Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Civic Education Conference (ACEC 2019)

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Boosting Teacher’s Perception and Deeds in Indonesian Schools for the Character Education to Thrive

Dasim Budimansyah, Nugraha Suharto, Iik Nurulpaik
The ministerial reform on character education in Indonesian schools and its effect on school practices remain a challenge as the roles of school leadership have been significantly unaddressed. This study aimed to examine the effect of school managerial practices on teachers’ beliefs and perceptions in...
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Cultivating Respect for Religious Diversity: A Case Study of Civic Education in Manado

Erica M. Larson, Sjamsi Pasandaran, Deitje Katuuk
Civic education is often aptly considered an important arena for cultivating the character of youth and instilling the importance of respect for fellow citizens. To address a growing concern regarding religious intolerance, civic education programs in Indonesia have increasingly stressed material about...
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The Development of Civic Education Scientific Literacy on Improving the Students’ Quality of Scientific Work in Higher Education

Aim Abdulkarim, Diana Noor Anggraini
The background of research by the amount of research produced by students is not balanced with good quality research measurement. Research topics in students’ scientific work are often repetitive and even have so much similarity values between one another. Even the topic is already looking obsolete and...
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Fostering Voluntarism in Digital Age

Aina Nurdiyanti, Karim Suryadi
This study aims to examine the efficacy of digital infrastructure developed by a global hunamitarian agency called Aksi Cepat Tanggap (Fast Action Response) in fostering participatory digital citizenship in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era. Today in Indonesia, there is a great gap between the culture...
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The Role of Coastal Communities to Preserve Local Wisdom (A Study in Community of Bunaken Island, Indonesia)

Arie Supriati, Mardan Umar
Society is an important element in the preservation of local wisdom values. Modernization, industrial society 4.0, and advances in information technology have had an impact on all aspects of people’s lives. Foreign culture and values enter into people’s lives and affect all their activities. Therefore,...
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Moral Development of Millennial Citizens Through Internalization of Sundanese Culture Values

Asep Syamsul Bachri, Deni Zein Tarsidi
Today, Indonesian citizens, especially millennials, seem to lose their identity and identity as a communal part of the Indonesian Nation. They are more pleased with foreign culture than their own culture, so it is feared that characters will emerge that are not in accordance with the reflection of the...
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Challenge of Civic Education Teacher in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Azis Wahab
In facing rapid changes as the impact of the fourth industrial revolutions all educational institutions especially education universities and schools should have a positive and significant respons in order to cope with the impact of the changes and challenges and its disruptive condition. The changes...
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Literation Improvement of Indonesia’s Citizens in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0: A Conceptual Analysis on Civic Education

Azwar Ananda, Bambang Trisno
This research was based on the changing of the world’s view from Revolution Era 3.0 to 4.0. The main problem is ‘Are the now day’s materials of Civic Education still sufficient to provide citizen’s literation or competencies to live in the Revolution Era 4.0? In order to answer the problem, the library...
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Civic Education Learning Based on Law-Related Education Approach in Developing Student’s Law Awareness

Law awareness is an essential element in the implementation of the life of the nation and state because it is the foundation of citizens’ compliance and constitutional awareness of their rights and obligations in carrying out their roles and positions. This awareness also serves to maintain the appropriateness...
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Identification of the Best Practices for Character Education Development in Schools in Order Curriculum Implementation 2013

Bahrun, Niswanto
This study examines the application of character education that focuses on best practices in schools and their relation to the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum. The background of the problem is based on two basic things. The purpose of this study was to determine the best practices carried out by...
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The Optimization of Civic Education in Building the Harmony of Religious Life Through Religious Humanism Approach

Bali Widodo, Suwarma Al Muchtar
Indonesia is a country that consists of various ethnic groups, cultures and religions. Religious differences have the potential to social conflict if mutual respect is poor, or too concerned about other people’s religious affairs. The issue can certainly threaten Indonesia’s unity. Through this religious...
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Initiating the Engagement of Young Citizens in a Quality Politics in the Social Media Era

Budi Mulyono
Advances in information technology in the industrial revolution 4.0 era have fundamentally changed the involvement of citizens in public affairs. Included also in the form of political participation. The emergence of social media since the early 2000s, has provided a way to reduce the costs of their...
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Growing the Character of Responsibility in Students Through Teacher’s Exemplary in Anti-Corruption Education Efforts

Cahyono, Dadang Mulayana, Lili Sukarliana
The purpose of this study is to find out how to foster the character of student responsibility through the teacher’s example and its relationship with anti- corruption education in schools. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis method with a qualitative approach, with data collection...
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Implementation of Pancasila Values in Improving Nationalism for Young Generation

