Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Education Technology and Information System (ICETIS 2014)

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Research On Credit Guarantee Problems In Small And Micro Enterprises’ Credit Financing

Xiaoyan Guo, Jing Wang, Fang Wang
Development of small and micro enterprises plays an important role in solving problems of employment and promoting economic development. However, in development process of small and micro enterprises, there are still many problems. First of all, financing difficulty stands in the breach. Since small...
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Application Of Humanity Idea To Foreign Language Teaching

Ting Han
Via analyzing ideas related to humanity, this thesis makes reflection of humanity in our foreign language teaching clear, proposes the new thought that humanity idea is introduced to practice of foreign language teaching and discusses implementation strategies by which humanity idea is applied to foreign...
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Bottleneck for Rural Enterprises to Implement Intelligent Management and its Breakthrough

Shengjun Li
In the modern society, the enterprise mode is changing greatly, and the enterprise management has stepped toward the intelligent management, in some sense, the enterprise intelligent management is an inevitable trend for the enterprises to achieve self-perfection and update. In recent years, the rural...
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Analysis on Dispute of Sovereignty of the Diaoyu Island in the Horizon of International Law

Zhi Li
Although Diaoyu Island is just a small island, it arises the sovereignty dispute between China and Japan, and both sides claim for that they have sovereignty to Diaoyu Island. Until 2012 when the issue on sovereignty of the Diaoyu Island became out of hand due to the so-called island purchase by Japan,...
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Sense of Times and Aesthetic Characteristics of Modern Book Decoration Design

Dan Liu
The modern book decoration design is a comprehensive category of art, which is an important part in the books and expresses the creation connotation of books in an artistic form, and strengthen the original artistic flavor in the books through the modern decoration design, making the readers can feel...
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Humanistic Care in Ideological and Political Education of College Students and Its Realization Path

Lei Lu
The ideological and political education of college students is a focus issue concerned by colleges and the colleges should comprehensively strengthen the cultivation of the humanistic quality of college students to make their overall scientific and cultural quality develop freely. This development concept...
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Research on Effectiveness of Digital Multimedia Technology to the Improving of Artistic Design Teaching

Yingying Ma
The artistic design teaching does not only have the affective thinking, but is also creative, with quite a high requirement for the vision and consciousness of human beings. The digital multimedia technology has a great effect to improve the effectiveness of artistic design, which can stimulate various...
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Discussion on Method of Improving the Accuracy of Electric Energy Metering

Yanhua Ning, Xinru Cai
With the progress of electric power technology in China, the electric power enterprises pay more and more attention to the accuracy of electric energy metering because it cannot only affect the efficient utilization of electric power resources, but also affect the economic benefits of electric power...
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Development and Research of Investment Financing Demand based on National Investment Boom

Li Peng
As most urban households in China lack of in-depth understanding of financial market, they cannot complete the stock and futures investment independently. Thus, more and more people choose to invest in the financing product developed by the bank because such financial product is of less risks compared...
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Translation of French Commentaries From the Aspect of Functional Translation Theory-Taking Jingjiang Seignior's Tomb in Guilin as an example

Qiongfang Qin
As an international tourism resort, Guilin is always a preferred choice for French tourists. They not just greatly admire the beautiful landscapes in Guilin, but also speak highly of the historical cultural relics here. The Jingjiang Seignior’s Tomb in the suburb of Guilin is not just the representative...
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Artistic Expression of Urban Community Landscape Color

Hongxia Wang, Huijing Wang, Xiaomin Hu
Many people are fond of and appreciate dwelling environment with simple colors. At the same time, the research on urban community color and landscape is of important significance for the present urban community development and construction practices in China. Based on the statement on significance of...
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Research on Landscape Design from the Perspective of Regional Culture

