Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Humanities Science, Management and Education Technology (HSMET 2017)

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Research on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Pinna Li
China is a country with a long history. The working people have created a lot of cultural wealth in the long history of development and left a lot of intangible cultural heritage for us. The intellectual property rights protection is an effective means to ensure the dissemination of intangible cultural...
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Research on Strategies of Intensive Development of Circulation Industry in China in the"13th Five Year Plan"Period

Sijing He
Development Planning of Domestic Trading Circulation Industry in the "13th Five Year" Period is issued in November of 2015. It points out that the intensive development is the direction of the circulation industry. This paper analyses the opportunities and challenges of the intensive development of the...
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The Networked Individualism Approach for Understanding The Importance of ICT In Mainland China

Zhengke Fu, Mengsi Yan
At present, most of the researches on relationship between ICT and social impact are focused on specific communication technology. This paper discusses the impact of ICT on social life with the perspective of networked individualism. In order to answer the problem efficiently, we present the relationship...
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A Study on the Higher Vocational English Teaching Reform under the Background of "Internet +"

Pei Zhou
Education informatization has become a new trend in the "Internet +" era, however, a lot of English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges in our country still follows the traditional teaching mode. Based on the author's teaching experience, this paper first analyzed the characteristics of English Teaching...
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Research on Quality Control Technology of Clinical Laboratory

Zhimei Zhang
With the development of modern medicine, medical testing technology is also developing rapidly and many diseases, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis rely on the results of medical tests. Medical examination plays an important role in clinical medicine work, and the results of medical tests directly affect...
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Translation Strategies for Texts of Science and Technology

Wang Zheng
We are living in an epoch in which science and technology are developing rapidly. Therefore, technical translation is playing an increasingly important part in the economic development and cultural prosperity of all nations. Newmark (1981:21) classifies different texts into three categories: expressive...
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A Study on the Training Model of "Dual system" based on the Mechanism Specialty

Yu Zhu
School enterprise cooperation is the basis of cultivating students in Higher Vocational colleges, At present, the "dual system" talent training mode is booming, This training model not only strengthens the link between schools and enterprises, At the same time, it has a positive significance for the...
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Application of Project Teaching Method in Machine Tool Electric Control Technology

Yin Mao
In the machine tool electric control technology teaching, the traditional teaching mode is relatively single. There are low student participation, low students enthusiasm, poor practice ability and so on a variety of disadvantages. In this paper, through the actual case to introduce a new method of teaching-project...
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Analysis on the Employment Situation of Japanese Majors in Colleges and Universities in the Transitional Period

Huihui Li
In this paper, we analyzed Japanese teaching in transition period, elaborated the current employment situation of Japanese major in local universities, and made an in-depth study on the causes of the current employment of Japanese Majors. According to this study, it puts forward some suggestions on the...
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Research on the Talent Demand of Industrial Clusters and the Transformation of Newly Established Undergraduate Colleges

Tao Li
In order to adapt to the actual needs of the economic structure better and give full play to the advantages of colleges and universities to cultivate all kinds of talents, the new undergraduate colleges need to focus on the adjustment of professional structure and accelerate the pace of professional...
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Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in the Transformational Development of Local Undergraduate Colleges

Hainan Liu
The construction process of innovation and entrepreneurship education system of local undergraduate colleges should be carried out based on the "people-oriented" concept of modern education, which requires that innovation and entrepreneurship education must be integrated into the whole process of professional...
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Research on the Intellectual Property Right in the Information Resources Sharing of Digital Library

Minghui Su
The rapid development of information technology and computer network has played an important role in improving the service function of modern library and has created favorable conditions for the rapid development of digital library. Compared with the general library, digital library has obvious advantages...
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Research on the Performance Factors and Mechanism of Postgraduate Joint Training in the Mode of Graduate Workstation

