Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2021)

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Different Marketing Strategies Between Starbucks and Luckin Coffee and the Impact of the Epidemic

Siyu Wang
COVID-19 spreads and causes a significant negative impact on the global beverage industry. The global coffee market is estimated to be worth $102.02 billion in 2020 with a projected compound annual growth rate of 4.28% for the 2021-2026 forecast period. This paper studies the different marketing strategies...
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Analysis on the Factors for People’s Irrational Choice

Zexuan Wu
People often encounter many choices in their life, but they are often guided by some traps to make some irrational behaviors. This paper divides these traps into three categories according to their different characteristics: bias of human nature, thinking bias, and language bias. Based on the research...
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Research on the Influence of Network Consumption Based on Credit Platform on College Student’s Consumption Behavior

Weiwei Zhang, Zongzhi Shi
With the development of Internet consumption and the popularization of college students’ concept of credit consumption, Internet credit loan consumption has become a very common consumption mode among college students who accept new things quickly. This has become a phenomenon that cannot be ignored....
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Board Structure, State Ownership, Firm Age and Corporate Performance in Crisis

Evidence from China

Yunfei He
This paper aims to study the relationship between the structure of the board and corporate performance in crisis. More specifically, the paper investigates whether CEO duality, board independence, board size and share concentration have an impact on corporate performance in a stock market crash. Furthermore,...
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The Effect of Challenging Stressors on Job Involvement of Post-90s Employees: A Study on the Moderating Effect of Job Values

Ji Mei Jie, Su Ling Ling, Li Xu Feng, Liu Yan hua
Young employees in enterprises are facing increasing pressure from time and work knowledge input. Among the factors affecting the degree of work input, the pressure is common and realistic. Based on the survey data of 201 employees, this study explored the “Double-edged”effect of challenging stressors...
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Analysis of Starbucks’ “Third Place” Cultural Experience Marketing Mode

Xiyu Liu, Xinyao Wang, Xiaoqi Zhou, Xiaotong He, Davin Pan, Lirui Feng
Based on positioning the “Third Place”, Starbucks has occupied the major market with its ever growing share. Chosen Starbucks as a case, we explore the marketing model of cultural experience as well as effects of “Third Place”. By means of literature analysis, this paper conducts descriptive analysis...
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Bank Diversification and Performance

The Role of Financial Stability

Shun-Ho Chu, Shunping Li, Xueying Xia, Xiaoyu Liu, Jiaxia Li, Shujun Zhang
The purpose of the study tries to examine whether commercial banks can adopt the strategy of bank diversification to improve the operating performance under the condition of financial stability. By using 19 commercial banks in Macau SAR, the study employing ROA to measure bank performance and income...
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Analysis of Luxury Brand and Consumer Psychology

Li Siyao
Demand for luxury goods increases when a person’s wealth or income increases. Society now becomes more and more prosperous than before, and luxury goods can be replaced all the time. Because of this phenomenon, people will realize the trend of this society. According to different people’s psychology...
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Research on Value Co-creation and Empowerment of Knowledge-paid Platform Enterprises — DeDao APP as an Example

Chen Guo
With the development of Internet economy, knowledge-paid platform enterprises constantly innovate their own business models to meet their development requirements. This paper mainly focuses on the innovation of business model based on the theory of value co-creation and enterprise “empowerment”. We adopt...
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Self-Verification: Application in Organizational Management

Lihu Sun, Yarong Zhang
People always have the psychology and behavior to seek, maintain and strengthen themselves. Once individuals have ideas about themselves, they will try to prove these self-concepts. Self-verification theory believes that individuals have a tendency to understand their true self. Based on the review of...
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Impact of Covid-19 on the US Real Estate

Weiyi Jiang
In recent years, the economy of the United States has developed rapidly, but with the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, it has greatly affected the economy and the real estate market in the United States. In such a complex, variable and crisis prone period, the United States must attach importance to and...
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The Research of Financial Forecasting and Valuation Models

Ziliang Shang
Financial analysis has always been a particular focus of scholars around the world. With the development of economy, domestic and foreign scholars continue to improve their financial analysis methods. However, there are few literatures to study the development process of financial analysis and the important...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of China’s Urban Investment Bond Market

