Proceedings of the Brawijaya International Conference on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Technology (BICMST 2020)

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Disclosure of Local Government Financial Statements in South Sulawesi

Syamsuri Rahim, Hamzah Ahmad, Muslim Muslim, Andi Nursadirah
This study aims to explain the disclosure of local government financial reports in South Sulawesi (district/city). Testing the level of disclosure of local government financial statements using variables of local wealth, level of dependency, total assets, population, number of work unit, and number of...
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Evaluation of E-Village Budgeting Program in Banyuwangi District

M. Noer Falaq Al Amin, Falih Suaedi, Erna Setijaningrum
Law No. 6 of 2014 mandated the village government to be more independent in managing government and various natural resources that are owned, including financial management and wealth belongs to the village. Since the enactment of Regulation (UU) number 6 year 2014 about the Village, each village will...
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Assessing Optimal Retention With Quantile and Expectile Risk Measure

Novi Permata Indah, Arif Fadilla
The form of claim severity from the reinsurance contracts is skewed to the right and heavy tail. The aims of this research are to determine the optimal risk measure on a reinsurance contracts. This risk measure is the coverage limit between an insurance company and a reinsurance company called optimal...
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Remuneration for Welfare Distribution - Evidence From Indonesia

Gugus Irianto, Ayudia Sokarina, Firman R. Risky
This study aims to reveal the welfare distribution after the implementation of remuneration policy at X Health Polytechnic in Indonesia. Claims that remuneration policy will establish internal and external justice in an organization encourage the researcher to employ Political Economy of Accounting theory...
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Is Public Service Motivation Important to Improve the Performance and Job Satisfaction of Civil Servants?

Boni Saputra, Hidayatul Fajri, Deby Febriyan Eprilianto
The purpose of this study was to determine the role of employee performance as a moderating variable of the influence of public service motivation on the level of satisfaction among government officials in the Office of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) of West Pasaman Regency. This research...
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The Influence of International Accounting Experts Towards the Birth of Islamic Accounting Civilization in Indonesia

The aim of the research is to look at the differences between international accounting experts about the birth of a substantial Islamic accounting civilization, because accounting must change itself or introspection. If the accounting does not want to be returned or included in the museum of civilization....
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The Effect of Islamic Work Ethic Towards Teacher Performance With Work Motivation as an Intervening Variable at Sabilillah Islamic Boarding School in Sampang

Mirhamida Rahmah, Achmad Sudiro, Noermijati, Mintarti Rahayu
In an educational institution in Islamic boarding schools to create quality human resources, teachers are at the forefront, because teachers are directly dealing with students in the delivery of the learning process. The purpose of this research were: 1) determining the direct effect of Islamic work...
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Factors Influencing the Use of Fintech Payment Services in Indonesia : Literature Review

Dyah Santhi Dewi, Reni Wulansari
Fintech payment is a form of financial transformation that develops along with changing in people’s lifestyles which are currently dominated by the use of information technology and demand of fast-paced life. Based on data from Bank Indonesia digital payment transactions through fintech, the trend raise...
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The Influence of Work Experience on Job Rotation (Case Study on Post Office Manager in Regional IV Jakarta)

Agung Surya Dwianto, Madhakomala, Hamidah
Job rotation is one of the tools used by management in order to develop the competencies of its employees. In addition, job rotation can also be used as a way to avoid stress or pressure on employees. With the job rotation program that is carried out regularly, this can help increase the productivity...
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Financial Feasibility Analysis on Development of Pulses and Mobile Internet Plans Business Based on Technical Configuration

Melati Kurniawati, Rispianda, Berman Soneka Ketaren
Pulse and mobile internet plans distributor is one of the types of internet-integrated service-based businesses. In the 4.0 era, customer’s needs for internet-supported information increasingly grows, leading to an increase in pulse and mobile internet plans use. This condition opens an opportunity to...
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Transformation Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0: Strategy and Challenges

Monika Handayani, Zaki Baridwan, Gugus Irianto, Rosidi
The purpose of this study is to explain how the strategies and challenges of corporate social responsibility lead to the industrial revolution 4.0. Method Used. The method used is descriptive qualitative method. Researchers analyze existing issues related to corporate social responsibility in the face...
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Brand Credibility vs Brand Image: A Case Study of Gojek Customers’ Loyalty