Lin Li, Ya-bin Li, Tie-jun Ci
Graduate joint training workstation is the bridge and link of industry-university-research cooperative education and the workstation mode is a kind of educational model combining theoretical study with practical activities to improve students' comprehensive ability, which conforms to the inherent law...
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Give full play to the advantages of school sports management and promote the development of national fitness

Jian Kang
The implementation of the national fitness program is related to the national physical quality and promotes the development of social civilization to a higher level. It has profound significance in promoting the modernization construction of socialist and thriving of the Chinese nation. But on the basis...
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Study on the status quo of the lack of peasant workers' ideological quality education and the construction of harmonious environment

Jie Li
The peasant workers became the main force in the construction of modernization and at the same time, there are a series of problems, which seriously affected the stability and harmony of the social. In this paper, we did further explore on the ideological and political education of peasant workers based...
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Analysis and strategy research on college students' interpersonal communication barriers

Na Li
Problems of interpersonal communication has become one of the main troubling problems of the college students. How to avoid or eliminate the psychological stress, the psychological crisis and psychological barriers caused by psychological pressure, promote psychosomatic health, adapt to the current social...
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The research on the countermeasures of the breakthrough of bottleneck and the healthy development of the city tennis

Xiaoying Qie
Tennis once called the noble sport, has gone gradually into the city national fitness activities. In this paper we analyzed and researched the prominent problems in its development and put forward countermeasures, in order to provide reference for the development of city tennis. The tennis movement situation...
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The research on the advantages and countermeasures of the development of private education in China

Tiehan Tang
Private higher school refers to the higher academic education or higher non-academic education institutions that are geared to the needs of society by enterprises and institutions, social groups, other social organizations and individual citizens with non-state financial education funds and according...
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Research on strategy management of supply chain 's response time compression

Haiyuan Wang
Due to the breaking into the logistics industry of all the various trades and occupations, logistics industry develops too fast but ignores the construction itself, so make the logistics enterprise management problems become a bottleneck of the good development of obstacles. The ability of fast response...
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Research on the application of logistics management in integrated supply chain management system

Hongwei Wang
Supply chain management is an effective management method, and logistics management is an important part of supply chain management. Logistics is a physical activity that makes the material to be from the producers to the consumers for the value of goods. Logistics management in supply chain management...
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Study on the effective teaching methods to promote volleyball technology

Feng Zhao
In the sports teaching, effective goal setting can improve the teaching quality. In this article, we use the methods of experimental contrast, questionnaire and the data analysis to research the effect to improve the teaching level and students' interest in autonomous learning of the target teaching...
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The influence of family social capital on the employment intention of Medical College Students

Xingshan Li
Family support is to improve medical backing to poor college students find jobs successfully, therefore, it is of great significance to analyze the influence of family social capital on the employment intention of medical college students, so as to choose the appropriate methods to accumulate and use...
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Research on the Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Enterprise Performance

Hongli Zhao
In the emerging era of global digitization and it is characterized by the development of network information, the role and impact of human resource management on enterprise performance are becoming more and more prominent. The traditional personnel management system is no longer adapt to the needs of...
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Research on the Optimization of the College Students' Ideological and Political Education under the Influence of the Social Thoughts

Dan Wang
On the one hand, the home, social and school environment on college students' developing course offer a unique opportunity to promote wide spreading of the social thoughts. On the other hand, the social thoughts have also had the positive and negative influence on the college students. Through analyzing...
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The Evaluation of the Effect of Community Opening on the Peripheral Road

Chenchen Huang
The effect of community opening may be related to residential structure, the surrounding road structure and traffic flow. After the opening of the community changed the road network structure and shared the surrounding road traffic pressure, which for the residential area and the city's traffic will...
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Early-Warning for Environment-Economy Development Based on Boom Analysis in Dalian, China

Shasha Yang, Ling Xu, He Wang
Environment-Economy development is a priority in China and it is supported by national policy. However, the study about measuring and warning regional development status of environment-economy is limited. In order to identify the impact of socio-economic development on the environment, we build an early-warning...
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The construction and quantification of rural housing performance evaluation index system

