Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities and Arts (SSHA 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Mohd Fauzi bin Sedon, Intakhab Alam Khan, Mehmet CÜNEYT BİRKÖK, KinSun Chan
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A Review on Agatha Christie’s Detective Fiction

Yuan Wang, Runting Li
Detective fiction has been regarded as something for recreation for a long time [1, 2]. Many people believe that it is merely the subgenre or the lowbrow. However, with time going by, the status of detective fiction is changing gradually. It begins to occupy a vital position in British and American literature....
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Research on the Solutions to Cold-Start Problems

Yuehan Qin, Wuji Chang, Songtao Zhang, Yihuan Yan
The recommender system has seeped into each corner of the earth, but any recommender system has to experience the process of lacking data at the beginning. So, how to recommend things well in that condition becomes a cold start problem. The recommendation system cold start problem has always been a big...
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Influence of the Courtyard Renovation in Historical and Cultural Blocks on the Residents’ Sense of Place

A Case Study of Beijing Fayuan Temple Block

Lei Yu, Jinming Chang
Due to high population density and a shortage of public space resources, the historical and cultural blocks represented by Fayuan Temple Block in Beijing are facing numerous challenges. Protecting the block while realizing urban renewal and development and improving residents’ living standards is a difficult...
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Emperor Liuche’s Use of Troops Against Xiongnu Accelerate the Publication of “On Salt and Iron”

Lintao Zhong
In this article, the main topic is about the relationship between Emperor Wudi’s use of troops against Xiongnu and the publication of the book “On Salt and Iron”. This paper cites the economic policies of the early Western Han Dynasty, the amount of military expenditure during the reign of Emperor Wudi...
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The Mechanism and Phenomenon Analysis of the Public Opinion Fermentation of Social Events in Weibo Under the Echo Effect

Beile Zhu
With the rapid development of network media, Weibo and other social platforms have become the mainstream social software for most people. More and more people tend to express their opinions wantonly on Weibo, and their opinions tend to be irrational, which leads to cyber violence. More and more netizens...
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War Related Traumatic Experience Correlates with Older Adult’s Post-trauma Life Behaviors

Qiong Jiang
This literature review incorporates a case study to discuss the relationship between the post-war life behaviors of older adults who have experienced war-related trauma. The first behavior is unconscious recall of war-related scenes, and older adults with PTSD are more likely to recall specific traumatic...
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Intimate Form of Work in Neoliberal Marketplace

Tianyu Li
This article examines the process by which individuals and labour become more intimate in the context of neoliberal governance. Discuss the changes in the working space and form of the workers as the platform economy develops, using the workers in the self-media platform as the research subject. Analyze...
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A Narrative Review of Jealousy in Intimate Friendship and Romantic Relationship

Xueni Tang
Jealousy is a general emotion in our life. People can hardly avoid being jealous when they get in touch with the world. Friendship and romantic relationship envy refers to a series of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, anxiety, etc., when an individual feel that his close relationship with his...
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Salary Ceiling of Different Professional Sports Leagues and Comparison of Different Geographical Locations

Zhenyang Luo
In professional sports, a salary cap (or salary cap) is an agreement or rule that specifies the amount of money a team can spend on a player’s salary. It exists in the per-player limit or the total limit of the team list, or both. Some sports leagues have implemented salary caps to reduce overall costs...
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Application of Decomposable Materials in Interior Design Based on the Concept of Green Ecology

Qichao Song
With the rapid development of the economy, the concept of green ecology has become the mainstream idea in people’s lives. In this environment, the application of decomposable materials is worth exploring and researching. In this article, we will discuss the application of decomposable materials in interior...
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Study on the Application of Smart Materials in Vibration Control of Civil Engineering Structures

Zichen Yuan, Jiarui Zhang, Yanwen Zhou
Challenges as severe as the depletion of natural resources, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions or overpopulation require smart resolutions, especially in construction. This paper reviews smart material-based technologies currently applied or developed in civil structures, with a focus on smart...
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On the Application of Dramatic Techniques to Film—Taking Chicago and Anna Karenina as Examples

Shidan Huang
This article argues that the application of theatrical style contributes to the representation of crime romance and emphasizes female perspectives in film narratives. Using Chicago and Anna Karenina as examples, I will show that drama can better convey the storylines of crime romance. The dramatic designs...
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A Study of the Self-efficacy of Viola Majors in Chinese Universities Regarding Career Choice

