Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Economic Management and Social Science

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Research on Influence of National Folk Sports Events on Social Harmonious Development at China-Vietnam Border

Dong Bikai, Hu Yingqing
This paper mainly analyzes the value of contact of Chinese-Vietnamese national folk sports events: the sports events enhance the communication between nationalities at border, ensure harmonious and stable border; promote active spiritual culture and weaken passive culture; make for trade contacts between...
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Application of group counseling of college students for their positive growth based on positive psychology

Dou Quanli
It is found through studies that group counseling with positive psychology plays a great role in promoting positive growth of college students, effectively relieving bad mood and psychological problems of college students, and boosting their optimistic emotion and satisfaction with life. This paper is...
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Discussion on Application of Physical Theory Structure Framework in Physics Teaching and Scientific Research

Fang Zhicong
It is thought in this paper that physical theory structure includes symbolic structure, historical structure and extensional structure. The symbolic structure of physical theory is a transformational approach of physical theories. The historical structure of physical theory is the supplement of symbolic...
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Strategic research on Living Theatre Serving the Society Based on Xingxiang Culture

Zhao Junzhi, Kong Liyun
As a regional culture, Xingxiang culture’s birth is synchronous with that of Chinese culture. Meanwhile, it is an important and indispensible component of Chinese culture. The living theatre based on Xingxiang culture has risen like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and brought immeasurable benefit to...
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Reestablish the Concept of “Family”—On Perfection of Family Law System

Gao Yunpeng
Broad family concept is a small set of groups with very close relations including marriage and kinship in social life, and its main function is to distinguish between social life and private life of family members. Member relationships of a complete family include blood relationship, marriage relationship,...
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Research on Relations between Experiences and Object & Basic Theory of Musical Aesthetics

Guo Yujing
Musical aesthetics is developed from the development of aesthetics, musical historiography, music criticism and other disciplines. Musical aesthetics draws essences from such disciplines and also presents unique disciplinary characteristics. From such perspectives as philosophy, psychology, sociology...
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On action research and professional development of college English teachers

Hao Jingjing
action research theory and professional development of college English teachers have inseparable relevance. Action research theory is an important and effective approach to promote professional development of college English teachers and can smoothly achieve educational objective of college English teachers....
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Establishment of Chongqing Higher Vocational Education Ecosystem from the Perspective of Business Development

He Hongmei
To know about how to establish Chongqing higher vocational education ecosystem from the perspective of business development, this paper studies and analyzes the connotation, characteristics, classification and evaluation methods etc by following systematic and scientific research ideas according to basic...
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Analysis of the Application of Multimedia in Painting Teaching

He Lihua
With the change from knowledge education to quality education, painting teaching is no longer just to cultivate students’ interest in art and improve students’ painting skills, but to establish a close relationship between painting and cultivation of students’ qualities from an aesthetic perspective....
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The Themes from A Curtain of Green

Hu Song
Eudora Welty is an excellent female writer in Southern American literature. This paper, along with her several stories as examples, analyze the themes in her first novel A Curtain of Green and Other Stories as well as the social reality which is reflected from these following themes.
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Relations between Marxism Human Science and Ideological and Political Education

Song Yuan
The problems about human beings can be said as an important clue running through Marxist theory, while ideological and political education is aimed at human beings. In essence, ideological and political education is based on the problems about human beings. Therefore, closer correlation between Marxism...
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Research on mechanism about response of social governance theory to ethnic minorities’ sports culture demands and national identity

Hu Yingqing, Wu Yunong, Jiang Xinping
Ethnic minorities’ demands for sports culture also grow with each passing day in China currently as Chinese society advances continuously and economic level improves constantly. As a result, existing mechanism about response to cultural needs has failed to satisfy increasingly growing demands of ethnic...
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Discussion on significance of career planning for college students on ideological and political education

Li Ting
career planning for college students forms and develops under current new situation of higher education popularization and an important measure to achieve integrated development of college students. Ideological and political education in career planning for college students indeed complies with social...
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Enterprise financing decision-making under information asymmetry

