Proceedings of the International Conference on Language, Literature, and Education (ICLLE 2018)

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Developing Context-Based Reading Materials

Atmazaki Atmazaki
This study aimed to explain the process of developing teaching materials based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL). As the basis of development, this study used 7 types of texts that should be learned in class VII SMP items, namely descriptive texts, fantasy texts, procedural texts, report texts,...
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Love, Faith, Religion and Colonialization: Cultural Insight in Soul of Archipelago Literature

Hadijah Bte Rahmat
This paper discusses the role of literature in the development of culture, country, world and humanity of the people. The great literary work is not only beautiful artfully in terms of language and its shape, it can even give insights into thinking, science, values and soul, which can instill and develop...
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Maintenance and Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Minangkabau People Speak through Figures of Speech

Hasanuddin WS Hasanuddin WS
This research article contained a discussion about efforts to maintain and develop an intangible cultural heritage of Minangkabau people in the speech, that is speak using figure of language. The figure of language used by Minangkabau people is spoken in the form of a traditional phrase (proverbs). This...
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Literary Nationalism in Indonesia: Modern literature and its Development

Ismet Fanany
The concept of nationalism has frequently been used to classify and analyze a range of cultural expressions, including literature. For the newer nations of the world, it has been discussed in the context of the post-colonial experience as one of the themes commonly discernable in the modern literature...
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Function of Power in Class Discourse

Jumadi Jumadi
Power is the potentiality possessed by a person to influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. In fact, power is used in all speech events, including in class discourse. Through speech acts and speech patterns, teachers (T) and students (S) use the power in learning activities. Generally,...
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Comparing Literature and the World

Muhammad Haji Salleh
Literature develops specifically on village land, city, country and language itself. Literature is also derived from our experience, feelings, situations and needs. Although the language and art of literary works have shown much in common with each other, there are also many differences between them....
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Language and Well-being

Rebecca Fanany
It is generally accepted that there is a close relationship between language and culture and also between culture and the values and perceptions that influence individual actions and behavior. For this reason, study of the relationship between language and well-being has important implications for our...
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Problems in Language Teaching in Elementary School

Elfia Sukma, Ritawati Ritawati, Rahmatina Rahmatina, Ari Suriani
This study aims to determine the problems faced by teachers in the learning of writing languages on aspects of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor in primary school. This research uses qualitative approach. Data were obtained based on the results of the questionnaire answered by the teacher. Data were...
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The Need of Prose Teaching Material for Instructional Resources

Elyusra Elyusra, Dian Susyla
This paper aimed to describe the need for teaching materials of fictional prose aspects of instructional material structure at FKIP Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu. This description was part of the results of the development research aimed at producing the teaching materials model of Fictional Prose-based...
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A Model of Learning of Intelligent Characters in Higher Education

Famahato Lase, Herman Nirwana, Neviyarni Neviyarni, Marjohan Marjohan
The intelligent character education is a system of values cultivation for the students which encompasses the components of knowledge, awareness, willingness, actions to implement these values and as a way of adjusting the behaviors of the students, in order to become good citizens of the future. These...
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Politeness Strategies of Minangkabau Speakers in Criticizing based on Their Education Level

Fauziah Rahmi, Ermanto Ermanto, Harris Effendi Thahar
he aims of the study were (1) to describe the strategies of critically speaking criticism of Minangkabau speakers in West Sumatra based on their educational level and (2) to describe the level of use of Brown and Levinson-based strategies in a speech criticizing the Minangkabau speakers in West Sumatra...
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Practical Utilization of ICT in Adult Language Learning: Challenges and Barriers

Hendro Saptopramono, Muhammad Zaim, Syahrul Ramadhan, Agustina Agustina
English has become one of essential skills that must be acquired in this digital era. English learning process is not only conducted by young learner, but it is also conducted by adult learners. The development of technology especially Information Communication Technology (ICT) has lead significant improvement...
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The Analysis of Sentences Structure of Students Compositions at Grade VI of Elementary Schools in Bali Province

Ida Bagus Putrayasa, Dewa Putu Ramendra, Putra Manik Aryana
In conveying their ideas in writing, students often found some difficulties in composing sentences. The sentences composed, are not clear in terms of the structures, so that the ideas conveyed could not be understood well. Based on this situation, the main purpose of this study was to describe sentence...
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The Effect of Contextual Teaching and Learning Model and Motivation towards Skill of Fable Text Writing

Nur Kurnia Setiawati, Syahrul Ramadhan, Erizal Gani
This study aims to describefable text writing skills of students taught by the learning model contextual teaching and leraning and conventional learning model is a model of direct instruction, describes the skill of writing texts fable students taught through learning model contextual teaching and leraning...
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Development of Authentic Assessment Learning Model in Achieving Skill of Literary Text: A Strategy for Establishment of Young Generation Character