Rahyuniati Setiawan, Rohimat Nurhasan, Ratih Hurriyati, Lili Adi Wibowo
The present study aims to determine the influence of brand credibility on brand image as well as investigate the effect of brand credibility and brand image on the customer loyalty. The study was conducted to Go-Jek brand operated at a district in Indonesia. To achieve the objective, the study utilized...
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Analysis of Local Government Efforts in Local Economic Resources Development

Mochammad Rozikin, Rillia Aisyah Haris, Zahidur Rahman
The local economic development approach is widely used by local governments because it is holistic so that it is considered capable of overcoming various problems. This research was conducted to analyze efforts to develop local economic potential based on local economic resource development, in the main...
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Does the Tourist Destination Image Affect the Intention of Spa Tourism in Bandung?

Angga Dewi Anggraeni, Ratih Hurriyati, Lili Adi Wibowo
People who are health conscious and actively enjoy tourism activities such as pampering the body, visiting spas, receiving medical care, improving fitness and adventure. This type of tourism is defined as wellness tourism. Wellness tourism is defined as a phenomenon to improve personal well-being for...
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Implementation of School Community-Based Waste Management Policy in Makassar City Elementary School

Fatmawati, Sulfasyah
One of the causes of environmental degradation in urban areas is the waste problem. Waste problem arises because of improper human behavior in managing waste. The trigger of this behavior is the lack of awareness in waste management. Waste management education should be given at an early age in school....
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The Performance of Regional Budget Agency in Implementing Performance-Based Budgeting in Maros District- South Sulawesi

Aslinda, Muh. Akmal Ibrahim, Muh. Imadudin Akmal, Muh, Ikramullah Akmal
Budget has important role in the effort of increasing the performance and effects the government to effectively, efficiently, and professionally run the government system. This research aims to analyze and explain the performance of Regional Budget Agency in implementing performance-based budgeting in...
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Strategic Communication of Entrepreneurship Education for Digital Generation

Lisa Mardiana, Florentina Esti Nilawati, Rahmawati Zulfiningrum, Zahrotul Umami
This Entrepreneurship and the creative economy are important sectors in sustainable development that have proven capable of being the backbone of the country’s economy. Supporting this, entrepreneurship education began to be developed in almost all universities in Indonesia with a variety of processes...
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Formulating Strategies for Improving the Competitiveness of Cajuput Small Industry in Buru Regency’s (A Case Study)

Amina Kurniasi Alu, Machfud, Meika Syahbana Rusli
This study aimed to determine the best strategy for increasing the competitiveness of cajuput small industries in the Buru Regency. The data was received from observation, interview, discussion, library study, and from related stakeholders in Buru Regency. The data were analyzed based on IFE matrix,...
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The Policy Implementation of Program Gerakan Ayo Sekolah to Reduce Dropout Rate In Bojonegoro

Desyta Ratih Permatasari
One of the best ways to increase the quality of a nation is to increase the quality of its education. Unfortunately, there are still many Indonesian school age children who can’t afford to go to school, especially in rural areas. Take Bojonegoro as an example. According to Bojonegoro Head of Education,...
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The Implementation of TTE (Electronic Signature) in the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Lamongan District

Uvi Fatur Rohmah
This study aims to describe how the implementation of TTE in managing Family Cards and Birth Certificates in Lamongan district. The theory used in this study is the implementation theory by Donald Van Mater and Carl Van Horn related to the factors that influence this program. That is seen from the standards...
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Conceptual Approach Between Transformational Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Employee Performance for Public Sector Organization on Facing an Era of Disruption

Muhammad Fuad Ali Munir, Sunaryo, Himmiyatul Amanah Jiwa Juwita
Disruption affects all aspects of social life, including in an organization. That phenomenon forces the organization to behave adaptively to apply the mindset of disruption, so that managerial factors are managed more effectively and efficiently. This is not only faced by private organizations but also...
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The Mediating Effect of Asymmetric Information on the Funding Decision to Firm Value

Henny Dwijayani, Surachman, Sumiati, A. H. Djawahir
There are several opinions about corporate funding decisions based on company value. Information asymmetry between company management and investors will affect the company’s performance and have an impact on the company’s value. The purpose of this study is to find out how much influence the funding...
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Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) as an Approach to Sharia Banks