“Sixth Division SCP001 of the Corps” Default Event as an Example

Zezhou Ju, Junming Chen, Yunze Wu
Urban investment bonds are a series of debt financing instruments issued by local governments to alleviate financial pressures with local government financing platforms as the main body. The purpose of issuance is mainly to promote infrastructure construction or public welfare construction. For a long...
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Wisdom Management of Large-scale Sport Events: Carriers, Patterns and Mechanism Construction

Xiaoyan Zhang, Jiankang Zhang
The technical basis of the wisdom management of large-scale sport events includes smart city, big data and other technologies. One of the carrier construction of wisdom management of large-scale sport events is the wisdom venue construction, i.e. the wisdom of the hardware and software of the venue....
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Research of the Starbucks’ Ritual Sense and Strategy of Sales

Bojing Mi, Tianshu Zhang, Jingwen Zhang, Hantao Du
Starbucks has been leading the coffee market. The main reason is that in addition to products, Starbucks marketing model is also an important factor. We will promote Starbucks’ brand awareness as a marketing strategy. This study uses a combination of first-hand and second-hand research methods. In the...
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How Digital Firm Go Diversification

Evidence from Xiaomi

Chenlingwen WEI, Xi CHEN, Yiting WANG
A huge boost of digital technology has been witnessed in the modern civilization of human society. Nowadays, digital technology has already iterated to the fifth generation, 5G, and many digital enterprises come into sight and occupy an important position over the world. Moreover, after decades of development,...
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Research on the Competence and Quality Model of Huawei’s Middle Managers

Zhang Kaiming
Middle managers are the backbone of enterprise development. How to effectively manage and develop middle managers in large enterprises is an important subject. Competence quality can be a more comprehensive measure of whether managers have the corresponding quality, can provide comprehensive and detailed...
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A Brief Discussion on the Causes of Enterprise Merger and Acquisition Failure

Taking Wanda Group’s Acquisition of Legendary Pictures as an Example

Liu Jiaxin
In the past 20 years, with the development of economic globalization, the trend of mergers and acquisitions among enterprises has been significantly strengthened. Various types of enterprises are carrying out horizontal, vertical or cross-field strategic mergers and acquisitions, hoping to seize market...
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Research on Evaluation of Technological Innovation Capability of Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Zhen Cao
This article explores the technological innovation capability of China’s pharmaceutical manufacturing industry from the perspective of macro-industry, and establishes an evaluation index system that includes three dimensions: technological innovation foundation, technological innovation input and technological...
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The Study on the Influencing Factors of Green Consumption Behavior in Shanghai High-Star Hotels

Jiang Bing-rui, Zhou Jia-yu
This research aims to explore the influencing factors of hotel customers’ green consumption behavior, and analyze the mechanism of influencing factors on customers’ green consumption behavior. Based on the results of a questionnaire survey of 413 customers in high-star hotels in Shanghai and uses exploratory...
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Causes and Countermeasures of Unemployment Rate in the Middle and Later Period of Epidemic

Yifei Chen
The emergence of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the world economy. The epidemic situation that has not been controlled for more than one and a half years will continue to affect the normal return to work and rehabilitation of the people. In this paper, theoretical...
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Analysis on the Application of Market segmentation

Jiayu Zhong
This paper introduces the role and benefits of market segmentation in general, and gives examples to elaborate in depth. It introduces some tools that can be used for segmentation, such as K-means, silhouette score, elbow method, etc. Then, this paper uses data from 300 people about personal consumption...
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How Can Sharing Leadership Stimulate Employee Innovative Behavior: On the Role of Innovation Self-Efficacy and Emotional Commitment

Li Hui
Exploring the influence mechanism of sharing leadership on employees’ innovative behavior is a new perspective to understand the problem of “how to stimulate employees’ innovative behavior”. Based on social exchange theory and self-recognition theory, this paper introduces innovative self-efficacy as...
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Research on Location Routing Optimization of Rescue Center After Earthquake Based on Two-stage Heuristic Algorithm

