Proceedings of the International Conference on Community Development (ICCD 2020)

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The Effect of Supervision Levels on Employees’ Performance Levels

Abd. Hannang, Salju, Muh. Yusuf Qamaruddin
The research objective is to determine the implementation of supervision and employees’ performance and how much influence the level of supervision on employees’ performance in the City of Manpower Office of Palopo. This research method used a quantitative descriptive approach. The sampling technique...
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Regional Development in the Context as the Role of the House of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI)

H. Abustan, Otom Mustomi
The 1998 reformation marks a new milestone in the journey of Indonesian state administration as The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia has undergone fundamental changes by four times. The third amendment to the 1945 Constitution has mandated a new state institution or upper house namely the...
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The Influence of Islamic Work Ethic on Attitudes Towards Changing Organization With Organization Commitment as Mediator

Ade Rusman, Haryadi, Eko Suyono
This study is projected to investigate the Islamic organization, namely Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP). The objective of the study is to analyze the impact of Islamic work ethic toward organizational commitment and attitude on organizational change; to obtain the impact of organizational commitment...
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Regional Regulations Based on Religious Content in the Framework of NKRI: Examples and Impacts

Adissya Mega Christia, ALW Lita Tyesta
Within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia implements regional autonomy. Through regional autonomy, regions can form regional regulations based on local content to regulate and manage their regional interests but the contents must comply with the provisions of the higher laws and regulations....
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Technical and Economic Aspects on the Use of Herbal Medicine to Improve the Income of Broiler Poultry as Determining Success of Broiler Business

Adi Sutanto, Wahyu Widodo, Imbang Dwi Rahayu, Apriliana Devi Anggraini
Herbal products that have been considered safe for the health of livestock and humans are formulated in the form of herbal medicine. This research was conducted to investigate the technical aspects of production which include feed consumption, body weight, feed conversion, and efficiency, as well as...
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The Legal Protection of the Rights of Person With Disabilities in International Civil Aviation

Adya Paramita Prabandari, Elfia Farida, Rahayu
Every human being has the same rights in every aspect of life, including in civil aviation. These rights also belong to persons with disabilities. As a transport mode, aviation has to recognize and accommodate passengers who happen to be persons with disabilities. They have the same international rights,...
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Reducing Soil Strength and Increase Growth and Results of Paddy (Oryza Sativa l.) on Acid Sulphate Soil

Agusalim Masulili, Agus Suyanto, Sutikarini, Donna Youlla
The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of rice husk of biochar combined with inorganic and organic amendments on soil strength, growth and yield of rice plants on acid sulphate soils. The research phase was to identify the physical properties of soil in both regions and the measurement...
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Descriptive Analysis of Cooperative Management Competency Enhancement for Increasing Members’ Welfare and Business Strategies

Agus Haryono, Mujiarto, Boge Triatmanto, Nanik Wahyuni
This study aims to proceed the analysis through qualitative descriptive and further explore the welfare of management and members of cooperatives in a sustainable manner by observing the business strategies and competency of members. This research was conducted at women’s cooperatives in Malang district...
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Building Organizational Culture And Climate as A Strategy for Character Development in School

Agus Tinus
The success of character education, especially the character development of school members in the teaching and learning process, is determined by cultural factors and organizational climate in the school. Organizational culture influences how individuals act while a conducive climate supports all learning...
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The Effect of Self-Concept and Student Learning Motivation on Learning Achievement of Social Science

Ahmad Susanto, Herwina Bahar, Iswan, Misriandi
This research is based on the low mastery of self-concept for students. This research aims at determining the importance of self-concept toward learning achievement in social sciences. This research used a descriptive survey as its research method. Data retrieval was done through questionnaires. Data...
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Educational Services for Students With Special Needs at Raudhatul Athfal

Akrim, Rizka Harfiani
Every child has the same right to education and teaching, including children with special needs in an inclusive education system. This study aims to analyze the types of educational services for students with special needs at the kindergarten or Raudhatul Athfal level. This type of qualitative research...
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Religious Education Based Pesantren by Islamic Religious Counselor to Prostitutes

Alfiatu Solikah, Syamsul Arifin, Khozin, Abdul Haris
Prostitution is a social phenomenon, which always presents as long as someone needs it. Once the prevalence of prostitution, the government provides “localisation”. Localisation is beneficial for all involved. But it is not comparable with its disadvantaged in terms of juridical, normative, philosophical,...
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Influence of Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Career Management Through Commitments Organization of Employee Performancein PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Head Office in Tangerang

Dudung Hadiwijaya, Ali Nasution, Oktriyandi Muharram
This study aims to determine the effect of Leadership (X1), Organizational Culture (X2) and Career Management (X3) as independent variables through Organizational Commitment (Y) as an intervening variable, on Employee Performance (Z) as a dependent variable in PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Head Office...
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Assertive Speech Act in the Sang Kyai Comic to Teach Religious Value: A Pragmatic Study

