Depok West Java using the research and development method by taking three main steps, namely preliminary studies, planning and preparation of models...
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A Study of Olang Bubega Silat Changes From Tradition to Entertainment Arts in the Community Wedding Ceremony in Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau

Santi Mustika Rani, Fuji Astuti
This research was aimed at subscribing and analyzing the changes of Olang Bubega silat from tradition to entertainment arts in the community wedding ceremony. This type of research was qualitative by using a descriptive method. The object of this research was Olang Bubega silat. The data were collected...
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The Innovation of Online-Based Social Studies Lesson Plan Models to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Erlina Wiyanarti, Mina Holilah
The 4.0 industrial revolution brought significant changes to the practical and efficient modern human life through the acceleration of online-based digital technology. This condition must be responded quickly by the education system as one of the critical elements in society. This study aims to suggest...
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To Increase Professional Competence of Social Sciences Teachers (in Utilizing Local Wisdom-Based Learning Resources Through History Trips in Batang Regency)

Aisyah Nur Sayidatun Nisa, Fredy Hermanto, Asep Ginanjar, Noviani Achmad Putri
Increased the quality of learning is one of the important agendas in efforts to improve the quality of education. Social science is one of the subjects that closely related to the community environment. Local wisdom-based education is contextual learning in social studies learning. Local wisdom-based...
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The Implementation of Asset Handover Based on Law Number 25 of 2008 Concerning the Establishment of Sungai Penuh City

Jefer Oktri Yesya, H. Afriva Khaidir, Dasman Lanin
The autonomy granted to the district area and city is carried out by giving broad, real, and responsible authority proportionally to the government. Most of the governmental authority is givento the regions. There by, the region has the right to ask to make regional expansion in order to be able to manage...
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The Effect of Employee Satisfaction on Service Quality Through Delivery and Professionalism in Labor and Industrial Agency of Padang City

Wenny Astuti, Dasman Lanin, Syamsir
This study aimed to explain the effect of employee satisfaction on service quality through delivery and profession nalism both directly and indirectly in the office of Labor and Industrial Agency of Padang City. Employee satisfaction in this study was divided into three dimensions of satisfaction, namely...
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Pre-Married Education: Movement Responsibility in a Family

Walan Yudhiani, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Gusril, Azwar Ananda
This paper aims to explore the increasing divorce in Padang due movement in family responsibility. This movement began to be seen from economic reasons. Housewives have double responsibility in the household. They not only purely take care of the household and family, but also earn money helping her...
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The Development of Local Wisdom and Islamic Values-Based Democratic Material in IAIN Metro

Tubagus Ali Rachman Puja Kesuma, Sujarwo, Deri Ciciria, Atik Purwasih
The existence of democracy as the attitude of life of Indonesian citizens in the last decade has been increasingly at stake. As ethnic, religious, and racial politics are used in the five-year general election. The purpose of this study is revitalized democratic material as one of the studies of social...
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Learning Model of History to Wetlands for Historical Consciousness

Herry Porda Nugroho Putro, Deasy Arisanty, Mohamad Zaenal Arifin Anis
Land Environment wetness is a geographical characteristic of the city of Banjarmasin, with indicators of swamp and river areas. The city of Banjarmasin continues to grow, many historical events have occurred since prehistoric times to independence. Universitas Lambung Mangkurat has made the wetland environment...
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Padang One Day One Juz Community Member’s Motivation

Harona Hasapen
One Day One Juz Community (ODOJ) is an Islamic community that has a program to accommodate its members to commit in reading Al-Qur’an one juz each day. The community has 108.000 members and Regional Representative Area (DPA) that spread across various regions in each province in Indonesia. This study...
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Mapping and Resolution of Conflicts Pagang-Gadai Land Ulayat in Minangkabau: Case study: clan customary land conflict in Jorong Kajai, Nagari Ladang Panjang, Tigo Nagari District, Pasaman Regency, West Sumatra

Eti Siska Putri, Maria Montessori
Pagang-gadai is an activity that makes a valuable object as collateral for, as long as there are two possibilities to return the money or take some of the object. The purpose of this study are to map and formulate the resolution of the conflict of traditional land tenure-mortgages in Jorong Kajai Nagari...
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Comparative Study of Silampari Kayangan Tinggi Dance and Sambut Silampari Dance at Lubuklinggau City

