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(WITHDRAWN) Literature Review of International Service Trade Barriers

Yanping Zhao
This article review the selection of service trade barriers, quantitative method, the estimation method and the economic impact modeling of the barriers eliminating. Exploring the barriers index construction, the influence of the economic growth of the benefits and costs,when eliminate service trade...
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Research on Purchase Order Allocation under Uncertainty of Supply

Li Yan
Supply uncertainty has a significant impact on the overall supply chain. In this paper, we study the supply chain model of one producer and two suppliers, and establish the expected cost function of the producer and supplier. The change of the total cost of procurement supply chain and the optimal order...
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Cross - shareholding Analysis of China 's Listed Companies by Sector based on Social Network Perspective

Huifang Fei, Canzhong Yao
Taking the cross shareholdings(CSH) A-share firms from Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets from 2006 to 2014 as research samples, this study constructs corporate network and industrial network of CSH from the perspective of social network. QAP analysis is used to explore the influence factors of industry...
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A Case Study on the Spatial Panel Data Model : Factors of China Marine Economy Development

Mianmian Hong
Entering the 21st century, China's marine economy has been experiencing rapid development, and the spatial structure of coastal city's marine economy has also changed significantly. This paper, introducing the term "geospatial", chooses a selection of index, with consideration of spatial effects, regarding...
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Construction of Innovative Teaching System and Mode for Mechanical Principle Course Facing Ability Target of International Engineering Education

Yong Yang, Jing-liang Jiang, De-xiang Wang, Xia Jin
Aiming at the exist teaching problems of mechanical principle course, facing ability target of international engineering education, a further exploration and practice of teaching reform for mechanical principle course are carried out. The effective constructions are obtained in the following aspects:...
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Big Data and the Development of Regional Economy

Aoyun Chen
Big data has promoted the integration of Internet and industrial innovation, and further promotes traditional industrial upgrading and the emergence of emerging industry, has resulting in a huge social and economic impact. This paper demonstrate the mechanism of industrial structure optimization promoted...
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Design and Development of Computer Aided Teaching Software for Mechanical Principle Course

Yong Yang, Jing-liang Jiang, Xia Jin, Xin-fu Liu
For the current teaching of mechanical principle course, there is a lack of a set of applicative software which is helpful to carry out the design and optimization of mechanical products. To solve this problem, according to the actual requirements of mechanism analysis and project design during teaching,...
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Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Industrial Overcapacity in Chinese Provinces

Pan Wu
In recent years, excess production capacity has been plagued by China's economic development, especially under the background of the new normal, excess capacity in the short term and long term will cause certain negative influence to our country economy, destroy the healthy development of the industrial...
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Research on the Internal Control of Guarantee Company

Liuyang Fu
Guarantee companies, as emerging non-bank financial entities under the international economic development, are recognized as a high-risk industry. As a platform for financing guarantee company, Guarantee companies connect firms and banks.It has a far-reaching impact on social and economic development,...
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The Research on Innovation-Driven Paths of High-tech Zone Under the New Normal in China

Xiang Fei, Qinghao Bu
Talent aggregation of high level is good for high-tech zone of one country's economic pattern to achieve new dynamics of innovation-driven development, and then to push forward regional industrial restructure and economic transformation and upgrading. From that, how to recognize the driving force of...
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Land Urbanization Level of Core Cities in the Silk Road Economic Belt

Zhe Li, Dangchen Sui
With the construction and development of the Silk Road Economic Belt, it is of great significance to analyze the land urbanization level of cities along the route. This paper established a new evaluation system, consisting of 11 indexes from 6 aspects, to measure the land urbanization level of 71 core...
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English Teaching Contests and Professional Development of English Teachers in Independent Colleges---- An Empirical Study Based on C College

Xinyan Feng
Teacher professional development is an important aspect of teachers' team construction. With arise and development of national college English teaching contests, their great potential to promote the professional development of college English teachers gradually becomes a consensus. With C College as...
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The Thinking of Campus Football Under the Haze Fog weather

