Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education (ICSSTE 2016)

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Study on the Factors Affecting the Environmental Behaviors of the Community Residents in Leisure Agriculture Tourism Destinations

Xiuzhi Lin, Xiujuan Huang
The environmental behaviors of the community residents, as the demonstrators, supervisors and beneficiaries of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations play an effect on the ecological environment of the leisure agriculture tourism destinations to a certain extent. In this study, the environmental...
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Research of English Teachers' Teaching Motivation in Independent College

Xiujuan Li, Yu Mei, Xiangjun Xu, Zhongmin Liu
The empirical study surveys the teaching motivation of 90 college English teachers from 3 different independent colleges. The results show that the Independent College English teachers' internal teaching motivation is stronger than external teaching motivation and the two have a significant difference....
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Research on the English Cross-Cultural Communication Skills from the Perspectives of Differences in Chinese and Western Thinking

Jing Yang
In this paper, we conduct research on the English cross-cultural communication skills from the perspectives of differences in Chinese and western thinking. According to the pragmatic about the context and the speech act theory, language communication in the discourse meaning varies with the context....
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Research on the University Library Information Resource Management Model under the Perspectives of Rich Media and Digital

Chen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on university library information resource management model under the perspectives of the rich media and digital. University library digitization construction can satisfy people thirst for knowledge of information. Although the traditional library is an important place...
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Research on the Higher Education Management Theory Framework Optimization and Practice under the Internet Background

Yanchun Qi
In this paper, we conduct the basic research on the higher education management theory framework optimization and practice under Internet background. Under background of globalization, the world in the development of higher education management reform and marketization, enterprise trend has become increasingly...
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On the Marketisation of University Education in Britain

Huan Chen
The word marketisation derived from the description of the government behavior involving selling government agencies, government services and assets and encouraging private enterprises. There are different forms of marketisation in higher education. In the system of marketisation, British government...
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Research on the Trends and Motivation of the Applied Accounting Transformation under the Background of Big Data and Internet

Jie Li
In this paper, we conduct research on general trends and motivation of applied accounting transformation under the background of the big data and Internet. Accounting environment is produced on which accounting theory and practice, the foundation of existence and development, also is the main standpoint...
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Research on the Lexical Chunks and Interactive Education Mode and the Corresponding Applications on Teaching of English Linguistics

Fei Zhu
In this paper, we conduct research on the lexical chunks and the interactive education mode and the corresponding applications on the teaching of English linguistics. The ultimate goal of the teaching is to improve the level of the students, exert students' initiative and creativity, in order to achieve...
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Research on the Computer and 3D Modeling and Printing Technology with the Applications on Modern Civil Engineering

Qiancheng Fang, Li Shang, Yonghui Shang
In this paper, we conduct research on the computer and 3D modeling technology with the applications on the modern civil engineering. Civil engineering is an important technology of the people to transform nature, the civil engineering in the actual construction technology for the human production and...
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Research on Nantong Craft Arts Resources and the Corresponding Applications on Local Higher Vocational Teaching

Donglian Jiang
In this paper, we conduct research on Nantong craft arts resources and the corresponding applications on the local higher vocational teaching. Higher vocational design class of the students' professional foundation courses, such as building design students' basic pillars design literacy, must undertake...
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Research on the Contemporary Group Company Financial Control Mode from the Perspective of Subsidiary Management and Control

Jie Li
In this paper, we conduct research on contemporary group company financial control mode from the perspective of the subsidiary management and control. The fundamental nature of enterprise is that it is a kind of effective mechanism to create wealth governance and management are part of the effective...
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Empirical Research on the Modern Literary Trend under the Background of Internet

Yan Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the modern literary trend under the background of the Internet. The modern network literature has become a proper noun with special connotation, in the development of network technology, driven by the modern literature already contains the traditional literature...
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Research on the Ningxia Economic Development Model from the Perspective of Industry Cluster