Zhaochang Zhang, Xuhong Fan, Lilin Cao, Fan Yang, Yanrong Li
The performance evaluation index system of rural houses is put forward, considering of factors not only one of housing safety, comfort, convenience, and human nature , but also comprehensively four factors . By a lot of investigation, combined with the standards , building physics , the index is quantized...
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The analysis of the competency issues of crew on offshore support vessel

Dong Jiang, Wenhua Li, Laihao Ma, Haiquan Chen
The offshore support vessel (OSV) can significantly accelerate the development process of offshore oil resource by providing a variety of professional services. But the crew still expose some issues on competency certificate, which will affect the normal operation of the vessel. Through analyzing the...
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Study on Mandarin Voiced Consonant Airflow and Air-pressure Based on PAS6600

Xiaohui Yang, Yonghong Li, Dawa Pengcuo
Taking mandarin voiced consonant as its study objects, it has used PAS6600 to collect 3 male and female speakers' articulation signals including speech signal, airflow signal and air-pressure signal in order to explore the mechanism of aerodynamic for mandarin voiced consonant. The study found that:...
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University practice of socialist core values anime piece of research

Yanlin Tao
The core values of socialism are the most basic and core values in the socialist value system and the value orientation of the development of the socialist social science. The core values of socialism play an important role in determining the direction and standard guiding the thinking and behavior of...
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Research on Work Model of Ideological and Political Education in Enterprises as Human Resource Business Partner

Shuai Tan, Yong'an Zheng
By analyzing the relationship between the ideological and political education and human resource management under the modern enterprise system, this paper constructs the work model of the ideological and political education as the human resource management partner with the focus on how to serve the implementation...
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Research on the application of teaching and Construction of the intelligent recording system

Yuan Bin
Based on the curriculum construction of the universities and the education informationization construction needs, the intelligent recording system can be the student teachers' teaching, teaching, writing on the blackboard for infrared detection and tracking switching recording, production, editing and...
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Discussion On "Three Jumps" Of Yunnan Folk Dance

Yanbin Ding
Yunnan folk dance has a long history, a variety of forms, a wide variety. Each nation has its own unique dance. Even a nation, due to the dispersion of living, the dance of the settlements, but also has distinct local characteristics and different categories. National folk dance is a wonderful work in...
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Martial arts education sociology analysis of male gender roles

Kun Liu, Na Liu
The Chinese masculinity weakened become a hot topic.Currently, youth groups, especially in the student groups, men and women seem to become a trend, in essence, this kind of phenomenon has constituted the concerns of the characteristics of civil society sex differentiation.This article from the perspective...
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New type of community sports in building a harmonious society

Kun Liu, Na Liu
Using the method of literature review and investigation method, in view of the current lack of community sports venues, imperfect laws and regulations is not sound, sports management organization, shortage of funds, such as sports instructors vacancy problem, puts forward some specific solutions.The...
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Mathematical Modeling of Teacher-Student Relationship

Baosen Xiao, Kai Kang
Teacher-student relationship is an important part of teaching activities. College education is not a simple process of teaching and learning. It requires more communication between teachers and students. There are many negative factors which are affecting the teacher-student relationship in real life....
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Research on the competency model of tour guides and the paths of improvement

Cong-Man Wang, Dong Ding
Increasing development of tourism has become an important industry in our country. With the professional quality analysis and literature consult, this paper initially establishes the competency of guides model, and investigtes the tourist guide competency, using the AHP to determine the weight of each...
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Enterprise value evaluation:application and improvement based on cash flow model and economic value added model

Na Wu, Qian Rao
The maximization of enterprise value is the goal of enterprise financial strategy, and it can analyze the future development of enterprise from the perspective of enterprise value. Here, the economic value added model and the free cash flow discount model applied to the evaluation of enterprise strategy...
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Application of Entropy-AHP-TOPSIS methods to Select Food Suppliers

