Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Advanced Education, Management and Information Technology (AEMIT 2020)

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Study on College Students’ Innovation Entrepreneurship Evaluation System Based on SWOT

Bin Ma, Jiajing Chen, Xufang Zhang
Cultivating innovative talents is the core of social development, and college students are undoubtedly the most popular objects, but how to measure their innovation and entrepreneurship has become a key issue. This article focuses on how to evaluate the ability of dual-innovation, using the SWOT method...
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Research on Countermeasures of Mental Health Education Based on Personality Deviation of Secondary Vocational Students

Zirui Zhang, Liqin Yu
Personality deviation is a bad state of personality development, manifested as developmental psychological problems, adaptive psychological problems, personality disorders psychological problems. Secondary vocational students are susceptible to personality deviation because of their education types and...
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Analysis of Curriculum Implementation Effectiveness and Influencing Factors Under Inter-School Study Mode

Qin Yue, Zihao Shao
As a new model of “Internet + Education”, inter-university study has played a huge role in sharing university resources and providing personalized learning. However, inter-school study is still in the development stage, and there are still factors in the model that affect the improvement of teaching...
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Mathematical Model and Its Solution of the Optimization Problem in Human Resource Management of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises and Institutions

Xuhong Song, Jiajia Liu, Hongshun Li, Han Long
In order to solve the optimization problem of human resource allocation, the paper analyzes the relevant policies and rules of human resource cost, adopts the integer programming method to optimize the human resource allocation. The model built shows the flexibility of the optimized model. This study...
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Solutions of Co-opetition in Building and Sharing Smart Campus

Yue Ling
Taking a practice of a higher vocational college and three major operators in the construction of information campus infrastructure as an example, this paper introduces the promotion effect of the co-construction and sharing model on the construction of smart campus, analyzes the co-opetition relationship...
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On the Reform of Business English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Instrumentality

Meilian Jiao
With the initiative of “one belt and one road”, the demand for business English professionals continues to increase, and business English subjects in vocational colleges are facing good opportunities for development. However, the current graduates of business English major in higher vocational colleges...
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The Anti-Monopoly Regulation Path of Collusive Bidding

Lifang Su
The bidding system is a product of the development of the commodity economy, and its purpose is to achieve an “open, fair and just” market competition mechanism. However, the collusion of bidding in China is parasitic in bidding. The current “Bidding Law” is limited by its own limitations and cannot...
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Research on the Strategy of Electronic Documents Management of Universities Based on Digital Campus

Shichen Chen
With the rapid development of digital technology, the current society has entered the era of digital transformation. The author tried to find better ways based on digital campus to improve the level of electronic documents management of universities. But at present there are still many problems of electronic...
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Exploration on the Team Teaching Mode of Military Basic Curriculum Courses Based on Ability Generation

Bo Zhang, Liang Zhang, Ying Zhang, Xiaonan Wu, Wenhui Hao
The contents of the military basic curriculum courses are closely related to students’ life and death in combat. There is a strong demand for the application of military basic curriculum courses after the NCO cadets being trained. In accordance with the basic concepts of “combat first, demand traction,...
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Telemetry Data Analysis on sEMG Major Muscle Groups in Curving-Round-Bridge-Posts of 400m Obstacle

Xiaonan Wu, Bo Zhang, Mei Song
Objective: The purpose of the study is to explore the sEMG characteristics of associated major muscle groups (agonist muscles) in curving-round-bridge-posts event of 400m obstacle and its relationship with muscle performance. Methods: This study tested seven male military cadets who did quite well in...
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Extensive Evolutionary Game Analysis for Taxi Strike Based on Wright Manifold and Mental Model

Ruirui Chai, Jingfeng Chen
To balance the irresistible new trend of the chauffeur-driven car and the uninterruptible protests of the traditional taxi industry, we initially construct extensive form game model of both players, and then respectively apply Wright manifold and mental model to analyze the dynamic evolution equilibrium....
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Teaching Reform Studies of the Course “Semiconductor Physics” Under the Mode of Compound New Engineering Talent Training

Xia Wu, Wanling Deng, Zhi Luo, Junkai Huang
Semiconductor physics is the basis of semiconductor science and integrated circuits. And this course is one of the main basic courses for undergraduates majoring in electronic engineering. Under the background of new engineering course construction and talent training, in this paper, we introduce a teaching...
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A Study of Influencing Factors of Satisfaction of Community Home-Based Nursing Service Based on ACSI Model