Adi Darma Indra, Dasim Budimansyah
Pancasila value is one of the tenets underlying the conception of a nation’s development. The urgency of internalization of Pancasila can be interpreted as an effort to maintain and reach the ideals of a nation through the spirit of nationality which is owned by the community. The values of Pancasila...
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The Effect of Civics Learning Implementation on Improving Civic Literacy in Digital Citizenship Era

Dinie Anggraeni Dewi, Dasim Budimansyah
One of the aspects that is being developed in Civic Education in the era of digital citizenship is regarding Civic Literacy. Civic literacy is the foundation of a democratic society as well as the manifestation of Power Citizen. This study aims to find out the influence of the implementation of civic...
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Rehabilitation Concept of Legal Protection for Citizen in Hoax Defamation

Dwi Iman Muthaqin
The worst consequence of the hoax deed is that it is divided into the nation’s integrity. The spread of hoaxes is difficult to overcome both by the government and the community, even though preventive and repressive efforts have been carried out by every party, but to this day hoaxes appear and directly...
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Development of Jurisprudential Inquiry Model in Improving Student Critical Thinking of Fake News (Hoax)

Dadang Sundawa, Susan Fitriasari, Dwi Iman Muthaqin, Dede Iswandi
this article discusses about hoax in society as the social phenomenon and hoax as a violation of the law. This article is base on the previous research with title Implementation Learning Model Analysis Jurisprudential Inquiry As Effort Prevention News Hoax Among Students, the results of a prior study...
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Strengthening Student’s Soft Skills in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Edi Kusnadi, Aim Abdulkarim, Kokom Komalasari, Sapriya
The increasingly massive variety of digital polarization from various loci in the field of life both education, economy, politics, social and others is allegedly an indication of the birth of a 4th generation era (Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0). The implications of this era have an impact on students’...
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21st Century Competences in Civic Education Curriculum of Indonesia

Eka Jayadiputra, Sapriya, Aim Abdul Karim, Rahmat
This article reviews the 21st century competence of the Civic Education curriculum in Indonesia. It is deemed necessary to be examined considering the industrial Era characterized by very strict competition, demanding that every citizen have adequate ability to deal with global competition. This study...
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Citizenship Competence Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Vocational Education

Eneng Martini, Kokom Komalasari, Dasim Budimansyah, Udin Sarifudin Winataputra
Industry 4.0 this term originates from a project to promote computerization of manufacturing which was initiated by the German government, and the basic principle of industry 4.0 is the incorporation of machines, workflows, systems. The era of industrial revolution 4.0 is very influential in human life...
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Analysis of Factual and Potential Threats in the Border Region of the Republic of Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of East Timor

Chairil Nur Siregar, Epin Saepudin, Nia Kurniasih, Asep Wawan Jatnika
The geographical condition of Indonesia, which is adjacent to several other countries, still poses various problems, both internal and external. This study aims to analyze factual and potential threats that are deemed capable of disrupting the stability of the border regions. This research was conducted...
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The Application of Blended Learning Through Edmodo and Kahoot on Civic Education to Form 21st Century Skills in Secondary School

Eulis Endangsari, Sapriya
This study aims to provide an overview of the application of blended learning through edmodo and kahoot on civic education to develop 21st Century Skills. The research design used was a Qualitative Approach. Data were obtained through observation, interviews and documentation studies. The participants...
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Teachers’ Capacity to Make Learning Innovation Based on 21st Century Skills in Elementary Schools

This paper is aimed to discuss teacher’s concerns and abilities to conduct learning innovations based on the skills 21st century in elementary schools. This study employed quantitative descriptive research. The focus of this study is the elementary schools with ten elementary schools each in five sub-districts...
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Implementation of the Pancasila Moral to Strengthen Nationality Insights of Young Muhammadiyah Members

Frenky Zainul Kusyanto, Sapriya
Indonesia is currently experiencing a setback in understanding nationalism and the spirit of nationalism. In this case, the young generation, including Muhammadiyah youth has an important role in maintaining the survival of the nation and state. The existence of Pancasila moral is expected to be one...
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Civic Virtue in the Teaching and Learning of Islands’ Customary Law Through the Project Citizen Model to Strengthen National Identity

Fricean Tutuarim, Agustinus Nindatu, Fatimah Sialana
This research combines three dimensions of civic education, namely civic education as a field of science, civic education as an educational program that is implemented through the project citizen model, and civic education as a socio-cultural activity of citizenship which is learned through the course...
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Role of Students of Pancasila and Civic Education Program in Preventing Privately Made Marriage