Yanhong Li, YunQi Yan
Since the development of campus football, series of activities have been carried out all over the country and have achieved certain results. As the haze fog weather seriously affected campus football, we should take certain measures in face of haze fog weather so that the campus football activities will...
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Empirical Research of Merger and Acquisition Performance on China's Media Industry Listed Company

Xiuling Zou
In recent years, under the strong support of national policy, there was a wave of mergers and acquisitions in China's media industry listed companies. Mergers and acquisitions, however, are of good quantity is not equal to be of good quality and m&a get real improvement whether the performance of the...
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Study on Design Culture of Proto-porcelain Pot with Two Lugs of The Western Han Dynasty

Mingyu Liu
The proto-porcelain pot with two lugs of the Western Han Dynasty was excavated in 1963 at Che jiabao of north suburb of Xi' An City, and which is collected in Shanxi History Museum. The pot with two lugs is proto-porcelain, and which has the transitional characteristics from pottery to porcelain. There...
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Exploration and Practice of Animation Major Reform in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Mode of Integration of Production and Education

Wei-guo Zhang, Lai-quan Liu, Zan-hong Cai
School-enterprise cooperation is the basis of the reform and development of animation major in high vocational colleges, and production and education integration is an important guarantee to improve the quality of education.Animation major in high vocational colleges should hold the great standard of...
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A Study on the Quality and Efficiency of Economic Development in Guangdong Province

Yu Mu
Since the reform and opening up, China's national economy has maintained a rapid growth, GDP is increasing rapidly. But economic development are not only refers to the expansion of total economic output, but also in the promotion of qualitative aspects. Therefore, how to assess the quality of economic...
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Literature Review: Development and Effect Evaluation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Yang Lu
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one mechanism that can bring significant economic and social benefits, can solve climate and environmental problems by market means, and it is also a win-win mechanism for cooperation between developed and developing countries. This paper will classify the related...
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On Quality Cultivation & Career Development of College Students

Tingyan Bi, Binlu Feng, Chenming Wei
The condition of college students' quality and career has been concerned by all sectors of society. How to promote the college students' quality and make the guidance of their career development better, need implement the relevant policies conscientiously and improve the working mechanism through comprehensive...
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Mining Residents' Response to Rare Earth Mining And Environmental Protection

Jing-hong Lu, Ze-bin Wu
This document investigated mining residents' response to the relationship between rare earth mining and environmental protection. Research shows that the vast majority of the interviewees consider that the rare earth mining will have a serious impact on the local ecological environment and the relationships...
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Analysis of Sino-Russia-Magnolia Trade Cooperation Potential: Based on the Perspective of Trade Gravity Model

Qian Shen
This paper sets the three bilateral trade flows (1999-2014) as the basis of analysis and adds trade system arrangement policy variable within the classical trade gravity model. It also constructs the panel data model of three bilateral trade between China,Russia and Mongolia. The empirical results show...
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Analysis of online Shopping Fakes from the Perspective of Information Asymmetry

Kunzhuo Song
Nowadays, the online shopping market is very influential.To bring consumers convenient at the same time, there are many hidden dangers, from come out so far, has been a problem of fake online shopping market but around the ridge, like a raging fire double eleven, every year to refresh a new record, but...
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Engine Dismounting and Operation Test Bench Design Based on Practice Ability Training

Wen-bing Yan
Based on corolla 1ZR electronic-controlled engine, design and research were made on the engine test bench with dismounting and operation function. The equipment can be used in operation teaching area of the auto repair industry or automotive related majors in vocational school. The bench includes the...
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Factors Affecting the Economic Development and Urbanization of Mountain Area--Taking Yunnan Provinces as an Example

Renqu Tian, Zisheng Yang
Urbanization of mountain area is an important part of a country's economic development. This paper use a data set of province-level per capita gross domestic product and socio-economic data, as well as statistical methods panel OLS to explore the determinants of growth at the district level in 2009 and...
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Practice and Research of Flipped Classroom in the Teaching of Mechanical specialty in Independent College

Songping Chen
With the concept of "student - centered" and the flexible teaching and learning methods, the flipped classroom is being favored by more and more educators which focus on students' individualized and comprehensive development. Based on the present situation of mechanical specialty in independent college,...
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Advice on Construction of Literature Resources