Yanan Wang, Mengyao Shi, Haitao Liu
In this paper, we give a framework to select food suppliers. The proposed framework is divided into three stages. During the first stage, we construct an index system that include quality, ability, management, service and R&D. In the second stage, we use entropy and Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) to...
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Strategy discussion on college innovation and entrepreneurship education talent cultivation system construction

Xilan Wu
with the continuous economic and social development, China started implementing national innovation-driven development strategy which has huge impact on colleges and universities and they have also started changing traditional concept and cultivating innovative talents to satisfy social demands. College...
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How to Improve Teaching Efficiency of University Vocal Music Course

Jindong Zhang
In university vocal music teaching, teachers must pay attention to teaching efficiency and teaching quality improvement, mainly because university vocal music teaching efficiency directly determines students' studying quality, based on this, during teaching, university vocal music teachers have to innovate...
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Main Problems in the Innovation of Rural Financial Products and Service Modes in Hainan Province and Relevant Suggestions

Huifang Chen
Innovation can not only inject a powerful driving force for the development of modern financial products but also is also an important determinant for the core competitiveness of modern financial products. The development of rural financial products and service modes cannot not be separated from the...
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Exploration on Recognition and Construction of Core Competitiveness of Enterprise Culture

Qing Chen
core competitiveness is the source for an enterprise to gain the sustainable competitive advantage and has become an important tool to analyze effective competition and growth of enterprises. This paper analyzes the features of core competitiveness and proposes several suggestions for Chinese private...
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Some Thoughts on How to Embody Chinese Culture in Chinese National Folk Dance Teaching

Hui Dong
The Chinese national folk dance is a rather common course provided by art colleges at all levels. The national folk music dance art teaching not only imparts corresponding dance art knowledge to students but also trains students' dance skills, imparts excellent national traditional classic culture to...
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Aesthetic Research of Colors in Chinese Folk Art

Yejun Fu
Chinese folk art is a traditional ethnic culture formed through long-time historical sedimentation. Since a relatively complete color system has been developed in folk art, and distinct color esthetic characteristics have been formed, numerous researchers have been attracted to focus on the topic of...
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On Enlightenment of Euphemism in English Language Teaching

Haiyan Gu
With the economic globalization, communications between persons, enterprises and countries become more and more frequent. As a cultural phenomenon and an important rhetorical device, euphemism is a reflection of social mentality in language, and has been widely used in various fields all over the world....
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Thought on Complementation of Legal Education and Ideological & Political Education

Hongliang Hao
legal education and ideological & political education are important constituent parts of ideological education, and they have differences and connections. Ideological and political education involves legal education more or less. We can also say legal education is an essential education content in ideological...
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Exploration of Computer Information Construction and Management Problems

Yongsong Huang
In current stage, the application fields of computer information technology expand continuously based on the development of modern science and technology. Meanwhile, information technology is not just science and technology, but also plays an irreplaceable role in the aspect of school management and...
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Analysis of Strategic Management Mode and Planning Features of Entrepreneurial Enterprises

Qingquan Jiang, Xiaosan Zhang
the entrepreneurial enterprise is a new product under the era of new market economy. It offers fresh blood for all-round development of national economy and also provides lots of employment opportunities for national development. Meanwhile, it offers the guarantee for sound and stable growth of national...
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A Brief Analysis of Application of Case Method of Instruction in Automobile Design Course Teaching

Jiao Liang
As one of the required courses for automobile majors, automobile design course has an extensive application value in some specialized courses, such as automobile structure, auto mechanical design, engineering mechanics, electronic instrument, etc. It is an important technical service in these courses,...
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The Study of East Wind- West Wind from the Perspective of the Third Space Theory

