Proceedings of the 2018 5th International Conference on Education, Management, Arts, Economics and Social Science (ICEMAESS 2018)

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Research on the Relations between Exhibition Industry and Urban Industrial Structure Adjustment based on the VAR model

Zewen Du, Haixia Guo
Exhibition industry is an important way to promote urban industrial structure adjustment. Based on the statistical data from 1978 to 2012 of Guangzhou, the paper selects three variables: exhibition industry, the second industry production value proportion and the third industry production value proportion....
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Research on the Construction of College Counselors in the New Era

Limin Lu
In recent years, the scale of enrollment in Chinese universities has continued to increase, and the tasks faced by ideological and political work for college students and related management work have become more onerous. The social environment and situation in the new era have put forward newer requirements...
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Factor Analysis-Based Appraisal of the Innovation Performance of China’s Hi-Tech Industry

Fusheng Wang, He Han, Yanli Zhao
It has become an irreversible trend in the global economy for enterprises to shift from the factor-driven development pattern to the innovation-driven development pattern in recent years. The hi-tech industry is characterized by frequent updates and rapid changes and is demanding in respect of independent...
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Research on the Development path of Exhibition venues Informatization

Jiayu Di, Haixia Guo
With the rapid development of new technology and equipment, the traditional management mode of exhibition venues in China needs to be changed. The establishment of online venue platform, intelligent pavilion system and central wireless network terminal, the operation of the virtual exhibition, the invention...
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Development Dilemma and Its Solution of Economic Management National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

Sufeng Li, Xiaojing Chang, Teng Le, Chengxiang Hu, Shengli Wang, Wuqi Yang
The development of experimental practice teaching has been greatly promoted through national experimental teaching demonstration center. With its increasing scale, the development dilemma, however, is gradually prominent. Focusing on the low cooperative level of the experimental teaching demonstration...
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Experimental Design of Formal Language and Automata Course

Qing he Pan
Formal languages and automata is a major theoretical course. This course studies the theoretical problems of automata and formal languages with a high degree of abstraction. In order to enable students to better understand and grasp the contents of the course, it needs to design the experimental courses....
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Analysis of China's Rare Earth Resources Tax

Zhengyu Wang, Defa Cai
Rare earth is a nonrenewable rare mineral which is widely used in modern industry. It is an important strategic resource of China. China accounts for nearly 1/3 of the world's rare earth reserves, and provides more than 80% of the world's market demand. Because of the huge damage to the environment during...
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Research on the Construction of Professional Degree Postgraduate Education Faculty

Jinpeng Jiao
In order to promote the development of professional degree postgraduate education, we have carried out active explorations in terms of teacher equipment, teacher team building, teacher team training, and dynamic evaluation of the teaching staff. However, there are still some problems in the construction...
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Company internationalizing Issues within the FSSCs Examined in China

Pengwu Wang, Xun Zhao
This study assesses the complex issues remained with China’s rapid business growth and the emergence of mega multi-national enterprises by studying the current situation in our country and abroad for measure the progresses.The assessment focuses on a financial operating model called FSSCs,and analyzes...
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Exploration and practice of innovative entrepreneurship training program in the management training base

Farong Zhou, Yong Zhi Zhang
Relying on the management innovation and entrepreneurship training base to carry out the innovation and entrepreneurship training program is an important means to cultivate college students' innovative spirit and practical ability. Through interest-driven training project development, role-based introduction...
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Exploring the Experimental Teaching Mode of Economics and Management Based on Human-Machine Game under Big Data

Farong Zhou, Yong Zhi Zhang
Big data is closely related to economic management experiment teaching, and the economic experiment model of big data intelligent human-machine game is constructed to cultivate students' practical ability, innovative ability and improve teaching quality. Establish a smart big data teaching resource platform...
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Reform and Exploration of the Trans Professional Experimental Teaching Model of Economics and Management based on the Concept of OBE ——Take the Course of Enterprise Behavior Simulation as an Example

Rui Su, Chaojie Wang
In recent years, the OBE concept and flipped classroom as the new idea and the new model have been applying to the teaching practice step by step. With the increasing demand of application-oriented talent training, there are new challenges for cross-specialty experiment teaching. In this paper, the traditional...
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Research on the Impact of Productive Service Industry on the Efficiency of Modern Agriculture Development