Eti Kusmiati
Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) in this study is used as a tool to help find out how to choose Islamic banks. AHP considers factors or criteria based on analysis to solve multi-object and multi-criteria problems based on the comparison of preferences of each element in the hierarchy. The population...
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Community Empowerment for Salt Farmers Through Cooperative Institutions

Nizar Alam Hamdani, Nurbudiwati, Eti Kusmiati, Wahyuningsih
This research is intended to analyze the factors that influence the empowerment of salt farmer communities. The variables studied are the Core Activity Variables and the Relational Environment as an independent variable, which is associated with the Empowerment Variable as the dependent variable, and...
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Collaborative Organizational Culture on Bureaucratic Behavior in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

One of the main objectives in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 on bureaucratic behavior is the ability to provide good services by adopting science and technology in harmony with organizational culture. This is done so that an organization can run effectively and efficiently. This study seeks...
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Broiler’s Supply Chain Analysis at Wonogiri Regency, Central Java Province

Nanang Haryadi Kurniawan, Endang Siti Rahayu, Minar Ferichani
The purpose of this research is to find out the model and form of distribution flow coordination on Broiler’s supply chain at a chicken farm in Wonogiri district. This research is a qualitative research and the data collecting method is done by observing, interview, and documentation. The results showed...
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Innovative Governance Model of Small and Medium Tourism Entreprises (SMTEs) Empowerment: A Stakeholder Analysis of Lumajang Regency

Hamidah Nayati Utami
The purpose of this research is to find out and analyze the role of stakeholders, the stakeholder relationship, and formulate the innovative governance model for empowering SMTEs in tourism in Lumajang Regency. The research method uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis techniques, data...
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The Strategy of BatuTV Station in Oligarchy Media Industri Era

Anang Sujoko
This paper aims to discover the strategy of BatuTV management to survive as a local TV station in Indonesia. The tight and unfair competition of private TV broadcasting stations happens because giant media owners form Jakarta expand to many provinces, and their TV stations can cover nationally. Unfortunately,...
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The Impact of the Government of SME Competitiveness in Malang City

This study aims to analyze the impact of government on the effect of the development of innovation on competitiveness in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malang. The study was conducted on food SMEs in the Greater Malang area. All SMEs registered at the Cooperative Service Office were sampled and...
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Readiness and Perception of the Faculty of Cultural Studies Lecturers Universitas Brawijaya About the Implementation of Blended Learning

Sugeng Susilo Adi, Hasbullah Isnaini, Putu Dian Danayanti Degeng
This article describes the lecturer readiness and teaching experience on the use of blended learning. The mode of instruction is a combination of convensional or face to face instruction with online or internet based one. This is a descriptive research using survey as a data collection technique which...
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Readiness for Measuring the Transformation of Higher Education Status

Ade Rahmat Iskandar, Hary Nugroho, Soleh H Muhammad, Sharifah Saon, Kadir Mahamad, Apri Junaidi
Readiness needs tobe measured at Akademi Telkom Jakarta, due to institutional changing to be Institute level. This papers aims to support successful transformation for academic communities of Akademi Telkom Jakarta and Telkom Foundation to implement Jakarta Telkom Instute of Techonolgy in 2020. Method...
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An Empirical Study on Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Chinese Overseas Students in Malaysia: Survey of Chinese Students at Segi University, Malaysia

SHI Dongqi, Adhita Sri Prabakusuma, Annissa Manystighosa
China has become the world’s largest exporter of study abroad students, under the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative. Chinese overseas students have more chances to study in the OBOR countries members compare than ever before. However, before planning to study abroad, Chinese students expect that their...
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Cross-Cultural Management and Recommendations for Chinese Students Studying in Malaysia

SHI Dongqi, Adhita Sri Prabakusuma, Annissa Manystighosa
China has been publicly seeking to take the lead in globalization, developing its higher education and research systems at speed, and actively pursuing to cooperate with academic partners along the New Silk Roads. When Chinese students come to countries along the Belt and Road of different cultural habits...
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Indonesian Drama Film Poster in the 70’s Era