Zhuqun Li
In the library of the new approved normal four-year university, how to deal with the change of direction of running a college, of function and the structure of the subject construction, etc. is very important. The writer surveyed some libraries in the university famous in economics major and looked into...
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Self-service Reference and Consultation Mode of University Library Based on Micro Video and New Media

Enting Kang, Xiaolan Zhou
According to the needs of the reader's personalized consultation, a self-help reference and consultation system is constructed based on micro-video courses and new media methods. The system consists of "micro-video Q & A classroom", resource navigation, Advisory website, QQ group and other real-time...
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Higher Vocational Education Project Curriculum Practice

Tiejun Chen
Vocational training objectives of the teaching system is to train modern professional skilled personnel to adapt to the rapid development of modern technology. University teaching system should be compatible with the use of modern teaching methods to develop and produce closely related to teaching. Some...
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Analysis of the Promoting Effect of the Mode of Industrial Technology Research Institute on Technology Transfer

Hongyu Li
The global economy has entered a new economic era with innovation as the first driving factor, and the acceleration of innovation resources has become a global trend. Technology transfer is the essence of innovation globalization. Compared with developed countries, China's current technology transfer...
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China's Service Trade and Service Industry Growth - An Empirical Analysis from the Aspect of Factor Intensity

Ke Xuan
China's service industry has grown rapidly since 1997, and meanwhile the service imports and exports also increased at a great speed, indicating a link between China's service trade and service industry GDP. This paper separates services into three categories by factor intensity and conducts an empirical...
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Industry Competition, Stability of Contracts and Audit Quality

Pu-yi Zhu
Usually, industry competition helps to improve audit quality, but on what types of competition in the industry enterprise audit quality promotion is unclear. This paper attempts to analyze the enterprises according to the state of operation, so as to analyze how the industry competition affects the stability...
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The Analysis of Negative Effects Brought by Internet Economy under New Economic Normality

Huiqing Wang
Under the background of the new economic normality, internet has been infiltrating through each industry, which promotes the appearance and development of internet economy. The developing internet economy has dramatically positive effects on transforming domestic traditional industry as well as upgrading...
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A Study on the Impact of Chinese Hierarchical Culture on Chinese Enterprises' Investment Decision

Zhiyuan Zhang
Economic can be seen as the outer form of a nation's development whereas culture is the inner driver of a nation. The culture will shape and affect the person's preferences and ideas. According to the Upper Echelon theory, as the main decision maker, senior executive team's preferences and behavior will...
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Research on a Novel Teaching Model of Business Translation Based on BYOD

Na Zhai
With the constructivist learning theory, Dewey's teaching philosophy of "learning by doing" and "lifelong learning" as the theoretical basis, BYOD-based new teaching mode of business translation can meet the needs of mobile learning, realize the cooperation of real teaching and the virtual classroom...
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The Study of the Application of SNA in the Core Personality Words of Chinese New College Students

Ying Wu, Xing Jin
Social network analysis (SNA) is one of the research methods of sociology, social construction is the main way to analyze the relationship between the social structure element, to analyze the global network and the individual network for the whole effect. Personality is an important research field of...
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Research on Risk Management of International Convention and Exhibition Industry

Zhiming Mo
The rapid development of the economy and the further opening up to the outside world, as well as the country in the industrial structure adjustment continued to force, the exhibition industry ushered in the development of the spring. Every industry in the process of rapid development will encounter problems,...
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A Brief Discussion on the English Translation of "Jiediqi"

Wei Shen
"Jiediqi" belongs to the northern dialect, has long been used among the folk people. In recent years, with the popularity of social networking in the country, it is now widely used in all fields of society. But there is no corresponding entry of "Jiediqi" in the traditional authoritative dictionaries,...
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Analysis of Psychological Factors and Guidance Countermeasures of College Students' Using Behaviors of Social Network

Feifei Sun
With the development of Internet technology and popularization of mobile terminals, the Internet across time and space has changed people's lifestyle gradually. Social network is the mobile terminal network application favored by college students. It brings not only the convenience but also some disadvantages...
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Constructing China 's Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare(ISEW)

