Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Arts and Design Education (ICADE 2020)

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Art Learning Using Collage Techniques in Inclusive Education Program

Dian Kencana
This article is based on the results of a literature study on review of fine art learning using collage techniques in inclusive education program. This article is aimed to answer three problems, namely the definiton, elements and uses of fine art using collage techniques in inclusive education program....
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Pop-up Book Illustration Art as Expressive and Artistic Communication Media

Satrio Haryanto, Tri Karyono
This research uses qualitative paradigm with descriptive analytical approach to obtain an overview on illustration art which are based on and paper engineering, that is called pop-up art. This writing is aimed at revealing development of illustration art in a three-dimensional form through both visual...
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The Influence of Collaborative Learning in Creating Rhythmic Ensemble Music

Diah Latifah, Henry Virgan
The research examines the advantages of collaborative learning for creating ensemble rhythmic music. The primary objective was to scan the collaborative learning process in the creative process of creating rhythmic ensembles. The research method used is a quasi-experimental, ex post facto study, comparing...
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Implementation of Project Based Learning Model to Improve the Quality of Visual Communication Design Learning Through the Collaborative Program of Design Development and Branding Tourist Destinations in Kuningan Regency of West Java Province

Nanang Ganda Prawira, Arief Johari, Aditya Aditama Putri Hikmatyar
This study aims to develop a visual promotion design and branding of tourist destinations in Kuningan Regency. In implementation, the Study Program has integrated into the implementation of the 2018 Curriculum. All relevant courses are directed contextually, thematically, and integratively (Permendikbud...
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Music Technology

Study of Digital Music Creative Process Training Results on Traditional Artists

Henri Nusantara, Iwan Gunawan, Agus Budiman
The existence of an artist cannot be separated from the work he makes, but these works will be recognized and can only be enjoyed by showing them to the public or the general public. In the midst of rapid technology and the Covid 19 pandemic, a new habit has emerged in performing arts through digital...
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Government Policy, Local Culture, Education

A Study of the Ngadu Bedug Tradition in the Cultural Identity of the Tangerang Banten Community

Henri Nusantara, Agus Budiman, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Totok Sumaryanto Florentinus, M. Ibnan Syarif
Tradition is born from a society that has a cultural identity. Ngadu beduh is a form of representation of the cultural products of the people of Tangerang, Banten, which are full of local cultural values as the cultural identity of the supporting communities. Ngabedug and ngadu drum (dexterity competition...
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Double Role of Dancers in the Rampak Terbang Dance

Yogi Hadiansyah, Juju Masunah, Trianti Nugraheni
This study aims to analyze the pattern of rhythmic musical Gembrung Terbangan in the presentation of the Terbang Gede Music which is used as inspiration for the development of movements in the presentation of the Rampak Terbang Dance. The tempo, dynamics, beat, and rhythm patterns in the musical playing...
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The Shifting of Function Towards Galombang Duo Baleh Dancers From Men to Women

Gemala Dewi, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
The Galombang duo baleh dance is a Minangkabau traditional dance. It was born in 1962. It started at Gelombang arts in 1932. The dance will be presented by dancers for welcoming an honored guest. At the beginning of history, men were the main role of the Galombang duo baleh dance. Time by time, Women...
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Art Perform in Saung Angklung Udjo as Memorable Tourism Experience

Laras Ramadhania Putri, Trianti Nugraheni, Juju Masunah
This research was conducted to find out how the Performing Arts at Saung Angklung Udjo became an Art Tourism in Bandung. The aim is to examine how the art performance presented at Saung Angklung Udjo and how the art performance becomes an attractive tour for local and foreign tourists. This study uses...
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Appreciation of Peacock Dance With Field Trip Method

Tresna Noventy Mikdar
The aim of writing this article is to discuss the learning process of peacock dance appreciation using the field trip method. This research method used a descriptive method with qualitative approach. The research data is presented by using descriptive statistics in the percentage form. Data collection...
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Arabic Calligraphy in the Art of Glass Painting From Cirebon by Raffan S. Hasyim

Furqon Nurhidayat, Juju Masunah, Tri Karyono
Arabic calligraphy is one of the themes in Cirebon glass painting. Called Arabic calligraphy glass painting because this painting uses transparent glass media that is painted in reverse with images in the form of writings or Arabic letters created into figures or figures of wayang, serabad, and others....
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Batik Packaging Design for Creative Industry and Sustainability