Qiming Yang
This study examined and analysed the impact of self-efficacy on the career decisions of 52 viola students enrolled in Chinese universities. According to the findings, the level of self-efficacy influences the learning and career decisions of students directly. Higher self-efficacy can positively affect...
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Status Quo, Measures, and Future—An Investigation Based on the Current Situation of the Development of Science and Technology Museums in China

Siyu Zhong
With the change of generations and the increasing significance of science and technology in a country, the importance of science and technology museums and their educational functions for students have gradually become prominent. The reports and literature on domestic museums have also gradually increased,...
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How Can the Dual Process Model Be Used to Explain Superstitious Thinking

Shengyang Lin
Literature review exploring the psychological reasoning behind why both individuals with and without mental deficits exhibit superstitious thinking under normal circumstances. This paper mainly utilizes the dual process model of system 1 and system 2—advocated by Kahneman and Frederick— as a suggested...
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Characteristic Musical Instruments and Sonority Features of Shifan of Kunqu Opera in Suichang

Yong Liu, Chao Cheng
Shifan of Kunqu Opera in Suichang use folk musical instruments to play traditional Kunqu Opera music. Shifan is a characteristic form of music of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions of China. The typical instruments in a Shifan ensemble have a unique timbre and ensemble sonority. Shifan instruments (the...
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A Study of Ideological and Political Education in College English Curriculum Based on Conceptual Metaphor

Li Zhao
This paper discusses the effective approach of ideological and political education in university English courses from the perspective of conceptual metaphor. By analyzing the metaphorical meaning in the discourse, students develop metaphorical thinking. In this way, students' excellent character...
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A Research on the Current Situation of Teaching Civics Based on Holistic Education for English Normal Majors in the Perspective of Marine Culture

Jiaying Chen, Hanyi Zhu, Yili Hong, Qian Feng
Zhoushan is located near the sea and is born to the sea, and the local marine culture is dense and humanistic, which provides inexhaustible cultural elements for the construction of English classroom thinking and politics. Therefore, based on a questionnaire survey, field interview and literature review,...
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Research on the Evaluation System of Diversified Comprehensive Quality of Graduate Students Majoring in Materials Under the Background of “Double First-Class” Construction

Peng Zhang, Dong Luan
The current comprehensive quality evaluation system of graduate students in materials field has some problems, such as insufficient dynamic adjustment of evaluation index, undiversified evaluation subject, insufficient result analysis and feedback. The works in this paper are guided by the requirements...
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Research on the Protection of Volunteers’ Rights and Interests in China —Based on 167 Cases of Volunteer Infringement Disputes from 2011 to 2022

Qingchao Meng, Jianpeng Zhou
At the moment, administrative, local, and governmental guidelines make up the majority of the laws governing volunteers and their volunteer work in China. No comprehensive national laws protecting the rights and interests of volunteers have been developed. In real-world situations, there is a distinction...
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Alternative Framing of Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women on Weibo

Qingqing Zhang
Weibo is a very popular social media platform in China. Many people use Weibo to report social events and make their voices heard. The current study presents empirical evidence of how social media users in China frame sexual and domestic violence. Through content analysis over nearly 100 trending posts...
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A Study of Human Emotion Analysis Based on Social Media

Hanzun Zhang
Social media, a new platform for online interaction, has dramatically changed the way people communicate, interaction and think, while facilitating an explosion of user-generated information. Large number of user-generated social media texts have become one of the most representative data sources of...
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Changes in Attitudes Towards the Two Countries After Chinese Emigration to the United States

Shiming Chai
Since international migration is on the rise in the current situation, the issue that the change of immigration towards host country and home country has become one of the most fundamental topics. This study focuses on changes in attitudes towards the two countries after Chinese emigration to the United...
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Study on the Evolution Characteristics and Mechanism of the Official Da-cuo Spatial System in Southern Fujian

Shufen Qi, Zhe Zou
Official Da-cuo is a kind of traditional folk house developed and matured in the feudal society of ancient China, and occupies an important position in the folk houses of southern Fujian. Taking the southern Fujian official Dasuo as the research object, this paper sorts out the spatial form and system...
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A Study on the Inheritance of Yangzhou Ditty Tune “Nan Diao”: Take “Qinghe Weather” for Example