Siyun Zeng, Chong Ye
When a large-scale earthquake occurs, due to road damage and limited resources, the injured often cannot get timely treatment. At this time, local governments at all levels need to quickly carry out rescue work, immediately activate emergency plans, and establish material distribution points and rescue...
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An Ethical Analysis Model to DuPont’s PFOA Event Based on Consequentialism Perspective

Zirui Liu, Xintong Li, Shang Shi
Contemporarily, companies making unethical decisions when doing business is still a common phenomenon even facing hefty fines and reputation risk. In this paper, we focus on analyzing the consequences of DuPont’s decision to dump chemical waste - perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, toxic chemical material)...
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Analysis of Financial Policy at Apple Company in 2020

Wang Kangyi
Apple’s 2020 Financial Report Apple today announced its 2020 second fiscal quarter financial report. Under the influence of the epidemic, total revenue was 58.3 billion U.S. dollars and net profit was 11.2 billion U.S. dollars. In the same period last year, revenue was US$58 billion and net profit was...
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Research on Nintendo’s Marketing Strategy During the Epidemic

Jialong Liu
COVID-19 happened unexpectedly. The adverse impacts brought by COVID-19 are profound and continuing. For example, the revenues of firms in various fields are suffered from it. But there are still some surviving companies. So the marketing strategy of these companies is significant. This research studies...
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The Future of Marketing Chinese Luxury Brands

An Analysis of Current Consumer Behavior and Future Implications

Jun Liang Li, Wenxi Li, Zeyang Wang, Ziwei Wang, Xinyao Zhang
Mainland China has seen significant expansion in its luxury goods market over the past decade and is on track to become the world’s largest luxury consumer by 2025. Understanding the most current consumption patterns of Chinese luxury consumers is pertinent to brand success in China. The purpose of this...
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Study on Statutory Obligations of the Intellectual Property Internet Financing Platforms

Wei Qiong, Wang Feng Yu
Intellectual property (short for IP) pledge and P2P online lending, the two online financing methods, can effectively alleviate the problem of financing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is because they develop the value of the borrower’s intellectual property rights...
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Research on Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Its Operating Mechanism

Xingqi Lu
The development of entrepreneurial activities is similar to the development of natural organisms. It is a meaningful exploration to study regional entrepreneurial activities by using the theory of ecology. This paper analyzes the development and connotation of the regional entrepreneurship ecosystem,...
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The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on China’s Housing Prices

Tang Pei Wen
Nowadays, the real estate industry in China can be referred to as an unique economy leading industry. Due to the rapid development of our country’s macroeconomic environment and urbanization process, this makes the real estate market develop very fast, apart from this, the relationship between the overheated...
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Thoughts on Humanistic Care of High-tech Enterprises in the Era of Big Data

Xufeng Li, Meijie Ji, Lingling Su, Yanhua Liu
The era of big data has come. As high-tech enterprises continue to deepen the application of big data, some problems have also appeared. Enterprises lack humanistic care for employees. Therefore, this article takes the era of big data as the background, and puts forward relevant thoughts on the humanistic...
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Innovative Development of Power Grid Enterprises Under the Background of Energy Digital Economy Transformation

Yunfei Xu, Suwei Liu, Baoming Song, Rui Liu
The new round of scientific and technological innovation drives the convergence of energy revolution and digital revolution, which gives birth to a new development model of energy digital economy, and provides a new way of thinking and method for breaking through the bottleneck of energy development....
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Research on the Construction of Enterprise Ecosystem Governance System

Yunfei Xu, Weixuan Meng, Yuan Zhang, Yong Zhang
Ecosystem governance is of great significance for improving the quality and efficiency of enterprise ecosystem development and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of enterprise ecosystem. However, current exploration in the theoretical and practical fields has not formed a methodology system...
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The Application of Big Data in Preventing Financial Risks of P2P Network Loan

With the increasing impact of the Internet on people’s lives, Internet financial platforms are also emerging, According to the data published on zero one, By the end of 2020, P2P the number of online lending platforms has reached 6063, Among them, the number of platforms operating in normal state is...
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Type Preference of Female Character and Color Choice in Manicure Based on the Eye Movement Technique

