Proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Ecological Studies (CESSES 2018)

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Technical Education in the Context of Sustainable Development

Irina Nazarova
The article deals with the problem of reforming Russian education. By analogy with the post-non-classical paradigm of science, it is proposed to build an educational strategy on the principles of complexity, openness, non-linearity, human dimension. The importance of holistic thinking in the implementation...
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Personally Oriented Model of Education in Conditions of Informatization

Irina Nazarova, Olga Khalutornykh
Due to the development of information technology, the traditional understanding of higher and professional education, as receiving a some amount of knowledge through the teaching of classical humanitarian and natural science disciplines, is clearly incomplete. Today, the basis of education should be...
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Transformation of Educational Activity: Social and Philosophic Aspects

Valentina Maykova, Eduard Molchan, Vladimir Falko
The study deals with educational activity as the basis for solving the problems of contemporary education in the context of globalisation. Our research methodology is a social and philosophical analysis of educational activity problems. We attract attention to the existing contradictions between rationality...
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Apollo’s Challenge as a Driving Force in Education

Nikolay N. Gubanov, Nikolay I. Gubanov, Lyudmila Rokotyanskaya
The analysis of the historical development of education reveals one of the main driving forces in its growth. In order to describe it, we introduce and research a new social and philosophical concept: Apollo’s challenge. This essence of the challenge is that society must resolve periodically emerging...
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Russian Ecological Education: History of Formation and Development (the End of XX- the Beginning of XXI Century)

Olga Otrokova, Vladimir Inozemtsev, Valery Remarchuk, Olga Shcherbakova
The article analyzes the history of environmental education formation and development in the Russian Federation in the XX- early XXI centuries. The forms and role of ecological education, transforming its system, aimed at forming students' meta-subject skills and abilities. The authors come to the conclusion...
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Transformation of Russian Higher Education in the Information Society Conditions

Elena Sokurenko
The article examines the changes that are occurring in the modern system of Russian higher education, are associated with the transition of Russia from an Industrial society to an Information society (Knowledge society), in the process of which the majority of social institutions are transformed. The...
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The Modern Aspect of Education Ecology: the Concept of Lifelong Learning in the Context of Information Society

Vitaly Ivlev, Marina Ivleva
The article analyzes the concept of “lifelong learning” on the basis of the complexity and diversity of education as a system. The article researches the history of this concept occurrence and the specificity of its implementation in modern information society, and also examines the place of the concept...
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Study on the Design of Micro-lectures for the Visualized Problem Context Teaching of Middle School Mathematics Taking the Interior Angle Sum of Polygons as an Example

Maochun Yu
The rapid development of information technology has brought a variety of ways for the reform of education methods. The article takes the mathematics course as an example, has conducted in-depth study on visualized context of problem micro-lectures of middle school mathematics from the creation of visualized...
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The Application of Smart Class in Experimental Teaching of Foreign Language

Aiwu Lu
Since the National Ministry of Education issued and implemented the “College English Curriculum Requirements” in 2004, the reform of college English teaching has been constantly deepened, and colleges and universities have generally implemented English experimental teaching based on computer and network...
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Study on the Foreign Language Education for the Ethnic Minorities in Northern China from the Perspective of Trilingual Acquisition

Shuang Lv
Ethnic minorities in northern China have a positive attitude towards trilingual education, which is favorable for the foreign language education there. Compared with “bilingual acquisition”, “trilingual acquisition” shows the characteristics of language attrition and reversal, the complexity of interdependence,...
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Thoughts on "Red Culture" Running Through the Ideological and Political Education of College Students

Zhenrong Zhang
Under the influence of today's impetuous social reality, college students ignore politics. The ideological consciousness is getting worse. For the learning, college students become more and more incapable of doing what they should do. The enthusiasm of the older generation seems to be farther and farther...
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The Way of Recruiting Students in Digital Media Art Major in Colleges

Juanjuan Dong, Zhengqing Jiang
In 2012, digital media art formally became the second-level subject under the design of science and It’s professional construction has developed rapidly. However, the phenomenon of mismatch between competency and professional training objectives is becoming increasingly prominent for the students who...
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Analysis on the Effect of Psychological Guidance for Problem College Student

