Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Creative Industry and Knowledge Economy (CIKE 2022)

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Introduction of ‘5M1E’ Mode of Quality Management in Chemical Analysis Laboratory of Special Equipment

Dong Jin, Dianguo Ma, Yuanyuan Zhang, Baibing Yang, Dan Wang, Linyuan Guo
In the special equipment industry, the accurate and normal operation of chemical analysis laboratory is an important basic guarantee to ensure the safe operation of special equipment media, materials and special equipment. This paper introduces the six links of man, machine, material, method, environment...

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Research on Tax Planning of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from the Perspective of Management

Sheng Shujun
Enterprises have their operation characteristics in different development stages, and the management of small and medium-sized enterprises needs to reasonably choose different tax planning schemes in different periods to promote the stable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. This paper...
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Study on the Evolution of the Coupling Relationship between Tourism and Agriculture in Guangdong Province under the Background of Rural Revitalization

YingYing Guo, KaiJun Wu, Zhou Yang, XingFu Han
Based on the relevant statistical data of tourism and agricultural development in Guangdong Province from 2010 to 2019, this paper constructs the index weight coefficient and coupling coordination degree model of agriculture and tourism, and analyzes the changes of the coupling coordination relationship...
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The Contributing Factor to Success and Risk for Warehouse Club in China

Tianyi Zhang
In recent years, the warehouse club had become a popular spot for Chinese consumers. The warehouse club possess many differences with the prevailing form of retail which are supermarket Chain and wet market. The paper aims to understand how changes in Chinese market changes combines with some of warehouse...
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Comparison and Discussion on Consensus of Cryptocurrency

Yuan Wang
Cryptocurrency has become popular, and a large part of cryptocurrency is based on a technology called the blockchain. The consensus protocol is one of the important parts of the blockchain. Through the consensus protocol, the system performance of the blockchain can be judged. Therefore, the consensus...
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The Positive Influence of Inclusive Finance on Industrial Structure Upgrading

Han Ruoxin
This paper aims to prove that the development of inclusive finance has positive impact on the upgrading of industrial structure. The rationalization of industrial structure is an inevitable requirement for high-quality economic development, while inclusive finance promotes economic development by realizing...
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Analyses of the Relationship between Virtual Influencers’ Endorsements and Customer Brand Engagement in Social Media

Laila Zhong
This article studies how virtual influencers’ endorsements affect consumer brand engagement on social media. Existing studies have found that consumers’ participation in social media brand activities has both internal and external motivation, that is, the internal needs of the audience and social network...
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The Impact of E-commerce Platform on Shopping Behavior of Consumers from the Perspective of Consumer Behavior--Taking Examples of China’s Double 11 and American Black Friday

Yijia Yuan
In recent years, with the continuously growing concept of “Internet +”, e-commerce platforms embrace a broader development platform with the collaboration of computers, mobile phones and televisions. Many consumers choose to shop on e-commerce platforms.[1] This paper deeply analyzes the influence of...
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The Dilemma and Strategies to Realize Smart Manufacturing under the Concept of “Human-machine Collaboration + Short Video Communication” in Greater Bay Area

Yimin WANG, Yonglin DAI, Qiuyuan LI, Honglin ZHU
The National Development and Reform Commission has mentioned the work vision of the manufacturing industry transformation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area many times in conferences, as well as initially completed the reform plan focusing on technology and patents as the key points of...
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Research on Creative Design Path of Leather Jewelry Packaging

HU Zhanmei
To enrich and creative jewelry packaging materials in leather jewelry creative packaging design as a starting point for analysis. Expounds the problems existing in the creative design of jewelry packaging, by refining the art characteristics of leather jewelry packaging, brand construction, the types...
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Research on the Practice Path of Party History Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of “Three Comprehensive Education”

Take Shandong Huayu Institute of Technology as an Example

Ren Peipei
In the new era, it is of great and practical significance for colleges and universities to carry out party history education work for colleges and universities to realize the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, and to promote college students to establish a correct view of party...
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Enlightenment of German Energy Decarbonization to Power System

Hanyun Wang, Jiaqian Chen, Changxiang Xu, Jihua Huang, Pei Zhang
With the proposal of carbon neutralization and carbon peak strategy, power system decarbonization has become an important path to realize the strategy. This paper combs the experience of Germany in energy decarbonization and deconstructs the impact of German energy policy on energy structure from the...
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A Survey of Research on the Effect of CEO Dominance and CEO Characteristics on Capital Structure

