Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Applied Economics and Social Science (ICAESS 2019)

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The Effect of Instrumental Social Support and Self-Efficiency on Performance of Employees with Disabilities

Murni Wulan
This study aims to determine the effect of instrumental social support and self-efficacy on the performance of employees with disabilities. Respondents in this study were employees with disabilities who worked in Batam. The data used in this study are primary data in the form of data obtained through...
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Determinants of Internet Financial Report

Fatkhatul Khusniah, Mega Mayasari
The development of technology is more effective in helping users including for companies in doing financial reporting. IFR is a voluntary disclosure of financial statement which measured using IFR Index. Practice of IFR make transparency of financial statement disclosures. The purpose of this study to...
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Recruitment of Tenant Entrepreneurship Development Program in Politeknik Negeri Batam

Shinta Wahyu Hati, Rahmat Hidayat, Ely Kartikaningdyah, Hendra Gunawan
The Entrepreneurship Development Program at the Batam State Polytechnic is a national competition grant from the Ministry of Research and Technology. The implementation of the entrepreneurship development program is the second year. Tenans in the entrepreneurship development program are students and...
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Does Eco-Efficiency Reduce The Cost Of Equity Capital?

Sonia Laura, Arif Darmawan
The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of eco-efficiency on the cost of equity capital on manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange period from 2013 to 2017. Eco-efficiency is proxied by a dummy variable with a maximum value of 1 representing the company implementing...
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Determinants of Stock Returns with Liquidity as Moderators: Empirical Study in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Aminullah Assagaf, Dwi Kartikasari
This study aimed to analyze the factors affecting stock returns in the Indonesia Stock Exchange, by selecting a sample of 20 companies listed on the LQ 45 in the last three years. This study found that the growth of profitability as a key determinant in this study exerted positive and significant effect...
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Improving The Creative Thinking Skills Of Students By Implementing The Moge Model

Miratul Mufida, Madlazim
The current education practice is too focused on academic skills, limiting the learning environment and playing time. This causes the low level in students' creative thinking skills. The MOGE model is believed to able to improve students' creative thinking skills. The MOGE model was conducted on 246...
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Application Analysis of 5s Method in SPMS Area (Spare Part Management System) at PT Excelitas Technologies Batam

Andi Erna Mulyana
This research aims to find out about the implementation of Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and (5S) and know the effectiveness of its application in SPMS (Spare Part management System) Equipment Engineering Detection Departement of PT Excelitas Technologies Batam. This research uses a descriptive method...
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Improving Knowledge of Stock Market in Batam through Gamified Mobile App

Rina Yulius, Fandy Neta, Muchammad Fajri Amirul Nasrullah
The awareness of young people of investment in the stock market is still low. Lack of knowledge in investment stock market is one example of financial illiteracy. Furthermore, the development of financial application with a game element has given a new trend in the investment sector. Thus, we proposed...
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The Effect Of Organizational Communication Climate On Performance Of Employees In Bright Pln Batam

Rahmat Hidayat, Ilwani Hanisha
This study aims to examine the effect of organizational communication climate on employee performance to improve employee performance at Bright PLN Batam. The data analysis technique used in this study is multiple regression analysis. The population in this study was Bright PLN Batam employees. The technique...
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Development of Android-Based Interactive Multimedia Using Total Communication Approach to Introduce Sign Language for Deaf Communities

Afdhol Dzikri
Sign language is a language that utilizes hand, finger and lip movements to communicate. Sign language is widely used in the education of Special Schools (SLB) especially for persons with deaf and speech because it has limitations in listening and speaking. But in education is only taught manually by...
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Jakarta's Tourism Competitiveness: An Environmental Perspective

Yunita Ismail, Filda Rahmiati, Dwi Larso, Grace Amin, Norfaridatul Othman, Togar Simatupang
The competitiveness of tourism destinations is an important thing to have, so that they can maintain tourism sustainability that provides economic, social and environmental benefits. Environmental problems that arise in the implementation of tourism activities make the environmental dimension as one...
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Exploring the Characteristics of Tourism Industry and Antecedents to Competitive Advantage Creation

