Proceedings of the 4th International Seminar on Education Research and Social Science (ISERSS 2021)

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Determining the Directions of Specialist Preparation Development in the Specialty 026 Performing Arts Based on the Survey Results of Applicants for Higher Education

Roman Nabokov, Sergii Gordeev, Mykola Krypchuk, Viktoriia Buhaiova
The material considers the problem of the lack of the standard of Ukraine’s higher education of the first (bachelor) level of specialty 026 Performing arts (field of knowledge 02 Culture and art). According to the survey results of stakeholders (applicants for higher education) of Ukraine’s several...
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Pedagogical Conditions for the Language Competence Development in Officers of the System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Process of Continuous and Distance Learning

Iryna Trubavina, Volodymyr Liutyi, Liudmyla Nepipenko, Svitlana Boiko
The course taken by Ukraine for European integration, NATO membership and cooperation with employees of the world security institutions in today’s environment requires the language competence development in officers of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the process of distance learning....
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The Development Mode of the World-class Scientific and Technical Journals—A Case Study of Nature and Science

Feiyang Liu, Jingxue Lai, Hong Shui, Li Zhang, Li Zhang
Based on the analysis of the basic situation and development of the world-class scientific and technical journals, Nature and Science, this paper used bibliometrics to explore the development model and construction path of Nature and Science from 3 aspects, including the journal data, journal column...
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Design of Experimental Simulation of Computer Science and Technology Specialty Under Background of “Emerging Engineering Education”

Zhongyu Li, Geng Chen, Jie Zhang, Pingping Zhang, Wenhua Wang
To cultivate the practical needs of cultivating the compound engineering talents of computer science and technology under the background of “emerging engineering education”, this paper starts from the characteristics of computer science and technology, taking the course of sensor technology as an example....
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Conceptual Principles of Research of the Process of Institutionalization of Distance Education in Ukrainian Reality

Natalia Komykh, Kyrylo Nedria
The article is based on the study of the current state of institutionalization of distance education in Ukraine using the methods of sociological research and its analysis through the prism of R. Scott’s theory and its regulatory and cultural-cognitive systems. Theoretical analysis showed certain problems...
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The Relationship Between Cognitive Adaptability and Entrepreneurial Decision-making Quality: A Moderating Effect of Environmental Uncertainty

Rui Xing, Nan Zhou, Zhanpeng Dang, Guohong Wang
This research examined the relationship between five dimensions of cognitive adaptability and the decision-making quality, and explored the role of environmental uncertainty as a moderator. Implemented with Chinese entrepreneurs as research objectives, the empirical study shows that the effects of five...
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Educational Significance of Games in Community Summer Trusteeship: An Ethnographic Study

Jiali Zhang, Cheng He, Yanqiang Chen
Summer childcare has become a difficult problem for many dual-income families. In order to solve this problem, the Chinese government strongly advocates that communities undertake the responsibility of summer childcare for children. Under this background, this paper uses ethnographic research method...
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Strategies for Constructing Efficient Mathematics Classroom in Junior Middle School

Jingjing Xu, Zhizhuang Li, Xiaoke Huang
In order to solve the problems existing in the current middle school mathematics classroom teaching process based on teacher-centered teaching mode, the student-centered teaching mode is used as an important measure for many mathematics educators to improve the efficient teaching of mathematics in junior...
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Are Sexual Victims Less Likely to be Accepted by Their Boyfriends?—A Comparison Between Sexually Invaded Women and Women with Voluntary Sexual Behavior

Zhaoyuan Zhang, Dan Huang, Yuxia Liu, Yahui Chen, Xia Zu
Sexual assault cases occur frequently, and the number of victims of sexual assault continues to rise. This paper investigates the acceptability in marriage and love relationship of “non-virgins” such as women who have premarital sex and victims of sexual assault through questionnaires and analyzing relevant...
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Research on the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Behavior on Financial Performance from the Perspective of Optimal Differentiation