Yaqi Zhang, Yonglin Zhang
In this study, we outline papers connecting firms’ capital structure to CEO dominance and CEO power. Most papers examining how the choice of capital structure is influenced by one or several specific variables related to the CEO. Whether the impact on changes in leverage on firm performance depends on...
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Cultural and Creative Products’ Design Combining Birch Bark Culture with New Materials in Ewenki Ethnic Township, Hulunbuir

Ying Luo
Starting from the Ewenki birch bark culture of intangible cultural heritage, this paper analyzes the current situation of existing products, seeks the shortcomings and deficiencies of them, then utilizes the combination of birch bark materials and emerging materials, highlighting the application of various...
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Research on the Comprehensive Reform Goal and Implementation Scheme of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Siyao Du
As we all know, cultivating talents is one of the important functions of colleges and universities. Only by correctly dealing with the relationship between talents and social needs, as well as the relationship between professional courses and comprehensive reform, can we better promote development. Mathematics...
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The Development of Livestream Commerce in China

Luanzuowei Zhang
Livestream commerce – a business model in which retailers, influencers or celebrities sell products and services via online video streaming - has been surging dramatically in China over the past five years. This paper defines and identifies the key features of livestream commerce and reviews the timeline...
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Study on the Legal Issues of Fukushima Nuclear Wastewater Discharge into the Sea

Wu Zhiyi
The decision of Fukushima nuclear wastewater discharge involves many theoretical and practical issues, which attracts the strong attention of the international community and academic circles. Once nuclear wastewater is discharged, it will seriously infringe on global ecological and environment safety...
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Research on the Two-way Integrated Development Model of Agricultural Product Processing Industry

A Case Study of Zhangjiakou Hongji Agricultural Company in China

Zhe Cao
Industrial integration is the development trend of agricultural product processing industry. In recent years, Zhangjiakou Hongji Agricultural Company in Hebei Province has explored a road of integrated development focusing on potato processing industry and extending to the primary industry in the upstream...
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Analysis of the Use of BIM Technology in the Training of Professional Degree Master Talents

Bailing Zhou, Dong Wang, Tianhua Jiang, Hongbing Zhu
BIM technology has the advantages of synergy, visualization, simulation, optimization, cost saving, and common construction and sharing. According to the background of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the construction industry, and also taking into account the specific situation of local universities, this...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Digital Inclusive Finance on Rural Revitalization

An Analysis Based on Chinese Various Regions’ Data

Jingwen Li
This paper analyzes the theoretical connotations and mechanisms related to the study of the impact of digital inclusive finance on rural revitalization in China, and empirically investigates the relationship between digital inclusive finance and rural revitalization by combining data at the prefecture-level...
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Case Study on Financial Sharing Construction -- Taking ZTE as an Example

Sheng Shujun
With the rapid development of information technology in the context of smart cloud migration, financial sharing service, as a financial management model hastened by information technology and globalization, is favored by some large enterprises in China. This paper focuses on the study of Financial Sharing...
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Research on Multi-agent Participatory Design in Renewal of Urban Public Space with Composite Functions

Taking Tongzhou National Defense Education Square as an Example

XiaoXi Liu, MengYing Li, YangGuang Song, Jie Han, Kaiyu Peng
With the deepening involvement of public in social governance, public participation in the process of urban public space renewal has become an inevitable trend. In view of the phenomenon that the users of functional complex urban public space are diversified and the demand for renewal is different, either...
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The Impact of “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality” Policy on Automobile Industry

Juyi Wang
Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China’s new energy vehicles usher in development opportunities. This paper mainly discusses the impact of the Carbon peak and neutrality policy on the automobile industry by combining qualitative and quantitative analysis. By analyzing the contemporary...
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The Impact of Brands on Consumer Behavior in Creative Industry

Lin Wang
This article describes how brands influence consumers’ consumption pattern and how consumer behavior is related to brands. It is found that, consumers tend to favour brands with their own personal aesthetics, while brand design has different aesthetic meanings.
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The Consumption Behavior of Domestic Beauty Products Among Female College Students in a City: The “Perfect Diary” Brand as an Example