Lin Tao
in enterprise financing process, information asymmetry is a very outstanding problem influencing financing of small land medium enterprises. For China, information asymmetry existing in small land medium enterprises seriously affects defective, convenient and fast financing of such enterprises. Through...
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Several Thoughts on TV Advertising Music

Lu Hui
As the basic element of TV advertising, music is very common in TV advertising and plays a very important role. This paper mainly explains the role of TV music, analyzes problems in its development, and puts forward several thoughts.
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Study on influence factors of repeated purchase behavior of e-commerce consumers

Qu Yan
e-commerce based on internet and information technology has become an important force of modern commerce. Due to virtual network marketing and many uncertain factors, repeated purchase rate of e-commerce consumers is much lower than traditional commercial purchase rate. So, it is vital to break through...
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Discussion on Establishment of Local Tax System from the Perspective of Business Tax Transformation to Value-added Tax

Shao Xiaoyan
The plan of business tax transformation to value-added tax was proposed jointly by the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation in October, 2011. On August 1, 2013, “the plan” was implemented all over the country. This makes us to reflect on operating layout of the original local...
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Survey on Influence Factors for Family Education of Primary and Secondary School Students in Minority Areas of Northern Guangdong

Wang Jianlan, Mu Xianglan, Zhang Chenglin, Liao Suqun, Zhang Lina
The research group made a survey on 11 schools in minority areas of northern Guangdong. In the questionnaire survey, totally 2,231 students from primary and secondary school are involved. According to the survey result, learning environment & resources of a family, educational background of parents and...
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Discussion on Japan’s Animation Culture and Its Influence

Wang Meng
Japanese animation has already become a sort of animation culture and animation industry popular all over the world. Through typical works in Japanese animation, we can find that Japanese animation has naturalistic style, and that it can realize dynamic integration between Japanese culture and foreign...
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Study on professional development of foreign language teacher in cross-cultural communication teaching

Wang Yao
in cross-cultural communication teaching process, professional development of Chinese foreign language teachers seems especially important. This paper first presents basic connotation of professional development of foreign language teachers, then carefully analyzes current situation and various problems...
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Discussion on Ankang Shadow Play Art

Xu Hongming
Shadow play is an artistic expression with a long history in China and its origin and development have experienced a long time. Ankang Shadow Play is also called “Taiping play”, “galanty show” and “shadow puppet” and its performance and size reduce with the decrease of performance needs. In addition...
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Exploration on land economic problems of ‘villages in the city

Zhang Hui, Gao Feng
land economic problems of ‘villages in the city’ affect harmonious development of urban and rural areas seriously. It is essential to plan land use of ‘villages in the city’ effectively and change the problem that land utilization rate is low to protect farmers’ benefits and promote harmonious development...
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On the Importance of Establishment of A New Piano Teaching System in Multi-cultural Context for Improving Students’ Innovation Ability

Zhang Xiaoxia
Piano teaching in multi-cultural context can not only promote spread of popular culture, but also attract different piano music audience and thus push diversified development of piano music. Piano teaching shall follow principle of diversification, establish new teaching concepts, use new teaching models,...
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Discussion on connotation of traditional culture in contemporary literature

Zhang Yanhong
Under the era background that economic society of China develops constantly, many people’s spiritual civilization has been replaced with material civilization and a trend of weakening has been shown gradually. Especially, traditional culture stays at a passive and weak position increasingly. Some people...
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Marketing Strategies of Enterprise News Planning

Zhang Yong
With the improvement of economic development and scientific level in China, competition among enterprises becomes increasingly fierce. Under the influence of this market economy environment, enterprises have to be more concerned about brand image and publicity planning means than before. Therefore, marketing...
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Discussion on " " culture and its market

Zhao Ping
In the last few years, the phrase “ ”is widely used to describe people, objects and other things. On the contract, Chinese phrase " ”doesn't contain so many meanings as that in Japanese. Under the influence of " ”culture, “ ” items, have won great popularity in Japan and even over the world. Why does...
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Discussion on interaction between English teaching method and the second language acquisition theory