Alip Sugianto, Zulfa W Khusnatul, Purwanto
Comics are very interesting media for writers to share their messages to the wider community—one of the most popular comics in Indonesia today is Sang Kyai comic by Ahmad Faizin Karimi. The comic always brings laughter to the readers because it contains humor, and at the same time, presents social, religious,...
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The Impact of Transformational and Transactional Leadership on Organizational Performance Through Organizational Learning at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Aniek Rumijati
This study aims to analyze the effect of transformational and transactional leadership on organizational performance in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) both directly and through organizational learning as a mediating variable. Data were collected using survey methods through a questionnaire....
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Intervention of Multi-Stakeholder Forum for Puskesmas Service Improvement in Lumajang District

Anies Marsudiati Purbadiri, Nurul Hayati
The increasing demands from the community regarding the implementation of good governance principles have happened from the central to the regional level. In response to the condition, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia issued Law No. 25/2009 concerning the Public Services, which was followed...
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The Challenges of Women Contribution in Policymaking and How They Overcome It: An Indonesian Study

Ani Purwanti, Fajar Ahmad Setiawan
The problem of the women’s participation in the Indonesian parliament begins with its mainstreaming in participation policy. Affirmative action policies aimed at empowering women’s representation in parliament are judged by the quantity of women’s participation in parliament having a fundamental problem...
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The Role of Government, Academia, and Private Sector Using Triple Helix Approach in Tourism Development in East Luwu Regency

Anne Attas, M. Risal, Muhammad Aqsa
The triple helix concept in tourism development is a concept that combines several tourism businesses together in the development of tourism, business actors in this case namely (government, academia, and the private sector). Good collaboration between government, academia, and the private sector will...
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Human Resource Development in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in the Covid-19 Era

Arfida Boedirochminarni
Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah (UMKM), is a micro, small and medium entrepreneurs that all of the management functions held by one person. Human Resource Development during the Covid-19 pandemic which weakened economic activities became a big challenge for UMKM. To protect, maintain and improve the ability...
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Coffee, Food, and the Crisis of Indonesian Family Relationship in the Poem of Khong Guan Banquette by Joko Pinurbo

Ari Ambarwati, Sri Wahyuni, Susi Darihastining
The abundance of Indonesian gastronomic wealth, expressed in literary works, is challenging to discuss and study. The focus of this research is the use of gastronomical metaphors to describe the family relationship’s critique in the collection of Joko Pinurbo’s Khong Guan Banquette. Through the method...
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Psychological Impact in the Art of Hadrah Al Mubarok in Klangkung Pandaan

Ariesza T Permata
The focus of the research is the Hadrah Al Mubarok art. It investigates the function of the art Hadrah Al Mubarok, the value of Hadrah Al Mubarok, the psychological impact of learning the art of Hadrah. This research uses folklore theory. Form of oral folklore that is part of the culture of a scattered...
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Intercultural Communication of Vietnam and Thailand Students in Indonesian Language Learning

Arif Budi Wurianto
This research is a critical and comprehensive study and analysis of verbal communication patterns often used by ASEAN students from Vietnam and Thailand in learning the Indonesian language at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. This research is useful in supporting BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign...
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A Family-School Partnership Based Learning: An Effort to Organize Early Childhood Education During Pandemic

Ari Firmanto, Puji Sumarsono, Fitria Nur
Organizing the teaching and learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge for educational stakeholders, including teachers and parents, especially at the early childhood education level, which is thick with play and the inherent supervision of teachers and parents. The kindergarten students’...
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The Critical Thinking Skills Impacts on the Utilization of PhET Simulation in the Flipped Classroom Setting

Arman La Aca, Dwi Sulisworo, Guntur Maruto
This study examines the impact of flipped classrooms on problem-based learning assisted by PhET simulations in improving students’ critical thinking skills. The design of this study was a pretest-posttest controlled group design. The subjects were 33 students for each group who learned the parabolic...
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The Issues and Prospects of the Global Islamic Calendar

Arwin Juli Rakhmadi, Muhammad Hidayat
This article discusses the concept of the global Islamic calendar, precisely the concept put forward by Jamaluddin ‘Abd ar-Raziq, for which he offers a calendar named “at-Taqwim al-Qamary al-Islamy al-Muwahhad.” He presented the fiqh side carefully and examined the validity requirements that must be...
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Phenomenology Study of the Sustainability of Rattan Industry Cluster in Cirebon District, Indonesia