Ninda Levia, Indrayuda
Analyzing the differences and similarities between Silampari Kayangan Tinggi Dance and Silampari Sambut Dance is the main objective in writing this article. This research uses descriptive method, and the type of research is qualitative. The object of this research is the Silampari Kayangan Tinggi Dance...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Students Interest in Business Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics Universitas Dharma Andalas Padang

Nurlina, Yenni Del Rosa
Developed countries generally have an average of 14% entrepreneurs from their population, while in Indonesia, only 3.1% (BPS: 2017). While the opportunity for the people of Indonesia to entrepreneurship are tremendous, because of its lush nature and abundant natural products. Finding out the influence...
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Anticipatory Strategies of Social Problems Based on Social Deviations in Students of Public Junior High School 8 Palu

Muhamad Ali Jennah, Kaharuddin Nawing
The focus of the research is how the form of social problems based on social irregularities of students in Public Junior high school 8 Palu and how the educational institution approaches in overcoming social problems based on social deviation in this school. The purpose of this research is to identify...
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Political Education for Novice Voters Through Students’ Democracy Jamboree Program

Suryanef, Al Rafni
Political education for novice voters has tended to be dominated by the delivery of formal information both directly and indirectly. This condition often feels boring and ineffective in exploring creative ideas that characterize novice voters. The presence of the student democracy jamboree program initiated...
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Social Studies Learning Model for Early Childhood

Huriah Rachmah, Erhamwilda, Adang M. Tsaury
Early childhood education is organized by age group and type of service from the child’s birth to the age of 6 years. At the age of 0-6 years the brain develops very quickly to 80% of the ability of the brain. From an early age, children can be given habituation and role models so they can build character...
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Ba’usung Tradition in Wedding Ceremonies of Banjar Ethnic Group in Indragiri Hilir District

Tassya Nopitalia, Agusti Efi
Many cultures and traditions are endangered and have been extinct. One of them is the Ba’usung tradition. The Ba’usung tradition is one of the traditions in the marriage ceremony of the Banjar tribe that is no longer much done by the younger generation. This research is aimed to elucidate the procession...
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An Analysis of Guguak Manyambah Song Created by B. Andoeska in Minangkabau Song

DillaTriyanda Novera, Budiwirman
This research aims to determine the results of the analysis of the Guguak Manyambah Song relate to the rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression and relationship of melody with the song lyric. The type of the research is a qualitative research with a descriptive content analysis approach. The informant...
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Student Perceptions of Social Studies Learning Problems in the Era 4.0 and the Way to Solve Them (Research at the Postgraduate School of Social Sciences Education Study Program at Muhammadiyah University Prof. Dr. Hamka, Jakarta)

Rudy Gunawan
Social Sciences Learning in junior high schools is still constrained by various problems. Problems that often arise are too much material, while the lesson hours are too few, teachers who teach not teach do not come from the social sciences education study program, but come from social science study...
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Worksheet for Application of Word Square Learning Models at Publik Junior High School Number I Kapur IX District

Sri Rahayu, Deswa Yodi Eka Putra, Harisnawati, Anggia Ramadhani
This research is motivated by negative activities that occur in the learning process such as students often in and out, telling stories, disturbing friends in Public Junior High School Number I (Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri /SMPN) I Kapur IX District. The purpose of this study is to find out the application...
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To Be an Islamic Female Leader: The Education System at the Madrasah Muallimaat Muhammadiyah

Mutiah Amini
This paper aims to discuss the education system which was developed by the Muhammadiyah in Yogyakarta to encourage the young women to be a prospective Islamic leader. This madrasah was established in 1932, but the pioneer dated back in 1918. Historically, this madrasah was developed to teach women and...
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Tolerance Learning to Develop Students Social Skills in the 21st Century

Asep Mahpudz, Jamaludin, Anthonius Palimbong
The learning process is a social and cultural activity to construct meaning from the interaction between prior knowledge and events that occur. In the future, the role of teachers increasingly needs to prioritize the learning of values and attitudes. Teacher training is carried out aimed at developing...
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Development of Macromedia Captivate-Based Instructional Media of Social Studies on Scarcity and Human Needs Material of Grade VII at Islamic Junior High School of Assyafiiyah Gondang Tulungagung

Dwi Astuti Wahyu Nurhayati, Maryono, Lina Triwidayanti
This research is driven by the phenomenon of numerous students who often fail to notice the previous material, and due to inadequate learning media of Social Studies. Based on the results of observation during the learning process, students often forgot the previous materials, lacked focus on the materials,...
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The Implementation of Educational Information Guidance to Internalizes Characters Value in Bimbingan dan Konsultasi Belajar (Study Guidance and Consultation) Nurul Fikri Padang