Filda Rahmiati, Yunita Ismail, Grace Amin, Togar Simatupang, Dwi Larso, Norfaridatul Othman
The tourism sectors, hence, comprises of wide range of industries in order to serve domestic and international visitors from business to leisure purposes. The aim of this paper is therefore to explore on the topic of tourism, highlighting the characteristics of tourism industry and the antecedents to...
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Detection of Profit Management Practices through Deferred Tax Expenses that are moderated by Tax Planning Practices

Bornok Situmorang
This research is motivated by the existence of two different sides in implementing tax administration, namely the target of the government who wants to maximize revenue but the company also strives to minimize the tax payable. On that basis, this study seeks to detect how companies practice earnings...
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The Effect of Work Stress on Employee Performance in PT. Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah Syarikat Madani Kota Batam

Yogi Ardivan
This research aims to determine the effect of work stress on employee performance at PT. BPRS Syarikat Madani Batam city. The data analysis method used is multiple linear regression analysis. The number of samples in this research were 39 respondents. Data collection in this research used a questionnaire,...
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Employee Performance: Organizational Culture, Organizational Commitment, And Job Satisfaction

Sri Ratnasari
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of organizational culture and organizational commitment on job performance, through job satisfaction as intervening variable at PT.Epson Batam. The method in this study using an analysis descriptive approach, this kind of research is quantitative and...
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Local Institutional Failures in Decentralized Indonesia: The Case of Batam

Muhammad Zaenuddin
Batam's development began in 1970 by the Batam Authority (now called BP Batam) and was projected as an industrial area. In its time, Batam was transformed into a city with growth above the average national economic growth. Yet, the contrasting situation occurred after the implementation of regional autonomy...
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Financial Comparisons Before and After Joining a Strategic Alliance in the Airline Industry

Dwi Kartikasari
In addition to expanding the capacity of flight services, alliances or strategic cooperation between airlines throughout the world are also used as a means to increase the revenue of their alliance members. However, it is possible that expectations for increasing revenue and financial performance cannot...
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The Effect of 6S Work Culture on Operator Performance of Machine Shop and Weld Shop PT Cameron Systems Batam

Rusda Irawati, Rizki
This study aims to determine the effect of 6S culture on operator performance at PT Cameron Systems. 6S is a process to ensure that work areas are systematically safe, clean and organized for efficiency and effectiveness. The results of this study are sustain variables that have a positive and significant...
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Discourse Analysis on Online Media

Desi Ratna Sari
This study analyzed the discourse analysis on online media "". It uses Fairlough theory in the analyses which try to see text in three dimension;text, discourse and social practice dimension. The theory used is Sudaryanto theory, pragmatic identity method. The result shows that the journalist...
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The Effect Of Products, Promotion And Prices On The Interest Of Non Metal Trade In Pt Pegadaian Branch Help Mega Legend Batam

Nur Rahmah Andayani
This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of products, promotions and prices of interest to buy precious metal at PT Pegadaian CP Mega Legend Batam simultaneously or partially. The population in this study is 50 customers who repeatedly purchase precious metals from 2015-2017 at PT Pegadaian...
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e-Application Quality, e-WoM, and Perception Value on Customer Value Transaction e-Ticketing

Raja Putri, Hendra Gunawan
The purpose of this research is to examine the quality of e-application, e-wom, and perceived value of the e-ticketing transaction decision. This research took a sample of 102 respondents using purposive sampling technique. Data collection using questionnaires conducted online by Instagram direct message....
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The Influence Of Work Stress And Work Environment Toward The Graha Natuna Employee's Work Achievement At Pt Mcdermott Indonesia Batam

Nur Rahmah Andayani
This research aims to determine the influence of work stress and work environment toward employee's work achievement. This research was conducted at PT McDermott Indonesia Batam. The sample technique was taken by using a purposive sampling method by using the Slovin formula, with a total sample of 143...
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Influence of Hedonist Behavior and Utilitarian Behavior toward Purchasing Decision on Oriflame Cosmetic Products at Politeknik Negeri Batam Business Management Department

