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Tailings Dam’s Safety Assessment Considering Undrained Foundation Failure

Flávia Augusta Padovani, Thiago Bretas
During construction and raising phases of tailings dams, excess pore pressures and localized deformations (plasticization zones) may develop due to applied overloads. Therefore, it can develop an undrained shearing in contractile materials, as tailings and foundation soils. In this case, the design of...
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Selective Laser Sintering of Ti Alloy Powders for Hip Implants

Florin Isvoranu, Cristina-Marilena Nițu, Ștefan Ilaș, Constantin Țigăneșteanu, Mihăiţă-Costin Călin, Mihaiela Iliescu
Selective Laser Sintering, SLS, is a rapid prototyping technique, based on additive manufacturing. It enables fast, flexible, and efficient manufacturing of complex parts, customized according to the requirements of users. Research results on SLS additive manufacturing technique and its specific materials,...
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Experimental Study on Methane Yield influenced by Biogas Project Fermentation Temperature

Man Zhou, Luyao Guo, Siqi Liu, Zhiyong Zou
We tried to understand the differences in the biogas production characteristics of anaerobic sludge digestion at moderate and high temperature. Based on the three-stage theory of anaerobic fermentation, using cellulose, glucose and acetate as substrates, this study compared and analyzed the methanogenic...
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Optimization of Slice Thickness, Drying Method, and Temperature of Turmeric Rhizome (Curcuma Longa L.) Based on Water Content and Functional Compound Degradation

Pirim Setiarso, Nita Kusumawati, Rusijono Rusijono, Supari Muslim
The research of oven-based drying technology on the production process of turmeric rhizome (Curcuma Longa L.) with thickness 0.15 and 0.30 cm have been. A number of parameters, such as slicing thickness, drying methods and temperatures are optimized, to achieve water and functional compounds (essential...
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Image Processing Application on Automatic Fruit Detection for Agriculture Industry

Tresna Dewi, Rusdianasari Rusdianasari, RD Kusumanto, Siproni Siproni
The robot brings automation to every sector of human life, including agriculture. Automation in agriculture might be the solution to get a higher quality harvest and less dependency on human farming. The most suitable type of robot for harvesting is an arm robot manipulator. The harvesting robot needs...
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Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Voltage Current Characteristic, Losses and Self-discharge of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System

Richard Beyer, Thilo Bocklisch
The paper describes results of the theoretical and experimental investigation and the modeling of a 5 kW and 15 kWh vanadium redox flow battery system (VRFBS). The first part of the paper presents the dependence of the voltage-current characteristics on state of charge (SOC), temperature, and electrolyte...
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Magnetic Structure Design for Frictionless Proportional Solenoid Valve Based on Large Leaky Magnetic Circuit

Xu-dong Wang, Shuiming Tan, Zhen Zhang, Liang Zhang, Chen-guang Gao, Huanchun Wang
In the spacecraft micro propulsion system, the proportional solenoid valve of milligram flow is a very important component, which is used to achieve the system pressure and flow proportional adjustment. It is required to reach the high precision and high resolution control of thruster thrust. This paper...
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The Rise of Domestic Theme Parks in China Compared with Overseas Markets Based on Investigation and Data Analysis

Ziyi Ma, Jiahe Sun, Yijin Xu, Zishan Zou
With the rapid growth of China’s economy and average consumption level, residents’ demand for entertainment and culture other than daily expenses has significantly increased. As a major part of the entertainment market, the theme park industry in China has also been experiencing huge and fast expansion....
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Temperature analysis of concrete gravity dam of Qianming Reservoir in China during construction

Shenghui Chen, Leilei Xue, Xiaochen Xu
In order to study the temperature process of concrete gravity dam in Qianming Reservoir during construction, temporary temperature monitoring was carried out. The reliability of the temperature monitoring data obtained by the dam permanent temperature monitoring system, such as the temperature during...
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Application and Explanation of General Geometrical Tolerances According to ISO 22081

Karel Petr
This article is based on new general geometrical tolerances and general size tolerances according to ISO 22081 from year 2021 used in ISO GPS standards. This standard canceled and replaced ISO 2768-2 from year 1989. The main changes are rules for application of general geometrical specification and general...
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Comprehensive Comparison of Different Models for Large-Scale Thermal Energy Storage

Fabian Ochs, Abdulrahman Dahash, Alice Tosatto, Michael Reisenbichler, Keith O’Donovan, Geoffroy Gauthier, Christian Kok Skov, Thomas Schmidt
Large-scale thermal energy storages (TES) are advantageous to bridge the seasonal gap between heat demand and availability of renewables. However, the high investment costs associated with large-scale TES is still seen as a major barrier. Among others, challenges are space availability and the presence...
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Effect of Temperature on Biofuels Production With Catalytic Cracking Process

KA Ridwan, M Anerasari, Taufik Jauhari, Ida Febriana
Biofuel is an alternative fuel that can be produced with organic resources such as vegetable oil and animal fat. One of the items that can be converted into biofuels is waste cooking oil. Waste cooking oil has a long hydrocarbon chain that allows it to be cracked. Biofuels are produced by catalytic cracking...
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Study on Time Series Forecasting Algorithm of Power Users’ Electricity Charges Based on Support Vector Machine