Rahmi Juwita, Afriva Khaidir
Educational Information Guidance (EIG) is one of the subjects in Nurul Fikri that distinguishes it from another tutoring. This study tried to see the performance of educational information guidance subjects in the internalizes of character values in students of Study Guidance and Consultation (Bimbingan...
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Nation Character Building for Millennial Generation Based on Local Wisdom of Saminism

Tetep, Eldi Mulyana, Triani Widyanti, Ade Suherman
The background of this research starts from the concern about the threat of radicalism, hatepeech, hoax news that can affect the mindset of millennial generation. The purpose of this study isto rebuild the character of the Indonesian nation in millennial generation in accordance withthe values of Pancasila....
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Mapping Competencies of Educational Lecturers in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Junaidi H. Matsum
This review articles employed the method of comprehensive summary and perspective onthestate of the field, in this case, education allecture competencies. The results of this discussion depict that higher education should beaimedat having graduated with the competence to apply science and technology...
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Development of Historical Learning Evaluation Instruments Based on High Order Thinking Skills for Riau History course at Departement of History Education in Riau University

Bunari, Yuliantoro, Yanuar Al Fiqri
This research is motivated by the lack of application of the form of HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) based assessment instruments in the History education study program (FKIP) Riau University. The purpose of this research is to make HOTS-based assessment instruments for Riau History courses, which can...
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Aceh Women’s Contribution of Military Affairs During Western Colonialism in Indonesia

Yuliati, Moch. Nurfahrul Lukmanul Khakim, Afifah Rahmantika Furzaen, Ezra Imanuel Suwarno
Aceh has a great history of faces and against colonialism in Indonesia, include women’s contributions. The women’s history clearly shows women’s involvement in politics and military affairs. It is also supported by achievements of a number of tough women who entitled to heroes, such as Cut Nyak Dien,...
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Integration of Siak Songket Weaving Values Through Value Clarification Technique to Reinforcement of the Meaningful History Learning

Bedriati Ibrahim, Asyrul Fikri, Piki Setri Pernantah
The Siak Songket weaving is one of local cultural from Riau Malay land. The SiakSongket weaving can not only be used as clothing but certainly has a high noble value. Integrating the values of this local wisdom in learning history is necessary to contribute in order to strengthen the nation’s identity...
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The Quality of Learning Tools With Constructivist Approaches on the Juvenile Delinquency Theme

Nurul Ratnawati, Sukamto, I Nyoman Ruja
This study to develop integrated social studies learning tools with a quality constructivist approach. The research design the development research with a 4-D model (define, design, develop, disseminate). This research develops a product in the form of an integrated social studies learning tool with...
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Character Education of Balinese Local Wisdom-Based Through the Integration Social Studies Subject

I Wayan Kertih
This research aimed at explaining the practices of cultivation of national character values at the school environment and teaching and learning of social studies as well as the consequent implications. The research employed educational ethnography design, involving all academic civitas (principal, teachers,...
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Ecolabel in Environmental Education

Desy Safitri, ZE. Ferdi Fauzan Putra, Sujarwo
Environmental deterioration has created an urgent need to promote environ-mental education. In order to support environmental improvement and build a society that cares for environmental safety, hence ecolabel research is designed in environmental education in DKI Jakarta. This study aims to determine:...
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Learning Motivation In Street Children (Case Study on Street Children Who Attend School in Public Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar Negeri/SDN) Mawar 2 Banjarmasin)

Bambang Subiyakto, Mutiani
Street children are children who spend most of their daily activities on the road. They get different treatment from the community. Their lives are very close to juvenile delinquency. However, in Central Banjarmasin District street children prefer to work as well as school. This study aims to 1) Explaining...
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Exploration Activities Cultural Values Through Learning In Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar Negeri/SDN) Basirih 10

Ersis Warmansyah Abbas
The formation of the human character is not done within a short time. A necessary process that must pass them through the educational process. The formation of the characters can be exploited through cultural inheritance for every element of society. One of them is by digging the cultural values of society....
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Outdoor Learning as the Development of Eco Literacy Skills in Learning Social Studies in Secondary School

Ratna Puspitasari, Khomarudin
Ecoliteracy among junior high school students in the city of Cirebon as a basic ability possessed by students regarding the understanding of the basic ecological, student ecology and the concept of sustainability (sustainable) school environment as a tool to solve problems. Increasing student eco-literacy...
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Building the Values of Environmental Awareness Through the Adiwiyata School