Jianzhong Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the Ningxia economic development model from the general perspective of the industry cluster. The enthusiasm of developing industrial cluster in China in recent years, governments at all levels to include cultivating industrial cluster in the area or industry development...
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Study on the Application of Network Teaching Platform to the Teaching of Course Management Science-Xi'an International University Is Taken for Example

Liqin Li
In the teaching of course Management Science, how to effectively make use of network teaching platform is a very important reform. How will be the best effect achieved? On the basis of the network teaching platform system available from Xi'an International University and also by combining with the teaching...
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Research and Practice on the Transformation Development of Local Private Application-Guided Colleges and Universities

Qiuju Liu
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on the transformation development of the local private application-guided colleges and universities. Private college is to point to by the social enterprises, institutions or individuals using fiscal funds to invest in the establishment of institutions of...
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Research on the Applications of Multimedia Technology under the Current Epoch of Internet Plus

Shenghong Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on the applications of the multimedia technology under the current epoch of Internet plus. Advances in science and technology to drive the move forward with the development of information industry, the development of computer network technology has been largely and...
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Research on the Practice Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Internet Plus

Hongxin Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the practice education in colleges and the universities under the background of the Internet plus. The modern teaching method system is a system and its primary characteristic is systemically. In system composed of a variety of teaching methods, they all around a...
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Study on the Construction of the Continuing Education Faculty in Private Higher Learning Institutions

Changjian Hu
The construction of the faculty in private higher learning institutions is a very important task. By combining with the current need of higher learning institutions for the applied talents training objective transformation, the idea about greatly developing the construction of "three-quality" faculty...
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Study on the Rural Tourism Development Model in China

Lei Zhou, Chong Wang
The study of rural tourism development model is focused by more and more scholars, and the perspective of development and management is mostly used. In this paper, on the basis of existing researches, five types of rural tourism development models are summarized and extracted, and the operation mechanism,...
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Research on the Universality of College English Teaching Mode under the Background of College Entrance Examination Reform and Autonomous Learning Concept

Wenxiao Zhu
In this paper, we conduct research on the universality of college English teaching mode under the background of college entrance examination reform and the autonomous learning concept. Autonomous learning is corresponding with the traditional accepting study a kind of modern learning style, take the...
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Path Selection of Xi'an Free Trade Area Construction under the Strategy of Silk Road Economic Belt

Weifeng Chen
From the present situation of worldwide free-trade area and the new trend of reform and opening in China after 18 of the fifth plenary session, you can see that in domestic, the construction and development of free-trade area, taking regional core city as center,is economy transformation means under...
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The feasibility of the actual combat application of the traditional martial arts techniques in modern combat challenge

Shifa Xue
The traditional Chinese martial arts are the pride of the Chinese national specialties, but with the development of the western modern combat, some traditional martial arts bias appeared, such as the argument of the real fight of the traditional martial arts. This paper starts from the traditional historical...
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The Design of the Online Teaching System based on Multi-agent System

Ablimit Arxiden, Shanxia Wang
By introducing multi-agent technology to the online teaching system and establishing a personalized online teaching system model, the intelligent and personalized problems in the traditional online teaching system are solved; the needs of students for learning are fulfilled; the intelligent and interactive...
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Research on the Flip the Classroom Teaching Mode for Innovation Entrepreneurship Classes under the MOOCs Background

Shenghong Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on the flip the classroom teaching mode for the modern innovation entrepreneurship classes under the MOOCs background. Job creation and encourage the entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities will be a long-term policy, which puts forward higher requirements...
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The analysis on the reform of college football course

Wenhuan Huang
Modern football has a long history and tradition, and it is one of the most popular sport around the world. The football also has a wide audience in China, and the development has formed a considerable scale in the colleges and universities in China, more and more students choose the football courses....
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Research on the New English Language Teaching Approach based on Sharing of the Knowledge Economy under the MOOCs Background

