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A Comparative Analysis on Carbon Emission Effect of Trade in Eastern, Middle and Western Regions in China

Zusha Gu, Juan Li
Using the annual statistics from 1990 to 2010, this paper applies the panel model to verify the effect of trade openness on carbon emission in the three regions. The study shows: considering the average personal income and the policy effect, in Eastern China, both foreign trade dependency and FDI dependency...
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OSN transmission equipment applies in the Metropolitan Area transmission network and the optimizing with the network

Shuyan Wang, Xiaohui Li
Along with the high speed development of contemporary correspondence industry , the development of the transmission network as partial strut communication network is progressively developped. The SDH transmission facility also unceasingly is weeding through the old to bring forth the new, equipment function...
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Access and Expansion of Educational Opportunity in India With Reference to Higher Education

Abhai Maurya
Access, or rather non-access to higher education in India has been prevailing in many forms. The Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) to HE in India has not even reached 15% of the population by 2010. The University Grants Commission of India, which is responsible for the growth or non-growth of Higher education...
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Interpretation of Chinese Ming and Qing fiction Narrative Pattern Analysis

Bai Wenyong
China's social structure and cultural shape mold the narrative mode and narrative perspective of ancient Chinese novels. Chinese social structure of the family as the basic unit of society constituted the history of Chinese literature especially the family and clan -based Ming creative form of fiction...
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Reflection on the Assessment of a Math Problem in a China Elementary School

An-ning Chen
The assessment of a math problem in a China elementary school manifests that the math teacher is now still keeping to the obsolete notion of school education, attaching more significance to the result instead of the process of classroom instruction and adhering more importance to the standardized criteria...
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Research on Influence of National Folk Sports Events on Social Harmonious Development at China-Vietnam Border

Dong Bikai, Hu Yingqing
This paper mainly analyzes the value of contact of Chinese-Vietnamese national folk sports events: the sports events enhance the communication between nationalities at border, ensure harmonious and stable border; promote active spiritual culture and weaken passive culture; make for trade contacts between...
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Reflection on Chinese Cultural Industry Business Model Innovation Utilizing the Zhao Benshan Model

Yu Liao
The cultural industry offers consumers entertainment products or services against a background of economic globalization. In the rapidly changing business environment, it is extremely important to maintain the survival and development of cultural industry through the application of business models. This...
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Evaluation Model Analysis of Sports Instrument Influences on Class drill

Xueqiang Zhu
This research, based on Abraham Harold Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the healthy definition of “WHO”, analyzes relevant value indicates such as the fitness value, metal health value, entertainment value, the value of education, ornamental value and social value to grab a rough understanding that hand...
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Building Towards Expertise

Marcel Martin, Paul Ouellet, Zeesham Aslam
To build towards expertise, one has to accept to modify his way of practicing, including: 1) A need to reflect on and about the action and near the action in 'in situ' laboratory, 2) A continuous concern about our competence to practice, (presently medical education is in fact discontinuous with periods...
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The Different Effects of Selective Attention and Divided Attention on Audiovisual Temporal Integration

Jingjing Yang, Qi Li, Xiujun Li
Human brains integrate various kinds of information from different modalities to perceive our complex environment. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of attention on the processing of audiovisual temporal information. Fourteen subjects participated in our experiment. Visual, auditory...
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The Teacher's Perception on TPM-Kurtilas Implementation in Amal Keluarga Kindergarten- Bandung

Aan Listiana, Yeni Rachmawati
This study aims to obtain data on the teacher's perception of the implementation program of character development through the Teaching Pyramid Model based on 2013 curriculum (TPM-Kurtilas). The data required as an input for improvement because the program is still a pilot study project. The data was...
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An Empiric Study in the Effectiveness of Student Training Based on Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of Mobile Learning

Aleksandr Volodin, Natalia Bondarenko, Andrei Volodin
The paper reports on the contents of the empirical research on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the student training based on organizational and pedagogical conditions of the mobile learning. We specify the stages and the content of the experiment as well as its conditions and sampling. The sample...
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Development and Validation of a Scientific Literacy Test on Global Warming Theme