Jie Kang
As a marginalized person living between two cultures, Pearl S. Buck makes her efforts to achieve the integration of the Eastern and Western cultures throughout her life. East Wind- West Wind is Pearl S. Buck's first novel and reflects her ideal. Living in the cracks of two cultures, Pearl S. Buck gradually...
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Exploration and Practice on Industry Association Participating in Applied Talents Training in Local Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Liang Li, Huiguang Yin, Hui Jiang, LiangFeng Dong
This article first introduces the definition and function of Industry Association, analyzing the necessity of its participating in applied talents training in the local undergraduate colleges and universities. Then specifically describing the role of the Industry Association on the basis of the current...
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Business English Translation Study under Perspective of Functional Equivalence

Shaowei Li
The business English translation demands high accuracy and reliability. However, as a global language, the syntax content of English is relatively complex, one meaning can be expressed by multiple words. Besides it has obvious difference with both the mode of thinking and expression form of the use of...
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Interaction between College English Exploratory Course Construction and Teachers Development

Wei Li
In recent years, our country began to reform the education work, during the process, college English teaching has been widely concerned. However, college English teachers' professional development encounters obstacles, that is, in the teaching process, problems which are difficult to be solved often...
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Discussion on Problems Real Exist in Estate Tax System Reform in Our Country and Strategy for Improvement Research

Yaopeng Lin, Ting Cao, Junhua Li
In recent years, the growing prosperity and radical reform of the real estate market in China can be considered as having become an important pillar industry of national economy in our country. As for real estate tax system reform, it should be designed based on various scientific elements, comprehensively...
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Farm House Enjoyment E-commerce O2O Model Development Research

Han Liu
With the development of social economy, people's material life level has been effectively improved. But the fast-paced city life has increased people's pressure. Therefore, modern people pay more attention to the enjoyment of the spiritual life, advocating the leisurely and comfortable life of being...
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Simple and elegant--The aesthetic of Mi Fu's cursive script

Yipeng Luan
Mi Fu's aesthetic view on cursive script is very clear, that is, simple and elegant. Simple and elegant precisely requires a kind of natural and drifting quality as ancient people. This has created his unique small cursive script which seems contradictory with his running script creation, but the fact...
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Analysis on National Cultural Symbol in Film

Yu Shi
The development of Chinese film is based on national culture. The creation of each excellent film work is committed to manifesting certain connotations of national culture. Therefore, each work implies certain national cultural thoughts inevitably. In the current society with rapid development of economic...
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How to Stimulate New Generation Staffs in Entrepreneurial Enterprises Effectively

Yang Si
Talent is one of the decisive factors for the development of new ventures. New generation staffs start to step into the workplace and become vital force of many new ventures. How to stimulate new generation staffs becomes an important issue. This paper analyzes features of new generation staffs and problems...
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Evaluation on Coupling and Coordinated Development of Tourism, Economy and Environment in Yining City, Xinjiang

Donghong Wang
According to analysis, coupling and coordinated development level of tourism, economy and environment in Yining City has presented a trend of fluctuated rise over the recent 10 years and has the potential of further improvement. Currently, main problems faced by Yining City are still tourism and economic...
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Study on E-commerce Development Strategies of Cross-border International Trade in China

Fei Wang
E-commerce development of cross-border international trade in China has experienced three stages of cross-border e-commerce industry transformation - information service, online platform transaction and whole industrial chain services. They fully manifest direct, multilateral, small-batch, high-frequency...
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Analysis on Main Difficulties Faced by Chinese Macro Economy under Financial Crisis and Countermeasures

Hongzheng Wang
Subprime crisis of Wall Street, USA triggered global crisis and the economy of the whole world was impacted seriously. This crisis not only involved financial field, but also influenced the real economy of the whole society. China has entered WTO and become an entirety with close connection to the world...
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Study on Status of Implementation of Leisure Sports Activities in Huaxi National-level Wetland Park in Guiyang