Fei Ma
In this paper, we conduct research on the new English language teaching approach based on sharing of the knowledge economy under the MOOC background. College English teaching is the core part of education in colleges and universities that are leading an indicator of college teaching can reveal most times...
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Research on British and American Culture Development Pattern from the Angles of Metaphor and Idioms

Lijuan Sun
In this paper, we conduct research on the British and American culture development pattern from the angles of the metaphor and idioms. Cross-cultural communication in English is the most complex sphere in intercultural language communication, and the most typical and representative, which is by number...
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Research on the Practice and Reform of the Ordinary University Sports Curriculum with Internet Aided Instruction Mode

Hong Zhou
In this paper, we conduct research on the practice and the reform of the ordinary university sports curriculum with the Internet aided instruction mode. With the rapid popularization of the Internet application, not only traditional teaching ideas, teaching means, teaching content, teaching process and...
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English Reading Skills of College Students

Zhiyong Sun
One of the basic skills crucial to every individual is the ability to read. Reading is a fundamental skill that allows a person to be able to expand knowledge and widen their horizons. It is also a kind of skills that students need to have. With the advent of the era of information, the English materials...
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Research on the Misunderstanding and Trend of Chinese Population Economy Development under the Economic Transformation Background

Chongmei Li
In this paper, we conduct research on misunderstanding and trend of Chinese population economy development under the economic transformation background. New normal has become a new annotation, at present, China's economic development can be expected that with the continuous impact of the global financial...
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Research on the Public English Teaching Mode Reform under the Environment of Information Technology

Haipeng Luo
In this paper, we conduct research on the public English teaching mode reform under the environment of information technology. This article fully draw lessons from successful experience of others, combined with years of practice of the reform of public English, the author expounds the necessity and characteristics...
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Research on the Development Trend of Chinese Traditional Music Art from the Perspectives of Aesthetic and Historical Culture

Huihua Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on the development trend of Chinese traditional music art from the perspectives of aesthetic and historical culture. In the ancient Chinese aesthetic tradition, "peace" music aesthetic of music practice has the extremely important influence, not only affect the music...
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Research and Implementation on the Logistics Warehouse Management System

Jie Chang
In this paper, we conduct research on the modern logistics warehouse management system. Enterprise supplies all activities were around to ensure that production and other tasks planned to finish the fundamental goal, therefore, on the one hand to accounting supplies must dosage, on the other hand to...
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Research on the Cognitive Theory and Its Applications on Contemporary Development of English Language and Literature

Peng Sui
In this paper, we conduct research on cognitive theory and its applications on contemporary development of English language and the literature. The development of cognitive linguistics is not an accident, it reveals a kind of natural law in the development of the literature as is a result of the collision...
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Research on the O2O Mode and Corresponding Influences on the Online and Offline Internet Marketing

Yajuan Sun
In this paper, we conduct research on the O2O mode and corresponding influence on the online and offline Internet marketing. Precision marketing is on the basis of fully understanding of consumer information, according to its characteristics and primary preferences targeted to carry out the one-to-one...
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How to Improve College Students' Oral English

Zhiyong Sun
There are some problems in college English teaching, such as lacking of interaction between students and teachers, ignoring cultivating ability of communication, lacking of practice opportunities. Students are familiar with grammar, vocabulary and record materials, but the true ability is difficult to...
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Research on Development Mode of Contemporary English Language and Literature in China from the Perspective of Local Culture

Qiaohong Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on the development mode of the contemporary English language and literature in China from the perspective of local culture. Along with the development of the economic globalization, for people to further improve the English level requirements, not only requires people...
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Research on the Education Pattern and Optimization Countermeasures for Contemporary College Student Ideological and Political Education under the Internet Background

Jiaqian Zhang
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on education pattern and related optimization countermeasures for contemporary college student ideological and political education under Internet background. College students' ideological and political education main body collaborative system its function...
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Research on the Internal Marketing and the Corresponding Applications on Star Hotel Management

Junli Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on internal marketing and corresponding applications on the star hotel management. The development of the economy hotel is in the exploratory stage in our country, with the rapid development of economy hotel, the management phase change, further market segmentation,...
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How to Increase primary Students' Enthusiasm for Learning English?