Lei Tang
China is in a critical period of comprehensively building a well-off society. How to make economic development to benefit the public and improve people's livelihood has become one of the main tasks of social construction in China. Therefore, The construction of China's index of sustainable economic welfare...
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The New Direction of University Library Service in the MOOC Environment

Xiu-li Li
This paper mainly chooses sixty normal university libraries and the needs about guokr students of three provinces in Northeast China as the research object, investigates the library to provide services for teachers and students are more innovative, somewhat different in mooc environment, to understand...
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An Empirical Study on Factors that Affect University Teacher Job Satisfaction In Beijing

Xing Luo
This study explores factors that affect university teacher job satisfaction in Beijing. A quantitative approach was applied among 123 teachers of Beijing International Studies University. The result indicate that there are 3 main factors that affect teacher job satisfaction in Beijing, including working...
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Thinking and Practice of Undergraduate Teaching Reform of East China Jiaotong University for the Development Strategy of "China made 2025"

Diqing Wan, Zhuming Li, Shuting Ye, Yinglin Hu
"China made 2025" development strategy requires a lot of talent support, undergraduate education is the backbone of the basic strength and talent structure of China's higher education.Based on this background, this paper takes East China Jiaotong University as an example, with "China made 2025" development...
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Appropriation Cost, Government Expenditure and Income Disparity

Qianqin Chen, Jiayu Wen
This article investigates how appropriation cost and government expenditure would affect on income disparity from empirical aspects. Empirically, we use corruption perceptions indices and Gini coefficients of 129 countries or regions to estimate appropriation cost and income disparity respectively, and...
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Guangdong Export-Oriented Economic Development Research

Biao Xiong
Ever since practicing the policy of reformation and opening, the economic development of Guangdong province has roughly experienced the three stages: the take-off stage (1979-1991),the accelerating development stage (1992-2002) and the scientific development stage (2003-now). Guangdong Province has made...
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Research on the Modes, Paths and Countermeasures of the Integrative Development of Guangzhou Internet and Cultural Industry

Weisha Cai, Bin Gu, Xingbiao Wang
With the development of Internet and cultural industry, Guangzhou formed three modes of the integrative development. According to the modes, the paper puts forward three paths of the integrative development of Guangzhou Internet and cultural industry, and three countermeasures combining with the paths,...
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Marketing Innovation of Logistics Enterprise under the "Internet +" era

Yulin Xia, Yan Zhang
With the rise of the Internet, especially the popularity of mobile Internet, internet technology is changing quickly, so logistics enterprises are facing increasingly fierce market competition. The way that logistics enterprises put themselves in the internet thinking, which is used to guide the marketing...
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Effective Ways to Implement Japanese Teaching in Colleges and Universities under the New Situation

Hui Zhang, Liangdong Xiao
At present, many colleges and universities in the elective courses are arranged in a second foreign language, such as Japanese, Chinese and so on, but most of the school's second foreign language teaching there are short teaching time, teaching materials are not uniform, low degree of attention, This...
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Problems and Legal Countermeasures of Intellectual Property Rights of Chinese Digital TV

Liangdong Xiao
With the development of science and technology, digital TV has become the core content of China's media industry, but affected by many factors, resulting in China's Intellectual property rights of digital TV has a lot of problems, hindered the development of digital TV. How to strengthen the protection...
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Social psychological characteristics and regional cultural identity of male drug addicts:A Case Study of Southern shandong

Hairong Zhu, Jinpeng Yan
In this study, 64 cases of forced isolation drug addicts conducted a general survey, a number of Minnesota Personality Test (MMPI). The results showed that male drug addicts in Southern shandong region generally had low cultural level;Family economic situation was in general;Divorce rate was higher;...
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The Structural Imbalance of China 's Banking Currency Mismatch

Yuan Li
Since the reform of RMB exchange rate formation mechanism in 2005, the currency mismatch in the banking industry makes the change of exchange rate an important factor affecting the banking operation. This paper analyzes the currency mismatch of 16 listed banks in China, and points out that there are...
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Media literacy education in colleges and universities: The status quo and the development way of thinking