Shuyang Sun
With the deepening of educational system reform, the group of problem college student appears subsequently. This paper describes the meaning and main traits of problem college students, and then analyzes the causes from different perspectives of society, school, family and individual student, as well...
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Comparison of the Learning Abilities of Chinese and American College Students and Cultivative Approaches

Guang Shao, Qiang Shao, Kaiming Sun, Zhihao Su, Yanfeng Wang
By means of the comparative analysis of the learning abilities of Chinese and American college students, it has been found out that Chinese and American college students have differences in learning motivation and purpose, mainly because of the two countries’ difference in national system, ideology and...
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Application of "PAD Classroom" Teaching Mode in Professional Basic Courses and Its Research Taking the Course of Phytobiology as an Example

Yunyun Zhou, Chenzhong Jin, Kailing Peng, Wenxin Jin, Yihong Hu, Xiu Liu, Taoli Liu
The professional basic course is the key to guarantee and improve the quality of college teaching. The learning stage of professional basic course is an important period for students' ability training. Therefore, the teaching reform of professional basic course is the focus of the college teaching reform....
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Entrepreneurship Education and Stage Support for College Students' Entrepreneurship Based on the Enlightenment of Entrepreneurship Education of Jinan University

Yong Wang, Yaohui Zhang, Lixia Wen
This paper describes the entrepreneurship education and its support for the entrepreneurship of college students. College entrepreneurship education is a new process of cultivating college students, which requires the cooperation of phased support. Students can start from scratch, and then integrate...
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An Exploration on English Learning and Teaching Based on the Theory of Figure and Ground

Yuanzhen Wu, Shijun Liu
Originated from psychology, the theory of Figure and Ground was integrated by gestalt psychologists to the framework of perceptual organization and currently it has been put into use in the analysis of linguistic structure by cognitive linguists, especially in the construal of prepositions and complex...
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Comparative Study on the Development of International Smart Education and Its Enlightenment to China

Fengjun Hu, Xi Yang
Smart education is the product following the trend of education development under the condition of economic globalization. It is the direction of education informatization and modernization in the future. It is an inevitable choice to realize the education dream of China by guiding education innovation...
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Cultivation of Teachers’ Ideological and Political Quality in Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Gaohe Wang
Ideological and political quality is the primary element of university teachers. It reflects the university-running nature and talents cultivation orientation, and concerns the prospect and destiny of the Party and state. The ideological and political quality of university teachers has the characteristic...
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Exploration on the Cultivation of Undergraduates of Civil Engineering Major in Private Colleges and Universities Taking Nantong Institute of Technology as an Example

Yeming Wang, Wenjuan Huang, Ronggui Liu
Based on the current status and characteristics of private undergraduate colleges and universities, this paper analyzes the challenges faced by undergraduate talents training in civil engineering, and puts forward the ways and methods of undergraduate training of civil engineering majors in private universities....
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Research on Second Language Learners’ Obstacles to English Pronunciation Learning and Countermeasures

Jingxin Wang
English pronunciation learning has long been regarded as a complex problem. There are many Factors affecting English pronunciation learning. This paper presents three reasons: Insufficient knowledge of English phonology and phonetics, negative transfer of Chinese to English and affective factors and...
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Study on Sports Health Preserving Culture of the Zhuang Nationality Maguai Festival in the Hongshui River Basin

Lichun Wei
In order to further excavate the culture of sports health preservation and their value and inheritance in the activities of the Maguai Festival of the Zhuang people in the Hongshui River Basin, this paper makes a study on it through the methods of literature, field investigation and logical analysis....
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Study of Multiliteracy Pedagogy in College English Teaching

Zheng Gu
The paper intends to analyze and construct the teaching and learning modes of the college English by exploring the new framework of multiliteracy pedagogy and integrating the explicit instruction with the transformation of practical teaching methods. The paper deals with the prior designs, the process...
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Research on the Teaching Ability Structure of Middle School Teachers Under the Information Technology

Wanqiu Liang
Under the teaching background of promoting the comprehensive integration of science technology and curriculum, the future education informatization will make the teaching process full of variety. However, in the tide of informatization teaching, there are still many middle school teachers having lagged...
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Online Education Against the Background of College Japanese Teaching Reform Research