Zhiyong Sun
Society is making progress, science and technology is developing. Nowadays the development of learning ability is required in the quality education. English is an important discipline of primary school, while the primary school stage is a very important period to cultivate a habit which will determine...
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Research on the Setting of "Problem" in the Teaching of Post Education

Zhongmin Liu, Zelong Zhou, Shanchao Tu
Under the current new situation, the core principle of the reform of the education and teaching in the military academies is the "problem center". In the center of the teaching mode, the "problem" is the core of teaching, the teaching process is carried out around the "problem". Based on the analysis...
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Research on the Reform Orientation of College Ideological and Political Course System under Background of Chinese Dream and New Normal

Jiaqian Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the reform orientation of the college ideological and the political course system under background of the Chinese dream and new normal. The complex phenomenon of ideological and political education to our ideological and political education essence, grasp the law...
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Research on the Contemporary Study of Vocal Music Art Trend from the Aesthetics Perspective and Rhythm Background

Lijuan Zhao
In this paper, we conduct research on the contemporary study of the vocal music art trend from the aesthetics perspective and rhythm background. Music and art as a practice, under the current background, the modern research of music aesthetics are also constantly improve and enhance, this kind of music...
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A Study on Foreign Languages Demand in Xi'an Under the Background of "the Silk Road Economic Belt"

Wei Qin, Hong Wu
On September 7, 2013, delivering a speech at the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, President Xi Jinping appealed to Asian and European countries to jointly build " the silk road economic belt". The Chinese government attaches great importance to building a new "Silk Road" economic zone. With unique...
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Analysis on Western Universal Value Theory

Jiang Sang
Wrapped in academic discourse, Western universal values theory advocates political discourse and political system with strong imprint of western institutions disseminating by the form of public discourse. It shows a rebound trend, after a decline in our country. In the critical period of the current...
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Ways on Developing the Ability of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Zhiyong Sun
The paper aims at how to develop secondary school students' abilities of Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing. listening, speaking, reading and writing are basic abilities in learning English. Through investigations, the writer finds that there are some obstacles to hinder students from improving...
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Research on the Purpose-Guided and Corresponding Characteristics of the Business English Letter

Qin Guo
In this paper, we conduct research on purpose-guided and the corresponding characteristics of the business English letter. Business English correspondence plays a role in many way, its basic features include development of trade customers, business communication, transaction management and so on three...
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Research on the Contemporary Situation of University's Ideological and Political Education and the Corresponding Countermeasures under the New Circumstances

Jiaqian Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the contemporary situation of university ideological and the political education and the corresponding countermeasures under the new circumstances. Traditional ideological and political education the subjective one-sided emphasis on the authority of educators and...
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Mathematics Teaching Reform Study in Higher Vocational College Based on Vocational Capacity Needs

Feifei Shao
Modern society needs people with vocational ability and higher vocational colleges also aim at cultivating students with high professional competence. Many people think that mathematics teaching in vocational colleges is irrelevant with professional competence training, but the author thinks that mathematics...
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The convergence of man and woman gender in Xinjiang national diet folk

Chun-ping Zhang
The general idea is that woman is the main part of the diet activities from the traditional society to the modern civilized society, but the difference between woman and man is more obvious in specific diet etiquette. The reasons for the gender differences not only are related to the nature of the woman,...
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Research on the Contemporary Condition and Countermeasures of Higher Vocational College English Teaching

Xiaomin Zeng
In this paper, we conduct research on the contemporary condition and the countermeasures of the higher vocational college English teaching. In the process of learning a foreign language, the different way of thinking, value system, emotion and language collide with each other, to absorb and fusion, as...
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Research on the Sunlight Sports and Corresponding Involved Medical Problems and Sports Health Knowledge