Harpani Matnuh
Students of Pancasila and Civic Education Study Program at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at Lambung Mangkurat University (PPKn Study Program of FKIP ULM) are prepared to become Teachers of Pancasila and Civic Education (PPKn) in schools as a very strategic effort to help prevent privately...
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Internalization of Pancasila Values in Developing Leadership Identity

Hilman Tsabat Hidayah, Karim Suryadi
This study aims to examine strategies developed by Mahawarman Student Regiment Battalion XI Indonesian University of Education in developing leadership identity. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study design. Data collection is carried out through interviews, observations, and documentation...
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The Implementation of Curriculum 2013 at Civic Education as an Effort to Improve Competence Building of Citizens in Facing Global Competition

Intan Indah Megasari, Aim Abdulkarim
Developments in information technology and communication in the global era of the 21st century have changed the world so quickly. Today Indonesia is confronted with problems arising from the progress of civilization and strong currents of globalization and no choice that can be selected in addition to...
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“Penyadapan” as Local Cultural Values in Citizenship Education Learning

Iwan Kurniawan, Dadang Sundawa
Penyadapan program is a program at Rancakalong senior High School. The purpose of the program is to bequeath art and cultural value in formal education. This research uses qualitative approaches and case study methods. Result show is many local cultural values contained in the art that exists in n Rancakalong,...
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Civic Education for Development of Digital Citizenship in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Kokom Komalasari, Diana Noor Anggraini
The era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 brought challenges and opportunities for Civic Education in developing digital citizenship capabilities. This study aims to describe teacher perceptions of digital citizenship and optimize the role of Civic Education in improving student’s digital citizenship....
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The Role of Communities in Strengthening Environmental Care Characters: Case Study in the Indonesian Green Youth Coalition

Lensi Megah Retta, Rahmat
The technological advances make it easy for community activities and solve existing problems. However, the reality of advances in information technology has made citizens become individualists and have not been able to resolve existing environmental problems. People become accustomed to activities and...
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Students Cosmopolitanism Perspectives, What are the Nationalism Threats? The Challenges of Civic Education Subject in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Lili Halimah
In the latest period especially, the nationalism issues look like a colloquial language in daily social life. Nowadays, the nationalism challenges itself can be defined as an internationalism that brought by the globalization process as well as the cosmopolitan culture. A cosmopolitan culture will arise,...
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Role of Student Brawl and Deliquency Task Force in Managing Problems of Juvenile Deliquency in Sukabumi District

Muhammad Gian Ikhsan, Endang Danial
This research is motivated by the development of intelligence on the nation’s lighting generation that is tainted by the behavior or protection of juvenile delinquency. The main problem in this study is the role of the Student Brawl and Deliquency Task Force in tackling the problem of juvenile delinquency...
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Character Exchange: Learning Model Innovations to Strengthening Character

Maman Rachman, Tutik Wijayanti, Tijan, Andi Suhardiyanto
Pancasila as the national ideology, the nation reference and character building is now increasingly dim. Therefore, major efforts are needed to re-establish the Pancasila values through learning based on strengthening the character of the Pancasila. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize the steps...
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Student Attitudes in Environmental Management

Mamat Ruhimat, Dina Siti Logayah, Darsono
Human is a part of the environmental system, and their existence highly depends on the environment. Most of the human needs are sourced from natural and environmental resources. When humans were dreaming about life sustainability, it is certain that a stabilized environment existence that gives life...
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Implementation of Citizenship Skills in Developing Community Concern for the Environment

Mariatul Kiptiah
Research aims to identify the civic skill and mengembangan citizens caring environment appropriate and effective to improve the quality of the community as the periphery of the river or are classified as wetlands. The use of scientific method approac. Learning rendering approach, also can be approach...
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Efforts to Build Inheritance of Community Harmonization Through River Cultures in Banjarmasin City

Marini, Sapriya
Traders in the floating market make the river as a place where they find the meaning of life. The growth of cooperation from all parties through popular economy and the activities of traders in the floating market in the formation of Civic Responsibility in Banjarmasin society. So that it can produce...
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Dialectics of Tionghoa Ethnic Identity and Local Culture

Muhajir, Abdul Latief, Monica Tiara
This article aims to see variations in two local cultures that are different in accepting Tionghoa ethnic. Local culture is one of the factors forming the pattern of appointment of identity and community stigma in a process of social integration of multiethnic communities. This article was analyzed using...
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Vocational Civics for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