Yang Yu
Based on the theories of perceived value and brand loyalty, combined with user evaluations and interview data, the interviews with consumers of Perfect Diary were compiled, coded, and analyzed, and key variables such as quality value, social value, hedonic value, image value, and emotional value were...
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The Definition, Fulfillment and Development of Digital Media

Hongbo Yu
The progress of digital media technology is a milestone event in the history of information storage and transmission. Compared with the access of information storage and transmission in the past, the digital media take the digital data as medium. It is worth paying attention to and do researches about...
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Analysis of Natural Ventilation Technology of Traditional Residential Houses in Southeast of Hubei Province

Take Yangloudong Village as an Example

Ce Xiong, Bailing Zhou
Based on the theory of architectural in situ, this paper summarizes the in situ characteristics of the township architecture in southeast of Hubei province with Yangloudong village as an example. On the basis of literature and field research, we summarize and analyze the natural ventilation technology...
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On the Improvement of Information Disclosure System in China’s Securities Regulation

Xiyuan Yang
The development of securities law is the development of the information disclosure system, which is very important for the healthy development of the securities market. 2020 saw the promulgation of the new Securities Law, which means that the information disclosure system in China’s capital market has...
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The Impact of Private Domain Marketing Techniques on the Purchase Intention of New Energy Vehicle

Shuangyu Mo
Contemporarily, the new energy vehicle industry needs to rely more on marketing tools to promote sales. Compared to traditional marketing strategies, the private domain marketing tools are more likely to stimulate the purchase behaviour of potential users of new energy vehicles nowadays. This paper employs...
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The Renewal of Mongolian Traditional Dwelling Architecture in the Context of Nomadic to Sedentary Pastoralism

Take the Example of the Hejing

Yue Zeng, Bailing Zhou
The Mongolian yurt is the product of combination and evolution of the special arid grassland geography and nomadic culture in Xinjiang, which reflects the unique regional architectural and cultural characteristics. 21st century, with the property of China’s economy, the rapid progress of urbanization...
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Research on Women-friendly City Construction under She-economics Background

Ziyan Liu
She-economics, known as women’s economics or womenomics, rise due to the improvement of women’s socioeconomic status, the increasing number of the female labor force, and the rising level of education. The female economy includes many aspects, such as female labor, women’s financial management, and women’s...
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Research on IT Operation and Maintenance and Management and Maintenance Methods in Cloud Computing Environment

Teng Zhang, Lihong Du
Research on operation and maintenance technology in cloud computing environment aims to effectively promote the implementation of cloud computing and provide new development ideas for operation and maintenance technology. Cloud computing technology and operation and maintenance technology are bound to...
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Study on the Environmental Adaptability of Traditional Residential Buildings in Southeast HUBEI

Yucheng Zhu, Bailing Zhou
Traditional residential houses, which contain rich historical and cultural remains, profound cultural deposits and the wisdom to adapt to the natural climate environment of the living place, have attracted much attention recently. Based on the geographical and natural conditions, this paper takes the...
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The Impact of Social Marketing Means of E-commerce on Consumers’ Clothing Buying Behavior

Zhuoya He, Yejie Lin, Huang Zheng
Contemporarily, traditional e-commerce has reached the top after more than ten years of rapid development, but the disadvantage of poor shopping experience still maintains since its birth. In order to further increase sales, innovate marketing methods are pursued for online clothing stores. In this paper,...
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The Impact Analysis of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) on Infrastructure Projects Management and Operation

Jixue Zou, Wei Ni
REITs is a new type of equity financing tool for infrastructure projects investment in China(C-REITs), which learned from international experience. In this paper, we use the “influence-interest” matrix to analyze the participants of C-REITs and identify each key stakeholder about it. By summarizing and...
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The Quality Improvement Strategy Study of Public Space around Rail Transit Stations in Built Areas

A Case Study of Jiukeshu Subway Station in Beijing

Jing Ma, Wanqi Pang, Xiaoxi Liu, Ming Fang, Yuan Meng
With the development of many Chinese cities entering the stage of urban renewal, the quality improvement of urban public space in built areas has become an important part. With the increasing proportion of rail transit in urban travel sharing rate, it is extremely urgent to improve the spatial quality...
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Research on How Products and Marketing Strategy Affects the Market Shares of Nike and Adidas