Aristo Hardinata, Anna Permanasari
A research and development study was conducted to develop an scientific literacy instrument test in the global warming theme for middle school students. Random sampling method was used to involve 112 fifteen-year students who attend the natural science course at three middle schools in Bandung. The test...
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On Development of Tourist Resources of Ancient Villages and Towns in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province

Wen-ping Xiong
Fuzhou City in Jiangxi Province boasts rich tourist resources of ancient villages and towns of high level and in large number, but such an advantage is yet to be transferred into the advantage in tourist economy. Starting with analyzing the features of tourist resources of ancient villages and towns...
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Use of Multimedia Learning Technology Based Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Chandra Anugrah Putra
Recently, teachers have various problems when implementing the learning in the classroom. Learning problems are caused because the teachers do not understand the characteristics of learners with learning content. Multimedia as a new product of modern technology seeks to involve all the senses, including...
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Research Progress on Dialectical Treatment of Cold Coagulation Type Primary Dysmenorrhea of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Huifang Zhu, Dongjie Wang, Guifeng Lu, Hang Sun, YuJing Zhao, Lihua Niu
At present, there are few studies on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea of cold coagulation type primary dysmenorrhea with traditional Chinese and western medicine at home and abroad. The study of blood deficiency and cold coagulation type of primary dysmenorrhea are alpine stagnation with qi and...
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Research on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Pinna Li
China is a country with a long history. The working people have created a lot of cultural wealth in the long history of development and left a lot of intangible cultural heritage for us. The intellectual property rights protection is an effective means to ensure the dissemination of intangible cultural...
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A Reflection of Comprehensive Evaluation Matriculation in Universities from the Perspective of Educational Equality

Chun-Lan Guan
In recent years, China has paid more and more attention in multiple university matriculation institution, which encourages the appearance of Comprehensive Evaluated Matriculation. Meanwhile, educational equality has gotten increasing attention from Chinese people. On this premise, discuss the educational...
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The Political Culture of Debutant Voters (Analysis Study of Political Culture of Students as Debutan Voters in North Sumatera University)

Adil Arifin
Based on the fact that the debutant voters is one of the potential voters in every election and it have a big number of vote in this present democratic era. So the debutant voters is one of the main targets in any kind of political campaigneither for political party or the candidates leaders in the election,...
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Modeling Academic Writing for University Students

Aunurrahman Aunurrahman, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Emi Emilia
A good piece of academic writing is achieved through hard work and dedication. The hard work and dedication require the academic writing basic knowledge mastery. Yet, this is not an easy task for university students. This conceptual paper proposes how to model academic writing for university students...
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The First Digits Analysis Until the Fifth Benford Law in Financial Statement

Teguh Sugiarto, Amir Indra Budiman, Iin Rosini
research aims to explore if there is fraud in a financial statement, use the Act stated that Benford's distribution number the first digit until the fifth will follow the trend of lower number. Research methods-in this case study authors use the first digit until fifth of the analysis of the numbers....
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Dynamic Impact of Carbon Emission Trading on China's Macro Economy--- Based on CGE Model

Haolong Ding, Zhengliang Min
As the economy develops at a speed in China, the emissions of carbon dioxide also increase on a growing basis, which result in the continuous rise of the seal level and frequent occurring of extreme climates, and become of one the major obstacles impeding the economic development in China. One of the...
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The Design of the Endowment Space in the Perspective of Behavioral Psychology

Ying Xu
Space, in the common sense of people, is planning and limited three-dimensional place, provide the necessary activities for people with a particular environment. Closely linked to space and human behavior: space, behavior. Individual character space character behavior, special environment make special...
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Physical Assessment of Barangka Tugurara Towards Volcanic Hazards of Gamalama Volcano

Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei, Djati Mardianto, Evita Pamudianti, Dwi Yanti Amalia
Gamalama volcano is an active volcano located in Ternate Island. Besides volcanic ash and lava, lahars is one of the volcanic hazards threatening the Island. One of the rivers being susceptible to lahars flood is Barangka (River) Tugurara. The downstream of this river is very densely populated creating...
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Modern Lines of Education in the Field of Culture and Art in the Context of Globalization