Farid Abdullah, Bambang Tri Wardoyo, Aneeza Mohd. Adnan
Creative industries were intensified in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. The contribution of the creative industries can sustain the economic community. Indonesia has many creative products, one of which is the batik industry. Many Indonesian batik industries are MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)...
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Brutal Effects of Online Game in Animator Perspective

Irwan Sarbeni
According to a study of the news in the mass media, it is known that many online games contribute a negative impact on the attitude or behavior of its addict, even up to the brutal or fatal level both for himself and what he does to others. Adverse effects of playing online games that are difficult to...
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The Creative Process of Creating Ringkang Haleuang Barudak Dance

Mas Galih Sriyanti, Juju Masunah
The purpose of this paper is to describe the results of research on the creativity process of children’s dance creation entitled Ringkang Haleuang Barudak. The research method is descriptive analysis. Data collection was carried out through interview techniques, observation, documentation study, and...
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Mobile Learning Design for Sight Reading

Maria Theresia Lintang Larasati, Yudi Sukmayadi
Multimedia is developing in education, one of which uses mobile learning (m-learning) to expand learning in the classroom into everyday’s life. This study aims to apply sight reading learning by using Musescore that can be accessed on smartphones. The target of this research is music students This study...
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Development of the Sundanese Pantun Performance in Mang Ayi Style

Bagja Pitriyana, Yudi Sukmayadi
Sundanese pantun is a type of art performed by a juru pantun. The Sundanese pantun tells of a play in the form of a story sung to the accompaniment of a lute. Usually the Sundanese Pantun art is usually performed in ngaruwat (ritual) events with due observance of the prevailing standards. However, the...
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The Value of Patriotism in Kawung Anten Dance as an Expression of Nationalism

Alya Putri Suhaya, Tati Narawati, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
Therefore this study aims to analyze the values of patriotism in the Kawung Anten dance both in text and context. This study uses a qualitative paradigm with a descriptive analysis method and an ethnocoreology approach. The data analysis technique was carried out by using the triangulation method based...
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The Impact of a Pandemic to be Strengthening Artist Tolerance in Facing C-19 Through Digital Art

Ariesa Pandanwangi, Belinda Sukapura Dewi, Nuning Yanti Damayanti, Arleti Mochtar Apin
Covid Pandemic-19 as a world disaster, which claimed the lives of people. Among these tragic things, world artists increased their adrenaline creativity, they delivered subject matter about how to protect themselves, invitations to wear masks, how to wash their hands, and many other topics when working...
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Costume Form and Appearance in the Concept of Performance Keroncong Music in Bandung

Symbols of Past and Now Collaboration

Hery Supiarza
This research illustrates the concept of costume collaboration and the formation of young keroncong music performances in Bandung, which is collaborating the past with the present situation. With this concept, keroncong music as music that is less popular among young people in Bandung experienced significant...
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Study of Immersion on Narrative Video Mapping Case Study: NRMO Lzy Visual in Jogjakarta Video Mapping Festival 2018

New Media and Technology for the Arts

Andri Pahrulroji, Intan Rizky Mutiaz, Banung Grahita
The term “immersion” is often found in several researches regarding to virtual reality and interactive media, but have yet to be discovered whether immersion can be created in a video mapping performance. According to Nillson, Nordahl and Seraafin’s taxonomy, immersion is divided into three categories,...
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The Eksotik Dance of Goyang Karawang

Elih Hayati, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
This article aims to describe the exotic dance of Goyang Karawang created by Gondo in 2019. This dance recreated from the Banjet Mask Performing Arts, which is known as geol, gitek, goyang or “3G”. This study uses a qualitative research method, with a choreographic approach, intended to describe and...
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The Uniqueness of Malay Zapin Dance Choreography

Riri Triyani, Juju Masunah, Trianti Nugraheni
Zapin dance was one of the groups of Malay dances that had been influenced by the Arabs. The word Zapin came from the Arabic word “Zafn” which meant the movement of the foot quickly following the beat. The Zapin dance developed in the Malay indigenous community, which used to be performed only by male...
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The Use of the TikTok Application as a Music Learning Media for Junior High School Students

Saepul Rijal, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article describes how the TikTok application can support and complement music learning. The purpose of writing this article is to offer an alternative learning media development through the TikTok application to develop students’ musical competences. The design stages consisted of a) Making TikTok...
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The Analysis of Golden Letters Ornament