Hanzhe Li
For many children born in China, Nike and Adidas dominated the sportswear market during their childhoods and one of the reasons might be the lack of performance of China’s local brands. How Nike and Adidas succeed in making positive progress while having cutthroat competition is a subject worthy of study....
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A Case Study of Glass Art Marketization Under the Background of Creative Industry

Hui Tang
Through the interpretation of the marketization of glass art in some cases and the construction and analysis of the creative industry, this paper puts forward some thoughts on the marketization of glass art from the perspective of creative industry. There are mainly two tasks: the first one is to clarify...
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Factors of Lipstick Products Review Videos Influencing Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Ruining Hu
With the use of social media, especially the growth of China’s short video sharing platforms, lipstick review videos have become one of the most popular promotion channels of lipstick products. This article reveals the survey findings of 127 respondents, who are viewers of lipstick consumers and lipstick...
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Grocery Sales Forecasting

Yixu Liu
Forecasting grocery items can not only avoid excessive stockpiling but also meet customer demand. This can reduce the grocery store’s losses and increase the grocery store’s turnover. On the other hand, considering features that affect sales is also the core of feature engineering. This article makes...
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The Marketing Strategy of the Milk Tea in China based on Customer Demand Analysis

Siyuan Du
Tea culture has been a tradition in China since ancient times. As the culture and habit of drinking tea are deeply rooted in people’s hearts, the Chinese market naturally accepts milk tea, new blended tea drinks under the background of the current era. The marketing strategy of the milk tea industry...
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Analyzing on the Going Global Marketing Strategy–Taking Shein as an Example

Jieru Shen
This paper focuses on analyzing the Going Global marketing strategy and takes Shein as an example. The research is based on 4P and STP models. These two models are fundamental marketing analytics tools and also the key to analyzing Shein’s marketing strategy. This paper discusses one of Shein’s successful...
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The Study on the Development of Rural Digital Inclusive Finance in China

Liping Zhu
Rural areas is the important field of inclusive financial services. Digital inclusive finance has become a new trend in the development of inclusive finance. This paper analyzes the current situation of the development of rural digital inclusive finance in China, explains the constraints of the development...
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Study on the Factors of High-tech Enterprises

Ruochen Huang
with the increasingly active technological innovation, and the continuous emergence of new industries and enterprises, the economic structure has produced great changes accordingly.High-tech enterprises apply innovative technologies and achievements to production or management, and through goods and...
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Influences of COVID-19 on JD Stock Prices

Shengtao Lu, Wangrui Gong, Lang Xia
COVID-19 affected every whit of people’s lives, influencing the worldwide economics on a large scale. It could also be observed that opportunities had been provided for industries like E-commerce. In the research, JD as the research object was analyzed by event study and linear regression to estimate...
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The Effect of Career Calling on the Work Engagement of Medical Staff: Taking Service Orientation as a Mediating Variable

Qingjuan Wang, Zhi Li
Nowadays related studies about career calling and service orientation are of great significance to both individuals and organizations and have become a focus of interdisciplinary research in various fields. This paper aims to explore the relationship among career calling, service orientation and work...
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Generation Z Subculture Marketing in the New Media Environment: A Case Study of Bilibili

Meng Wang
With the development of the times, Generation Z has gradually become the main force of market consumption. Taking Bilibili as an example, this paper studies the subculture marketing of Generation Z in the new media environment. The research shows that, influenced by the Internet environment, online social...
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Research on the Business Model of Bilibili and Its Current Problems

Ming Yuan, Minqi Chong, Zejiu Guo, Ziyi Yan, Kunxia Liu
In this paper, research has been done to analyze the business model of Bilibili and the reasons why it has developed rapidly in recent years. Through understanding the 4Ps and SWOT theory, we bring into understanding the business model and method of Bilibili. Bilibili is a high-quality original media...
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The Purchase Behavior of New Energy Vehicle in Carbon Trading Market

Jaiyi Chen, Xin Liu, Xinxin Sun, Yunru Yang
To address global climate change and promote global sustainable development, China is committed to economic transformation at the stage of social and economic development. Under the carbon peak goal, China’s energy transition faces challenges in economic and social development stage, related mechanisms...
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Assessing the Legality of Hyperlink in the Right of Communication to the Public

