Proceedings of the 2020 4th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2020)

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The Characteristics and Value of Internet Use in the Elderly

Ge Ying, Li Zonghua
With the rapid development of science and technology, a digital “silver wave” is rising under the dual era background of informatization and aging. Based on the theory of three elements of use value and the theory of social reconstruction, this paper analyzes the group characteristics of the Internet...
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Practical Exploration of University-Enterprise Collaborative Talent Cultivation Based on “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”

Guangyu Mu, Xue Wang
In order to promote China to become a mighty country in engineering education, the Chinese Ministry of Education has executed the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” (hereinafter referred to as EEETP) for nearly a decade. The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of university-enterprise...
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Research on College English Online Teaching During Covid-19 Outbreak

Si Li
With the outbreak of Coronavirus Pneumonia China and even the world are stepping into the Online Teaching era, which altered traditional classroom teaching. This paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges that online teaching is faced with and explores the path and experiences of college English...
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Investigation and Research on the Ideal Employer Brand of College Students: Taking College Students in Beijing as the Example

Ni Yuan, Du Xiaotong, Yu Youli, Liu Yuxin, Zhou Liang
Employer brand strategy is a new talent competition strategy, and is a blue ocean strategy in corporate brand building, especially talent development. It enables organizations to achieve value innovation and reduce labor costs in the fierce competition for talent, and more prominently, to enhance the...
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The Training of Computational Thinking in Basic Computer Teaching in Universities

Jian Peng
In the present stage of basic university computer teaching, training students’ computational thinking has become the most important one, on the one hand, it is because training students’ computational thinking can strengthen students’ thinking logic ability, also can improve students’ ability to solve...
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An Analysis on the Cultivation of the Innovation Ability of Middle School Students in Graphic Design Teaching

Xiaoyun He
In graphic design, the most important core competence of designers is innovation ability, and the difference between designer’s innovation ability and other professions’ innovation ability is that for designers, innovation ability is designer’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, in graphic design...
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Will Cyber Warfare Become a Threat to Contemporary International Security?

Yutong Wu, Yudi Huang
With the development of nuclear weapons and countries’ abilities to launch destructive attacks, cyber warfare has become a new alternative for future forms of conflicts. This paper will discuss the concept of cyber warfare and the reasons why it constitutes a serious threat to international security...
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Research on the Guidance and Management Strategy of Internet Public Opinion in the Media Environment

Bing Liang
With the rapid development of the Internet age, every Internet user who uses the Internet is a producer and disseminator of public opinion information. The online public opinion in the self-media environment is a reflection of the public’s attitude to social speech on the self-media platform, which has...
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Analysis on the Current System of China’s Low-carbon Fiscal and Tax Policies: Based on the Analysis of the Policy Text

Yang Liu, Na Meng
For the evaluation of the content of the existing China ’s low-carbon fiscal and taxation policy system. This paper uses quantitative analysis of policy texts, through quantitative analysis and content mining of China ’s low-carbon fiscal and taxation policy text since 2014, it is found that China ’s...
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Double-Study Moving Station: Conception of Cultivation Model for “Theory and Practice Integrated” Teachers in Application-Oriented Universities

Liqiong Jiang, Xiaoying Yang
Applied talents are cultivated in the application-oriented universities, which requires that the teachers shall be of “theory and practice integrated” teachers with rich professional theoretical knowledge, and excellent operation skills and practical teaching ability. The cultivation mode of teachers...
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On the Legalization of College Student Management From the Perspective of “Putting People First”

Zhu Jiaming, Wu Pengju
As the core of the scientific development concept, “putting people first” has profound and comprehensive philosophical connotation. It is not only a matter of values, but also a unity of world outlook, outlook on life and values. While establishing the “putting people first” management concept, colleges...
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Study on the Strategies of Music Sensory Integration Course for Children’s Language Development