N. Dede Khoeriah, Nani Nur’aeni, Zubaedah Wiji Lestari, Panji Romadonna
Vocational civics training is important for preparing a good life for persons with intellectual disabilities. This is based on the reality that the main problem of persons with intellectual disabilities is they are unable to think abstractly and difficult thing, so that they face obstacles and difficulties...
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The Implementation of Anti-Corruption Education in Texmaco Vocational High School Pemalang

Natal Kristiono, Moh. Aris Munandar, Giri Harto Wiranto, Hafiz Rafi Uddin
The Anti-corruption education is a solution to shape the character of students. The efforts made by the school are to implement anti-corruption education to students with the aim that the younger generation or students understand and are accustomed to behaving in an anti-corruption manner. One of the...
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The Effectiveness of Gallery Walk Cooperative Learning to Enhance Students’ Intellectual Skill

Nisrina Nurul Insani, Sapriya
The objective condition of semester final exam result of Civic Education explained that 96 percent of students of class X TEI-B SMK Teknologi Industri Pembangunan Cimahi obtain score under standard of learning completeness. This is the problem as result of students’ intellectual skill which is low. Therefore,...
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The Role of the Barisan Merah and Putih in Fighting for Legislative Member for Indigenous Papuans

Ode Jamal
This article explains the role of the Barisan Merah and Putih (BMP) organization in fighting for legislative members for indigenous Papuans in the Papuan People’s Representative Council (DPRP), as mandated in the Papua special autonomy law. Legislative member for indigenous Papuans who are an affirmative...
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Student Participation with E-Voting in the Digital Era

Oki Suprianto, Idrus Affandi
This study aims to examine the efficacy of the election implementation by e-voting methods in increasing student participation in the digital age. At present, the implementation of general elections is less able to adapt to the times, attract the interest of novice voters and reduce abstentions. Therefore,...
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“Gender and Education”: Preparing Teacher Candidates of Civics to Build Egalitarian Society in Industry 4.0 Era

Oksiana Jatiningsih, Maya Mustika Kartika Sari
Industry 4.0 has been creating a public sphere for every individuals’ participation. Women and Men should have a similar chance, but it may differ due to different education. That is why education and teacher have strategic power. Unfortunately, gender patriarchy has been a dominant gender ideology in...
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Anti-Radicalism Education at Faith-Based Schools in the Era of Strengthening the Theo-Democracy Movement

Okta Hadi Nurcahyono, Dwi Astutik
Many theodemocracy movements grow and develop post-1998 reform. Basically, this pro-theodemocracy movement wants the application of Islam sharia and khilafah Islamiyah (Islamic Caliphate) constituting the derivation of Islam state’s thought as initiated by Hasan Al-Bana developing later in such states...
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Lampung Teaching Program in Developing Pedagogic Competency Teachers

Pluto Wurdiman, Susan Fitriasari
This research is motivated by the researcher concern about the education competence of teacher that has not been maximized in improving the quality of national education. This study aims to describe the effects of Lampung Teaching in developing pedagogic competencies in the Citizenship Education teachers....
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The Essence of Public Policies in Learning for Civic Education

Prayoga Bestari
Civic Education and Public Policy cannot be separated. Public policy is part of Civic Education or Citizenship Education as a form of Public Policy in the field of education. In the current conditions, many policies must exist but are not yet born. However, some policies are not by time, are not up to...
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Political Party Debate on the Presidential Threshold System in the Multi-Party Context in Indonesia

Putra Kaslin Hutabarat, Idrus Affandi
This paper will have political implications in terms of the implementation of the presidential election system that is relevant to the style of political parties in Indonesia. Reviewing the chosen solution for implementing the presidential threshold system in the upcoming presidential election. This...
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Developing Citizens’ Environmental Awareness in Environmental Preservation in Slums Area

Putri Utami Ramadhan, Dadang Sundawa
The environment is one of the global issues of citizenship in the 21st century. Urbanization as a result of globalization makes the emergence and development of dense and slums in urban areas appear. The purpose of this study is to analyze efforts to build environmental awareness of citizens towards...
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Development of Critical Thinking Skills Through the Citizenship Education Course in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Rafzan, Dasim Budimansyah, Rahmat, Susan Fitriasari
Critical thinking ability is one of the competencies that must be possessed by students. Critical thinking is an intellectual skill of one character that has become an issue in education in facing industrial revolution 4.0. This study aims at describing the development of students’ critical thinking...
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Islamic Da’wah Through Social Media as a Means of Political Education

Restu Adi Nugraha, Cecep Darmawan, Dede Iswandi
Da’wah can be done in various diverse ways, one of which is using social media. Contemporary Islamic Da’wah does not only discuss Islam. However, Islamic da’wah can discuss all aspects of human life, including politics. Technological advances in making Islamic da’wah through social media provide political...
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Harmony Choir: Strenghtening Nationalism Through the Activity of Singing National Song