Bo Zhao, Yafeng Nan, Qiao Li Wang
In the category of consumer psychology, color psychology and personality psychology complement each other, while how a specific personality characteristic affects the color choice of female consumers is still unknown. In order to further explore this problem, this paper proposes a method to predict user...
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The Effectiveness of the Value Investment Theory During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Using the Heavy Asset Industry as an Example

Quan Zhou, Yuming Liu
Value Investing Strategy is one of the most favourable investment methods. However, under the complexity and fluctuation brought by the influence of COVID-19, the effectiveness of value investing strategy remains in question. The paper uses heavy asset industry as a target industry and strive to understand...
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Research on the Optimization of Capital Structure of X Company

Zihan Gong
The formation of enterprise capital structure comes from various financing ways of enterprises, and the composition types of different financing ways determine the capital structure of enterprises. The key to the sustainable development of enterprises is the appropriate capital structure, so the capital...
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Analysis of Taobao Single’s Day Shopping Festival from the Perspective of Managerial Economics

Yufei Quan
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the Internet has affected people’s lifestyle habits and shopping methods. In recent years, online shopping has gradually developed into the main shopping channel in people’s lives. Various online sales competitions are becoming more and more fierce. In various...
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Starbucks’Customer Brand Strategy

From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Superiority

Jiachen Gao, Jiajun Zhao, Jiaqi Chen, Tianyi zhuge
Since Starbucks entered the Chinese market, it has been deeply loved by consumers for its comfortable environment and high-quality services. It has even become a model for competitors and other service industries to imitate. However, the complaint of the consumer in the ‘Middle Cup Incident’ in 2016...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Future Development of Short Video Software

Take Douyin as an Example

Zihan Su
In recent years, short video software has exploded, and various short video software such as Douyin has gradually become the most popular entertainment software. This article takes Douyin as an example to analyze the current situation and predict the future development of short video software. The article...
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Analysis on the Impact of Mobile Payment on Consumer Behavior

Shuting Yang
With the increasing popularity of smart phone application services, mobile payment has also developed rapidly as a new type of payment service. Residents ‘consumption payment methods are changing from traditional cash payments to mobile payments, and mobile payments have had a profound impact on residents’...
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The Product Quality Improvement to a New Product’s Survey in ABCtronics

Xiaodie Lu, Xia Liu
Customer satisfaction and product quality play important roles in the company’s product sales. Higher product quality and customer confidence promote better corporate governance. ABCtronics has declined in product sales in recent years and received frequent complaints from customers. In order to find...
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A Three-Stage Model of Digital Transformation

Jiaqi Jin
Digitalization brings convenience to the world and changes the business landscape. However, the scope of structural change that digitalization brings about goes to much broader business practices, for example, how firms begin digital transformation has received little attention. In this paper, I study...
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Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Hermes

Yihan Wang
The success of Hermes as the world’s largest luxury jewelry brand depends in large part on its proper marketing strategy. This paper will analyze Hermes’ marketing strategy in terms of product, price, sales channels and marketing techniques according to the 4p model. Hermes has ensured its high-end status...
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The Research on Service Innovation of Theme Hotel

Su-Ming Huang
The innovation of hotel products is based on the product design and development of customers’ perceived value. In recent years, the e-sports industry has grown rapidly in China. The differentiation and individualization of hotel’s innovative services have been provided enjoy a diverse accommodation experience...
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Beauty Salon Innovative Service Robot Market Research

Luo Shun Nian, Guan Da Wen
In this paper, a new type of service robot has been developed, which is mainly aimed at the development of beauty salons. In the past, beauty salon service robots have only fixed model hair introduction and mobile belt function, and the most important innovative concept of the robot developed in this...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Human Resources Management in Chinese University Think Tanks: Take Six University Think Tanks in Shanghai as Examples

Wang Hao, Gao Tianhong
University think tanks are an important part of our country’s think tank system. However, in the actual operation of university think tanks, scholars are faced with the contradiction and challenge of the duality of identity. Based on field visits to six university think tanks in Shanghai, this paper...
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Research on Financial Institution Relationship and Performance of Startups