Yifei Wang
The expansion of the communication to the public right brings linking to the copyright protection. While the current case law contains conflicting interpretations of the right of communication to the public, this article will re-interpret this right in the context of hyperlinking, in line with the objectives...
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Research on Energy-Saving Design Strategy of Traditional Residential Buildings in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Area

Jiawei Wu, Bailing Zhou
With problems such as energy shortage and environmental pollution intensify, green protection and ecological balance are becoming increasingly concerned, and a green revolution is spreading around the world. Traditional dwellings in the hot-summer and cold-winter area in China have created a pleasant...
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E-sports and Its Unique Geng (PunchLine) Culture

Take League of Legend Pro League as an example

Suwan Song
The outbreak of covid-19 was in late 2019. This epidemic has been a test of competitive sports all over the world but e-sports, as a new type of digital sport, has obviously withstood the test. 2018 has been a year of e-sports outbreak in China, and in 2020, the population of e-sports market has exceeded...
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Attitudes and Behaviors of Internet Users towards Chinese Medicine Popularization Knowledge

ELM Model-based Empirical Analysis

Jia-Yi Lin, Shu-Yi Dong, Ni Yan
To figure out factors affecting internet users’ acceptance of traditional Chinese medicine popularization knowledge and improve their corresponding attitudes and behaviors, this paper conducts researches based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM). Spss software processed data through constructing...
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Research on Design of Aging Products Based on Kano Model

Bohan LIU
In order to meet the goals of safety, comfort, efficiency and human-oriented usability for the elderly in the process of using products, an aging-appropriate product design research based on Kano model is proposed. This study firstly analyzes the characteristics of the elderly group, conducts user research,...
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Research on Hybrid Teaching Practice of Dynamic Web Technology Course from the Perspective of Modern Information Technology

TingTing Zhang
With the continuous development of information technology, the application of information technology in the field of education is becoming more and more popular. This paper takes the effective integration of online rich teaching resources and offline classroom teaching as the starting point, takes the...
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Research on the Pros and Cons of the Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Manke Cai
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the biggest cause of dementia, and the animal model has always been a high research priority in treating AD. This paper introduces three generations of AD mouse models by summarizing their merits and limitations in order to facilitate the understanding of these animal models...
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Reform and Practice of Course Ideological and Political Teaching Based on OBE Theory

Take the Course “Purchasing and Supply Management” as an Example

Qin Wang, Xinke Du
On the basis of analyzing the current situation and problems of curriculum ideological and political teaching reform, this paper constructs a block diagram of curriculum ideological and political design based on obe theory. Then, taking the course of “Purchasing and Supply Management” as an example,...
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Development and Prospects of Mobility-as-a-Service in China

Wu Xiaoyue
Under the background of continuous economic development, the number of private cars continues to rise, causing road congestion in some areas during peak travel hours. In order to alleviate traffic congestion and improve traffic efficiency, a new transportation concept has emerged in the city, namely...
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A Double-case Study of Government Regulation Models in Rural E-commerce in China

Gong Yu
Rural e-commerce has always been one of the important measures for poverty alleviation. The infrastructure and public services in China’s rural areas lag behind those in urban areas. The rural government has innovatively adopted “promotional” supervision to promote the healthy development of rural e-commerce....
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Research on Source Training and Whole Chain Management of Excellent for Young Leaders

Yuzhen Hu, Liuxiang Zhang, Duan Sun, Linming Jia, Yiran Cheng
Focusing on strengthening the construction of talent development channel of State Grid Henan electric power company and strengthening the attraction level of relatively weak channels such as expert channel. So as to achieve the goal of promoting the balanced distribution and better development of outstanding...
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Breakthrough of Classical Chinese Teaching in Junior Middle School from the Perspective of Situational Cognition

Take Journey to the Feast of the Western Mountains as an Example

Jiayi Wang
As a new teaching theory, situational cognition theory can well integrate situational teaching into the classroom, thus deriving higher quality Chinese classrooms. This study aims to explore the existing dilemmas in the teaching classroom, analyze the relationship between middle school students’ cognition...
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Small-class Seminar: The Core Element of Undergraduate Elite Education- Taking Yao Class of Tsinghua University as an Example

Shuangyue Ma
The small-class seminar is a kind of teaching organization widely used in world-class universities and a key measure to improve the quality of talent cultivation. This paper mainly takes The “Yao Class” of Tsinghua University as the entry point, uses the way of table comparison and examples to study...
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Discussion on the Ideological and Political Education Path of the Course “Introduction to Electronic Commerce”

Yan Wang
The ideological and political education concept of the course is integrated into the teaching content of “Introduction to Electronic Commerce”. Teachers integrate ideological and political elements into all aspects of curriculum teaching, including ideological and political goals, teaching methods, reform...
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Does the Medical Security System Alleviate the Poverty among Rural Residents with Critical Illness in China?