Langyue Sun, Xinwei Li
“Nan Diao” is a representative tune of various folk art forms of Jiangsu Province, China. Among these forms, the most famous one is “Nan Diao” of Yangzhou Ditty, an ancient folk art form of Jiangnan culture, and “Qinghe Weather” is one of the representative songs in it. The reason why it has been passed...
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Take the University of Edinburgh as an Example on the Development of British Graphic Design

Bohao Han
The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1583, located in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is the highest institution in Scotland. Is also the world’s sixth ancient universities, the world’s top public comprehensive research university, Russell group members, the university of Edinburgh on the development...
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A Cross-Linguistic Analysis: Impacts of Relative Clause Structure on Cognition

Chengkangjie Huang, Nancy Yan, Xiangzhi Deng, Yijun Huo
With a rising amount of second language (L2) learners around the world. The understanding and using of L2 sentence structure is largely influenced by first language (L1) thinking patterns, especially when the two languages belong to different language systems. Previous studies on L1 and L2 focus largely...
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The Load Management Across Sports and a Sub-analysis

Junzhe Zhang, Liwei Zhang
Load management is a skill that an athlete needs to have during a long period of exercise, which has a decisive impact on the recovery of the athlete’s body. Each athlete gives adequate time for rest, but does this differ between different types of athletes, or does load management differ between players...
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The Benefit of Keeping Low-Quality Products: The Perspective from a Strategic Platform

Zixian Liu
Digital platforms (e.g., Taobao and JD) that host third-party sellers have become the dominant economic driving force in the current e-commerce industry. However, rich evidence suggests that platforms provide many low-quality products which cause numerous consumer complaints. This paper explores a parsimonious...
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Research on the Relationship Between College Students’ Boredom and Learning Burnout Under the Mediation of Mobile Phone Addiction

Huiying Zhang
University is a golden development period for learning knowledge and increasing talents. However, learning burnout is quietly spreading in the university campus. Long-term learning burnout will bring many harm to the physiology and psychology of college students, and lead to various bad behaviors. The...
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A Brief Analysis of the Writing of Financial Module in College Students’ Business Plan

Jianru Xie, Yintong Guo, Jian Dong
To win the competition and attract investors, it is essential to have an outstanding business plan, in which financial data analysis plays a critical role. However, college students oversimplify this section, resulting in issues like impracticality, inappropriate index analysis, and illogical data relationships...
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Research on the Impact of Multidimensional Policy-Making Complexity on Achieving Sustainable Development in China

Siying Wei
Public policymaking is an authoritative distribution of public interests in China, but the subject of leading public policymaking itself is not a highly homogeneous and inseparable organic whole. It is affected and restricted by many factors such as policy making cycle, policy-making process, and traditional...
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Cultivations and Substitutions of Social Media: A Case Study of the Box Puppy Trend Among Chinese College Students

Wanting Xie, Sitong Liu, Jianning Guo, Simai Huang, Shuyu Zhang
This research investigated the influence of the cultivation theory in social media platforms and the intervention of audience motivation on audience behaviour results, using Cultivation Theory and the intervention of psychological substitution mechanisms as a typical example to analyze the prevalence...
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Relative Deprivation Comparison: A Cluster of Mingyue Residents in Southwest China

Meng Li, Xu Guo, Siwen Chen
This study aims to classify residents into separate groups based on their perceptions and attitudes toward the development of tourism. Based on the theoretical perspective of relative deprivation, Mingyue Village in Chengdu, southwest China is selected as an example with self-set questionnaire, finding...
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Three-Level Coping Strategies for Anxiety and Depression Among Pregnant Women During the 2019-nCoV Pandemic Based on Stepwise Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

Xiaoxiao Wang, Jialu Li, Zhiqiang Luan
As a global public health emergency, the 2019-nCoV pandemic has adversely affected the mental health of the public, with anxiety and depression being the most common reactions. It is socially important to help pregnant women, a special vulnerable population, protect themselves psychologically and reduce...
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Analysis of Vietnamese Adult Learners’ Phonological Biases in Chinese

Take the Great Wall Chinese Language Classes for Adults in Vietnam OLK12 and OLK15 as an Example

Jiaying Jin
With the increasing pace of China’s opening up to the outside world in recent years, Chinese as a second language is being acquired by more and more international students. However, the impact of the epidemic has hindered the teaching of Chinese, and most people have shifted their classes to the Internet,...
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The Innovative Path of National Style Virtual Costumes to Enhance the Influence of Chinese Civilization’s Communication Power

