Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Education Innovation and Economic Management (ICEIEM 2019)

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Research on Patent Value Analysis System based on P2P Lending

Kun Qian, Ling Xiong, Zhongquan Huang
Patent backed financing has become a common mechanism for innovative firms. As valuation is a bottleneck in patent financing application. The construction of evaluation factor system can be used to screen out valuable patents. Based on patent analysis system of National Intellectual Property Administration...
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Exploration and Practice of Laboratory Construction for the Major of Urban Rail Transportation

Yanrong Fu, Yadong Meng, Guangjian Zhang
With the rapid development of domestic urban rail transit and the increasing demand for the talents in this field, a new specialty of urban rail transportation is established in many colleges and universities in order to adapt to the social development. In view of the construction on the laboratory for...
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A Study on Amalgamation Insufficiency and Countermeasures in the Research Teaching Practice

Yu Zhang, Yunyu Fan
Research teaching is one of the important teaching methods to cultivate innovative talents in colleges and universities. It has already achieved initial results in teaching practice. But it also shows amalgamation insufficiency problems in the research teaching practice, such as specialty cultivation...
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Problems of Huge Goodwill in Merger and Acquisition: Analysis and Solution

Chaoyao Ni, Chenhong Mo, Jiayu Wu
This paper studies the problems and risks that may exist in the process of high-goodwill mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, taking the event of TONZE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD’s cross-industry M&A of Xintai material in 2016 as an example, the reasons for declined financial performance of the acquired party...
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Research on Comprehensive Ability Model of College Students' Entrepreneurship Based on SEM

Xinlin Wang
This paper identifies that the college students' entrepreneurial comprehensive ability includes 9 latent variables. By collecting data through questionnaires, using spass statistical analysis tools and SEM method, the structural model of influencing factors of college students' comprehensive entrepreneurial...
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Reform of Professional English Teaching under the "Four-Four System" Training Model

Xiaoting Zhang, Junyi Chen
In order to adapt to the construction of Applied Technology University of Ministry of Education, Polytechnic College of Hebei University of Science and Technology has constructed the "Four-Four System" training model. Firstly, this paper briefly introduces the "Four-Four System" training mode, analyses...
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Discussion on the Reform of Practical Teaching System of Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal

Baoshan Yang, Tao Yan, Mingliang Zhang, Haihong Zhou, Hui Wang
Practice teaching is an important link in the course of "solid waste treatment and disposal", and it is the main index to achieve the goal of high-quality applied talent training, but it has not been paid due attention. This paper analyzes the current situation of practice teaching in solid waste treatment...
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Consumption Gap Between Urban and Rural Migrants: A Study Based on the Quantile Regression and Decomposition

Liping Wang, Xue Meng
Based on the data of China Migrants Dynamic Survey in 2016, this paper uses the quantile regression and decomposition method to examine the consumption disparity between the urban and rural migrants. The empirical evidence finds that the consumption gap between the urban and rural migrants exists at...
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Urban-rural Social Security Imbalance and Consumption Inequality: A Study Based on the Dynamic Panel Data Model

Liping Wang, Xue Meng
This paper explores the influence of the urban-rural social security imbalance on the consumption inequality with the dynamic panel data model, using the Chinese provincial panel data from 2000 to 2016. According to the empirical result, the urban-rural social security imbalance has positive correlations...
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On China’s Island Degree Course Setting and Talent Cultivation

Yuncheng Deng
China has numerous islands and hence needs to configure relevant talent for island management. However, with the lack of island-related degree course setting, talent cultivation is still advanced by using traditional subjects that combine the mode of working practices, which cannot meet special demands...
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Differences in the Principles and Policies of National Equality in the Field of Education—Comparative analysis of relevant preferential policies between China and the United States

Qiong Lang
National equality is a basic principle that persists in China's legal and social development. Equality in education is also the foundation. Economic development has not reduced ethnic differences. Although the right to equality in education is legally stipulated, de facto inequality still exists. Although...
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Research on the Operational Risk of E-commerce Security of Commercial Banks in China

Hui Shou
In this paper, I has analyzed China's commercial banks risk situation of e-commerce security; established a commercial bank’s e-banking risk management framework; measured the commercial banks operating in the electronic banking risk by extreme value theory. It provided a theoretical basis for Commercial...
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Buddhism Exchanges in Trans-Himalaya Region: Development and Recommendations