Maryani Septiana
This study aims to determine the effect of hedonic behavior and utilitarian behavior on purchasing decisions of Oriflame cosmetics products at Batam State Polytechnic business management students partially and simultaneously. This study uses a quantitative descriptive approach method using validity test,...
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Analysis of The Effect of Differentiation Strategy on Customer Satisfaction at PT. J&T Express Batam, Indonesia

Sri Zuliarni
This study examines the effect of the differentiation strategy on customer satisfaction at PT. J&T Express Batam, Indonesia. Respondents of this research were consumers of PT. J&T Express who have made transactions at least 3 times. Research data was collected through questionnaires. Data analysis method...
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Analysis of Dormitory Inventory Information System Design Based on Microsoft Access in PT. Infineon Technologies Batam

Sri Zuliarni, Yosi Yolanda
Dormitory inventory is one of the facilities provided by the company to employees who stay at PT. Infineon Technologies Batam dormitory. This research has designed an information system based on Microsoft Access that is used to record inventory that goes into the warehouse, exits the warehouse, and is...
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Comparison Of Service Quality, Rate, And Ease Of Use Of Mobile Application Between Go-Jek And Grab In Batam

Rahmat Hidayat, Alieva Shavira Isfandiarto
This study is aims to determine whether the two companies have significant differences in terms of service quality, rate, and ease of use of mobile application between Go-Jek and Grab in Batam. The population in this study is all people in Batam, samples taken by purposive sampling method with a total...
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Effect of dividend payment on the earnings quality

S Sulaksono Adi Wibowo
This study aimed to examine the effect of the payment of dividends on the earnings quality. Payment of dividend in this study were divided into two category that is the status of the payment of the dividend and the size of the dividend. The sample used in this study are 54 companies listed in Indonesia...
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Analysis Of The Effect Of Work Loads On Employee Performance Of The Production Operator In Pem Plant Pt. Schneider Electric Manufacturing Batam

Rahmat Hidayat, Grace Lina Situmorang
This study aims to determine the effect of workload on the employee performance of the production operator at PEM Plant PT. Schneider Electric Manufacturing Batam. In this study there are three variables namely external workload (X1) and internal workload (X2) and employee performance (Y). The sample...
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Tax Avoidance Practice, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value

Afriyanti Hasanah, Juliana Sirait, Dina Yeni Martia
This study aims to examine the effect of tax avoidance practices, corporate governance on the value of companies in manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for the period 2013-2017. Tax avoidance practices are proxied by effective tax rate. Corporate governance is proxied...
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Supplier Selection Analysis of Polypropylene Using Analytical Hierarchy Process In Global Izupolyndo

Adhitomo Wirawan
Selection of suppliers is essential for the company. Therefore, every company must have specific criteria that serve as a benchmark supplier selection tailored to the needs and wishes of the company. PT Global Izupolyndo an industry engaged in plastic and fiber for bottled water products. Supplier selection...
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Analyses of Effect of Interpersonal Communication on The Performance of Employees at Fluid Sciences Batam

Maryani Septiana
Interpersonal communication is an important role in employee performance, factors-factors that affect the performance of employees in interpersonal communication becomes an independent variable is self belief, intimacy, interaction management, power of expression, and orientation on others, while the...
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Transitivity and Critical Discourse Analysis on Emma Watson's Speech at the Launching of UN Women "HeForShe" Campaign

Roza Puspita, Condra Antoni
This research focuses on the analysis of transitivity, social wrong and solving problem in Emma Watson's speech for the HeForShe campaign by using Fairclough's theoretical framework of critical discourse analysis. Transitivity analysis is the fundamental tool to see how Emma Watson using language to...
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Investigating the Interaction Patterns in EFL Virtual Classroom: A Case Study