Chunyao Li
With the rapid development of China's social economy, the use of the Internet has been highly popular. At present, the Internet online education based on language training has received wide attention. The university Japanese major is the on-line education correlation degree higher profession, is also...
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Exploration and Practice on the Teaching Reform of Preparatory Chinese Education in Yili Normal University

Xiaowei Diao
The National Chinese Test (MHK) is a national standardized test for the Chinese proficiency of minority Chinese learners who are not native speakers of Chinese. Through the comparative analysis of the MHK scores and passing rates of the preparatory students of Yili Teachers College, we can find out the...
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The Contents and Approaches of Chinese Traditional Culture Education for College Students

Yufeng Jiang
The key focus of Chinese excellent traditional culture education for college students is what message is going to be delivered and how to facilitate the learning. From the perspective of the content, the concept of self-cultivation, the view of making friends, the philosophy of life and the conception...
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Research on Multidimensional Interaction Teaching Mode of College English Oriented by the Innovation, Critical Thinking, Cross-cultural Communicative Competence

Zhengfeng Chen
With the current information technology and foreign language classroom integration background, this article deals with college English teaching model of multidimensional interaction and the improvement of the efficiency of classroom teaching which is oriented by the innovation, critical thinking, intercultural...
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Highlighting Regional Characteristics and Serving Regional Construction Study on the Teaching System of Environmental Design in Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Yifei Li, Xinping Yuan, Yun Ye
How to avoid pell-mell development and homogenization in the development process is the direction that the environmental design major has been working towards. Only through exploring the construction of teaching systems featuring “highlighting regional characteristics and servicing the construction of...
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Study on Application of Genre Analysis Tasks in Academic Writing for Chinese EFL Graduate Learners

Hua He
One of the usual practices for teaching L2 learners’ English academic writing is to raise learners’ rhetorical consciousness. The author designs and carries out genre analysis tasks concerning Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Abstract of research articles in English Academic Writing course for Chinese...
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Analysis on the Moral Value of the Consideration Model for Kindergarten Social Activities

Jijun Wu
The consideration model, based on the main line of "moral feeling", with purpose of "learning to care for others" specifies the operational premise and implementation procedures, and constructs a set of four-dimensional education mode that connects past and future and have logic self-consistency. This...
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Study on the Teaching Reform of Asset Appraisal Specialty Oriented by “Integration of Curriculum and Profession”

Haijun Kang
The reform for the professional qualification examination of asset appraisers has brought new opportunities and challenges for the talent cultivation of asset appraisal, and the reform of teaching mode of asset appraisal gets imperative. Starting from the connotation of the talent training mode of "Integration...
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Analysis on the Teaching Reform of Real Estate Appraisal Course Under the “Internet and Education” Mode

Ling Chen
At present, "Internet plus" has penetrated into all walks of life in the society, promoting the informationization of industry operations and the updating of the industry technology, and improving industry efficiency. At the same time, "Internet plus" also has a profound impact on educational resources...
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Research on the Function of Public Art Education in Colleges and Universities

Lijuan Feng
In order to improve the comprehensive quality of college students and enhance the pertinence and timeliness of public art education in Colleges and universities, this paper explores the function of public art education on the basis of literature research. Public art education has two functions. One is...
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Teaching Strategies of Financial Interpretation in the Background of RMB Internationalization

Ke Yang
With the intensification of globalization and the growing number of financial hot issues on the international scale, China has established a close financial link with the world, bringing about an increasing demand for high-quality and high-calibre interpreters in the financial field. Taking the hot-button...
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Research and Practice of Mixed Teaching Mode Based on MOOC Taking the National Teacher Education Excellent Resource Sharing Course the Research Methods of Primary Education as an Example

Jichuan Li
In order to reform the classroom teaching in colleges and universities, look for the path and countermeasures of the classroom teaching in the Internet + era, based on the construction of the national teacher education quality resource sharing course, the mixed teaching mode is studied and teaching experiments...
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Research on Preschool Education Practice Based on Integration of Production and Teaching and Research

Junfang Zhen
Preschool education is a comprehensive major that emphasizes both theories and practice. This paper proposes the measures to construct a preschool education practice system based on the integration of production, teaching and research by investigating the current practice situation of the colleges which...
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Investigation and Research on Current Cooperation Between Family and School in Special Education Schools Taking Sichuan Province as an Example

