Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE 2013)

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A Neural Network Enhanced Stereo Vision Obstacle Detection and Avoidance System for Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Fanjun Liu, Binggang Cao
This paper presents a neural network enhanced stereo vision obstacle detection and avoidance system for unmanned ground vehicle. In this paper, we build a neural network to learn the mapping for the left image to the right image under the assumption of a flat road. Using the trained neural network we...
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Statistical Properties of Chinese Near-synonyms Network

Jinze Li, Shuangwen Chen, Xiaoyue Luo, Feng Xiao, Jianyu Li, Hao Shen
We investigate Chinese near-synonyms (include synonyms and near-synonyms) based on complex network theory. In the study of near-synonyms network, scale-free effect and hierarchical structure features are found in this complex system. In particular, we find that n-node cliques exist widely in near-synonyms...
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The Application of Chaos Immune Genetic Algorithm in Sequencing Problem of Sports Meeting

Ying Pan
The sequencing of sports meeting is quite complicated due to the huge number of people and events. A new immune genetic algorithm aiming at solving the sports meeting sequencing problem is proposed in this paper, namely the chaos immune genetic algorithm, which combines the immune algorithm, chaos algorithm...
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RESTful Digital Web Services for Market Price Forecasting with RAn Application on Equity Markets Using Garch Models

Mihai Calciu, Christiana Tudor
Web services (WS) are originally and typically SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based. SOAP based web services offer a powerful architecture and communication protocol that allows model based marketing decisions support (MMDS) to be integrated, served and get discovered over the Internet. Lately...
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Clustering the Tropical Wood Species Using Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (KSOM)

Ahmad Azlin, Yusof Rubiyah
This paper discusses on how the Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (KSOM) is used as a tool to cluster and classify the tropical wood species. Wood features have been extracted through the use of two features extractors; Basic Grey Level Aura Matrix (BGLAM) and Statistical Properties of Pores Distribution (SPPD)...
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IROTS: A Proposed COTS Evaluation & Selection Methodology for Component Based Software Engineering in Under-Development Countries

M. Shakeel Faridi, Zahig Javed, M. Haris Abid, Ahmed Mudassar, Asri Bin Ngadi
Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) methodology deals with software systems by evaluation and selection of appropriate components. CBSE offers software developers a compact software development life cycle, reduce development times, cost effective and less strenuous efforts. In under development...
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Longitudinal Data Based Research on Web User Interests Drift Modeling

Huimin Li, Liying Fang, Pu Wang, Jianzhuo Yan
User interests drift modeling is the fundamental and key technology of Personal Recommendation System (PRS), and is arising more and more attention by researcher from home and abroad. At present, web user interests drift model is in its original phase for the reason of many aspects, and there also exist...
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Computer Implementation for Analysis of Complex Masonry Shell Structures

Jerzy Szolomicki, Piotr Berkowski
The increasing interest in historic architectural complex buildings and the need to understand the behavior of historical structures has led to development of computational methods used for analysis of the masonry vaults. The paper deals with some of the explicit and numerical methods used for modeling...
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Knowledge-based Auto Repair Diagnosis System and Application

Xiaofen Fang, Kunli Fang
Auto repair is a process which solves the problem iteratively and constantly. It is required to establish the knowledge base model and the inference base model. Meanwhile, it develops the knowledge-based auto repair diagnostic system through the integration of the auto repair experience and the repair...
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An Efficient Algorithm of Convex Hull for Very Large Planar Point Set

Guangquan Fan, Liping Ma, Bingru Yang
In the paper, we present and prove Castle Theorem of Convex Hull, design and realize the Fast Rampart Searching Algorithm. The algorithm can be treated as the preprocess of Convex Hull calculation of very large planar point set. When calculating the Convex Hull of a very large planar point set, we can...
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Service Oriented Cost AccountingUtilization-based Accounting and Charging of IT Service Costs

Christopher Schwarz, S. Schmidt, A. Sellner, E. Zinser
Due to the immanent complexity of Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) partnerships and their underlying service technology, a sustainable management proofs to be highly challenging and inefficient. Being confronted with multidimensional business relations and complex services meshes, the accounting...
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Structural Relaxation Solutions Formetallic Amorphous Condensed Lattice with Activation Energy Spectrum Model Applied Computational Physics

Kazu Yamada
Development of amorphous-material devices and specimen modification methods is closely related with the obviousness of high thermal stability and stability of relaxation, additionally general ground characteristic investigations of glass, transformation of the liquid-system to glass one is an enormous...
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Test and Computer Modeling of Steel Braces for Earthquake-Resistant Structures: Dual-Core Self-Centering Brace and Sandwiched Buckling-Restrained Brace