Minling Chen, Xue Wang, Xiaoyan Xie
Financial institution relationship is widely believed to be essential in mitigating financial constraints for startups to improve performance. Firstly, this paper examines whether and how the relationship between entrepreneurs and financial institutions affects startups’ performance.Further,we examines...
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Giorgio Armani Corporate Management Profile Analysis

Di-Fan Xue
The pattern of the fashion industry worldwide today is in fact a fashion circle centered on international cities such as Paris, Milan, New York and London, each of which is home to multitudinous famous fashion brands. Even though China, as the world’s largest apparel producer, consumer and exporter,...
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Examination of Underlying Factors in Success of TikTok

Mingyin Yao
This paper firstly performed a customer profile analysis by introducing seven assumptions related to TikTok customers, through researching, several conclusions can be reached: the majority of users are under 25 years old. TikTok users want an easy access to pass the time, save content and, more importantly,...
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Multidimensional Innovation and Sustainable Development in the Intelligent Management of Sporting Events

Yi Chen, Jiankang Zhang
The intelligent management of sporting events refers to a set of specific management concepts, management systems and management methods built on the basis of a two-way interactive platform, using advanced digital technology to coordinate and manage the entire event, and relying on the power of science...
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The Impact of Female Monitoring Effect and Executive Effect on Corporate Performance

Evidence from Listed Companies in China

Weihui Hu
This paper examines the association between gender diversity and firm performance for Chinese listed companies. Gender diversity effect is divided into monitoring effect and executive effect. The former one refers to woman as an independent director, while the later one is identified as woman as a high-position...
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Australia’s Economic Market Improved by Technological Innovation

Qin Ru HOU
Our literature review focuses on the technological innovation construct of economic growth in Australia. Drawing broadly from the technical innovation and economic growth literature crossing, we suggest positions about the antecedents and technical innovation outcomes. We also identify issues and questions...
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Thoughts on the Information Construction of University Personnel Management

Chen Wang
In recent years,the state attaches more and more importance to the development of colleges and universities,and has given funds and policy support,the scale and enrollment of colleges and universities have gradually expanded,it has created good external conditions for the improvement of teaching quality,...
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Economic Impact of COVID-19 on China: A Comparative Analysis of SARS

Xirui Chen
The COVID-19 outbreak in China at the beginning of 2020 not only threatens people’s lives and disrupts normal social order, but also brings a great impact to China’s economy. As an emergency public health event, the economic environment of COVID-19 has changed greatly compared with the SARS epidemic...
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Research on the Relationship Between Remuneration Incentive System and Employee Performance

Taking Haidilao Enterprise as an Example

Yingshan Hu
With development and reform of enterprises, the remuneration system has become the core issue of human resource management and development, and is also an important means to scramble for talents among enterprises. This article takes the Haidilao enterprise as an example, through official website information,...
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Transformational Leadership’s Risks and Shortages When a Company Faces the External Crisis

Case Study Based on the Product Line Stretching of Virgin Australia

Baichuan Liu
With the development of uncertainty and connection of the world, companies increasingly face challenge and crisis from the external environment, which possibly becomes the catalyzer of the failure. Given that the crisis and challenges are difficult to identify and solve timely, there is one kind of leadership...
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Analysis on the Problems in Online Shopping Under Prisoners Dilemma

He Sun
This paper analyzes the dispute between e-commerce sellers, the managers of e-commerce platform and the buyers according to game theory in 4 different online trading situation. This paper concludes that there is a motivation for each group of people mentioned above to cheat, however, we can improve the...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty, Shareholding of Institutional Investors and R&D Investment of High Technology Enterprises: Evidence from China

Yuxin Zhou
This paper studies how economic policy uncertainty affect the R&D investment of Chinese high technology enterprises. Meanwhile, it examines the moderating effect of shareholding of institutional investors. Our results show that the proportion of high technology enterprises’ R&D investment is...
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The Impact of Covid-19 on Movie Industry in China During 2020