Evidence from a Cross Sectional Survey

Lu Li, Lei Ci, Junnan Jiang
China has established the Medical Security System (MSS), which consists of New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS), Critical Illness Insurance (CII) and Medical Financial Assistance (MFA), to alleviate poverty in rural areas. This study aims to answer whether the system had a poverty alleviation effect....
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Is User-generated Content Translation a Potential Threat to Professional Translators?

Ying Wang
This paper introduces user-generated translation and examines the reasons for its emergence including the advent of new media technology, a new crowdsourcing business model for translating the user-generated content, and professional translators’ lack of sufficient knowledge of the online culture. Meanwhile,...
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The Development Prospects of Heart Rate Monitor

Zhenyi Liu
Nowadays, heart rate monitors are common to be seen in daily life. However, current monitors are simple and sometimes provide inaccurate results. Thus, a sophisticated heart rate monitor is critical for researchers to invent. This paper focuses on the development of a heart rate monitor. This paper mainly...
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Research on OBE-based Teaching Model of Data Structure with Curriculum Ideology and Politics

Haoru Su, Hongli Chen, Weidong Wang, Yutong Li, Li Zhang
Curriculum ideological and political education is the internal requirement of the development of professional course education in Colleges and universities in the new era. The course “data structures and algorithms” is an important basic course for computer majors. Under the background of building the...
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The Application of Internet Teaching in Colleges and Universities during the Epidemic

Zhilin Xu
The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has changed the way students and teachers are taught. For epidemic prevention and control, major schools are using cyberspace to conduct online classes. This paper summarizes some suggestions in terms of teaching mechanism, teaching capacity, and teaching...
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Investigating the Relationship Between Aging and Epigenetic Differences in Monozygotic Twins

Wynnie Feng
When it comes to monozygotic twins, Mario F. Fraga and colleagues’ paper “Epigenetic differences arise during the lifetime of monozygotic twins” focuses on epigenetic modifications in monozygotic twins and what causes monozygotic twins to become more distinct as they age. This study is going to compare...
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Equilibrium Control Method of Logistics Supply Chain of E-commerce Platform Based on Big Data

Ying Liu
In order to better manage the massive logistics information, this paper puts forward the balanced control method of logistics supply chain of e-commerce platform based on big data, constructs the e-commerce logistics supply management system combined with the big data plan, optimizes the evaluation index...
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Study on the Evaluation of Urban Residents’ Quality of Life in Gansu Province

Liang zhou, Huimin Bao, Changlan Yue
With the transformation of social economy and the development of urban construction, the attention of residents’ quality of life is gradually improving. Taking the data of 14 cities in Gansu Province as samples, this paper measures the quality of life of urban residents in Gansu Province and evaluates...
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Different Learning Styles and Second Language Teaching

Li Zhao
This essay focuses on three variables of second language learners’ learning styles, field independence and dependence, reflectivity and impulsivity, ambiguity tolerance and intolerance. They are among the significant factors that make the difference in success of second language acquisition. Language...
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Research on Effective Management Strategy of Electromechanical Training Room

Rui Wang
Electromechanical Specialty is an important specialty in college education at this stage. The training room of Electromechanical Specialty is the main place for electromechanical students to carry out theoretical knowledge training and practical knowledge training. The training room of Electromechanical...
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The Psychological Effects of “Double Reduction” Policy on Students, Teachers, and Parents

Jingyi Yan
The declining Chinese birth rate, the need to develop the manufacturing industry, and capital-dominated extracurricular tutoring classes that prevent the country from truly selecting innovative talents, moreover, the excessive academic burden has caused students to have varying degrees of psychological...
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The Evaluation System of the Education of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Local Colleges