Igor Hriptulov
In this article, the analysis of the tendencies of development for profile education in the sphere of culture and art in the Russian Federation and assessment of their influence on the state cultural policy is carried out. Relevance of the conducted research consists in assessment of a role of profile...
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Research on the Main Research Topic Teaching Model for Environment Art Design Major

Ding Liwei
The cultivating objectives of the Environment Art Design Major are the application competence of social practice and designing ability for environment design. The expert teaching models are confronting with the new challenges for many years and the original teaching model cannot suit for the requirements...
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Computing Literacy as a Foundation for Digital Learning

A.Z.R Langi
Computing literacy is fundamental in future learning, as human learns to have smart living in a society and environment where computing is pervasive. As we are approaching a singularity point where the intelligence of computing entities exceeds that of humans, we need to transform ourselves to have favorable...
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Fresh Agri-Food Supply Chain Retailers and Suppliers Price Game

Qian Tong, Xiaoxi Tong, Yuanyuan Li
In the supply chain of fresh agricultural foods and food safety, participants for each activity are making their efforts to obtain the maximize benefits, and every interests owners are playing the maximizing benefit Game. As the main parts in the supply chain, suppliers provide their Optimal order quantity...
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Study on the Computer Aided English Instruction from the Learning Perspective of Constructivism

Lei Liu
Constructivism, one of the core development modes of teaching, receives certain external environment support and is extensively accepted and applied in the computer aidedEnglish instruction under the premises of rapid development of computer technology and constant innovation of college English instruction...
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The Contribution of the Vocational Teachers’ Professional Competence toward Vocational High Schools’ Performance

Abdul Haris Setiawan
This research aims to determine the contribution of the vocational teachers’ professional competence toward the Vocational High Schools’ performance. This research is ex-post facto. Statistically, based on the data and analysis techniques, this research is descriptive quantitative. The population was...
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On the ability to Improve Business Marketing Strategy

Hou Jin
Enterprise marketing capabilities constitute the core competitiveness of the important part. In practice, companies tend to focus on the performance perspective of corporate marketing capabilities, while ignoring the marketing resources and their ability to take advantage of the ability to influence...
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Establishment and Research on the Model of the Company's Financial Risk Warning Based on Principal Component Analysis and Logistic Regression

JingJing Fu
In this paper, we use the modern management theory to build a corporate financial risk early warning indicator system, while using the statistical method of principal component analysis and logistic regression analysis. Through the empirical research on listed companies' financial crisis situation, we...
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The 1999 education reform: An analysis of the Reform implementation and impact on Arts Education in Poland

Renata Ochoa daderska
The aim of this paper is to present the process and impact of the education reform of 1999 in the curricula and ways of implementation of this reform at pre-school institutions, primary schools, lower secondary schools (gimnazja) and upper secondary schools (post-gymnasium schools) taking into account...
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The Bologna Process in Higher Education of Belarus

Larysa Sliapniova, Alexander Tsyganov
Belarus joined the Bologna process in spring 2015, which called for the need to converge higher education systems of Belarus and countries of the European Higher Education Area. Higher Education systems in different countries are brought to standard in several ways. The member states of the Bologna process...
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The Theory of Aesthetic Characteristics of Chinese Court Dance

Yanbin Ding
In the ancient Chinese art, poetry, music and dance, and then gradually produces the differentiation, the formation of the distinctive arts, and the palace dance with its reigns for the lofty status and economic power, focused mainly on folk dance dance in all walks of life essence for its political...
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An Investigation on Students’ Metacognitive Awareness and Their Achievement in EFL Study

Puyu Ning
Metacognition has been developing into a key word of the English as Foreign Language (EFL) study in the previous two decades. The present paper probed into the relationship between students’ metacognitive awareness and their performance in the EFL achievement test. By the employment of the Matecognitive...
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The Application of Plant Landscape in Interior Design

Jinjin Wang
On the basis of important role for plant landscape in the modern interior design, analysis in-depth of the current research status of plant landscape in the indoor design and the main application form, so that the plant landscape in interior design can be more widely promotion and application, provide...
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Statistical Analysis on the Quality of China’s Key Services in 2014