Sha Liu, Rui Guo, Xianying Mu
When forecasting the electricity charges of power users, the accuracy of the forecast results is low because of the correlation between the actual electricity consumption time series. Therefore, the research on the time series forecasting algorithm of power users’ electricity charges based on support...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Parameters in Simulating the Amplification Effect of Long Period Ground Motion in Basins

Wuping Gao, Yanxiang Yu
In the numerical simulation of the amplification effect of long-term seismic motion in basins, changes in basin parameters often have a relatively significant impact on the simulation results. Based on a simplified model of buried basin structure in North China, this paper conducted a sensitivity analysis...
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A Comparison of Naïve Bayes and Bayesian Network on The Classification of Hijaiyah Pronunciation with Punctuation Letters

Adiwijaya Adiwijaya, Annisa Riyani, Mohamad Syahrul Mubarok
Arabic is a unique language because it really concerns in makhraj (the way of sound is made) that differentiate letters and words. The difference in pronouncing letters and words make the meaning of those words different, because pronunciation in Qur’an letters really concern in harakat (the length of...
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Maximum Power Extraction and Pitch Angle Control for Offshore Wind Turbine with Open-Loop Hydraulic Transmission

Fan YaJun, Mu AnLe
This paper aims to extract optimal power from a hydraulic floating wind turbine using torque control and pitch control. When wind speed is below rated value, a nonlinear fuzzy controller is designed to capture maximum wind energy through regulating the displacement of hydraulic pump fixed in nacelle....
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The Impact of Enterprise Digital Transformation on Industrial Linkages: A Case Study of Listed Companies

RongQian Chen
The digital economy, as an emerging economic form after agriculture and industrial economy, is playing an increasingly important role in social development. Its goal is to achieve industrial automation, which is an important step in the digital power strategy. Based on this, this paper studies the impact...
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Performance Study of Sulfate-Resistant Admixtures on Different Brands of Cement

Yangjie Wang
This paper primarily explores the fundamental properties of cement and its resistance to sulfate attack, focusing on the effects of incorporating a sulfate resistance agent on the basic properties of different cement brands. Additionally, it investigates the alterations in sulfate attack resistance induced...
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Experimental Study on the Failure Modes of Reinforced Loess Slopes with Frame Pre-stressed Anchors under Rainfall Influence

Yanpeng Zhu, Ao Wang, Anping Huang, Linping Wu, Dong Cheng
The stability of loess slopes reinforced with frame pre-stressed anchors is often compromised under the influence of rainfall, yet the destabilization modes and triggering factors remain unclear. To address this issue, indoor model experiments were conducted under simulated rainfall conditions, monitoring...
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Developing and Stabilizing Salt-Hydrate Composites as Thermal Storage Materials

Gayaneh Issayan, Bernhard Zettl, Walter Somitsch
The success of thermochemical storage technologies is currently defined by sorptive materials. High adsorption heat and kinetics are material properties, which should correspond to application demands, such as utilizable temperature range and cyclability. Following the example of zeolite production in...
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Combined Development of Epidemic Prevention and Control with Port Facility Security at Cargo Terminal

Weiwei Sun, Xiaoshu Shao
The cargo terminal opened to the international trade has the characteristics of direct contact with ships sailing on international routes, 24-h uninterrupted production, and high mobility of personnel, which has become an extremely important link in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic....
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Design of Hydraulic Quick Coupling Using DFA Lucas

Marek Šikola, Petr Lepšík
The paper deals with the design of the hydraulic quick coupling, which is based on specified parameters of international standard ISO 16028. The goal was to simplify the assembly of the quick coupling using innovative methods. Design for Assembly is a method used for reducing the complexity of the assembly,...
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Seismic stability analysis of folded utility tunnel in loess stratum

Zongyuan Ma, Lei Liu
The finite element and time history analysis method was used to study the dynamic response of a single cabin and folded utility tunnel under seismic conditions, considering the effects of seismic intensity and peak acceleration. The dynamic response characteristics of the utility tunnel assembly connection,...
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The miscible behaviors and mechanism of crude oil and mixing gas of CO2/N2 (CO2/H2S): a molecular dynamic simulation study

Haonan Li, Qingzhong Xue
Considering the low cost and no corrosion of N2 and the inevitability of H2S generation, CO2/N2 or CO2/H2S injection is seen as a promising approach for enhanced oil recovery. The miscible behaviors of gas mixture and crude oil are studied by molecular dynamic simulations. The results indicate that H2S...
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Do Major Customers and Suppliers Affect Green Innovation? Empirical Evidence from China

Zhiqi Zheng, Ruixu Tian
In recent years, both enterprises and academia have focused their attention on green innovation, but few studies have explored at the conditions and mechanisms that explain the relationship between major customers (suppliers) and green innovation. Based on the research perspective of supply chain management,...
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Research and Application of Information Security Offense and Defense Exercise in Electric Power Industry