Tian Havwini
In this study, the interaction pattern between teacher and students in a synchronous e-learning system was analyzed. The study focuses on the initiation acts from both teacher and students. Three class-sessions of an EFL virtual classroom were recorder and the whole classroom talk then transcribed. The...
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The Influence of Educational Background and Work Experience on Employees Performance at PT. Three Cast Indonesia

Tika Fadilah
This research was conducted aimed at knowing how the influence of educational background and work experience on employee performance at PT. Three Cast Indonesia. The results of multiple linear regression can be concluded that (1) the educational background variable has a positive and significant effect...
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SWOT Analysis Of Marketing Strategies Through Shopee In An Online Shop

Putri Mei Elisabeth Siahaan
The study aims to analyse SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats) and determine marketing strategies through Shopee at the Online Shop This research uses a qualitative method of descriptive approach by measuring internal and external factors as well as the matrix of competitive...
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Interest of Sharing and Interest of Accessing Accounting Knowledge Via Youtube

Danar Irianto
Technological development is a challenge for Indonesia to facing 4.0 industry revolutions. Teaching methods in higher education need to be developed to produce quality college students. YouTube videos can be a solution for college students in teaching and learning activities. This study purposes to determine...
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The Influence of Exchange Rate on Indonesian Export Value

Yulinda Tarigan, Morgan Kindler, Ella Elfira, Zainal Abidin Tarigan Silangit
This study aims to determine the effect of exchange rates of rupiah against the value of oil gas and non-oil gas exports in Indonesia for the period 2010-2017. The population in this study is the values of oil gas and non-oil gas exports on Bank Indonesia website in 2010-2017 provided in quarterly form....
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Environmental and Societal Issues in Pulp Industry a Case Study of PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Indonesia

Yulinda Tarigan, Morgan Kindler, Zainal Abidin Tarigan Silangit
This research is to study about the environmental and societal issues in pulp industry of PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Indonesia. The main aim of this case is to understand what are the actions taken by PT. Toba in addressing those issues and what are the challenges faced by company. The effect from business...
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Mitigation of Delay Risk in Ship Construction Project With Lean Approach

Fandy Bestario Harlan, Dodi Prima Resda
PT. XYZ is a shipyard company that has problem about ship construction delay up to 40% of progress. The objectives of this research is determine the intensity of waste activity that occurred by a questionnaire method to four expert respondent. The result showed the existence of two biggest waste activity...
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Does Innovation (Patents and R&D) Affect Firm Value?

Anjelina, Ria Anggraini, Zaenal Fanani
Innovation is a risky activity because it requires a very high cost, takes a long time, and a higher failure rate. This study aims to examine the effect of innovation on firm value. This study uses a sample of manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2007-2017, a total...
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Impact Of Utilitarian And Hedonic Online Shopping Value On Woman Customer Perceived Value In Site Lazada

Shinta Wahyu Hati
This study to determine the effect of the value of the internet shopping which is utilitarian value and hedonic value of the perceived value or perceived value to the female customers on fashion products on the site Lazada Indonesia for the creation of repurchase (repurchase intention). Respondents in...
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The Influence Of Product Quality And Price Towardproduct Purchase Decision Of Lip Cream Pixy To Management Business Students In Politeknik Negeri Batam

Siti Nidia Cahya Melinda, Andi Erna Mulyana
This research aims to determine the influence of product quality and price toward product purchase decision of Lip Cream Pixy to management business students in Politeknik Negeri Batam. This research was conducted in PoliteknikNegeriBatam and the population in this study were all students of Business...
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Comparison of Retail Service Quality Between Indomaret and Alfamart (Case Study on Indomaret and Alfamart Consumers Buana Vista Indah Branch)

R Baterdo Pasarella
This study aims to determine and distinguish whether there are differences in the retail service quality between Indomaret and Alfamart Buana Vista Indah Branch. The data analysis method used is the different test (Independent Sample T-test). The method used in this study is a comparative approach. The...
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The Effect of Non Financial Perspective Toward Financial Perspective of Balance Scorecard In Banking Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Hanny Oktaria
This study aims to examine the influence of the non-financial perspective Balance Scorecard, namely the customer perspective, internal business processes, growth and learning on the financial perspective on banking companies listed on the Stock Exchange for the period 2014-2017. The customer perspective,...
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Effect of Investment Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Brand Familiarity of Mutual Fund Platform Toward Student Investment Interest