Ruoyan Wang
With the popularity of the Chinese trend, Chinese elements have become an important object of visual expression in contemporary design cases. In this paper, we investigate the visual expression of Chinese elements in current design cases by “image tracing”, and explore the Chinese cultural genes in design...
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Research on the Evaluation Path of Civil Servants’ Digital Governance Competences Based on the Competing Values Framework

Yaping Fu, Yunyue Ren
Civil servants’ digital governance competency is the cornerstone of digital government, and its accurate evaluation is an important starting point for the construction of digital government. This study revises the Competing Values Framework (CVF) with reference to the “value-role-ability” analysis framework,...
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Crowdfunding Pricing Strategy of Innovative Products Considering Consumer Social Learning

Rong Zhang, Weiguang Yang
Consumers are deliberate. When a product of unknown quality is launched on a crowdfunding platform, they may choose to postpone the purchase in order to observe the content of consumer reviews on the online platform, constantly update their beliefs about the product’s quality, and make a more rational...
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Analysis and Exploration of Community Emergency Management Issues Based on Community Management System

Bingchen Han
With the accelerated urbanization process in China, urban development is facing more and more unstable factors and uncertainty disturbances, as the most grassroots affected units and disaster prevention subjects, urban communities, while facing serious threats from various emergencies, also have a huge...
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Research on the Design of Elderly Care Facilities Based on the Concept of Intelligent Elderly Care

Tao Yang, Yong Zhang
With the development of society, China's population aging problem is becoming more and more serious, and the proportion of elderly population is increasing year by year, coping with population aging is the task proposed to us in the new era. At the same time, the development of big data, Internet...
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Research on the Impact of Experiential Consumption Under the Background of Lonely Economy

Huiying Zhang
With the development of science and technology, loneliness is still very common in the current convenient social environment. The lonely economy has given birth to a new consumption mode. Mini-KTV, single apartment, play with games, rent boyfriend/girlfriend, live broadcast of online celebrity and so...
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The Research on the Current Situation and Trends of Social Media Marketing

Yaping Jiang
Social media marketing has become an important aspect of modern marketing strategies due to the increasing popularity of social media platforms and the rising number of internet users. This research paper aims to analyze the current situation and trends of social media marketing in order to provide a...
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Study on Variation in the Subtitle Translation of Films with Revolutionary Themes in Terms of Audiences’ Reception

Xiuying Lu, Xiaoxue Xu
Film subtitle translation is of great significance for the outward publicity and dissemination of films, and audiences’ reception of a film indirectly reflects the popularity of its subtitle translation. To maximize the target audiences’ acceptance, translators may adopt some strategies or methods to...
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Analysis on Readers’ Acceptance of English Translation for the Chinese Internet Novel Dragon Prince Yuan

Xiuying Lu, Binbin Yan
In recent decade, Chinese Internet novels have been popular, attracting readers all over the world. Taking the novel Dragon Prince Yuan (DPY) selected on the most popular Internet novel list in 2020 (Overseas) as an example, this paper explores the reasons for the popularity of Chinese Internet novels...
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Analysis of English-Chinese Bilingual Education Policies in Singapore and China

Hanyue Shi
Singapore used the bilingual education approach and was successful in bringing about prosperity through education, enabling it to overtake less developed nations and earn the moniker of “Ethnic Expo” and “Language Expo.” According to the analysis of the Singapore Ministry of Education’s 1978 report,...
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Topic Analysis on User Generated Comments of Chinese Mainland Films

Anyuan Zhong, Ruiyu Qiu
Online film commentary, which is an important channel for movie fans to express their opinions and emotions, is extremely useful for movie research. In this study, we used topic mining on Douban movie comments to examine 12 popular Chinese mainland films. To provide this, we:1) construct movie comments...
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Zhang Daqian’s Spirit of Dunhuang Inspires Contemporary Rethinking of Intangible Heritage

Qian-nan Wang, Yi-yan Xu
To preserve and transmit Dunhuang’s non-heritage in contemporary China, the renowned painter Zhang Daqian travelled to Dunhuang to duplicate and conserve the murals of the Mogao Caves. Through an analysis of his four behaviours, while he was painting at Dunhuang, Zhang Daqian’s humanistic approach to...
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An Analysis of Chinese Overseas Students’ Cultural Shock Under Covid-19 Pandemic from the Perspective of Stereotype