Yu Tang, Yang Hu
This paper analyzes the present situation of media literacy education in university and expounds the importance of media literacy education, aiming at the development of media literacy education in colleges and universities conducted in-depth research, combined with the study, puts forward several development...
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A Study on Establishment of Heyuan Wisdom Tourism System

Zhi Zhu
The core service object of wisdom tourism system is the tourists, and tourism large data centers is the basis of the construction. This paper expounds the connotation of wisdom tourism, the architecture of it, and then analyzes the development of Heyuan wisdom tourism, finally puts forward the countermeasures...
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Study on the Ultrasonic Application in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Yunshen Zhang
With the continuous development and progress of science and technology in China, chemical and chemical industry has made remarkable achievements in recent years, the ultrasonic technology used in chemical and chemical work, research progress has also been a breakthrough achievement. In this paper, combined...
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Dialogue, Reflection and Transcendence: on the Practicality and Academic Nature of Marx Doctrine

Ling Lin
Marxism theory education has academic and practical, this article embarks from the academic and practical, the Marxist ideology in the construction of our country, existing problems were discussed, and on this basis, put forward views, reveals some of Marxism philosophy research to ponder and must solve...
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Teaching Reform of Industrial Automation based on Engineering Education Certification

Ping Xin, Hongtao Mi
With the development of education, society and economy, the certification of engineering education has become a necessity. In order to meet the needs of the transformation and upgrading of industries and the promotion of new industry found that engineering education needs to adjust the traditional curriculum...
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The American Way of Family Education in Boyhood and the Enlightenment to China

Yan Liu
Richard Stuart Linklateris an American independent film director and scenarist. It takes almost 12 years for him to make a feature film called Boyhood, which mainly talks about a little boy Mason's growth experiences from 6 to 18 years old. Throughout the film, American parents' educational methods to...
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Application of Grey Comprehensive Entropy Weight Clustering Method in Performance Evaluation of Banks

Yuyang Jie, Fenyi Dong
The performance of commercial banks not only affects their own development, but also relates to the operation of the national macro economy. Through the analysis of the banking business. From the four aspects of profitability, management ability, growth and development ability and the security of bank...
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The Evaluation Index System and Model of Engineering Quality for Engineering Students

Xin-liang Cao, Hong-xia Yang, Jian-xin Li
In order to meet China Engineering Education Accreditation, and comprehensively improve the quality of engineering students, the tower Index System is explored. And Engineering Students' engineering Qualities and the appropriate evaluation model is established based on AHP. As an example by electronic...
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Study of Cruise Practice English Classroom Teaching Based on the ESP Needs Analysis Theory

Zhen Yang
The development of science and technology drives the development of the cruise industry. Many foreign cruise companies begin to enter the Chinese market, which result in a shortage of cruise crew. English is the basic language cruise crew need to master, but also the important requirement of measuring...
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A Study of the Sources and Information Collection and Metric Model of Software Requirements Change

Yuqing Yan, Weijun Sun, Zhong Ming, Zhenhua Zhang
The sources of requirements change should firstly be identified in the process of managing requirements, while the collection of information and the measurement of change activities should be conducted by methodology. This paper firstly reviewed the state of the arts of identifying and classifying requirements...
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Evolution Game Analysis of Information Sharing Behavior between Supply Chain Members

Kan Yang, Shuangliang Tian, Xiahong Cai, Susu Jiao
In this paper, we use the idea and method of evolutionary game to construct the asymmetric game problem information sharing in Stackelberg model, which is dominated by the manufacturer.The results show that the dynamic evolution of the system is not stable. The success or failure of information sharing...
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Research on VaR Computing System of Commercial Banks Based on Accurate Scenario Data

Yingliang Wu, Yuan Huang, Jiongen Xiao
Basing on scene analysis and VaR calculation, this paper discussed system architecture of scenario calculation and accurate data's importance of system model from the view of system theory. We also discussed several kinds of data errors and their processing methods to avoid the error of data. Then we...
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Measurement of the Economic Benefit of Urban Rail Transit Station Under the Mode of Comprehensive Development