Huijing Wang, Hongxia Wang
Regional culture is creation source of landscape design. We should have a correct understanding of connotation of regional culture and landscape design, specify relations between regional culture and landscape design, combine development characteristics of landscape design in China, adhere to the principle...
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How Do Basic Computer Courses In Colleges Improve Students’ Interest

Xin Wang, Lei Guo
Information era makes computer be popularized largely and its related knowledge must be mastered for students. Therefore, basic education of computer is a required course for all colleges and all majors. However, such courses do not receive ideal effect. Besides, most students lack interest and initiative...
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Cause Analysis on Deficiency of Humanistic Education in English Teaching

Xin Wang
In essence, the English teaching process in colleges and universities is a learning process of foreign language culture. Teachers in colleges and universities just use this learning process to penetrate humanistic education into English teaching and to integrate with it, so as to help students to improve...
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Research on Core Strength Training Practice in Basketball Sports

Xiangyang Xie
The core strength training in basketball sports is an important and key training task and relates to many technical action levels. Therefore, the core strength should be trained specially and effectively in basketball sports, so as to make basketball players have solid body posture, do the coordination...
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Officials Training Trend and Corresponding Enlightenment in Late Qing Dynasty

Baoan Xu
The officials training trend in late Qing Dynasty was started in the westernization movement period, and primarily developed in Wuxu Reform period, culminated in the earlier stage of new policies movement in latter Qing Dynasty, and gradually declined after 1906. It is necessary to think about the relations...
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Brief Analysis on the Financing Structure of the Listed Companies

Xia Yue
There are lots of legal financing channels for listed companies, and the financing structure of the listed companies varies from their corresponding operations. However, internal financing, bond financing, and equity financing account for certain proportion in the better financing structure combination....
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Selection Of Paths Improving College English Teachers’ Humanistic Quality

Wei Zhang
In colleges’ English teaching, teachers play a critical role and their humanistic quality has significant impacts on students’ growth and the whole teaching activity. Currently, overall situation of Chinese college English teachers’ humanistic quality is good, while there are some parts that need be...
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Application and Prospect of Digital Technology in Animation Production

Yan Zhang
As a unique artistic category in film art, animation undergoes history of development from silent to sound, from black & white to color, from film to digital and from two-dimension to three-dimension. In its development course, animation production technology opens up a wide expression stage for animation...
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Research on Financial Ecological Environmental Assessment Index System of Technical Innovation Investment and Financing

Juan Zhao
We should take investment and financing subjects of technical innovation (i.e. the government, financial institutions and technologically innovative enterprises) as the starting point, take technologically innovative enterprises as the center of the investment and financing financial ecological environmental...
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Multiple Themes under the First-person’s Perspective - On Roland’s Green House

Fagen Zhong
Taking Roland’s Green House as the object of study, this paper has an intensive reading of the text of this work to analyze its theme. From three perspectives, this paper thoughts it contains the themes in three aspects. First are the contradictions between the nature and artificiality, natural instincts...
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Research on Vehicle Scheduling Optimization Problem of Dangerous Goods Transportation under Single Distribution Center based on Security

Kun Zou, Jin Du
Since the 21st century, with the continuous economic growth, the demand for dangerous chemicals has been growing and its safe transportation problem has drawn close attention of the society and government. This paper systematically elaborates the research status of vehicle scheduling optimization problem...
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Analysis of Chemical Kinetics Simulation of the Removal of Formaldehyde in Dielectric Barrier Discharge

Yaping Li
This paper mainly analyzes chemical kinetics simulation of the removal of formaldehyde (HCHO) in atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge, builds a time-space average model, and verifies relevant results through experiment. Changes in concentration of various substances with discharge time are analyzed...
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Inspiration of Gordon Music Teaching Theory on China’s Current Music Education

Enzhe Guo
Gordon is a well-known American music educator and psychologist, and is a music master who enjoys equal popularity with Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze and Suzuki, and has great impacts on international music education field. Based on this, this paper discusses about the inspiration of Gordon music teaching theory...
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A Research on Job Burnout of Archives Management Personnel in Colleges and Universities