Zewen Du
As an intermediate input factor for agricultural production, productive service industry is an important means to realize agricultural modernization. The DEA model was used to measure the impact of Heilongjiang's productive service industry on the efficiency of modern agricultural development from 2006...
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Blended Instructional Design Based on Microlecture-Take English Phonology Course as an Example

Xing Chi Zhao
Under the background of “Internet +” education, online learning methods such as microlecture, MOOC, and spoc have emerged, which greatly enriched educational resources and teaching measures. This article takes the English Phonology course as an example to make a instructional design based on microlecture....
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The Discussion on the Enlightenment of Constructive Postmodern Thought on Education Reform in Heilongjiang Province

Haipeng Xu
Since the education reform in Heilongjiang Province, some new ideas, policies and programs have emerged. With the deepening of education reform, there are more and more theories, suggestions and problems. Constructive Postmodernism, which has an important influence in the contemporary West, also has...
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Exploration on the construction of experimental teaching demonstration center of economics and management

Rong-rong Lin, He-qin Zhao
The trend of internationalization of college education has put forward new requirements for the construction of experimental center of economics and management. Taking the construction of the experimental teaching demonstration center of economics and management in Beijing Normal University Zhuhai as...
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Practice of CBL Teaching Method in Java Programming Teaching Based on Network Teaching Platform

Xiangliang Hu, Gensheng Wang, Xuejian Huang, Xiaofang Wu
The problems existing in the current JAVA teaching are analyzed, and the CBL teaching method based on the network teaching platform is adopted. The teaching method is applied to the teaching of JAVA, which is beneficial to enhance the initiative of the classroom teaching, fully mobilize the enthusiasm...
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Explore the Blended Teaching Model from the Perspective of Cognitive Load

Yingying Wei
In order to solve the problem of cognitive overload, this paper analyzes the effects of blended teaching model on the learners’ cognitive load, which based on cognitive load theory and information theory. The purpose of this study is to establish the “Knowledge-Cognition” interaction process and to explore...
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Docking and Integration of ERP Audit Experiment Teaching and ERP Sand Table Simulation Experiment

Lingling Jiang, Yumeng Wang
Based on the demand of talents in modern enterprises, this paper analyzes the feasibility of docking and integration of sandbox simulation experiment and audit experiment in ERP environment, and proposes the path of experimental curriculum resource integration to realize ERP sandbox simulation experiment...
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Research on the Development of Festivals in Heilongjiang Province from the Perspective of Global Tourism

Zewen Du, Hongyang Jiang, Yunkai Bai
At present, the tourism industry is developing rapidly, and global tourism has become a new stage of tourism development. As a famous tourist province, Heilongjiang Province should increase its development and attention to global tourism. Therefore, how to properly combine the whole world tourism and...
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Construction and Application of Economic and Management Experimental Teaching Platform Based on Cloud Desktop

XueJian Huang, GenSheng Wang, XiangLiang Hu, XiaoFang Wu
As an important means of training practical talents, experimental teaching is attracting more and more attention from universities. In view of the problems of high cost, difficult maintenance, low utilization rate and difficult sharing in the experimental teaching platform of the economic management...
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A Preliminary Study on The Construction of Innovation Laboratory For Agricultural Analysis

Hai Feng Wang, Hai Xue Liu, Wen Bi Zhu, Hui Hui Wu
The construction of innovative laboratory plays an important role in the cultivation of innovation ability, innovation spirit and practical ability of undergraduates. In this paper, we further explore the ways of the construction of innovation laboratory for agricultural analysis through analysis of...
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Strengthening the Construction of Undergraduates' Scientific Research Morality in Practice Teaching

Jun Bin Wang, Hai Feng Wang, Jian Ren, Ying Chao Wang, Fang Di Cong
In recent years, academic moral anomie situation appeared frequently in the undergraduates' research training program. This reminds us that moral education of scientific research should be advanced to the undergraduate stage. In this paper, the current situation of undergraduate research of moral anomie...
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“O2O+TDT”Model: Design of Integrated Teaching System for Teaching and Practical Training in Market Research Course Based on Informatization

Qingjiao Chen
Based on the essence of market research course, information technology is applied to the teaching process to construct an integrated teaching system, namely the"O2O + TDT" model. Case study method is used for the key point analysis of the course system construction. In the selection of cases, theoretical...
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A Study of the Cultivation of Innovative Talents Based on Subject Competition Concerning Majors of Economics and Management