He Qing Wang
Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the world economy as a whole, including China, and the impact on the film industry is inevitable. This article studies the impact of Covid-19 on cinema ticket sales and industry development. Using data and graphic analysis, it shows the changes in movie theater ticket...
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Effect of Capital Structure (CS) on Financial Performance (FP) of Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies (CLRECs)

Linqing, Zhouyun
This research tests the effect of capital structure (CS) on financial performance (FP) based on a sample of 24 CLRECs during 2015-2019. Statistical results show that short-term debt ratio (STDR), long-term debt ratio (LTDR) and total debt ratio (TDR) all have significantly negative effect on return on...
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Conflict Avoidance of Human Resource Management in Enterprises

Ling Ling Su, Xu Feng Li, Mei Jie Ji, Yan Hua Liu
How to manage the conflict will directly affect the enthusiasm of the staff. Discussing the conflict management within the enterprise is essential. At the same time, with the wide propagation of the concept of people-oriented management, people realize that talents are the keys to the formation of core...
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Internal Factors of Dividend Policy at the Firm Level: A Case Study of Lenovo Annual Report

Yuhan Cao
This paper examines Lenovo’s 1617 Annual Report to analyze internal factors of the dividend policy. Dividend policy illustrates relevant events like whether corporations issue dividends, about what percentage of dividends would be issued and when would be the issuing date. Virtually, the main concept...
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Consumers’ Satisfaction with Live Delivery in the Post-Epidemic Era Research

Meng Jie, Chen Xin
A sudden epidemic in early 2020 brought live streaming to a climax, but with the advent of the post-epidemic era, whether live streaming will develop normally or short-lived depends on consumers’ satisfaction with this new mode of consumption. This article takes consumers who purchase products in live...
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Cultural and Creative Industry and the Fourth Wave Economy: Analysis the Communication and Culture of Taiwan Film

Chao-Qun Shen
“Cultural Creative Industry” is a global trend industry, which is what the Frankfurt School calls “cultural industry”. film industry with communication technology development and global media influence, have high output value and high investment-benefit ratio. Through Taiwan films in global tickets,...
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Pricing Strategy of China’s Ride-haling Platforms in Two-sided Market

Yiming Chen
Two-sided markets focus on two-sided consumers’ economic behavior and platforms that provide services for both consumers and sellers. This paper illustrates the basic definition and market structures of the two-sided market, combining with hotspot problems of online ride-hailing platforms in China related...
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Psychological Contract Management Strategy of Knowledge Workers in Boundaryless Career Era

Yunfei Xu, Han Wang, Yong Zhang, Yan Chang
In boundaryless career era, the organization has become increasingly small, agile and rapid, showing the characteristics of informationization, decentralization, virtualization, flattening and miniaturization. The psychological contract between employees and the organization has changed from “relationship...
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Analysis of Chinese Consumer Behavior on Catering Services and Research on Corporate Marketing Strategies in the Post-Pandemic Era

Chen Xu, Zhilan Qian, Zihan Zhang
Since the COVID outbreak starting from February 2020, the Chinese catering industry has been facing an economic downturn. It is well-established by means of other research that the outdated business models that lots of catering businesses have of need to keep up with the contemporary dining consumption...
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Recycling and Modification of Old Phones for the Old Population to Use

Haojun Du
The increasing number of waste mobile phones is a severe problem faced by China. The rapid development of technologies, especially innovation of mobile phones, cause the continuously declined life service circle of those phones. Consequently, a large amount of waste phones need to be recycled to prevent...
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The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Inequality

A Review and Future Research Agenda

Fungleong Chan
This paper seeks to examine the role of entrepreneurship in economic inequality, whether entrepreneurial activities reduce or increase economic inequality. After clarifying the related concepts, we conducted both qualitative and quantitative analyses to evaluate the relationship between entrepreneurship...
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An Exploratory on the Relationship Between Serious Leisure and Well-being in Leisure Activities

Fang-Kun Guo
This reach aims to explore the relationship between serious leisure and well-being in leisure activities. According to the collected literature, there are six levels of serious leisure: overcoming difficulties, perseverance, lifelong leisure ambitions, personal effort, continuous effectiveness, sense...
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Based on the Fan Economy, Explore the Impact of Private Brand Avatar and Advertising Attitudes on Consumer Repurchase Intentions