Tianqi Li, Lijun Wan
Community home-based care service is the first choice for the elderly in China. Analysis of the factors affecting the satisfaction of the elderly is conducive to the improvement of the quality of service in the community in the future and the improvement of the elderly’s happiness in their later life.In...
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Exploration and Practice of Network Virtual Practice Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities

Ji Zhang, Luqiong Zuo
The use of network virtual technology to reform and improve practical teaching of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities is to actively respond to the needs of information technology development, adapt to the needs and characteristics of today’s college students, help to overcome...
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An E-learning Space for the Economics Experimental Teaching Based on Pedagogy-Space-Technology Framework

Xing Pan, Li Zhu
In order to promote the construction and application of personalized E-learning spaces, this article is based on the Pedagogy-Space-Technology (PST) learning space theory as the research framework, starting from the three core elements of teaching method, space and technology. Study the construction...
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Design of Learning Evaluation Model for Distance Education

Gang Liu
It is one of the core tasks of distance education teaching reform to evaluate students’ learning comprehensively. It is an effective measure to ensure the healthy development of distance education. In this paper, based on the online learning behavior of students, a learning evaluation model of distance...
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Study on Index System of Smart Community Construction

Guihua Liu, Pu Zhang, Yu Feng
The construction of an index system is closely related to the overall standards and evaluation issues in the construction of a smart community, and can even affect the effectiveness of the future construction. The construction of smart community in China is still in its infancy, and its index system...
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Learning and Analyzing the Application of Digital Learning in Technology Enterprises

Hongsheng Wang, Kaiyu Yi, Zhixian Zhong
With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, it is an irresistible trend for enterprises to adopt digital learning instead of traditional corporate training methods. Digital learning plays an active role in the enterprise talent training strategy and brings good economic benefits to the enterprise....
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An Interactive Multimedia E-learning Material on Fiber Welding and Measurement

Yuen Wu, Mingjia Cai
The purpose of this research aims to design a set of interactive-multimedia-aided courses on optical fiber maintenance systems which enable the trainees simulate the operation of the maintenance facilities and safety precautions on the computer. The simulation courses will enhance the efficiency of the...
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A Brief Analysis on the Transfer Platform of Land Management Rights Based on Agricultural Economy

Dili Song, Chunmei Liang
Fragmentary and decentralized management of agriculture is an important factor restricting the development of agriculture in our country. The establishment of land management right transfer platform is conducive to the information exchange between participants, guide and standardize the process of land...
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Research on Prediction of College Students’ Performance Based on Support Vector Machine

Peng Wang, Yinshan Jia
Using college entrance examination results to make accurate predictions of university course results can help students determine their efforts and help colleges and universities take effective measures to improve teaching quality. Based on the 2016 undergraduate college entrance examination results and...
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The Construction of Practical Teaching System for Public Management Majors in Colleges and Universities

Jianwu Wu
Practical teaching is an important part of public administration majors teaching, and it is the main method and means to cultivate students’ practical ability and innovative ability. This paper discusses the construction of the practice teaching system of public administration majors, constructs a “four...
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Research on Constructing the Trinity Mechanism of Academic Feedback, Early Warning and Assistance Based on OBE Concept--A Case Study Based on Northeast Petroleum University

Shuang Zhang, Zhengxin Liu, Chenyu Yang
This paper aims to find a means to improve the cultivation and quality of talents for higher institutions, Research was done to construct the trinity mechanism of academic feedback, early warning and assistance. This mechanism takes the improvement of students’ academic performance as its core, comprehensive...
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Research and Practice on the Teaching Mode of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in Vocational Colleges Based on the Integration of Specialty and Innovation -- A Case Study of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Group

Fei Nie, Ying Li
Under the background of education reform, vocational colleges in China have also realized the reform of teaching methods, which has provided a large number of high-quality technical talents for national construction. Nowadays, the teaching mode of “innovation and entrepreneurship” has gradually become...
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A Study on the Integration and Development of Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and China’s Ideological and Political Education in the New Era

Yuchun Liu
In the new era, it is of great significance to integrate excellent traditional Chinese culture with ideological and political education. For the country and society, such integration is conducive to the unity of different ethnical groups and national reunification, promoting the national spirit and building...
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Brief Analysis on the Cultivation Status of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability and Improvement Path