Xiaohui Dai
The questionnaire method, statistical method and interviewing method are mainly used for a research on job burnout conditions of archives management personnel in colleges and universities. According to the research results, job burnout is an objective issue for archives management personnel in colleges...
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On Status and Authority of Constitution in China’s Legal System

Jianwei Liu, Liya Su
The fundamental law in the legal system of a country is constitution which has sovereign legal status and legal force. It is a core law in national legal system. So, it should own supreme legal authority. Other laws, regulations and policies in a country should not conflict with the constitution, or...
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Study on Wuliangye microblog marketing strategy based on 5W model

Kui Yu
As microblog is widely applied, large quantities of liquor enterprises also adopt this platform for marketing, in the hope of helping liquor enterprises walk out of the plight. This paper discusses Wuliangye microblog marketing strategy under such background, analyzes the necessity and current situation...
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Exploration and Practice of Promotion of School Affairs Disclosure System in Secondary Schools of Colleges

Chunya Xu
The secondary schools are an important part of colleges and of important realistic significance in universities. The promotion of school affairs disclosure system reform in secondary schools of colleges is an important measure of promoting the “rule of law and democratic management” policy and also an...
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Discussions on Improvement Strategies of Performance Management of Teachers in Universities and Colleges

Pinhong Zeng
Performance management of teachers in universities and colleges is the core work of performance management in colleges and universities, while performance management is the basic work of human resource management in colleges and universities. Currently, the most important issue in university management...
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Establishment and Implementation Approach of Full-course Developmental Employment Guidance Mode in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Yali Dai
This paper establishes a full-course developmental employment guidance mode focusing on the integrated development of students under the guidance of career guidance theory, which is phased, highlights key points, connection and process and runs through the college life. It aims at excavating subjective...
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Analysis on Educational Function of Tourism Development

Yali Dai
With the development of Chinese economy, the living standard of people has constantly improved. Therefore, tourism becomes an indispensable activity in the life of modern people. In the traveling process, both the mind and body of people enjoy beauty; meanwhile, they also receive certain education due...
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Discussions on Introduction of Abstract Painting in Apparel Design

Ying Dai
The combination of painting art and apparel design has a long history. More artistic thinking methods are added in the current apparel design so as to render personal feelings. Various artistic concepts of abstract painting play an important role in promoting the development of apparel design. In terms...
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Role of Ideological and Political Education in Career Education of College Students

Min Fan
Currently, more and more people pay high attention to career education of college students. Ideological and political education becomes a vital constituent part of career planning education and plays a vital role in the implementation of career education of college students. This paper analyzes the status...
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The analysis of Henan hot spring tourism resources development of Lushan Mountain

Zhi-Hui Li
In this paper, now hot spring tourism resources development in Henan Lushan Mountain analysis of existing problems, and puts forward the Countermeasures of developing hot spring tourism resources in line with Lushan Mountain economic development, the results of this study can help Lushan Mountain county...
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Talk about college curriculum reform based on the perspective of the social needs

Junhui Zhao
As the continuous development of current world’s economy, changing of political pattern as well as constantly update of science and technology, updated requirements are presented for the development of knowledge-based economy, based on the current development of society, college curriculum reform is...
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The research on university curriculum reform for innovative talents cultivation

Junye Wang
In the recent years, the social demands for college graduates are gradually increasing with the China’s economic development. Most of the colleges and universities pay more attention on technical expertise and capabilities training, but neglect the cultivation of the students’ innovative spirits. According...
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The research on Chinese college curriculum reform based on post-modern curriculum theories

Taifu Lv
With the development of economy and society, the Chinese university education becomes increasingly popular and also faces many difficulties in which the curriculum reform is the core for modern university reform. The post-modern curriculum theories by Dole affect the university curriculum reform greatly....
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Human Resources Cost Control Model of New Enterprise in Concept of Intelligent Logistics Backbone Network