Jingyu Fu, Jihong Wu, Guiqing Li, Yaqing Zhang, Chizhou Zhu, Jie Liu
This paper aims to provide a new social responsibility strategic portfolio for Chinese listed companies. Using the optimal differentiation theory. this paper calculates a new social responsibility index from a multi-dimensional perspective, and empirically analyses the relationship between social responsibility...
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Reference to International Evaluation Standards for Improving Yunnan Higher Education in Tourism

Yu Liu, Hao Lin
This paper aims to substantiate and make some suggestions for improving the general level of Yunnan higher education in tourism. By analyzed phenomenon of Yunnan higher education in tourism, compared standards between National Standard for Teaching Quality of Tourism Management (NSTQTM) and the Association...
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A Study of the Impact of Instruction Style on the Quality of Postgraduate Education

Guihua Liu, Yang Zhou
Instructing is a key factor in the quality of postgraduate education, and there are many different instruction styles. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between instruction styles and the quality of postgraduate education through an empirical investigation, so as to explore...
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A Study on the Influence of Human Cultural Environment on Literary Creation from the Perspective of Eco-criticism

Li Hou, Jianjun Kang, Yongli Xu
The geographical environment can have a great influence on the cultural and psychological structure of literary writers, and thus on their creations in practice. The manifestations or carriers of these influences indirectly bring time and spaced close together. The study of the influence of the human...
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Optimization Research on Middle School Students’ Methods of Solving Word Problems with Equations: Taking the Mistake in “Taking a Taxi” for an Example

En-qing Dai
Solving word problems with equations or equation sets is regarded as the important teaching content by educators in mathematics in China, but there is still a phenomenon of one-sided thinking in solving problems, the mistake such as “taking a taxi” is a typical example. Aiming at solving the current...
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The Impact of IR 4.0 on Circular Economy and Operational Performance to Spur Financial Performance: A Game Changer Strategy

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Adeel Shah, Yu Zhang
The digital technologies from Industrial Revolution (I.R.) 4.0 create capabilities that positively impact organizational performances. Technology is a new frontier, and academicians, researchers, and business managers are still trying to understand its full potential. The current empirical research is...
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Practice and Evaluation of Nursing Curriculum Teaching Reform Under the “Curriculum Ideology and Politics” Educational Concept

Rui Zhu
Taking the nursing curriculum as an example, the teaching reform and effect based on the “curriculum ideology and politics” educational concept was discussed. Students from class 1-2 of 2018 and 2019 nursing major in a college were selected as research objects. 82 vocational college students from class...
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Evaluation on the Equity of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Allocation in Tianjin

Ning He, Yanhui Nie
This paper aims to provide suggestions for the resource allocation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) during the 14th Five-Year Plan period by analyzing the fairness degree in Tianjin from 2011 to 2019. We used descriptive analysis to study the allocation of TCM health resource in different districts...
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A Probe into Collaborative Service of Quality Infrastructure in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Jingna Yang
During the “13th five-year plan” period, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region vigorously advanced the development of its national quality infrastructure (NQI). To satisfy the requirements of a coordinated development of its NQI and to provide some references and suggestions for an NQI collaborative service...
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Analysis on the Development Status and Prospect of Intelligent Logistics in Hubei Province

Lei Zhang
Logistics connects production and consumption. Smart logistics will be a strong support for the construction and sustainable development of smart cities. The construction of smart logistics system is inevitably inseparable from the support of artificial intelligence technology represented by “unmanned”...
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An Investigation of the Relationship Between Shanghai Preschool Teachers’ Developmentally Appropriate Beliefs and Practices

Bingjie Zou
This quantitative study investigated the relationship between Shanghai preschool teachers’ beliefs and their practices of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP). Altogether 182 respondents from 13 preschools in Shanghai completed Teacher Beliefs and Practices Survey (three to five-year-olds) (including...
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Analysis on the Evolution of China’s Cultural Industry Policy from Perspective of Advocacy Coalition Framework

Zupeng Yang, Yuan Su
This study attempts to use the advocacy coalition framework theory to analyse the evolution process of China’s cultural industry policy and explain the two advocacy coalitions existing in China’s cultural industry policy subsystem, one is the government led coalition, the other is the social coalition....
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Research on Cultivating and Practicing Core Socialist Values in the Context of Rule of Law