Yoppy Yohana, Tri Karyono
The Raja’s letter in Malay is a proof of the high writing culture which is accompanied by ornamentation, etiquette and high artistic standards throughout the archipelago. Very few people know about the relics of this beautiful archipelago king’s letter, even where the original manuscript is stored, rarely...
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The Concept of Dance Composition East-West Meeting

Ayo Sunaryo
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the steps for creating dance compositions, both from the text and the context. This article is an analysis of the dance creation creativity of seven world dance choreographers, namely: Brenda Pugh McCutchen, Anne Green Gilbert, Alma Hawkins, Larry Lavender, Sardono...
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Tri Silas Value in the Choreography of Sundanese Tradition Children’s Game

Ayo Sunaryo
The purpose of this research to discuss the value contained in the choreography of tradition children games. Silih Asih is loving each other, silih asah is to remind each other, silih asuh is carring each other. The three kinds of Silih are used as a philosophy of life that is adhered to by the majority...
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Representation of Muslim Women in Indonesian Film Posters With Islamic Nuance

Zakiah Pawitan, Ramadita Fetrianggi
This research studied the meaning of Muslim women representation displayed by Indonesian film posters in Islamic nuances. This research limits the object research to posters launched from 2007 to 2019. The formulations of the problem study are 1. What are the visual descriptions of poster elements depicted...
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Strengthening Tolerance Through Arts and Design Education

Dieter Mack
The current pandemic crisis has created a complete virtual reality that has even caused the existing virtuality of the so-called social media to be faced with a new challenge. Societies all over the world struggle with new social and cultural models as well as conflicts between what Andreas Reckwitz...
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Songah in the Cultural Tourism Industry

Ridwan, Tati Narawati, Uus Karwati, Yudi Sukmayadi
Indonesia has 460 ethnicities which can be called a multicultural country. Cultural diversity is one of the things that can be developed in the field of tourism. Including art which is a part of culture can be used as a tourist attraction. One of them is the art of Songah in Citengah Village, Sumedang...
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Improving Naleni Kain’s Clothing Design by Implementing Fashion Trend Forecast

Luri Renaningtyas, Rika Febriani, Maria Nala Damayanti
Naleni Kain is an SME (Small Medium Enterprise from Siwalankerto, Surabaya, which manufactures fabrics with tie-dye techniques. To spread its wings, this SME plans to sell clothing for the young to middle-aged people as its target market. It is important for the fashion business to design clothes according...
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Cross-Cultural Concepts in Cultural Product Design

Case Study of Shoe Design with Old Javanese Script

Peter Ardhianto, Wei-Her Hsieh, Soteria Adia Mahanaim, Chi-Hsiung Chen
Cultural product design with a cross-cultural approach is currently in high demand by the younger generation. This positive thing increases the respect for local culture. However, the lack of industry player’s knowledge of cross-culture principles makes less cultural ideology conveyed. This study aims...
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The Training of the Typical Purwakarta Batik Design Creation in Improving Culture Existence

Wida Awaliya Nurkhaliza Meranti, Zakarias S. Soeteja
Seeing the level of public appreciation for a creation and culture today, it requires an appropriate innovation. Through reintroduction of local culture, we can gradually fostering society to foster a sense of belonging to one of their cultural heritage. In fostering the existence of culture and arts...
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The Role of Curator as a Mediator in Indonesian Film Festival Program

Nala Nandana Undiana
This research shows the perspective of a curator in creating an atmosphere for a program that will be rolled out in a film festival. The research method is a descriptive analysis of the program that took place in organizing a film festival. Interviews with several film curators will became the research...
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Accompaniment for Contemporary Artist in the Making of Documentary Film About Cultural Values at Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Indigenous Community

Nala Nandana Undiana, Dedi Warsana, Arief Johari, Iwan Pranoto
Kasepuhan Ciptagelar indigenous community are a group of people who live within the Halimun-Salak Mountain National Park. The area is a conservation forest that has an important role in supporting global climate balance, especially in Java. This research focuses on developing the field of science that...
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Applying Narative Leraning to Improve Students Creativity of Drawing Illustration

The obligation of the lecturers to draw to improve the ability of creativity, because the level of creativity determines the level of variation in the shape of the drawings it makes. Based on several studies of the results of the form of images, in drawing illustrations it was concluded that the results...
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How Can Learning Improve Creative Images?

