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“Online Arbitration”; Comparative Analysis

Gunawan Widjaja, Andryawan, Victoria Regine Liando
Advancement in technology must be used to benefit human life. On among the issues is that technology must be used to create more efficient and effective disputes resolutions through arbitration. Arbitration need to resolve the disputes in a faster and cheaper procedure. Nowadays, arbitration shall be...
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The Benefit Values of Settling Business Disputes by Means of Mediation in Indonesia

Mia Hadiati, Mariske Myeke Tampi
This article will discuss the benefit values of the settlement of business disputes namely business to consumer disputes (b to c) by means of mediation at Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency (BPSK) DKI Jakarta, one of the prominent province in Indonesia. The discussion of benefit values will be based...
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“Fast Track Arbitration”; Comparative Analysis

Gunawan Widjaja, Andryawan, Victoria Regine Liando
Arbitration at present takes a lot of time and costs, which may create more burden to the losing party. The basic principle of being fast and efficient is one of the requirements of arbitration. Instead of going through the arbitration process, disputes parties may take simpler way to settle their disputes...
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Fair Arbitration Decision for Parties to the Dispute Based on The Act Arbitration

Jeanne Darc Noviayanti Manik, Wirazilmustaan
The law governing the dispute material in arbitration and Alterntive Dispute Resolution is the law selected in the relevant commercial agreement that poses a dispute between the parties. In the event by the parties to the agreement not set forth on governing law, the parties freely elect the applicable...
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The Effectiveness of Mediation in Distribution of Inheritance Association Based on The Supreme Court Report 2016 to 2018

Muhammad Rizqi Fadhlillah, Tetty Hariyati
The number of Islamic inheritance disputes that enter the Court is increasing from year to year. This can be seen from the Supreme Court report data from 2017 to 2018. The number of disputes over Islamic inheritance shows that the mediation process has not been effective enough in resolving disputes...
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The Review of Regulations Through Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Tundjung Herning Sitabuana, Ahmad Redi, Shella Felicia
Indonesia has identified itself as the state of law (rechtsstaat). The principle of the rule of law undoubtedly underlies the life of the state and nation by embodying hierarchical legal norms culminating in constitution. However, the inconsistency between the laws and regulations is inevitable in constitutional...
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The Urgency of Arbitration Clause in International Trade Contract of Electronic Transaction

Mohammad Zamroni
Technology of Information has shifted the type of international trade from complicated way under particular domestic and international regulations to more simple way. Electronic transaction (i.e., e-commerce), in fact, seems like denying jurisdictions that countries have. A citizen of a state may simply...
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Position of Arbitration Clause in Relation to Absolute Competence in Bankruptcy Disputes

Rahayu Hartini, A.A.A. Ngurah Tini Rusmini Gorda
During the validity of Law No. 37 of 2004 (2004-2013), out of 5 bankruptcy cases, all decisions stating that the Commercial Court is authorized to settle bankruptcy cases based on Article 303 of Law No. 37 of 2004 concerning Bankruptcy. Although the substance of Article 303 is contrary to the legal principle...
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Legal Certainty Implementation of Arbitration Decisions in Indonesia

Hendri Jayadi
The establishment of an arbitration institution as an institution or forum for resolving disputes outside the court is not a result of people’s distrust of the current judiciary. In its development, the Arbitration Institution is not only a national issue, but it is seen from its historical development...
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The Effectiveness of Mediation in Divorce Case at Denpasar Religious Court

Mia Hadiati, Indah Siti Aprilia
Mediation as one of Alternative Dispute Resolution having the ascendcy in the Indonesian Legal System. This mediation was considered as a way of dispute resolution humane because the mechanism for decision making within the authority of the parties in dispute and maintaining good relation and fair because...
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“Emergency Arbitration”; Comparative Analysis

Gunawan Widjaja, Andryawan, Victoria Regine Liando
In contractual relationships with respect to Business to Business (B2B) trade transactions, disputes that occur can be related to the object of the transactions, which may involve any kind of goods. Disputes in relation to the goods as object of disputes can take consequences that the goods may be damaged...
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Amicable Settlement Through Mediation in Land Disputes

Benny Djaja
Land disputes has for long made up the majority of the cases numbered to enter the court. However, a lot of issues are yet to be solved with regards to both the available settlement procedures and the necessity for a specialized forum, as well as the quantity and quality mediators involving and the conflict...
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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment Dispute Completion Between Indonesian Companies With Foreign Workers