Yao-hua Li
The Internet has promoted rapid development of new enterprise, the new logistic business has taken great development, the human resource cost accounting method cannot meet the development of logistic development, and the human cost accounting method cannot reasonably amortize the initial investment and...
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The correlation empirical analysis of China Citic Bank stock coefficient and stock value

XiuWen Lan, Fengfeng Ren
coefficient, a kind of risk index, is used to measure individual stocks or whole price volatility of stock funds relative to the stock market. The greater its absolute value is, the greater its earnings change than the change range of broader market; The smaller the absolute value is, the smaller the...
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A brief analysis of Innovative Ability Cultivation in Music Education

Fang Yu
As an important part of quality education, music education has entered a new stage of development. Under the current educational background, it needs innovative ideas to develop students 'creative thinking, use the corresponding method in innovative ways of music education, and create teaching situations...
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Specificity analysis of the college humanistic education between United States and China

Sheng Li
In recent years, many colleges and universities in developed countries in worldwide are increasing emphasis on humanistic education, especially in Europe countries and US, it has a lot of advanced concepts and advantages for humanistic education. In China, because the limitations of traditional professional...
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A brief Status analysis of the Quality of Secondary School Physical Education and Promotion Strategy

Mingmei Fan
Physical education in China’s educational system is as an important discipline, it plays an important role for building sports education system. Meanwhile, with the large-scale and standardization of secondary schools, the optimization of the teaching quality of secondary school physical education becomes...
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Study and Practice on the Optimization of Physical Teaching Theory Course Based on the New Curriculum Ideas

Gan Ling
The Physical Teaching Theory Course education, the contents of practice that moves with times, the educational reform of which based on the new curriculum ideas counts a lot to the whole physical education. Based on the analyses to the current situation of the education of Physical Teaching Theory Course...
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The impact analysis of new auditing standards on audit risk

Xiaoqing Hu
With the rapid development of social economy, the audit risk arising from carrying out the audit work is gradually being paid attention by the audit agency and auditors. In this paper, trough the arising main reason analysis of the audit risk, the management system of audit agency and the audit teaching...
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Discussion on the Social education of contemporary college students’ socialist core values

Xiaolin Wu
The social education of contemporary college students’ socialist core values is from a broad perspective to explore the issues related to the contemporary college students’ values education: Firstly, what kind of relationship exists between the contemporary college students’ values education and social...
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Reflections on China's rural financial service innovation

Jianbo Liu
in current, China's rural financial system is not perfect, the issues of imbalance rural credit structure and others are outstanding, resulting in a low level of rural financial services. In the third plenary session of the eighteenth communist party of China, it has put forward new demands for China's...
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Research on the Listed Dairy Business Growth Based on AHP

Fang Liu, Chao Li, Zhongwei He
Dairy Processing Industry is the Primary component of Dairy Industry. The Development of Enterprises is significant to Investors, Consumers and Enterprises Themselves. This Article evaluates four listed companies, Sanyuan, Mengniu, Yili and Bright, and gives suggestions for further development of dairy...
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Analysis of Development Factors of Central Plains Aviation Logistics Based on ISM

Ying Xiong
Aviation logistics is emerging economies form and rapidly develops with the construction of air port. At present, the central plains of aviation logistics industry is rapidly developing, which can not only promote the economic development, offer opportunities of jobs and career, and become a driving...
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Exploration in Features and Skills of Scientific English Translation

Yuehui Wang
Problems such as large vocabulary, very professional, and distinct cultural difference, exist in scientific English translation; therefore, it is very difficult and important to translate scientific English in an exact way; this paper starts from the features scientific English translation, and explores...
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Thinking about the problem of institutional investors "social responsibility"