Cui Yan Sun
Nowadays, there is an increasingly closer relationship between economic society and higher education. Cultivating innovative talents becomes an urgent and important target of current higher education with the purpose to meet the demands of our rapidly developed society. Organizing subject competition...
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Research on the Innovation of Talent Training Mode from the Perspective of the Combination of Industry and Academic Integration

Siyu Peng
Advancing the integration of industry demands and academia while comprehensively improving the quality of personnel training have become the development trend of local undergraduate colleges and vocational colleges across the globe. This paper analyzes the shortcomings of the integration between industry...
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Research on Experimental Teaching Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in University of Economics and Management ——Take "Design and Practice of Business Plan" as an Example

Benxin Lao, Gaoyi Wu
At present, the teaching of innovation and entrepreneurship course is too theoretical and monotonous. Taking "Design and Practice of Business Plan" as an example, this paper puts forward the guiding ideology of designing teaching model according to the characteristics of the designed experimental course....
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Research on apprenticeship and marketing practical teaching reform of Marketing Specialty ——Taking the course of market survey and forecasting as an example

Haihong Guo, Wenbo Deng
Marketing is a highly practical profession, and the introduction of apprenticeship into the real situation of enterprises will greatly help students improve their marketing skills. The apprenticeship system takes the actual marketing problem of the enterprise to study, makes the students learn more actively,...
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Exploration on the Construction of Innovative Modern Circulation Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Centers :Taking Shanghai Business School as an Example

Wen Xu, Qianyun Wu
Based on the requirements of the Ministry of Education for constructing national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers and complying with the development of innovative experimental teaching, this paper explores the construction of innovative modern circulation virtual simulation experimental...
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Research on the way to transform a confirmatory experiment into a comprehensive one

Hua Liang, Jun Bu, Junmin Hua, Angeng Liu, Lu Zhao
Gaming tools are effective teaching aids to supplement conventional teaching techniques, and a flexible game environment have been developed in the literature. Based on the marketing game, a confirmatory experiment is designed to test the Nash equilibrium of prisoners’ dilemma game. In order to integrate...
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A Discussion on the Role of Experimental Teaching of Economics and Management in the Cultivation of Outstanding Applied Business Talents --National Demonstration Center for Experimental Modern Circulation Education (Shanghai Business School) Exploration and Practice of Business Public Experimental Teaching System

Jun Bu, Yunfei Huang, Wen Xu, Xianfang Hong
For application-oriented undergraduate universities, experimental teaching has become one of the key links in the process of talent cultivation. National Demonstration Center for Experimental Modern Circulation Education closely sticks to the School’s objective of talent cultivation, carries out research...
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Analysis of carbon emission and its influencing factors

Guokun Qu
Based on the 2000-2015 data of 30 provinces in China, this paper discusses the total population, per capita GDP and the influence of the energy intensity of carbon emissions, using the IPCC provides the calculation method of the carbon emissions, the STIRPAT model and Spatial Dubin model,.The results...
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Integrate Entrepreneurial Thinking into Instrumental Analysis Experiment Teaching

Hai Feng Wang, Hai Xue Liu, Jun Bin Wang, Wen Bi Zhu
This article attempts to integrate the entrepreneurial thinking into the teaching of the instrument analysis experiment course. Starting with the concept of entrepreneurial thinking, this paper analyzes its importance in the process of instrumental analysis and experiment teaching, and takes the instrument...
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The Course Construction and Implementation of Entrepreneurship Simulation and Practice Based on Flipped Classroom

XiaoFang Wu, GenSheng Wang, XiangLiang Hu, XueJian Huang
With the deepening of social education system reform, important changes have taken place in the teaching model. The traditional and infusing teaching methods can not meet the needs of education development of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era. With the rapid development of the Internet information...
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Research on the training mode of applied innovative talents in logistics management based on "LRCI"

jie Chang, honghua fu, yuanyuan zhao
19 big report clearly pointed out that China's economy is in the transformation of the mode of development, optimizing the economic structure, transform growth research period, new technology, new ideas to guide logistics transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, promoting the logistics demand...
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Economics and Management Laboratory Based on Constructivism