Chenlin Han
As the end of 2015, there are 25 cities having finished urban rail transit construction in China, and the total length is 3293 kilometers. There are 40 cities building the urban rail transit, and the length will be more than 4000 kilometers. It is estimated that the total investment of urban rail transit...
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Reputation Mechanism in Multiphase Game to Control the Moral Hazard of Aging Service Supplier

Zhiyong Zhang, Haiping Wu, Yongqiang Shi
Aging service supply chain is a new trend of aging service development. In the supply chain, aging service Integrator and aging service supplier create a principal-agent relationship, which usually leads to moral hazard problem. This paper studies the problem of controlling Aging Service Supplier to...
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On Current Situation and Development Prospect of the journalism & mass communication education

Xiaojing Zhang
This document demonstrates that current situation and development prospect of the journalism & mass communication education. There are three essential issues in present journalism & mass communication education to confront: the balance between theory and practice, discipline identity, globalization influence....
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An Empirical Analysis of the income Gap between Industries in Hebei Province

Mengnan Wang
First of all, from the perspective of the descriptive statistics, the study is based on relevant statistical data and evaluates the income gap between industries in Hebei province in terms of extremum difference, extremum ratio, Theil index and so on. Then, the relationship between the income gap between...
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Research Summary on the Investment Loan Linkage Business Model of Commercial Bank

Qian Chen, Mu Zhang
In order to further study the investment loan linkage business of commercial banks, this paper reviews the theories and empirical literatures of commercial banks carry out the investment loan linkage business in the field of venture capital in recent years. Summarized the main motivations and advantages...
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A new Pattern of CDIO Engineering Education and Application in Mechanical Principle Course

Yong Yang, Jingliang Jiang, Dexiang Wang, Xia Jin
As a practice pattern of current international higher engineering education, CDIO has brought significant changes to and impacts on engineering education, which has the remarkable effect on cultivating the abilities of integrative design, innovative practice and team collaboration. But so far, the CDIO...
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The Industrial Transfer and Industrial Agglomeration in the Process of the Integration in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Mingyao Wang, Qiong Tong
As the third largest urban agglomeration in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is in a very important strategic position in China. In order to ease Beijing non capital function,solve Beijing urban diseases,optimize the core function of the capital and make...
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A Comparative Study of the Impact of Domestic and Foreign Investment on Technological Progress of China's Manufacturing Industry

Ying Zhao, Jianhong Wu
The paper, on the basis of research at home and abroad , analyzed the impact of the domestic investment and foreign investment on China's technological progress in manufacturing. Empirical analysis method is used in this paper.
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On the Ancient Vocational Assessment System for Secretaries and Contemporary Enlightenments

Yue Wang, Xin Lai Li, Ji Hong Wei
Along with the rapid development of modern society, the quantity of secretaries needed by society is rising year by year. The huge demand brings about opportunity and impetus for the vigorous development of secretary vocation but is also accompanied by such phenomena as varying professional quality of...
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The Financial Development and Economic Growth: Based on the Data of City

Bin Gu, He Liu
This paper used urban data as analysis object. The author collected data from 2003-2013, 288 cities in our country as the research foundation, using cross-section data regression of econometric model. This paper explored the correlation between financial development and economic, expounded the action...
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The Restrictive Factors and the Solution for the Development of Community Commerce--Take Yanta District as an Example

Guanhua Dong, Jie Shang
Community commerce is important for urban commercial space, and it is also an important part of modern service industry. There are several problems on community business development in Yanta district, such as low level of product differentiation, the consumer demand cannot be satisfied, community safety...
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A Study of Building Practical Teaching System for Economics & Management of Applied Undergraduate Colleges-Based on the Practice of Shaanxi Institute of International Trade & Commerce

Min Lu
The construction of practical teaching system is a key way to improve students' ability. The theoretical study of the construction of the economics and management discipline and the process of practical teaching are stated views on the construction of practical teaching system, including objectives,...
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Research on Knowledge-sharing Continuance Social Intention for Social Q&A Community