Xiu Li
A questionnaire survey was conducted to investigate the current cooperation between family and school in 12 special education schools in Sichuan Province, and the results show that the cooperation between family and school in special schools in Sichuan Province is at the upper-middle level, and the willingness...
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The Practice Unification of Disciplinary Construction and Talent Cultivation Against the Background of "Double First-class" Strategy in Chinese Higher Institutions

Jinzhu Zhang, Hongquan Lin
Talent cultivation is an important function of modern universities and one of the essentials of constructing first-class disciplines. Disciplinary construction and talent cultivation are two mutually supported missions which run through the governance of universities all the time. The evolution of new...
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Analysis on the Development Trend and Disadvantages of College English MOOC in the Information Age

Jie Gao
The ever-changing scientific technologies have greatly changed our teaching model and put forward higher requirements for English educators in the new era. In today's information age, English teaching is also facing qualitative changes, new forms of teaching are constantly emerging, and new teaching...
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Research on the Innovation of the Training Mode of Applied Talents in Media Major

Fangwei Du
The media industry is developing rapidly, and the digital age is coming. The society needs more specialized and professional talents, and the traditional media professional training model is difficult to meet the needs of media development under the new situation. Therefore, we need to reform and innovate...
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Virtue Ethics: Reflection on and Construction of Moral Education in Colleges

Jun Hu, Junru Shen
In more recent years, the main moral education mode of colleges takes on ‘reason-norm’ paradigm, which ensures the ordering development of social morality and the positive impact on moral education of mass students. However, the absolute obligation, generalized rules and ignoring moral agents emerging...
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Investigation and Cultivation Strategies of Chinese Character Writing Ability of Students in Normal Universities Against the Background of Informationization

Juan Liu
Chinese character writing ability is an important part of humanistic quality of college students, and also an educational and teaching ability that normal students should be equipped as a people’s teacher in the future. In view of the investigation, there are some problems in Chinese character writing...
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Study on the Reform of Assessment Mode for the Undergraduate Course of Law A Case Study on the Reform of Course Assessment Mode of Branch of Civil Law

Teng Hu, Huafeng Lu
At present, the examination methods in the undergraduate education of law in higher education in our country are not paid attention to, which makes our examination way out of line with the practice, the examination method is rigid, the examination is not standardized and so on, which may affect the enthusiasm...
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The Construction of Multi-dimensional Teaching Model for Listening in ESL Class An Empirical Study

Yu Wang
Listening is crucial to the second language acquisition for students. Due to the relatively unappreciated role of listening in language development, educators and language experts have been actively promoting different methods to enhance listening skills. The advent of advanced web technology has provided...
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Investigation on the Current Situation of College Students' Phonetic Acquisition and Its Implications for English Phonetic Teaching

Chunhua Zheng
As one of the basic skills of English learning, phonetics learning is very important in the process of English language acquisition. Through a questionnaire survey of non-English majors and English teachers in three private universities in Hubei Province, it is found that students are subjectively aware...
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Theories and Practice of CBI in English Teaching Under the Perspective: Language, Content, Speculation

Zhongliang Niu
CBI (Content-based Instruction Teaching Mode) is the teaching mode which combines language teaching and content teaching together. CBI concept focuses on subject content and students’ speculative thinking rather than language points and CBI brings great changes to the traditional language teaching model....
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Study on College English Teaching Based on the Practice of Production-oriented Approach Serving the Institute’s Object of Cultivating Application-oriented Talents

Qin Li
This practice is based on the real college English teaching reform carried out in Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology. It adopted Production-Oriented Approach (POA), an innovative theory put forward by Wen Qiufang. Aiming to find out how to integrate POA and the institute’s objects of cultivating...
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Research on the Blended Teaching Mode of College Ideological and Political Courses Against the Background of "Internet Plus"

Liya Luo
In December 2016, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State Council and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities in Beijing, emphasizing that...
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Research on Blended Teaching Model of College English Courses from Perspective of Flow Theory