Shanguo Liu, Yue Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the sunlight sports and the corresponding involved medical problems and the sports health knowledge. Life lies in movement, and movement in the correlation of constitution health and physical exercise are presented, embodies the physical exercise behavior and the...
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Occupational Burnout Research and Analysis of Vocational School Teachers under Comprehensive Incentive Model Perspective

Guojing Zhang
Based on Stephen Robbins Comprehensive Incentive Model, the author analyzes the causes of teachers' job burnout and puts forward preventive measures by method of sampling questionnaire survey and interview on part of Liaoning vocational college teachers from personal goal, individual effort, the individual...
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Chinese Transfer in English Grammar Teaching

Yinghua Kang
Chinese transfer plays an important role in the teaching and learning of English grammar. Though there are many differences between English and Chinese, many rules are shared by English and Chinese, especially in terms of grammar. Therefore, in teaching of English grammar, proper use of transfer of Chinese...
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Research on the Curriculum System Construction Plan for Animation Design and Production of Specialty in High Vocational Colleges

Zhenhuan Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on curriculum system construction plan for animation design and production of specialty in high vocational colleges. With the development of animation industry in our country, the existing higher vocational anime education already cannot satisfy the needs of the enterprises....
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Research on the Construction Mode of Mechanical and Electrical Integration of Intelligent Control System based on Multi-agent Technique

Xiaofeng Xu
In this paper, we conduct research on the construction mode of mechanical and electrical integration of intelligent control system based on the multi-agent technique. The development of the modern science and technology has greatly promoted the cross of different subjects and infiltration, caused the...
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Study on the CAN Search Model based on BDI Agent

Ablimit Arxiden
The main purpose of establishing a complex agent network (CAN) search model is to specifically model each type of the relationships between different types of Agent structure domain and make it easier to be implemented in the existing programming language environment. Under the guidance of complex Agent...
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Research on the Current Situation of Development of Phenomenology and the Influences on Language Cognition

Zhongliang Cui, Huili Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on current situation of development of phenomenology and the influences on language cognition. Language is a part of human cognition, it not only by the group, including cultural types and communication mode, objective social constraints, as also shared with human cognitive...
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Research on the Modern Psychological Health Problems of the Floating Population Development Trend under the Urbanization Process

Dengguo Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on modern psychological health problems of floating population development trend under the urbanization process. Psychological health problems in our country and its influence factors have been seriously, and the relationship between self-concept and mental health of...
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The Applicability in Selection of American sitcoms as Materials for Teaching English listening and speaking

Quan Sun
English Sitcoms are widely welcomed by teachers and students, but it has been debatable whether they are suitable for teaching material in English teaching. Though in these sitcoms spoken English with full-filled humor is the main feature, there is still a long distance between real and Actors' lines....
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Research on the Interactive Interpreting Teaching Mode under the Multimedia and Traditional Microteaching Environment

Jing Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the interactive interpreting teaching mode under the multimedia and primary traditional microteaching environment. English interpretation course system construction request from the student reality, on the basis of the actual situation, improving students' comprehensive...
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Analysis on the Construction of Network Mental Health Education System in Colleges and Universities

Jian Yong
For the higher education in the era of network, a systematic, scientific, and three-dimensional system platform is constructed, in order to enhance the efficiency and expansibility of the psychological education. Seen from the current mental education system construction in colleges and universities,...
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Research on the None Mercury Electrode Electrochemical and the Core Applications on Waste Water Metal Ions Detection under the Background of Green Industry

Juan Yang
In this paper, we conduct research on none-mercury electrode electrochemical and the core applications on waste water metal ions detection under the background of green industry. The excess consumption of natural resources and ecological environment of serious imbalance that has aroused worldwide for...
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A Survey of English Classroom Interaction in Guilin Normal College