Wensong Li, Renyi Chen, Lei Han, Shuaiqi Wang
This paper analyzes and explores the realistic approach of cultivating college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability with the existing problems in the cultivation of students in Tianjin colleges and universities as the entry point, in order to provide references for improving the entrepreneurship...
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Thinking and Exploration on the Improvement of the Quality of Overseas Graduate Students’ Training in China from the Perspective of Tutors

Yanwei Wang, Yu Zhang, Lijuan Zhang
The internationalization and globalization of higher education are the future development trend of Chinese higher education. Under the background of “Belt and Road Initiative”, Chinese internationalization of higher education is accelerating. With the increase of the number of graduate students coming...
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Design and Implementation of Mooc-Based Flipped Classroom in College English

Jinfeng Lv
Mooc-based Flipped Classroom can solve the problems caused by traditional College English teaching and overcome the difficulty that a single teacher is not easy to make micro-videos. To build efficient Flipped Classroom that is suitable for students, it’s necessary to localize it through designing the...
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Value Orientation of School Physical Education Reform From the Perspective of Life Outlook

Chenliang Deng, Qiaoyan Yu
This paper uses the methods of literature and logic analysis to exemplify on the necessity to speed up construction of China into a country strong in physical education and reestablish a development orientation for school physical education in the new era. It puts forward the inevitability to develop...
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The Research on Teacher Training Strategies Based on Activation Memory

Long Zhang, Ramir S. Austria, Jie Tang
With the rapid development of brain and cognitive neuroscience, the research results of brain science are applied to teacher training. By inducing the long-lasting semantic memory, creating the deep episodic memory, optimizing the efficient procedural memory, stimulating the associative automatic memory...
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Research on Three Pillars of Human Resources Management - Taking Huawei as an Example

Xingze Wu, Dicheng Wang, Chun Huang, Linsheng Xiao
Researches on three pillars of HRM are at the forefront of HRM. This article summarizes researches on three pillars, analyzes the case of Huawei’s three pillars of HRM, and explores the application of the three pillars in the enterprise to provide references for related research and applications.
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The Logical Route of Research on Satisfaction of Government Service Centers from the Perspective of Administrative Burden

Xiaoning Zhu, Yuwei Tang
To objectively examine the existing on the construction of government affairs service center, understand the degree of satisfaction “reality” and “ought to be” the gap between, improve satisfaction in the government affairs service center. This article embarks from the perspective of administrative burden,...
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Student-Centered Teaching Design and Practice of Database Course

Yubei Lin
This paper elaborates the design and practice of database course teaching based on student-centered ideas for non-computer-major students in South China University of Technology, which have weak foundation in computer science. The practical results show that the proposed teaching methods effectively...
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Research on the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Supply Chain

Xin Zhu, Yao Wang
This paper analyzes the development of China’s logistics industry, combined with the characteristics, architecture and core technology of blockchain, and puts forward corresponding solutions. Blockchain technology removes many constraints in various system applications and provides technical possibilities...
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Strengthen the Management of the Enterprise Current Account in Multiple-Dimension Lean Management Environment

Zhaolin Tang, Wen Zhang
In recent years, although enterprises pay attention to the management of the current account, but there still are problems such as the operating department didn’t implement the management system, scattered information can’t be centralized management and collaborative sharing, the management of current...
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Study on Vehicle Scheduling Optimization of Emergency Medical Logistics Distribution

Yudan Chen
In the world, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, man-made disasters and other emergencies have a serious impact on the society and individuals, so the distribution of emergency logistics has attracted worldwide attention. Therefore, based on the theoretical basis of emergency logistics and...
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An Unnoticed Research Method in Physics: The Special Situation Method

Chunqing Xu, Zhongjun Chen
It is better to teach people how to fish than to give people fishes. Physics research methods play an important role in solving practical problems. Although a physical research method is widely used, few people pay attention to it. This is the special situation method. Through the analysis of specific...
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Analysis of the Construction of Emergency Management System for Public Health Emergencies in Universities Based on the COVID-19 Epidemic

Na Ma, Tao Chen, Zhihua Li, Meng Li
In January 2020, the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 spread rapidly in China. Under the command of the Party Central Committee, universities achieved initial results. Throughout the transmission process of COVID-19, universities have responded with the timeliness and various measures, and found that...
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The Influence of China’s Financial Service Trade Liberalization on the International Competitiveness of the Financial Industry