Hu Hao, Wei Dongmei, Fan Xiaoxiao
Due to the acceleration of urbanization in China and the influence of the living space structure of small families in big cities, family environment and the concept of family education, the number of children with insufficient development of sensory integration ability which is closely related to children’s...
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Research and Analysis on Problems Existing in Singing Activity Gamification of the Mid-class of Kindergarten

Fan Xiaoxiao, Wei Yi, Hu Hao
Teachers of the mid-class of kindergartens are regarded as the main research object in this paper. Lots of literature related to the research have been looked up in advance, and the documents relevant to the singing activity gamification have been sorted to preliminarily know the current status of the...
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Research on the Flow of Teachers in Public Interest Kindergartens A Case of Chongqing China

Liu Jianhong, Lei Ziteng
Based on the current situation and problems of the teachers’ flow in public interest kindergartens, it is found that the current flow of teachers is a relatively common phenomenon for kindergartens through a survey and interviews with kindergarten teachers and kindergarten principals. In this regard,...
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The Relationship Between Nonfinancial Measurements and Company Performance - Based on the Level of Customer Satisfaction

Qi Wu, Yingqi Pan, Peicong Zhou, Chengcheng Li
In this paper, the authors analyze the relationship between customer satisfaction and company performance and mainly talk about the major influence of customer satisfaction. This research examines company performance into financial and nonfinancial parts and provides a way to measure the company performance,...
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The Evolution and Enlightenment of the Idea of Achieving Great Unification by Using Military Forces

Fang Hua, Feng Zhengzheng, Hao Wenhui, Guo Jianguo, Zuo Yuan, Liu Hui
The idea of great unification is very profound. Historically, China has overcome many risks of divisions and built a unified multi-ethnic country, which is deeply rooted in the idea of great unification. The idea of achieving great unification by using military forces sprouted in the Xia, Shang and Zhou...
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A Summary of Domestic Research on the Causes of Upheaval in the Soviet Union

Hao Liu, Zekai Song, Chengcheng Li
With the evolution of the century pattern and the in-depth advancement of China’s reform and opening up, the domestic academic community has always paid attention to the problem of the upheaval in the Soviet Union and East China, and has conducted useful discussions and analysis on the deep-seated causes...
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Current Situation and Hotspot of Domestic Agricultural Product Brand Research—Visual Analysis Based on Bibliometric Analysis

Gao Kai, Chen Jiaying, Liu Yimin
To understand the domestic research present situation and the hotspot in t-he field of agricultural products brand, adopting the method of literature metrology, com-prehensive utilization of NoteExpress, SPSS, Ucient, Netdraw software, such as making a map visualization, and further research in the field...
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A Journey of Self-realization—An Interpretation of My Antonia With the Perspective of Jung’s Archetype Theory

Ruilin Yang
As one of the classic “Nebraska Prairie” series novels, My Antonia can be regarded as a song of women’s growth, praising women’s persevering, pioneering and aggressive spirit. The author, Willa Cather, in the story portrays Antonia, a female character who insists on resisting the male authority of the...
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Analyzing the Causes of Rumors in the Context of Public Emergencies: A Literature Review

Hu Jiyuan
Rumors occur in the context of public emergencies, which bring great trouble to the public. Studies of the occurrence of rumors will enable the government to deal with public emergencies more effectively. Although there were many studies related to this field, they are relatively unsystematic. In view...
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Heterogeneity Analysis of the Influence of Capital Going to the Countryside on Rural Household Income

Yu Faying
This paper uses the China Labor Force Survey (CLDS2014) data to empirically analyze the impact of capital going to the countryside on rural household income. The study finds that: capital going to the countryside has significantly increased rural household income as a whole; its impact on rural household...
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The Status and Resolution Mechanism of Environmental Brief Introduction and Countermeasures of Environmental Public Interest Litigation