Mingxuan Li, Zhushi Yang, Ling He, YangXin Teng
The smart grid is a new type of grid integrating traditional grid and information technology. With the rapid development of information technology, information security as a requisite part of information technology is profoundly affecting people's work and life. While the development of science and technology...
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Add Water and Get Problems, to Solve: Geotechnical Problems with Steep Rock Faces in Soft Sandstone and Limestone Varieties, Including the Effects of Water

Ulf Köhler, J. Engelhardt
For stabilisation works of steep rock faces, which are often created as cuttings for roads, the latent processes of weathering (such as frost, gravity and water…), must be considered, in addition to fracturing and stratification, to a greater extent for “soft” rocks than in the case of hard rocks. ...
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Effect of Bentonite on the Yield and Composition of Products From Thermolysis of Polystyrene Waste

Lety Trisnaliani, Aida Syarif, Sahrul Effendy, Tahdid, Rima Daniar
Economic growth and population explosion are chronic problems in big cities which trigger an increase in energy consumption in society. The flow of plastic used has been a dilemma for a long time, so there are thoughts on how to turn plastic waste into something that can be useful. One of the polystyrene...
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The Application of the Box-Jenkins (BJ) Method for Process Identification of the Batch Milk Cooling System

Rudy Agustriyanto, P. Setyopratomo, E. Srihari Mochni
The Box-Jenkins (BJ) method is a well-known system identification method that has been applied in several fields. Engineers use the Box-Jenkins method for quality control and process optimization in manufacturing. It can identify patterns and trends in production data, leading to improvements in product...
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Quintic B-spline method for solving Lane-Emden problem

Ulziibayar Vandandoo, Zhanlav Tugal, Mijiddorj Renchin-Ochir, Otgondorj Khuder
This study introduces an efficient and highly accurate quintic B-spline method for solving Lane-Emden type equations which represent many scientific phenomena in astrophysics and mathematical physics. The main advantage of the obtained quintic spline is that it approximates not only a solution of the...
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Prediction method of slope construction monitoring indicators based on LMD-SSA-BP

Yanru Jin, Pingjie Li, Mingjie Chen
During the construction process of slope engineering, it is greatly affected by the environment and has many safety risks and hidden dangers. By monitoring data and predicting values based on historical monitoring data, dynamic real-time monitoring of ship lock engineering is carried out to determine...
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The Challenge of Planning and Constructing Large-Scale Hot Water TES for District Heating System: A Techno-Economic Analysis

Alice Tosatto, Fabian Ochs, Abdulrahman Dahash, Christoph Muser
In an international context (e.g. Germany, Denmark), the integration of long-term thermal energy storage (TES) into block heating systems already exists. Yet, the so-called pit TES cannot be easily applied to central European district heating (DH) systems because of the varying heat demand, temperature...
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Participating in the control reserve market with PV battery energy storage systems and power-to-heat application

Georg Angenendt, Sebastian Zurmühlen, Dirk Uwe Sauer
One way to enhance the penetration of renewable energies in residential homes is to use renewables in the heating sector. Integrated homes combine PV battery storage systems with heat pumps to use PV-generated energy for heating. During winter, storage systems and especially batteries in an integrated...
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Stresses in Prosthetic Elbow Joint During Flexion-Extension Movement

Daniela Tarnita, Dragos Popa, Cristian Boborelu, Mirela Cherciu, Corina Cernaianu, Laura Grigorie, Alina Romanescu, Danut-Nicolae Tarnita
The present paper aims to study the virtual behavior of a prosthetic elbow joint. The values and distribution of stresses in the prosthetic elbow joint by using FEA on the 3D virtual model during flexion-extension movement under the solicitation of a vertical external force are obtained. They are compared...
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Model Tree with Modified L1 Loss Function for Predicting Missing Attendance Data of Faculties

Mohammad Arif Rasyidi, Rachmadita Andreswari
The problem of missing attendance data in our university often arises due to the negligence of faculties. In this study, we address the problem by directly predicting the work duration of faculties. The nature of the problem require us to not only make accurate predictions, but also minimize the rate...
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Impact of Lapindo Hot Mud Flowing on Macrozoobenthos Communities in Estuary Porong, East Java

Tarzan Purnomo, Fida Rachmadiarti, Soegiyanto Soegiyanto
Estuary Porong is part of the east coast of Sidoarjo, East Java, which receives the Lapindo mudflow. Lapindo mudflow into the sea through the Porong river has caused sedimentation and changed the Porong river base substrate morphology so that it affects the organism that live in the estuary, especially...
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The Concept and Design of Solar Powered Sprinkler System Based on IOT Monitoring

Tresna Dewi, Rusdianasari Rusdianasari, Ahmad Taqwa, Teddy Wijaya
South Sumatra has an abundant solar energy source waiting to be optimally optimized. This potential is promising in all the economic sectors, such as agriculture. Solar energy application is one of digital farming implementation for agriculture and is expected to ease the farmers’ workload. This paper...
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Producing Liquid Smoke Results from Pyrolysis of Waste Acacia (Acacia Mangum Wild) and Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis) into Organic Pesticides