Bo Lei
This paper discusses how to fully explore the legal factors and resources for the rule of law in the socialist core values, which can be greatly cultivated and established under the background of comprehensively ruling the country according to law. Based on the analysis of logical relationship and integrating...
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The Historical Background, Cultural Foundation and Educational Characteristics of Singapore’s Patriotism—Text analysis Based on Singapore Primary School Moral Education Textbooks

Bailue He, Ni Zhao
Patriotism education has become one of the major issues concerned by all countries in the world. From the understanding of the historical background and cultural foundation of the formation of Patriotism in Singapore to the text analysis of its moral education textbooks in primary schools, we can find...
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Cause Analysis and Countermeasure Research on Job Burnout of Middle Managers in Enterprises

Yahang Tong
At present, the status of middle managers in enterprises is getting higher and higher, and enterprises have higher and higher requirements for middle managers. As a result, middle managers are under more pressure and the problem of job burnout ensues. In recent years, “job burnout of middle managers”...
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Research on the New Mechanism of China and ASEAN Countries Police Law Enforcement Cooperation in the Context of Regular Epidemic Prevention

Ting Zhang, Sheng-he Yuan
In the context of the continued global spread of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia epidemic, it is of great importance and highly urgency to innovate the traditional police law enforcement cooperation mode. Applying Krasner’s international mechanism theory, this paper innovates a new mechanism for police...
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The Impact of Internet Marketing on the Profitability of Yifeng Pharmacy

Xiaofeng Tian, Luyao Duan, Siqi Ying
To analyze the impact of Internet marketing on Yifeng Pharmacy, this paper adopts a comparative analysis method to explore the changes and reasons of the profitability index of Yifeng Pharmacy between 2018 and 2020. The results indicate that the multi-platform online stores could expand sales, improve...
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Guilt from Inaction: Discussion on the Moderated Mediation Effect of Cause-Related Product Hedonism, Country-of-origin Image, and Anticipatory Guilt on Purchase Intention

Chi-Cheng Luan, Su Zhang, Tianchen Lin
Ad messages in cause-related marketing (CRM) motivate consumers’ anticipatory guilt if they do not do good things (i.e., do not purchase cause-related products). According to cognitive dissonance theory, consumers tend to purchase cause-related products in order to reduce anticipatory guilt for maintaining...
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Research on Ideological and Political Teaching Use Cases and Teaching Strategies of Database System Principle Course

Yangqing Zhu
The course is the basis of teaching construction in the universities. Strengthening course construction is an important guarantee for effectively implementing teaching plans and improving teaching level and quality of personnel. To explore the ways of imparting knowledge, cultivating ability and guiding...
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The Rule of Law in Emerging Urban Communities

Jie Wei, Xinxing Liu, Peng Nai
Based on participation and observation, this work made a micro description of two governance events in an urban emerging community in recent years. Taking these events as the starting point, it analyzes the governance system and governance logic of such communities and emphasized the process and effect...
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Influences of Virtual Spokespersons’ Characteristics on Brand Personality

Bingyu Hu
In today’s business competition, product bands have played a significant effect on consumers’ purchasing behaviors, making brand image building a key component of business development strategy. As an essential aspect of brand image, the brand spokesperson is an important medium to deliver the brand personality...
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Research on International Education Mode of Accounting Talents

Haifan Lu
The internationalization of accounting puts forward new requirements for the training of accounting talents. This paper tries to solve the problem of how to cultivate international compound accounting talents in accounting major in Colleges and universities. Focusing on the domestic international undergraduate...
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Research on the Paths of Cultural Education in College English Teaching

Rongrong Pan, Min Yang, Lirui Duan
This paper takes cultural education in college English teaching as the research object, exploring the effective paths to integrate cultural education in the college English teaching process. Based on in-depth literature research and interviews, the study first illustrated the significance of cultural...
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The SNS-mediated Communication Modes and Teacher-student Relationships in Internet Era: Undergraduates’ Perceptions from Four Chinese Universities