Afriyanti Hasanah, Redny M. Kurnia
This study aims to determine the investment knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit and brand familiarity of mutual fund platform to investment interest student of Business Management courses Managerial Accounting and Business Administration Applied. The method of data analysis is descriptive statistics and...
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The Effect of Firm Size, ROA and Executive Character on Tax Avoidance

Ely Kartikaningdyah
Tax avoidance is a practice that impedes state revenues because the country's biggest income comes from taxes. This study aims to examine firm size, Return on asset (ROA) and executive character towards tax avoidance. The test results showed that firm size had no effect on tax avoidance, while ROA and...
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Risk Management Analysis In Iman Santoso's Tax Consultant

Dwi Septi Haryani, Muhammad Rizki, Octojaya Abriyoso, Eka Saputra
Along with the development of the business world, then more and more new regulations new have been issued. This also applies to The field of taxation. Generally, The public as taxpayers do not understand about the General conditions of taxation. Moreover, with its frequent changes of regulation from...
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Gunady F Pasaribu, Dwi Kartikasari
The study aims to determine and analyze a stock price at the time of the 1st quarter closing is a reasonable share price, and determine what decisions will be made afterwards.In this research is quantitative descriptive research with the approach method of Priece Earning Ratio (PER).This research examines...
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Centralized cold chain system for fish price stability in Lamongan Jawa Timur

Dian Mulyaningtyas
Indonesia is the country with the largest number of islands in the world, with an island number of 17,504 islands, has the longest coastline to the second in the world which is 81,000 km and has a sea and coast up to 75%. With this geographical condition, the potential of the marine and fisheries sector...
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Analysis of The Reciprocal Effect Of Imports Of Natural Gas And Oil Products On Economic Growth In Riau Islands

Ashilya Puteri Sulaiman, Dwi Kartikasari
The purpose of this study is to determine the reciprocal effect of imports of natural gas and oil products on economic growth in Riau Islands quarterly period during 2011 - 2018. This study uses secondary data types with quantitative approaches. The method used in this study is Generalized Structured...
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Analysis Of Insurance Customer Satisfaction In The Process (Claim) of Vehicle Damage To The Quality Of Services At PT Multi Artha Guna Insurance, Tbk Batam

Fitria Efendi
The purpose of this research is to determine the extent to which customer satisfaction with service quality is based on service quality dimensions and to find out the gap between customer performance and interest in service quality at PT Multi Artha Guna Insurance, Tbk Batam. The dimensions of service...
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Design of Form for Managing Green Line Canteen in PT. Infineon Technologies Batam

Johanes Parulian Dwicahyo Sirait
Canteen is a place to a group to gathering some food. Generally, some company have a canteen for all their employees, and some time there's available food that is come from caterers that have a cooperations contract with some company. In each order, clear, transparans, and up to date records are needed,...
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The Determinants of Shopping Shifts from Alfamart and Indomart to 212 Mart in Batam Indonesia (Study of Female Customers Shopping at 212 Mart)

This study aims to find out what factors influence Indomaret and Alfamart customers switching services to minimarket 212 Mart. The research was conducted at 212 Mart branch of Anggrek Sari Batam Center and the population was women who shop at 212 Mart. Samples were taken by purposive sampling method...
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The Influence Of Direct Compensation And Indirect Compensation Toward Employee Performance In PT Trisun Abadi Mandiri

Iis Niar
This research aims to examine the influence of direct compensation and indirect compensation toward employee performance. The population in this research were all employees of PT Trisun Abadi Mandiri and the samples were taken by using non-probability sampling technique with saturated sampling and a...
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Design of Point of Sales (POS) Information Systems Based on Web and Quick Response (QR) Code