Asngadi, Mas’adah, Chusnul Abady, Saharuddin Kaseng, Sulaiman Miru, Husein HM Saleh
The current study aims to analyze the sustainability of the rattan industry cluster in the Cirebon District, Indonesia. This research uses a qualitative approach, with the method of phenomenology. Research informants consisted of business people, academics, and government, totaling 16 people. The data...
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Retirement Age Disparity for Private Worker and Sate Civil Aparatures in Indonesia

Bachrul Amiq, Liosten Rianna Roosida Ully Tampubolon, Edy Widayat, Totok Hendarto
Retirement is an essential change in the development of workers’ lives. Retirement is marked by changes in circumstances, namely reduced income and social psychological problems. Indonesian Law No. 13 of 2003 concerning Employment does not specify a retirement age limit. The regulation instead states...
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The Effect of Hots-Based Islamic Education on the Attitude of Religiosity and Its Impact on Improving Students Spirituality

Bahar Agus Setiawan, Tri Endang Jatmikowati
Higher-Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) is a projection of 21st-century learning characteristics, not only in science-based subjects, but also in other subjects specifically in Islamic education. The ability to think in Islamic concept is known as “al-fikr” term, which consists of three things, namely: the...
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Understanding of Fraction Concepts of Elementary School Students through Problem Solving

Fractions are material numbers that are very important in mathematics and everyday life. However, many students have difficulty understanding the concept of fractions. This study aims to describe the concept understanding among student about fractions through problem-solving assisted by visual representation....
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The Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on the Performance of Civil Servants (Study at Palu City Environment Office)

Bakri Hasanuddin, Syamsuddin
This study aims to analyze the effect of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) on the performance of civil servants (study at the Palu City Environment Office). This research was designed quantitatively using the census sampling method with 98 respondents. Data analysis was performed descriptively...
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Teaching English Through Literature-Based Instruction: An Integrated Study of Language and Literature

Besse Darmawati, Asfah Rahman, Abdul Halim, Muhammad Basri
The study of language has been increasingly inseparable from the study of literature (Novianti, 2016). Therefore, it is suggested that working with literature in the classroom focus on integrating language and literature for more comprehensive and enjoyable learning activities. Literature-based instruction...
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Measuring of Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) for Poverty Alleviation in Batu City, East Java Province - Indonesia

Boge Triatmanto, Mokhammad Natsir, Nanik Wahyuni
This study examines poverty eradication in Batu City, East Java Province Indonesia. This study aims to analyze the application of the SDG concept for poverty alleviation in the Batu City. It is projected that these results can be recommendations for the application of the SDGs in other regions in Indonesia....
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Marginalized People Self-Actualization in the Short Story “Anak Ini Mau Mengencingi Jakarta?” by Ahmad Tohari

Budi Agung Sudarmanto, Dian Susilastri, Nofita Anggraini
This paper describes the actualization of marginalized people in the capital city of Jakarta based on the theory of humanistic personality perceived by Abraham Maslow. The stressing on the marginalized people in this paper becomes important since the self-actualization of these people is extremely different...
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The Effect of Product Quality, Prices, and Consumer Knowledge Levels on Product and Socio-Economic Status on Organic Rice Customer Satisfaction in Klaten, Central Java

Catur Rini Sulistyaningsih, Nugrahini Susantinah Wisnujati
Recently organic food has become people’s choice and the market demand on organic foods has been increasing. Research done by Maastricht Ageing Netherland shows that chemical substances, especially pesticide, within our daily food consumption may generate cognitive disfunction. This research because...
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Analysis Factors of Gender and Financial Accounting Learning Achievement as an Influential of Financial Literacy

Chalarce Totanan, Sudirman, Umiati Utami, Nina Yusnita Yamin, Muhammad Ilham Pakawaru, Yuldi Mile
This study aims to examine and analyze financial literacy under influential factors of gender and financial accounting learning achievements. Population in this study are students of accounting undergraduate at the Economic and Business Faculty of Tadulako University who had passed financial accounting...
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The Most Important Dimension of the Corporate Culture of Indonesian Companies (A Case Study)

Daenulhay Kamsin
Kotler et al., underlined that Corporate Culture provides guide to employees. It provides consensus among people in an organization about how to run a business. Corporate Culture contributes to the cohesiveness among employees [1]. Therefore, it reflects how close the relations between the company and...
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Female Characters in Short Stories Written by Female Prisoners

Daroe Iswatiningsih, Yusri fajar, Fida Pengesti
It is interesting when women life stories are written by the women who lived behind bars. A compilation of 32 short stories under the title “Titik Nadir Penantian” (The Nadir Point of Waiting) illustrated the twists and turns of women lives from various perspectives. Different themes of women’s life...
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Local Customary Laws and Decentralised Community Based Disaster Mitigation