Qixin Liu
Flow Theory has been widely and successfully applied in realms like positive psychology, game designing, product promotion, etc. Flow, as the name implies, refers to an optimal experience people may go through when they are undertaking tasks that are challenging yet intriguing enough to evoke their maximum...
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The Cultivation of Translation Competence in College English Teaching

Yulou Liu, Yingjun Yan, Dan Wang
College English is a compulsory basic course for non-English majors in institutions of higher education. Consequently, College English Teaching becomes an integral component of higher education. The changes in College English Test --- Band 4 and Band 6, such as the appearance of translation in the assessment,...
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Strategic Exploration and Practice of Physical Education Reform in Colleges and Universities

Hongmei Wang
In view of the current situation that the unhealthy lifestyle of college students leads to the continuous deterioration of physical fitness, in response to the national call for national fitness and health for all, this paper makes an analysis of the current predicament of physical education in colleges...
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Application of Bruner's Learning Theory in Mathematics Studies

Ping Wen
Bruner is a famous educational psychologist and cognitive psychologist in the United States. This paper mainly introduces Bruner's cognitive structure learning theory and discovery learning theory. Through the analysis of mathematics teaching cases, this paper discusses how to apply Bruner's learning...
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Discussion on Workshop-style Teaching Mode of Soft Decoration Design Course in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhaohui He
At present, it has been the urgent task for vocational colleges to accelerate the development of modern vocational education and the cultivation of “craftsmanship” vocational talents with high skills and high quality along with the proposing of “conversion from Made in China to Created in China, from...
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Research on the Integration of “Four Confidences” into Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities A Case Study of “Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Basic Law Education” Course

Ximei Zhang
Strengthening the “four confidences” education in colleges and universities consolidates the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological sphere in colleges and universities, gathers our strength, and better promotes the sound development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is...
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Research on the Innovation of Practical Teaching System of Financial Management Major Based on "Four in One"

Dongchuan Lin, Manyu Wang, Chen Ying, Jinzhong Li, Jingxue Zhang, Shanxiang Liang
On the basis of reviewing the current situation, problems and reforms of practical teaching in financial management major, this paper combines with the implementation of the talent strategy of finance and accounting industry and the integration of production and education of the Ministry of Education,...
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Research on Teaching Application of "Four-in-One" Teaching System in "Auditing" Course

Dongchuan Lin, Chen Ying, Manyu Wang, Jisheng Yi, Changli Dai, Weilan Fu
In order to achieve the coordinated development of the four specific objectives of the course "knowledge, ethics, ability, quality", so as to achieve the overall goal of training students' professional competence in auditing, this article proposes teaching innovation and practice from four aspects: curriculum...
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The Cultural Turn of Business English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Pragmatic Failure Analysis

Yang Wang, Chunge Nie, Haiyan Zhao
With the advancement of globalization, people from different cultural backgrounds are communicating with each other more and more frequently. Higher vocational students majoring in International Business and Business English are more likely to engage in foreign affairs after their graduation. It is necessary...
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Reflections on the Teaching of Architectural Art in Independent Colleges

Yan Huang
The wave of architectural art teaching reform has made the independent college educators begin to consider what adjustments they should make to the teaching of architectural art in the basic education of architecture, so that the architectural art teaching can better adapt to the needs under the new...
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SWOT Analysis of the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language Based on the Perspective of Broadcasting and Hosting Art Against the Background of “The Belt and Road”

Huibin Shi
The construction of “the Belt and Road” has a close relationship with language. In countries and regions along “the Belt and Road”, it has been a tendency that Chinese has become a common language. Developing the diffusion and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in countries and regions involved...
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Study on Intervention Strategies for Occupational Burnout of Local College English Teachers Taking J Province as an Example

Qianjiao Wang
A total of four intervention strategies are proposed in this paper from the levels of society, organization and individual taking J Province as an example in combination with the local college English teacher occupational burnout survey data of J Province and relevant regulations on local college management...
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The Construction and Exploration of the Hierarchical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in Colleges and Universities

Ya Chen, Chunwei Lou, Mingsheng Cao, Xuhong Wu
The construction of an innovative country poses an urgent need for innovative talents. The development needs of higher education also make innovation and entrepreneurship education reform imperative. By analyzing the main problems faced by China's innovation and entrepreneurship education at the present...
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Stratified Teaching’s Implementation Strategies in College Classroom Teaching of Foreign Languages