Zhao Zhimei
The second language acquisition (SLA) is learning content that is closely related to English teaching. In the process of colleges’ English teaching, it is essential to deal with interaction between English teaching method and SLA theory and apply SLA theory to guide English classroom teaching in order...
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Exploration on current college students’ ideological characteristics and ideological and political coaching approaches

Li Hao
Chinese colleges are an educational base where socialist constructors and successors are cultivated. Facing with diversified global pattern and diverse development trend of social economy at present, schools should improve level of ideological and political education to enhance construction of students’...
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Survey and Research on Overseas Students’ Chinese Pragmatic Competence Acquisition -With overseas students from Ningxia University as example

Zhang Yongqun
Interlanguage pragmatics is a newly-developing field in pragmatics, which is used to research the language system of second language learners from the pragmatic perspective and research pragmatic behaviors of second language learners while using second language. At present, research on interlanguage...
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Analysis of staff training needs at Xiahua Factory based on OTP mode

Zheng Huizhen
training need analysis is a primary link for modern training activities and basic premise on which training is carried out effectively. Taking scientific methods to implement training need analysis will locate training more accurately and become a basic gurantee which ensures training schemes with pertinence...
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Study on expanding innovation fields for engineering personnel by utilizing multidisciplinary advantage of comprehensive universities

Cao Zhi
currently, transitional development of engineering industry leads to urgent demand for interdisciplinary personnel. Meanwhile, employment pressure of students majoring in engineering in comprehensive universities is also on the rise. The contradiction between the two becomes increasingly prominent. Thus,...
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Exploration of vocal music teaching reform in preschool education specialty

Li Xiuling
although vocal music teaching in preschool education specialty develops very fast, some significant problems exist in the development process. This paper expounds important status of vocal music education in preschool education, and lists prominent problems of current vocal music teaching in preschool...
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Several thoughts on class management work of college students

Li Yunfei, Yan Wen
in recent years, as college enrollment expands, the quality of college students is uneven. Meanwhile, the class size is also on the rise, this leading to the increase in the difficulty of class management. Thus, this paper proposes in class management of college students, it is required to enhance entrance...
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Study on three-level dynamic management mode of student organizations in Hefei University of Technology Xuancheng Campus

Wu Zhige
due to large college student organizations and incomplete structural system, effective means should be taken to get to the heart and drive overall development, enhance organization atmosphere, make organizations own stronger cohesive force and centripetal force and achieve significance of participation...
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Comparative analysis of cultural influence of Chinese and western TV programme hosts

Xing Xiaomei
from 1970s, Chinese TV programmes started to be popular widely and develop rapidly. TV program hosts also became national idols. The academic circle is continuously studying and developing growth track and development law of hosts. This paper mainly analyzes and compares cultural influence of current...
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Discussion on innovation of ideological and political theory course teaching at higher vocational schools based on the concept ‘combination of general education and professional education’

Xu Xiye
Pertinence and effectiveness of teaching of ideological and political theory course has been a goal that higher vocational schools work hard to pursue but cannot be realized easily all the time. Being guided by the concept ‘combination of general education and professional education’, we may carry out...
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Research on construction of evaluation index system about enterprises’ financial management ability

Shen Jing
We should evaluate improvement in enterprises’ financial management ability appropriately and let enterprises know their advantages and disadvantages in the aspect of financial management ability clearly and improve their weak management aspects with pertinence so that enterprises can enhance their financial...
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Research on folk culture of Southern Shaanxi and kindergarten-based course construction

Liu Lina
One of the important links during kindergartens’ course construction is to let more children learn more folk culture by constructing folk culture with excellent tradition. Based on this, this thesis aims at artistic forms of folk culture of Southern Shaanxi and combines with learning content at kindergartens...
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Research on motivation and iconicity of Chinese grammar

Wang Zeng
With economic development of China and research on long history and culture of the country, learning Chinese language gradually becomes fashionable and popular. Research on Chinese grammar is a difficult and key point. This thesis mainly focuses on discussing motivation and iconicity of Chinese grammar.
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Application of Chinese herbal medicine additives in aquaculture