I Wayan Gde Wiryawan, Dewi Bunga
Globalization in various fields and the advancement of information technology have an impact in increasing the need for companies in Indonesia to employ foreign workers. Foreign workers are expected to provide technology transfer to local workers. The existence of foreign workers working in Indonesian...
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Meaning of Writing in “Arbitration Agreement”; Current Development

Gunawan Widjaja
”arbitration agreement”, in order to be enforceable must be made in writing. The “arbitration agreement” itself can be incorporated in the main agreement as arbitration clause, that made the main agreement must be made in writing; or specifically made in a form of a separate agreement from the main agreement....
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The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Legal Framework for International Arbitration Practices in Indonesia

Flora P. Kalalo, Kathleen C. Pontoh
In the era of The Fourth (4.0) Industrial Revolution, cutting edge technology has made no boundaries between countries in international trade. Nowadays, the engagement between people can easily be done by touching screen. Nevertheless, it has potential to cause legal problems, that is why the resolution...
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Settlement of Policy Regulation Dispute Through Mediation

Policy rules are regulations issued by the government based on discretionary authority. The aim is to provide a legal basis for the implementation of government tasks because statutory regulations do not regulate them. As a matter of fact, many policy regulations contradict the higher laws and regulations,...
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Conflicts in the Management of Crude Oil Related to the Application of Law Number 22 of 2001 Concerning Oil and Natural Gas Against People’s Oil Mining in the Village of Wonocolo, Kecamatan Kedewan, Bojonegoro, East Java.

R. Rahaditya, Agoes Dariyo
Research conducted in order to find out the related cases of distillation and illegal sales of crude oil mining products in the Bojonegoro area remain in Wonocolo village, Kedewan District, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. Whereas according to the mandate of the 1945 Constitution that all natural resources...
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Mediation as Toll to Settle Medical Disputes; Indonesian Case

Gunawan Widjaja
Health care, including medical services is very complex in practice. It involves many kinds of aspects, such as ethic, dicipline and legal issues, but it only has one objective. It aims for human health. It focuses on patient safety. Patient is the only concerned in health care. It is said that any intervention...
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Mediation as an Alternative to Underage Marriage Dispute Resolution

Mia Hadiati, Moody R. Syailendra, Luthfi Marfungah
Underage Marriage is a marriage conducted not in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 1 of 2974 concerning Marriage (Marriage Law). The Marriage Law regulates the age limit for carrying out marriages, namely Men Nineteen (19) Years and Women Sixteen (16) Years. There are many factors that cause...
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Time and Body in New Media Art

Shu Zhong
This article focuses on the issue of time in new media art. Taking video art as an example, it provides various technical means to break the linear structure of time, thereby generating an internal view of time. This view of time is closely related to the presence of the body. The similarity between...
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Activities of Musicians of Kazakhstan in the Years of the Great Patriotic War: On the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary

Dana Zh. Zhumabekova
The Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was the liberation war of the Soviet people against Nazi Germany and its allies, the most important and decisive part of the Second World War (1939-1945). The article is devoted to the activities of visiting musicians in Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War...
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Musical Instruments of “Mongolian Music” and the Reflections

Tegusi Zhou
“Mongolian Music” refers to a part of the Mongolian court music and instrumental music preserved in the Qing Dynasty. It consists of two parts: “Jia Chui Yue Jiang” and “Fan Bu He Zou”. Also, it is an important historical material mainly recorded in Mongolian, Chinese, Manchu and traditional Chinese...
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Study on the Stylization of Color Language in Landscape Oil Painting

Lihong Zhang
As an independent genre in painting, landscape oil painting has undergone the process of breaking away from Western oil painting and forming a complete landscape color system, which is accompanied by the style evolution of color language. Taking the French Impressionism and Russian Itinerants as research...
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Analysis on the New Models of Chinese Cinema Movie Intellectual Property Operation Under the Epidemic Situation

Xiaoyan Yuan
Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic in 2020, the Chinese economy has generally suffered setbacks and the cultural industry has been hit hard. As the epidemic continues, the screening and creation of Chinese cinema films has entered a “sleep period”, and industry self-help is extremely urgent. During...
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Practice and Exploration of Huangmei Opera Art Education in Local Colleges and Universities: Taking Huanggang Normal University as an Example