Yanhong Li, Bo Zhou, Teng Hu
The rise of constructivism in the 20th century has had a profound impact on modern teaching models and learning space design. The emergence of the constructivist learning paradigm has shifted researchers' attention from teaching to learning. International research on learning spaces began in 2003. The...
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Research on experimental teaching reform of human resource management course in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yingchao Bai
The strength and depth of experimental teaching still need to be strengthened in the teaching process of the source management course in higher vocational education due to the constraints of teachers, teaching system, teaching content and experimental conditions. In view of the problems in the experimental...
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A Study of Mobile Internet User Generated Content Motivation

Shiying Zhang
This study discusses the motivation of mobile Internet user generated content (MIUGC). It divides four dimensions: subject level, system perception, social relations, and perceived risk, which includes 15 variables. Based on theoretical analysis, literature research, interviews, surveys and statistical...
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Research on School-Enterprise Cooperation Mode Innovation Based on Integration of Industry and Education

Lixin Ma, Panpan Yuan
With the development of higher education in China, different education modes are explored and school-enterprise cooperation has become a hot topic. Based on the specific case of Harbin University of Commerce, this paper introduces the background and main content of the school-enterprise cooperation mode....
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Construction and Exploration of Collaborative Cloud Platform for Practical Teaching--In the Perspective of the Practical Teaching Sharing Platform of Virtual Simulation

Minrong Lu, Yan Pan, Haidong Wu
Looking back to the practical teaching in higher education in recent years, practical teaching has gradually shifted from purchasing specialized software and increasing university-enterprise cooperation projects to establish virtual stimulation teaching platform in order to improve the effect of practical...
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Research on the Construction of Core Competitiveness of Yantai Enterprises in the Age of "Internet +"

Xing-qiang Teng, Di Tong
With the formation of the Internet + new economic form, China's enterprises and the Internet are deeply integrated, relying on Internet information technology to achieve the transformation and upgrading by optimizing the production factors of the enterprise, updating the business system of the enterprise,...
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Research on the construction of open laboratory in universities based on the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents

Xing-qiang Teng, Hong-xia Yang
University laboratory is not only a place to cultivate students' comprehensive quality and practical ability, but also an important base for innovation, entrepreneurship, education and scientific research ability. The traditional laboratory management model of colleges and universities has many limitations...
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Markov Chain Combination Prediction Model and Its Application in Stock Market

Qingxin Zhou
Markov process is a very important means to describe dynamic stochastic phenomena.First, Markov chain median value prediction method and Markov chain level Characteristic value method are introduced. Based on these predictions, the thought and steps of the combined prediction model are given. Secondly,...
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Empirical Study on Volatility of RMB against US Dollar Based on ARCH Family Model

Yudong Wu
Based on the daily data of the central parity of the RMB against the US dollar from August 2015 to March 2017, this paper uses the ARCH model as the main research tool and through corresponding tests to establish the ARCH model of the yield rate of the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar, thereby...
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Analysis on influencing factors of higher education resource structure optimization

Li Zhang, Hongying Gao
Higher education resource structure optimization is a dynamic process involving multiple factors such as target, environment, power and operation mechanism. These factors interact with each other to influence the optimization degree, direction and final effect of higher education resource structure....
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Research on research performance evaluation based on Particle swarm TOPSIS Altmetrics method

Jing Li, Jianming Sun
In this paper, the particle swarm optimization algorithm and the improved TOPSIS method are combined to construct a model of the particle swarm TOPSIS alternative econometric method, which is used in the research of scientific research performance. Particle swarm optimization is introduced to determine...
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Innovation of Ideological and Political Education in the Big Data Age

Huiming Li
The big data age has played a very important role in the environment, subject or object of the current college ideological and political education, and it has also change significantly. In this context, if traditional ideological and political education methods and concepts are still adopted the feudal...
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Application of Proteus Simulation in Electronic and Information Engineering Specialty

Hui Li, Ming Zhao, Yuru Zhang, Xiaodong Su, Haitao Jiang
This article researches the application of Protues simulation in Electronic and Information Engineering specialty. The relevant practice teaching of the course has been cascaded, can not only help students to link up theory knowledge, also inspire further the enthusiasm and motivation of scholars. Based...
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Construction of computer specialty core competence and practical system in new era