David Pradhan
This paper, based on secondary sources, seeks to analyse the utility of recognising local customary laws in decentralised governance, training, integration and empowerment of village-level traditional authorities, as delegates of the sovereign State, for Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience...
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Privatization of Correctional Facilities as a Model of Efficient and Effective Inmate Empowerment

Desy Maryani, Nur Rochaeti
The imprisonment system which emphasized revenge and detention was removed and changed with the concept of social rehabilitation and reintegration. The Correctional system aims to improve inmates’ behavior and restore correctional inmates as good citizens who can be accepted well by the community. The...
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Indonesian Language Terminology

Dewi Kusumaningsih, Hanisah Hanafi, Wilda Elsiana Ningrum, Dian Eka Candra Wardhana, Satria Agung Wibawa
This study aimed to explore the emergence of certain terms in Indonesian Language terminology, as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Various lingual formswere found in words, acronyms, and phrases. Several conventional terms were also revived through an etymological process. The data source derived...
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The Impacts of the Security Climate on the Safety Behaviors of the Chinese Expatriates in Thailand and Malaysian Universities

SHI Dongqi, Annissa Manystighosa, Adhita Sri Prabakusuma
Recently, the increasing number of Chinese expatriate projects of international universities in South-Eastern Asian countries was continuously expanding due to the economic growth and cultural exchanges. This study aimed to determine the impact of Chinese expatriate projects on safety behavior in South-Eastern...
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The Influence of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Strategic Planning, and Employee Engagement towards Employee Performances of Cikande’s Factory & Jakarta’s Head Office at PT.DSG Surya Mas Indonesia

Dudung Hadiwijaya, HM Thamrin, Hermawan Rachmat
The purpose of this research was to determine the influence of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Strategic Planning, and Employee Engagement towards employee performance of PT. DSG Surya Mas Indonesia. The type of research is quantitative research using survey methods, samples, and questionnaires...
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The Effectiveness of BIMA-X (Biscuits and Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract) to Handling Children With Malnutrition

Dwi Faqihatus Syarifah Has, Eka Srirahayu Ariestiningsih
Malnutrition is one of the leading nutrition causes of morbidity and mortality among children under the age of five-year-old in many countries. Children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) are nine more likely to die than children without malnutrition. Malnutrition still become a serious health problem...
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The Patterns of Changing Mathematical Representations in Solving Mathematical Problems Among Junior High School Students

Dwi Priyo Utomo
The ability to represent mathematics is one of eight mathematical skills that must be acquired by students in Indonesia. The representation being shown remarks students’ basic ability to develop concepts and to think mathematically. Changes in mathematical representations are needed to understand mathematical...
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Self-Regulated Learning of Junior High School Students to Predict Online Learning Achievement

Dwi Sulisworo, Dian Artha Kusumaningtyas, Trikinasih Handayani
This research is a quantitative ex-post-facto study to explain the SRL profile of junior high school students in online learning. The investigation commenced three days after the establishment of the Covid-19 pandemic. The respondents were taken through random sampling at several schools implementing...
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Local Wisdom of Krowe Sikka Weaving Cloth as a Potential of Creative Regional Economic Empowerment

Eka Nana Susanti, Jamil Latief, Suswandari
Local wisdom is one of the special values of a region that makes the region has a uniqueness that is not owned by other regions. One of them is weaving cloth produced by Krowe Sikka that is very different from other weaving cloths in the Maumere region and those outside the Maumere region. Krowe Sikka...
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Poetry Strategy Used by Indonesian Poet of the 70s Generation

Ekarini Saraswati
W.S. Rendra, Sapardi Djoko Damono, Toeti Heraty, Sutardji Calzoum Bachry and Taufiq Ismail are Indonesian poets of the of the 70s whose works are still widely discussed until today. This study aims to identify readers’ responses to books and mass media related to Indonesian poets of the 70s’ by classifying...
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Performance Evaluation of Field Agriculture Extension in the Shallots Planting Program

Ellyta, Donna Youlla, Tri Michael Gerry, Sri Widarti, Ekawati, Rahmatullah Rizieq
The dependence of imported West Kalimantan shallots is currently very high because it cannot produce itself; therefore, a solution that can be offered is to promote a shallot planting program supported by a field of agricultural extension team. This study aims to determine the results of counseling that...
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Conflict and Reconciliation in the Patron-Clientelism Social Structure in the Puger Kulon Fishing Village, Jember Regency

Kholifah R Emy
This study aims to describe the conflict and reconciliation in the fishing village of Puger Kulon, Jember Regency. This study used qualitative research methods. The data source was determined by the purposive method. The results of this study are several things. First, there are two sources of conflict...
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Entrepreneurship Marketing Through the Marketplace for Sorghum Based Alternative Food