Asidigisianti Surya Patria, Nova Kristiana, Hendro Aryanto
In the 70s era one of the people’s entertainment was to watch film in the theaters. Film posters is the main media for promotion of the movies that time. Movie posters were painted manually and done by the team. Movie posters were made to promote the film that would be shown in the movie theater. This...
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A Study of Gender Differences on Food Reviewing: A Systemic Functional Grammar Approach

Fadillah Alifa, Swari Radha, Khasanah Ismatul
There are numerous previous studies that have investigated gender differences on both spoken and written discourses. However, little attention has been given on gender differences within social media, particularly YouTube. As vlogging has risen to popularity, there is a particular group of YouTubers...
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Mother’s Involvement in Nurturing Toddlers in School

Novenda Prahastiyani, Puji Yanti Fauziah
This research is qualitative. The study was conducted at Ali Maksum Street Melati Alley, Krapyak, Panggungharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta and SPS Kenanga Cutut RT 01 Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul. The reason for the selection of the two institutions is because the agency has a parenting...
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Literacy Breakthrough Towards Indonesian Disaster Mitigation

Isti Purwaningtyas, Esti Junining, Didik Hartono
Indonesia is in one of the world’s most natural disaster-prone areas and is at risk to multiple hazard. The National Disaster Management Agency or Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) records that the number of natural disasters during 2019 is 3,271 events excluding human-caused and other incidents...
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Blue (Carbon) Accounting in Activity Patorani : Is That Important for Sustainability?

Sultan Syah, Erwin Saraswati, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Roekhudin
This article aims to provide an understanding of the practice of carbon accounting at sea originating from the activity of flying fish fishermen (patorani). Sustainability theory provides a theoretical framework for the analysis of this interdisciplinary research. Literature review and data collection...
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The Effectiveness of Mobile Library Services Socialization in Improving Reading Interest in Kabupaten Garut

Nurmalasari B Mutiana, Pupung Pundenswari, Maya Nurlita, Ikeu Kania
Mobile library service is created in order to improve people literacy and reading interests that is still relatively low in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness of the mobile library services socialization in improving reading interest. This research adopted qualitative...
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Developing Physics Learning Module Based on Guided Inquiry (PLM-BGI) for Work and Energy

Endang Susilawati, Parsaoran Siahaan, Agustinasari, Syahriani Yulianci, Achmad Samsudin
The aim of this research was to develop physics learning module based on guided inquiry (PLM-BGI) for work and energy. The module was developed using 3D: Define, Design, and Develop. The module was validated by two experts, a peer, and an education practitioner. There were 4 (four) aspects used as the...
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Reinforcing the Culture of Work on Performance Perspective in Lampung Regional Police

Vita Mayastinasari, Chairul Muriman Setyabudi, Bayu Suseno, Chryshnanda Dwilaksana
Indonesian National Police (Polri) meets the challenges in realizing police service quality. It is the fact that police is a protector, public servant, preserver of Security and Public Order (Kamtibmas) and law enforcement. The professionalism of Indonesia National Police is not only the hope of the...
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Investigating Socio-Cultural Adaptation of International Students in Indonesian Higher Education

Yulia Hapsari, Hamamah
Positioning higher education in some degree of international standard has been done by many governments by setting internationalization agenda through various programs. In realizing the agenda, challenges emerge since students joining the program – the international students – need to adapt not only...
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Understanding the Visual Impairment Student’s Epistemic Beliefs With Low English Lexicons Spelling Competence

Ive Emaliana, Ni’matul Lailiyah
Learners with visual impairment have different way of acquiring and understanding written material. The learners with visual impairment learn through listening then memorizing the sounds as it is sounded. While writing, both of nondisabled learners and learners with visual impairment urge to recall the...
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The Development of Students’ Worksheet Based on Guided Inquiry (SW-BGI) for Work and Energy

Endang Susilawati, Agustinasari, Parsaoran Siahaan, Achmad Samsudin
The aim of this study was to develop an inquiry-based students’ worksheet which was applied to work and energy materials. Each stage facilities students to improve their critical thinking skills. The development is carried out in stages, namely preliminary study, planning and goal setting, initial product...
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Differentiated Instruction (DI) Teaching Practice in Heterogeneous Class as the Impact of School Zoning System Policy