Sarbaini, Syaharuddin, Ma’nawiyah
Nowadays, the global environmental condition is expanding and worrying the future of human being. It is triggered by the behavior of humans who exploit natural resources and environment without limit. Formal education has strategic function to plant the environmental caring values character through Adiwiyata...
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Synergy of Indigenous Values With Law Number 6 of 2014 Concerning Village: Study on Nagari Kapau Government In West Sumatera

Hasbullah Malau, Artha Dini Akmal
The implementation of De-centralization practices in Indonesia allows the application of a system of government based on indigenous to be applied at the level of the Village Government or Indigenous Village Government. This study aims to analyze the model of strengthening traditional values that are...
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The Inculcation of Sundanese Local Wisdom Values in Millennial Generation (Ethno-pedagogy on Social Studies Learning at the Pasundan Middle School, Cimahi)

Jajang Hendar Hendrawan
The rapid flow of information and telecommunications in the millennial era has led to the waning of local wisdom values. This issue is a very serious problem to be researched, because young people will most likely lose their cultural identity. Therefore, it is necessary to instill the values of Sundanese...
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Development of Students’ Competencies in Social Studies Learning by Using the Field Trip Method in Junior High School

Siti Fatimah, Ridho Bayu Yefterson, Wahidul Basri
Social study learning is very important learning in developing students’ intelligence, especially in shaping their emotional intelligence. The development of life in conditions of globalization, the emotional intelligence of students is defeated by the rapid technological advances. Most students have...
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Development of Modesty Based Learning Design at Anugrah Sayang Ibu Padang Pariaman District

This research is motivated by the language used by children not in accordance with the order of politeness, there are still many children who speak rude and disrespectful both with the teacher and other people, children can not distinguish how to talk to adults and peers. The purpose development is to...
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Analysis of Student Interest on Blended Learning

Irwan, Rita Angraini, Monica Tiara
This study aims to analyze the students’ interest in the learning process using the blended learning model. Blended Learning is a learning model that contains offline learning or face to face with online lectures proportionally. This model was implemented as a result of technological advances in the...
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Enhancing the Ability to Make Asian Continent Mockups Map in Groups of Social Sciences Subjects at MTsN 3 Padang

Syafrimen Sahir, Ernawati
This study aims to improve the ability to make mockups of the Asian continent map in groups in class IX.1 MTsN 3 of Padang City. This class action research was chosen because it has characteristics that fit the research objectives. This type of research is Classroom Action Research. The sample of this...
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The Strategy of Nagari For Children’s Protection in Realizing Children Friendly Nagari at Batu Balang

Anggun Mustika Yanti, Siti Fatimah
Poverty is a complex problem, which has a large impact on aspects of human life, one of them being children. Economic problems often have an impact on the unmet needs and rights of children even though in Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection. However, there are still cases where children...
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Cadre Model Inspirative Based on Islamic Parenting and Minangkabau Local Wisdom

Muhammad Kosim, Duski Samad, Ilman Nasution, Martin Kustati, Ahmad Rivauzi, Jum Anidar
The study aims to develop cadre model in BinaKeluargaBalita (BKB). A research and development proposed by Plomp was used where the data taken from questionnaire, interviews, and focus group discussion. The finding of the study describes that the module is very valid and practical to be implemented for...
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Developing Appypie-Based Android to Support Teacher’s Quality and Creativity in 21st Century

Neni Wahyuningtyas
This study aims to determine the results of developing appypie based android to support teacher’s quality and creativity in 21st century. The research method adopts a mixed method between qualitative methods and R n D. The initial stage of this activity is to uncover learning problems that arise among...
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Integrating Local History into Lessons of History Subject in the 2013 Curriculum Revise at Senior High School Level

Rahayu Permana, Febta Pratama
This paper tried to give a new offer to conduct a process of integration of local history in the history of specialization in the 2013 curriculum. So far local content has been made as a cultural subject, which should also be occupied by sociology and civic education (PPKn). Therefore, this paper wanted...
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Half-Hearted Democracy: Critical Discourse Analysis of Public Service Cases in West Sumatra

Agustina, Muhammad Adek
The establishment of the Law on Public Services in Indonesia has opened the widest possible space to improve public participation in government. Public participation currently became an integral factor in the assessment of subsequent democratic practices. The evaluation of public participation in general...
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Women’s Representation in Media News During the Japanese Period