Danting Sui, Qin Li
To achieve certain objectives, the implementation strategy is to formulate several corresponding plans for possible problems. In the limited classroom teaching, implementation strategies can help to make stratified teaching on class more effective. The thesis mainly discusses stratified classroom teaching’s...
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Research on the Training Mode of Art Innovative Talents Against the Background of Sino-Russian Cooperative Education

Guo Yang, Xiaojuan Wang
With the promotion of Sino-Russian cooperative education projects, the educational resources of cooperatively constructed courses, teachers, teaching materials and facilities have been gradually improved, laying a solid foundation for the cultivation of art talents. However, in order to meet the requirements...
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The Application of Ethical Interpretation of Shaanxi Local Novels in English Translation Teaching

Xiaohui Zhang
Under the new situation, the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” and the “going out” strategy have enabled Shaanxi literature to produce a vigorous vitality. In 2011, the English-language overseas promotion program compiled the English version of the "Shaanxi Writer Short Film Novel Collection"....
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Practice and Exploration of Module Project Teaching Method of "Architectural Design Foundation"

Qionglin Liu, Jun Chen
Under the vision and action of China's construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, the globalization of art education is unstoppable. The basic courses of environmental design majors in art schools are advancing with the times. It can not only meet the needs of...
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Discussion on the Teaching of Internet Plus Public Service Course Based on PBL

Li Wang
Aiming at the problems existing in the course teaching of Internet + public service, this paper puts forward the teaching method based on PBL, and further discusses the course implementation process, the specific method of course implementation and the guarantee measures for the implementation of PBL...
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The Analysis of Intercultural Adaptation Problems of Exchange Students in Foreign Language Universities

Xuan Zhang, Qianyu Zhu
With the great development of education internationalization, the number of exchange projects in universities has increased sharply in China. Meanwhile, more and more problems lying in educational management of exchange students in universities have emerged, which is mainly suggested in the aspects of...
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A Case Study on the Characteristics and Development of Minority Traditional Sports Curriculum Construction in Wenshan University

Kaiwen Li, Wu Liu
This paper makes a case study of the minority traditional physical curriculum in the major of physical education of Wenshan University, clarifies the experience and existing problems of the minority traditional physical education curriculum in the construction process, and according to the requirements...
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Study on the Reference of Russian Ice-snow Sports Resources for the Cultivation of Ice-snow Sports Talents of Colleges and Universities

Changzhu Li
This paper starts with the Russian ice-snow sports resources to analyzes the current situation of the cultivation of ice-snow sports talents in colleges and universities, explores the constraints of the cultivation of ice-snow sports talents in colleges and universities, and puts forward the reference...
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Strengthening the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities, and Striving to Improve the Sense of Acquisition of College Students

Minghui Chen
With the improvement of college students’ sense of acquisition as the core, the Ministry of Education of China carried out the special work for the teaching quality of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities in 2017, and achieved staged results. The sense of acquisition...
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A Review of the Research on Marx’s and Engels’s Social Psychology

Huiling Fan, Zhiyuan Xu
There is no special and systematic exposition of it, but Marx’s and Engels's social psychology has become an important part of Marx’s and Engels's theoretical system and plays an extremely important role in Marx’s and Engels's social consciousness theory. In the development of Marx’s and Engels's social...
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The Research Progress and Trend of Guilt

Gengdan Hu, Dan Wang
Guilt, as one kind of negative emotional experience which is produced after individual violates moral criterion or hurts others, plays a crucial role in interpersonal communication and social moral criterion. Recent years, with the development of functional neural imaging, the research of guilt has been...
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Ecological Law of Russia: Milestones of Formation

Boris Zemtsov, Tatyana Suzdaleva
The article is devoted to the determination of the period of the formation of environmental law. The solution of this problem provides an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the essence of this branch of law by those who deal with it today. According to the authors, the basis for asserting that...
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Environmental Law Science and Its Novelty in the Field of Problem-solving Research

Elena Grishnova, Sergey Zhdanov
The article considers new factors of modern legal reality which form a social demand to activate practice-oriented studies of this reality, which are of fundamental nature. There is the analysis of the state of environmental law science and its novelty in the field of problem research through the prism...
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The Legal Problems Existing in the Docking of "Belt and Road" with the Free Trade Area and the Suggestions for Its Improvement