ZhanFeng Wang
Huaxi National-level Wetland Park in Guiyang is the most appropriate site for leisure sports. This paper studies the status of implementation of leisure sports activities in Huaxi Wetland Park with research methods such as document literature, expert interview and mathematical statistics. The result...
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A Brief Analysis on the Rational Thinking of Higher Education Modernization

Bo Wu, Li Liu
Nowadays, under our country's rapid economic, cultural and social development situation, higher educational modernization has become the primary target and important pursuit of China's higher education development. In the process of promoting higher educational modernization, we set the highest level...
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Discussion on the Existing Problems and Design Methods of Middle and Small Houses Architectural Design

Chunfang Xiang
With the continuous development of China's social economy and the continuous reform and innovation of housing system in recent years, China's realty business got an unprecedented development, the masses' living standard and housing conditions also got a quality improvement. Though housing has obtained...
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Brief Discussion on The Neo-Chinese Style Living Room Soft Assembly Decoration Design

Xiaohui Xin
After China's home design getting through a simple imitation stage, new generation of designers gradually embedded Chinese traditional culture into the modern home design style, through combination of tradition and modern to form a unique Chinese style home design concept. Neo-Chinese style home design...
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Exploration for Applying Psychological Training in Volleyball Teaching in University

Jiancang Yang
With the development and thrive of volleyball in Chinese universities, volleyball teaching has been popular in universities all round China, volleyball teaching also obtained more and more attention from relevant teaching workers, volleyball teaching even becomes the primary task for volleyball teaching...
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Exploration on the English Teaching Reform of Universities under the Micro Age Background

Xiang Yang
With the emerging of Internet Age, digital technology develops popularly, among which, Microblog and Wechat become main communication methods, meanwhile, the development of Micro Age also provide convenient conditions for English teaching. Therefore, changing traditional English teaching form is not...
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A Brief Discussion on the Technical Skill Difference Between Chinese Classical Dance and Western Dance

Na Yue
Chinese classical dance is a dancing art based on Chinese traditional culture inheritance and development, this kind of dance has beautiful dancing posture and unique technical skills, it has obvious difference with western dance on movement, movement rules, power generation and performance, which formed...
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Exploration and Practice of Students' Practical and Innovative Ability Cultivation Mode Based on Academic Competitions

Huicai Chen
Academic competitions are an effective means of colleges and universities to cultivate innovative talents. Practice and innovative talent training mode reform can effectively promote the enhancement of the quality of education. This paper presents the connotation of academic competitions in order to...
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Brief Analysis on diversified teaching models of vocal music classroom teaching

Jindong Zhang
vocal music course is a required course for college music majors. Implementation of vocal music course has great impact for college students to lay good foundation of vocal music theories and master the vocal music skills, and has attracted great attention from college faculty and students in music major....
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Discussion on flipped classroom and its application of college English teaching

Yan Han
With the deepening of Chinese educational reform, flipped classroom has been popular in Chinese educational circle and been gradually applied into Chinese educational practice. Flipped classroom is originated from US, with the application theory of constructivism to combine with modern informatization...
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Study on the new path of normal university students' modern educational skill cultivation

Feng Liu
China has formulated the great national policy of opening and reform for the purpose of promoting socialist economic development to open the gate to the outside and introduced advanced scientific technology and management experience which has promoted Chinese economic development greatly. In 2001, China...
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A Study on Establishment of Employment Guidance System of College Students

Xilan Wu
In modern society, the supply of college graduates is over demand in the employment market. This is mainly because there are excessive college graduates, and their intellectual level is relatively plain, so that they are just competent for posts less demanding. For enterprises, the supply of such kind...
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Opinions on Specialized Construction of Family Judicial Organs

Yunpeng Gao
Family trial is a kind of very special civil law procedure. Family judicial organs in western developed countries have been very mature and have their own characteristics, while the family trial in our country has not been systematized. In order to construct the family trial system with distinct characteristics...
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Status analysis and countermeasures of Chinese community rehabilitation nursing based on professional talent cultivation theory