Huayu Wang, Jing Chen
Nowadays, although confronting the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, the number of Chinese overseas students is still growing gradually. Cultural shock is one of the main factors which generate negative effects on the physical and mental state of overseas students. Therefore, it is quintessential to conduct...
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Dynamic Coupling Analysis of Reclamation Land Utilization and Social-Economy Development, a Case Study of Zhejiang Province

Zeyu Gao, Jun Wang
A dynamic coupling model with ecology factors of reclaimed land utilization and social-economy development was constructed for case study of coastal cities of Zhejiang. According to the results, firstly, the coupling of reclaimed land utilization and social-economy development were totally in a small...
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Exploring the Construction Way of China’s Campus-Media Under the Background of “Great Ideological and Political Work”

Sen Luo, Niao Xu
Campus media in colleges and universities is a form of media with certain influence and target audience of college students and the faculties, which is responsible for guiding college students’ public opinion and important ideological and political education. However, under the impact of new media technology,...
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The Situation Analysis of Salary System Reform in Power Grid Enterprise

Yunfei Xu, Xiaofeng Chen, Weixuan Meng, Lanjun Xu, Xuesong Wang
With the deepening reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises and the in-depth implementation of “one body and four wings” development layout, the salary distribution is facing new challenges and opportunities. It is necessary for State Grid to further promote the reform of post-performance...
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Problems and Countermeasures in Rural Environment Under the Perspective of Ecological Civilization Thought of Xi Jin-Ping

A-min Shao
At present, China’s rural environmental pollution situation is severe.Agricultural production and household waste pollution, rural industrial pollution and urban garbage transfer pollution lead to the deterioration of rural water quality, air quality, soil fertility, the quality of agricultural products...
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New Ways to Revitalize Traditional Villages in Yunnan Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Xin Liao
In recent years, the implementation of rural revitalization strategy and the proposal of cultural confidence building have made the economic development and cultural protection of traditional villages an urgent problem to be solved. To build Yunnan into a demonstration area of national unity and progress...
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Watering and the Zen Culture in Japan

Fengjuan Liu
Watering, a term in Landscape Architecture, generally means knocking stone with a bamboo tube. It is based on lever principle: water keeps flowing into a piece of bamboo tube from the opening on the one end, and when the tube is full, the balance is broken, then the other end of the bamboo tube knocks...
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On Construction and Practice of Online-Offline Hybrid Learning Model of Management in Military Universities

Wei Gu, Lele Hu
With the development and popularization of the modern information technology in the military universities, the hybrid online-offline teaching has become a reality. There are some problems in the traditional learning mode in the military universities, such as the old teacher-centered teaching idea, the...
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Study on the Feasibility Path of Local Cultural and Creative Product Design in the Context of Cultural and Tourism Integration

Taking the Southern Anhui Region as an Example

Fumei Shu, Jinfeng Hu
The integration of culture and tourism has led to the design of cultural and creative products, and the necessity of exploring the feasible path of local cultural and creative product design in the context of cultural and tourism integration can be seen. This paper will discuss the current situation...
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Research on Labor Relations Model of Internet Platform Employment

Jian Zhao, Hualei Zhang, Yunfei Xu
The purpose of this study is to analyze the changing trend of employment policies on China's Internet platforms and summarize the typical patterns of employment on the platform. The research result is that the employment policy of the platform has experienced three periods: initial period, development...
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Empathy, Resonance and Interconnection: The Coupling Effect of Hypermedia in Knowledge Sharing Service in Pluralistic Community

Hepianjue Miao
“Community” as a “dynamic organism” in pluralistic cities increasingly represents a shift from diversity to pluralism, in the form of a collection of different subjects, cultures and new forms of business with distinct differences and symbioses. However, due to the high level of urbanisation, the supply...
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Evaluation of Management Effectiveness Based on RAPPAM of Danxia Mountain Global Geopark in Guangdong Province

Hongbang Liang, Hanli Xiao
The Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Area Management (RAPPAM) is widely used for geopark management effectiveness evaluation. This paper takes Danxia Mountain Global Geopark of Guangdong Province as the research object and adopts the RAPPAM method to evaluate specifically seven aspects,...
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Achieving Higher Learning Objectives in Bloom's taxonomy—An Exploration of Experiential Learning in a Chinese Educational Context