Xiaodong Su, Hui Li, Yuru Zhang, Ming Zhao
In the complex engineering environment caused by industry evolution and technology elimination, this paper analyzes the construction direction of the core competence of computer science. The connotation and mode of the ability cultivation of computer system would be expounded, and the method of the cross...
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A branch of the financial risk analysis and countermeasures

Yunji Liang, Lijun Bu
the article to the industrial and commercial bank of case study of A branch, according to the actual situation of A branch, financial risk analysis, and then pointing to A branch of the financial risk, put forward the corresponding countermeasures.
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Commercial bank financial risk assessment

Yunji Liang, Lijun Bu
the commercial bank's main job is to manage money, therefore, commercial Banks are facing financial risk has become the main risk. In this paper, the commercial bank financial risk evaluation index, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to construct the evaluation index system of financial risk in...
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Bank Macro Safety Status Research Based on Robust MEWMA Process Control Method

Xianfen Xie, Binhui Wang, Wanrong Gu, Ziye Zhang
The issue of bank safety has always been one of the key contents of financial and economic scholars. First, this paper establishes the bank macro safety status index system, obtain robust covariance matrix based on the Fast-MCD algorithm. On this basis, construct robust process control model of the bank...
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Analysis on Innovative and Entrepreneurial Education for College Students With Creative Space

Minghui Ni, bo Ding, liucheng Zhang, jihong Fan, yongjiu Yuan
Innovative and entrepreneurial education has become an inexorable trend which Chinese higher education reforms and develops. Universities provide innovative and entrepreneurial education platforms for college students through creative spaces. This article will summarize the problems of the education...
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A/D and D/A Simulation Case Development in Digital Logic Experiment Teaching

Yuru Zhang, Ming Zhao, Hui Li, Xiaodong Su, Haitao Jiang, Hao Jin, Yun Li, Nan Zhang
“Digital Logic” is a very important basic course for Software Engineering, Information Management and Information Processing, Computer Science and Technology, and Electronic Information Engineering. Because most digital logic experiment boxes do not provide A/D and D/A experiments which are the foundation...
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Research of Point to Line on Practical Teaching Process in Electronic and Information Engineering Specialty

Ming Zhao, Yuru Zhang, Xiaodong Su, Hui Li, Hao Jin, Yun Li
This paper explores the method of Point to Line on practical teaching reformation in electronic and information engineering Specialty. The common points have been found to connect relevant practice teaching of the course. It can not only help the students to link up theory knowledge, but also further...
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The Construction of 233 Integrated Experimental Teaching System in the Major of Economics and Management

Jiange Cong, Bin Li
There are many problems in the experimental teaching in the major of economics and management, such as lacking systematic design with many education and teaching links including theoretical teaching, scientific research, social practice, innovation and entrepreneurship, failing to deeply understand and...
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Exploration on the Optimization of Practice Teaching System of Biological Engineering Major Based on Food Science Group

Yujia Liu
According to the development of economy and the demand of talents in Heilongjiang province, and combining with the actual construction of the subjects group in school food engineering of Harbin University of commerce, this paper analyzed the acute problems of food biological practical teaching system,...
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Research on Function Differentiation of Three-dimensional Finance under the Perspective of High Quality Employment

Weiwei Kong, Haoran Yin, Weixin Qin
Employment is the first goal of macroeconomics policy of nations and vital to people's livelihood. High quality development is the ambition to the improvement of human society. On the basis of previous studies, we use principle of marginal effect to test the quality of employment and regard the marginal...
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Research on Employment Difficulties and the Reasons of Typical Resource-Exhausted Cities in Heilongjiang Province during the Economic Transition

Wei-Wei Kong
The highly correlation between the development and resources incurs the serious problems of employment during the economic transition, such as greater re-employment population, lower elasticity of employment, greater unemployed workers in coal industry. These problems not only hinder the social stability,...
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The Internal Mechanism and Empirical Study on the Change of Development Mode of Green Food Industry Based C-D Product Function

Li Zhao
There exists a close relationship between the mode transformation and the stages of industry development. Based on the analytical model of the mode transformation of industry development, this paper measured the development mode of Chinese green food industry by C-D production function, which revealed...
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Research on the Impact of China's Manufacturing Social Responsibility on Financial Performance

Wen Li, Xiaoxiao Ma
This paper takes the manufacturing companies from the list of 2016 China's A-shares public companies as empirical samples, based on required indicators of the social responsibility measurement method that mentioned in the “Notice of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Strengthening the Social Responsibility...
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The impact of VAT instead of the business tax on the financial performance of Listed Companies in Heilongjiang