Chung-Che Chou, Ying-Chuan Chen, Sheng-Yang Chen
This work presents mechanics, tests, and finite element modeling results of a proposed steel dual-core self-centering brace (SCB) and a sandwiched buckling-restrained brace (BRB) for earthquake-resistant structures. The mechanics and cyclic behavior of these two braces are first explained, followed by...
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High Resolution DOA Estimation Algorithm based on Nonuniform L-shaped Array

Lanmei Wang, Zhihai Chen, Guibao Wang
A parameter estimation algorithm of direction of arrival (DOA), based on a nonuniform L-shaped array, is presented for plane-wave signals. According to relation of the two x-axis and y-axis subarrays, a set of rough but unambiguous direction cosines estimates in x and y direction are obtained. By disambiguating...
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An Energy-Efficient Data Placement Algorithm and Node Scheduling Strategies in Cloud Computing Systems

Yanwen Xiao, Jinbao Wang, Yaping Li, Hong Gao
With the rise of the cloud computing, saving energy consumed by cloud systems has become a tricky issue nowadays. How to place data efficiently and schedule the nodes effectively in a cloud platform are very important issues from the view of the energy-saving. However, the state-of-the-art node-scheduling...
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An Efficient Biogeography Based Face Recognition Algorithm

Daya Gupta, Lavika Goel, Abhishek Abhishek
Extracting the optimal features from images is always required in face recognition algorithm to achieve high accuracy. In this paper we have presented an efficient face recognition algorithm based on Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO). First we extract the features using the principal Component Analysis...
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Comparison of Modernization Approaches: With and Without the Knowledge Based Software Reuse Process

Jha Meena, Liam O'Brien
The ever increasing demand for improvements in software maintainability and modernization cannot be met through traditional techniques of software development and modernization. Most approaches to software development and modernization do not explicitly address software reuse however new approaches that...
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A Dynamic Quality-Based Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems

Ali Kattan
Meta-heuristic algorithms overcome the computational drawbacks of the existing numerical methods where they are commonly used to solve constrained engineering problems and find an optimum solution. Solving this kind of problems is considered of high value in many engineering and manufacturing processes....
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Malicious Website Detection Based on Honeypot Systems

Tung-Ming Koo, Hung-Chang Chang, Ya-Ting Hsu, Huey-Yeh Lin
In the Internet age, every computer user is likely to inadvertently encounter highly contagious viruses. Over the past several years, a new type of web attack has spread across the web, that is, when a client connects to a malicious remote server, the server responds to the request while simultaneously...
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Effectiveness Evaluation of Software Protection based on SAMMPN

Huaijun Wang, Dingyi Fang, Ni Wang, Yuanxiang Gu
Evaluate the effectiveness of software protection technologies is still an unsolved problem. This paper presents a new evaluation method considering attack cost as the metric to evaluate the effectiveness of software protection under the circumstances of fulfilling assumptions that all software can be...
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Stability of the Forest Evolution System with growth functions

Huihui Bai, Dingjiang Wang
This paper discusses the dynamical model of the Forest Evolution System, and the Existence and Uniqueness of the equation are have been proved by applying the theory of integral equation. Furthermore, we discussed the stability of the solution by applying the stability theory of Lyapunov.
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Path Planning of a Mobile Robot Using Real-coded Genetic Algorithm Based Simultaneous Exploration

Chih-Jer Lin, Yen-Lin Chen, Cheng-Hsin Liu, Shenkai Yu
In mobile robot researches, path planning and obstacle avoidance plays a very important role and has been a very challenging research topic. For path planning, it should produce continuous path from the starting point to the destination without colliding obstacles. Therefore, we proposes a genetic algorithm...
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Analysis of the Selected Aspects of a Crash between Two Vehicles

Kisilowski Jerzy, Zalewski Jaroslaw
In the article a computer simulation of vehicle collision was prepared using the PC-Crash 8.0 software. The results of this simulation were compared to analytical calculations by Routh method with the use of the coefficient of restitution for deformations or velocities. The equations of motion during...
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Accelerometer-based Energy Expenditure Estimation Methods and Performance Comparison

Fang-Chen Chuang, Ya-Ting C. Yang, Jeen-Shing Wang
This paper presents two accelerometer-based metabolic equivalent (MET) estimation methods: 1) MET regression models estimation; and 2) a mono-exponential MET estimation equation. The MET estimation methods can predict MET for the following seven categories of activities: sitting, standing, walking upstairs,...
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Integrated Scientific Cloud Computing WorkflowsSC2IT: A Toolkit to Bring Novel Computational Science to Non-specialists