Hongling GUO
The purpose of this paper is to understand undergraduates’ views on based-SNS (Social Networking Sites) communication modes and teacher-student relationships in Chinese universities in the internet era. We investigated 420 undergraduates from four universities in Western China by semi-structured interview...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Changes of Students’ Learning Behaviors Based on Online Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion Mode

Ming Cao, Xiangfu Fan
Online Presentation-Assimilation-Discussion (OPAD) is a new type of internet-based teaching mode. The purpose of this paper is to study students online learning behaviors based on OPAD mode. It mainly focuses on how students’ feelings and attitudes toward the online learning influence their learning...
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The Countermeasures Research on Curriculum Ideological and Political Education in the English Course Teaching

Yuan Wang
This paper probes into the countermeasures research of curriculum ideological and political education in the English course teaching for no-English major students. Here our teaching group analyzed the questionnaire completed by 200 students and listened to English classes at random and then summarized...
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The Ethnolinguistic Vitality of Naxi Language in Jinshan Bai Minority Township of Lijiang City

Fangfang Duan
As the important tool for human communication, language is a marker differing an ethnic group from another. The disappearance of any language will lead to the vanishing of cultural phenomena of human beings. The popularization of Chinese has impacted Naxi language. To assess the vitality of Naxi language...
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Research on Development Path of Culinary Specialty in Secondary Vocational Schools Based on Data Mining Technology COVID-19 Epidemic Background

Yunjie Zhao
The 2020 COVID-19 epidemic has significantly affected China’s domestic education field, including secondary vocational education. At the same time, in secondary vocational schools, the culinary major is both traditional and long-term developmental. In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, the conduct...
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A Critical Genre Analysis of Negative Parts in CSR Reports

Shuai Liu
This study analyses the representations of negative part especially the safety performance in CSR report. Drawing on critical genre theory, we examined 20 safety parts from 20 American company, and has found that 3 major moves and 11 steps were presented. The study illustrates how diverse types of discourse...
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Using “Element and Line as the Basis and the Eight Guidelines as the Body” to Construct Quality Evaluation for Ideological and Political Theory Course

Hongxiang Sun, Fei Yu
The new era puts forward unique and higher requirements for the teaching of ideological and political theory courses in Chinese universities. While the educators are adapting to these new requirements, the managers need a well-built guideline for evaluating the teaching quality of ideological and political...
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Development of Quality Evaluation Model of Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Fei Yu, Jia Yu, Hongxiang Sun
The new era put forward some new requirements for the ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities. After the clarification of the 5 first-level indicators and 18 second-level indicators of the quality evaluation index system, the contents of secondary indicator observation points...
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The Enhancement of the International Influence of TCM Cultural Soft Power Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Fangmeng Li, Dejun Li, Xueli Ding
With the continuous development of the Belt and Road Initiative, the pace of Chinese culture’s international exchange has been significantly accelerated, and China’s cultural soft power has also been greatly enhanced. Under such circumstances, TCM culture, as an important part of China’s cultural soft...
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Impact of Augmented Reality Characteristics on Retail Brand Equity

Jinfeng Wu, Jiao Dong
With the rise of 5G and mobile shopping, the failure to physically experience products has led to high return rates and negative word-of-mouth for retailers. As a result, many Chinese retailers have been offering augmented reality services to customers to improve their shopping experience. This study...
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Review of Rural Finance Research from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform

Wenshuang Bao, Xin Zhang
The research idea of this thesis is to analyze the theoretical problems from the theoretical basis and literature review and summarize the experience according to the analysis of existing practice. Based on the use of the methods of literature induction, historical analysis and investigation and research,...
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SWOT Analysis Based on Heilongjiang University Curriculum Ideological and Political Research

Caiyu Liu, Han Ni
Colleges and universities in Heilongjiang province undertake cultivating talents, which is a crucial part of curriculum ideological and political work. This paper uses the SWOT analysis method to analyze the internal advantages and disadvantages as well as external opportunities and challenges of ideological...
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Research on the Influence Path of Equity Pledge on Enterprise Value—Taking SMEs as an Example

