Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Social Science

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Reflection on Chinese Cultural Industry Business Model Innovation Utilizing the Zhao Benshan Model

Yu Liao
The cultural industry offers consumers entertainment products or services against a background of economic globalization. In the rapidly changing business environment, it is extremely important to maintain the survival and development of cultural industry through the application of business models. This...
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Decision Rules Applying based on Fast-food Restaurant

XiaoWen Huang
The number of Fast-food restaurants increases dramatically in recent years due to the demands of customers. Almost every city holds McDonald’s, Sunway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. Except these super popular fast-food restaurants, there are still some local small fast-food restaurants. When...
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Marketing Research for Motorola Company

PingJun Lu, XiaoWen Huang
Considering about the rising market of global communication, Motorola is stumbling through a hard time in recent years and is still going downhill. Facing this problem, it is quite important to find why the company market share continually decrease What causes the poor performance It is necessary to...
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Research on Industry Agglomeration of Construction Machinery Industry Based on Location Quotient Index

Xue Yang
The agglomeration degree of construction machinery industry is calculated based on the data of the gross value of industrial output of the machinery industrial from 2007 to 2010 using the location quotient index. The results show that the cluster of construction machinery industry has been basically...
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Tourist Satisfaction Based Marketing Research for Domestic Tourist Market of Jiangsu Province

LiJiao Jin, Wei Tu
This paper, with the domestic tourist market of Jiangsu Province as research object, revealed through tourist satisfaction indicator system the fact that the domestic tourist satisfaction at Jiangsu Province has not yet reached the level of satisfaction, and that difference existed in satisfaction between...
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Development Strategy and Political Suggestions of Utilizing Foreign Direct Investment in Modern Service Industries in Wuhan

Du Lv
With the rapid progress of the society, economy, technology and rapid development of the information technology , knowledge economy, the social division is increasingly refinement and specialization, new technology and new mode of modernization is and has services from traditional way for the transformation...
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Basel III, risk aversion and bank performance: evidence from Chinese commercial banks panel data

Qin Song, Wei Zeng
The bank supervision in China promotes four instruments coming from Basel III standards announced from Basel committee. What effects will it have on Chinese commercial banks This paper develops models with a sample of 29 commercial banks in China by measuring risk averse with Z-score, and finds that:...
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Difference in Luxury Purchasing Motivation between Chinese and British

LiHua Wang, Qian Zhao
This research aims to find out the purchasing motivation of luxury in China and Britain, and the difference between them. Questionnaire for young people was used in this research to get the basic data in the two markets, and found that investment and reference group are new workable motivations in the...
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A study of Influencing Factors of industrial location under the background of regional transfer in China

JingLing Chen
Based on analysis framework of institutional approaches location theory, the paper discusses influence factors on the industrial location from the perspective of stakeholders in decision-making and behavior which includes firm production decision, local government policy and social elements of the supply...
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Constructing Financial Supervision Mechanism for Government-sponsored Large-scale Sports Events

YiQi Song
With such research methods as referring to document literature and interviewing experts, this paper investigated the operation of large-scale sports events held in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen and analyzed the financial supervision problems existed in government-sponsored large-scale sports events...
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A Study on Relationship between Financial Development and New Urbanization--Evidence from Urban Agglomeration in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

HaoYang Xu
This paper explores the relationship between financial development and new urbanization development in urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. After the unit root test, co-integration test, and the panel data model establishing, some conclusions are figured out. The results show...
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Network Forum Investor Sentiment, Sentiment Volatility And Stock Market-- An Empirical Analysis Based on Multivariate GARCH-BEKK Model

DaYong Dong, JuanJuan Lai, YuJia Long, HongBo Yi, TianLun Zheng
Based on the text of posing on the network forum, we establish a set of keyword dictionary to measure the long and short investors’ sentiment effectively, then we investigate the mutual relations between investor sentiment and the trading market through a Multivariable BEKK-GARCH model of abnormal long...
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The Moderating Effect of Work-Related Risk on the Relationship between Cognitive-trust in Supervisor and Proactive Behavior

Pei Liu, WanFen Guo
In occupational and organizational context, proactive behavior has attracted much attention over last decade. This study aims to examine how work-related risk influences the relationship between cognitive-trust in the supervisor and proactive behavior, using the data collected from 301 Chinese and 475...
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Highly Process-Focused Organizational Performance Measurement Model