K. Jorissen, W. Johnson, J.J. Rehr
Scientific Cloud Computing (SCC) applies the advantages of Clouds to computational science. We present the SC2IT Scientific Cloud Computing tools that abstract complex computational workflows and allow state-of-the-art scientific high-performance computing software to be distributed in a user-friendly...
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Task Level Parallelization of All Pair Shortest Path Algorithm in OpenMP 3.0

Eid Albalwi, Parimala Thulasiraman, Ruppa Thulasiram
OpenMP is a standard parallel programming lan-guage to develop parallel applications on shared memory ma-chines. OpenMP is very suitable for designing parallel algorithms for regular applications where the amount of work is known apriori and therefore, distribution of work among the threads can be done...
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A Venture Capital Assessment Model based on the Genetic Neural Network

Tieying Liu, Yuting Fan, Xinzhu Xu
With the rapid development of economy, there are greater challenges in Venture Capital. In the face of the venture project selecting, scientific evaluation of investment venture has been an important issue in venture investment, and it directly influences the success or failure of investment. In this...
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Nonlinear Cointegration Analysis Based on Support Vector Machines and Its Application to the Connection between Financial Markets

Chuanhe Shen, Zhongwen Liu, Ying Li
With the purpose of analyzing non-stationary time series, this paper introduced a novel nonlinear cointegration discriminate analysis by employing support vector machines to overcome existing limitations of two methods, that is, the statistical approach and the neural network used by the nonlinear cointegration...
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A Novel User Pairing Algorithm for Lte Femtocell Uplink

Jie Wang, Chen Xu
This paper considers the user pairing algorithm for LTE (Long Term Evolution) femtocell uplink V-MIMO (Virtual Multiple Input Multiple Output) Systems, and propose a new simulated annealing based bit error rate pairing scheduling (SA-BPS) algorithm. The SA-BPS uses Round Robin (RR) criterion to decide...
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A Service Selection Conflict Avoidance Algorithm Based on Multilevel Backtracking

Huaizhou Yang, Xuelong Wang
When there are a lot of candidate component services in Web services composition, the suitable component services need to be selected. The service selection conflicts often occur due to the functional dependency relationships between component services. Therefore, a service selection conflict avoidance...
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The Design and Implementation of Cloud Storage SystemBased on Hiphop-php

Chenhe Zhu, Zhiyi Fang, Yao Sun, Fang Zheng, Fanfan Zhang, Jiliang Wang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the data of the users’ information have raised up largely, so internet storage became more and more important in today’s life. In this paper, a cloud storage system has been designed and implemented. By using Hiphop-php technology, the performance of...
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Research on Virtual Interactive Sand Table for Showing of Energy Conservation Data

Rong Fan, Hongjiang Liu
With the rapid development of interaction technology, the digital sand table has gradually replaced the traditional sand table. In such fields as the real estate exhibition, the city planning exhibition, the tourist attractions showcase , the military training, the water conservancy and hydropower ,...
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Determination on the Demand Level of Rural Resident’s Basic Pension Based on the Extended Linear Expenditure System Model

Wenxian Cao
By using extended linear expenditure model this paper calculates per capita basic living demand expenditure of China's rural residents from 2004 to 2011 and forecasts the moderate demand level of rural basic pension from 2012 to 2020 on this basis. The conclusion thinks that the addition of both the...
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The Analysis of Curriculum Teaching Methods of VB Programming

De-chuan Kong, Ying-ying Gao
As a public basic course of non computer, VB Programming has a strong theory and practicality and teaching difficulty. According to the actual situation in the course teaching and the features of this course, combining it with the teaching practices, this article emphasized on how to improve teaching...
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Various New Methods of Implementing AVK

T. Bhunai
Researchers have proposed many data encryption techniques / standards to protect data from various types of attacks like brute force attack, frequency attack and differential frequency attack. Shannon [1-2] documented the theory of perfect secrecy with time variant key. An idea of time variant key namely...
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Cbufferless: A Novel Congestion Control for Bufferless Networks On-Chip

Jili Yan, Xiaola Lin, Guoming Lai
In this paper, we propose a novel distributed source-throttling congestion control mechanism for bufferless NoC, called Cbufferless. Our strategy uses a novel congestion detection and control model, computing deflection rate of routing flit and throttling message injection. The congestion information...
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Power Quality Improvement by Shunt Active Performance Filters Emulated by Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Radek Martinek, Jakub Manas, Jan Zidek, Petr Bilik
This article is focused on progressive strategies of shunt active performance filters with intension to compensate higher harmonic currents of non-linear load. The authors of this article deal with usage of a combination of fuzzy system techniques and artificial intelligence, which is also known as Adaptive...
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Fractional Order Modeling and Control of Depth System of AUV A Case Study