Huali Cai, Yawei Jiang, Heliang Song
With the rapid growth of China’s service industries, the supporting role of quality has become increasingly prominent. With a view to mastering the quality situation of service industries in a dynamic way and promoting high-quality efficient and sustainable development, the author makes a statistical...
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Research on the Minority Preparatory College Chinese Teaching Design based on Task Driven Teaching Method

Min Yu
College Chinese is a compulsory public class in preparatory college, but in recent years, a number of ethnic minority college faced with the different degree of teaching difficulties, which mainly reflected in the teachers teach and students difficult to learn. From present situation of the minority...
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Augmented Reality for Introduction of Unit Systems in Personal Computer

V.R. Palilingan, Gladly C. Rorimpandey
There are lot of technologies that used to developing a learning media. Creative and attractive are some of reasons the teachers want to develop a learning media. Technology Augmented Reality and creative, but it is also can reducing the cost for purchasing a practical tool. Introduction of Unit System...
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Inter-Religion Harmony

Aceng Kosasih
A lot of media, these days, broadcast some unrests and even conflicts between religious groups. The latest conflict between Muslims and Christians occurred in Tolikara, Papua on the day of Eid in 2015. The conflict caused a lot of injured, some even died. Several kiosks and worship places were burned....
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Hedonic Shopping Motive As A Routinization Habit On The Consumer Purchase Decisions At Starbucks Coffee

Lia Yuldinawati, Adelia Ayuningsari
The growth of the middle class who have various lifestyles, one of them is consuming coffee in modern coffee shops. Coffee consumption in Indonesia since 2010 - 2014 had increased.The steady increase of the Indonesian people' s purchasing power has made Starbucks wants to keep increasing the numbers...
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Study on the Factors Affecting the Environmental Behaviors of the Community Residents in Leisure Agriculture Tourism Destinations

Xiuzhi Lin, Xiujuan Huang
The environmental behaviors of the community residents, as the demonstrators, supervisors and beneficiaries of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations play an effect on the ecological environment of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations to a certain extent. In this study, the environmental...
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Educational Reform and Discussion about Course of Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

Le Gao
The teaching effect of Ideological and moral cultivation and the basic course of law has not been ideal. To enhance the teaching effect of the course and improve the teaching quality, teaching reform must be carried out. The reform can be carried out from the following aspects: Reform teaching mode,...
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Tourism Infrastructure Construction Mode Optimization and Correlation Analysis of Related Industry Development

Ting Zhao
This research theoretically analyzes tourism infrastructure construction mode optimization and correlation analysis of general related industry development. With development of the tourism resources to the development of breadth and depth, the study of landscape protection and landscape planning gradually...
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Elementary Study on the Relationship between Employees' Career Competencies and Turnover Intention

Xixi Wu
Employee turnover management is an important aspect of organizing human resources management, and turnover intention is the most direct antecedents of employee turnover behavior. Based on previous literature, this paper put forward that career competencies will also influence workers' turnover intention...
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Analysis on External Circumstances for the Development of Chinese Real Estate Finance

Yiran Tao
Real estate finance as a branch of finance accompanied with the real estate industry, strategy is a global response to adapt to the change of external environment. The Research and development of Chinese real estate finance strategies is inseparable from the objective analysis of the domestic and international...
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Research on Application of Circuit Simulation Software in Electronic Technology Teaching

Haifeng Liu, Ruili Mao
Simulation technology makes the analysis of electronic circuits can be accurately and quickly completed in the computer. On the one hand it overcomes the limitations of laboratory components and instruments, on the other hand it also broke the time and space constraints. This paper describes the application...
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The Comparison of 'Rewriting' of Howard Goldblatt & Andre Lefevere's Translation Thoughts

Chunhua Shen
This paper illustrates firstly the importance of the study of rewriting studies, and then respectively takes a closer look at the basic content of Lefevere's rewriting thoughts and Goldblatt's rewriting thoughts and then comparing their different views on rewriting thoughts. In the end, the paper gives...
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Entrepreneurial Motivations and Risk Decision Making: A Theoretical Framework