HaiQing Bai, Jin Cheng, ZiPing Li
By analyzing the most popular performance measurement systems, the paper develops a new high process-driven performance measurement system which measures the organizational performance from five perspectives: vision, customer, strategy, process and staff. The system suggests that the enterprise is controllable,...
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Regulations on the Online Finance in China

Yang Liu
Online Finance now in China has been dramatically progressed. The Online Finance has the functions like financial service, investment broker and electronic banking platform; meanwhile it has technical mobility, virtual transactions and strongly internet dependency. The regulation on the Online Finance...
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How Does Hubei Province Restructure Its Industrial Structure

GuiZhi Ba, Han Wang
Industrial structure restructuring is one of the main features that measure the development of national economy. Input-output analysis on industrial structure is a vital method to investigate industrial inner mechanism. Therefore, to restructure the industrial structure in Hubei Province, the input-output...
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Study on the Identification of Influencing Factors of Interactive Development between Innovation and Urbanization

Bo Yuan, FengChao Liu
By improving the disadvantages of traditional DEMATEL method, this study proposes an identification model of influencing factors based on Entropy - DEMATEL algorithm. Then, take China as research example, this study selects 20 factors related to the interactive development between innovation and urbanization,...
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Research on Green Marketing Driving Force and Implementing Route Based on Innovation perspective

Feng Wei, JunQiang Zhou, Xiang Ren
As a key component to enhance competitiveness and gain sustainable advantage, innovation has become indispensable in the process of enterprise green marketing. The research analyzed factors that affect green marketing, considering that the government regulation, customer demand, enterprise abilities,...
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Empirical Analysis of the Difference of the Luxury Consumption Motivations between Chinese and British

LiHua Wang, Qian Zhao
This research aims to find out the purchasing motivations of luxury in China and Britain, and the difference between them using empirical analysis. Questionnaire for young people was used in this research to get the basic data in the two markets, and found 8 motivations: Quality/Hedonic, Self-gift Giving,...
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Discussion on the Construction of Independent College’s teaching Quality Control System Based on Customer Satisfaction

HuiYan Li, Hao Wang
Independent College is public private secondary college after the standard of ministry of education in 2003. Specifically, it means common colleges and universities above undergraduate course cooperate with the social organizations or individuals outside the state institutions, holding the undergraduate...
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The Demand for Moving Line Analysis to Commercial Space Environment

Shan Yin, JiChun Li
For modern business environment, distinct guidance of direction and images of environment are the basis of the occurrence and development of business behaviors. As the main carrier of recognition and behaviors, moving line expresses the process of business subjects’ and also shows the interaction between...
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Subliminal Affective Priming Effect on Decision Making in Prisoner's Dilemma

Juan Liu, HuaMiao Song, Wen Dong, WenHua Peng
Is subliminal priming able to affect people’s choices and decision-making The prisoners’ dilemma is a canonical example of a game analyzed that shows why two individuals might not cooperate each other, even if it appears that it is in their best interest to do so. In the regular version of the prisoner's...
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Analysis on the Restrictive Factors and Countermeasures to Enhance the Quality of Female Migrant Workers

SuFen Jiang
As a special group, the female migrant workers play a great role in China's economic and social development. This article carried out research on female migrant workers who came from different areas, different industries and different occupations though questionnaires and individual interviews, and analyzed...
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The Dynamic Analysis on Li Na’s Winning Technical Index in Australian Open form 2013 to 2014

GuoHao Chen, KaiQiang Guo
The research of Li Na’s effect of the skill application in the Australia Open during 2013-2014 is analyzed by the means of literature analyzed and date statistic. The research through the statistical analysis of dynamic data on Li Na two Australian Open tennis technique, tactical index analysis, and...
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Study on the Commercial Sexual Behavior among Migrants in China

JunQing Wu, YuYan Li, YiRan Li, ChuanNing Yu
Background: The commercial sexual behaviorual behavior maybe a high risk factor for STD/ HIV spread. To understand the commercial sexual behaviorual behavior and some potential influencing factors among migrants in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqin, Chengdu, Shanxi and Hanzhou, we conducted this epidemiology...
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On Paths for Non-Profit Organizations Participating in Family Services and Supports in China