K. A. Ridwan, Ida Febriana, M. Anerasari, Andiko Andiko, Ajeng Mawarni Putri
Many problems occur in agricultural products, one of which is the presence of residual chemicals that are still contained in plants so that they can endanger the health of humans who consume them continuously. One of the efforts to minimize the use of this dangerous insecticide, the researchers designed...
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Preparation and performance test of multiblock polycarboxylate superplasticizer with low sensitivity

Wenhong Chen, Lei Deng, Yu Jiang, Bo Zhang
In order to solve the problems such as wide fluctuation of concrete fluidity, too fast loss and water secretion caused by the variation of polycarboxylate superplasticizer for concrete preparation. In this paper, a kind of polycarboxylate superplasticizer with multiblock low sensitive(PE-K) was prepared...
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Research on Rapid Measurement of Methanol in Immobilized Lipase Synthesis of Biodiesel Based on Near Infrared Technology

Ji Li, Jian Xing, Guohua Chen, Senshen Yu
Aiming at the measurement of methanol content during the synthesis of methyl oleate from methanol and oleic acid with immobilized lipase in solvent-free and non aqueous media, a rapid measurement method of "centrifugation-near infrared(NIR) transmission" was proposed and a portable NIR transmission measurement...
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Material Removal Rate and Surface Roughness of SiC/Al Matrix Composites Machined by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining: Experimental Method

Qi Lijun, Ma Baoji
In the present study, the experiments have been made to investigate the effect of wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) parameters such as pulse duration, pulse off time, discharge current , working voltage on the material removal rate and the surface roughness (Ra) during WEDM of particulate silicon...
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Probabilistic Assessment of Reinforced Soil Walls Using Fourth Moment Normal Transformation

Ekansh Agarwal, Anindya Pain, Annan Zhou
Fourth Moment Normal Transformation (FMNT) is an efficient method to probabilistically scrutinize the stability of reinforced soil walls (RSW). The methodology doesn’t require the assumption of the distribution of involved random variables to estimate the probability of failure (Pf) and subsequently...
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Optimisation of a Theoretical District Heating System with Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage

Miguel Angel Pans Castillo, Philip Eames
A novel model was used to simulate how an existing district heating (DH) network for Holywell Park, Loughborough University (Loughborough, UK) could be transitioned to low/zero carbon heat. A simulation which includes heat pumps (HPs) and evacuated-tube solar thermal collectors (ETSTCs) to both provide...
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Innovated Testing Equipment and the Influence of Two-Axis Loading on Comfort of Car Seats

Petr Lepšík, Vítězslav Fliegel
The car seat comfort depends on many parameters of the seat and the characteristics of the people sitting on the seat. Each person is different, behaves differently and feels differently. The seat cannot suit everyone, or it must be required the car seat to adapt automatically to the person sitting on...
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Research on inventory system of highway E&M equipment affected by the environment

Zhihe Cheng, Linxuan Liu, Xiaomin Dai
With the rapid development of China's highway construction and the gradual increase of toll road mileage, the importance of E&M equipment in highway construction has become increasingly prominent. However, in recent years, the special operation and maintenance cost of electromechanical equipment...
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Application and research of digital twin technology in power grid enterprises

Jie Shen, Qiuying Shen, Dan Zhu, Min Li, Gang Wang, Sufu Li, Bo Yang, Haijun Yuan
With the diversified development of economy and society and the continuous progress of science and technology level, the innovation of marketing equipment field management method has become the inevitable trend of the development of electric power marketing in the new era. Intuitive and effective monitoring...
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Interpretation of New Rules for Using of General Geometric and Dimensional Specifications in Drawings According to International Standard

Bronček Jozef, Drbúl Mário, Konstantová Viera, Daniel Čuchor
This paper presents the interpretation of new rules of general product specification (GPS) according to International Standard EN ISO 22081. Standard EN ISO 22081 sets out rules for the definition and interpretation of general geometric specifications and general dimensional specifications (Article 5.12...
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Experimental Study on the Performance of An MEA Alcoholamine Absorber for Flue Gas CO2 Capture

Chunguo An, Ronggui Shi, Jingquan Miao, Huige Qu, Bin Zhang
The chemical absorption method utilizing alcohol-amine solutions has found widespread application in flue gas CO2 capture and recovery in power plants. However, the performance of the absorbent and energy consumption are pivotal factors that have hindered its large-scale implementation in power plants....
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Production of Bio-Pellet Briquettes From Coconut Shell Waste as Alternative Energy for Household Scale

Muhammad Yerizam, Muhammad Zaman, Taufiq Jauhari, Nur Yuli, Riwen Setiawan, Umaidella Affrilla
Biomass is a renewable energy material because it can be produced quickly however, biomass has the disadvantage of being burned directly because of its poor physical properties, such as low energy density, handling, storage and transportation problems. To improve the quality of biomass combustion, biomass...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Ultimate Bearing Capacity for Tx-joints

Junwu Xia, Jiahui Qian, Xinqiang Xia
Based on the construction of steel structures of Xuzhou Concert Hall, the research on the behavior of TX-joints under the combined action of axial force and bending moment was conducted. Finite element (FE) models were established to investigate the influence of the interaction between in-plane T-type...
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Research of Highly Reliable Drive and Control Technology Based on APSOC