Xiaoyun Ma, Xiaoming Long
Humanistic psychology stresses that both cognition and affection should be incorporated in human's wholesome and comprehensive development. In guidance of the humanistic psychology, a new round of reform in College English Curriculum Requirement has advocated. English classroom teaching has changed from...
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Cultural Transmission Problem with Cultural Globalization Angle in the Expansion of the Second Language- Take International Promotion of Chinese as an Example

Kunhu Wu
Under the new background of the cultural globalization's development, advocating multicultural coexistence and the fusion development of culture. Language is the carrier of culture, countries disseminate culture through their second language in the process of cultural integration development. However,...
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A Study of the Effect of Network-based English Teaching on College Students' Creative Thinking Ability and Creative Attitude

Ting Zhou
Creativity is a key element in the construction and development of a nation. The essential goal of quality-oriented education is to improve the quality of all college students, which focuses on cultivating their creative spirit and the ability to experiment. English education is an important component...
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Research on the Current Condition and Countermeasures of Private Colleges and Universities Student Physique Health Test under the Background of Sunshine Sports

Dan Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the current condition and countermeasures of private colleges and universities student physique health test under background of sunshine sports. For the further reform of basic education thought and education idea, strengthen quality education, widening specialty...
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Research on College English Teaching Model Optimization under Information Technology Background: Taking Xi'an University as Empirical Analysis Example

Qing Wei
In this paper, we conduct research on college English teaching model optimization under information technology background with the Xi'an university as the empirical analysis example. The professional talent training is a systems engineering, to cultivate excellent talents with international communication...
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Research on the College English Listening Teaching Mode based on the Associated Guidance Theory

Li Gao
In this paper, we conduct research on the college English listening teaching mode based on the associated guidance theory. College English is an important course in teaching of universities and the college English listening teaching should also become the important content of the teaching in the colleges...
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Research on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Aided Decision-Making Mechanism with the Applications on Video Website Homemade Program Innovation

Ting Li
In this paper, we conduct research on the big data and the artificial intelligence aided decision-making mechanism with the applications on video website homemade program innovation. Make homemade video shows new media platform site content production with new possible, as also make the traditional media...
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Research on the Development Orientation of Enterprise Management Incentive Mode under the Background of New Normal and Economic Transformation

Gefei Sun
In this paper, we conduct research on the future development orientation of the enterprise management incentive mode under the background of new normal and economic transformation. Along with our country social economy level being unceasing enhancement, the modern enterprise management mode also has...
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Integration of cultural education in English teaching

Yan Wu
Language carries culture of a nation. Cultural differences can make people quickly enough to distinguish the characteristics of the nation based on linguistic features of a nation in complex modern society communication. Therefore, foreign language learning in the exotic culture of learning or an appropriate...
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Research on the Ethical Principles of Enterprise Human Resources and Performance Management

Xiaoguo Yin
In this paper, we conduct the research on ethical principles of enterprise human resources and performance management. After entering the 21st century, great changes have taken place in the human society, began to turn industrial economic era to knowledge economic era. Global economic integration and...
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Build Cross-border E-commerce "Overseas warehouse" Platform Effectively

Guangming Wu
In recent years, China's e-commerce has maintained a rapid growth, cross-border e-commerce business has made a rapid development and has become a new growth point of national economy and an important direction of e-commerce business trade. Cross-border e-commerce trading platform which promotes the development...
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Research on Contemporary Film and Television Industry Development Trend from the Angles of Visual Aesthetic and Cultural Inheritance

Wantong Cao, Yuting Cui
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on contemporary film and television industry development trend from the angles of visual aesthetic and the cultural inheritance. Brand culture of the aesthetics is to guide the business ideas and the concept of transmission planning system is the concept...
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Study on the Creative Design of Cultural Landscape in Urban Landscape

Qianwen Xiao
Under the background of globalization, the design of cultural landscape can not only represents the common concepts and ideas of the whole urban landscape design but also has unique cultural elements. The space design, design techniques, unaffected logic thinking and natural aesthetic characters all...
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Primary Discussion on the Ecological Garden Landscape Construction in the Cities