Le Pei
In new era, there are theoretical and practical needs for non-profit organizations to participate in family services and supports in China. To guarantee the effect of social services, non-profit organizations should reinforce the construction of capabilities in professional services, internal governance,...
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Dynamic Decomposition of the Urban Poverty Variation in Beijing

HongMei Li, YueYing Zhang
Poverty is a long-standing problem with the development of human society. We study on the dynamic effect of the urban poverty in Beijing in order to recognize the status of the poverty in Beijing, make further to eliminate poverty, and eventually to achieve the purpose of common prosperity. In this paper,...
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On-road Emission Characteristics of Logistics Transportation Vehicles in Chengdu

QiJun Zhang, Lin Wu, Xiang Liu, KaiShan Zhang, HongJun Mao
On-road vehicle tests of three diesel trucks were conducted by a portable emission measurement system (PEMS) in Chengdu, China. SEMTECH-ECOSTAR provided by Sensors, Inc and MI2, an emissions measuring instrument powered by the Pegasor Particulate Sensor (PPS) were employed to detect gaseous and particle...
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Analysis on Well-being Difference in Terms of Job Type between Chinese Urban Residents and Mobile Residents

XinYi Zhang
In the urban-rural dual structure, there is an obvious difference in terms of job between Chinese urban residents and mobile residents, thus causing well-being difference between the two. This paper makes a decomposition of well-being difference through using Appleton decomposition method. The result...
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Image design and promotion of city bus station -- Taking Qinhuangdao city as an example

Chao Zhao, Weixi Zhang, Dong Zeng
The bus station in Qinhuangdao city was re design, is to transfer ahumanized design concept, humanized design is the process of human transformation of the world has been seeking, is the highest stage of design development. The project to "city bus stop design"as the main line, to shape the city image...
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Image design of bicycle parking frame of city public facilities

Chao Zhao, RuiYu Bai, Dong Zeng
Public facilities in the bicycle parking the bicycle parking rack on the availability of re innovation of some concepts,so as to improve the bicycle frame specification Parkfunction. frame specification Parkfunction. Project team through the bicycle parking framedesign, construction of public facilities,...
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Establishment of Assessment Indicator System of Sustainable Development in Mining Industry and Evaluation of Pilot Project

LianRong Zhao, Wei Chen
The economy relies heavily on resources in China, which is particularly evident in resource-based cities where the resources industry takes up a high proportion in economic structure. The local mining industry affects or determines all social and economic aspects of the area. Whether the mining industry...
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A Comparative Study of Sex Education for Teenagers in America and China

AnRan Chen
At present, in many countries, sex education is no longer a resistance, criticism and sensitive issue of perversion, developed countries, such as the United States, Britain, Canada, provide appropriate sex education to teenagers, and has carried out many sex education and reproductive health services....
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Injury Proneness and Factors of Physiology and Psychology Among College Freshmen: A Matched Case-Control Study

Jing Zeng, Bing Xiang, YanPei Ding, Xi Tao, ChangCai Zhu, GuanMin Chen
Objective: The aim of this research was to investigate the relationships of some physiological and psychological factors with one time injury or more than one time injuries among college freshmen students. Methods: 80 injured students (one time injury group) and 80 matched controls, 16 injured students...
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Employee Well-being: A Hierarchical Model and the Evaluating Framework

Yun Xia, ShaoHua Lu, Kang Shi
We established a hierarchical employee well-being (EWB) model which scrutinized the structure of employee well-being and distinguished the concept of well-being from those of occupation gratification and job satisfaction. By establishing the model, the formation process of employee well-being is analyzed....
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On the Application-oriented Talents’ Cultivation at Undergraduate Level of Higher Education

KeKe Liu
From the perspective of application-oriented talents’ cultivation at undergraduate level of higher education, the paper describes the connotation, proposes the approach and outlines the general view of cultivating application-oriented talents at undergraduate level of higher education. According to the...
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Research of the Elderly Pension Situation Based on Methods of Social Survey

Ying Deng, QiBo Ai
Along with the decline of the natural population growth rate, the improvement of economic level and medical developments in our country, the average population life expectation is gradually extended. Thus aging problem has caused widespread attention. This paper mainly summarized the problems such as...
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The Influence of Family Education on the Healthy Growth of Teenagers