Endang Noerhartati, Nia Saurina, Herfa Maulina Dewi Soewadini, Lusy Tunik Muharlisiani, Dina Chamidah
The importance of market potential in entrepreneurship activities, especially for sorghum-based new products as alternative food, one of which is through a marketplace that will determine the peak of immense sorghum market success. The purpose of the research popularizing sorghum products nationally,...
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Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Gender-Based Cooperatives

Endang Sungkawati
This study aims to analyze the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) on the performance of gender-oriented cooperatives. The study was conducted with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques using interview techniques to administrators and employees of women’s cooperatives. Interviews...
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Application of Biochar and Liquid Smoke From Biomass Waste Management to Increase Yields and Raise Farmers’ Income

Eny Dyah Yuniwati, Adyla Mita Lestari
Corncobs and rice straws are the types of biomass waste in farmland that has yet to be optimally managed. The farmland waste management using perfect combustion technologies produced liquid smoke and biochar. The analysis of the production process of biochar and liquid smoke through perfect combustion...
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The Effect of Performance & Conformance Innovation Towards Product Life Cycle Through Customer Relationship Management

Erna Setijani Sumartono, Krisnawuri Handayani
The research on The Effect of Performance Innovation,Conformance Innovation with the mediation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) toward Product Life Cycle (PLC) on Batik Madura SMEs is intended to analyze the linkage of those research variables. The research population is all Batik Madura SMEsat...
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The Implementation of Character Education to Generation Z in Indonesia

Ety Kurniyati, Desri Arwen
Generation Z is gaining popularity as the name is used to refer to children who were born in the mid to late 1990s. It is the generation after the Millennials which have much publicity for their impact on society. Generation Z students that will be the main actors in nation-building are unique; therefore,...
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The Dasa Wisma of the Flood-Resilient Village Wonokusumo

Fadjar Kurnia Hartati
The aim of this activity is to motivate and increase society or community’s understanding towards the disaster risk; develop society or community’s capacity on responding certain disaster; enhance women empowerment in the disaster relief programs and activities on the local scale; and provide a contribution...
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When Fear of Missing Out Becomes a Good Thing

Fajar Nursodiq, Tri Rejeki Andayani, Mahardika Supratiwi
Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) is considered to be affecting internet users negatively, such as social media addiction, increasing smartphone usage problems, sleep disturbances, driving disturbances, and low academic performance in students. This research was conducted to understand the concept of FoMO among...
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Community Participation in Preventing Child Trafficking

Farhana, Siti Miskiah
Child trafficking occurs in various countries and has become a problem in many countries, especially in developing countries. Child trafficking is a humanitarian problem. Children must be protected against child trafficking. It is a violation of human’s and children’s rights because it treats victims...
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A Scientometric Overview of Educational Development Literature

Fatkul Anam, Mega Firdaus, Andre Septianto, Agung Purnomo
Educational development is essential to enhance the standard of education with the collaboration of educators, students, and parents. This research aims to map the status of international educational development publication literature indexed by Scopus using scientometric overview. The study has carried...
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The Implementation of Character Values Through Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan at Sekolah Menengah Pertama Muhammadiyah 01 Medan

Gunawan, Robie Fanreza
The purpose of this research is to analyze the Implementation of Student Character Values through Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan at Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP) Muhammadiyah 1 Kota Medan. The research uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. The data collection techniques are sourced from...
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The Legal Role in Developing Indonesian Cooperative Business in National Economy Through Partnership in Facing Global Era for Improving Community Welfare

Hamdan Azhar Siregar
Cooperatives must build and develop partnership cooperation to survive in free-market competition and economic globalization, both between cooperatives and other forms of business entities. In addition to maintaining its survival, cooperatives need to strengthen their existence and position in the national...
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The Roles of Schools and Teachers in Building Students’ Character in Digital Era: The Students’ Perspective

Hanafi, Indri Astutik, Asti Bhawika Adwitiya
Nowadays, almost every student has access to technology. It changes the character of educational practices applied at school, not only educating the real character of the students’ but their virtual life as well. In this case, the role of teachers and schools is crucial in establishing students’ attitudes...
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The Language Acquisition of A Two-Year-Old Girl “Aline”

Hanisah Hanafi, Silvana Hasan, Dewi Kusumaningsih
One point of view from language acquisition is how children get their language for the first time. This stage has a unique process before having a complete language. It can be seen from the words produced, which are different from adults. A two-year-old little girl shows the uniqueness of acquiring language....
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AHP Application to Determine Priority of Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain Management

Harifuddin Thahir, Irdinal Arif, Nirwan, Enki Nainggolan, Ira Nuriya Santi, Rukaya
This study aims to find out which aspects are prioritized in the Supply Chains Management of Sustainability Tourism in Tanjung Karang Beach of Donggala District. The method used is the descriptive method. The type of data collected is quantitative and qualitative data. Source of data obtained from primary...
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Learning Democracy in Learning the Skill of Playing Drama Characters

Hari Sunaryo
Learning democracy is a spirit developed in learning events by giving students the freedom and opportunity to carry out learning activities responsibly. The purpose of this study was to obtain a description of the implementation of learning democracy. This study aims to analyze learning democracy in...
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Servant Leadership: A New Model of Service at University?