Junping Yang, Kuangjian Wu
From a purely theoretical standpoint, the paper aims to see if there is a relationship between entrepreneurial motivations and risk decision making and at the same time explore the role of cognitive traits, including risk perception and self-efficacy, in the relationship. Based on established theories...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Teaching Staff in Private Colleges-A case study of private colleges in Northwest China

Jingfeng He
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to establish a contingent of teachers in private colleges. Taking Xijing University as an example, this paper analyzes the main problems existing in the construction of the contingent of teachers in private colleges, and puts forward some reasonable suggestions...
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Relationship between Tourist Attractions and the Baidu Index: A Case Study of National 5A Scenic Spots of Xi'an City During National Day Holiday

Kewei Lei, Xiaohui Wang, Xiaoning Dou
During Chinese National Day holiday, lots of tourists visit well-known scenic spots leading to heavy overcrowding problems. Consequently, the accurately prediction of tourist numbers for certain small regions/scenic spots within few days is important for tourist attractions management and planning. Most...
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Crisis of the Management Paradigm-Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
This paper attempts to rethink the development of management theory in its classical format, to understand the fundamental causes of a critical attitude to its findings and allegations and justify the conceptual continuum, in which it is possible to achieve a public consensus on the model of knowledge...
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Research on Shenzhen's Maker Movement: Motivation and Its Optimization

Xianwei Zhang
This paper reveals the status of Shenzhen's maker movement by concluding an empirical investigation of the operational model of Shenzhen's makerspaces. After pointing out the problems found in the investigation, this paper put forward some suggestions to optimize makerspace's operation and culture cultivation.
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Dayung Context in Fraction

Marhamah Fajriyah, Ratu Ilma I. Putri, Mr Zulkardi
The students face often difficulties in understanding fraction lesson. It is because the students never get learning basic concept of fraction. This research aimed to get learning trajectory that can help students understand the addition and subtraction of fraction by using dayung context in Asian Games....
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A Study on the Characteristics and Transmission Ways of China Central Plain Opera Culture

Xinyu Li
China Central Plain Culture is broad and profound, and it has promoted the transformation of the central plain drama. In turn, the China central plain opera culture has become the driving force of the China central plain culture, and plays an irreplaceable role in the prosperity, inheritance and development...
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Therapeutic Effect of a Novel Human Parathyroid Hormone Analog Nasal Drops on Osteoporosis Rats

Jiao Feng, Yan Zhu, Shuang Gao, Shuyan Ren, Rongyue Cao
In this study, the therapeutic effect of a novel human parathyroid hormone analogs nasal drops on ovariectomized rats was evaluated. Thirty-two of 40 3-month-old female Sprague-Dawley rats were ovariectomized and 8 received sham operation. Thirteen weeks later, ovariectomized rats were randomly and averagely...
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The Research on the Ways of Finance and Taxation Skills Training in Private Higher Vocational Colleges-As an Example of the VAT Anti-counterfeit Tax Control Invoice System

Qun Liu, Yan Cheng
The concept of value added tax as one of the most important taxes in our country and its role in national economy were introduced. The relevant laws and regulations relating to the tax were narrated. The function and effect of the VAT control system were described. The importance of the research on the...
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Development and Future of the Department Store Industry in Taiwan

Hsiung-Shen Jung
In recent years, Taiwan's department store developed its management strategy from homogenization to differentiation, furthermore, to large-scale chain. Traders adopt to cooperate technically or financially, as its development characteristics. This article is for the origin of Taiwan's department store...
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Knowledge as a Non-equilibrium Dynamic System

Mikhail Oseledchik, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev
The article is devoted to the consideration of knowledge as a non-equilibrium, self-sustaining, and self-organizing system possessing the properties of openness, nonlinearity and dissipation, which shows the true value of learning and intellectual productive environment for possible diffusion of knowledge....
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Proverb in mass-media discourse (based on the newspaper interview)

Olga Abakumova
The paper discusses the use of cognitive-discourse model of proverb's sense actualization offered by the author for analysis of semantics and pragmatics of proverb in newspaper interview.
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Customer Satisfaction Evaluation of Third Party Logistics Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Aolin Liu
The third party logistics is a new service business, its customer satisfaction level directly affects the customers' purchase decisions, which also determines the enterprises' market share, therefore, the evaluation and analysis of the customer satisfaction are of great importance to the third party...
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A Situational Analysis of English Language Learning among Eastern Indonesian Students

