Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2019)

755 authors
Teng, Yan
Exploration and Research on Oral Presentation in Classroom Teaching in Foreign Language Teaching
Teng, Yan
Problems Encountered by Chinese People in Japanese Learning and Teaching Strategies
Tetyuev, Leonid
H. Cohen and E. Cassirer: the Foundations of Kant’s Ethics
Thanh, Tran Vuong
Composers of Modern Vietnam: Nguyen Van Nam, Nguyen Trong Bang, Doan Nho
Thi, Tuyet Le
Neo-Kantianism and Specificity of "Sciences of the Spirit"
Tian, Jiya
Research on the Quality Evaluation System of College-enterprise Cooperation Talents Training Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Tu, Wei
Study on the Characteristics of Patterns of Hubei Yangxin Cloth Paste
Vasiliev, Dmitriy
Sino-Russian Security Cooperation Within Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Vladimirov, Pavel
Philosophy of V.E. Sezeman: the Source of the Formation of the Theory of Pure Knowledge
Volkov, Andrey
Determination of Criminal Behavior
Walid, Saidy Sayed
Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation Between Afghanistan and Central Asian Countries
Wan, Xiaoyun
Research on Calligraphy Teaching of Primary School Students from the Perspective of Psychology
Wan, Mengyu
The Challenge and Research of Artificial Intelligence to the Legal Problems of Intellectual Property
Wang, Juntao
Theory of "Perfect Penetration Without Obstruction" and Ecological Affinity On the Epic "Gesar" from the Perspective of Ecological Literature
Wang, Zengsheng
Research on Teaching Reform of Stamping Technology and Die Design
Wang, Shan
Study on Frustration Education of College Students from the Perspective of Adler's Individual Psychology
Wang, Xiaofeng
Research on Teaching of Computational Thinking Oriented Algorithm Design Course
Wang, Geling
An Empirical Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Quality in Rain Classroom
Wang, Fujun
Research on the Present Situation of College Students Against the Background of New Media
Wang, Jun
Effectiveness Analysis and Countermeasures of Graduate Students Learning Xi Jinping's Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era
Wang, Bei
Research on Cultural Symbiosis Mechanism of Ideological and Political Education of Military Academy
Wang, Zhan'ao
Research on the Realization Path from “PAD Class” to “Generative Classroom Instruction” in College Classroom Teaching
Wang, Ye
Research on the Cultivation of Ingenuity and the Promotion of Professional Quality in Higher Vocational Students
Wang, Guiyu
A Study of Geographic Gifted Students Getting Rid of "Plateau Phenomenon" in Senior Three of High School
Wang, Songchan
Research Hotspot of Emerging Engineering Education (3E) Based on Word Frequency Analysis and Visualization Co-word Network Graph
Wang, Yanrong
Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for Art College Students Against the Background of Transformation of Local Universities
Wang, Jianli
Narrative Research Method and the Construction of Teachers' Moral Learning Research From the Feminist Perspective
Wang, Xi
Research on Fragmentation and Systematization of Teaching Process Against the Background of Mobile Internet
Wang, Bangquan
The Pursuit of Excellence and the National Rejuvenation: a Study of the Construction of World-class Universities
Wang, Yanfang
An Empirical Study on the Effectiveness of Speech Visualization Software Praat in Assisting English Phonetic Rhythm Teaching: a Phonetic Study Based on Minnan-accented Learner
Wang, Lan
Research on the Deep Integration of Information Technology and Ancient Chinese Teaching
Wang, Yun
Study on Applied Talents Training and Problems Existing in Social Physical Education in Chinese Colleges and Universities
Wang, Hongyang
Research on the Mechanism of Film Communication During the Cultural Revolution
Wang, Limin
A Research Review of Yuan Poetic Drama
Wang, Xinghua
A Research Review of Yuan Poetic Drama
Wang, Jing
Analysis of Lin Fengmian's Paintings from the Perspective of Bryson's Semiotics Theory
Wang, Dan
The Application of Traditional Aesthetic Thoughts in the Online Advertising Design of Local Enterprises
Wang, Jing
Analysis of Western Paintings Based on Bryson’s “Transference” Theory
Wang, Lei
Study on the Visual Modeling Language of Chinese Character Font Design in Product Packaging
Wang, Hongyang
Study on an Extreme Communication Form in Chinese Film History
Wang, Jiabao
A Research on Multimodal Metaphor and Its Representation Type in Public Service TV Advertisements About Clean Politics Construction
Wang, Wenjun
The Performative Functions of Interrogative Sentences in American Criminal Case Cross-examination
Wang, Xuefeng
Research on the Countermeasures for Translation of Urban Public Signs in Shandong Province Based on Eco-translatology
Wang, Wenjun
The Positioning of If-clause in Legal Provisions of CISG and Its Semantic Iconicity
Wang, Chunrong
A Relevance-theoretic Approach to Turn Silence
Wang, Shunhui
History of Feminist Criticism in Japan
Wang, Yan
A Study of Polysemy and Multi-translation in Tao Te Ching
Wang, Xiaoning
A Review of the Researches on Liu Guyu
Wang, Han
Study on the Family Structure Model in Eileen Chang's Works
Wang, Yan
The Study of the Allusions and English Idioms Related to Animals
Wang, Ke
Research on Management System of Qujing Economic and Technological Development Zone in Yunnan Province of China
Wang, Jiandong