Lijuan Zhang, Shouhao Wang, Qian Song, Yan Li, Weiyi Hao
With the development of industrial field, the requirements of miniaturization, high integration, strong computing performance and high reliability are put forward for servo controlers. The traditional control platform has some problems, such as complex system and small promotion space. Therefore, the...
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Web Application Design Using Single Page Application To Increase Website Performance on Rumantara

Ilham Farobi, Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Muhammad Azani Hasibuan
One of the travelers needs when going to some places is a place to stay for a while and put their things. More importantly, a place that fits their needs and budget. This matter makes most of the travelers difficult to find a place to stay because of most of them is hotels with unneeded amenities that...
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Specific Oxygen Reaction through analysis of Malondialdehyde in the body of Methapire postuma

Widowati Budijastuti, Nur Ducha, Dyah Hariyani, Sunu Kuntjoro
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the specific oxygen reaction on the body of Methapire postuma worms found in Pb metal contaminated areas. This study uses exploration methods with selected samples in Bangkalan. The body of the worm was cut off on the spermateka, vesicles and prostate sections...
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Interaction of Energy Storage Technologies and Synthetic Fuels in Long-Term Decarbonization Scenarios

Diana Böttger, Christoph Kost, Daniel Wrede, Benjamin Lux, Tobias Fleiter, Benjamin Pfluger, Judith Heilig, Norman Gerhardt, Michael Haendel
With the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, the international community has reaffirmed its commitment to tackle anthropogenic climate change with the goal of limiting the global average temperature increase below 1.5 °C, but to a maximum of 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. Against this background, we examine...
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Rapid Transit (BRT) Public Transport Service Corridor I: Alang Lebar to Dempo During the Covid 19 Pandemic in the City of Palembang

Herlinawati Herlinawati, Yusri Bermawi, Moch. Absor, A. Latif, Muhammad Dimas, Muhammad Arief M, Muhammad Geraeldy, Ibnusyah Alam
The Palembang city government has implemented Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) since 2010 until now, in order to carry out the replacement/renewal of the City Bus. The BRT in the city of Palembang called “BRT Trans Musi” consists of two business entities, namely BRT owned by BUMD SP2J (Palembang Jaya Development...
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Study on earth pressure for limited soils between main body and auxiliary structure of subway station

Ruilong Yin, Fanglong Yuan, Donghui Zhao
In subway engineering construction, the soil between the subway station and the auxiliary structure is considered a confined space. Therefore, it is not appropriate to calculate by Ranking and Coulomb’s classical earth pressure theory. A theoretical calculation method for earth pressure on limited soils...
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Research on Seepage Field of Fuzhou Metro Line 4 under The Guangminggang River Section Based on Numerical Simulation

Shaozhong Peng, Xiang Xiao, Jie Yuan, Yiheng Pan, Hongpu Xu
With the increase of economy, traffic congestion is becoming increasingly serious. Underground rail transit projects such as subways and underwater tunnels have been vigorously developed. The seepage field of the Guangminggang section of Fuzhou Metro Line 4 and ABAQUS software was selected for numerical...
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Research on Independent Experimental Model of Circuit Theorem

Li Ya-ning
The circuit theorem in the circuit course is selected as the experimental content. The teacher puts forward the performance index requirements, the student self-learning experimental principle and the related instrument and meter use methods, and then independently designs the experimental instruments,...
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Numerical Model of Lab-Scale Packed-Bed Thermal Energy Storage System

Burcu Koçak, Halime Ömür Paksoy
This paper presents numerical modeling of lab-scale packed bed thermal energy storage (TES) system. In the packed-bed with 0.30 m diameter and 0.90 m height, monotype storage particles developed from demolition wastes are used. Synthetic thermal oil is be used as fluid phase between 80 – 180°C. Schumann...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Flow Field in Turbine Blades ECM Process

Zhao Han, Fan Qingming
Turbine blades play an important role as important parts in aero engines. One of the main methods of machining is electrochemical machining (ECM). In this paper, based on the flow field theory of electrochemical machining, the flow field analysis of machining gap was taken as the main research content...
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Research on the Management Reform Path of Textile Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Digital Marketing

Ruoan Ren, Yudian Zhang, Han Chen
With the implementation and development of China’s digital economy strategy, the integration of the real economy and the digital economy has become a national strategy. The traditional textile manufacturing enterprise has gradually become the main direction of enterprise reform in the form of digital...
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Research on Pricing Strategy Based on Consumer Behavior

Huiyi Wu, Yunfu Huo
The rapid development of e-commerce has changed consumers’ consumption behaviour, the most significant of which is the change of channels. The traditional retail channels can choose online direct sales channels. In order to adapt to this change, enterprises adopt a dual channel sales model. This paper...
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A New Stochastic Response Surface Method in Spatial Variability Slope Stability Analysis

Sina Javankhoshdel, Thomas Zeger, Brigid Cami, Helmut Wahanik, Terence Ma
Spatial variability is becoming more and more common in limit equilibrium slope stability analysis. With the recent advances in the abilities for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis to handle complicated models, it is more important than ever to have a fast and accurate method to perform slope...
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Properties of woolen woven coated with melanin of yak hair