Jingying Wen
Considering the phenomenon of “good-exam takers” among Chinese students, this paper addresses the negative consequences caused by this phenomenon and suggests potential alternative pedagogies for the teacher to implement in class. The report offers insights into the principal teaching methodology that...
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The Balance Between Occupants’ Living Comfort and Energy Conservation of Intelligent Buildings

Hao Li, Keyi Ju, Jue Wang, Hanwei Xu, Peiyi Liao
This paper established an occupants’ living comfort evaluation model of different intelligent buildings based on the linguistic assessment information. A multi-objective optimization model for improving living comfort and reducing energy consumption is constructed and Pareto optimal frontiers are obtained...
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Aesthetic Emotion Measurement Methods for Painting

Yisi Xue
Emotion reactions play a crucial role in the experience of art. In recent years, art information processing models have increasingly emphasized the importance of aesthetic emotions, leading to empirical studies and applications. This paper aims to provide an overview of the emotion measurement methods...
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Research on the Construction of Digital Online Education Video Open Course

Xin Cheng, Lijun Wang, Yidan Zhou, Yating Wang
As an important part of digital online education, video open class has attracted wide attention from all walks of life since their implementation. It will have more far-reaching significance and development prospects to use the MOOC platform to carry out excellent video open classes with characteristics...
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Research on Rural Landscape Space Design Strategy Driven by Chinese Landscape Painting Space Image

Take the Traditional Villages in Jiangnan as an Example

Yike Zhang, Yi Zhang
Chinese landscape painting is not only a true record of the nature of mountains and rivers, but also an exploration of the ideal environment of harmony between man and nature. It contains rich humanistic wisdom and construction ideas. Through the analysis of the spatial images of Chinese traditional...
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Research Progress in the Quality of Talent Training in Colleges and Universities at Home and Abroad

Jinhai Guo
Through the research on the literature related to talent training in colleges and universities in the past 20 years, it is found that most of the research has gradually focused on the perspective of management, mainly including the perspective of stakeholders, the study of influencing factors, the study...
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Research Progress on Influencing Factors of Chinese Teachers’ Professional Happiness

Jinhai Guo
The academic theses related to teachers’ professional happiness for more than 10 years have collected the most important research results in this field. There is no consensus on the differences between gender, age, teaching age, and education background on teachers’ occupational happiness, while professional...
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Research on Japanese Writing Course in Senior High School Based on POA

Take the Japanese Course of Senior High School as an Example

Yunxuan Wang, Zhenda Song
Language ability is one of the important components of the Core Competencies of the Japanese discipline, while writing is the internalization, application, integration and creation of language ability and it is also the examinatorial contents of the college entrance examination. At present, the Japanese...
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Application of Aging-Appropriate Smart Home in Indoor Living Space

Jiaqi Chi, Mingcen Zhao
Taking aging as the background, this paper clarifies the application status of smart home in indoor living space and the development trend at home and abroad, analyzes the all-round needs of the elderly for smart home based on the concept of smart elderly care and research results at home and abroad,...
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Research on Continuous Knowledge Sharing Behavior of Users Participating in Crowdsourcing Innovation

Shuting Hao
Crowdsourcing innovation is a process in which an enterprise obtains external knowledge by allowing external users to brainstorm. The continuous knowledge sharing behavior of users on the crowdsourcing innovation platform is one of the key factors determining the success of the crowdsourcing innovation...
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A Survey for Research Literature Review of the Origin, Spread and Variation of the Chinese Folk Song “Jasmine Flower”

Liang Tao, Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan, Lee Chie Tsang Isaiah
Jasmine Flower is a well-known Chinese Han folk song that holds significant historical and cultural importance in China and beyond. Its influence extends to the realm of world music as well. Chinese academic circles began to study the Chinese traditional folk song Jasmine Flower around the 1980s. The...
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Knowledge Graph Analysis of Landscape Design Research Based on Citespace

Xiaoqing Geng
The literature related to landscape design research in the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) database from 2010 to 2020 was taken as the research object of the present paper. The CiteSpace software is used to explore research hotspots and review the current research status and development....
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Research and Analysis of M&A Issues of Multinational Enterprises Based on International Business Law

Habo Hu
With the accelerated internationalization of global trade, international cross-border M&A has entered a rapid development stage. With China as the middle pillar of the world economy, a wave of cross-border mergers and acquisitions has crept in. After the accession to WTO, there is no special law...
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Application of Blended Teaching in Software Architecture for Graduate Students