Mozes Kurniawan, Elvira Hoesein Radia
Nowadays, English is widely spread for communication in the world. It is also considered as the first formal language for international communities. The importance of English as a global language is also felt by a lot of countries, in this case, Indonesia. As a part of ASEAN Economic Community, Indonesian...
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The Application of Discovery Teaching Method in Normal University Mathematics Teaching

Yao Huang, Haiping Huang
By the utilization of n order determinant in higher algebra as an example and based on Bruner's four principal theorems about math learning, the learning pattern and psychological mechanism of math concepts in higher normal universities are analyzed. The progress and approach of freshmen majoring in...
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On the importance of the combination of theoretical knowledge and skill learning in music classroom

Fei Wang, Li Nian
Learning in any subject, we have to pay attention to the common progress of the theory and skills, is the theory and practice, if the lack of one of them, then the students will face a lot of problems, the relationship between theoretical knowledge and skill learning is equivalent to learning and thinking,...
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Split Screen Aesthetics in Soviet Animation

Violetta Evallyo
The essence of the split screen reception is to separate. However, paradoxically, it combines objects and spaces, integrating new ways of cooperation. The split screen can veil the displayed modernity, enhance the decorative and connotational properties of visual matter in animation.
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Optimizing the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint

Youyou Xie
The tension between desires to maximize security while minimizing inconvenience to passengers at the airport security checkpoint has increased during few year time. The purpose of this paper is to construct a model to detect the bottlenecks hidden in the current system hence ease the tension by improving...
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Distributed Teaching Model based on Flipped Classroom for HF Electronic Circuit

Danyang Qin, Hong Wu, Erfu Wang, Hongbin Ma, Qun Ding
Rapid development of modern communication has a close relationship with the support of information talents, who benefit from the continuous perfection of discipline establishment. Partial content in HF Electronic Circuit is taken as the reform object, and the flipped classroom is taken as the reform...
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How to Build Guanxi Quality: An Empirical Investigation in China

Jia Shen, Xueling Lee
China is a guanxi-oriented nation. Compared to the Western relational marketing concept, Guanxi incorporates the notion of ganqing and renqing. Based on its unique cultural and institutional backgrounds, Chinese guanxi is a mixture of the affect and instrumentality. This article posits and examines a...
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The application of hierarchical teaching mode in College English Teaching

Zhaoying Li
Prominent to students as the main body thought, respect for individual differences, adjust measures to local conditions, individualized teaching is the theoretical basis of hierarchical teaching; prior to the implementation of the hierarchical teaching must carefully analyze the implementation of environmental...
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The problems and countermeasures of the application of instructional design theory in teaching practice

Changping Wang, Chunbo Wei, Jianbo Wang, Pengxia Zhang
The author found that the problems of the application of instructional design theory in teaching practice as follows:(1)Instructional design theory guides the teaching practice operability weakly;(2)The theory of teaching design and the current teaching practice is very difficult to achieve the same...
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The application research of the performance appraisal model of the teacher in independent college based on the detailed management

Yu Liao
With the gradual popularization of china's higher education , In recent years, The competition between various colleges and universities is becoming more and more fierce, the quality and brand become a magic weapon to win. there is a widespread quantification fuzzy problem in independent college in China...
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Research on Ecology in Modern Landscape Design

Juan You
Modern landscape design develops from germination in the early 20th century to contemporary mature, forms the scientific, artistic and social three aspects which supplement each other. Most landscape designers realize that the landscape no longer means "picturesque", but must match society and science...
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On Theoretical Principles of Managing the Processes of Musical Communication in Society

Alexander Yakoupov
The author considers the theory of musical communication management in contemporary society and its most relevant principles. The author focuses on the theoretical principles of multi-factor differentiation of the listening audience and purposeful programming. The theories of prominent musical sociologists...
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Research of Material Concepts on Arts Education