Wulandari Dwianty Putri, Siti Fatimah
The purpose of this study are: 1) to describe the lives of women during the Japanese occupation in Indonesia; 2) to describe the representation of women in Japanese media news. This research is a qualitative research that is as a research procedure that produces descriptive data. This research uses mass...
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Application of Gurindam 12 Local Wisdom Values in Malay Community Life in Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands

Ab. Marisyah, Siti Fatimah
The purpose of this research is in the current era of globalization where we must be able to act locally by utilizing the knowledge of ancestors inherited, and must also be able to think globally with a future orientation. In this case the application of the values contained in the contents of Gurindam...
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Development of Teaching Materials in Training Batik Based on Local Culture

Agusti Efi Marthala, Elida
This paper is based on the development of teaching materials that are used for batik training with the title “Development of Local Culture Batik Based in Agam West Sumatra, Towards a Global Market”. It is carried out, in line with government efforts to encourage local batik industry grow and develop...
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Fiqih Ibadah Competence Model Developments Through Jurisprudential Inquiry Model Based on Local Wisdom in Students’ Learning

Eri Sakti, Fuady Anwar, Akmal
The purpose of this study are: (1) to find out the results of the problem analysis of the implementation of lecture competency learning in Fiqh in the subject of the Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) Islamic Studies Program-Ilmi Agama Islam (IAI) in Social Science Faculty-Fakultas IlmuSosial (FIS) as a...
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Nagari Madani Movement: A Social Policy-Based Islamic Values In Agam Regency

Zikri Alhadi, Isnarmi Moeis, Eriyanti, Rahmadani Yusran, Murniyetti
The ‘Back to Nagari’ policy initiated by the West Sumatra Provincial Government, followed by several districts / cities, essentially the reinforcement of the existence of the Nagari as the single lowest government institution in Minangkabau. Not only related to the administration of the government, back...
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Dampieng Salendang Reconstruction in Building Millenial Generation Characters in the Field of Dance

This article discusses the reconstruction that has been carried out on the Salendang Dance with the aim of building the character of the Millennial Generation in the field of dance. Building character needs to regain local cultural values (Minangkabau). Through the Research & Development Method (R&D)...
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The Effect of Work Culture on Visitor Satisfaction at Minangkabau Cultural Documentation and Information Center

M. Rodi Mansyuri, Afriva Khaidir
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of work culture on visitor satisfaction at Minangkabau Cultural Documentation and Information Center-Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau (PDIKM) in Padang Panjang City. This study uses a quantitative approach. The study sample was...
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Factors That Influence Partnerships in Empowering Marine and Fisheries Businessmen

Atiqa Azza El Darman, Fitri Eriyanti
This article discusses the factors that can influence the success of the partnership between Indonesian National Bank (Bank Nasional Indnesia-BNI) and the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. In order to provide protection, empowerment, data collection, service accele-ration, increase welfare...
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The West Sumatera Sea and Fisheries Strategy in the Supervision of the Bants of the Use of Trawls (study: in Linggo Sari Baganti District, Pesisir Selatan Regency)

Kristika Dewi, Fitri Eriyanti
The ban on the use of trawls in Linggo Sari Baganti Subdistrict is an old polemic which until now is still a problem that has not yet been overcome so that a strategy is needed to overcome it. This study aims to look at analyzing the realization of the strategy of the Department of Maritime Affairs and...
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Factors Affecting the Communication Strategy in the Policy Implementation to the Fishermen in Padang City

Fitri Eriyanti, Ihsanil Husna, Zikri Alhadi
The fishing community in Koto Tangah Subdistrict, Padang City still uses trawl in fishing. Regulation of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries No. 71 of 2016 as the rule that emphasizes prohibition of the use of trawl is not understood by the public. Communication that has been carried out by...
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Analysis of Teacher Questions in Improving High Order Thinking Skills of Students Through Learning of Pancasila and Civic Education

Maria Montessori, Junaidi Indrawadi, Monica Tiara
This article aims to expressing the ability to ask teachers the questions of Pancasila and Civic Education in the learning process. This research was conducted at five high schools in the city of Padang involving eleven (11) teachers as research informants. This article is a Research and Development...
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The Effect of Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Social Influence and Facilitating Condition on Management of Communities-Based Online Report Management in Padang Pariaman District

Yulia Rahmi, Aldri Frinaldi
This study aims to determine whether there is an influence of performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence and facilitating conditions on the manage-ment of online based community complaint reports in Padang Pariaman Regency. Data collection is done by survey method with questionnaire....
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Impact of Political Education to the Participation of Beginner Voters in General Election

