Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Information, Business and Education Technology (ICIBET 2013)

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The optimization design of Hall compo-nent array based on genetic algorithm

Weiwei Zhai, Wenzhu Gao, Yu Zhang, Ke Bi, Tianyue Xu, Tieqiang Zhang
It can greatly shorten the design period and make optimization more reasonable that use genetic algorithm for the Hall component array optimization design. The method is to set up the optimized platform based on ANSYS and MATLAB software. MATLAB software is used to realize the program design of genetic...
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Risk assessment method for marine net-work security base on fuzzy-gray system theory

Guoliang Zou, Jie Wu, Yueying Jing
This paper constructs a marine network risk assessment model based on fuzzy-gray system theory, combining fuzzy mathematics with gray system theory. According to some special characters of the Marine Network, we screened the score results and normalized on the index weight with expert scoring. Whereafter,...
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OpenCV Detection of Athletes in Long Jumping Videos

Ailing Song, Kai Chen
The precise analysis of long jumper’s technical videos can provide the im-portant information for the coaches to formulate the training program. To real-ize the analysis of technical videos, we must firstly detect and track the long jumpers in the video. OpenCV technique (open source computer vision...
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An Algorithm to Find Cycles of Biochemical Systems

Desheng Zheng, Guowu Yang, Xiaoyu Li, Zhicai Wang
Genetic regulatory systems, self-organized systems and other living systems can be modeled as synchronous Boolean networks with stable states which are also called cycles. This paper devises two algorithms based on BDD to compute all the cycles in synchronous Boolean networks and enumerate all states...
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Local distributed mutual exclusion al-gorithm

Zhong-hao ZHANG
A distributed mutual exclusion algorithm has been proposed for large-scale distrib-uted systems in the Internet environment. The algorithm combines the advantages of centralized algorithm and distributed algorithm, and taking into account the system fault tolerance, while message complexity is decreased...
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The Perception Layer Information Secu-rity Scheme for Internet of Things based on Lightweight Cryptography

XiangYi Hu, LiPing Du, Ying Li
This paper uses the lightweight (simple cryptography, high security and fast speed single-key cryptographic algo-rithms such as: RC4, RC5, SMS4 etc.) cryptography, and a security single-key management technology to solve the key update management problems of light-weight cryptography. In smart chip of...
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Research on the design of a scalable hardware platform for data management

Fei ZHANG, GuangMing LIU
Data management system includes hard-ware platform and management software. Under the circumstance of explosive growth of data, scalability and processing speed are two important indicators of measurement of hardware platform. Design a highly scalable data management hardware platform, and solve the...
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An Error Resilient Video Coding Algo-rithm Combining FEC and WZ Technol-ogy over Error-prone Channel

Tianqing Wang, Zhengguang Xie, Hongkui Li
Reliable video delivery has become one of the crucial issues in wireless video communications. Based on different error resilient property of forward error correction (FEC and Wyner-Ziv (WZ), we propose a scheme which combines these two technologies. Experimental results demonstrate the scheme can possess...
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Mining Users for Organizations on Mi-cro-blogs

Zhenhua Zhang, Ruifang Liu, WeiRan Xu
This paper focuses on detecting relevant real-world users of organizations in mi-cro-blogs. Many organizations and indi-viduals choose to publish posts on micro-blogs. As the virtual social network may possibly be influenced by accounts’ real world social ties, it’s feasible to detect the user groups...
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Design and Implementation of anti-cheating programming Examination system

Yiju Wei, Hong Han, Jianyua Jiang, Yong Liao
Programming oriented on-machine examination (POME) faces some new cheating challenges. They exploit the fea-tures of third-party programming tools used in POME. Traditional methods, such as screen taking over, packet filtering, used in traditional on-machine examina-tion system could not prevent cheating...
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Constructing Time-Varying Gene Regulatory Networks

Xiaohong Ni, Yingfei Sun
Discovered gene regulation networks are very helpful to understand biological mechanisms and predict unknown gene functions. Little literature has been done toward estimating time-varying networks from time series data. In this paper, we develop a new method to discover the dynamic, and delay interactions...
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Multi-touch GIS Based on Optical and Computer Vision

Bo Wan, Dongxue Zhao, Xiu Wen, Gengdai Liu
This paper describes a multi-touch GIS(Geography Information System) based on optical and computer vision. In the system, user can operates map direct-ly through gesture. A series of image pro-cessing and computation of video frames is used to get data and trajectory of touch point according to the character-istics...
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Research and Implementation of ROHC for PoC Service Based on TD-SCDMA Network