Le Wei, Qiuyun Zhao
Software Architecture for graduate students has characteristics of high degree of abstraction, complex content and strong practice. According to these characteristics, teaching concept of BOPPPS is introduced into the course blended teaching. Six links of BOPPPS are identified as the introduction (Bridgein),...
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Course Assessment System Construction of ‘Big Data System and Technology’ in Blended Teaching Mode

Qiuyun Zhao, Le Wei
Focusing on the problem of evaluation of blended teaching effectiveness for courses in the context of engineering certification, following the OBE concept, adopting both process and outcome assessment, and taking teachers and students as the main subjects of assessment, the principles that should be...
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Research and Practice on Ideological and Political Teaching of ‘Big Data System and Technology’ Course

Qiuyun Zhao, Le Wei
Curriculum ideology is an important measure for colleges and universities to implement the fundamental task of cultivating people through virtue. Curriculum ideology plays an important role in improving the effect of ‘three comprehensive education’ and promoting the all-round development of students....
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Research on the Strategy of Embedded Subject Services in University Libraries in the Big Data Environment

Hengbo Xu, Jianzhong Zhao
With the continuous iteration and update of big data technology and more and more in-depth service to summarize, mine and organize network data, university teachers and students have more complex and concrete requirements for library discipline services, and the embedded discipline services of university...
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Research on the Relationship Between Social Responsibility, Social Resources, and Core Competitiveness

Xiaoxuan Guo
With the development of enterprises, the significance of enterprises in social responsibility has become prominent. This paper examines the relationship between corporate social responsibility, social resources, and core competitiveness through the example of social responsibility performed by Vanke,...
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Binglike the Control Effect of Cabbage Soft Rot and Downy Mildew

Lin Li, Zhao Li
The test showed: the Control effect of BingLiKe of different concentrations on Cabbage Softrot and Downy Mildew was better than that of 77% KeSha-De 800 dissolution and 25% Metalaxyl 500 dissolution, the percentage was 44.42%, 29.85%. BingLiKe also obviously promoted the growth of cabbage, increased...
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Research on the Characteristics of Traditional Commercial Buildings in Qianmen Street in the Qing Dynasty Based on the Qianlong Southern Inspection Tour

Xiaoxi Liu, Ting Yan, Fei Liang, Jing Ma
Qianmen Street is an important section of the central axis of Beijing, and also a place where commercial building types converged during the economic boom period in China’s history. It has undergone multi-stage protection and utilization measures in the context of historical street protection and renewal....
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Nursing Home Cares in Response to Different Diseases: Based on Data from Six Chinese Provinces and Cities

Zhuqi Yu, Ruoxi Yang, Qing Zeng, Liyuan Jiao
This study servers as a statistical analysis of the top 10 causes of annual mortality across nine provinces and cities in China, including the regions of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, and the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Greater Bay Area over the period of 2013–2022. The findings indicate that malignant...
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Analysis of the Emotional Needs of Contemporary Chinese Animation Audience

Wenjuan Chai
This paper analyzes the emotional needs of the animation audience, divides the emotional needs of the audience into three levels: emotional resonance, emotional comfort and emotional release, and discusses the emotional resonance between the animation characters and the audience, the type of animation...
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Ways and Suggestions for Drivers to Avoid Risks After Drinking

Yingrui Zhang, Jiang Qiuyan
Through the analysis of the problem of drinking and driving, and through the chamber model, it is concluded that if you drink three bottles of beer in a relatively short period of time, the alcohol content in your blood will reach the maximum after 1.2496 h, and it will be in line with the national standard...
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Research on Energy Consumption, Pollutant Emission and Carbon Emission of Passenger Vehicles in the Whole Life Cycle

Ting Zhang, Mingnan Zhao, Jianxin Li, Linfeng Lu
Passenger cars are an important field of energy consumption, pollutant emission and carbon emission. Strengthening vehicle pollution reduction and carbon reduction is of great significance for China to achieve peak carbon neutrality. Based on the previous management measures of motor vehicle energy consumption...
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The Application of Formal Beauty Rule in Bus Model

Le Xiong, Yike Chen, Qianyue Pang, Chengkun Liu, Yi Sun
This paper briefly expounds on the basic elements and laws of the formal beauty rules. And uses the modeling design of existing models as an example.
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Dashilan Street: The Fence Culture of Ancient Beijing

