Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2016)

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Learning the Quality Filter Method of Sequence by Quality Cut-off Value and Base Percent

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu
For the next bioinformatics analysis of sequence reads, the initial sequence reads with next-generation sequencing technology should be clean with the quality filter method. The basic quality filter method can filter the initial sequence reads by quality cut-off value and base percent. We select some...
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Learning the Masking and Reverse Complement Method of the Sequence Reads

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu
There are some base characters with specified quality score value in the initial sequence reads. The base characters need the bioinformatics analysis method to mask such as mask by quality score. In the other hand, there are many sequence reads need the bioinformatics analysis method to reverse complement...
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Study on the Cultivation and Practice of Socialist Core Values of College Students

Chunfu Yang, Dongliang Yang, Weihong Min
It is imperative to cultivate and practice the socialist core values of College students. Colleges and universities should make the work effective by the theoretical guidance, institutional guarantee, educational innovation and optimization of the environment.
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Lipase Catalyzed Naproxen Methyl Ester Enantioselective Hydrolysis in Ionic Liquids

Shengbo Gao, Quanhui Li, Tingting Yao, Zhengyang Wang, Luoyun Zheng, Jiaying Xin
A series of dialkylimidazolium ionic liquids with various anions including hexafluorophosphate alkane sulfonate and tetrafluoroborates were studied in the lipase-catalyzed enantioselective hydrolysis. Lipase activity,stability and enantioselectivity were determined by both of alkane and anions. In the...
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Price Dispersion of Hotel Reservation Online: Evidence from Chinese Megacities

Xinglong Xie, Ying Chen
The traditional view states that an online company should not post two different prices for the same product on the website, given the price transparency of internet. So, price dispersion in e-commerce is weighted toward vanishing, driving online deals to reach higher market efficiency than offline....
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Surface Warship Deduction Laboratory Teaching Mode Research Based on the Information System

Liang Ma
The surface ship combat history shows that science and technology has not only promoted the change of operational mode, but also promoted the people understand and study how to implement the development of operational experiments. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, especially...
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A Multiple Attribute Decision Method Based on Fuzzy Flexibility Optimum Seeking Theory

Qin Wang, Liang Ma
Normally, Fuzzy decision can show the faintness of the decision resultant, but can't show the faintness of the decision maker. This paper will introduce the concept of the non-normal fuzzy number and fuzzy distance, and then improve on the multiple attribute decision method. This not only can present...
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Material Selection of the Exploration to the Composition Teaching Strategy of Life Value in Senior High School Chinese

Xiang Lv
In recent years, adolescents' suicide, homicide and school violence emerge in endless stream and are on the rise. Adolescents' life consciousness is weak and such phenomenon is increasingly prominent. On the basis of those, the author manages to explore the strategies of adolescents' education on life...
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Towards the Analysis of Hierarchical Databases

Xiaopeng Wang, Yulong Xu
Biologists agree that extensible epistemologies are an interesting new topic in the field of software engineering, and electrical engineers concur. In fact, few end-users would disagree with the simulation of massive multiplayer online role-playing games. In this work we understand how extreme programming...
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Enhanced and Controllable Multilayer SERS Substrate with Composite Layer

Chunzhen Fan
We numerically investigate the optical properties of the multilayer SERS structures. It includes the substrate layer, the adhesion layer and the composite layer which is consisting of the metallic nanoparticles embedding in the host metallic or dielectric layer. Under the quasi-static approximation,...
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The Analysis of the Difference of Land-use Landscape Patterns between the Jinsha River Dry-hot Valley and the Redbed of Middle Yunnan Province-Based on the Typical Basins of the Redbed of Middle Yunan Province

Xian Dai, Linpei Huang, Yunchuan Dai
The landscape patterns of the current land-use on the redbed of middle Yunnan province Was studied in this paper. Based on the landscape pattern index and the spatial analysis technics ArcGIS 10.0, the landscape patterns of the land-use on the redbed of middle Yunnan province was analyzed, and the difference...
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Application of SPOCs under Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Chunying Zhang, Weihong Zhang
The main focus of present study is to explore a new teaching model which is adapted to the development of the modern society. This study describes the features of SPOCs and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and outlines some of the benefits that SPOCs bring to the foreign language teaching and learning...
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Experimental Study on Spring Deformation of Vibration Isolation Turbine-generator Foundation under Horizontal Earthquake