Li-Yu Tseng, Min-jing Mai, Hao-Nan Xu, Sheng-Ao Dong
Marketing decision analysis, operation performance, and business model innovation are increasingly important elements of fan economic theory which means that the fans will support their favorite celebrity or brand with money, and much attention has been paid to the impacts of avatars. This study explores...
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Evolutions of Economic Zones’ Interaction in Innovation

Based on the Three-dimensional Analysis of Organization, Geography and Technology

Fei-Fei YAN, Xiao-wen Wang, Wen-Sheng YANG
This paper proposes a three-dimensional analytical framework, and applies the framework to the longitudinal analysis of China’s four economic zones’ interaction in innovation by examining collaborative invention patent applications from 1985 to 2015. The results showed that, first, the spatial distribution...
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on China’s Food-Service Industry

Based on the Case Study of Haidilao Hot Pot

Bodi Zhang
As a worldwide disaster, the COVID-19 challenges every aspect of China’s economy. Although the situation has got controlled in China currently, it seems that it is still hard for people and companies to recover back to the normal. Since China’s food-service industry suffered a huge loss during the pandemic,...
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The Effect Mechanism of Leader’s Harmonious Orientation on Employees’ Innovation Behavior: Based on Mediating Effect of Employees’ Prosocial Motivation

Chao-Wei WANG, Hui JIN, Hao-Bin Xia
Based on the local cultural background, this research introduces employees’ prosocial motivation as an intermediary variable based on social cognitive theory and social learning theory, and explores the influence mechanism of the relationship between leader’s harmonious orientation and employees’ innovation...
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Research on the Interactive Problems and Countermeasures of Food Intelligent Packaging in the Post Epidemic Era

Juzheng Zhang, Qiutong Wu, Ruikun Chen
Intelligent packaging is one of the main technologies that achieve to make our lives more convenient in recent decades. People are paying attention to the safeness that packaging can offer, especially during the pandemic. This paper collected and analyzed the research results of intelligent packaging...
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Research on Cruise Tourists Satisfaction Based on Web Text and IPA Analysis: A Case Study of Royal Caribbean Cruise

Zhang Gaoping, Wang Sheduxiu
This paper takes Royal Caribbean cruise ship as the research object, and combines the analytic hierarchy process and content analysis, constructs the satisfaction index system of Royal Caribbean cruise ship from four aspects: cruise accommodation, cruise catering, cruise service and cruise entertainment....
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Sustainable Coastal Tourism Policy Selection and Local Resident Satisfaction Assessment

Kuo-Yan Wang, Jing Yu, Chia-Yang Ning
Coastal tourism, especially in the seaside township, has rapidly developed in the recent years. In addition to fishing industry, the development of tourism activities has become an income-generating method for local economy. This empirical study illustrates how a coastal township selects an appropriate...
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The Contents and Construction Method of Digital Economy as a New Driving Force

Tianjiao Luo
The global economy has been strongly impacted by COVID-19, and the traditional economy has suffered a major setback. In the post epidemic era, how to break through the bottleneck of economic development and realize high-quality economic development has become a difficult problem. This paper puts forward...
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User Growth Model of Pinduoduo Based on SIR and Bass Model

Jinling BAI
This study investigates the proper model to predict Pinduoudo’s user growth model and the business meaning it contains. Two methods are used in this article: the first one is the Susceptible Infected Recovered model usually used to predict the development of a pandemic, the second one is the Bass model...
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Study on Evaluation System of Style Construction of Leading Cadres in Colleges and Universities

Yang Minjie, Shi Chao
Through questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews, this article explores the problems of the leading cadre assessment system, construct the leading cadre attitude construction evaluation index system, discuss the leading cadre attitude construction comprehensive evaluation method, in order to explore...
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New Challenge on Intellectual Property: Smell Trademark

Shuju FU
As an important symbol to identify commodities, trademark can distinguish one commodity and service from other commodities and services. Therefore, trademark has been valued by people for its important role since thousands of years ago. With the increase of the vitality of market subjects, trademarks...