Yong Liang, Sheng-dao Gan
corporate social responsibility is the current academic discussion enterprise on the development of the society and contribute to assume the responsibility of the main hot issues. The internal governance structure in the enterprise, as an important subject of institutional investors in corporate governance...
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The research of investment risk assessment and management on non-coal mine safety accidents

Xuemei Zhang, Yan Zhao
The mineral resource is the basis for society development and helps human make progress. But the safety accidents happen frequently which causes the economic loss to the companies and damage to mining employees' work and life. So mine investors should assess the safety risk and make necessary security...
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Analysis on situation and strategy of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Development

Liuping Chen
These development characters of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry including the speeding up the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure and the Strengthening the technology innovation, are firstly summarized. Secondly these development problems of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry including the falling...
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A study on Universal Values of Literati in Tang Dynasty – Take Idylls as an Example

Fengzhen Cui
Tang Dynasty is an important era in China’s history. It reached a high level of development both in productive forces and in humanity from the beginning of Tang Dynasty to An Lushan Rebellion, during which the universal values and literati in Tang Dynasty formed. Nowadays, various historical researches...
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Application of Traditional Chinese Cultural Elements in Graphic Design

Pu Geng
The traditional Chinese cultural elements have an important application value in the current graphic design, which can convey the connotation of the traditional Chinese culture through people’s consumption of products. Therefore, they mark that the modern graphic design enter a completely new development...
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Analysis on Application of Hierarchical Teaching Method in Computer Teaching

Lei Guo, Xin Wang
With the development of the society, people have more and more emphasized the quality-oriented education, computer science is also no exception, and the cultivation of professional computer talents has become the important objective and direction of teaching reform. However, the traditional teaching...
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Design of Accounting Information System of Modern Enterprises under Informatization Environment

Fu Meng
The great development of modern information technology brings new challenges to enterprises and makes the design of accounting information system of enterprises a focus issue in the field of enterprise informatization. This paper describes main contents of accounting information system of modern enterprises...
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Effects of cyber public opinions on government decision-making

Xiaoquan Gao
the cyber public opinion is a very important component of China’s social opinions and generates both positive and negative effects for government decision-making. It thus can be seen that double-sided effects of cyber public opinions on government decision-making exist objectively. So, government sector...
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Research on intercultural communication courses curriculum provision of foreign-related majors in higher vocational college under the concept of vocational education

Yan Gao, Lei Qin
In 2006, Ministry of education documents “On the requirements of the English teaching in higher vocational education” raised the educational objective--focuses on developing communicative competence in the workplace. For foreign-related majors in higher vocational colleges, how to improve students’ communicative...
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Comparative study on information service mode type of digital library

Haiyan Hao
this paper applies mode method to carry out an in-depth study on information service modes of digital library from general to specific and from low level to high level through literal statement. The specific service mode which can best reflect and give play to information service efficiency of digital...
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Study on evaluation and control of credit risk of rural supply chain finance

He Jia
the development history of China’s supply chain finance is short. It still belongs to exploratory business scope of China’s commercial banks. Even so, it can still help Chinese rural financial system gain some effective financial support. But, it also has shortcomings, such as credit risk. So, this paper...
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The Existing Problems and Development Tendency of the Popular Sports in China

Jun Hu, Shaochang Yang
in recent years, the popular sports in our country has been presenting a growth momentum. There are more and more people prefer taking exercise, and forming a nationwide body-building fervor. However, the development of popular sports in our country is slower and suffering many problems as compared with...
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Study on New Challenges Posed by New Changes in Minority Sports Cultural Needs to Existing Sports Cultural Policy Response Mechanism

Yingqing Hu, Shaoju Tan, Xinping Jiang
At present, with constant development of the Chinese society and continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural living conditions, Chinese minority cultural needs also show an increasing trend. However, at present stage, China’s existing response mechanism of cultural needs is far behind growing...
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Analysis on Training Path for Professional Talents Led under Construction of Strengthening the Province through Intellectual Property