Haiwen Li, Wei Huang, Lifu Li, Gang Yu
PoC is a half-duplex PTT service using VoIP technology based on cellular net-work packet domain carrying. ROHC is used to implement the header compres-sion in PS domain, which can improve the transmission efficiency of the air in-terface. This paper describes the working principle and the modes of operation...
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Performance evaluation study of strate-gic nuclear deterrent

Tiejian YANG, Minle WANG, Song TIAN, Baoshun ZHOU, Lan LI
To build a nuclear deterrent effectiveness evaluation model. Essentially based on nuclear deterrence, nuclear deterrence factors are analyzed and strategic nuclear deterrent performance system model is built. Based on Agent, nuclear deterrence performance assessment analysis model is constructed, the...
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Applications of GRNN Based on Particle swarm algorithm Forecasting Stock Prices

Jinna Lu, Yanping Bai
Generalized regression neural network (GRNN) has very good effect on making nonlinear forecasting model with large number of stock data. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) has simple operation analysis and is easy to implement. We use PSO algorithm to optimize the GRNN in order for optimal smoothing factor...
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A Hybrid Assessment Method for Evaluating the Performance of Starting Pitchers in a Professional Baseball Team

ChihCheng Chen, YungTan Lee, ChungMing Tsai
The performance assessment of professional baseball starting pitchers is considered a multi-attribute decision-making (MADM) problem. This study develops an evaluation model based on the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and grey relational analysis (GRA) to evaluate starting pitcher performance for teams...
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Geochemistry and origin of tektites from Dalat area, Vietnam

Lung Lin, YenTsui Hu
We measured the major and trace element contents and Rb-Sr isotopic compositions of 9 tektites from the Dalat area, Vietnam. All the samples studied are splash-form tektites which show pitted or grooved surfaces with schlieren structures on some surfaces. The trace element ratios Ba/Rb (avg. 4.00), Th/Sm...
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Managerial Forecasting System Based on RBF Neural Network for Financial Data

Dusan Marcek
Forecasting systems are applied which are based on the latest statistical theory and artificial neural networks. The impact of these methods to risk reduction is judged in managerial decision-making. The fundamental question arises whether non-linear methods like neural networks can help modeling any...
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Chinese Internet Companies and Their Quest for Globalization

Harlan D. Whatley
Chinese internet companies have seen an unprecedented growth over the past decade. However, very few are recognized brands outside of China while some seek to develop their brands in foreign markets. This paper analyzes the marketing strategies of two internet companies: Baidu and Tencent and their quest...
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The Use of Indexes of The Permanent Evaluation Committee in the Management and Systemic Planning of Institutions of Higher Education for the Improvement of Quality

Valdecir Bertoncello, Osmar Possamai, Edson Pacheco Paladini, Flávio Bortolozzi
The new tools for the evaluation of Higher Education still lack the practical experience that warrants their feasibility and effective application. Current research focuses on the foregrounding, development and the establishment of a system based on a technical and dynamic development, rooted on indexes...
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Discussion on planning ideas of steel lo-gistics park in the low carbon perspective

Xingang WENG, Xiaokun WANG
Under the background of fact that the low-carbon revolution of the whole world rises, this text carries on research to in-tension and characteristic of the low car-bon type steel logistics park, analyze the current situation of the development of the low carbon logistics. Construct the planning framework...
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Brief Analysis on Characteristics of Army NCO Education and Teacher Teams Construction under New Situation

Qiangye Gao
The vocational education of army non-commissioned officer (NCO) has been the inevitable trend of the development of military vocational education recently. In this paper, the basic characteristics of the vocational education of Army NCO are summarized firstly. Then the basic qualities that the teachers...
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Superpixels Based Interactive Image Segmentation Algorithm

Jianwu LONG, Xuanjing SHEN, ZANG Hui, Haipeng CHEN
A superpixels based interactive image segmentation algorithm is proposed in this paper. Firstly the initial segmentation is obtained by MeanShift algorithm, and then a graph is built using pre-segmented regions as nodes, finally min-cut/max-flow algorithm is implemented for global solution. In this process,...
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Adaptive Image Thresholding by Background Subtraction

Jianwu LONG, Xuanjing SHEN, Hui ZANG, Haipeng CHEN
In this paper, an adaptive image thresholding algorithm is proposed for thresholding images with uneven illumination. Firstly, a Gaussian scale space, which is produced from the convolution of a two-dimensional Gaussian function with an input image, is used to estimate the background image. Followed...
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Experience of Teaching Computer Architecture in Higher Education

Gabor Kiss, Panagiotis Kalagiakos
The experiences show the students can not acquire easily the learning material of Computer Architecture subject without laboratory where they could to build, test, repair computers. The goal of this re-search was an analysis of the paper re-sults in two groups. In the first group of lectures I made just...
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Practice and Research on Chinese-English Bilingual Teaching of “Introduc-tion to Materials Science”