Lelita Primadani
Most schools in Indonesia that have “excellent” or “favorite” labels generally only accept students with certain academic and financial abilities. This condition causes disparity, especially in public schools which supposed to provide equal education for students from various backgrounds. To overcome...
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Do I have Intercultural Competence as Language Learning Outcomes? Cultural-Self Awareness in Indonesian-Japanese Workplace

Vera Yulianti, Ilza Mayuni, Liliana Muliastuti
The international companies require the employees to have intercultural competence as one of the competencies. Foreign language learners should acquire this competency from higher education institutions, as well as the linguistic ability itself. However, the foreign language learning curriculum tends...
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Application of Participatory Leadership of CLC Heads, Against Tutor Performance at the Kurma Community Learning Center (CLC) in Alor Regency

Fransischa Berliana Maiten, Yoyon Suryono
This study aims to determine the application of participatory leadership of CLC heads to tutors’ performance in Kurma CLC. This research used a qualitative phenomenology approach with descriptive research type. The subject of the research was the head of the Kurma CLC in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara...
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The Implementation of English as A Medium of Instruction in An Indonesian Efl Setting

Sahiruddin, Esti Junining, Sigit Prawoto
The effectiveness studies for content subjects in an EFL and ESL using monolingual or bilingual approach has been inconclusive. This descriptive research was designed to examine the implementation of English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) in non-English Department. The researchers analyzed fifty-eight...
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The Development of Telegram BOT Through Short Story

Dwi Ismawati, Iis Prasetyo
This study aimed to determine the validity of Telegram BOT as a learning medium, combined with blended learning method for Bahasa Indonesia Course, especially in Equality Program Package C in Sanggar Kegiatan Belajar (SKB) Kabupaten Sleman and SKB Kabupaten Bantul. The type of the research was Research...
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Building Political Image of Representative Institution at Local Level

Fathur Rahman, Anang Sujoko, Tia Subekti
Corruption cases that involve the members of Regional House of Representatives (hereinafter DPRD) affect the political image of representative institution at local level. This article offers a new perspective in which competence, public trust, and political will have impacts on DPRD as people’s representative...
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Political Digital Marketing Strategy in Local Leader Election (Case Study of The Victory of Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum In the West Java Local Leader Election 2018)

Muchsin al-Fikri, Tresia Wulandari, Pupi Indriati Zaelani
The victory of Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum in the Loca Leaders Election of West Java Province in 2018 has invited the curiosity of researchers and has given birth to various scientific studies in various dimensions. This phenomenon is very interesting to study, especially regarding the political...
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Neutrality of the State Civil Apparatus in the General Election of the City of Makassar in 2018

Edhib Harits Anugrah
This research is entitled Neutrality of the State civil apparatus in the general election of the city of Makassar in 2018, the purpose of this study is to find out whether ASN in Makassar city is neutral or not, as well as knowing how the supervision of the General Election Supervisory Committee of the...
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Starred Hotels Organizational Change: Facing the Transformation of Hospitality Industry

Ali Muhtasom, Ab. Ahmad, Kurnia Yusniar Rahman
The digital era has encouraged the hospitality industry to adopt the technological development to increase services to guests. This study examines the readiness index to change by hotel employees in facing the transformation of the hotel industry. This paper aims to analyze factors that contribute to...
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The Obstacles of Women’s Parliamentary Representation in Indonesia

Ikeu Kania, Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Khilda Fauzi
Women’s representation in the legislature as the subject of national development is still underestimated, this is indicated by the small number of women who are members of the legislature as at both the central and regional levels. The purpose of this research is to examine the factors that cause the...
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Analysis of Patient Satisfaction Levels on the Quality of Health Services in Medical Center ITS

Erma Oktania Permatasari, Vita Ratnasari, I Nyoman Budiantara, Madu Ratna, Agnes Tuti Rumiati
The number of health institutions causes them to improve the quality of services provided, so that, the satisfaction of the patient is high and the loyalty of the patient is increased. One of the health institutions in the campus is the Medical Center ITS. Medical Center ITS is a health institution intended...
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Community Resilience and Sustainability Levels of Thematic Kampong in Malang City