Longyi Li, Tao Yu, Qiong Wang
Based on the organizational commitment theory and self-efficacy theory,this paper constructs a social Q&A community user model for knowledge sharing behavior from four dimensions: Affective commitment, continuance commitment, normative commitment and knowledge self-efficacy. Moreover, the model and hypotheses...
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A Strategic Analysis of Enhancing the Economic Extroversion Level of Xi 'an from the Belt and Road Perspective

Min Lu, Ya-fei Guo
At present, our country economy enters the new normal, the strategy of the Belt And Road is not only beneficial to promote trade between the countries and regions along the interaction, more conducive to promoting the transformation of the pattern of economic development in our country. As the new starting...
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Research on Social Commerce basing on Social Network Analysis

Ying-liang Wu, Xin Hu, Jiong-En Xiao
Social commerce(s-commerce), a new and hot area of E-Business which emerged and envolved rapidly in recent years, also the important stage characteristics of the current development and evolution of E-Business. Firstly, We combed the social commerce researches and development systematically. We analyzed...
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The Mechanism of Border Crossings' Economic Impact on the City Under Geopolitical Factors

Yihui Ma
Border crossing which is set up in adjacent border areas as main door of foreign exchanges by a sovereign state according to the policy needs. due to the unique geographical location and rich natural resources, Border crossings have very important strategic position in the economic development of China....
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Research on the Course Construction and Teaching Mode of Internet of Things System Integration

Jian Fei Wu, Tian Tian Xu, Hong Yi Wang
Nowadays, Internet of Things (IOT) is used more and more widely, and exhibited a sustained hot situation. IOT is China's strategic emerging industries, involving computer control, wireless communications, optical communications, network, software, information security and other fields. Colleges and universities...
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A Study on the Policy of Driving Xi'an 's Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Equity-based crowd-funding

Jing Ren
The rise of the Equity-based crowd-funding to raise equity to solve the mass innovation ,the entrepreneurial start-ups financing, financial resources, financial pattern of the problem. How to regulate the development of public equity chips, effectively boost innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve...
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Analysis on the Influence Factors of Real Estate Price in Linyi City

Zhongxiu Liu
As an important industry in the national economy, real estate plays an extremely important role in China's economic development. The health status of a city's real estate development plays a vital role in this city's construction. However, judging whether the development of the real estate industry is...
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The Preliminary Discussion of Chinese Character Font Design

Bing Liu, Fan Wang
Based on the frontier design theory, this paper deeply analyzes the formal beauty, decorative beauty and artistic conception beauty of Chinese character font design, and the design principles and techniques are studied. Combined with related theories, the author explains the creative thinking, cultural...
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Research on the Application and Promotion Strategy of the Support mode in the Ideological and Political Education of College Students under Constructivism

Lei Yang
Constructivism is the theoretical source of support mode, and the application of scaffolding teaching mode is helpful to improve the traditional teaching relationship, and provide the necessary conceptual framework for knowledge construction. College Students' Ideological and political teaching in scaffold...
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[WITHDRAWN] Credit Decision Behavior Model of Bank Manager Based on Prospect Theory

Wenjie Xing
In the traditional financial theory, the expectation utility theory gives an accurate description of rational behavior under uncertain conditions. But in reality, faced with the loan application customers in the same objective conditions, due to differences in individual behavior preferences, loan managers...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Effect of Organizational Justice on Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
This paper systematically introduces the meaning of organizational fairness research and the meaning, structure and function of organizational justice, and analyzes in detail the reaction of organizational justice to organizational fair and objective situation and the three factors of organizational...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Application of Flexible Management in Enterprise Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
In the process of modern enterprise human resource management, enterprises pay more attention to the "people-oriented" management philosophy and the long-term development of staff, which requires modern enterprises must be in-depth application and research flexible management ideas, give full play to...
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On the Development Standard of Communist Party Members in Colleges and Universities

Yihui Pan, Keqin Tu, Guangqing Wang
Communist Party members are the major colleges and universities for the community selection of talents standards, the standards of Communist Party members should strictly abide by Xi Jinping mentioned 20 standard, but nowadays, many colleges and universities on the requirements of the standard Communist...
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On the Construction of Multi - modal Interactive Teaching Mode of "Internet + Business English"