Harnida W. Adda, Niluh Putu Evvy Rossanty, Wiri Wirastuti, Zeylo Auriza
The purpose of this study is to relate servant leaders’ attributes in university. As construction of leadership behavior that is multidimensional and unique compared to other leadership models, servant leadership emphasizes personal integrity in providing services to members of the organization and other...
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Makayaklo Cultural Knowledge of the Islands Farmers’ Survival in Kida Village, Tameti Island, North Maluku (Hermeneutics-Phenomenology Perspective of Paul Ricoeur)

Harun Ahmad, Ali Badar
This paper explains the contradictory phenomena of the life of archipelago farmers in Kida Village, Tameti Island, North Maluku. At the macro level, they are helpless island farmers, left behind, isolated, marginalized, and underdeveloped in social, economic, political, and cultural perspectives. But...
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The Influence of Financial Ratios and Intellectual Capital on Financial Difficulties in Construction Companies

Hasanuddin, M. Risal, Muhammad Aqsa
The research aims to investigate the influence and relationship of financial ratios with the liquidity ratio indicators, leverage, profitability, activity, growth, and intellectual capital indicators with Human Capital, Structure Capital, and Customer Capital on financial difficulties (financial distress)...
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The Implementation of Customary Sanction “Pengocek Torun” in Dayak Simpakng Community to Settlement of Illegal Gold Mining Ketapang Regency

Henny Damaryanti, AS Yenny, Siswadi
In Indonesia Mining Law, if mining activities occur without a permit, the act is a criminal offense regulated by Law Number 4 in 2009 concerning Mineral and Coal Mining. However, in empirical practice, there is a settlement of the case of unlicensed gold mining using legal instruments in the form of...
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The Teacher’s Strides for Assisting Students’ Thought in Constructing Mathematics Argumentation

Herfa Maulina Dewi Soewardini, Hery Setiyawan, Suprihatien, Endrayana Putut Laksminto Emanuel
Playing a crucial role in motivating students that connecting with makes mathematics argumentation is a teacher’s job. Some evidence that shows significant student commitment occurs more often in classrooms that centralized to the student. The teacher gathers with the students mutually share argumentation...
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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation of Discipline Through the Role of Community Identification (Study on Covid-19 Activist Community in Tangerang)

HM Thamrin, Badawi
Discipline in carrying out Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) is a regulation including in the Acceleration of Handling the COVID-19. In reality, the implementation of PSBB is still not well understood by the community. The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of intrinsic motivation...
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Reorienting Legal Education Under the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ibnu Sina Chandranegara, Muhammad Ali
Throughout history, legal education in Indonesia has focused on developing theoretical concepts rather than developing problem-solving that lives in the community. Besides that, legal education in Indonesia still does not appear to be autonomous because it is still oriented towards the political system...
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Problematics of Inclusive Schools at the Elementary School Level

AM Ichsan Anshory, Delora Jantung Amelia
The purpose of inclusive education is to give equal places for normal students and students with special needs to study and interact together. In Malang city, schools with the label of inclusion have been launched since 2001. Each year, some improvements are always made to them, but they still encounter...
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Need Analysis of Hots-Based English Materials Development for the Ten Grade Learners of Coastal School in Bangka Selatan

Iful Rahmawati Mega, Rindu Handayani
This research investigates the need assessment of the ten grade learners of coastal school in Bangka Selatan regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, concentrating on HOTS – based materials need which aims to acknowledge the needs of HOTS – based materials development for senior high school students....
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Cross Culture Effect: Virtual Media for Thai Native Speaker as EFL Students

Ike Dian Puspita Sari, Ahmad Lani, Ateekoh Khareng
In learning phonology, students study the characteristics of deep sound systems of English that makes it different from other languages. Furthermore, they will get to know phonetics which is discussed in a manner specifically about phonetic articulation and how it sounds. This research used quasi-experimental...
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Community Development in Indonesia: Contemporary Aspects of Culture

Ilona Pasteruk
The paper analyzes the superiority of collectivist and cultural values in nowadays Indonesia, the impact of a cultural factor on society’s success, the possibility, and results of community development projects based on the cultural ground. To conduct the research, two parts of the country were compared:...
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The Lempuyang Gajah [Zingiber Zerumbet (l.) Smith] Extract Supplementation in Broilers Feed to Suppress Foodborne Disease “Salmonellosis” for Consumers’ Health Safety Effort