Huiyu Deng, Qingchun Chen, Xiaodong Liu, Rong Chen, Taian Luo
Bilingual education was applied to serve different goals around the world in the past years. A lot of achievements have been obtained, however, there still exist some problems need to be solved. To fur-ther enrich our understanding for effec-tively bilingual education in the class-room, a systematic...
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Study of the denoising and feature extraction based on eyes-closed EEG signal

Nianqiang Li, Yongling Wang
The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a kind of biological signal that represents the activity of the brain which plays a key role in the diagnosis of brain. EEG signal was de-noised using butterworth filter in this paper. Based on analysis of methods of EEG signal processing, we propose to use wavelet transform...
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EEG feature extraction for imagery movement based on improved WICA method

Nianqiang Li, Yongling Wang
Mu rhythm is produced in motor sensory cortex of human brain, a region associat-ed with voluntary movement. Feature extraction for imagery movement related to in this paper is based on mu rhythm. The result of the new method we put forward showed that we can separate EEG signal from power frequency noise....
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Learning Outcomes and Attitudes of Mattayom 3 (Grade 9) Students toward Studying Science in English

S. Charoenwet, I. Zurida
The importance of English language has increasingly gained more attention in the Thai education system, particularly in the coming ASEAN Community scheme in 2015. The aim of this study is to investigate the results of integrating English in teaching science in the context of Thai education. Grade 9 students...
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Gender and Age Inequalities Employment, Promotion and Retirement in Public Service Sectors of China

Wantian Cui, Dan Wang
This paper reviews the evolution and progress of the Chinese gender and age legal system since 1949, and further conducts labor market analyses on the basis of gender and age. This paper attempts to answer three questions, first, to offer reflections on the characteristics and social effects of gender...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Demographic Characteristics and the Influencing Factors of Brand Sensitivity

Zhang Xumei, Guan Zili, Li Wei, Xiangyu Liu
Brand consumption has developed into a kind of culture accepted by more and more consumers. The study on the con-sumer brand sensitivity behavior can pro-vide guidance to the brand marketing of enterprises. The consumer brand sensitiv-ity behavior is affected by some factors, which will vary from different...
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Introducing CDIO Elements into Preparing of Students of the Faculty of Chemistry of Astrakhan State University for Innovative Activity

A.G. Tyrkov, O.S. Sadomtseva, A.V. Velikorodov, E.F. Matveeva,, V.V. Shakirova, A.M. Salmahaeva
The objective of the research realization was the study, analysis and forecasting of a possibility to apply the CDIO Standards in preparing of Bachelors and Masters of Chemistry at Astrakhan State University (Russia) to innovation activity in industrial enterprises. The results of the research are the...
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An Activity Theory Approach to Contra-dictions in Intercultural Telecollabo-ration

Jeong Ha Myung
This qualitative participatory study ex-plores contradictions that emerged in a telecollaborative project linking two groups of participants: 11 teacher-learners of a TESOL graduate program in Korea and 24 graduate students of an educational psychology course in the United States. Drawing on data from...
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The Design of a One-Stop Tourism Portal in Langkawi Island using Location Searching Method

Wong Poh Lee, Mohd Azam Osman, Tarmiji Masron
The study on online tourism portals and geographical maps has become a common research endeavor. Maps consisting of countries are digitally available to enable location-based searching, getting directions and information of places. Human beings are depending on the widespread of technologies such as...
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The one warehouse and N retailers problem with uncertain demand

Ercan ENY T, Hakan AKKAN
The major aim of this paper is to provide a solution to one warehouse and N retail-ers problem with uncertain demand. The ‘static-dynamic uncertainty’ strategy is used. The objective function is to mini-mize expected average total costs in-curred by the total system comprising of retailers’ replenishment...
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Study on the Use of an iPad app for University Student Recruitment

Xavier Ferre, Ricardo Imbert, Emilia Palma, Miguel Angel Pascual
Multi-touch tablet devices, like the iPad, are increasingly used for sales and mar-keting activities. In the higher education sector, these devices can contribute to university promotion and student re-cruitment. With this purpose, we have created an iPad app to be used by univer-sity informants in orientation...
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Special education teachers perception of their self efficacy to fulfill their new roles

Gavish Bella, BarOn Sari
The study examined the way in which novice special education teachers per-ceive their self efficacy to fulfill their roles as defined by the Council of Excep-tional Children. Findings show that teachers have high levels of self efficacy in prevailing and standard roles, and low levels of self efficacy...
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Empirical Study of Effects on Energy Conservation by Industrial Structure Adjustment in Beijing