The process of learning to develop creativity is a challenge for teachers, including art teachers in Indonesia, because the object images of student learning outcomes tend to be monotonous and less creative. To increase the creativity of students can apply analogy learning. The methodology in this study...
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Learning Innovation of Constructive Drawing in One Point Perspective Subject

Salsa Solli Nafsika, Zakarias S. Soeteja
This research is based on the problems that occur in students in teaching constructive drawing subjects Perspective material. Things that become obstacles for students are the use of media, teaching methods, evaluation of high ratings and subjective factors of educators. the purpose of writing this article...
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Repertoire Keroncong Music

Implementation of Collaboration Learning Models in the Eye of History of Indonesian Music Analysis in the Department of Music Education FPSD UPI Bandung

Hery Supiarza
This study discusses the Implementation of Collaborative Learning Models in the History of Indonesian music analysis course at the Department of Music Education, FPSD UPI Bandung. Researchers as lecturers of this course intend to increase the keroncong song repertoire which since the 1980s keroncong...
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The Comparison of Offline Class Learning Outcomes by Applying Online Class Learning Models for Practice Subject to the Dancing Art Students, Faculty of Art and Design Education, Indonesia University of Education

Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, Agus Budiman, Ria Sabaria
This research was aimed to find out the comparison of result in learning between offline class and online class or called as online learning model (OLM). By optimizing the improvement of knowledge and information technology, the students were given a chance to optimize their skill in online class. The...
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Multimedia-Based Interactive Learning Media Design for Piano Practice

Afrina Nurfizia Lestari, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article discusses about the process of designing and the effectiveness of multimedia - based interactive learning media for piano practice in the form of interactive videos. The main topic discussed was about triads and seventh chords in the book Jazz Hanon by Leo Alfasy. Those practice materials...
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“Etude Vocalizing” Interactive Video Design for Junior High School Student

Novia Dwi Lestari, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article discusses about the process of designing video-based etude vocalizing technique for junior high school students as an interactive supporting learning media. The research is aimed to provide a recommendation for alternative learning media concerning etude in vocalizing through interactive...
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Making Mural Painting With Collaboration of Students and Labschool Elementary School Students in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Taswadi, Heri Santosa
It is an obligation as an educational community in Higher Education to carry out community service in need. We are a team of lecturers who have expertise in drawing models, shapes, illustrations, guiding students and students of Labschool Elementary School to collaborate on drawing murals, because the...
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Representation of Music Learning

The Construction of Keroncong of Young Generation in the City of Bandung

Yudi Sukmayadi, Hery Supiarza
This study aims to map the construction of Keroncong of young generation in the city of Bandung from 2010 to 2019. The development of keroncong music in the city of Bandung has received less attention from the keroncong music community in Indonesia, even though since 2010 the young people of Bandung...
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Digital Audio Workstation in Music Self-Learning

A Design Based Research

Febbry Cipta
The rapid development of information and communication technology has had a strong impact on the process of learning music. One impact that can be seen is that the teacher is no longer seen as the only source of information, but he is a guide for his students to access and manage their learning process....
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Environmental Themed Dance Learning to Improve Down Syndrome Students’ Cognitive Abilities With Audio Visual Media at SMK RA KARTINI

Sidqia Nurfadilah, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
The aim to improve students’ cognitive abilities, where researchers see when children who have Down syndrome, in dancing, children experience difficulties because they are difficult to perform dance movements and are sensitive to their environment. used is descriptive analysis with a qualitative approach....
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The Basic of Learning PIUL Sunda

Mohamad Anjar Darojatun, Yudi Sukmayadi
Piul is a musical instrument original from Europe with the origin of the name Violin. During the Dutch colonial era, this musical instrument was known by the Sundanese people by the word piul because the Dutch called it viol, which then sounded to the word piul. In its development, piul entered Sundanese...
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Creating Opportunities for a Creative Industry Through Screen Printing Learning for Community During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Warli Haryana
This This study discusses screen printing learning for the creative industry. The goal is to equip the public with skills that can create business opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic. The benefits of this activity are as a model for entrepreneurship learning and screen printing training, especially...
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Social Values in Jalur Dance

Juma Afrison, Juju Masunah
Social value studies are often applied to people’s lives to measure the good or bad of an act or object valued. This study discussed social values in Jalur dance, which develops in the Kuantan Singingi community. This study employed a qualitative approach, while the method used was descriptive analysis....
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Contemporary Islamic Calligraphy Learning