Riyan Rinjani, Prayoga Bestari
Change and progress of the world have an impact on the fading love of the motherland. Access to information and communication opens space for foreign cultures to enter freely. In this era of globalization, many young Indonesian citizens are more proud of foreign cultures and follow the lifestyles of...
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The Implementation of Service-Learning Model to Enhance Students’ Ecological Care

Rusli Yusuf, Sanusi, Maimun, Akhyar, T.M. Jamil, Sofyan A. Gani, Razali
This study was conducted by considering the importance of students to have awareness and care in this era of ecological crisis that threatens human life. Service learning is one of alternative learning models used to enhance students’ ecological care and responsibility with the concept of direct experience,...
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Implementation of Educational Policy at the Implementation of the Full Day School in Growing the Religious Character

Ryan Taufika, Muhammad Halimi
The government in terms of state administration issued a number of policies to answer the challenges of education in terms of character development. The full day school system is one form of an educational model that is very supportive to improve the quality of education and develop student character...
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Wustho School Program and Formation Character Students of the Revolution Industry 4.0

Saepul Rohman, Dasim Budimansyah
Dynamics order the global world of coloring pattern life all over the nation in the world. Pancasila as the nation’s ideology originating from national cultural values that are religious, cultured and civilized should be a strong immunity for the Indonesian people if properly established. Multidimensional...
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The Influence of the Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum and Learning Motivation Against Student Achievement in Social Sciences

Sakdiyah, Murniati, M. Shabri Abd. Majid, Ishak Hasan
This study aims to examine the direct effect of the curriculum on learning motivation and the direct influence of the curriculum on student learning achievement and examine the indirect influence (mediation) of the curriculum on student learning achievement through motivation to study.This research was...
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What Happens in the Citizenship Education Climate at Public High School?

This paper explores the students’ attitudes towards climate conditions citizenship education in school, because there is still a lot of research on this subject in Indonesia. The study was a quantitative study conducted by a descriptive method. The research location is the three high schools in the city...
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Culture of Citizenship Through Baayun Maulid Tradition to Strengthen Local Wisdom Values

Sayu Karinda, Elly Malihah, Muhammad Halimi
The research aims to understand the cultivation of civic culture in the tradition of Baayun Maulid through a form of celebration in the early Rabiul month. The focus of this research is the efforts made by the community civic culture, and why it becomes a form in strengthening local wisdom in the village...
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Directive Speech Acts in the Utterances of Madihin Performance

Siti Faridah
Madihin art is one of oral literary works in Banjar area of South Kalimantan. In the process of delivering it, the utterances of madihin contain directive speech acts. The directive speech act sare one of pragmatic aspects in communication. The aim of study was to find the types of directive speech acts...
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College Policies in Implementing Anti-Corruption Education

Sitti Uswatun Hasanah, Suwarma Al Muchtar, Dadang Sundawa
Anti-corruption education for students is very important to provide an adequate knowledge about the intricacies of corruption and its eradication along with instill the value of anti-corruption that is honesty, caring, self- reliance, discipline, responsibility, hard work, humble, courage and justice....
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The Development of Pocket Book Learning Media Based on Mind Mapping, Dynamic Material Application of Indonesian Democracy in Senior High School

Sri Rahayu Pudjiastuti, Suparno, Mohamad Sutisna, Hesti Mustika Ati
The purpose of this study is to; (1) developing pocket mapping based learning media on mind mapping material on the implementation of democracy in Indonesia, (2) studying mind mapping learning media based on mind mapping, and (3) to find out the effectiveness of mind map based learning pocket media in...
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Do Civic Education Graduates Have Careers?: Retrospective and Prospective

Suhadi, Sarkadi, Fauzi Abdillah
This article discusses the experience of civic teachers getting undergraduate education as one of their professional qualifications. The experience, suggestions, and expectations dissected become prospective material will be the basis for the development of the undergraduate program. By using a tracer...
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Pancasila Character Education in Teaching Materials to Develop College Students’ Civic Disposition

Sulistyarini, Rum Rosyid, Jagad Aditya Dewantara, Endang Purwaningsih
Educational and learning activities are the basis of human existence, so that humans cannot be separated from teaching and learning activities. This study aims to determine Pancasila character education in teaching materials to form civic disposition of students. The research design uses a qualitative...
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Global Awareness Learning Through Multicultural Value Transformation