Guo Chaolan, Liang Linlin, Cao Ke
in recent years, Chinese and foreign research achievements prove Chinese herbal medicine additive as an immunopotentiator can well improve immunity of fishes and shrimps, enhance non-specific killing activity of various etiologies and then reduce disease occurrence chance. It opens up a new way for disease...
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Optimization of C5 separation and production process

Wang Yonghong
this paper carries out simulation analysis of the whole process of mixed C5 separation according to actual conditions of C5 production, studies the process of each separation unit, optimizes process conditions of each separation unit and analyzes effects of each device and factor on the whole process....
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Thought to teaching methodology in the course of Tax Law in the major of accounting

Li Jie
legal system of state tax revenue is being reformed in order to adapt national economic transition mode. As college education reform increasingly deepens, social demand also requires colleges cultivating academic talents to applied talents. Tax Law as one of core courses of accounting major is also faced...
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Discussion on difficulties and new approaches of moral education for college students majoring in performance art

Kong Liyun, Zhao Junzhi, Li Tinghua
morality of Chinese college students majoring in performance art is not optimistic. Values of many students have dual contradiction. This leads to the difficulties in moral education of college students majoring in performance art. Thus, this paper will start with these difficulties and try to seek new...
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Enlightenment of teacher education patterns in foreign countries on Chinese teacher education reform

Zhang Xiaoxia
It can be said that teachers are main force for educational reform. How to adapt to changing international environment and social environment has become a hot problem that all countries in the world pay much attention to. A number of countries consider teacher education in development prospect of their...
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Application Exploration for Modern Teaching with Digitized Technology Introduced by Basic Physics Teaching

Fang Zhicong
It is an objective need for introduction of digitalized technology to basic physics teaching to realize modernization of physics teaching. In this paper, a brief description is given to the importance of changing teaching thought and conception for the realization of teaching modernization. Besides,...
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Exploration of questioning strategy in college English class

Hu Song
classroom questioning has been a teaching means widely adopted in teaching. English study serves as foreign language learning. The classroom becomes the main teaching situation. Based on English classroom teaching reality, this paper proposes classroom questioning strategies for college English teaching...
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Practice and Reflection to the Quality Improving of Adult Higher Education

Kang Chun-yan
Great efforts have been made to cultivate higher education, and the Adult Higher Education, an important part of the field, makes its own steady progress. But there are restrictions existed. Based on the current teaching situation, this essay offers proposals such as establishing sophisticated teaching...
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Water Quality Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Centralized Rural Drinking Water Project in Zhejiang Province

Xu Dong, Wang Peifeng, Shen Biwen, Lin Rui
The water quality and sanitary conditions of centralized rural drinking water project in Zhejiang Province is analyzed, it can provide the scientific basis for rural water improvement and the government administrative department makes decision. Method: In 2013, 40 monitoring Counties in Zhejiang province...
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Mode Exploration of Practical Ability Cultivation of Information Engineering Talent with Integration of Study and Research in University

Ling Lijuan
With the rapid development of information technology, the request of information engineering talent is more and more urgent. At the present stage, higher education pays more attention to the theory teaching, students' practice ability training is ignored. Aiming at this problem, a practical ability cultivation...
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Reflections on the Long-term Development of the Open University of China

Wang Zhen
In recent years, The Open University of China was recognized by the community with its strict and flexible teaching management mode and has become an indispensible part of China’s higher education system. This essay elaborates the positives of the university’s establishment from the national macro level,...
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Comparative study on the internationalization propagation mode of competitive martial and taekwondo

Liu Qi
All the time, competitive Chinese martial is the dream for the Olympic Games, but this dream has not been realized. As the representative of excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, it has not taken as the game project of Olympic Games like South Korea Taekwondo. It is not a pity. In regret...
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Present situation and suggestion of employment skills training work in Higher Vocational Colleges

Li Zhi-Hui
The present situation of vocational college students employment difficult to accelerate the reform and improvement of the teaching mode of higher vocational education, as the first line of employment skills training work is the realization of sustainable development of school, students good employment,...
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Studies on Influence of Internet Culture on College Students' Moral Emotions