Qianwen Xiao
With the rapid development of the economy in China, the ecological problems in the cities in China are more and more severe. Due to the increase of globalization process, the urbanization process is also more and more rapid. All the countries all discuss and study the ecological environment, and China...
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Study on the official WeChat Business Application in University Library

Dongwang Jin
In development of the new era, the Wechat platform has penetrated people's lives, gradually affect the user's life and learning style and produce major changes in daily life and other aspects. The current official Wechat operation mode of university Library is approaching maturity and gets a good reputation...
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Research on the Developmental Trend of CG Technology in Hollywood and the Influence on Chinese Film and Television Production

Yuting Cui, Wantong Cao
In this paper, we conduct basic research on the developmental trend of CG technology in Hollywood and the influence on Chinese film and the television production. The film's real, this should not be true of physical reality, and should be a real art. Under the real line of art, is the creation subject,...
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Joint Integration of Deng Xiaoping' Reform Theory and Chinese Reform

Guidong Wang
As one of the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Deng Xiaoping theory provides a strong guiding ideology and driving direction for the development of socialism. The main reform basis of Deng Xiaoping's reform theory is socialistic basic contradictions and the main reform objective...
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Research on Current Situation of Agricultural Products Online Sales Standards in Hubei Province

Ying Liu, Lingzhi Liu
To clarify the status quo of agricultural products online sales, to promote the development of agricultural products online sales activities, from the marketable perspective, agricultural products are subdivided into agricultural products quality grading and classification standards, the standards of...
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To Improve the Effectiveness of Anti-secession and Anti-osmosis in Ideological Field of Xinjiang Higher Vocational Colleges under the Guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development

Wei Wang
The source structure of students in Xinjiang higher vocational colleges is complicated; most of the students have multi-variant ideologies and weak self-control ability. Under such background, the struggle of anti-cession and anti-osmosis in the ideological field of Xinjiang higher vocational colleges...
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Study on university teachers' career development complying with the connotative development in Shanxi province Taking young English teacher from Shaanxi University of Science and Technology for example

Li Gao
With the development of higher education in China, the social responsibility undertaken by higher education is becoming more and more obvious and knowledge innovation in universities, scientific research, teaching and others have played an important role for social and economic develop-ment. And the...
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Research on the Development Trend of Modern Sports Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Comprehensive Physical Ascension

Yong Wang
In this paper, we conduct research on the development trend of the modern sports teaching mode from perspective of comprehensive physical ascension. Sports teaching is basic organization form of college sports, is the main way to attain the goal of college sports. Colleges and universities sports teaching...
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Research on the Developmental Trend of Data Journalism under the Background and Time of Big Data

Hui Zhi
In this paper, we conduct research on the developmental trend of the data journalism under the current background and the time of big data. Big data is not only a concept, but also a description of a state of society: in the era of the big data, data become important social resources and production data,...
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Application of the Communicative Language Teaching in College Oral English Class

Xiujuan Li, Zhongmin Liu, Xiangjun Xu, Yu Mei
To improve students' listening and speaking ability and cultivate thinking habit of speaking is the focus of English teaching. And CLT is the best choice to solve this problem. CLT focus on improving students' communicative competence through creating harmonious teaching environment, establishing fruitful...
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Research on Higher Mathematics Teaching Effective Countermeasures for Application-Oriented University under Background of Informatization

Wei Xiong
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on the higher mathematics teaching effective countermeasures for the application-oriented university under background of the informatization. The construction of applied undergraduate colleges and universities is an important part of Chinese higher education...
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Analysis on the innovation and impact of BIM technology in the field of engineering cost

Wei Feng
Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the application of BIM (building information model) technology in the engineering field. Most well-known domestic and Design Institute to establish a BIM team. Meanwhile, many large-scale projects also incorporate BIM technology for construction and...
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Research on the Novel Mode of Plane Graphic Design from the Angle of Visual Language Transmitting