Chunfang Zheng
From 2000 to 2010, by increasing per-centage of industries with low energy consumption intensity and decreasing that of industries with high energy consumption intensity, Beijing realized structural energy conservation and carbon emission reduction. After culculating by structural energy conservation...
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Exploring Readiness and Commitment of Senior Management towards Public Sector Transformational Change: A Rasch Analysis

Nazirah Aziz, Shu Hui Wee, Zamalia Mahmud
The purpose of this paper is to provide empirical evidence on the perceived read-iness of managers towards public sector transformational change. Data was col-lected using digital questionnaire from 40 managers in various public sector organi-sations. Data was analysed using Rasch measurement and Winsteps@...
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Assessing Emotional Intelligence Factors and Employees Commitment to Change

Norfadzilah Abd Razak, Faizuniah Pangil
This paper focused on emotional intelli-gence factors influenced individual com-mitment towards organization change. A survey was conducted among 144 administrative staffs in Universiti Utara Malaysia which is currently going through series of changes. Multiple regression analysis revealed self emotions...
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Excessive Imbalances and Debt Crisis in the Eurozone

Juraj Sipko
The main goal of the paper is to analyze the key factors that contributed to the macroeconomic imbalances and their impact on the debt crisis in the eurozone countries. Regression and correlation analysis indicated statistically significant relations between the key macroeconomic indicators, such as...
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Knowledge Economy and the Two New Resources: Education and Research

Gabriela Arionesei, Daniela-Giconda Burac, Daniela-Mihaela Neamtu, Livia-Elena Vranciu
”Lisbon Treaty” approaches knowledge society as a powerful goal for the European Union. In this article, we will try to achieve the recognition of the role of education, as a main pillar in building a European area of knowledge, learning and research system, as inputs. It is required a broader vision...
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Breast milk: an ancient tradition and an innovative investment for any community

M Giovannini, A Lops, PC Poli, E Riva, G Banderali
Breast milk, with nutritional but also functional components, is a real biologi-cal system. According to present knowledge, it is associated not only with improved parameters of growth, but also to a better neuronal-behavioral develop-ment.The importance of breastfeeding and the increasing evidence about...
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Development of Syllabus Feature Extraction System

Kazuhide Sugimoto, Kentaro Noguchi, Chikatoshi Yamada, Takahiro Yonamine
In order to guarantee the quality of the student's skill level and the acquisition level of knowledge, we have developed the embedded technology skill standards for national colleges of technology in Ja-pan based on syllabus data. In this paper, the function and implementation of a syllabus feature extraction...
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Wireless Feature Extraction System for Cloud-Dust Based Intelligent System by Using Embedded Wavelet Packet Method

ChungChi Huang, CongHui Huang, ChungLin Huang, ChungJui Wu, ShengFone Yang
In the paper, a wireless feature extraction system for cloud-dust based intelligent system using embedded wavelet packet method is developed. In order to decrease the massive transmission data form re-ceivers and transmitters of wireless sen-sors network, we reduce the data dimen-sions of sensors using...
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Analysis about Performance of Multiclass SVM Applying in IDS

Gang Zhao, Jianhao Song, Junyi Song
This paper presents a novel network in-trusion detection approach with the Sup-port Vector Machine embedded in and K-fold cross-validation method compound-ed for optimizing the attributes and SVM model. Compared with some representa-tive machine learning method, online data experimental results show...
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Design and Implementation of Quality Management Information System in Chi-nese Tobacco Industry Enterprise

Yong Cen, Honglv Wang, Zhihua Zhang, Huanwen Wang
Aim to enhance the level of quality man-agement of tobacco industry enterprise through the construction of information systems. This paper using MVC software design architecture, design the quality management information system for to-bacco industry enterprise based on .NET. System use SOA architecture...
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Reducing CO2 Emissions in Logistics Ac-tivities: Drivers and Barriers

Jimmy Castro Boluarte, Yongmei Bentley, Ram Ramanathan
This study examines aspects of CO2 emissions reduction in logistics activities of a number of large UK companies. Data were collected from in-depth interviews with logistics managers of UK companies across different sectors. The research identified the main drivers and barriers for CO2 reduction initiatives...
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Features of the Value-at-risk Methodology for Evaluation of Business Risks at Nonlinear Dynamics in Economic Development

M. Danchuk, A. Kravchuk, V. Danchuk
The novel method for business risks evaluation based on the Value-at-Risk (VaR) methodology is proposed. This method can be applicable for stable mar-kets analysis and for description of non-linear dynamics in economics including crisis-related economical changes. This method is driven by computer simulation...
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A Smart Blacklist Filter for the Android System

TaiFu Yu, JuiChung Hung
In this paper, we present an efficient blacklist filter to address fraudulent calls on an Android system. In general, fraudulent calls are almost never included in blacklist databases of smartphones. Therefore, we combined blacklist databases and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS) to reduce...