Wei-wei Guo, Yongxiang Ma
Innovative entrepreneurship education has achieved gratifying achievements since it was firstly put forward by Tsinghua University. However, how to objectively evaluate the quality of innovative entrepreneurship education in different levels universities has not yet formed a unified standard and general...
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Research on the Design of Intelligent Breastfeeding Products

Yingli WANG, Xin Yang
Objective: This paper aims to analyze the real needs of infant and young children’s intelligent milk maker products in postpartum maternal and infant feeding based on the method of user experience, and propose reasonable product design principles and strategies through demand analysis, so as to provide...
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An Exploration of Resistance in Non-Malaysian Literature

Chuting Duan
Malaysia is a diverse country and Malay literature is a unique literature with its own irreducible national tones that can be composed of works from multiple perspectives. However, there is some justification for the existence of non-Malay literature, which can also exist as a unique literature that...
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Research on Tourism Marketing Strategy Based on the Portrait of Wenyi Qingnian Tourist Group

Minxian Li, Xiaowei Yang, Xuang Ren, Sanchun Qing
Precise marketing is one of the trends for the service industry, it means nowadays, many consumers are keen on personalized as well as diversified consuming experience. When it comes to the tourism industry, there are a lot of examples of precise marketing, like wenyi tourist destinations have gained...
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A Study on the Change of Monsoon Circulation under the Condition of Climate Warming

Zekai Chen
With the development of science and technology in recent years, human carbon emissions are also gradually increasing. The influence of the greenhouse effect on human society is increasing day by day. The greenhouse effect has caused a series of changes in the climate and atmosphere. As a climate phenomenon...
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View the Reform Direction of Higher Education Evaluation from the Importance of Education Evaluation to the Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Qi Zhang, Qian Meng, Huiping Yang
With the popularization of higher education, China is facing great changes unseen in a century. China’s demand for talent has shifted from “quantity” to “quality” and “innovation”. It is urgent to solve “The question of Qian”. Innovation plays a powerful role in promoting the progress and development...
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Standard Language Ideology and Its Impact on English Language Teaching

Xintong Xie
The multifarious World Englishes paradigm distinguishes certain varieties as “native” Englishes, such as British English and Australian English, from others, known as “New” Englishes, such as Chinese English, Korean English, that are influenced by the “native” varieties. Although there is widespread...
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Prospectus, Investor Attention and Stock Performance of the First Listed Companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange

Chen Han, Yi Wei, Shiyue Xu
Beijing Stock Exchange is China’s first corporate stock exchange established with the approval of the State Council incorporated on September 3, 2021. In this paper, we studied the first 74 listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange on November 15, 2021 and constructed relevant textual indicators...
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Reforming Copyright Liability of Internet Service Providers from a User-Based Copyright Perspective

Yifei Wang
The online content sharing service platforms (OCSSPs) provide users with a space to share and access copyrighted works at any time with the lowest restrictions and costs, which facilitates an ease of conducting copyright infringement. As an online gatekeeper, the platforms are held as the best place...
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The Generative Dimension and Element Dimension of the View of Struggle and Happiness

Wang Xin
“Happiness is a struggle” discusses the logical relationship between the two, reflecting the people-centered philosophy. This paper analyzes the concept of struggle happiness from the four dimensions of ethics, value, morality and belief, and explains “Depending on whom and for whom”, which becomes the...
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Research on the Education Policy for the Uyghur Group in Xinjiang

Jiayun Liao
Xinjiang, a Chinese province, is home to the largest number of Uyghurs, a minority community in the country. Due to the language differences with the major Han group, it is hard for the Uyghurs in Xinjiang to receive the advanced education system. Such lack of knowledge makes it hard for Uyghurs to trade...
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Exploring the Relationship Between Doctors’ Patients and Medical System Development

Xiaochen Xia
Patient-Initiated Workplace Violence (WPV) Against Healthcare Workers as one of the topics of high public and global health concern, the doctor-patient conflict has increased dramatically in China over the past decade, and workplace violence against healthcare workers happens sometimes. Patient-initiated...
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Study on the Influence Mechanism of Social Support on the Quality of Life of the Elderly in the University of the Third Aged