Batchimeg Ganbaatar, Oyunchuluun Lkhagvasuren, Dagvasuren Erdene, Batsuren Choijamts, Nadmid Gongor
The melanin of yak hair is a biomaterial with unique features and functions. We investigated the properties of woolen woven when coated with yak hair melanin. Natural melanin was extracted from yak hair by the method of acid hydrolysis. The woolen woven was coated with 5%-10% owt melanin, 0.8 g/l sodium...
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The Morphological, Anatomical, And Physiological Characteristics of Elephantopus scaber As Explant Source For Tissue Culture

Yuliani Yuliani, Sari Kusuma Dewi, Fida Rachmadiarti
The purpose of this study was to describe morphological characteristic (leaf area, plant height, and leaf sheath), to describe anatomical characteristic (trichomes found in leaf sheath, veins, leaf blade and stem, to describe the physiological characteristic from phytochemical tests of secondary metabolites...
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Performance and Kinetic Study of Xylan Hydrolysis by Free and Immobilized Trichoderma Xylanase

Lieke Riadi, Yuana Elly Agustin, Lu Ki Ong, Ferrent Auryn Hadiwijaya, Amelia Winoto, Edrea Adelia Gunawan, Jessica Tambatjong, Tjie Kok
Enzyme immobilization is essential for enhancing the stability and reusability of enzymes in various industrial processes. To improve its feasibility, efficient yet simple immobilization techniques were required to be explored with respect to enhance overall catalytic efficiency and/or operational performance....
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A Personalized Three-Dimensional Model of a Patient Using CT Images

Dragos-Laurentiu Popa, Alina Duta, Gabriel Buciu, Daniela Tarnita, Daniela Vintila
In order to obtain a personalized three-dimensional model of a patient based on CT images, the InVesalius program was initially used, which performs the initial conversion of the analyzed tissues into a specific engineering file composed of the so-called “point cloud”. This “point cloud” was imported...
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Pneumatic Suspension of the Forging Hammer

Radka Jírová, Lubomír Pešík
During the forging process, the significant impact forces from working parts of a power forging hammer appear. Usually, forging hammers are tightly connected to the ground or use standard suspension systems based on, e.g. wooden beams. Then the impact forces may be easily transmitted to the ground of...
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Catalytic Pyrolysis of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polystyrene Plastic Waste Using Zeolite Catalyst to Produce Liquid Fuel

Zurohaina, Irawan Rusnadi, Fatria, Arizal Aswan, Rima Daniar
This study aims to examine catalytic pyrolysis with activated natural zeolites. A pyrolysis reactor with three levels of separator as a result of development was used to study the catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste into liquid fuel at intervals of 200 - 400 oC and operating time of 30-90 minutes. As...
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Automating Storage Arbitrage in German Electricity Market

Mariia Bilousova, Anton Motornenko, Fabian Hofmann
This study examines the potential of energy arbitrage in the German electricity market as a way to increase the return on investment of battery storage technologies. The main goal is to develop and estimate the performance of automated arbitrage strategies for households using Tesla Powerwall energy...
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Seismic Effect Analysis of High-Filled Cuter Cover Tunnel Considering the Time-dependent Nature of Fill Soil

Xuhong Shi, Sheng Li, Li Ma, Jiangong Zhang, Lei Cai, Xuefeng Ban
In order to investigate the seismic effect analysis of High-Filled Cuter Cover Tunnel based on equal load reduction rate and considering the timeliness of filling, three load-reducing materials, namely, EPS board, low-pressure solid soil and rubber granular improved soil, are selected, and the effects...
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Comparison of seismic vulnerability analysis of steel-tube concrete arch bridges at different construction stages based on the probabilistic seismic demand analysis

Minhuan Liu, Qianhua Yu
In order to study the effects of earthquakes on the structure of large-span steel-tube concrete arch bridges under different construction states, a large-span steel-tube concrete arch bridge was selected as an actual construction case, and OpenSees was used to consider the internal forces during the...
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Field test research on the long-term stability improvement of the base structure of the road storage yard in the port area

Deyong Wang, Jing Wang, Junlong Hu, Yao Xie
Relying on a road project in a certain port of Zhuhai, through field tests, the effect of the semi-rigid base rolling process on the degree of compaction, 7-day water immersion compressive strength and CBR was researched; proposed a pavement structure layer with geogrid and sand cushion added to the...
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Research on Development of Cloud Computing Based on Patent Analysis

Junfeng Yu, Yanqing Zhao, Shiwei Zhu, Beibei Xu, Sisi Li, Mingjun Zhang
The application patents of cloud computing as data sources are studied in the paper. We mainly use statistical analysis method and social network analysis method and high-level patent analysis was carried out in many aspects, such as main national distribution, main institutions, focal research points...
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Study on mechanical properties of rear fulcrum hanging basket of cable-stayed bridge

Liuhao Li, Ningbo Nie
In order to study the mechanical properties of diamond hanging basket in the construction process, this paper takes the diamond hanging basket used in the construction of Jialing River Bridge in Baiyanba as the engineering background, and uses Midas / Civil finite element software to establish the hanging...
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Web-Based Food Delivery Management System

Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, Nia Ambarsari, Mei Dina Isti Nurmala
The process of ordering a meal in an organization still using a conventional system or in other words, the civitas organization must come to the cafeteria to order the desired menu. The conventional system uses paper for order recording process. So the problem happens repetitively, such as redundancy...
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Temperature distribution in a new composite material for hydrogen storage – Design study of different cooling concepts

Lars Baetcke, Martin Kaltschmitt
A newly developed composite material has been explored based on metal hydrides in combination with polymers enriched with highly porous carbon. As metal hydride, a RHC (reactive hydride composite) was chosen (e.g., MgH2 + 2 LiBH4). The hydride is infiltrated into the pores of the porous carbon suppressing...
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Optimizing Data Center Waste Heat Reuse: Case Studies and Environmental Implications

Xiaoshu Lü, Tao Lu, Qunli Zhang
As data centers (DCs) are the backbones of information and communications technology (ICT), internet and big data, the utilization of energy by DCs has increased exponentially, which presents a significant impact on the environment. To simultaneously solve the dilemma of DC huge amount of electricity...
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The Effect of Quenching Media on the Hardness of AISI 1045 Steel

Mulyadi Mulyadi, Dodi Tafrant, Hendradinata Hendradinata, Zainuddin Zainuddin
Steels, as one of the main components of construction requires great strength. Steel can be modified its strength by adjusting the percentage of the amount of its constituent substance composition. Some substances that can be used as a composition in steel include: Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Phosphorus (P),...
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Overview on Abrasive Belt Grinding for Complex Surface

Deng Ruixiang, Qiao Hu, An Jiaxiang, He Jiang
Abrasive belt grinding technology is an important part of the precision forming process of complex profile parts. Based on the planning of grinding path, contact model and material removal model, the research and application progress of abrasive belt grinding technology at home and abroad are summarized,...
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Harnessing Value From Circular Economy

Kirsikka Kiviranta, Tomi Thomasson, Jonne Hirvonen, Matti Tähtinen
Energy systems with high shares of variable renewable power generation have an increased need for power system flexibility. In parallel, renewable energy has an important role in circular economy as circular activities such as material processing consumes power and heat. This paper examines if harnessing...
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Study on Loosening Load Law and Performance of Double Nut of Transmission Tower

Fengkai Ge, Qinghua Li, Maohua Li, Xinquan Wang
Based on the bolt connection characteristics of transmission tower, this paper studies the loosening mechanism and causes of double nuts of transmission lines. The finite element simulation analysis of bolt connection is carried out by using ABAQUS software. The influence of initial pretightening force...
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Comparison of PMSM and BLDC Applications in Servo System

Qiangqiang Lin, Qijia Zheng, Shiliang Miao, Yan Li, RuiJing Zhao
Servo control requires fast following performance and high steady-state accuracy in position follow-up mode. Servo of special environment application has more strict requirements for motor performance and reliability. The development of servo system has experienced the initial electro-hydraulic servo,...
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Research and Practice on Distributed Decentralized Medical Document Storage System

Liang Bing-jin, Tu Rui-wei, Lin Yan-jun
In response to the security and stability issues of medical documents in large hospitals, this article designs a distributed decentralized medical document storage system based on IPFS to solve the problems of network congestion, vulnerability to virus attacks, poor security and confidentiality, and...
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Analysis of Renewable Energy Consumption of CO2 Capture System from Power Plant Flue Gas

Jingquan Miao, Huige Qu, Ronggui Shi, Bin Zhang, Yue Feng
With the rapid increase in global greenhouse gas emissions, the development of efficient CO2 capture technologies is important for mitigating climate change. Evaluation of the energy consumption for regeneration of amine absorbers and assessment of amine absorbers are essential for the development of...
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Vibration Analysis of Multifunctional Laminated Glass Composite Panel

Reza Moezzi, Jindrich Cyrus, Jan Koci
This paper aims to investigate on laminated glass composite panel (LGCP) including at least one viscoelastic interlayer which can resolve several design problems. LGCP can be offered to increase strength stiffness characteristics of the panel or sound damping proficiencies. In this study, first the laminated...
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Structural Design of Pre-stressed Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Electric Poles in Power Transmission and Transformation Networks

Xinmei Li, Tianxiang Xue, Qian Yan, Wen Li, Shuai Suo, Zhiming Li
This paper utilizes anti-cracking pre-stressed reinforcement technology for the repair of reinforced concrete electric poles in power transmission and transformation networks. A specialized reinforcement structure is designed, and reinforcement is implemented using welding methods. By employing prescribed...
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Enhancing Problem Solving Skills of Pre-Service Teachers by Integrating 21st Century Interdisciplinary Theme Into Science Class

Dhita Ayu Permata Sari, Wahono Widodo, Elok Sudibyo
Mastery of key academic subjects in school is not enough to succeed in the 21st century. Some specific skills, such as problem-solving, is needed. On the other hand, it is also important to foster understanding of academic content at much higher level by relating 21st-century interdisciplinary theme,...
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Production of Green Diesel From Crude Palm Oil (CPO) Through Hydrotreating Process by Using Zeolite Catalyst