Imbang Dwi Rahayu, Wahyu Widodo, Adi Sutanto, Apriliana Devi Anggraini
The study aims to control Salmonellosis through the addition of Z. zerumbet extract in broilers feed. The experiment consisted of 5 treatments namely, T0 (standard diet), T1 (standard diet + infection of S. enteritidis), T2 (standard diet + infection of S. enteritidis + 0.33% Z. zerumbet extract), T3...
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Analysis of Customer Satisfaction on Probiotic Plus Biofarm Products in Malang District

Indah Prihartini, Sutawi, Septi Nur Wulan Mulatmi, Nadya Aulia Eka Wahyuni
This study aims to determine customer satisfaction on probiotic products plus Biofarm, the main factors of customer satisfaction on probiotic products plus Biofarm, and to determine customer attitudes towards the attributes of probiotic products plus Biofarm in Malang Regency. This research was conducted...
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The Effect of Company Size, Systematic Risk, and Independent Commissioner on Intellectual Capital Disclosure

Intan Octaviani, Kartika Djati
This research aims to determine the effect of Company Size, Systematic Risk, and Independent Commissioner on the Disclosure of Intellectual Capital. The population in this research was banking companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange during the period of 2015 to 2018 for 4 years of research. The...
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The Role of Experiential Marketing on Customer Loyalty With Customer Satisfaction as a Moderating Variable in Bora Hot Spring Sigi, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Ira Nuriya Santi, Maskuri Sutomo, Zakiyah Zahara
This study aims to determine the influence of experiential marketing on customer loyalty with customer satisfaction as a mediating variable in Bora Hot Spring tourist attraction in Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi Province. It uses a questionnaire as a data collection tool that distributed to a total of...
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The Implementation of the Right Paradigm Approach in Health Development Through the Public Participation in Healthy City Forum

Irma Sahvitri Lawado
The involvement of social elements in the development of the health sector is part of the complexity of human rights that should be fulfilled by the State. The implementation of the rights-based approach in health sector development is considered necessary, as it involves public participation in determining...
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United States of America – China Trade War: Challenge and Opportunity for Indonesian National Resilience

Istiana Rahatmawati, Sri Muryantini
This research will explain the trade war between the United States and China that has an impact on opportunities and challenges for Indonesia’s national resilience. This research is exploratory qualitative research. Data collection was done through Focus Group Discussion (FGD)—”Discussion US foreign...
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The Utilization of Apple Industrial Waste as a Hydroponic Nutrition Material to Increase Economic Value

Istiyono Kirno Prasetyo, Eny Dyah Yuniwati, M Adri Budi
Hydroponic cultivation requires nutrients to support plants’ growth and development. One of the efforts is by looking for alternative nutrient resources. Therefore, the goals of this study are 1) To determine the effect of the dose of GN nutrition on the growth and yield of red lettuce (Lactuca sativa...
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The Development of Communication Science Expertise Through Empowerment of Mindset, Mental Attitudes, Mentorship, and Communities

Joko Suryono, Nuryani Tri Rahayu, Titik Purwati
This study referred to the findings regarding the empowerment of mindset, values and mental attitudes, mentorship, and expertise communities to develop expertise in Communication Science. More specifically, the study aimed to explore the capacity development of Communication Science students through...
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Profit Efficiency and Factors Affecting Indonesia Banking

Juliana Kadang, Surayya
Amid uncertain global economic conditions, Indonesian banks are showing a good Increase in performance based on increased profitability up to the end of 2019. This research measures the efficiency of profit using the Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) by using the translog Alternative profit Efficiency...
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Linking Interest, Ways of Learning, and English Learning Needs for Midwifery Students

Khoirul Anwar
Interest and ways of learning are nearly not ever an important alarm when analyzing English learning needs. Moreover, research on the relationship between interests, ways of learning, and learning needs has certainly not been checked in depth in forecasting English learning for Specific Purposes (ESP)....
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The Inclusion of Environmental Education for the Second Year College Students’ Writing Class in Indonesian Context: “We Care”

Lestari Setyowati, Sony Sukmawan, Ana Ahsana El-Sulukiyyah
This study is intended to describe 1) the students’ overall ability in writing an opinion essay, 2) the students’ reasons why environmental protection is important, and 3) the suggested actions to protect the environment as reflected in the students’ essay. The design of the study was content analysis...
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Implications of Amendment of Law Number 12 Year 2011 into Law Number 15 Year 2019 in the Process of Forming Regional Regulations