Zhen Wu
Family education for the healthy growth of teenagers start stage, in the life of a child plays a very important role, plays an important role in the growth of the youth, and their children's future and family happiness, and ethnic relations with the development of the country's rise and fall. This paper...
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The Investigation and Analysis on Women PE Teachers’ Health in Colleges and Universities

JianWen Yao
purpose to understand the Women PE teachers’ health condition, to offer the theory evidence for improving the Women PE teachers’ health condition, Promote the PE education work of college. Methods: questionnaire method, mathematics statistics, Documentary analysis. Results: We find that the Women PE...
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Analysis on Structure of National Exhibitions of Fine Arts from 1949

GuangZhi Fang
All previous National Exhibitions of Fine Arts held after the new China founded were regarded as one of the spirit carriers to reflect the national interests, consistent with the ideological trend of the dominant culture and followed, and subject to the universal values of social culture and the natural...
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Application of Quilting Art in Interior Furnishing Artistic Design

JiChun Li, Yuan Yang
Fabric products, with its characteristics like rich colors, diversified patterns and function of softening rigid space, have attracted great attention from designers. Meanwhile, quilting products, which is one variety of fabric products with a strong flavor of artistic, will result in favorable effects...
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The Research on Urban Element Design Under the Influence of Regional Culture

Yang Guo, JiChun Li
From the perspective of culture, this paper discusses the regional culture characteristics of urban element design, and points out that under the influence of regional culture, urban element design should respect and perpetuate the regional historic heritage and reflects the regional characteristics....
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Operation Models of Interactive Learning

MuYan Huang, YongZhi Liu
Interactive learning is a practical teaching theory, which is valuable to improve students’ comprehensive qualities. However, it is not widely adopted in Chinese higher education system for the lack of specific operative teaching methods. Through the analysis of concrete classroom teaching methods and...
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Thinking about Ecological and Culture Education in College Take example of Guangxi Eco-engineering Vocational and Technology College

LiNa Li, WenBang Wei, JiaCheng An
Educating high qualified professional person is the vocational college goal, so called high qualified personnel is with professional knowledge, ability of getting used to society and accordingly ideas. It is much necessary to search for ways to talk about vocational college education function. The writer...
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Research of Self-help Teaching Method in the Classroom Teaching of Theoretic Course

Ke Zeng, YiRan Li, XuDong Wan, YanPing Cui, HongBin Xu
Teaching method of classroom in university is singleness nowadays. In order to improve students' autonomous learning ability and cultivate their cooperation spirit and innovative ability, self-help teaching method was used in classroom teaching of master's theoretic course. This paper introduce the characteristics,...
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Research on High Quality Course Construction of Human Resource Management

HaiLiang Ma, WenQin Li, MengGe Li
The course construction of adult education is an important link for improving the quality, and it is also the important points of adult education construction and reform. In the process of building curriculum group and professional brand, Adult education construction plays a important role. At the same...
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An Interpretation of Quantum Entanglement and the Nature of the Universe

JunSteed Huang, JiaminMoran Huang, GuangQian Lu
Albert Einstein found that, for two particles coming from the same source, when the state of one changes, that of the other may change at the same time, no matter how far they are apart from each other. This superluminal phenomenon totally violates the special theory of relativity which says nothing’s...
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Themes in “Good Leadership”: An Analysis of Personal Stories of Inspiration from the Daqing Oil Field

Michael Miles, Nancy Jenster, Mundeep Gill
This study explores the practice of Chinese leadership within a large Chinese State-Owned Enterprise (SOE). Seventy middle managers were asked to submit a hand-written Chinese-language “leadership story”, identifying a leader who they had experienced modeling “good leadership”, the specific behavior(s)...
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The Impact of International Knowledge Search on Innovation Performance: Moderated by Search Intensity

Hang Wu
In the era of knowledge economy, firms need to search outside to obtain strategic and complementary resources to innovate. However, existing research on open innovation mainly focuses on local knowledge search and ignores to answer the question that how firms search outside firm boundary. Based on the...
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Folk Culture of Kang Tou Stone Lions of China

Jing Zhang
The Chinese people really value Kang Tou stone lions because they are auspicious animals in Chinese folk culture. This paper will analyze the distinctive national character and the regional folk culture features in order to reveal the Kang Tou stone lion as the cultural symbol about the quality of life.