Huangfu Jing
Zhejiang province is an intellectual property province, and it is also a talent province; therefore, it is an important task to carry out study on intellectual property talent training countermeasure which meets development requirement of Zhejiang economic and social development in construction of strengthening...
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Analysis on Status and Reform of Mechanical Drawing Course Teaching in Vocational Colleges

Xuxia Jiang, Yang Zhao
The mechanical drawing course is a compulsory professional basic course for students majoring in machine in vocational colleges, and the main teaching goal is to cultivate learners’ drawing interpretation and drawing ability through drawing theory and practice teaching. The mechanical drawing course...
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Analysis of Ideological and Political Education Model in Colleges from the Perspective of Overall Process

Chao Kang
As a key in colleges, ideological and political education for college students is directly related to sustainable college development. However, deficiencies in existing college ideological and political education model in the traditional sense affect benign operation of this work. So, an ideological...
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Research on correlation of commercial circulation service industry model and higher vocational education

Jiaqiong Kang, Guangqi Li
Commercial circulation service industry is the leading industry of national economy and an important symbol of economic development level, and its development is of important strategic significance in driving the local economic development, guiding the consumption, increasing the employment rate and...
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On development strategy of rural logistics market

Xiujian Lan
due to the particularity of agriculture and villages, rural logistics market is completely different from urban logistics market in terms of logistics demand and supply. This paper discusses main features of rural logistics market, analyzes the problems in China’s rural logistics market and proposes...
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Optimal design of main parameters for automotive power steering units take out oil machine

Guangming Li, Kai Cheng, Renjiang Li
Based on the orthogonal test, the optimal design of the main parameters for the automotive power steering units take out oil machine that is The first adding gas time, Adding gas interval and Adding gas time has been completed in order to determine the optimal program to achieve the best pumping effect..
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Study on industry chain financing mode of small and medium enterprises

Mengyao Li
industry chain financing is a new choice to effectively solve the difficulty in financing by Chinese small and medium enterprises. Since industry chain financing focuses on industry chain to implement various financial services, small and medium enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industry...
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Discussion on the Management Wisdom of “Mass Line”

Xia Li, Ying Dong
“mass line” has always been known as one of the “three magic weapons” of CCP, however, only a few enterprise managers truly understand, comprehend and apply the “mass line”. Therefore, this paper aims to introduce the management wisdom of the “mass line” and propose some suggestions in terms of the management...
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Selection of urban community service paths for the old during harmonious society construction

Ping Liang
with era development, population aging becomes increasingly serious. There are more than more aging and empty-nest phenomena. Thus, the number of the old who cannot completely look after themselves and need to be looked after is on the rise. Based on this background, firstly, this paper simply summarizes...
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Design research of RFID-based brand clothing logistics storage management system

Liu Cuijuan, Weilan Jia
market demand for clothing industry changes quickly, so clothing logistics storage management must have a swift response and be flexible. In particular, it is significant for brand clothing logistics to own a scientific and rational storage management system. It can improve rapid response ability of...
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Exploratory research on GPS measuring technique in practice of engineering surveying

Fei Liu
With development of science and technology, GPS measuring technique also makes some progress nowadays and plays an increasingly important role in practice of engineering surveying. Although GPS measuring technique has many advantages, such as high technical content, high measurement accuracy and short...
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Application and Development of Splicing Technology in Costume Design

Xiaoli Luan
the costume designers take advantage of new design method – splicing technology to carry out breakthrough reform in costume design. As for splicing technology, it belongs to a kind of new design concept; it can create a unique effect in costume design, and also can realize people’s high-standard requirement...
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Research on Audit Early Warning System Frame under the Background of Financial Crisis

Xiaomei Luo, Jin Yang
under the trend of integration of world economy and financial globalization, financial crisis is a disaster of the economy and society. Financial crisis is accumulated by the financial risks, how to prevent the financial risks and manage and control the financial risk accumulation process is an issue...
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Investigation of public integrity education of contemporary college students - Case study of some colleges in Jinan