Jing Zheng
With the development of social science and technology, the continuous progress of information technology, China's Internet era gradually started, and in recent years has developed into the "Internet +" era, the so-called "Internet +" is actually using the Internet platform, the Internet With the industry...
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Analysis of Financial Management Reform in Value Chain Management

Ding Fen Tang, Wei Zhang
With the rapid development of the market economy, enterprises are faced with a variety of risks and challenges at any time, the value chain management model and the relationship between enterprise financial management is very close, complement each other, business managers can be based on value chain...
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Path Choice of Creating Cultural Industry Highland in Changbai Mountain Tourism International Leisure Mountain

Hui Yang
Changbai Mountain area has a wealth of tourism resources, is conducive to the development of tourism. After years of development, Changbai Mountain entered the transition period of tourism development, as soon as possible to build a unique international tourist attractions in Changbai Mountain is one...
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Study on the Interaction between Upper and Lower Parts of Super high-rise Tube

Songan Liu, Yafei Liu
Study on analysis of interaction between the upper and lower is a hot research topic at present. It is produced with the rapid development of high rise buildings and computer technology. At present, super structure and foundation are paid more attention as engineering problem. In the design of building...
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Research on Cultivation of Translation Ability and College English Teaching

Changjie Wang
The cultivation of translation ability is an important part of non-English major college English teaching system. In recent years, the main reason for the relatively weak translation ability of college graduates is that the cultivation of translation ability in college English teaching couldn't attract...
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An Analysis of Requirements on Government Economic Behaviors from Social Structural Transformation under The New Normal

Yike Yang
Under the background of new normal, great changes have taken place in China's market economic system, which push further forward social structural transformation and development from traditional society to modern society, and brought all-round impacts on development of modern society. Especially, new...
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Analysis of the Practice of Network Technology in Electronic Information Technology

Qi Zang, Haisheng Song
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic information technology has been highly valued in various fields and widely used in modern society. It not only brings a lot of convenience to modern life, work and study, but also, to a certain extent, affects the modern way of thinking....
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How to prevent sports injury in amateur sports training

Hua Shi Chuan
With the improvement of living standards, people's health awareness campaign has gradually increased, more and more people choose to carry out physical training in spare time, in order to improve body function, improve immunity, but the movement is a process of scientific system, many people are lack...
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An empirical study on the contribution of agricultural policy finance to agricultural economic growth in China

Tianzhen Qi, Rui Sun
In recent years, China's rapid economic development, as a large agricultural country, the development of China's agricultural economy plays a vital role in economic development. Agricultural policy finance refers to the state governments to support their agricultural development, based on the basic strictly...
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A Study on Cross-cultural Teaching of Higher Vocational English Teaching

Ruoheng Zhao
This paper gives a brief introduction of cross-cultural teaching and an analysis of the problems existing in cross-cultural teaching with the example of higher vocational English teaching, and presents corresponding solutions. Finally, this paper fully elaborates methods in higher vocational English...
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Exploring the Aesthetic Connotations of Sight-singing and Ear-training

Zhen Zeng
With the rapid development of the cause of education in China in recent years, sight-singing and ear-training, as introductory and elementary discipline, has received more and more attention. Such kind of attention is not merely reflected in the training of skills. The aesthetic attributes of sight-singing...
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Response of Rice and Maize Yield to Inherent Soil Productivity of Paddies and Fertilization in Chongqing China

Tao Liang, Xiaojun Shi, Yan Chen, Yidan Xu
Through research on basic soil fertility, nutrient supply capacity and the effect of fertilization on Chongqing paddy fields and dry farms, we evaluated the impact of basic soil fertility and fertilization on the output of rice, clarifying the relationship between basic soil fertility and the utilization...
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Earnings Growth Potential Implicit in Price-Earnings Ratio

Jingying Zhou
P/E ratio has enjoyed high popularity as a simple tool to determine whether a stock is undervalued, but its determinants remain unclear and controversial. Earnings growth rate is regarded as a main factor. Looking backward, some theories perceives growth rates as randomly distributed across years thus...