Sulan Long
There exist problems of late start, increasing demand, lagged community health service, uneven service level and lack of related professional talents in Chinese community nursing. This article proposes suitable countermeasures for community rehabilitation nursing suitable for Chinese practical situation...
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Study on College English Writing Teaching

Mei Tang
English writing is an important content to improve college students' English application ability, a standard to comprehensively assess college students' English ability and also a key link to fully reflect college students' English application ability. In the college English teaching practice, writing...
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Third-party Governance Contract System of Rural Environmental Pollution

Xianhua Wu, Yadong Xue, Hong Chen
With continuous economic development and social progress, more and more environmental problems (especially the problem of rural environmental pollution) emerge. The solution to rural environmental pollution cannot be separated from third-party governance. This requires certain contract system. It can...
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A Study on Accounting Management System

Dongmei Jing
Accounting management system is an important part of the state economy management. A rational accounting management system cannot only bring about high development benefit, but also promote enterprises' implementation, guaranteeing the accuracy and authenticity of accounting information, and meeting...
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Brief analysis on the innovation of logistics management in E-commerce

Lei Wang
E-commerce is a new management method in logistics management requiring management staff to apply e-commerce based on their management requirements. But currently some logistics management staff are still using e-commerce model when applying various e-commerce technologies which cannot improve the application...
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Enhancement of Students' Practical Ability in Plane Design Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Bing Chen
With the development of society and economy, people's ideological level and art appreciation ability have been further raised. As an art of practice, the specialty of plane design also gradually finds favor in the eyes of colleges and universities, and finally has been taken as a specialized course in...
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The Ecological Integration of Cyber Information Technology and College English Curriculum Network in China

Feifei Wang, Tian-e Huang
With the rapid development of information technology, the nature of college English teaching in China will change fundamentally by the organic integration of English curriculum network and cyber information technology. However, the intervention of cyber information technology is bound to break the original...
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Discussion on the Management of Electric Power Customer Complaints

Yanjun Pang, Huiyan Cao, Xiaoshu Zhang, Xinhua Zhao, Mei Xu, Wei Ma, Yuhui Zhang, Qinghao Wang, Bo Zhu
Quality service is the lifeblood of a power supply enterprise. It is a necessary requirement that improving the ability and level of quality service of power supply to meet the needs of economic and social electricity and establish socialistic harmonious society. It is an important content to expand...
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Discussion on the Necessity of Electricity Supervision and Management

Shuyi Tao, Rui Tong, Lei Zhang, Bo Liu, Xue Bai, Yadong Si, Jing Jin, Xinnan Xie, Ye Bai
Rational planning of power supply, and the development of the national economy, the improvement of people's living standards are closely related. The electric power departments at all levels have set up electricity supervision and management institutions, to monitor the power supply policy execution....
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Discussion on Electricity Customers Work of Copy and Acceptance Check in Remote Mountainous Areas

Jingyi Zhang, Xiao Liu, Yingying Yang, Bo Li, Xinhua Zhao, Chenghao Lan, Yu Meng, Hainan Su, Xinkun Yang
The management of Copy and acceptance check work in remote mountainous areas has been the difficulty of power supply enterprises, with the construction of rural power distribution network, constantly improvement of upgrading and renovation work and continuously specification of the power supply enterprise...
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Research on the Innovation of Art Education Methods in Colleges and Universities at Micro-times

Zhiyuan Yan
"Micro-age" is a "new" network that contains information dissemination, individual communication way, life style and other forms. In light of the existing problems, the micro-age art education and management in colleges and universities should strengthen the innovation, take cultivate the innovative...
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Reflections on the Construction of Humanities Curriculum System of Science and Engineering Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Liping Dong
The talents cultivated by the universities of science and technology have made great contributions to the development of our country, but in the process of science and engineering education, we attach great importance to the cultivation of scientific literacy, lack of humanistic concern. Some students...
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Study of the Effect of the Minimum Acquisition Price Policy on Food Security