Dong An, Tiejun Qu
The pseudo-dynamic test was conducted on the turbine-generator spring vibration isolation foundation to study the spring deformation under action of horizontal earthquake. The test model is 1:8 according to the similarity relation conversion. By experimental results, the story drift of spring vibration...
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Self-network Server Based on Ultra - miniature Web Technology

Shu Wang
The self-network server follows the concept of "Internet +" and conducts an in-depth integration of the Internet's innovative achievements and the socioeconomic status. By employment of the ultra-miniature web server technology and network environment migration technology, it provides a solution to the...
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An AHP Fuzzy Approach on Outcome-Based Postgraduate Education Quality Evaluation System

Haiying Ma
In this paper, we analyze outcome-based postgraduate education quality evaluation system. The analysis is conducted by means of an AHP-based Fuzzy Approach which builds a system analysis technique for multiple criteria decision making, and by four aspects: evaluation of employing unit, the government...
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Research on Economic Synergistic Development in Domestic Ethnic Regions on "New Silk Road Economic Belt"

Haiying Ma
This paper uses nine domestic ethnic regions long the "New Silk Road economic belt" as the research object, selects the appropriate order parameter and builds synergistic degree of complex system model to test the economic order of the nine regions and synergies of 2001 to2014. It turns out that ordering...
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Dilemma and Path Selection of College and University's Creative and Entrepreneurship Education Reform

Wei Gao, Haiying Zhang, Wei Huang
China's colleges and universities are gradually implementing reform rather than simple development. Even though the education foundation (hard environment) of college and university education has been built, the educational system (soft environment) with special Chinese characteristics has not been adapted...
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Empirical Analysis of The Dynamic Impact of Stock Market Sectors Order Flow on Return

Chenggang Li, Di Wang, Min Li, Bing Yang, Kang Pan
The research on the impact of the sector order flow to the sector return is beneficial to investors who understand the inner mechanism of the stock sector rotation, and to provide decision-making basis for investors who choose stock sectors. using the VAR model, this paper empirically analyzes the influence...
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Lipase-catalyzed Kinetic Resolution of Naproxen in Aqueous-organic Solvent Biphase System

Wei Zhang, Zhenxing Wang, Chunyu Li, Jiaying Xin
Dynamic kinetic resolution was used to overcome the problem that enantiomeric excess of product(eep) should been reduced with the increase of yield in the kinetic resolution, To obtain higher yield with higher enantiomeric excess of product(eep), and to overcome the disadvantage of kinetic resolution,...
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Study on the Construction of Economics and Management Labs in Universities of Northern Shaanxi from the Perspective of Training of Application-oriented Talent

Jiang Liu, Hui Ma, Guotao Zhang
From the perspective of training of application-oriented talent, based on the analysis of the status of the economics and management laboratory of Yulin college and the beneficial experience of the advancement of such laboratories in the related universities, the paper puts forward concrete suggestions...
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Servlet And Jsp

Yuexiu Gu
Jsp and Servlet are often used in the WEB development, based on SUN's Java syntax rules, on the basis of most of the time in accordance with the requirements in the face of developing interface directly invoke methods, for the underlying principle and realization process of the Servlet and Jsp not to...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform Exploration for International Business Negotiation Based on Intuitional Experience

Xiaqing Liu, Li Zhang
This paper studies International Business Negotiation teaching reform from the perspective of Bergson's intuitional experience education philosophy. On the basis of present situation of International Business Negotiation teaching, this paper integrates intuitional experience into discussion teaching...
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Human Resource Outsourcing and Risk Management for SMEs

Shunhong Ji
Human resources outsourcing has become a major trend in HR management in small sized enterprises. It is becoming more important for business management. As an advanced management method, there must be high risk in this process. Thus, appropriate risk management is extremely necessary. In the study, we...
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Design of Control System for the Intelligent Auxiliary Medicine Taking Device

Xiong Wang, Xiaole Liu
Aiming at the problems of the elderly patients who suffer from the medication process, such as forget to take the medicine, inadequate drug absorption, and the inconvenience of family members monitor, the control system of the intelligent auxiliary medicine taking device is designed in this paper. The...
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Development of Solar Photovoltaic Charging Controller Based on MPPT