Fei Liang, Shaoshuai Liu, Xiaoxi Liu
Dashilan is one of the most important commercial blocks in Beijing. Its was named from the luxurious fence gate at the entrance of Hutong. It’s a public facility that cooperated with the curfew policy and block governance in ancient Beijing, especially in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. This article looks...
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Looking into the Health and Longevity of Scholars in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry: The Case of China

Zhuqi Yu, Wenxuan Zhao, Sipu Chen, Jie jiang
This paper produced lifespan of scholars of three disciplines with Chinese as a whole and Average lifespan of scholars of three disciplines by geographic location. Subsequently, through the interview results with 4 mathematics scholars, the ways they manage to maintain health are ascertained, on the...
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Development and Planning of Museums in the Post-pandemic Era

Simiao Guo
Historically, museums have always played an essential role in society’s forming of civilization. From private museums to public museums, their form has changed a lot. COVID-19 has primarily affected the regular operation of the museum. This study examines the development and planning of public space-related...
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Analysis of the Singing of Cadenza of Vocal Works in Different Periods

Yingjie Chen
Cadenza is an important singing technique in vocal works, and it is also a difficult skill for many vocal learners. Rhythm, intonation, and expression are all important reference factors for good singing. Cadenza has been developed by composers for a long time. However, some students and even teachers...
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An Overview of Trends in Architectural Space After COVID-19

Rui Zhan
In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, most countries responded to the spread of the epidemic by adopting a closed management approach, with changes in living spaces being the most discussed in the field of architecture. This paper briefly organizes the research related to the spatial changes of...
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A Study of Human Capital Funding

Xiaochen Liu
Human capital is an emerging type of capital that differs from physical capital in that it has substantial economic value and practical uses. There is no need for excessive specialization because it has distinctive qualities like changeability and certainty, personal dependence and transferability, and...
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Managing Impacts of Air Pollution on Public Health in Australia

Mengxue Yang
The Australian Environment Protection Agency identifies air pollution as a cause and contributor to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The World Health Organisation highlights the need for a public health approach in continued research, education, and policy programs to mitigate the health impacts...
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How to Improve EFL Learners’ Oral English Proficiency?

Wenwen Tang
Speaking, as a productive language skill, has been a major issue in English language learning, as learners’ success in English is often determined by how well they can communicate in English [8]. China, as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) country, the acquisition of oral abilities is a long-standing...
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Influence of Hangzhou Dialect on Mandarin Speaking: Using Erhua as an Example

Shixin Shen
One of the phonetic differences between Mandarin and the Hangzhou dialect is the pronunciation of Mandarin erhua. According to the phonetic realizations, Chinese er-suffix can be produced as erwei and erhua: the er-suffix remains its independent syllable and tone in erwei but loses its independent syllable...
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A Case Study of Foreign Students Participating in Chinese Language Competitions

Commonality Analysis Based on Nvivo

Liuyi Li
With an increasing use of Chinese language worldwide, more international students are learning Chinese language and participating in Chinese language competitions. This case study research investigates the experience of two international students who participated in a Chinese language competition. It...
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The Essence and Impact of US-China Technology Competition

Xinyan Peng
After World War II, none of America's competitors or Allies of competitors such as Germany, Japan, or the Soviet Union reached 60% of US GDP, with China being the only exception. The great rejuvenation of China are seen by the United States as a huge threat to its global dominance. China is rapidly...
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Gendered Portmanteaus: Negotiating Feminist Identities in Twenty-Tens Weibo

Rachel Li
This paper focuses on flux and reflux in misogynistic words and verbs in twenty-tens. In the paper, I evaluated the development of the feminist movement in China from 2012–2019. First, this paper discusses the morphology of newly emerged allegations of Chinese feminists, their connotations, and their...
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Studying Obedience to Authority: Different Genders Facing Prestige and Dominance Authorities

Sifan Yun
It is commonly known that the Milgram’s obedience experiment has been challenged on ethical grounds because of the potential psychological distress they might cause participants. Therefore, we are wondering how we can study obedience in an ethical fashion that minimizes distress and we make this investigation....
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Research on the Mental Health Applications of Music Therapy

Xiaoxiao Yu
As a mature and complete borderline discipline, music therapy has developed clinical treatment methods to treat physical and mental disorders of certain diseases. This literature review explores the biological aspects of the effectiveness of music therapy, illustrates the effects of music therapy on...