Aizhen Lv, Jingbin Wang
among numerous anti-corruption means, prevention is the most economical and practical one. To do prevention well and form anti-corruption and corruption-hate faith is the key. Contemporary college students are backbones in future society. Their integrity awareness to some extent decides the success and...
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Investigation of corruption tolerance of contemporary college students

Aizhen Lv, Jingbin Wang
corruption tolerance of college students decides future anti-corruption effects to a large extent. If students hate corruption bitterly and have low tolerance to corruption, this means corruption cost and risk will be high in the future and people will tend to observe law and discipline and even refuse...
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Analysis of Problems in Professional Development of College Teachers and Strategy Research

Jianhong Ma
At present, Chinese colleges have a series of prominent problems in terms of teachers’ professional development, mainly including inexplicit professional development planning, inadequate professional development training and insufficient self-cognition of teachers etc. How to seek an effective way to...
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Higher Vocational English Micro Teaching in the Information Environment

Qingjuan Ma
Micro teaching can not only provide students with individualized learning conditions and enrich knowledge spreading ways and means, but also build a teacher communication platform, promote teachers’ professional development and facilitate promotion of continuous deepening of education and teaching reform...
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Analysis on China’s Image in Ry nosuke Akutagawa’s Works

Zhijian Mao
The famous Japanese writer Ry nosuke Akutagawa, known as wizard writer, only went abroad for once in his lifetime, and this overseas journey was 4-month journey in China in 1921. After he returned from this journey, Akutagawa carefully recorded China’s image in his eyes, and published Travel Notes about...
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Study on Teaching of Higher Vocational Ideological and Political Course Based on Education Information Space

Zhaochu Qian
With the emergence of education information space, the originally dull learning becomes more colorful. Ideological and political course is a required course of college students, and is the main channel of ideological and political education for Chinese college students, and is related to healthy growth...
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Analysis on Improvement of Vehicle Handling Stability and Path Tracking Capacity with Person-Vehicle Closed Ring System based on Chassis Integrated Control

Huazhong Wang
the research status of chassis integrated control technology is summarized first, and then on this basis, the person-vehicle closed ring system design based on chassis integrated control is proposed, subsequently, simulation verification is conducted for the effect of the system in improving the vehicle...
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Analytical Study on College Students’ View of Love from the Perspective of Contemporary Education

Qi Wang
This paper will carry out quite detailed survey and analysis of college students’ view of love, and believe that current college students have some misunderstandings and one-sidedness in terms of cognition of love and have not prepared well ideologically at all or enough psychological endurance. Thus,...
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Exploration of environmental pollution damage assessment mechanism

Wenhua Wang
accelerated industrialization development causes China’s environmental pollution aggravates increasingly. In many cases, we should assess the damage degree of environmental pollution. However, the current situation of environmental pollution damage assessment is not optimistic. There are many problems....
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Research on Teaching Design and Application of Flipped Classroom Mode

Zhenhui Wang
Flipped Classroom mode is a new teaching mode, which not only reflects ‘student-centered’ teaching concept but also changes traditional teaching structure and process, drives bold innovation of teaching methods and learning approaches and is of great significance for realization of personalized teaching....
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Discussion on enterprise finance management refinement

Tiefeng Xiao, Qin Wang
finance management refinement refers to formation of a series of working processes and standards for specific posts and specific economic businesses on the basis of specific businesses. Enterprise finance management refinement can well develop actual value of financial activities of enterprises. The...
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Research on Chinese and Western Traditional Festival Culture Contrast

Rui Xu
Today, with the development of economic globalization and China’s market economy, people liberated their thought, provided conditions for western culture merging into our society. Some western festivals have become popular among the new generation in China. This acceptance of the western culture and...
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Analysis on Locke’s Thoughts in Declaration of Independence