Surya Dharma, Sapriya, Udin S Winataputra, Kokom Komalasari
Awareness of various global problems is a psychosocial aspect that must be taught to students. This is important in the midst of various global problems that affect the lives of citizens both locally and nationally. For this reason, learning is needed to build student awareness through strengthening...
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Development and Empowerment of Social Welfare Problems in Street Children in Samarinda City, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Suryaningsi, Muhazir
The purpose of this research is to describe the role of Social Welfare Department in the Development and Empowerment of Social Welfare Problems on Street Children in Integrated Social Institution of Samarinda City and to identify the inhibiting factors of the Role of Social Welfare Department in the...
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Implementation Strengthening Religious Character Through Devotional Program in Civic Education

Tohap Pandapotan Simaremare, Suwarma Al Muchtar, Muhammad Halimi
This study aims to understand the innovation of strengthening religious character through a devotional program in civic education. This research is to know how devotional programs can increase the spiritual aspect and the efforts made by the school in supporting the program. The research design used...
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Formation of Young Generation Character in Industrial 4.0 Era Using Role Model

Triwantoro, Cecep Darmawan
This study aims to reveal the formation of the young generation character in Industrial 4.0 Era using an example. This study is descriptive research using a qualitative approach. The subject of the study is Civics Educational Teachers, Headmaster, and students as the young generation in State High School...
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Implementation of Living Values Education Principles for Learning Civic Education Senior High School

Tubagus Saputra, Kokom Komalasari, Prayoga Bestari
Living Values Education is a new concept in learning Civic Education that is feasible to be actualized. The purpose of this study is to construct the meaning of learning activities of living values based Civic Education in SMA 3 Bandung. This research is a qualitative study with a case study design to...
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The Historicity of Political Thought of Muhammadiyah Regarding the Concept of Pancasila State as Darul Ahdi Wa Syahadah

Wildan Nurul Fajar, Idrus Affandi, Karim Suryadi, Dadang Kahmad
This research focuses on political movement of Muhammadiyah regarding the concept of Pancasila State as Darul Ahdi wa Syahadah. This research aims to explore, examine, and organize argumentative and theoretical-conceptual information regarding the historical roots and thoughts that become the underlying...
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Reformulating Civic Education as Political Education in Indonesia in the Convergence Era

Yayuk Hidayah, Sapriya, Cecep Darmawan, Elly Malihah
The purpose of writing this article is to reformulate Civic Education as a political education in Indonesia in the era of convergence. The research method used in this article was the library research. The results of the study show; First Civic Education becomes an instrument in political education in...
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Perspective of Millennial Generation in Character Education of Tolerance Religious

Yogi Nugraha, Yudi Firmansyah
Today, Exalt practices Consider Themselves each other and the true religion or class Began to spread on Indonesian. Reviews These issues make-us Seemed to forget the sense of tolerance the which long ago had been handed down by our founding fathers. It also Began to infect the youth or now known as the...
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Pancasila and Civilized Society

Yuyus Kardiman, Suwarma Al Muchtar, Aim Abdulkarim, Sapriya
Pancasila is five fundamental values which are idealized to be a civilized society. The society which is based on the values, cultural and spirituality of its people that is reflected in Divinity value, Humanity values, Unity, Democracy and social justice. Therefore this paper aimed to provide a theoretical...
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The Urgency of Citizenship Education in Building Citizen Political Literacy in the Digital Era

Mahmud, Urwatul Wutsqah, Tina Atikah, Edi Kusnadi
Political literacy of citizens is a necessity amid the proliferation of digital information that is cornering, provocative, hoax, slander, nuanced SARA that can poison politics is under the substance of Citizenship Education. The sophistication of technology in this digital era should be used as a temperament...
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Citizenship and Democracy: How Young Citizen Behave Democratically in Digital Age

Iqbal Arpannudin, Syifa Siti Aulia
The article aim to theoretically answers gap challenges between expected and the reality in the field, for example: Why is someone not yet democratic, while he has long “studied” democracy. The more question is why democratic attitudes are not yet embedded while they have studied democracy for a long...
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Building an Anti-Corruption Civilization Through Education

Endrise Septina Rawanoko, Riza Alrakhman, Iqbal Arpannudin
This article seeks to find a formula to build an anti-corruption civilization through education. The method used is a literature study as part of a quantitative approach in research. The results show that there are at least three things that need to be considered to be further developed for the development...
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Kuta: Internalizing Local Wisdom Values in School Habits Able to Improve Student Character to be More Civilized