Bing Liu, Fan Wang, Fu Liu, Hongtao Zhou
Materials changes interpretation of the art updates, the replacing of the idea determines the language value and significance of the material in art, in modern art education, knowledge of the material not only in the understanding of its surface texture, outer shape of emotional experience, more importantly,...
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Sergey Hessen's Philosophy of Education

Igor Grebeshev, Sergey Nizhnikov
The Article considers the project of Sergey Hessen's Philosophy of education, addressed in the context of the thinker's general philosophical views, which had been influenced by the European neo-Kantianism tradition. However, Hessen argued (in line with the Russian personalist metaphysics) that "identity...
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Tactics for Improvement of Combination between IE Education and Engineering Practice by Exploring Historical Employment Statistics

Yabo Luo, Xia Li
Industrial Engineering (IE) is a comprehensive and practical emerging major. Due to unclear definition of professional field, there is a certain disparity between IE education in high school and engineering practice. To find the approach to bridge the gap, this paper analyzed IE comparative education...
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Discussion About Teaching On Interior Space Design

Jiangyong Li
Interior design is the essence of the interior space design, including physical space design and psychological space design two levels. Interior design style is an important issue for interior designers and owners. Through analysis and Research on the relationships between design and interior design...
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Research on Evaluation and Selection of the Third Party Logistics Supplier

Jinhua Li, Min Liu, Xiaojie Chai
Through analyzing the characteristics of fresh agricultural products, this paper sets up the third party logistics provider selection index system, and constructs the selection model based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. At the end, the paper introduces the example analysis, to demonstrate the effectiveness...
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The Historical Evolution, Main Experience and Enlightenments of the Relationship between Government and Social Organizations since the Foundation of China

Li-Yuan Cao, Qing Li
In China, the relationship between government and social organizations has been promoting the emergence and development of social organizations directly, and studying the historical evolution of the relationship between them has much significance for the future development of social organizations. Since...
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Investigation and Analysis on Current Situation of Community Sports Activities in “Urban Village”of Guangzhou City

Jing Gao
The surveys on current community sports for urban village residents in Guangzhou, and the content of concerning of government as well as the degree of public awareness of physical fitness and other aspects are performed by the methods of questionnaire and in-situ investigation .It has been analyzed the...
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Expansion of Hat Product Design with Storage Idea

Yingxing Bian
Popular design status of clothing products makes current clothing sales market lack excitement. Through analyzing the influence and feasibility of storage idea on clothing accessory design, this paper aims to propose remodeling design of hat products with storage idea, seek skillful design technique,...
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Marxism Has the Theoretical Character of Keeping Pace with The Times

H.J. Xing
It’s the continuous development of Marxism. Marxism itself is constantly in advance with The Times. As a Marxist truth, is the dialectical unification of absolute truth and relative truth. Keep pace with The Times is the essential attribute of Marxism, is the inevitable need of development of Marxism,...
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Innovative Thinking of Elementary Course Teaching in University

Xuelian Lu
As one of the important part of higher education, the elementary course teaching has its unique features and rules from other professional course teachings. Its main teaching content is to teach knowledge and its purpose is to foster students’ abilities. Being an elementary, important, scattered and...
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An Automatic Course Assessment Tool for Weakness Identification

Chunlei Liu, Limei Chen
We develop an automatic course assessment tool that gives numerical indicators on fulfilling course learning outcomes and identifies course weaknesses for future improvement. Four years of application indicate that this tool is very effective in revealing course weaknesses and in reducing the time spent...
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Research on Optimization of Selection Mechanism of Medical Advanced Talents

Yi Zhang, Shidi Wen
The talent resource, especially the advanced medical talent resources, is the key of competitive advantage for medical institutions. This paper firstly gives the concept of the Medical Advanced Talents, and then expounds the quality structure and its test methods of medical advanced talents, finally...
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Individual Charity in China

Pan Zhijia, Yuan Haiqing, Zhu Shouzeng
Charity in China stems from the development of economy in both national and personal aspects. Celebrities’ enthusiasm in charity evokes public participation. Considering the similarities and also the differences between China and some other countries which has relatively sophisticated charitable systems,...
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Liberalism or Technological Modernization