Abd. Aziz Ahmad
Learning Islamic calligraphy has long been taught in Islamic-based schools. Both at the elementary school, middle school, and even college. Generally taught is standard letter Islamic Calligraphy and has a standard formula, also called pure calligraphy which is followed by many khathaths in many Islamic...
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Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Improving the Pedagogic Competency of Dance Education Students in Indonesia University of Education

Heni Komalasari, Dewi Karyati, Frahma Sekarningsih, Heny Rohayani
The dance education department of the Indonesian University of Education has the task of providing education for prospective dance education teachers according to field needs. The curriculum applied in the dance education department includes various subjects which are expected to have relevance to the...
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Pak Daeng’s Angklung as a Learning Media for Keroncong Music Rhythm at SMP Negeri Unggulan Sindang, Indramayu

Uus Karwati, Yudi Sukmayadi, Budi Hartiana Sudradjat
This article entitled is Pak Daeng’s Angklung as a Learning Media for Kroncong Music Rhythm at SMP Negeri Unggulan Sindang, Indramayu. Pak Daeng’s Angklung is the name of the angklung ensemble which is tuned in the Western music scale. In schools, the use of angklung can be developed as a learning media,...
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Art and Design Education in an Intoleranized- Tolerant Society

The Future Challenges and Strategies

Yasraf Amir Piliang
Tolerance is one of central issues in today’s social and political life in Indonesia. Although multidimensional and complicated in its practice, it is one of fundamental cultural roots and national core identities. As a multicultural nation-state which consists of various ethnic, racial and religious...
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Multiethnic Value in Dodogeran Dance

Elia Nurih Saniati, Juju Masunah
Dodogeran dance is a dance originating from the city of Bekasi, a city that has many urban settlements from various ethnic groups. Eem Biliyanti created Dodogeran Dance, originating from three ethnic groups in Bekasi, namely Betawi, Sundanese and Chinese. The purpose of this study was to analyze the...
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When Santri Played Music

An Overview of Music Learning in Pesantren

Sandie Gunara, Sofyan Sauri
In order to provide capital for success and prosperity, the education process should not only be developed in formal education such as in schools, but also in the pesantren community. The process of fostering the style of pesantren in providing capital for the success and prosperity of humanity has been...
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Advantages of “DAW” Composing Music for the Effectiveness of Learning the Process of Musical Practice

Kurnia Eka Fajar, Yudi Sukmayadi
Digital audio workstation (DAW) is an electronic device or application software used to record, edit, and produce audio files. DAW comes in a variety of configurations from a single software program on a laptop or computer, to an integrated standalone unit, to a highly complex configurations of various...
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Digital Marketing for Acceleration of Indonesian Batik Export in the Global Pandemic of Covid-19

Agus Nursalim
This study is aimed at determining the attitudes of Indonesian batik craftsmen and entrepreneurs in relation to economic stagnancy throughout Covid-19 pandemic. Indonesia has dominated batik market and has become its economic driver both at the regional and national level before Covid-19 pandemic. On...
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Creating Multimedia Audio Visual Learning of Western Music History for Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary

Deisye Charisty Tendean, Yudi Sukmayadi
The history of Western music is one of basic knowledge in Ecclesiastical Music course. It is inseparable with the development of ecclesiastical music to the present. But the most of students at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary have difficulties to understand Western music history without music background....
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Learning Model of E-Learning Basic Music Theory for Elementary Students

Reyhan Swarna Medica, Yudi Sukmayadi
Most teachers in elementary schools who teach music have no expertise in their field. This causes the students to have a lack of understanding related to the subject matter presented both in terms of theory and practice. This article describes an e-learning-based learning model on basic music theory...
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Improving the Professionalism of Cultural Arts Educators Through Online Base

Falihatul Ibriza Purnidya Anugrah, Juju Masunah
This paper aims to describe the professional development of arts and culture teachers in schools. It focuses on exploring: 1) the current professional condition of arts and culture teachers, and 2) the obstacles that arise in teaching practices. Employing qualitative descriptive method, this study gathered...
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Google Meet as Learning Media for Vocal Techniques During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Inggri Aulia Silviska, Diah Latifah
Nowadays, direct vocal learning practice becomes difficult because the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic so that the search for alternative uses of learning media is carried out so that learning activities can be carried out. There is a symptom of the inability of students to apply breathing techniques,...
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The Use of the Instagram Application as Educational Media on “Jingle Covid Education Challenge” Activities in West Java