Jueming Wang, Baobao Li
In this paper, we use the structural equation model to analyze the influence path of the pledge of the largest shareholder on the value of the company. The study shows that the degree and scale of the pledge have different effects on the company value, but the total effect is positive. The results show...
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A Study on the Design of Big Data Governance Framework in Higher Education and Its Application in Student Management

Ke Wang, Zhiyong Jiang
Big data governance framework helps to analyze the logical structure of data governance and provides support for the implementation of data governance. The school-based education big data governance can solve the current problem of lack of education big data practice. Based on the practice dilemma of...
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The Impact of Women Directors on Executive-Staff Pay Dispersion

Qianying Wang, Changzheng Zhang
This paper explores the relationship between the women directors’ participation degree and the ESPD by using an unbalanced panel sample, which consists of 1554 firm-year observations collected from 2010-2018 among energy companies listed on the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges in China. Based on...
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Teaching Strategies of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Animation Major in Colleges and Universities

Hong Shi
This work aims to improve the ability and solve the problem of cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship ability of students majoring in animation. Starting from creating “animation IP”, the work closely adheres to the cooperative learning mode of “learning by competition”. Also, this work attempts...
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Analysis on the Leadership Cultivation of Cadets in the New Era

Tao Hu, Haiyu Zhang, Jun Gong
In the new era, the leadership cultivation of cadets faces such problems as unclear objective, rigid model, poorly structured evaluation mechanism, and unfavorable atmosphere. This paper introduces the systematic measures for leadership cultivation in optimizing the top-level design of leadership cultivation,...
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Research on the Impact of Corporate Philanthropy on Employer Brand

Yaqing Zhang, Jihong Wu, Guiqing Li, Jingyu Fu, Chizhou Zhu, Jie Liu
To study the impact of corporate philanthropy on employer brand, this paper collects employer brand data for 2020 and corporate philanthropy data for 2018 for empirical research. The results of linear regression analysis are as follows: (1) the operating life of the corporate charitable foundation has...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Enterprise Quality Culture System Construction

Ping Gu, Guochun Tang
Enterprise quality culture is increasingly regarded as the necessary “soft” equipment for enterprises to succeed. This paper uses a questionnaire survey, factor analysis, analysis of variance, and other methods. We take 304 enterprises in Jiangsu Province as the research object to analyze the influencing...
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Research on the Utilization of Mathematics Network Curriculum Resources in Rural Middle Schools

Yan Ling, Nan Jiang
Mathematics resources are the core elements of mathematics curriculum. With the development of information-based education in China,the mathematics network resources in primary and secondary schools have moved from construction to utilization. However, the network cutticulum resources in rural middle...
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Research on Ideological and Political Construction of Physical Education Curriculum from the Perspective of Dissipative Structure Theory

Mengdie Hu, Lan Pang
This paper creatively introduces the dissipative structure theory of physics, providing a new path for colleges to improve their quality and efficiency of “building morality and cultivating people” in the physical education curriculum. After confirming it has the characteristics of openness, non-equilibrium,...
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Does Decentralization Reform Promote Local Economic Growth? A Meta-Analysis

Songhao Yu, Maoxuan Wang, Jinsong Meng
Although some theories believe that decentralization reform can promote local economic growth, the empirical evidence in this research field shows strong inconsistency. This article conducted a meta-analysis of the 24 effect values reported in the empirical literature meeting the inclusion criteria,...
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Accounting Talent Training Reform in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Yan Ma
Under the rapid development of new generation information technology represented by big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things and blockchain and the development strategy based on “intelligence +”, the traditional knowledge framework and professional skills...
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Problems and Solutions of Financing for New Energy Enterprises

Mingyun Chi
Examine the obstacles faced by new energy enterprises: large demand for financing amount, long financing period, few financing opportunities for new energy enterprises, unsystematic finance of new energy enterprises, weak strength of new energy enterprises, analysis on the causes of problems existing...
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The Construction and Development of German Digital Education

Lingling Zhou
This paper intends to give a profile for the development process of German digital education. Facing the fierce global competition in digital industry and economic, Germany made efforts in developing digital education and carried out various relevant promoting polices, which were published at a fast...
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Quantitative Analysis in the Field of Health Education in My Country in the Past Two Decades—Citespace Visual Analysis Based on CSSCI Database