Nurizzati Nurizzati, Ena Noveria, Ermawati Arief
Lessons learned and evaluation Literary Appreciation tend to be neglected: less procedural, less precise, and less effective. Measuring appraisal tools of literary appreciation are mostly only up to the level of knowledge (cognitive), not to measure the psychomotor and affective aspects. Therefore, the...
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Development of Writing Learning Model Using Process Approach In Class III Elementary School

Mursal Mursal, Syahrul Ramadhan
This research is caused by the low ability of students in writing. Students' writing is difficult to read. Writing the alphabet and numbers seems still not good and neat, this will hurt the students themselves.When examining the results of the exercise, the teacher has difficulty reading the writing...
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Developing an Instructional Model Assisted Audio Visual Media

Novelti Novelti, Syahrul Ramadhan, Ermanto Ermanto, Agustina Agustina
Bahasa Indonesia teachers should be able to create an atmosphere of learning that can motivate participants who are in the middle of adolescence (12-14 years). Teachers can use an interesting media to help learners in uttering ideas. This study done to (1) analyze the developing an instructional model...
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Teaching with Adult Learners: Peer-Assessment Software in Translation and Interpretation

Nur Aisyah Zulkifli, Muhammad Zaim, Syahrul Ramadhan, Agustina Agustina
PowerPoint is one of the presentation software programs used effectively to present material in the classroom and encourage learner learning. In this study, PowerPoint is used as media to support learners’ peer-Assessment in the classroom. This case study highlights learners’ perception about the effectiveness...
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Language Variations Between Women and Men at SMP Muhammadiyah 3 Medan Academic Years 2017/2018

Oktavia Lestari P.
This study was a verbal analysis based on gender, with differences in sample language between male and female students in junior high school muhammadiyah 3 Medan, academic years 2017/2018. Based on the data, the results are as follows: (1) Use of voice and intonation From the data, summed up as follows....
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Prototype of Indonesian Reading Test for The Foreign Students

Laili Etika Rahmawati, Sarwiji Suwandi, Kundharu Saddhono, Budhi Setiawan
The research aimed to develop the prototype of Indonesian reading test for the foreign students. The research method applied the research and development (R&D). This research is part of the research in third stage that is product development. The product development is based on the graduates competency...
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Developing Reading Skills and Beginning Writing through Literary Literacy

Rama Wijaya A., Yeti Mulyati, Vismaia S. Damaianti, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi
Media in learning is very important to support learning success and maximize learning outcomes. In the multimedia era, the media used tend to be technology-based. But it is possible that conventional media such as books, novels, pictorial stories etc. can still be used and are indispensable. Literary...
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Development of Writing Exposition Text Materials Based-PBL

Rezki Islami, Syahrul Ramadhan, Yasnur Asri
This study was conducted to overcome the limitations of teaching materials on learning exposition text of students of class X. This study aimed to describe the process of developing learning module of expository text based on problem based learning (PBL) that valid (in terms of content, presentation,...
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Do Teachers of Lecturers need to Write Children’s Literature?

Rina Ratih
Appropriate texts for children may contribute to support their self-development in many aspects. Text selection should consider cultural values, for children do not grow up in an empty culture environment. Children’s literature are mostly the creation of men of letters. Thus, do teachers or lecturers...
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Effect of The Use of Cooperative Learning Approach Type Think Pair Share And Students Interest In Reading Towards Students Skill In Writing Observation Report Text

Rolli Gautama, Syahrul Ramadhan, Abdurahman Abdurahman
This research aims to describe the effect of the use of cooperative learning approach type think pair share and students’ interest in reading towards students’ skill in writing observation report text in grade ten of senior high school. This research deploys a quantitative research using experiment method...
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Online Learning Model Development Based on Blended Learning to Increase Activity and Learning Result

Rosmaria Rosmaria, Darmansyah Darmansyah, Ramalis Hakim
This research aimed to reveal: how the process of developing online learning model based on blended learning on valid class action research courses (PTK) is valid, how the practice of online learning model based on blended learning in the course of PTK ?, How the effectiveness of the development of online...
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The Use of Community Language Learning Method in Teaching English to Women Painters and Sellers of Bark Painting in Asei Island, Papua

Ruth Naomi Nancy Wompere
Informal English teaching for people in creative economy is still lacking or even never done before in Jayapura, Papua. Therefore, this study aimed to conduct teaching English for women painters and sellers of bark painting in Asei Island, East Sentani, Jayapura Regency. This research was a qualitative...
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Soft Skill of Language Teachers in the Classroom: Analysis of DeVito Humanistic Interpersonal Communication Model