Wen Li, Yingying Tao
This paper takes the listed companies in Heilongjiang Province from 2013 to 2016 as the research samples from the perspective of financial practitioners. Through empirical analysis of VAT instead of the business tax policy on the financial performance of Listed Companies in Heilongjiang Province changes,...
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An Empirical Study on the Correlation between CSI Bond Index and Enterprise Commodity Price Index

Yi Qu, Yuduo Yao, Lina Zhou
The two represent the enterprise financing side, one represents the production terminal of the enterprise. This paper mainly wants to study the relationship between the two and the influence on the production activities. In this paper, we have selected representative CSI syndromes index and the general...
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A comprehensive evaluation of competitiveness of China's Listed Commercial Banks

Jinghu Zhu, Yi Qu, Fengying Zhao
Due to the rapid development of Internet banking in the world, the traditional sense of the commercial banks has been greatly hampered in business. So China should pay more attention to the comprehensive competitiveness of commercial banks. Based on this, this paper extends from the meaning of the competitiveness...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of drug licensing on sales

Qi-hang Wang, Chen Cao, Yuan-jia HU
To study the impact of drug licensing on its sales, and to provide a reference for drug development and corporation between pharma. METHODS: Based on the variables “license station”, “co-development or co-marketing”, “licensor in accord with key marketing company or not” and “time for drug licensing”...
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Study on the Evaluation of Green Food Export Development Efficiency in Heilongjiang Province

Li Zhao
The expansion of the industrial scale reflects the development level of the industry to a certain extent, and plays an important supporting role in promoting the sustainable development of the industry and the enhancement of industrial competitiveness. Compared with the expansion of industrial scale,...
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An empirical research on the vocational ability based on the business sand table simulation training

Chunshang Wu
Business sand table simulation training innovates vocational ability cultivation mode in management through game-based experience learning. Through teaching practice, it is found that business management, accounting, marketing and logistics management professional skills can be effectively trained in...
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Research on the construction of multilevel economic management virtual simulation experimental teaching center

Wenbo Deng
Virtual simulation experiment teaching is an important means to improve the skills of students majoring in economics and management. And it can make the theoretical knowledge that the student learns in the school seamlessly dock with the actual enterprise, and make the student better adapt to the work...
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Probe into the management of laboratory equipment in colleges and universities

Wantao Li
experimental equipment is the material basis and guarantee for teaching and scientific research in university laboratories. Through the establishment of experimental equipment management system, overall planning is implemented. Measures such as sharing equipment resources, making experimental equipment...
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Analysis on the Construction of Digital Resources in University Libraries in the Environment of "Internet+"

Lina Wang
This paper reviews the current situation and research background of digital resources construction of university libraries in the "Internet+" environment, analyzes the problems faced at present, and further explores how to better promote the construction of digital resources in college libraries, with...
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Research on Spatial Heterogeneity Impacts of Regional Income Gap and Urbanization on Crime Rate: An Empirical Study Based on Provincial Panel Data in China

Shunhui Li, Qiubi Sun
Based on the panel data of 31 provinces and cities in China from 2000 to 2015, this paper uses spatial econometric models to explore the spatial heterogeneity impacts of regional income gap and urbanization on crime rate. The research finds that, the impacts of regional income gap and urbanization on...
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Study on countermeasures of economic development in Harbin county

Xiaojun Lu
In the economic mechanism reform into the deepwater area big background,the unique geographical environment and humane environment in our city, this article in view of the present city highlights of the existence of the county economy development bottleneck, based on concepts of economic integration...
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Research on Laboratory Construction and Management Under the Environment of Dazhiyiyun

Shirong Qin, Xiaojun Lu
Dazhiyiyunis the abbreviation of Big Data, Intelligent, Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing. The laboratory is an important part of colleges and universities. With the development of science and technology and the promotion of connotative construction in colleges and universities, how to further strengthen...
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Research on the Perfection of Economics and Management Experiment Teaching Based on New Information Technology

Hongwei Wang, Xiaojun Lu
The experimental teaching of economics and management is getting more and more attention, but there are many problems in the construction of experimental platform, teaching resource management and teaching quality evaluation. Exploring the experimental teaching mode of economics and management in the...
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The Construction Plan of the Fourth Party Logistics Platform of Chongqing Cross-Border E-Commerce