Fulin Yang
As the basis of American Constitution of 1787, the Declaration of Independence was published on July 4, 1776. This day becomes American Independence Day (commonly known as National Day). The publishing of Declaration of Independence is the beginning that America became independent and then it was founded....
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Research on Communication of Chinese Folk Dance Art in Mass Media Era

Jing Yang
With continuous progress of science and technology, the information-based era has come; meanwhile, great changes have happen in communication of Chinese folk dance art. Except for changes in subjects and objects, there are also changes in the form and feature of content of folk dance. This paper will...
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Inheritance and Protection of National Sports in Lancang River Basin under the Background of New Rural Construction

Shaochang Yang, Changjiang Yi
with the continuous deepening of the construction of socialist new rural areas, the traditional sports of the minority nations have also been further developed, with increasingly outstanding role in enhancing the condensation of the Chinese nation, carrying forward the national spirit, improving the...
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Research on enterprise marketing strategic innovation

Yongyan Yang
in order to improve core advantage position of the enterprise, it is necessary to start with marketing strategy to work out rational and scientific market positioning strategy, excavate potential market demand to the largest extent and better meet consumers’ diversified and individual needs. So, this...
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Analysis of effects of psychological consultation in psychological health education of college students

Aimei Zhang
currently, college students in China have some problems in psychological health. Meanwhile, psychological health education also lags behind. Flexible application of psychological health consultation can promote psychological health education of college students and drive healthy development of college...
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Study on industrial structure adjustment and low-carbon economic development

Jing Zhang
based on analyzing low-carbon economy according to current situation, this paper analyzes the relationship between industrial structure adjustment and low-carbon economy and discusses the paths for industrial structure development under the mode of low-carbon economy from the following aspects: creating...
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Research of Commercial Cluster Development Risk Estimate Base on Business Model Innovation

Li Zhang
Business model innovation is helpful to consumer and company because of price, transaction time, convenience, and company’s cost, but it may bring business firms of commercial cluster more risk when the client change their purchase channel. This paper presents a risk estimate for commercial cluster development...
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How to cultivate students’ application ability in teaching probability and mathematical statistics

Li Zhang
the course of probability and mathematical statistics is a required course in Chinese colleges. This course has wide application fields, so college teachers should not just make students master solid theoretical knowledge, but also pay attention to cultivating their practical application ability. Students’...
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Exploration of Accounting Talent Training Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges

Qinyu Zhang
Accounting major is strongly practical and technical, and its talent training mode refers to a system and framework of training skilled accounting talents. Traditional Chinese accounting talent training mode in higher vocational colleges is not very ideal, as it attaches too much importance to teaching...
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Analysis on Thoughts of Enhancing Piano Performance Teaching

Xiaoxia Zhang
With continuous development of Chinese economic society, people’s musical appreciation ability is also continuously improved, thus it is required to pay attention to improving students’ professional level and performance ability in piano teaching of higher education institutions. Therefore, implementing...
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Analysis of stratified teaching in colleges’ piano courses

Xiaoxia Zhang
Considering the situation that propagation speed of piano is accelerated in China and batches of piano educators work sturdily, piano education of China has had brand-new leaps. Stratified teaching is a teaching concept that teaching is carried out according to different situations of learners, such...
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BIM-based cost management of large engineering projects

Lei Lan
the development of computer technology promotes reform of information technology. Building information model (BUM) is thus applied in cost management of large engineering projects. Thus, some shortcomings of traditional project cost management are solved and improved. One of important topics of “the...
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Discussion on the Application of Educational Psychology to Mathematics Teaching under the Network Background

Hong Zhao
Researches on teaching psychology show that: influencing factors of learning can be divided into internal and external ones, and teaching media is the most critical for external factors. With today’s growing popularity, network is increasingly applied to teaching activities, gradually replaces traditional...