Sneha D. Joshu, B.D. Talange
In this paper Fractional Order Proportional Integral Derivative Controller (FOPID) is designed for Depth system of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). For real time and actual implementation fractional order PID Controller is approximated. Numerous simulation comparisons are mentioned in this paper....
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Tracking Object Using Particle Filter and DCT features

Cong Lin, Chi-Man Pun
In this paper, we proposed an object tracking method for video stream based on conventional particle filter. Feature vectors are extracted from coefficient matrices of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). The feature, as experiment showed, is very robust to occlusion and rotation and it is not sensitive...
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The Research on Attack Threat Sensing based on "Software Security Sensor"

Yuan Zhao, Qiangbo Liu, Dingyi Fang, Huaijun Wang, Cong Zhang
Aim at the different attack threats the running software faced with during reversing, a method of sensing attack threats based on "software security sensor "is proposed in this paper. And the instance has demonstrated that the method is effective and feasible. Drawing lessons from the thought of physical...
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Shortening of the Automata Cycle of Industrial Communication System Nodes

Marcin Sidzina, Andrzej Kwiecie, Jacek Stój
The distributed computer systems applied in industry are usually of the real-time type. In those systems the maximal system response time has to be always well known in order to ensure the functional as well as the safety parameters of the system. However, the system response time may be subject to change...
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Study on Chebyshev FIR Filters in Airborne Gravity Data Processing

Wei Zhou, Tijing Cai, Zeyang Xu
In order to pick up the low-frequency gravity anomaly from airborne gravity data, a finite impulse response (FIR) low-pass digital filter with the Chebyshev approximation theorem was designed, and the filtering effects of three design parameters were studied. Results show that the filter order may amplify...
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Sequential QoS Mapping Model for Multi-layerVideo Delivery in 802.11e Wireless Networks

Lamia Romdhani, Abr Mohamed
Multi-layer video transmission over wireless networks poses numerous challenges due to symantec nature of the encoded video and the intrinsic dependency between the video layers, which, if not considered, may cause severe quality degradation. In this paper, we present a new analytical model leveraging...
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Low Voltage Ride through Capability Improvement of DFIG using Feed Forward Current Regulator

D.S. Bankar, D.B. Talange
Doubly fed induction generator have become the most common type of wind turbine generators. These wind plants are required to have grid ride through capabilities. [1] However, this type of generator is susceptible to grid-side low voltage and short circuits due to existence of a power electronics converter...
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Using Fuzzy Inference System to Develop an Optimal Tube Voltage and Tube Current Chart for Radiation Reduction in Pediatric CT Examinations

Ying Bai, Gupta Sunil, Xue Bai, Dali Wang
Many different techniques and researches on reducing the radiation dose for computed tomography (CT) examinations have been reported and developed in recent 30 years. However, most those technologies are not practical enough to enable them to be directly and easily implemented in clinic real applications...
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BTS-SRP: An Energy-Efficient Concurrency Control Protocol for Embedded Real-Time Systems

Jun Wu, Jun-Xing Wu
In this paper, we explored the scheduling problem of dependent real-time tasks that may access multiunit resources on a non-ideal dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) processor. Based on the stack resource policy (SRP) protocol and the earliest deadline first (EDF) algorithm, we propose an approach, called...
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S-wane Model Designed to Improve Security Association Negotiation Process in IPv6

Khadidiatou Wane Keïta, Alex Corenthin, Claude Lishou, Sidi Mouhamed Farssi
Network security is a major concern as well as a very active research field today. Internet Protocol version 6 has been developed as a result. For a matter of fact, this new IP protocol is based on a number of mechanisms designed to handle specific security services. The main security services supported...
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Survivability-Oriented APT Penetration Analysis

Pengfei Wang, Wentao Zhao, Fan Zhang
This article foremost introduces the survivability theory into the analysis of APT penetration, proposes the concept of penetration survivability and addresses it from the basic attributes of concealment, recoverability, self-adaptability and evolutionary. Proposed a survivability-oriented APT penetration...
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Energy Aware Battery Powered Electric Vehicles:A Predictive Model Driven Approach

Dennis Babu, Anirudh Kumar, Joydeb Roychowdhury
Active energy management for power optimization is essential for successful commercialization of battery powered electric vehicles. In this paper we propose and implement an energy aware electric vehicle using an efficient battery management system, EffBMS which estimates the remaining charge of the...
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Lightweight Model Driven Process to Ensure Model Traceability and a Case for SYSMOD

Saulius Pavalkis, Lina Nemuraite
When various software and systems development methodologies may be used in an organization, a problem becomes the process how to ensure project traceability independently from a chosen development method. Current state of traceability implementations in CASE tools lack flexibility, customizability and...