YunYi Li, ChangYong Liang, YiMing Ma
University of the third age is a national strategy to cope with an aging population. The elderly get social support from teachers and classmates in the process of learning, which is of great significance to improve the quality of life of the elderly. This paper studies the impact mechanism of social...
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Progress and Prospect in Membrane CO2 Separation

Ying Li
Carbon dioxide emissions seriously harm the environment, causing the attention of all countries. Carbon capture and sequestration is the most direct way to control carbon dioxide emissions in the world. However, CO2 separation has attracted significant interest due to its high energy efficiency, low...
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Exploration and Practice on Training Mode of “Production, Teaching, Learning, Research and Application” in Mechatronics under Background of New Engineering

Mo Weiqiang, Liu Na, Yin Xinyan, Han Huanqing
In view of the new development opportunities for mechatronics Engineering under the background of “new engineering”, combined with the superior geographical environment of the college in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and aiming at the problems existing in the current training mode,...
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Research on the Application of Target Management Method in Performance Management of Private Enterprises

Tian Jintao, Ronaldo Juanatas, Jasmin Niguidula, Zhou Wei
Performance management is the core content of human resource management and is closely related to the operational efficiency of an enterprise. This paper discusses the status quo and problems of performance management in private enterprises, and strives to find and establish performance management improvement...
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Opportunities and Challenges: Exploring the Path of High-Quality Development of Private Universities in the New Era

Huiping Yang, Shaojie Gan, Qi Zhang
As an integral part of China’s higher education system, private colleges and universities occupy an important position in China’s higher education. With the implementation of the college expansion policy and the gradual deepening of school operations, the problems of private colleges and universities...
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Research on the Difference Between Chinese and American Endowment Insurance and Pension System

Jiamei Guo
As the global technology and situation continue to develop, people’s life expectancy is getting longer and longer, and the slow growth or serious aging of the population has become a “common problem” in many countries. As a developing country, China’s population has been continually increasing in recent...
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Research on the Interoperability of Leadership Development Channel based on Incentive Sensitive Factors

Zhang Hongsheng, Liu Baogang, Song Dawei, Guo Fei, Zhang Qi
To focus on enhancing the pertinence of the construction of talent development channels of State Grid Henan electric power company, strengthening the attraction level of relatively weak channels such as expert channels, and better development of outstanding young leaders of State Grid Henan electric...
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Some Thoughts on Employment Guidance for Chinese University Students under the Background of New Business Forms

Qiang Wang, Yun Zhu
The sudden major outbreak of the new coronavirus has not only impacted the national economy, but also brought tremendous pressure on the employment of college graduates. The rapid formation of new employment patterns in China has formed a momentum of rapid development, provided a large number of highly...
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Research on the Factors Related to Food Choices to Promote Healthy Eating

Yuhao Shen
The problem of being overweight is becoming more and more serious, much attention has been paid to consumers’ food choices. A growing body of literature now demonstrates the importance of behavioral factors in individual food consumption. Understanding the psychology of how people make food choices that...
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Construction of a Smart Classroom Ecosystem for College English

Ren Jiuju
In an era when modern information technologies such as the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence have been highly developed, the balance of the traditional classroom ecosystem has been broken. This paper discusses the imbalance between emphasis given to advanced and low-level goals in the smart...
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Education Stratification of Ethnic Minorities in China

Ching Lam
In today’s world, education is an essential component of people’s lives. It is a critical factor in propelling national growth. China, as one of the world’s largest economies, is also working hard to promote an education strategy that benefits all citizens. However, despite the continuing fast pace of...
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The Hierarchical Organization of Prefrontal Cortex of Working Memory

Huanyan Zheng
Working memory is a dominant topic in neurobiology that has been investigated frequently. The hypothesis related to the mechanisms of working memory leads to high controversy among scientists. More specifically, how working memory is organized to allow short-term retention of information without the...
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Investigation and Research on the Influence of Red Culture on the Revitalization of Old Revolutionary Base Areas

Taking Hai’an Old Revolutionary Base in Jiangsu Province as an Example

Peng Peng, Lu Yi nan, Shen Xin tong, Zhang Hui qiong, Min Wen jin
Haian in Central Jiangsu is an old revolutionary base area rich in red genes. The red culture and education bases such as the memorial hall of the seventh victory in the Seventh World War, the memorial hall of Yingxi branch and the cemetery of the New Fourth Army’s Anti-Japanese martyrs are famous all...