Andrei Blinov
Under scrutiny is the problem of the Russian economy’s innovation and technological potential and its potential effect on global economic crisis. This work exposes the source of the Russian economy's demoralization and economic collapse, asserting that Russia’s present situation is impeding the development...
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Thoughts and Suggestions on Undergraduates Innovations Experiment Project

Jinjin Liang, Xiaoqun Sun, Jiangang Wang, Haojiang Cai
Scientific research and implementing ability are the fundamental methods for cultivating talents. Undergraduates participate in the research and practice are the fundamental principle of teaching. Undergraduates innovations experiment project follows the principle of interest driven, independent practice,...
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The Communicative Means of Music and the Ways of Its Reproduction The Historical and Analytical Aspect

Alexander Yakoupov
The article is dedicated to the consideration of the communicative music means, their kinds in the context of historical aspect of the ways of music reproduction. The author follows the chronology of the development of communication means – from the non-writing to the electronic and mechanical. In the...
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Optimal Resource Allocation of the Press

Xue Yang
The paper studies the optimal resource allocation of the press. Four decisive factors are market share, satisfaction, sales and the number of ISBN assigned. We are made to increase the profits of the press and reduce the gap between expected sales and actual sales at the same time. We set the numbers...
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Study on Financing Mode Innovation in New Urbanization Construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Qiong Wu
From the perspective of new urbanization construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, in this paper we firstly analyze the financing demand of it, and then describe the disadvantages of the traditional mode of financing, and finally explore how to construct diversified and sustainable urbanization...
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The College Students’ Psychology and Education Management

Xiaojiao Liu
Higher education aims at developing high-quality person who is fully developed, including the all-round development of psychological qualities. However, many researches show that the psychological condition of college students is hardly optimistic. On the basis of the research of psychological health...
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The Modeling of Complex Agent Network based on BDI Agent

Arxiden Ablimit
In this paper, on the basis of deeply analyzing the basic search algorithm, the features of complex network structure, and the complexity of the search process, multi-agent system (MAS) and complex network as two method of complex system modeling are systematically studied to draw on their features,...
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Research and Exploration of Integrated Teaching-training Mode for Police PE Teaching in Police Schools

Xuetao An, Meixian Bai
Public security specialty of police schools urgently needs to establish integrated police PE teaching and training, optimize the contents, establish long-term teaching and training mechanism and organically combine teaching contents with the training of the second classroom. This paper deeply discusses...
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Mathematical Conjecturing Ability in Junior High School Students on the Material of Angles, Lines, and Two Dimensional Figure

Yani Supriani, Ria Noviana Agus, Usep Sholahudin
Mathematical cognitive ability, is an ability that supports students’ skills in learning mathematics. One of the cognitive abilities developed is the mathematical conjecturing ability in junior high school students. Conjecture is the reason why someone has a belief, an explanation of why a belief is...
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Exploring Textual Function Realization in Corruption Courtroom Discourse

T. Silvana Sinar, T. Thyrhaya Zein, Nurlela, Muhammad Yusuf
This study deals with exploring the use of textual function in corruption courtroom discourse realized by Theme-Rheme structure in a clause uttered by judge, prosecutors, witness, and defender. Qualitative method was employed as the research design. The data were in the form of clauses gained from corruption...
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The Cultivation of Business Analysis Talents in the Background of Big Data

Kaixuan Liu
With the development of economic globalization, people have entered the era of big data, business analysis plays a vital role in the development of enterprises. It can be said that every industry needs relevant business analysis in order to get the most effective decision for the development of its industry....
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An Assessment of the Objectives of Decentralization in Aceh Autonomous Region

Muhammad Razi, Khairil Azmin Mokhtar
After about two decades, decentralization gained momentum in Aceh, it is timely to assess to what extent the aims and objectives of the decentralization have been achieved. This research paper initially seeks to determine the underlying factors and causes of the decentralization in Aceh Special Region....
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Changing Society’s Mind Set in Managing Rural Development: A Way of Educators in Balancing Prosperity of Cities and Rural Areas

Lince Sihombing
Living a prosperous life is a right of every nation. In order to have this prosperity, government’s assistance is badly needed. The assistance varies in various aspects of life for citizens and villagers. One of this is having skills in managing their way of life, which varies in done and involved with...