Adhitomo Wirawan, Joko Santosa
Sales is the activity of trade in goods and services to customer. Process sales and service transactions should be done properly Tawakkal Shoes Store is a business engaged in the sale of shoes and sandals that requires a system that can simplify the process of data processing sales transactions and making...
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Preparation Of Standard Operating Procedures of Business Management On Smes Safira Handmade Batam

Estri Oktriyani, Shinta Wahyu Hati
The administration and book keeping system in a business is one of the factors that can influence the success of a business. Rules or guidelines that can regulate the running of business processes are also an important factor in running a business. UKM Safira Handmade Batam requires an application system...
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The Effect of Internal Control and Total Quality Management on Organizational Performance

Sigit Sanjaya, Liga Mayola
The study to discover the effect of internal control and Total Quality Management (TQM) on organizational performance. Data were collected by the questionnaire instrument. The unit of analysis is state-owned enterprises in Padang city. The study utilized primary data which is obtained through the questionnaire....
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The Effect of Usefulness, Ease of Use, Credibility, Social Environment and Supporting Facilities on Millennial Generation Interest Using E-Money

Bagaskoro Setyo Hutomo, Muhammad Ramadhan Slamet
This research aims to determine the factor of usefulness,ease ¬of use, credibility, social environment and facilitating condition have effect on millennial generation using e-money. Sample of this research is millennial generation at Batam. Data collection method uses questionnaire. The results of this...
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The Effect of Moral Reasoning, Ethical Sensitivity, and Ethical Climate on The Accounting Student's Ethical Behavior

Hajan Hidayat
This study aims to determine and assess empirically whether there is influence of moral reasoning, ethical sensitivity and ethical climate to the ethical behavior of accounting students. The sampling technique used purposive sampling method to obtain the sample in this research as much as 333 students...
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Management Of Import Administration Documents Tobacco Through Freight Forwarder Using Fault Tree Analysis (Fta) On Shipment Strengths In Pt Alcotraindo Batam

Import administration is a series of routine activities in managing import documents when shipments arrive in Batam. The benefits of the administration of tobacco imports at PT Alcotraindo Batam are very necessary to provide information in making decisions and facilitate the delivery of key raw materials....
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Internet Financial Reporting, Financial Development, and the Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from Indonesia

Yenny Wati
The purpose of this research is to examine effect of direct and indirect consequences of internet financial reporting, earning power, and investment opportunity set in cost of equity capital as well as through earnings management as a mediating variable. The results of this research can provide input...
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The Effect Of Audit Quality And Earnings Management On Firm Performance

Nanik Lestari, Nur Aeni
This study aims to examine the effects of audit quality on earnings management, audit quality and earnings management impact on the performance of non-financial companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) period 2010-2015. Audit quality is proxy by auditor size, audit tenure and audit fees. The...
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The Effect of Financial Stability, External Pressure, and Ineffective Monitoring of Fraudulent Financial Statement

Sinarti, Raja Irma Nuraini
Financial report fraud is an unavoidable matter and can be found on various factors that can cause losses to interested parties. This study aims to examine the effect of financial stability, external pressure, and monitoring factors that are not effective against fraudulent financial statements. The...
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Do Political Connection, Executive Character, and Audit Quality Affect the Tax Avoidance Practice? Evidence in Indonesia

Diah Amalia, Steven Ferdiansyah
This study aims to know and find empirical evidence about the effect of political connection, executive characters, and audit quality on tax avoidance practice in Indonesia. This research uses secondary data with database collection technique using annual report of the manufacturing companies that are...
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The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Size Disclosure on Asymmetric Information in Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Doni Putra Utama
This study aims to determine and prove the influence of disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Size on the decline in Information Asymetry . Corporate Social Responsibility disclosure rates are assessed using the GRI ( Global Reporting Initiative) criteria and Firm Size is measured using...
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Job Stress Effect On Turnover Intention of Employees

Ria Nofita Sari
This study aimed to determine the effect of job stress variables and turnover intention. This research is motivated by the purpose of research is to examine and analyze the work stress (X) as the variables that affect and turnover intention (Y) as a variable that is affected. Turnover intention is very...