Lin Song, JinHong Huang, YeMei Xu, Qiang He
Health is an eternal topic of humankind, and keeping healthy is everyone’s duty and right. However, health requires education, and education requires health. Therefore, health education has gradually become a hot research field in the past ten years. Its strong professionalism and practicality have attracted...
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Research on the Safeguard Mechanism of University-Industry Collaboration in Nuclear Power Industry’s Engineering Talents Cultivation

Changda Du, Baolin Wen, Hongbo Shi
In the new sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation, the main objective of training engineering talents is to cultivate talents with innovation and expertise to meet the needs of economic and social development. The realization of the goal depends on whether the cooperation between universities...
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Research on Factors Influencing Decision-Making About Pursuing Postgraduate Education Among Chinese Graduates with Work Experience

Ze Liu, Nian-ci Ren, Hang-yuan Dong, Ying Pei, Yi-dan Zhu, Jing Zhang
In recent years, the rapid expansion of postgraduate enrolment in higher educational institutions (HEIs) in China has stimulated graduates to pursue postgraduate education after obtaining several years of work experience. This paper investigated the factors that influence this group of students’ decision-making...
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Score Analysis and Interpretation of a School-Based Placement Test on the Basis of the CSE

Juntao Cheng, Huijie Li
The newly developed China’s Standards of English Language Ability (the CSE) defines the levels of English ability of Chinese learners. As one of the practical studies to support its feasibility, this study aims to draw a picture of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) freshmen’s English language proficiency...
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Research on Measures of Prevention Against Network Telecommunication Fraud in a University

Zhangliao Xu, Xisong Miao, Huanyu Wei, Jun He, Qing Xiu
This paper aims to analyze the common types of telecom network fraud and its most frequent causes in colleges and universities. By taking a university as an example, the characteristics and causes of telecom network fraud in Colleges and universities are analyzed and measures on its prevention are put...
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The Impact of Social Media Usage on Depression Cognition and Help-seeking Behavior: A Study Based on Grounded Theory

Yijing Guo, Yunjuan Cai
Depression is a serious psychological disorder, but at present, the public and patients have insufficient understanding of it. In order to make better use of social media to spread depression information, promote public depression cognition and stimulate help seeking behavior, it is necessary to study...
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Bibliometric Analysis on the Research Hotspot and Frontiers of Higher Engineering Education—Taking the Research Publications on Higher Engineering Education from 2011 to 2020 as the Sample

Lei Li, Shining Gao, Pingping Deng, Haiying Ma
In order to further investigate the development process of higher engineering education, sort out and summarize the research status and cutting-edge perspectives, this work presented a bibliometric analysis on the 1830 published papers from 2011 to 2020 on the journal Research in Higher Education of...
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Strategies to Train and Improve Students’ Composition Creation Ability in Photography Practice Teaching

Yihan Jia
Photography course plays an important role in undergraduate art education and improving undergraduate cultural quality education. The composition of a picture is directly linked to the quality of the works, and the improvement of composition ability is also a teaching difficulty in photography. Therefore,...
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Analysis and Application of the Examination Results of Nursing Major in Yunnan Province in the Past Three Years-Taking the Upgrading Exam from Junior College to University as an Example

Xisong Miao, Ruining Zhang, Boyang Wang, Zhangliao Xu, Hangwei Zhang, Zirui Li
This work analyzed the results of the Upgrading Exam from Junior College to University (UEJCU) in the recent three years in Yunnan, found out the deficiencies and reasons of the skills test candidates, and provided relevant basis and reference for the departments of relevant medical colleges and education....
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Implementing the Red, Green and Blue Education Project and Innovating the Training Mode of Compound Applied Talents in Printing & Packaging

Yonggang Yang, Tingyu Feng, Qiaozhuo Gao
In order to cultivate compound application-oriented talents, the printing major of the school implemented the “Red, Green, and Blue” education project under the background of the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” of the Ministry of Education. The “red” in the “red, green and blue” education...
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The Mode Exploration of Industry-Education Integration of Graduate Education in China