Yi Zhang
This paper attempts to explain the historical development of exchange of Buddhism between China and the Trans-Himalayan countries, as well as its positive effects on the bilateral relations between them, and give some useful recommendations. It argued that Buddhism has become a powerful cultural tie...
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Exploration on the Teaching Reform of the Principle and Application of Database Against the Background of Transition

Wei Song, Dongen Guo
The reform and development of the higher education in China is in an important period of transformation and development. How to accomplish the transformation of college specialty and cultivate high-quality and applied talents with excellent comprehensive quality is a problem that all local undergraduate...
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Exploration of Small Paper Reform Based on Experimental Report

Weiping Lin, Guangtao Jia, Bo Lian, Dianhai Hou
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical are two specialties to train biological professionals with strong specialty and practicality. Microbiology is the basis of the two major professional courses, and microbiology experiment teaching is an important part of the cultivation of practical ability. Based on the...
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The Research and Practice of Process-based Assessment and Evaluation of Software Courses

Lei Lei, Dongen Guo
This paper analyzes the characteristics of software courses and the problems existing in the traditional assessment mode, and puts forward the basic idea of process-based assessment centered on ability assessment. In order to highlight the ability assessment, an online assessment system is used to construct...
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Innovative Research on the Training Mode of Applied Talents in Logistics Management Based on the Integration of Production and Education and Collaborative Education

Jinting Wang
The integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation is an important way to realize the self-development of undergraduate universities and serve the local economic development. It is also a breakthrough to adapt to the development needs of modern society and cultivate high-quality...
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Ideological and Political Curriculum in Practical Teaching Against the Background of New Engineering —As an example for experiment course in electronic technology

Yin Wang
The course ideology and politics under the background of new engineering is an important measure for the country to insist on cultivating people by virtue, to put the theory of ideological and political education into practice, and to run through the whole teaching process. Taking the course of electronic...
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Cultural Diversity and the Export Structure of Chinese Cultural Products

Hui Fang, Ruonan Li, Xinyu Fang
Based on the export data of Chinese cultural products to major cultural trading countries, this paper decomposed the export structure of Chinese cultural products. Then we measured the cultural diversity of China with the help of the perfect cultural diversity index, and then empirically tested the impact...
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Research on the Effect of Margin Trading on Pricing in Stock Market

Yanliang Zhang, Wenwen Wang, Leya Zhang
In order to explore the influence mechanism of margin trading on stock pricing, this paper analyzes the impact of margin trading on China's stock market pricing by analyzing the cross-section data horizontally and constructing a Difference-in-Difference model. The research finds that: (1) Through the...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Block Chain Technology in Cross-border Supply Chain Application—Take Guangdong free trade area as an example

Jieyu Lai
Guangdong free trade area (FTA) is one of the four pilot areas for cross-border e-commerce in China and an important hub of the "21st century maritime silk road". The development of cross-border e-commerce in Guangdong free trade area cannot be separated from the further development and improvement of...
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Research on Teaching Design Based on BOPPPS Model—Taking ‘Gauss formula’ for example

Lijun Mu
The design method of classroom teaching based on BOPPPS is explored by taking “Gauss formula” in Higher Mathematics for example. Starting from the cultivation on students’ consciousness of question and investigation, the interactive teaching guided by the prior knowledge is strengthened based on layers...
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The Macroeconomic Effect of Housing Price Fluctuation

Chen Weng, Haohui Chi
The real estate industry is a pillar industry concerning the national economy and people's livelihood. A stable and healthy real estate market will benefit all residents, enterprises and government organs, and make the macroeconomic development better and the country stronger. Based on the data collected...
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Analysis on the Way of Promoting Accurate Poverty Alleviation in Tobacco Leaves Growing in Yunnan Province

Shen Shen
Yunnan is an agricultural province, whose task of poverty alleviation is arduous. The cultivation of tobacco leaves is an important source of farmers' income in most areas and has gradually become an important means for farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. Based on the situation in Yunnan province,...
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Research on Insurance Difficulties and Countermeasures after the Reform of Collective Forest Rights—Empirical Research Based on the Investigation Data in Yongan City of Fujian Province