ALW Lita Tyesta, Amalia Diamantina
Law Number 15 Year 2019 about First Amendment to Law Number 12 Year 2011 concerning the Formation of Regional Regulations has brought changes in the process of establishing laws and regulations. The change is an additional one stage which was originally only five stages starting from planning to enactment,...
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The Consortium of Microbial Decomposers on Heavy Metal Resistant Waste to Improve Environmental Health

Lud Waluyo
Domestic wastewater is a source of pollutant microbes that cause various diseases and has the potential to be a source of transmission of pathogenic diseases carried through the water. Heavy metal contamination in waters, including domestic wastewater, affects water quality and biological components,...
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Social Movement as a Humanist Education of Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama in Pamekasan

Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama’ present as a unifier of the ummah in terms of religiosity and diversity. This presence is manifested in a variety of social movements in society. It’s real and has benefits. Therefore, their existence is undeniable, both before Indonesia gained independence even more...
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The Lecturers’ Speech Act on Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic at PGRI Wiranegara University

Mardiningsih, Yuniar Mujiwati, Dewi Masitho Istiqomah
The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the teaching and learning activities in the conventional classes of face to face to be limited. Online learning is offered as one of the best options to deal with the current situation. In online learning, lecturers undoubtedly play an important role; thus, lecturers...
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Good Governance Principles Analysis of the Village Business Are Reviewed from Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence, and Fairness

Masiyah Kholmi
Good Governance is a necessity for every individual and organization, including Village Owned Enterprises. This research aims to analyze the principles of good governance of the Village Owned Enterprise of indicators of transparency, accountability, independence, and fairness. This research uses descriptive...
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Myanmar Youth and Impact of English Language Proficiency Towards Job Grabbing

Ma Tin Cho Mar
As Myanmar moves towards further democratization, the country is rapidly emerging as an attractive travel destination in Southeast Asia. The pace of sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Myanmar is determined in part by the quality of its labor force. Youth human capital development requires a...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health: Community Development and Psychological Interventions During a Crisis

Matthew Cant
COVID-19 has become a global pandemic which has caused disruptions in all walks of life. It has impacted the health of societies both physically, through infected individuals and the health-care systems trying to support them, and economically, as government interventions slow down business (especially...
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Genetic Algorithm to Estimate Parameters of Indonesian Population Growth Model

Maya Rayungsari, Akhsanul In’am, Muhammad Aufin
In this study, the genetic algorithm is implemented to determine the most suitable growth models for Indonesian population data. The tested models are the simple models of Malthus and Verhulst. Parameters estimated in Malthus model include birth rate, death rate, and migration rate. Meanwhile, Parameters...
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Developing the Guided Inquiry-Based Worksheet to Support Experiment in Physics Learning

Mentari Eka Wahyuni, Dwi Sulisworo
This study aims to develop a student worksheet based on guided inquiry to support physics learning, especially in experimental activities. This type of research is Development Research using ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) models. This research used descriptive analysis...
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Law Enforcement to Raise Legal Awareness of People in Making Peace

Mimin Mintarsih, Lukman Mahdami
Naturally, humans have a desire to live orderly since they were born, as taught by God and outlined in the Holy Book. However, we live in a society where interests collide. The fundamental problem discussed here is law enforcement. This study aims to analyze the rule of law as it is expected to increase...
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The Main Role of Family Environment During COVID-19 Quarantine

Misriandi, Ahmad Susanto, Iswan, Farihen, Muhammad Garlianka Wangsadikrama
This paper describes the role of the family environment during the COVID-19 quarantine. COVID-19 outbreak has attacked various regions in Indonesia; this has made both central and regional governments issued an appeal to avoid crowds and activities at home, including teaching and learning activities....
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Content Analysis of SHS Mathematics Curriculum Based on Independent Learning

Moh. Mahfud Effendi
The purpose of this study is to analyze the suitability between content with curriculum objectives in the SHS mathematics curriculum based on independent learning. To obtain data, using document and interview techniques, and research locations at SMAN 8 Malang. Documents include UKBM (the independent...
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Initiative in Khmer Islam Early Schooling: The Svay Khleang Experience

Mohamad Zain Musa
Svay Khleang is a remote village in the province of Thbong Khmum, Kingdom of Cambodia. Its population is mostly Muslim. The village folks are kind of left out in many ways, including in the field of education, compared to those living in cities and big towns. After identification of the problems facing...
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Undergraduate Students’ Characteristics in Using E-Learning (Schoology) During Outbreak COVID-19

Moh Ali Murad, Asriadi, Suryadi Hadi, Rahmat Mubaraq, Erwan Sastrawan, Femilia Zahra
This study aims to identify the characteristics of undergraduate students using online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The methodology in this study uses primary and secondary methods to obtain an in-depth understanding of the problems encountered during online learning. The primary method includes...