Huaizhong Chen
Aiming at the problems in the traditional solar photovoltaic charging control, the MPPT control method of the maximum power point tracking of a photovoltaic cell array is studied. The scheme of the hardware of the controller based on AT89S51 MCU is designed. A high performance control strategy is developed,...
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Research on Economic Dynamic Efficiency of China - Based on AMSZ Model

Zihao Chen
In this paper, the dynamic efficiency of Chinese economy is studied by using AMSZ model. The result shows that the economic dynamic efficiency of China was significant volatility before 2008, but there was no significant dynamic inefficiency. From 2005 to 2007, the net capital gains were high, so we...
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Doppler Frequency Parameters Estimation in the Fractional Fourier Transform Domain

Li Li
A new method based on fractional correlation theory for estimating the Doppler parameters of the echoes signal is presented. Firstly, a signal array model is constructed with time-variant Doppler frequency. Secondly, one of the Doppler frequency parameters, initial Doppler frequency, is estimated by...
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Study on the Network Externality of The Sharing Bikes

Li Wu
In China, The sharing bikes have become the trend of the short-distance travel tools, especially in megacities. However, the study of shared bicycle literature is very scarce. This paper is going to use network externality theory and methods, so as to reveal the network externality of the new things....
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Study on the Financial Support Mechanism of Enterprise in Development Zone

QinYun Wang
By using the data of Baoshan Industrial Park Committee, this paper empirically tests the difference between total factor productivity and non-Development Zone enterprises in the development zone. At the same time, combined with the theoretical analysis and empirical methods, tests the impact mechanism...
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Public Transport Scheme Optimized by Election Campaign Algorithm and Extension Theory

Qinghua Xie, Xiangwei Zhang, Wenge Lv, Siyuan Cheng
In order to improve the demand of rational layout of public transport system which include buses and metro in cities, this paper propose the method of optimization with Election Campaign Algorithm and extension theory to plan the public transport scheme. Based on the extension method of decision choose...
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Effect on Private College Student's Morality caused by Network Media

Yuntao Liu, Chunwei Wang
Network media is influencing private college students moral cognition, behavior and psychology from various perspectives. This paper is going to analyze the effect on their morality caused by network media from both positive and negative ways based on dialectical thinking, hoping to help private colleges...
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Exploration on the Special Talents of Environmental Engineering Based on Engineering Professional Accreditation

Yunfen Shi, Meitong Jin, Difei Qu
Aiming at training talents with engineering capability for environment major, propose establishing a comprehensive cultivating system that have curriculum groups and a practice teaching system with engineering background under the guidance of foster plan on building the connotation of engineering capability...
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Study on the Social and Economic Background for the Development of Traditional Settlements in South Hubei

Li Dong, Chuan Sun, Yi Zheng
The social and economic background for the development of traditional settlements in South Hubei comes from two main factors: mode of production for mountain agriculture and the economy partly composed of handicraft business. The former factor displays the features of mountain agriculture. Mainly focusing...
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Wechat Online Purchase Intention

Kagabo Dieudonne, Zhong Yao, Hao Liu
Social commerce consumers increasingly rely on one hand by opinions and experiences shared by others especially individuals they trust and respect; on the other hand they rely on the effortless, convenience and easy process of a platform with some guarantee. This study investigates the impact of friendships...
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Studies on Independent College Application-oriented Talents Training Mode under New Normal

Han He, Jingying Yao, Jun Li
As the economic growth steps into a new normal, society has greatly changed its demand for talents----lack of high-quality and skilled professionals has become bottleneck problem that impedes our economic growth and applicable talents with high quality are imminently demanded. However, traditional talent...
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How to Develop and Use Sci-tech Information by Editors of Sci-tech Journals in the New Media Age

Lihua Zhao
Sci-tech journals are very important carrier of sci-tech information. With the arrival of the new media age, the channel that people obtain sci-tech information has changed greatly, which has brought a great impact on the survival and development of sci-tech journals and has also put forward a new issue...
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Adaptability of Carbon Taxes and Carbon Trading in the Multimodal Transport Development

Zhigao Liao, Lunyue Wang
The carbon trading and carbon tax abatement policy is now widely used for making low-carbon development of better intermodal, article or two abatement policies and multimodal combined by comparative analysis of the two mode of operation and multimodal economic cost optimization model to identify the...
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Design and Implementation of Multimedia Remote Teaching Platform