Pebriyenni, Azwar Ananda, Nurhizrah Gistituati
This research is triggered by the facts that there were 360 election dispute reports submitted to the Constitutional Court and 15,052 findings by Election Supervisory Body in 2019 General Election. Meanshile, voters participation rate was recorded high, namely at 81.93%. This phenomenon is interesting...
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Policy to Improve the Quality of Life and Welfare of the Elderly in Nursing Homes in West Sumatra Province

Rahmadani Yusran, Rika Sabri
Indonesia’s current population structure is an old population structure because the percentage of the elderly exceed 7% of the total population. This has an impact on increasing the burden of productive age to meet the needs of the elderly, the risk of neglected elderly, and the declining quality of...
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Smart Solution for Fulfilling Economic and Socio-Cultural Rights of Indigenous Communites in West Sumatera (Study of Economic and Socio-cultural Rights Fulfillment)

Akmal, Hasdi Aimon, Hasrul
The background of the second-year research is derived from the results of the first-year research, which is the finding of the fulfillment of the economic and socio-cultural rights of indigenous peoples below the standard basic needs. According to Law No.11/2005 or the International Covenant on Economic,...
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Using Mind Mapping in Social Studies at Public Junior High School No.1 South Siberut Mentawai

Dessy Amelia, Buchari Nurdin, Siti Fatimah, Aisiah
The extent and amount of social studies material requires teachers to be creative and innovative in the learning process that is lively and dynamic. Social studies teachers must be able to change the paradigm that social studies lessons are only stories that is not interesting, and boring. Learning media...
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Social Interaction Between Etnics in Market Mastery in Sungai Penuh City Market in Kerinci Regency in a Sociological Prepective

Eka Putri Hardiyanti, Susi Evanita
The purpose of this study is to describe the social interaction between traders in controlling the market in Sungai Penuh in Kerinci Regency. The purpose of this study looks at 1) Research on the interaction between migrants and Kerinci natives, 2) factors that encourage socio-economic relations between...
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Strategy of Tourism and Culture Office in Tabuik Culture Development Event in Pariaman City

Sri Hidayati, Aldri Frinaldi
Tabuik is a cultural event in Pariaman city which attracts thousands of tourists to witness. Hovewer, beyond its uniqueness, it has its shortages in means and infrastructures. The strategy must be done to overcome the problem. This research used qualitative approach with descriptive methods, informants...
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Students Learning Outcome of Social Studies at Junior High Schools Reviewed from Social Interaction, School Culture and Achievement Motivation

Wahidul Basri, Mukhaiyar, Syafri Anwar
This study aims to reveal whether there is a direct influence on social interaction, school culture, and achievement motivation at junior high school students’ Social Studies learning outcomes. The method used is a survey method. The technique in this research is path analysis (path analysis). There...
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Explicit Instruction In Unisono Singing Lessons in Class VII Public Junior High School (Sekolah Menengah Pertama-SMPN) 1 Padang Panjang

Syeilendra, Budiwirman
This research aims to determine the difference in the outcome of singing Unisons sing students given the method of learning explicit instruction rather than conventional methods. Interaction between explicit instruction methods with conventional method of learning result of Unisons singing. The results...
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The Influence of Lecturer Competence and Self Concepts on Student Learning Motivation (Study on the Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program at Higher Education in Padang)

M. Nursi, Darwianis
Concerns tend to be massive decline in motivation to learn most students (at high schools in the city of Padang) encourage researchers feel the need to examine the influence of lecturer competence and student self-concept on learning motivation. This study uses a quantitative approach with a population...
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Evaluation of Teacher’s Understanding and Experience About the Structure and Publication of Scientific Articles in Scientific Journals

Aisiah, Aryadie Adnan, Sherly Purwati
The teachers understanding at junior high school (Sekolah Menengah Pertama-SMP and islamic junior high school (Madrasah Tsanawiyan – MTs) of Payakumbuh district about the structure of scientific articles is relatively low and the experience of publishing scientific articles is also very poor. The evaluation...
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Historical Empathy Learning Model for Strengthening Character Education 2013 Curriculum

Zul ‘Asri, Aisiah, Aman
This paper discusses and proposes Historical Empathy as a learning model in studying Indonesian history. The research was conducted as a response to the demand of the revised edition of Curriculum 2013 policy about the need to strengthen character education. The aim of this paper is to introduce Historical...