Shen Shen
Forestry insurance was the main reason that constraints the reform process of collective forest. This paper chose the method of Logistic analysis and game theory to enrich the study of collective forest insurance by using survey data in Yongan city of Fujian province. Besides, it demonstrated the emergent...
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Research on Enclave Economic Model in Developed Coastal Areas

Xing Gao
The enclave economic development model cooperated with Singapore in Jiangsu in 1994 has much important reference for the development of Pan’an in Jinhua of Zhejiang. Excellent performance has been obtained in Pan’an Economic Development Zone through 23 years of practical exploration, which provides powerful...
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Consideration on College Physics Teaching Reformation under the New Situation

Lihua Teng, Guanghai Guo
Along with the rapid development of science and technology and continuous changing of social demands, it is imperative for the university physics teaching to reform. The course shall be concise aiming to the compressed teaching hours in each professional training program; the innovative university physics...
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Research on Scale Retrogression and Development Countermeasures of Self-study Examination in China—Taking the Jiangsu Province as an Example

Chunhui Ni
The self-study examination of higher education is a kind of three-in-one education form of individual self-study, social assistance and national examination. Its development in the past 30 years has been obvious to all. However, self-study examination has encountered a series of problems that hinder...
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Path Analysis and Enlightenment of Foreign Talents’ Rights Protection in U.S. Universities

Hanwen Zhang
With the deepening of economic globalization and talent internationalization, the demonstration role and radiation effect of “talents” have become increasingly prominent. U.S. universities are favored by high-end talents all over the world and this is inseparable from their complete system of rights...
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Research on the Application of VR Technology in Logistics Equipment Application and Management Course Teaching

Ke Wang
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the course teaching of logistics equipment application and management, and focuses on the application of VR technology in the course teaching of logistics equipment application and management by introducing VR technology. Compared with the traditional teaching...
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Thoughts on the Improvement of Business Environment in Minority Regions of China Against the Background of Globalization

Chuanyu Yang, Miao Wang
With the development of globalization, business environment has become an important concept to show the soft strength of major economies and has always appeared as a popular term for development concept. For minority regions of China, a better business environment relates not only to regional economic...
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Research and Practice of PBL in Pharmacology Course

Shan Xu, Zhen Xiao, Pengwu Zheng, Qian Zhang, Zhihui Zhou, Wufu Zhu
The PBL (problem based learning) teaching method emphasizes problem-solving as the center, induces students to actively learn, and combines multiple learning paths to analyze and solve problems. Traditional learning methods make students passively accepted and inefficient. In order to improve students'...
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Research on Practice Teaching Reform of Network Marketing Course Against the Background of Application-oriented Undergraduate

Jieyu Lai, Xia Lin
Network marketing is the core course of e-commerce undergraduate major in colleges and universities, and its teaching reform should be based on the needs of modern society and economic development. Practical teaching is not only an important link to cultivate students' practical ability and innovation...
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Research on Consumer Purchasing Demand for Household Humidifiers in China Market

Xiaona Shen, Yi Feng
Household humidifiers are gaining increasing popularity among consumers. In order to study the creative design strategy of household humidifiers for consumers, this paper analyzes the operating principles and environment, materials, functions, physical appearances and colors of household humidifiers....
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Review on the Latest 20 Years' Research of International Students in China

Yanhong Sun
This paper tries to summarize the focuses of the study on international students and help others to follow what the scholars and educators are doing in this field. By referring to a large number of research papers and documents through CKNI and other searching engines, the authors finds that the research...
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Rural Residential Land Management Systems Reform in China: Dilemmas and Solutions

Ge He
This paper aimed at exploring the dilemmas and solutions of rural residential land management systems reform in China. To achieve it, this paper firstly introduced the necessity of reforming. Then the main dilemmas which rural residential land management systems reform has experienced were explained....
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English-Medium Instruction for the B&R students: A Blessing for the Internationalization of China’s Higher Education?