Wina Nurhayati Praja, Elly Malihah, Dasim Budimansyah, Iim Siti Masyitoh
This study aims to analyze and prove that the local wisdom of society that supports the strengthening of character education nation. This qualitative research uses a design/methodology/case study approach. Data were collected using observation techniques, interviews and documentation studies. The results...
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Increasing Citizens Awareness of the Value Social Justice in the Community for the Young Generation of Sinergi Sriwijaya Peduli in Palembang

Nanang Jayani, Suwarma Al Muchtar, Susan Fitriasari
This study is intended to describe the importance of strengthening and growing the value of positive character for citizens, especially among the younger generation as a milestone for the nation and state of Indonesia. The intended character is a caring character or known as caring for the value of social...
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Memorable Character Education: An Experience from Lab School Jakarta Co-Curricular Learning Strategy

Achmad Husen, Fauzi Abdillah
This article describes the implementation of character education in the Lab school Jakarta Middle School, spread across three regions, namely Rawamangun, Kebayoran, and Cibubur. Qualitative research methods are used to describe educational strategies and photograph the experiences of students who follow...
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Pancasila and Civic Education Teacher Organization Role in Improving Professionality of Civic Education Teachers

Rabiatul Adawiah
The Subject Teacher Organization (MGMP) is a forum that unites perceptions and understandings or exchange information and experiences that are useful as well as find solutions to various problems faced by teachers in classroom learning activities. Therefore, the existence of MGMP needs to be empowered...
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Application of E-Mind Map Learning Model Based on Criminology in Improving the Quality of Learning

Dasim Budimansyah, Susan Fitriasari, Dwi Iman Muthaqin, Dede Iswandi
This study aims to improve the quality of lecture learning through (1) Planning, management of instructional media, learning resources, and assessment of learning; (2) Implementation of learning in preliminary activities, core lecture activities, and closing activities; (3) Effectiveness of the application...
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The Use of Comic-Based Technology: Media Cultivation of Values in the Nation Defense

Leni Anggraeni, Cecep Darmawan, Sri Wahyuni Tanshzil
The onslaught of the current globalization has a significant influence on the fading of love for the nation and the country, so that it impacts on the weak spirit of defending the younger generation. Therefore, the inculcation of national defense values has become a necessity. The strategy used must...
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The Effectiveness of Peace Education Learning Models Toward Students’ Understanding of Peace-Loving and Anti-Violence

Candra Cuga, Dasim Budimansyah, Bunyamin Maftuh
This research is motivated by anxiety to see the phenomenon of student conflict and violence in the form of destructive actions which still often occur in the universities. In order to prevent similar acts of violence in the future, it is necessary to develop a learning model for peace education based...
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Being Happy at an Old Age: How Does the Social Welfare Assurance Work?

Yasnita, Karim Suryadi, Dasim Budimansyah, Udin S Winataputra
The increment of elderly population demands the readiness of government and society. This study investigates elderly hope of happiness and how to provide social insurance ideally by the state to meet the hope. The aim of this study is to gather information related to elderly hope of happiness deeply...
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Network Learning Based on Integrated Online Learning System in Criminal Law Subject to Increase Learning Quality

Dwi Iman Muthaqin, Dede Iswandi, Shilmy Purnama
Advances in information and communication technology is a form of rapid social change brought numerous changes in people’s lives. The role of information and communication technologies are increasingly felt in various sectors, including in the field of education. information and communication technologies...
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Strategy of Political Parties in Preventing Corruption Crimes

Muhammad David, Prayoga Bestari
The research is a study that uses a qualitative approach and a case study method. The purpose of this study is to describe the strategy of political parties in preventing criminal acts of corruption involving party cadres. The reason for carrying out this research is to identify how the strategies of...
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Development of Nationalist-Religious Characters Value of Sayyid Idrus Bin Salim Al Jufri Teachings in Civics Education

Shofia Nurun Alanur, Iim Siti Masyitoh
This study aims to determine the development of nationalist character values and religious character values from the teachings of Sayyid Idrus Bin Salim Al Jufri as a hero in the hammer city. The research design used is qualitative research with case studies. The method used is interviews, documentation...
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Understanding Role of Rehabilitation Institutions in Developing Characters of Drug Users with Therapeutic Community Methods of Character

Dini Oktariani, Aim Abdulkarim
This study aims to describe the implementation of character building for victims of drug abuse, identify supporting and inhibiting actors in the implementation of character building, and to identify efforts to overcome barriers to the character building of victims of drug abuse using the Therapeutic...
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Application of Board Game Pancasila Dadu (Pandu) in Civic Learning

Nurul Huda Agung Setiawan, Aim Abdulkarim
Citizenship education is one of the subjects that has an important role in introducing the Pancasila Philosophy to today’s young generation. But unfortunately, the fact in the field shows that when the researcher observed in class 5 of MI Al Huda during Civics learning, found several problems in the...
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The Strategy of the Mandailing Community in Preserving the Culture of the Dalihan Natolu as a Form of National Identity