Yuping Xu, Fangyi Su, Zhenwen Hong
Graduate education is regarded as an important component of China’s innovation driven development strategy. In the era of innovation, how to deepen industry-education integration, accordingly, improving the innovative ability of postgraduates and cultivating high-level innovative talents needed by the...
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Research on the Influence of Female Executives on Corporate Social Responsibility Performance in Infrastructure Construction

Na Zhao, Bingqi Ma
This study takes construction companies undertaking infrastructure construction as the research object and selects listed Chinese construction companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share from 2010 to 2020 as the research sample, F test and Hausman test are used to determine the fixed-effect model form...
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Research on Incentive Mode of New Generation Employees in State-Owned Enterprises

Youjun Wu, Jingying Lian, Peijie Hu
This paper aims to solve the problem that the inherent incentive methods of state-owned enterprises cannot meet the needs of new generation employees and propose ways to innovate the new generation staff incentive methods and improve the incentive structure. This paper uses the literature review method,...
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Research on the Application of Modern Information Technology in the Practical Teaching of Computer Courses in Colleges and Universities

Yuan Xie, Yuteng Zhang, Shiqing Yao, Junhong Liu, Suduo Li
The introduction of modern information technology can catalyze the emergence of personalized-learning mode, improve teaching quality, strengthen the “freedom” of teachers, and fundamentally release students’ initiative and activity. At present, the combination of computer courses practice teaching and...
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Research on the Ideological and Political Education of Universities by Multi-dimensional Integration of Transportation

Yuping Xu, Zhigang Wu
With the continuous promotion of teaching reform planning in universities, ideological and political education is the core link of ideological work in the new era. As a planning goal during the 14th Five-Year Plan, the strategy of building Chinese strength in transportation is a key task in the new journey...
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Strengthen the Cultivation of Students’ Time Management Ability Based on the Theory of “Matthew Effect”

Di Gao, Li Zhang, Xiaojun Zhang, Xin Xu
Since the introduction of the new crown epidemic and the “double reduction” policy, China has accelerated the process of quality education reform, but problems such as weak student time management skills and academic delays have also been exposed. To achieve the goal of reducing the burden while not...
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Analysis and Management of Academic Procrastination Behavior of Students with Internet Addiction

Zhe Ti, Li Zhang, Jin Yan
Internet addiction is a behavioral manifestation of excessive use of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices to use the Internet, which can lead to impaired social functions and bring psychological and behavioral problems to a new type of behavioral addiction. Academic procrastination...
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Research on the Test Development of Speculative Expression Based on Speculative Reading

Lijun Yang, Lei Yang
Based on the requirements of the “speculative reading and expression” task group in the high school Chinese curriculum standards, and based on the theoretical interpretation of “combination of reading and writing”, the important value and value of speculative writing and expression based on speculative...
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Exploration of Research-Based Classroom Teaching Model in the Teaching of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Genliang Li, Yulian Tang, Hui Qian, Lishuang Sun, Shu Li
Our research group practiced a research-based teaching model in the teaching of biochemistry and molecular biology. The influence of this teaching model on students’ final exam score was analyzed. The results showed that in the final exam, the average score of the students taught using the research-based...
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Exploring the Work Paths of Smart Party Building for the Private Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Zhengwei Zhang, Mengyi Zhu
Under the background of the “Internet +” era, the rapid development of the Internet and information technology have provided new opportunities and challenges for the party building work of private universities. “Internet + party building” work mode helps to improve the traditional party building. Through...
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Research of Financial Support on Innovative Elements Concentration and High-Quality Innovative Development

Ping He, Jianming Zhou
The study aims to study how financial support affects high-quality innovative development of artificial intelligence (AI) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through promoting innovative elements concentration, and takes 122 CEOs from 122 AI SMEs in Southern China as empirical studied samples....
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New Problems and Countermeasures of Research Tourism—A Case Study of Teenager’s Tourism Education

Xiaoliang Chen
Research tourism in the Post-Pandemic Era is a new educational model which combines the conventional model of education economy growth and the in-depth development of tourism industry with modern technology. Against the backdrop that the coronavirus outbreak is easing at home and abroad, it has been...