Sha Tao
Huangmei opera is one of the five major dramas in China. It originated in Huangmei County of Huanggang City and is loved by the masses. As the only local university in the local area, Huanggang Normal University has attached great importance to Huangmei opera art education in recent years. The school...
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The Origin and Artistic Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Paper-Cut Art

Yan Guan, Meng Pan
In the era of cultural globalization, countries around the world have begun to pursue the revival of traditional culture. Paper-cut, as a popular and artistic form of traditional culture in China, has been passed on for many years and is very popular. By studying the cultural origin of paper-cut art...
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The Artistic Features of “Zhuo”, a Type of Tibetan Dance

Bing Liu
The Tibetan “Zhuo” has an ancient history and culture, and its development in Tibetan areas has a long history. It has the reputation of “Chinese living dance fossil”. “Zhuo” has a unique ethnic style in the process of development, and policy measures provide Tibetan people with their unique performing...
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Study on the Aesthetic Crisis of Chinese Antique Fantasy Movies Since the New Century

Zhuo Li, Zongsheng Yue
Since the new century, Chinese antique fantasy movies have gradually risen and occupied a prominent position in the film market, relying on myths, legends, mythical stories, etc., taking overhead history or fictional space-time as narrative strategy, to show the strange feelings, wonderful view, and...
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Functioning of Children’s Theaters in Russia (Repertoire Problems)

Evgeniia Dudkina
A lot of research, based on the analysis of both statistical and sociological data is devoted to the problems of the functioning of theaters of various genres. The purpose of this study is to analyze the repertoire policy of children’s theaters in Russia in recent years. The work used the statistical...
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The Stage Performance Project of B. V. Asafyev’s Orchestral Score for M. P. Mussorgsky’s Opera Khovanshchina

Vasilisa Aleksandrova
This article is devoted to the history of an unrealized stage performance of B. V. Asafyev’s orchestral score for M. P. Mussorgsky’s Khovanshchina, and is based on archival documents, stored in The Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, The Russian National Museum of Music, The St. Petersburg Central...
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Research on Design Aesthetics and Cultural Connotation of Gold and Silver Interlocking Buckle in the Ming Dynasty

Xiao’ang Hao, Zhihong Yin
The gold and silver interlocking buckle is a unique accessory commonly seen in women’s clothing in Ming Dynasty. It is composed of a button loop with a bayonet, a flat spherical button and two keepers. This article organizes and summarizes the types of gold and silver interlocking buckles in the Ming...
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Installation as a “Featured” Form of Art

Alexandra Orlova
Pieces created in the installation form of art demonstrate us the necessity of an immediate contact with works like these. That is why we need to have detailed descriptions of such pieces made by the eye-witness viewers. These descriptions help us to trace the installation’s “life” because some of them...
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Analysis of Montage Application in Modern Stream of Consciousness Movie Editing

Qianyu Ding
Stream-of-consciousness movies began in the 1950s and 1960s, which advocates the use of irrational flow to constitute the content of the movie. And it presents the internal psychological thoughts of the characters to the audience in a unique way of montage. Stream-of-consciousness movies are a wonderful...
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Lockdown as a Way to Establish New Cultural Traditions in the Context of the Festive and the Routine: Based on the Izoizolyacia Facebook Community

Natalia Mostitskaya
The article addresses the reasons and motives for people to engage into active social communication on the Internet in the conditions of a pandemic, by the example of the high-rated Izoizolyacia community on the Facebook social network, in particular. The phenomenon of cultural tradition is analysed...
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The Peculiarities of Frigyes Hidas’s Style of Wind Music

Josef Csikota, Galima Lukina
The article focuses on the style of the creative work of Frigyes Hidas (1928–2007), a Hungarian composer, who had significant influence on the development of orchestral wind music in Hungary. His artistic legacy has not been yet thoroughly studied by musicologists, which determines the relevance and...
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Evaluation Dimensions of Film Literature Works

Fujiang Sun, Jingling Shu
This article takes the evaluation dimensions of film literature works as the research objects, and uses the method of systematic analysis to explore the basic elements of time and space background, values and politics contained in film literature works. Based on consumers’ pleasure demand for film literature...
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Serpentinisme in French Art of the Second Half of the XIXth Century

Daria Martynova
This article is devoted to the study of the medical institutions’ influence on the modification of the plot about the Eve’s sin in the second half of the XIXth century. In 1896, the inventor of the graphic pun, Henri Avelot, created the caricature “Four arts”, singling out “serpentinisme” among artistic...
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The Silent and Looming — The Visual Schema and Metaphorical Construction of Contemporary Abstract Painting