Fensy Sella, Yudi Sukmayadi
The study discussed how the role of the Instagram application as a music educational media in audiovisual jingle covid-education challenge activities in west Java. Audiovisual jingle cheng education challenge brings audiences to Instagram with more than a thousand participants, including Senior High...
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An Introduction to Free Improvisation Music Through YouTube

Daniel Antonio Milán Cabrera, Yudi Sukmayadi
Even though it has passed more than half a century, free improvisation music is still unknown by the big public and still hasn’t got the deserved recognition in the artistic and musical circles or institutions. Fortunately, this is starting to change and nowadays it is possible to access to a huge amount...
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The Development of Aurilio Games to Facilitate the Ear Training of Early Childhood

Resa Respati, Eli Apriyaningsih, Heri Yusuf Muslihin
Music learning benefits various aspects of children’s development, especially in hearing abilities and sharpness. Thus, music learning began to be applied to early childhood education in the standard of children’s developmental attainment and indicators of children’s developmental attainment in the curriculum...
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YouTube as Audio Visual Media Learning in Music Education

Muhammad Ilham Rahmaturrizki, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article provides students with how YouTube is a part of learning music. There are several YouTube channels that show how to play a musical instrument properly. This study uses a qualitative research design and descriptive analysis method. Data obtained from research instruments of observation, interviews,...
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The Use of Fruity Loop Studio in Learning Tonal Music Concepts With Popular Music for High School Students

Pispian Rahman, Yudi Sukmayadi
The process of learning the art of music should have been helped by the Fruity Loops application which can digitally process sound data. However, the success of learning by using Fruity Loops as a learning application has several aspects that should be noted regarding the features of the application...
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Identification of Gondang Batak Toba Learning Needs in Toba District

Rekson Benyamin Purba, Yudi Sukmayadi
Ethnic musical instrument is one of the identities of a culture that should be preserved by various groups, including children who are still in schools. However, in reality ethnic musical instruments especially the Toba Batak gondang that are available in the schools today can be said to be inadequate...
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Designing Interactive Learning Media for Singing Traditional Songs in Elementary School

Uni Tawangsasi, Yudi Sukmayadi
The preservation of Indonesian traditional culture can be done in various ways. In the field of music education, this can be done, among others, by guiding students to sing various traditional songs in Indonesia. However, after making observations in several primary and high schools, the researchers...
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Digital Culture

Local Cultural Heritage Conservation Efforts in The Global Era for Young Generations

Bandi Sobandi, Triyanto
Digital culture is a phenomenon as a new media that appears along with the development of information and communication technology (ICT). The digitization process is an effort to use ICT to increase the effectiveness in the cultural field, especially in managing, documenting, disseminating information,...
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Interactive Media Design to Train Basic Singing Technique for Kindergarten Students

Kartika Nenda Abadi, Yudi Sukmayadi
Learning activity for kindergarten students can’t be separated from arts activities, including singing. In general, children fond of singing activity. Singing training for kindergarten student is not simple because children are usually restless and easily bored. Learning activity for kindergarten children...
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Instagram Photography of Hijab Products

Case Study In Balubur Town Square Bandung City

Ramadita Fetrianggi, Andi Suryadi
Hijab is a mandatory outfit that must be worn for Muslim women. Hijab has become a trend and is very popular in various media. One of the media that popularized is Instagram. In Instagram there is a very interesting hijab photo style, so consumers become interested and buy the product. The research aims...
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Study for Performing Arts in 4th Industrial Revolution and Post-Corona Era

Focusing on Zoom Generation

Na Hoon Park
The use of technology in the performing arts community facing the recent social disaster caused by the COVID-19 is increasing exponentially. This may be related to the influence of the 4th industrial era. The origin of the space for performing arts has been found in primitive society, civilized society,...
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Vocational Training on Wood Carving in Kete Kesu Village, North –Toraja Regency

Sofyan Salam, Tangsi, Muhammad Saleh Husain
This research is an effort to document the practice of wood carving vocational training in Kete Kesu, North Toraja. The purpose of this article is to describe the practice of wood carving training, including the place and participants, training methods, and comparisons between current and past training....
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Case Study of Results of Autistic Children Images in Middle School

Andi Suryadi, Ramadita Fetrianggi
Autism is a developmental disorder that affects child motoric sensors and cause children to have a disruption in their social life. Children with special needs (ABK) especially for children with autism, their creativity can be developed through drawings, paintings, music, dance and others. Picture is...