Toivah Rahma Linda Hasibuan, Rahmat
This study aims to understand the strategies carried out by the community to maintain the civic culture of Dalihan Natolu. The research design used was qualitative with descriptive research method. Data collection techniques were carried out by interviewing, observation, lilerature and documentation...
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Religion, Beliefs, and Civic Education

Muhammad Halimi
Religious education and civic education have the same goal, although religious education is broader in scope, namely in general, forming every individual has good knowledge and intelligence as well as having a commendable character. In citizenship education, the orientation is not only on the aspect...
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The Impact of Party Political Education on Cadre Political Attitudes

Endang Ahmad, Karim Suryadi
This research is motivated by the strengthening role of political parties, especially in carrying out one of its functions, namely political education. DPD PDI-P West Java as one of the parties that has a strong and loyal cadre base is a background of researchers interested in exploring the role of this...
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Influence of Ability and Work Motivation of Teachers in Civic Education Toward the Teaching Learning Process Junior High School

Agustinus Soumokil, Jurgen Litualy, Ridwan Hatala
This study aims to determine how much influence the teacher’s ability to prepare teaching devices, how much influence the teacher’s work motivation in teaching and learning and how much influence the teacher’s ability to prepare teaching devices and teacher’s work motivation together in the teaching...
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Implementation of Moot Court Learning-Based Model to Improve Learning Quality in Procedural Law Course

Kanigara Hawari, Muhammad Halimi, Dwi Iman Muthaqin, Dede Iswandi
Procedural law is a subject that has high difficulty because in practice it should incorporate legal theoretical and legal procedure. Procedural law specifically learns about formal law, namely a set of legal rules governing the ways in which a case is filed in front of a court, as well as the ways in...
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Education for All Citizens

Endang Danial, Iim Siti Masyitoh, Sri Wahyuni Tanshzil
Indonesia towards inclusive education is declared in Bandung West Java at August 11, 2004. Determined by the government for the implementation of the education for all program. The implementation of inclusive schools in the hope that they can mobilize reguler schools to organized educational programs...
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Pancasila and Civic Education as Reinforcement of the National’s Character of High School Students in Karawang Regency to Face the Revolution Industry 4.0

Erwin Susanto, Nadya Putri, Aris Riswandi Sanusi, Fitri Silvia Sofyan
This article is motivated by researchers’ anxiety in terms of decreasing the nation’s character in high school students in Karawang Regency in order to face the challenges of the revolution industry 4.0. In the era of the revolution industry 4.0 where technology and information developed so fast, so...
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The Function of Multicultural Education in Growing Global Citizen

Muh. Khaedir, Abdul Azis Wahab
This study aims to determine the role of multicultural education in fostering a global citizen. Multicultural gives the same rights to the students without anyone feeling discriminated against by understanding cultural and tolerance values. In a modern era, it requires the skills that citizens must possess....
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A Comparative Study of Ambonese Classic and Modern Pop Songs

Titus Gaite, Yakob Godlif Malatuny, Maslan Abdin, Bernard Labobar, Sara Malatuny
This paper was motivated by the researchers concern about the moral values contained in Ambonese pop songs then and Now. Pop songs communicate their messages through the words contained in each verse of their lyrics, but the song lyrics often do not transmit good moral values. Ambon as the city of music...
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Fostering Religious Moderation’s Perception in the 4.0 Era: Citizenship Education Challenge

Silvia Rahmelia, Chris Apandie
Citizenship education and religious moderation intersect in state life aspect. Citizenship education that concerned in establishment citizen character both informal and formal institution, has a role to control the development of 4.0 Industrial Revolution so it can keep along with national identity....
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Model of Strengthening Student Integrity as Anti-Corruption Education Through Organizational Culture Based on Creative Media

M Yahya Arwiyah, Runik Machfiroh, Aris Rahmansyah
Anti-Corruption education is sticking out after many corruption cases in Indonesia. However, Anti-corruption education which has become a policy to become a compulsory subject is still not optimal and influential, so far corruption education is only limited to the theory with media presentations, books,...
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Indonesian Youth Readiness in Supporting Unlimited Education Society 5.0

Runik Machfiroh, Sapriya, Kokom Komalasari
Over time, Indonesia increased its behavior and their internet usage, one of which is social media. The results of this study analyses the changes in internet use behavior and collaborative education strategies in welcoming unlimited education society 5.0. The method in this study is a mixed-method (mix...