Xiangxiu Wang, Qianqian Liu
With the proposal and development of "Belt and Road", the docking between "Belt and Road" and free trade area has become inevitable. At present, China not only probes into the necessity of "Belt and Road" docking with the free trade zone in the theoretical and strategic aspects, but also actively realizes...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Regional Ethnic Autonomy

Lu Liu
On the basis of sorting out the formulation and development process of The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Regional Ethnic Autonomy, this paper discusses that there are still many problems existing in the implementation of the law, including the lack of operability of the highly principled provisions,...
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The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence to China's Penal System

Di Ye
In the field of criminal law, the recognition of artificial intelligence technology and criminal subjects is considered as one of the key issues. Considering about China's penal system, AI cannot be regulated effectively. Therefore, we must not only consider the effective means of punishing artificial...
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The Coordinative Development of Contemporary Private International Law

Shiping Lu
The history of private international law is a history of continuous coordination in many aspects of private international law. Private international law has experienced three stages: ancient, modern and contemporary. The ancient stage pursued certainty, predictability and international consistency, while...
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The Theory of Commercial Bribery Crime

Ran An
The crime of commercial bribery, as its name implies, is essentially a crime of bribery, which is produced in the market. Actors in the transaction, review, approval process, secretly give good in the other side, in order to obtain the desired favorable conditions or substantial benefits. As a persistent...
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Dispositions to Mythmaking Within the Framework of Social Media Activities

Andrey Galukhin, Marina Ivleva, Elena Novikova
This paper offers a framework for the philosophical understanding of how modern mythmaking is facilitated by social networking, specifically it reveals the preconditions for the proliferation of social and personal myths through social media. The dispositions to mythmaking become manifest in many forms...
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Equivational Consensus as a Principle Dialogical Communication

Andrey Mishuchkov, Sergei Nizhnikov
The article is devoted to the comprehension of the problem of equivocative consensus as a heuristic value principle of dialogic communication, creating the possibility of a holistic understanding of the sides of dialogue in the context of polar value worlds (traditionalism and modernism). The development...
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Interconnection of Media Ecology and Personal Ecology Based on N.Postman’s Communication Theory

Elena Agibalova, Marina Ivleva, Dmitriy Ivlev, Irina Kornilova
The article studies the development of media ecology theory being a section of modern information society communication ecology within socio-philosophic concepts of ХХ-century researchers as well as the development of this theory and its relation to the problem of personal ecology in the works of the...
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Individual’s Communicative Abilities in the Conditions of Virtual Environment

Maria Kunyaeva
The following article describes the problem of globalization processes influence on the linguistic identity’s activity under the conditions of information society formation in the discourse of utilizing information and communication technologies. Authors have noted the need to develop communication activity...
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Factors of Black Humor Popularity

Nikolay N. Gubanov, Nikolay I. Gubanov, Ludmila Rokotyanskaya
Black humor is the most ambiguous kind of humor, able to awaken in a person a whole range of emotions and feelings - shock, disgust, shame, joy. What is black humor? How is it different from other types of humor? What factors affect the success or social failure of a black joke? Here is a list of questions...
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“Lifeworld” and Mythmaking

Olga Naydysh
The “lifeworld” can be considered as the ontological basis of myth-making activity of consciousness. The deep basis of ordinary consciousness is myth-making, based on the unity of the image (perception and representation) and meaning (values, beliefs, etc.). The ordinary consciousness should not be seen...
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Triggering Intertext: Replacing Reality with Communication

Ramil Karimov
The following article describes some aspects of what it considers to be a new form of intertextuality and its effects on social life. Given that the world we live in today falls under the description of simulacra by J. Baudrillard and the totality of the text by J. Derrida, but this text is not closed...
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Literature Review of Syntactic Priming Experiment Methods and Bilingual Speech Production Models

Rouhua Wang, Yongbing Liu
Syntactic priming refers to the tendency of people to repeatedly use sentence structures that have just been processed in speech production. Since Bock’s first research, syntactic priming has become an important field for the study of syntactic representation and sentence generation mechanism from the...
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Stylistic Analysis of English Advertising Language