Tingting Liu, Lingzhi Li
As one of the “troikas” to promote economic growth, the importance of trade is self-evident. In the service trade, financial services have attracted much attention. As countries adjust the structure of service trade and gradually incline to financial services trade, it can be seen that financial services...
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InfluenceRank: An Improved Online Social Influence Model

Yun Bai, Suling Jia, Meng Wu
User influence is a popular research content in online social networks, and it plays an important role in marketing, public opinion management, and network relationships. Traditional research on user influence based on graph structure mainly considers whether users follow each other. However, “zombie...
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Chinese Festival Culture Teaching in Heterogeneous Culture

Xiuzhong Cui
Through the contrast teaching of Mid-autumn festival and Slava festival in East Sarajevo University, this paper studies how to explain Chinese festival culture in the Western traditional religious culture environment. This paper expounds teaching principles and teaching enlightenment of Chinese festival...
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Research and Exploration of Online to Offline (O2O) Blended Teaching for Talent Cultivating

Hunyan Peng, Yanlong Chen, Hua Hu
Since ministry of education has targeted “Golden Courses” as one key construction project, a new round of reform for teaching model is looming. Due to unique advantages of the online to offline blended teaching model, it is increasingly being used to practice. This paper comparatively analyzes characteristic...
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Exploration Into the Demand for Vocational Education System Construction

Yong Song, Liying Li
The construction of the education system for vocational and technical personnel is an important method to solve the problem of vocational and technical personnel training. In order to effectively cultivate professional and technical talents, it is necessary to solve the problem of improving academic...
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The Paradigm Shift of College Career Counseling under the Complexity Background

Weixi Zeng, Lu Xu
Along with the gradual awareness of the complexity of career development, research paradigm has changed significantly. At present, career counseling present these tendencies: (1) the complexity characteristics has been explained in the framework of career chaos theory; (2) individual’s unique life experience,...
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Language Factors Influencing Chinese College Students’ English Learning Attitude Towards E-learning

Ze Liu, Nianci Ren, Hangyuan Dong, Yidan Zhu, Wen Xu, Jiamin Tian, Yan Zhao
The recent rapid development of internet technology in China has popularized English E-learning among Chinese college students. This article aims to explore diverse user attitudes towards E-learning platforms between two groups of Chinese college students enrolled in English and Putonghua as the Medium...
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Study on Sustainable Management of Haipai Fashion Brands from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Shengbing Meng
So far, China’s fashion brand construction has gone through three stages: material demand-oriented, cultural construction-oriented, and integrated development-oriented. With the continuous advancement of the internationalization of ethnic culture, the study on sustainable management of fashion brands...
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A Preliminary Study of the Reason for the Change of Pang Xun-Qin’s Ideology of Layout Education

Li Li
Pang Xun-Qin is well known as the founder of the modern art layout education in China. It is rarely known that he was also shortly engaged in the ethnic art investigation in the national central museum during the period of republic of China, which has a significant impact on the generation of his educational...
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Developing TCM-Centered Ecology of Health Care and Maintenance Industries--With the Health Ecosystem around Mt. Qingcheng as an Example

Mujiexin Liu, Min Liu, Dazheng Zhang
By giving a very good example for developing towns into the best destinations for living so as to cope with the fast aging society, this paper aims to illustrate how this can be achieved. Apart from introducing the role of TCM in integrating the limited resources and bringing about new businesses, an...
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A Study on English Translation of Names of Scenic Spots in Wudang Mountain Scenery Area

Zuchuan Min, Xiaohui Cai, Zinan Qin
The names of the scenic spots in Wudang Mountain Scenic Area have profound cultural connotation, thus English translation of these names is crucial in international and intercultural communications. This paper deeply studies the strategies and techniques in the English translation of the scenic spot...
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Study on Information Literacy Improvement of College Teachers Under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

Xiangli Dong
Informatization is the trend of the development of education in today’s society, global education has been deeply marked by the development of informatization. Information technology, changing the direction of the development of higher education, as well as shaping the future of education. At present,...
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Research on University Computer Teaching Model Based on MOOC+SPOC

Dongmei Fan
With the further development of information technology, the traditional teaching model which is mainly characterized by face-to-face teaching in class, has brought out new demands in terms of new teaching technology, new teaching thinking and teaching result. “MOOC + SPOC” is a new mode which integrated...