Yun Peng
Multimedia remote education is an education mode through using computers and computer networks, thereby reaching the purpose that students and teachers can complete education activity in different regions at the same time or in different regions at different times. Traditional remote teaching platform...
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Design and Implementation of Water Quality Monitoring System for Agricultural Irrigation Water

Jie Huang
In order to monitor the water quality of agricultural irrigation water conveniently and accurately, based on the actual demand of the agricultural irrigation water quality monitoring system, a water quality monitoring system for agricultural irrigation water was studied and designed based on the Zigbee...
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Analysis and Simulation of Signalized Intersection Delay Model

Lian Xue
Signalized intersection delay is an important evaluation index of the signalized intersection capacity and level of service. This paper presents a signalized intersection delay model for signalized intersection. The model uses time series and queuing theory. It discusses the operation characteristics...
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Study on the Principle of College Education Valuation System Reform and Construction

Lili Liu, Xuehong Chang
Education is an important topic at present, which cannot only facilitate the development of various industries but also demonstrates the comprehensive national strength. However, there are a series of problems, which restricts the development as well as the function of education. Therefore, the government...
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Self-driving and Highly Automated Control System for Driving Simulator

Tianbo Liu, Nan Xu, Xiyang Liu, Chong Xu
Self-driving car can provide road safety and build interactions between driving simulator and drivers. Except for granting freedom to the hands, the main value of the project for self-driving car is to provide road safety and build interactions between driving simulator and drivers. This paper introduces...
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Study on Teaching Method Reform and Model Research of Practice Course in Agricultural Colleges

Yueling Zhao, Haiyan Han, Liying Cao, Guifen Chen
Colleges and universities is to cultivate the base of high-tech talent, only by constantly exploration, innovation, to develop suitable for the present situation of today's high-tech creative talents. Based on energy conservation and emissions reduction problems exist in the practice teaching, put forward...
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A Study on Classification of Guangxi Multimodal Transport Hub Based on Cluster Analysis

Zhigao Liao, Zuquan Zhou
"The Belt and Road" and ASEAN International Channel Strategy of Guangxi logistics transportation network layout and logistics infrastructure has put forward higher requirements, the construction of logistics transportation network in Guangxi is not perfect, logistics and transport dispersed, inefficient...
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Literature Review on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

Jihui Sun, Xiujuan Ren
China's institutions of higher learning with a large team of science and technology, has brought powerful technology strength. They create a large number of innovations each year. Scientific and technological achievements, however, that can be implemented in the economic and social benefits seems too...
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The Simulation and Analysis of the Tilt Rotor Aircraft Model Transition

Min Ji, Ning Wang, Chong Zhao
Based on the results of simulation, operating characteristics of XV-15 tilt rotor aircraft were qualitative analyzed, and when to fade out the rotor control was determined, and also the conversion corridor was determined. Inside the conversion corridor, a conversion route that had the least trimmed pitch...
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Research On Design Scheme Of Adjustable Numerical Control Three-Phase Power Supply

Yao Lang, Na Xu
This paper introduces a design scheme of adjustable digital controlled three-phase power supply based on single chip microcomputer. It takes FPGA and single chip microcomputer as the main control core, using DDS technology to realize the occurrence of the waveform and control, which increases the intuitive...
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Research and Application on Model Repairing Algorithm of 3D Modelling Technology

Jixin Tan, Jianxun Chen
In order to repair the errors of 3D solid model, this paper proposed methods that based on half-edge data structure. First, constructed the half-edge data structure through the STL file of 3D solid model. If the topological information is wrong, find the error vertices based on the feature that all of...
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The Reform of EFL Teachers' Professional Development in Secondary Vocational Schools: an Ecological Perspective

Shiyong Jiang
For a long time, EFL teaching in secondary vocational schools has been in a periphery position, causing the lower quality of teaching. Nowadays, with the rapid development of vocational education in China, it is a key requirement to reconstruct EFL teachers' professional spirit with the emphasis on their...
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Study on Market Competition Behaviors of Mobile Communication Industry in China Based on the Game Theory

Hui Wang, Renyan Mu, Jialong Xie
4G is the fourth generation of mobile communication technology for short.4G is a new generation of wireless high-speed broadband network. This paper analyzes on the structures of market competition of Chinese mobile communication industry in the 4G era, discusses on the competition behaviors by using...