Wei Zhou
With the rapid development of the economy and our society, advertisements are more and more popular with people's lives. In fact, advertisements played a major role in branding products and attracting customers, as well as leading people know the features of products. The paper introduces characteristics...
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Research on the Village Brand Building Strategy and Practical Creation Taking Kongmei Village, Longjiang as an Example

Jing Yang, Jiamin Zhang
This paper takes candy cake of Kongmei, Longjing as the starting point, conducts on-the-spot investigation and research of Kongmei Village in Longjiang, excavates the culture of Kongmei Village, and integrates village culture stories and village effective resources to build village brand. The article...
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Application of Cultural Elements of the Central Shaanxi Plain in Visual Communication Design of Yuanjiacun Village Scenic Spot

Xinping Zhao, Yuyi Li
The visual communication design of scenic spots is one of the important factors affecting the development of tourism image and the formation of tourism brands. It is the external visual image of regional tourism culture industry. At the same time, with the impact of building a well-off society in an...
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"The Heard Brain" Reading Music, Language and the Brain

Liya Xue
Music, Language and the Brain is an attempt to explore the relationship between music and language from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience. It argues that these two domains share deep and critical connections and that comparative study provides a powerful way to explore the cognitive and neural...
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Research on the Ecologism of the Classic Fairy Tales "Rabbit Hill"

Maixia Guo
The novel "Rabbit Hill", which won the Newbery Children's Literature Prize, is written by the famous American writer Robert Lawson. The novel tells the excitement of small animals on a hill named Rabbit Hill due to the news of a new family coming here, and the misunderstanding between small animals and...
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The Inheritance and Innovation of Sketch Art Against the Background of Modern Cultural Construction

Wenjuan Huang, Zhifang Shi
Sketch is a hand-painted expression with a long history, with rapid performance, rich graphics, strong modeling and other characteristics. The sketch art has created a large number of excellent works through the inheritance of several generations of artists for hundreds of years, and then gradually become...
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Aesthetic Study of Urban Square Design Against the Background of New Era The Beauty of Eclecticism

Jialu Song
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. This is an era of multicultural symbiosis, accompanied by the transformation of people's thinking, the concept of consumption, and the transformation of aesthetic values. As...
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The Nirvana and Rebirth of Intangible Cultural Heritage Taking "Blue Printed Fabric of Da Zhong Village " as an Example

Xiangshuai Li
Intangible cultural heritage, as a cultural form which depends on the way of life in a specific historical period, records the glorious history and condenses the spirit of the Chinese nation, and has played a pivotal role in people’s life. However, with the progress of society and the change of people’s...
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The Influence of Buddhism on Qigong’s Paintings

Ying Shi
Due to family edification, Qigong’s love for painting has been cultivated at an early age. He has written many poems and drawn many paintings. However, in his later years, his writings were much more famous than his paintings. As a result, the academic community paid less attention to his paintings....
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Reflections on Image Narration and Ethnography Writing of Ethnic Music in Tibetan-Yi Corridor

Tegus Zhou
After Mr. Fei Xiaotong put forward the concept of "Tibetan-Yi Corridor" for the first time, anthropology/ethnology focuses on the ethnic culture of Tibetan-Qiang-Yi cultural corridor. Subsequently, other disciplines began to carry out the corresponding topics from the perspective of cultural corridor....
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Analysis on the Creative Themes of Chinese Writers in North America Under the Collision Between Chinese and Western Cultures A Case Study of Chinese Writers in the 1960s and 1970s

Jiepei Chen
Under the background of the exchange of Chinese and Western cultural conflicts in the 20th century, the writing of the North American Chinese writers in the 1960s and 1970s presented a diversified character. They combine their own life experiences and survival feelings into the creative themes, and treat...
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Study on Medical Colonization in "People Like That Are the Only People Here: Canonical Babbling in Peed Onk"

Lingmin Zhou
People Like That Are the Only People Here: Canonical Babbling in Peed Onk is written by American writer Lorrie Moore. It tells a mother’s experience in hospital after her son’s diagnosis with Wilms’ tumor. Arthur W Frank presents the concept of “medical colonization” and proposes that in the narrative...