Syofia Ulfah
The issue about the process of educating qualified teenagers is not easy because education nowadays demands dynamic wisdom and effort to find formulas to deal with the problems in this globalization stream. Therefore, teachers need to nurture and maintain good relationships with students and interpersonal...
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Culture of Literacy through Dongeng Text as Efforts to Improve Student Character in Islamic Primary School Khaira Ummah

Syofiani Syofiani, Hasanuddin WS Hasanuddin WS, Syahrul Ramadhan, Agustina Agustina, Mukhaiyar Mukhaiyar
The culture of literacy in elementary schools needs to be continuously developed, one through fairy texts. Culture of literacy means developing the logical thinking ability of students in understanding and interpreting something obtained, either orally or in writing, and able to use it in life. The text...
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Utilization of Indirect Speech Act In Kick Andy Talk Show as Learning Skill for Interviewer

Tressyalina Tressyalina, Ena Noveria, Ermawati Arief
Interview is a key in generating large amounts of information. This mainly depends on the quality of the interviewer's questions. Therefore, the element of WH-question in the form of interrogative elements is no stranger in learning the skills of the interviewer. However, the element can be developed...
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The Use of Politeness Principle in Teachers Directive Speech Acts on Teaching and Learning Process at SMA Negeri 5 Merangin Jambi Province

Tumiyar Manulang, Ermanto Ermanto, Ngusman Manaf
This study was aimed to (1) explain the type of teacher's directive speech acts, (2) the context of the situation in the teacher's directive speech acts, and (3) the principle of politeness in teachers' directive speech acts on teaching and learning process at SMA Negeri 5 Merangin Jambi Province. Data...
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Editorial Structure and Editing Task in Soleh Solihun Mau Jadi Apa? movies and their Implication in Introduction to Journalism course

Utami Dewi Pramesti, Yulianti Rasyid
This article described the structure and tasks of editing in the campus press, exactly at Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) in period 1998s named Karung Goni. This press was formed by a student group led by Soleh (as the main character) in the movie “Mau Jadi apa?” written by Soleh Solihun. The purpose...
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Learning Module Design Writing Argumentative Text Based Problem-Based Learning

Vivi Indriyani, Yasnur Asri, Syahrul Ramadhan
Based on the needs analysis, it is important to develop the learning module of writing the text of the argument. The modules are based on Problem Based Learning (PBL). The type of research was R & D (research & development). The development model used is 4-D (define, design, develop, and dessiminate)....
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Mentor and Mentee Understanding of Character Building in Mentoring Activity at SMP Arrisalah

Weni Yulastri
Mentoring is one of an effective learning method in character building. Therefore, some improvements are much needed. One of them is improving mentor and mentees’ understanding of the effectiveness of mentoring activity. The purpose of this research is to describe mentors and mentees’ understanding about...
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Development of Context-Based Reading Materials

Winda Rahmi, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Ermanto Ermanto
This study aims to describe the development of teaching materials to read text-based report on the observation of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) that are practical and effective. The development of these materials following the model of Plomp. Products produced in the form of teaching materials...
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Developing Students Critical Thinking on Speaking Through Socratic Questioning Method

Yayuk Hayulina Manurung, Fatimah Sari Siregar
This research was carried due to the lack of students’ critical thinking at English department on speaking. Answering questions were approximately found more popular than asking questions. Socratic questioning is a method of learning with the conversation or debate confronted with a series of questions....
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Development of a Learning Module of Writing Debate Text based Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Aditya Agung Pradita, Syahrul Ramadhan, Yasnur Asri
This study was conducted to address the limitations Indonesian teaching materials on learning to write text debate class X SMA Padang. The purpose of this study were (1) to explain the process of developing learning modules write text-based discussion of problem based learning (PBL) are valid, practical,...
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The Effect of Using Animated Media Films and Entering Behavior to Narrative Writing Skill in Indonesian Language Learning Class V

Aldora Pratama, Darnis Arief, Abna Hidayati
This research is motivated by students having difficulty in writing narrative and low value obtained by students in writing narration. For that, need a new breakthrough in learning to write narrative that is by using media of animated movie learning. The purpose of this research is to get information...
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The Contribution of National Examination Score Indonesia Language in High School and Reading Strategies toward Students Reading Comprehension Skill in Universitas Negeri Padang

Amril Amir
This study was conducted because of the low level of students reading skill. The national examination score Indonesian Languange in high school and reading strategies were assumed as the factors affecting students reading skill. The aim of this study was to describe and to analyze the contribution of...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Model on Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) Type and Reading Habits of Exposition Text Writing Skills

Anisa Rusyda, Syahrul Ramadhan, Novia Juita
This study was an experimental research which aimed at identifying the effect of implementation of Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) and reading habits of exposition text writing skills. This research is using quantitative method with a 2x2 factorial experimental design. The study population was...
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Does the Writing Argumentative Text Ability Correlate To Writing Motivation and Gramatical Competence?