Xiaoqian Liu, Qi Yin, Chang'an Wang
The minimum acquisition price policy for grain plays an important role in food production. Research on the reasonable minimum grain acquisition price has an important strategic significance for the stable development of agriculture in our country. This paper establishes the evaluation of minimum grain...
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Research on the Development of Sports Industry and the Training System of Talents in Jilin Province under the Background of New Economy Condition

Yuming Li
Knowledge and talent are the main impetus for social progress and national development. In today's world, the competition in the economic, technological, nation defenses and other aspects is the talent competition, so the importance of talent training and urgency in the world today has become a consensus....
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Aesthetic Consciousness of the Linear Language in Costume Design

Jie Yang
The language of costume design determines the style of clothing tenue. The linear language is an important element in fashion design, because almost every style of design has to be expressed in different linear languages. And the linear language is itself an element with aesthetic tendency, which means...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Physical Training in Volleyball Training

Yang Sun, Yuehong Ma
At present, a volleyball athlete's physical training is an important part of a volleyball athlete's education, as well as a compulsory course of the training of modern volleyball talents. Firstly, this paper introduces the concept of volleyball physical training. Then, it analyses existing problems of...
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Research on Shunde Food Culture and Transmission of Creative Industries

Wei Bi
Shunde food culture is the most characteristic local culture in Shunde area. It has a close relationship with the creative industries. This paper analyzes the connotation of Shunde food culture and the status of the catering industry in the creative industries and gives countermeasures and suggestions...
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Research on Collection Resource Construction of Applied Universities Based on Circulation Data Analysis

Jingping Zhao
Whether the collection resources can meet the requirements of subject construction is an important index to judge whether the university library collection is reasonable or not. Based on the analysis of Xi'an University of library, including the collection resource structure, the books borrowing ratio...
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Research on the Supply Side Reform of Higher Education in China

Li Sun
The supply side reform will definitely promote the supply side reform of higher education. Firstly, this paper discusses the concept of the supply side reform of the higher education, and then points out the dilemma of the traditional demand side reform of higher education. We should lead the development...
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Research on the Application of Sense of School Belonging in Education Management Practice

Wenjie Huang
Recently, people believe that the sense of school belonging is good for students to adjust themselves to the new conditions, improve their educational achievements and encourage their good attitudes. It has good application results in the education management practice. This paper analyzes the influence...
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Research on the Social Service Mode of University Library

Yingpei Wang
This paper introduces the necessity of the university library to carry out social service and elaborates the status quo of the university library's social service from the quantity, service mode and achievements. And we also discuss the current situation of the university library. And we point out the...
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Research on Influence of Digital Economy on Taxation

Pinna Li
The rapid development of digital economy has brought new subjects to the traditional economic model. This paper firstly demonstrates the necessity of tax collection in the digital economy environment and then analyses the impact of the digital economy on taxation, including challenges and opportunities,...
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Research on Optimization Paths of Modern Commerce Circulation Industry in China in the "13th Five Year Plan"Period

Sijing He
Commerce circulation is a link between production and consumption. It is one of the most important signs to measure the speed of economic development of a region or state. China has entered the construction period of "13th Five-Year Plan". In the new stage, we should clarify the development foundation...
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The Optimization of Tourism Talent Supply Structure in Jilin Province under the background of Region-based Tourism

Yanjie Zhan
Faced with the great increase in tourism requirements, Chinese tourism industry has a sharp increase in demand for talent and personnel. The team structure can not meet the development needs of the industry. At present, the tourism pattern of Jilin Province has been continuously transformed and upgraded....
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Apply MQ Group Discussion to TJPU Tertiary Large Class Teaching in China

Hong Jiang, Hong Zhao
Focusing on the transferability of effective Group Discussion, the article has compaed the similarities and differences Group Discussion between MQ in Australia and TJPU in China. The aim of this article is mainly to prompt student-centered course in China. At the end, this article has made some suggestions...