Rizky Amanda Vidianti, Surjono, Heru Nurwarsito, Gunawan Prayitno
A new concept has emerged in urban upgrading form, i.e., thematic Kampong. This is a creative effort to develop community involvement in improving the quality of settlement. In 2016, the Government of Malang City has organized Malang Design Festival or Thematic Kampong Competition event. Thematic Kampong...
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Aisle Busisness Program in the Framework of Sustainable Development in Eradicating Poverty In Makassar

St. Jumriati, Edhib Harits Anugrah
This research business program in the framework of sustainable development in eradicating poverty case study of aisle business entities in the city of makassar. The makassar city government has issued a program which is called the aisle business entity intended to increase economic growth in the city...
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Analysis of the Application of the Islamic Education Paradigm in Creating an Orderly Administration in the Bureaucracy in Palopo State Islamic College (STAIN)

Rasmiati Tahir
The background of the research is in general because there are phenomena in the world of conventional education that have not been able to produce a trusted public servant. For this imbalance, the authors see a positive example of STAIN Palopo which has a clean administrative order based on the application...
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Reconciliation After 2019

In the last three years, our country Indonesia has organized a series of democratic parties at various levels, ranging from cities, districts and provinces in 2017 and 2018, as well as legislative and presidential elections in 2019. Various strategies include populism, identity politics, and sectarianism...
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Democratic Policing in Solving Police Problems

Chairul Muriman Setyabudi, Vita Mayastinasari, Rahmadsyah Lubis, Chryshnanda Dwilaksana
The research aims at exploring the involvement of public (public authorities, bureaucratic authorities, and political authorities) and aside institutions which are also responsible for finding out the solutions of social problems affecting security and public order as well as describing the implementation...
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The Role of Higher Education in the Religion of the Religious Moderation Program

Muchsin al-Fikri, Tatang Sudrajat, Witri Cahyati
Today’s diverse social and national life requires a harmonious social life. This is partly supported by the character of the lives of people who are moderate in religion. At present some members of the community appear to exhibit religious attitudes and behaviour that are exclusive, intolerant, hostile...
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The Regional Innovation System Strategy in Semarang City: Positioning in SDGs and Smart City Concept

Santi Mardhotillah, Wiwandari Handayani, Artiningsih
Regional Innovation System (RIS) aims to encourage regional competitiveness through innovation and technology. Development policy regards as one of the key successes to build a good RIS. Semarang City as the capital of Central Java Province has the opportunity to develop proper and operational RIS. It...
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Building Capacity Teacher Towards Advanced Indonesia (Case Study in Central Mamuju)

This research is to know the increase capacity of teachers to Indonesia developed (Central Mamuju case study) which leaves several problems improvement of teachers in central Mamuju district ranging from teachers who have not yet Bachelors 1 (one) to lack of facilities Supporting the increase of teacher...
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Policy in Disruption Technology Era: Case Study of Transportasiku Implementation in Surabaya

Eka Kurniawan Putra, Eko Supeno, Muhammad Fajrus Shodiq
The phenomenon is often found in most cities in Indonesia occurrence of public passenger transportation in urban areas today is the very poor quality of service to that users, in addition to aspects of driver behavior in traffic that tends to have a negative impact on other road users, and leads to reduce...
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The Impact of Surabaya Acceleration Program in Genteng Candirejo Village

Nur Ida Febriany, Ramaditya Rahardian
Interest in reading is important to see the world in a broad scope. This research aims to describe the impact of The Surabaya Library and Archives Service’s policy, The Surabaya Acceleration Program for the community in Genteng Candirejo Village. We use the impact theory by Samodra Wibawa which has four...
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Waste Management in Improving Community Economy (Case Study of Central Mamuju)

Ishaq Yunus
This study describes the management of waste in improving the Economic Community (the case study of Central Mamuju), interesting to be examined by the middle of a new autonomous region in 2013 then, must early realized as the region Clean and healthy and can be freed from garbage. Garbage is a problem...
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Democracy and Human Security: Analysis on the Trajectory of Indonesia’s Democratization

Rika Kurniaty
Democracy institution is believed would naturally lead to greater human security. The end of communism in the Soviet Union and other countries has been described as the triumph of democracy throughout the world, which quickly led to claims that there is now a right to democracy as guide principles in...