Zhijun Wang
The language of abstract painting presents a relationship between silence and loom as well as different narrative methods of abstract painting artists. It corresponds and observes with the artist’s own inner world through visual means to achieve the agreement between the meaning and content of the visual...
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Reconstruction · Emotion · Narrative: Discussion on the Application of Cinematic Space Language in Interior Design

Wen Lan
The article discusses and experiments on the formal language and design methods of film intervention in interior space design. It explores how emotion and narrative can be organically combined with cinematic techniques, and how to construct the place spirit of interior space based on film montage technique....
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Application Research of Regional Architectural Design Based on Chu Culture

Yi Zhang
As a distinctive branch of Chinese culture, Chu culture has a rich connotation and various forms. The colors, lines, images, skills and craftsmanship of Chu culture condense the wisdom and aesthetics of the Chu people. Inheriting traditional cultural characteristics in regional architecture can reshape...
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Treatment of Sound in Contemporary Art Music: At the Examples of Works by Ukrainian Composers

Iryna Tukova
This article reviews the approaches to work with sound in contemporary art music. These approaches are studied from the point of view of the most widespread conceptions of sound treatment. From many existing ones at our time the attention in the article is paid to two. The first conception is defined...
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Application of Rock Color in Modern Public Decorative Art

Zhangmin Yan
This article first traces the widespread use of rock color represented by natural mineral color in the early religious art of human, especially in the art of grotto paintings in the early days of China. The traditional Chinese color system that it symbolizes is also promoted by the art and design world...
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Sculpture Bearing “Meanings”: Tradition of French Classical Sculpture and Modern Sculpture of Sichuan Province

Xijun Deng
The so-called sculpture bearing “meanings” refers to a sculptural language system that vividly reproduces nature with full physical space, heavy volume, rigorous realistic skills, precise anatomical structure and proportion of shapes. This is an aesthetic law centered on the theme and completely faithful...
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Study of Nanfeng Nuo Dance in Jiangxi Province Under the Influence of Farming Culture

Limin Chen
Nanfeng Nuo dance in Jiangxi Province is a historical relic of traditional culture, which embodies the living customs, national characteristics and cultural connotation accumulated through long-term farming. And it is the wisdom crystallization left to Chinese descendants by farming civilization for...
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The Study of Curriculum System to Cultivate the Thinking of Sustainable Development of Regional Culture: Taking Digital Media Art as an Example

Ting He, Yinghong Sheng
The excellent traditional culture of the region has rich development themes, and the cultivation of design talents needs to pay more attention to the inheritance of local culture with historical significance and value, and to the sustainable development of regional traditional culture. This paper studies...
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Study on the Value Identity of Chinese and Vietnamese Culture of Song Genius

Xi Chen
The geographical proximity and cultural homology make the cross-border peoples of China and Vietnam have common ground in many areas such as religion, beliefs, and living customs. A comparative study is made of the culture of Song Genius derived from the legend of Third sister liu, which is widely circulated...
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History as a Mirror: Research on the Development of Contemporary Chinese Art Colleges

Yurong Ma
At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, China was in the wave of learning Western thought and technology, and was gradually influenced by the western learning. During a period of time, schools and courses featuring Chinese art education emerged. Under the irreversible trend...
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The Color Features of Chu Teh-chun’s Abstract Paintings

Feng Liu
This article studies the unique color style characteristics of Chu Teh-chun’s abstract paintings and summarizes them into three points: the delicate feeling after the assimilation of ink of oil painting, the gorgeous feeling produced by the contrast and expression of light sensation, and the poetic rhythm...
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Study on the Importance of Protecting the Original Artistic Value of the Cultural Heritage of the Mogao Grottoes

Shuyan Pei, Yuxin He
The mural paintings in Mogao Grottoes have high historical, artistic and cultural values. In the course of thousands of years, they have been affected by various natural and human factors, resulting in the emergence of different kinds of diseases. It is very important to carry out the work of disease...
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A Review of the Basic Teaching Thoughts of Legal School in Sculpture Teaching in Chinese Academy

Bo Qin
In the last century, sculptors returning from studying France combined the French academic sculpture teaching mode with their respective artistic ideas, and gradually formed the French teaching tradition in the sculpture teaching of the Chinese Academy in teaching practice. French sculpture teaching...