Xu Shengnan
Although internet has brought great convenience for people's life, there are still some negative elements in internet culture, which influence college students' moral emotion construction. This paper puts forward how to use internet culture to build college students' moral emotions, in order to push...
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A Review of Stock Return Synchronicity

Pan Ningning, Zhu Hongquan
Stock return synchronicity, or comovement, measures to what extent the individual stock returns would comove with market returns. In empirical analyses, stock return synchronicity is typically measured by the R-square derived from the market model. According to the market efficiency theory, an individual...
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The Construction of Analysis Model for Sports Soft Power and Its Driving Mechanism

Jin Xiaojiao, Chu Lihui
This paper, through a large number of data and cases, analyses and expounds the role of sports soft power in that of state, and on the basis of erection of coupling structure model for the sports soft power, analyses and constructs the structure model of national soft power and sports strength as well...
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Application of Case-Teaching to College Auditing Teaching

Hu Xiao Qing
With its unique innovation method, Case-teaching is now gradually applied to College Auditing Teaching. However, problems do exits in the practical process. Based on the application status, this essay aims at putting forward main countermeasures to perfect College Auditing Teaching from four aspects:...
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Vocal Music Teaching Application Research based on Multimedia Technology in High Vocational Colleges

Wu Xiao
With the rapid development of science and technology, multimedia technology is gradually widely used in the field of education, which is bound to vocal music teaching innovation and reform. The traditional single teaching mode and teaching tools of vocal music teaching in higher vocational colleges would...
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Small Courtyard Level and Vertical Landscape Design Research

Kang Xiao
New era’s change and development make more and higher requirements for small courtyard. Everyone's aesthetic view is different. Small courtyard style can reflect the subjectivity and aesthetic temperament interest of owner, and the design of small courtyard is the tool and premier to put the idea into...
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Analyzing Colonial Heritage through Fangtze Eurotown

Wang Junfang
How to Understand and use Colonial heritage is an unavoidable topic. In the process of modernization of Weifang, Fangtze Eurotown was colonized by Germany, Japan and so on. When the colonialists were forced to withdraw, many colonial symbols were remained, such as buildings, Fangtze railway station,...
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Discussion on Muslim law Cultural Change

Lu Chun, Wang Wen
In the dual role of external coercion and internal evolution, a diverse blend of Hui law culture was ultimately formed, and Hui culture change process shows a good interaction between heterogeneous law culture. Hui law culture change and its causes have important reference value for the construction...
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Process Control Model Analysis on Corporate Strategic Human Resource Management

Li Jiliang
In order to solve a series of problems, such as rupture phenomenon between human resource management (HRM) and development and operation of enterprises, imperfect strategic human resource management and process control system, no effective closed-loop management and low-level application of informatization...
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Improvement of water ecological restoration plants on drinking water source

Wang Chunyan
The improvement of water ecological restoration plants on drinking water sources is researched. The water ecological restoration plants is an important part of aquatic ecosystems, and capable of improving contamination of drinking water sources effectively and enhance the water quality of drinking water...
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Study of the Chinese Linguistics and Literatures Teaching Mode under New Curriculum

Li Feng-yun
For the problems exit in today’s Chinese Linguistics and Literatures teaching such as ignorance to the students’ humanistic quality cultivation, ineffective teaching and the lack of effectiveness teaching evaluation system, this essay present the necessity of optimizing the teaching under new curriculum...
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Study on Consumer Behavior of Long Stay Tourist in Summer Resort

Zhou Gang
Long Stay Tourism is developed rapidly in recent years, and it is a kind of special interest tourism product and new pension model. Long Stay Tourism in Summer Resort (LSTSR) is most typical. In this paper, the consumers of Long Stay Tourism in Summer Resort are taken as the research object, the investigation...
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Changes of Accounting Firm Organizational Form, Accounting Firm Size and Audit Quality

Zhang Xuehua
This paper, for the first time, makes an investigation into the impact of the dynamic changes in organizational forms of accounting firms on the result of audit, and the findings indicate that auditor will be more prudent to issue audit opinion, and therefore, its quality sees a considerable improvement,...