Zhijun Yan, Jun Wen, Yongjian Zong
Internationalization of higher education has grown into a global tendency in recent years, with English playing an ever-increasingly important role in it. In their effort to internationalize, more and more universities in non-Anglophone countries throughout the world are employing English-medium instruction...
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Study on the Development of Fuling Mustard Industry Guided by the Rural Vitalization Strategy

Yu Liao, Tingting Qian
Since their advent in 1898, Fuling mustard have been gradually launched to the market and exported to all corners of the world. Chinese Fuling Mustard, European sour cucumbers and German sweet and sour cabbages are well-known both at home and abroad as “world’s top three pickled vegetables”. The Fuling...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Principles of Metals Based on OBE

Fuwei Kang, Enhao Wang, Zemin Yu, Yicheng Feng, Guojian Cao, Hongtao Chen
Principles of Metal Science is an important basic course of metal material engineering. Based on the background of certification of engineering education specialty, this paper analyses the existing problems of the course and the reform measures to adapt to the certification of engineering education specialty...
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Study on the Construction of the C-E Translation Corpus for the Public Service Areas of Dalian

Xiaoxuan Yang
In order to promote the urban internationalization progress under the Belt and Road initiative, the paper conducts a study on the construction of the C-E translation corpus for the public service areas of Dalian. With the support of Guidelines for the Use of English in Public Service Areas (GB), the...
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Teaching Research and Practice of Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage in Colleges and Universities—Take Tianjin Polytechnic University for Example

Jun Xu
The teaching research and practice of textile intangible cultural heritage in colleges and universities should be based on their own disciplinary advantages and regional geographical advantages, fully utilize the existing research results, and focus on the protection of textile intangible cultural heritage...
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Reconstruction of Accounting Major Curriculum Based on CBE

Meixia Dong
To revitalize undergraduate education, curriculum is the core element of personnel training, and curriculum should be "excellent". A high-quality curriculum system must be built under the consideration of the ability requirements of professionals. The survey indicates that Accounting majors attach great...
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Identification and Analysis of Influencing Factors of College Students' Degree of Learning Effort based in ISM

Ying Qu, Xue Bao
Speaking of the development of education, talent is the key, but nowadays the slack study of college students is a universal phenomenon. To explore the influential factors of college students' learning effort has become an urgent problem to solve. According to the data results of the questionnaire, this...
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Analysis on the Course Design and Development of Freshman Seminar of Telecommunication Engineering

Chunyue Wang, Ying Dong, Meilan Piao, Hui Liang, Wei Liu, Zan Li, Haiyan Wang
The Freshman Seminar is a student-centered, problem-oriented, seminar-based course and has unique value. To rationally choose the topic of discussion, design teaching content, and combine student research and teacher guidance from the actual needs of communication engineering students can improve the...
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Research on the Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the New Era

Feng Qu, Nenmei Lin
Through extensive investigation, find out the problems that affect the existence of innovative entrepreneurship education. The model of innovation and entrepreneurship education, through horizontal and vertical integration, gives method guidance and practical opportunities in the process of college students'...
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The Relations between Annual Report Tone Management and Major Shareholder Reduction of Listed Company—A Case Study Based on Ourpalm Company

Liang Chang, Yuzheng Zheng, Na Tan
Case studies on listed companies influencing their stock price by manipulating the tone of sentiment in information disclosure thus to reduce the holdings are rarely seen in existing literature. Based on the perspective of tone management, this paper take OURPALM Co., Ltd. as a case study, which is a...
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Teaching-reform of Comprehensive Training of Food Physical and Chemical Inspection in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Jianping Zhang, Yonghua Wu, Shanglong Chen, Cong Shi, Wenli Zhang, Enqi Liu
Comprehensive training of food physical and chemical inspection is an important practical course for students majoring in food quality and safety. Students were required to master sample collection, pretreatment and use various analytical instruments to detect nutrients, harmful ingredients and additives...
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Research on the Consumers’ Purchasing Demand on Electric Bicycles in Chinese Market

Yi Feng
The analysis is performed on the current industry status of electric bicycles as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the similarly competitive products in current market in order to research Chinese consumers’ purchasing demand on electric bicycles; the investigation and analysis is conducted...
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A Study on the Influence of Family Factors on Preschool Children’s English Learning in Dalian, China

Lei Zhang
The present study assessed the English proficiency of preschool children aged 4-6 in Dalian, China. A quantitative study method complemented with a qualitative interview was adopted to examine the relationship between parental factors (parents’ SES, parents’ behavior and parents’ attitudes) and children’s...