Jiangxia Yu, Xiaojun Lu, Zhen Liu
The cross-border E-commerce in Chongqing has achieved remarkable progress in recent years. However, with the development of the cross-border E-commerce, the logistics becomes an important factor that restrains its rapid development. Therefore, this paper proposes to build a fourth party logistics (hereinafter...
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Research on the development of green food industry in Heilongjiang province

Zhenjia An, Li Zhao, Lei Wang, Feng Guan
The green food industry is a new industry which adapts to the current economic development and coordinates with the society and resources. The development of green food industry is an important way to realize the adjustment of agricultural structure, the transformation of economic development mode and...
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Practical Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability Based on Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Yinping Chen, Fenggang Lu
The undergraduate training program for innovation and entrepreneurship is an important measure of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China to reform the talent training model. The undergraduate training program for innovation and entrepreneurship has been carried out for six years,which...
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Brief Analysis on the Teaching Methods of Intermediate Macroeconomics of Economics and Management Majors

Yinping Chen, Fenggang Lu
In the first place, this paper analyses the differences among elementary economics, intermediate economics and advanced economics, and briefs courses design of macroeconomics popular in famous universities after then. Based on that, the paper brings forward patterns of intermediate macroeconomics lecture:...
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Regional Differences and Countermeasures of Low Carbon Economy Development in China

Long Yin
In the process of world economic development, the environment and resources are becoming more and more prominent, the economic development mode is changing urgently, and the low-carbon development model emerges as the times require. Affected by the development pressure at home and abroad, a low-carbon...
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New Research on Teaching Path of Sinology Education in Colleges and Universities in the Context of Micro-era

Wei Li
With the rapid development of Sinology, it is urgent to explore the new path of Sinology Education. In the micro-era context, using Moto-teach to construct Wisdom Classes of Sinology Education can make Sinology Education "turn knowledge into wisdom", "human nature management", "interaction into common",...
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Research on the Experimental Teaching System of Economics and Management Based on SAP

Ruifeng Zhang, Yongjie Zhang, zhixiang Dong
Experimental teaching course is an indispensable part in the process of cultivating management professionals and an important link in the cultivation of students' abilities and skills. On the one hand, it requires that colleges and universities pay attention to the understanding and mastery of professional...
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Analysis and Design of University Open Laboratory Management System

Hongyan Xie
Open experimental teaching is the direction of experimental teaching reform in colleges and universities. The networked and open experimental teaching and laboratory management information platform established by using network technology can make the laboratory open management more information-based...
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Construction and Practice of Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Platform for Economic Management

Hongyan Xie
This paper introduces the concept of virtual simulation experiment teaching and its advantages over traditional experimental teaching, and analyzes the necessity of the construction of virtual simulation experiment teaching platform. On the basis of the objectives and principles of virtual simulation...
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Empirical Research on the Impact of Free Cash Flow on Operating Performance of Listed Companies

Yi Qu, Bingbing Jia, Jianrui Zhang
Free cash flow can not only assess the past now ability, enterprise can also be built into the evaluation system of the future development of ability, relative profits and cash flow indicators, reflect the business performance of the free cash flow is more comprehensive and effective. Therefore, it is...
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Research on the Incentive Mechanism of Academic Subject Competition

Weizhi Yang, Liucheng Zhang, Long Yin, Guibing Cao
A sound incentive mechanism is the driving force for academic competition in universities. In order to fully mobilize students, instructors to participate in, organize the enthusiasm of the discipline competition, stimulate their potential, and achieve good results, we must build a reasonable incentive...
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Research on Structural Adjustment and Countermeasures of the Development of Chinese Green Food Industry

Li Zhao
The development of green food industry is an industrial evolution process based on continuous optimization of structure. With the expansion of industrial scale, the overall development level of the industry in China has been continuously improved, the product structure has become more and more complete,...
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Constraint to the Satisfactory Conditions for R&D Endogenous Growth Model

Defa Cai, Wendi Ma
Low-Carbon Resources include low-consumption energy like renewable resources, new energy, clean power, etc. From the perspective of fiscal policy, to study and develop R&D will affect the progress of technology directly, and to develop Low-Carbon Economy needs the innovation of Low-Carbon technology....
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Optimal Tax Policy Based on Endogenous Growth Model of Economy