The Construction of College Students' Entrepreneurial Competency Model and Its Improvement Path
Wang, Wenfeng
Research on the Implementation Path of Precision Poverty Alleviation in Poor Areas of China Reflections on the Theory of Poverty Reduction and Foreign Experience
Wang, Yiheng
Research on the Influence of Ideological and Political Education on the Branding Construction of Private Colleges and Universities
Wang, Dan
Issues and Development Tactics for the Operation of Chang'an Cargo Train
Wang, Yan
Research on Co-branding Market Competition Strategy Based on Consumer's Evaluation
Wang, Kun
Research on Co-branding Market Competition Strategy Based on Consumer's Evaluation
Wang, Lu
Problems in the Media Integration and Dissemination of People's Daily and Its Improvement
Wang, Cang
Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Identifying Students from Economically Disadvantaged Families in Colleges and Universities
Wang, Chengna
Research and Practice on the Talent Cultivation System in Integration of Industry and Education of Logistics Management
Wang, Liuying
Scientific and Educational Cooperation Between China and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Wang, Lei
Research on the Influencing Factors of Business Mode Innovation in the Context of Sharing Economy Setting Didi Travel as an Example
Wang, Xiangxiu
Research on Private International Law in Siemens International Trading (Shanghai) Limited's Application for Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
Wang, Lei
Case Study of Nokia v. Huaqin Patent Rights Dispute
Wang, Lihui
Exploring the Basic Experience of Chinese Moral Education in the Past 40 Years (1978-2018)
Wang, Zheng
Research on Constructing the Content System of Moral Cultivation in Applied Universities
Wang, Xin
Tentative Study of Cross-gender Cultural Communication
Wei, Wen
Study on Cultivating Students’ Critical Thinking Ability Through Higher Order Questioning
Wei, Wei
Analysis of the Cultural Connotation and Inheritance of the Gutiao Songs of Mulao Folk Songs
Wei, Ya'nan
An Exploration on the Integration of Chinese Nationalization Elements and Modern Animation Art
Wen, Jingyi
An Inspection on the Educational Gini Coefficient for the Balanced Development of China’s Compulsory Education
Wen, Wenhua
1949-1979: Jiuye Poets’ Survival in the Cracks and the Poetic Art Development
Wen, Li
Analysis of the Offensive Performance of the Top 16 Teams in the Champions League in 2017-2018 Season
Wu, Bo
Study on the "Enantiodromia" in Analytical Psychology
Wu, Jiafeng
Yangming Psychology and Individual Moral Consciousness
Wu, Chunyan
Research on the Connotation of Chinese Traditional Self-cultivation Culture
Wu, Bo
Exploration on Mental Health Education of Female College Students from the Perspective of Education with Female Characteristics Taking Xi'an Peihua University as an Example
Wu, Lijing
The Promotion Effect of School Physical Education on Physical Health of Young Children
Wu, Zhaoshu
Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in Private Finance Colleges and Universities
Wu, Yijun
A Literature Review on Cooperative Principle
Wu, Li
Marlene Nourbese Philip's Revision of Ovid's Greco-Roman Mythology in She Tries Her Tongue; Her Silence Softly Breaks
Wu, Sentao
Leading Work Path of College Communist Youth League Network Thoughts Behind Micro Video Evidence from Eight "Double First-rate" Universities in Sichuan Province
Wu, Xiaodong
Discussion on the Liability of Patent Indirect Infringement on the Network Trading Platform
Wu, Haiting
Analysis of China's Punitive Damages System
Wu, Weijun
The Judicial Standards Analysis on Abuse of the Right to Apply for Government Information Openness
Xi, Yu
Research on Innovation System Building for the Scientific Research Management in Colleges and Universities Under the New Circumstances
Xia, Yongjie
Thoughts on the Reform and Development of Graduate Education in Military Science with Chinese Characteristics
Xia, Yunyun
Problems Encountered by Chinese People in Japanese Learning and Teaching Strategies
Xia, Lihua
Value Enhancement Model Construction and Comprehensive Evaluation Based on AMOS E-commerce Enterprises
Xia, Yuelin
The Dissemination and Significance of Animation Publishing for Mainstream Ideology
Xian, Xingchen
The Advantages and Effects of Non-governmental Organizations in Emergency Management of Major Emergencies in China
Xiang, Lu
Heidegger's Pot — The Gathering of the Four Elements of Heaven, Earth, God and Man
Xiang, Li
Research on the Employability of College Graduates from the Perspective of Employers Based on a Questionnaire Survey for Campus Recruitment Orgnizations in Jilin Province
Xiao, Pingping
Research on the Quality Evaluation System of College-enterprise Cooperation Talents Training Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Xiao, Chunyang
Analysis on the Application of Technical Investigation Officer System
Xiao, Lihong
Analysis of Regional Characteristics of Litigation Environment in Fujian Province in Qing Dynasty
Xie, Tao
Teaching Reform of "Computer Aided Design" Course for Visual Communication Design Major Based on Systematic Thinking Mode
Xie, Xiang
Modeling and Analysis of Warehousing Business Process Based on Petri Net
Xie, Lanting
Value and Risk: Concern and Perfection of Criminal Expeditious Adjudication Procedure
Xie, Ailin
Exploring the Basic Experience of Chinese Moral Education in the Past 40 Years (1978-2018)