Ahmad Zikri, Indah Puspita, Erlinawati, M Sutini PLAgus, PB Elbi Zalita, K Andre
Green diesel is an alkane compound produced from vegetables oil by hydrogenation which has properties similar to diesel fuel. The ingredients that can be converted into green diesel is Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Green diesel is produced using a catalytic hydrogenation process with 10-30 psia hydrogen injection,...
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Zoning of Soil Media by Raster Scan Algorithms for Two-Dimensional Steady State Flow

Ahmed Al-Mufty
A method for representation of soil media and boundary conditions in a cross section of ground layers is presented. The method is based on algorithms used in computer graphics, called raster scan algorithms, RSA. The method may be applied to various soil mechanics solutions, especially slope stability...
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Enriching Methane Content from an Anaerobic Digestion Process of Cow Manure

Leila Kalsum, Rusdianasari Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Yordan Hasan, Aan Ade Putra, Riztamala Diana, Gresita Pertiwi
High use of energy in Indonesia becomes one of issues encouraging innovation to create energy that is easily obtained and can be renewable sources. In addition, the use of energy derived from fossils has a negative effect on the environment such as global warming. Biogas is an alternative energy used...
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Synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles using dolomite powder

Zoltuya Khashbaatar, Akama Shota, Narantsetseg Magsarjav, Naoki Kano, Hee-Joon Kim
This study has been developed for the synthesis of hydroxyapatite using low-cost dolomite material. We investigated the influence of calcination temperature and feed gases on the decomposition of raw dolomite, and the relation between the calcination temperature and the phosphorus affinity. Also, the...
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Analysis of Radio Management based on the Natural Ecosystem Theory

Chen Jiajia, Liu bin, Qian zhaojun
This paper introduces and analyzes the 5G industry ecosystem by means of ecological research. On the basis of the analysis of the elements, structure and function of the 5G industry ecosystem, the position and function of radio management in the 5G industry ecosystem are discussed. In order to better...
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Study on high and low temperature performance of asphalt mixture modified by warm mixed tire rubber powder

Yanrong Liu
For the problem about generating a large amount of smoke, poor environmental friendliness, asphalt aging when preparing rubber powder modified asphalt in high temperature environments, the study of warm mixed tire rubber powder composite modified asphalt mixing agent and the influence of the high and...
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Influence of Inulin and Isomalto-oligosaccharides as Thickener on the Stability of Vitamin C Containing W1/O/W2 Double Emulsion

Lanny Sapei, Emma Savitri, Hillary Emmanuella Darsono, Yenni Anggraeni
Encapsulation with a W1/O/W2 double emulsion (DE) system is a method that could protect vitamin C or other active ingredients from external influences thus increasing their stability and bioavailability. The DEs were prepared using hydrogenated coconut oil (HCNO) and middle chain triglycerides (MCT)...
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Hydraulic Manipulator of Injection Molds for Die Casting Design

Jan Kanaval, Eliška Cézová, Petr Obolecký
This paper contains a search of the issue of handling and handling jigs in the field of die casting of aluminum alloys. The paper deals with the design of a hydraulic manipulator of injection molds for pressure casting of aluminum alloys. Several basic variants of a possible solution have been proposed...
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Application of Risk IT Based on ISO 31000 Standards Process Capability Assessment Model (Case Study: Andalas University)

Mohammad Hafiz Hersyah, Kridanto Surendro
The fact given that capability function is to aim executed things works properly and effectively in organization business process could not executed well without considering risk management aspects. Risk management overlay every event possibilities that able to either to hinder or accelerate organization...
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Modeling and Simulation of an Orthodontic System of a Real Patient Starting from CBCT Images

Dragos-Laurentiu Popa, Ionela Teodora Dascalu, Daniela Tarnita, Alina Duta, Gabriel Buciu, Ludmila Sass, Daniela Vintila, Stelian-Mihai-Sever Petrescu
The paper first presented the stages of obtaining a virtual model of a female patient, aged 13 years and who had multiple dental malpositions. The patient underwent a CT scan, and CT images were initially processed using the InVesalius program and three-dimensional geometries were obtained, both for...
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Test and Analysis of Flood Discharge Vibration Characteristics of Beams on Surface Orifice Gate Piers of Xiluodu Dam

Lianghua Xu, Chunyao Hou, Hongyi Zhang, Guoqing Liu
During the flood discharge period when the deep-hole gates of Xiluodu dam were opened, obvious vibration occurred in the beams on surface orifice gate piers. In order to find the cause of vibration, in this paper, the natural vibration characteristics and vibration source characteristics of beams on...
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Efficiency of Optical Sensors with Quasi Gaussian Beam for Determining Cholesterol Concentration

Mohammad Budiyanto, Suhariningsih Suhariningsih, Moh Yasin
Research on fiber optic sensors with Quasi Gaussian beam has been carried out aiming to analyze the beam intensity profile of the light beam, sensor performance and sensor sensitivity to determine cholesterol concentration. The concept of laser beam propagation is guided by an optical fiber bundle in...