Asep Muhyidin, Dase Erwin Juansah, Ediwarman Ediwarman, Aisyah Hamidiyah
This research focused on the ability of writing argumentative text correlate to writing motivation and grammatical competence. This research used survey method through correlational study. It was conducted on the students of grade X in SMA Negeri 3 Serang in academic year 2016/2017 using simple random...
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The Development of CTL Based Reading Description Text Learning Material

Daeng Tri Fahyuan, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Ermanto Ermanto
This research aimed to describe the validity and effectiveness of reading description text learning materials which are developed based on the principles of CTL for grade VII students. This research used the model of Plomp from prelimenary phase, development, up to asssesment phase. Validation of learning...
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Development of Teaching Material for Narrative Writing Using Graphic Organizer Type Circle Organizer in Elementary School

Darma Aswita, Syahrul Ramadhan, Taufina Taufik
The rationale of this research was the use of teaching materials that were less attractive and appropriate with the writing process (pre-writing, during the writing, and post-writing). Hence, this study aimed at describing the process of developing teaching materials for writing narrative and producing...
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Values of the Characters in Riau Folklore for Construction of Children Character in TK Pembina Negeri Rokan Hulu Riau

Delia Putri, Elvina Elvina, Misra Nofrita
This research aimed to describe the character values contained in Riau folklore that was instrumental in the formation of character in TK Pembina Negeri Rokan Hulu in Riau province. Riau is very important folklore delivered / told one of them to introduce and preserve local culture to the younger generation....
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Development of CTL-Based Reading Materials

Delsy Arma Putri, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Ermanto Ermanto
The study aimed to describe the develop of CTL-based reading materials for junior high school students. The product of this research was a reading material of procedure text-based on CTL summarized in a booklet (textbooks) which are valid and practical. The Instructional design used R and D development...
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Improving Students Public Speaking Skill through Instagram

Difiani Apriyanti, Syofiani, Syahrul Ramadhan, Mukhaiyar
Public speaking in English is a needed skill for leaders and staffs in any offices and companies in Indonesia. In this globalization era, skill to communicate effectively and efficiently in English during a meeting or a teleconference with foreigners is needed, such as for company product promotion,...
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Integrated Thematic Context on Contextual Learning Based on English Learning Process in the Fifth Year at As Shofa Islamic Elementary School

Marhamah Marhamah, Witri Handayani, Mukhaiyar Mukhaiyar, Syahrul Ramadhan
This article is aimed to describe integrated thematic context on contextual learning based on English learning process in the Fifth Year of As Shofa Islamic Elementary School. The increasing in the learning quality and the learning result of the students can be interpreted and manipulated by applying...
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Educational Values In Hujan By Tere Liye As A Literary Teaching Material In Senior High School

Ediwarman Ediwarman, Dase Erwin Juansah, Asep Muhyidin, Aisyah Hamidiyah
This study aimed to gain a deep understanding towards the values of education in Tere Liye’s novel, Hujan. The source of research data was a novel by Tere Liye, Hujan. The data of the research were educational values contained in the novel. Descriptive qualitative used as the method of the research....
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Increasing Writing Skills in Text Based Short Story (Folklore) through Audio Visual Media

Yuhartanti Yuhartanti, Novia Juita, Yasnur Asri
This research aimed to improve text-based short story writing skills in folklore through the use of audio-visual media visual in SMA Negeri 1 Batang Anai. The action research was chosen because of how the cycle the increase in text-based short story writing skills in folklore through the use of audio...
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The English Teachers’ Management for Genre-Based Writing Instruction in Learning Process of 2013 Curriculum at Senior High School

Yuni Cenrikawaty, Mukhaiyar Mukhaiyar, Anas Yasin, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
This research aims to know how the English teachers’ management for the teaching strategies in learning process of genre-based writing instruction in 2013 curriculum on Senior High School students of Pesisir Selatan. This research is limited to know how the English teachers manage the first stage building...
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The Structure of the News Headlines with Education Theme on Padang Ekspres Newspaper In 2015 by Using Van Dijk Model

Eka Rianto Rianto, Ermanto Ermanto, Novia Juita
The introduction of proposition in this study are summarized as follows. First, the locution that used by the journalist in presenting a news is still less effective. Second, the lack of professional capability in journalists to speak. Third, the use of Indonesian Language especially concerned in spelling,...