Hui Wu
In this paper, we conduct research on the novel mode of plane graphic design from the core angle of the primary visual language transmitting. Relationship between nationality and cosmopolitan processing in graphic design in the design of image symbol expression and significance of the symbol on the one...
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Feasibility of College Japanese Major and Japanese Joint Training Projects

Wei Zou
In recent years, university exchanges between China and Japan is more active, we can see that in the joint efforts of China and Japan, the scale of cooperation is expanding, understanding and friendship between the young people are gradually deepened. The long-term stability of University conducted exchanges...
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Research on the Development Trend of English Teaching under the Background of Autonomy and Exploratory Learning

Tieyuan Wei
In this paper, we conduct research on development trend of the English teaching under the background of autonomy and exploratory learning. With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, especially in the knowledge economy, on the basis of the information age, knowledge update speed greatly accelerated,...
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Research on the MOOC and Multimedia Technology with Applications on Contemporary Literature Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yan Li
In this paper, we conduct research on MOOC and multimedia technology with applications on the contemporary literature teaching in the colleges and universities. Modern and contemporary literature teaching should be recognized is aging, rigid, not adapt to the problems of the times, including floating...
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Research on the University English Translation Course System Construction under the Market Orientated and Employment Guided Background

Dan Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the university English translation course system construction under the market orientated and employment guided background. High quality English translation course is dependent on the scientific management, as the strict teaching management is the important basis...
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Research on the Electrical Automation Control System Reliability Enhancement Improvement Ways from the System Feedback Angle

Guojuan Zhou, Rensheng Wei, Shuli Meng, Hong Chen
In this paper, we conduct research on the electrical automation control system reliability enhancement improvement ways from the system feedback angle. Electronic control system for the development of the national economy has an important role in promoting, on the national life and the enterprise production...
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Design and Implementation of High-Speed Real-Time Data Acquisition and Processing System based on FPGA

Guojuan Zhou, Guocan Xiong, Fuhua Yu, Wen'e Sun
In this paper, we conduct research on the design and the implementation of the high-speed real-time data acquisition and processing system based on the FPGA. Input signal data acquisition system are most come from the sensor output signal, different types of basic sensors, the signal characteristics...
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"Internet+" Area Enterprise Information Security Research

Guanghui Li, Jing Su, Zhaohan Ding
2015, in the government work report, "Internet +" has been formally put forward to determine the status of "Internet +" in national economic development. So-called "Internet +" refers to a new economic form, which is about technology and the Internet business integrate to achieve the goal of promoting...
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The Study on Cross-cultural Pragmatic Failure under the Perspective of Adaptation Theory

Na Liu
With the rapid development of globalization and frequent contacts among different countries, intercultural communication is getting more and more important. However, people from different countries may use their own cultural values, beliefs and attitudes to understand others from different cultural backgrounds....
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Improved Optimization Algorithm of Ant Colony

Yunhong Zhao
The mechanisms and basic principles about ant colony algorithm is researched, and in system point of view such characteristics as positive feedback, self-organizing systems, and distributed computing of the ant colony algorithm are analyzed. Analysis, verify and classify improved optimization algorithm...
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Design of Practice Teaching Guide Book under the Mode of Work Study Combination -- for example of Management and Shopping Mall Design Course

Haoran Yang
This paper mainly takes the example of market operation and management of modern teaching practice to guide the design, study the instructions in the practical teaching process, which plays an important role in making the practice of classroom teaching management more standardized,teaching content and...
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Analysis of Current Situation of Fancy Rope Skipping Curriculum in Regular Institutions of Higher Learning in Sichuan Province

Yongmao Zhang
This paper adopts the research methods such as literature material method, questionnaire investigation method, expert interview method and mathematical statistics to investigate and study the conditions of fancy rope skipping curriculum in 22 universities in Sichuan. The research shows that the university...