Ying Jin, Defa Cai
In this paper, we use the endogenous growth model to build production function and utility function, By solving it, we concludes that when the government stable tax policy has been implemented, low carbon consumers have a unique optimal capital stock path, along this path it can promote the steady and...
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Research on Ideological Concepts of People in Song Dynasty from the Perspective of Folk Songs and Proverbs

Dongxia Song
Folk songs and proverbs is a typical folk culture, but its creation, recording, and communication are inseparable from the participation of literati. From the analysis of folk songs and proverbs recorded in Song Dynasty, the literati in Song Dynasty not only recorded the oral rumors, but also kept them...
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Analysis on the Daofu Tibetan Color Painting Style for Residence Interior Decoration—Interaction of Tibetan and Han Culture

Xia Ling, Feihu Chen
The residence interior decoration of Tibetan Daofu County of Sichuan province were studied from the analysis of the overall composition, painted patterns, colors etc., and the blending characteristics of Tibetan and Han culture. Daofu Tibetan and Han painting process is the communication and integration...
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The Role of “16+1” Jingchu Culture “Walk Out” Walks: The Case of Macedonia

Frosina Vitkovska, Laijin Shen
2013 the Chinese president Xi Jinping release “The Dream of China” and lunched the rebirth of the Silk Road and right then in that very moment changed the course of the world; and that was the turning moment of a new page of the world’s history and the entering in the new era of the world’s civilization...
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On Novel Dialogue Translation from the Perspective of Adaptation Theory: A Case Study of Katherine Mansfield’s Short Stories

Songni Zhang
Dialogue is the most important and wonderful part of the novel. Dialogue has its communicative, sociocultural and verbal features and it plays an important role in revealing the character’s personality, reflecting the social reality, attracting the reader’s attention and advancing the story plot. Adaptation...
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A Study on the Multimodal Metaphorical and Metonymical Framing in Xi’an City Image Promotional Video

Yanqin Cao, Zhaohong Yao
As a linguistic phenomenon, the generation and use of multimodal metaphors and metonymies in Xi’an City Image Promotional Video are influenced by the socio-cultural context and situational context, which is the embodiment of human cognitive mode. By studying the multimodal discourse of Xi’an City Image...
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An Investigation of Chinese Citizens’ Core Literacy in the New Era

Wenying Lu
The core literacy of future citizens is an important content to promote social development, which has attracted great attention from countries and regions. Combined the reality of global development with national conditions and history, countries and regions have put forward the content of core literacy...
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Research on Spiritual Endowment for Empty Nesters in Rural Area from the Perspective of Active Aging

Bo Xing
With the development of economic society, problems in spiritual endowment for empty nesters in rural area are increasingly prominent, and it is difficult for family and society to entirely undertake the responsibility of spiritual endowment. The elderly are not only the object, also the subject of endowment....
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Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Cultural Images in the Process of Translation

Yanbo Sun
By criticizing semiotical theory in translation, this paper discusses the translation of cultural images. It advocates that the cultural images in original text ought to be retained during translating process, depending on specific textual style.
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A study of the positive benefits of bandwidth feedback in the learning process of motor skills

Fan Zhang
the current research of bandwidth feedback has positive benefits in motor learning, such as providing feedback for motor performance outside the bandwidth, giving full play to the function of feedback in information, making the learners modify the motor according to the error information provided by...
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Research on the development space of urban leisure sports in China

Fan Zhang
The comparative analysis and logical analysis are utilized to study the development space of urban leisure sports in process of urbanization in China. Main conclusions: In the five-year plan period from 2016 to 2020, China's society has entered a deep development stage. With the deepening urbanization...
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Evolution of Personnel Management in Colleges and Universities to Strategic Human Resources Management and Ways to Realization

Xiaojun Dai
With the development of information technology and economic globalization, the talent competition is increasingly fierce. Traditional personnel management in colleges and universities can no longer meet the needs of the development of the situation and must be changed to strategic human resources management....
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Education Model Study of Local Colleges and Universities based on “MOOC+ Traditional Classroom”

Qingyun Chi, Wei Zhang
With the development of the Internet, MOOC walked into the classroom, derived from many new teaching models, such as the popular flipped classroom, micro class, private classes. The articles points out teaching difficulties in local colleges and universities, and analyse the confusion of local colleges...