Hongfei Xu
In recent years, while China’s economy is developing at a high speed, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Problems such as air pollution and water pollution are emerging one after another, causing serious social problems. Environmental governance is imminent. Therefore, China revised...
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Exploration and Practice of Excellent Course “Management of Aviation Equipment Storage”

Li Li, Sun Weiqi, Li Weiling, Guo Feng, Zhou Bin, Shi Yumin, Liu Min
Combined with the construction of the excellent course of aviation equipment storage management, this paper introduces the practical results of the course reform in the aspects of course standard, faculty, teaching content, teaching method, teaching management and evaluation method. Practice shows that...
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Expand the Research and Practice of the Training Path of English for Military Cadets

Li Meng, Song Mei, Hao Wenhui
English ability is an important branch of national defense language ability, but there is still an obvious gap between the English ability of Chinese military cadets and the training target of new military talents. There is no obvious difference between the English teaching of military academies and...
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Construction of an Integrated Management System for Underground Pipelines in the Context of Holistic Governance

Wang Teng, Xu Dong, Du Xuan, Han Xiaosong
Underground pipelines assume the functions of energy transportation, resource supply, information transmission, etc., and are one of the most important infrastructure of the city, as well as an important public good. The government, as the main body of public product management and maintenance, uses...
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The Application of the Defects of VR in Education

Ren Zhiwei
VR technology has significant advantages such as interactivity and imagination, but also has significant defects such as “motion sickness” and space limitation. This article aims to explore the application of VR technology’s defects in the field of education through analysis of the defects of VR technology,...
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How Does Online Information Affect Consumption Decision?—An Empirical Test in the Context of Social Sharing

Chang Liu, Wanfei Wu
In social media, people can share product information and consumer feelings, which makes the role of social media far beyond social itself. The product information that consumers get on social media has gradually become an important basis for consumer decision-making. In the context of social sharing,...
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Research and Implementation of the Transformation and Development Path of Applied Undergraduate Universities

Wei Zhang
Based on the requirements and characteristics of the cultivation of applied technical talents, this paper studies and explores contemporary advanced educational concepts and teaching methods, finds the practical entry point and design integration point for the transformation and development of applied...
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Online Reality Show Negatively Impacts on Audience Perceptions of Sexism

Yu Bao
Due to the development of Internet, Chinese corporations have exploited multiple Internet-based application. Online media platform is one of them. In order to become competitive among online video applications, Internet enterprises create copyrighted content and build up media spectacle in the production....
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Exploration and Practice of Online Teaching During COVID-19 Period

Wu Xiujun, Sun Xinyu
During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, All college courses are taught Online which has given higher demands and challenges to the self-discipline, self-consciousness and initiative of students and the information literacy of teachers. This paper introduces the development of online teaching...
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Research on the Construction of Smart City Emergency Management System Under Digital Twin Technology: Taking the Practice of New Coronary Pneumonia Joint Prevention and Control as an Example

Tang Zhihong, Peng Shirui, Zhou Xianyong
Under the great tide of smart city construction, digital twin technology combined with modern information means such as big data and cloud computing provides new ideas and methods for urban governance at this stage. In order to explore the solutions to the problems suc3h as information asymmetry, chaotic...
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The Causes and Solutions on the Problems of Internet Education for Children

Fan Jun-qing
Children’s Internet education as a product of the age has an important influence on the growth and development of children which is beneficial in some aspects, but unfavorable in some aspects. This paper analyzes and explores the causes for the problems of Internet education for children which includes...
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Policy Analysis and Practice Effect of “The Belt and Road Initiative” Education Action

Xueyuan Sun, Xi Zhang, Hongbo Wang
As the current Chinese government’s medium and long-term development strategy, “the Belt and Road Initiative” has attracted the attention of the world. As an important part of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, the Education Action plan issued by the Ministry of Education has achieved initial effect in...
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Research on Cost Management Informatization of Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises

Huidong Ma
At present, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises face very fierce market competition. It is the general trend to carry out effective cost management and promote the cost management of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to develop towards informatization. Through the use of information...
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A Study on the Path, Mechanism and Government Behavior of Improving the Timeliness of Clearance in China—Taking Overall Customs Clearance Time in Chongqing as an Example

Gu Jijian
The World Bank evaluates the business environment of various countries and uses the customs clearance time as a carrier to rank countries in the world. China’s ranking in the world is obviously inconsistent with China’s status as an economic and political power. On the basis of the customs clearance...
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A Study on the Culture and Tourism Spatial Production of Ethnic Villages in the Tourism for Poverty Alleviation

Ping Zhao
Cultural tourism is a comprehensive industry, which has become the most dynamic emerging industry, especially for the ethnic areas with rich cultural resources but relatively backward economy. The development of cultural tourism has an important economic, cultural, social and ecological significance....
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Research and Exploration on an Integrated System of Practice Teaching of Post Education—Take Aeronautic Equipments Management Specialty as an example

Li Li, Sun Weiqi, Guo Feng, Zhang Suqin, Guo Xingxiang, Li Kun, Wang Xiaoyan
To strengthen the research of practical teaching theory and the construction of practical teaching system has become an urgent problem in the construction and development of post education college. The major of aviation equipment management, on the basis of studying the law of running a university, correctly...
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On the Soundtrack of Web Series: The Untamed

Zhu Yunhong
In 2019, Tencent video’s exclusive online play The Untamed broke the domestic online drama record with a tortuous and moving plot, and Chinese folk music is therefore highly concerned. This article will introduce the composer Lin Hai, analyse the musical form and harmony of some of the music in The Untamed...
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Research on Design Elements, Flexibility and Effectiveness of State-Owned Enterprise Welfare Management

Sun Lichun, Zhao Jian
The welfare management of state-owned enterprises is subject to relevant policies of state-owned asset and enterprises, and it also needs to follow the general laws of enterprise management. This study first sorts out the general elements that companies need to consider when carrying out the design of...
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Research on the Construction of Characteristic High-Level Disciplines in Financial Institutions

Guangyu Mu, Yanran Zhang
In order to enhance the comprehensive strength of China’s higher education, we need to speed up the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines and realize the concentric development of higher education. Therefore, local financial and economic universities should grasp the opportunity...
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Artist and Collective Subject: Adorno on Subject of Art

Feng Tao
According to Adorno, in art process there are at least two subjects including the artist and the collective subject. Artistic language is the translation of natural language, and artists are the agents of natural things. Only those artists who can successfully translate the language of things into the...
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Research On Countermeasures of Campus Culture Construction to Meet the Requirements of New Media Era

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology, network technology and digital technology, the emergence of new media makes the campus culture of colleges and universities possess new characteristics. Based on the concept of new media, this paper expounds the characteristics...
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An Empirical Study of DEA in Developmental Teaching Evaluation

Chen Qiao, Wu Xiujun
Based on the conception of developmental evaluation, the teaching process is considered as a input-ouput system. For the purpose of teaching-learning co-promoting mode, the Data Envelopment Analysis method could effectively be used to evaluate the institutional teaching capacity, as well as carry out...
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Research on Reform Requirements to and Reform Path of Power Grid Enterprise’ Collective Assets

Sun Lichun, Zhang Hualei
In 2019, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Relevant the Reform of the Central Enterprises’ Factory-owned Collective Enterprises” (SASAC Reform [2019] No. 20) to make further arrangements. The collective assets of power grid enterprises...
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On the Cultural Basis of Core Values of the U.S. Soldiers

Fang Hua, Liu Wenjuan, Du Keke, Wei Ting, Wang Zi, Zhang Mengqi
soldiers’ core values centrally reflect the cultural identity and value pursuit of the army members. It is the core of military culture construction. Any army is built on the social foundation of a country and nation. As an activity with an ideology, its construction of core values of soldiers is bound...
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Situational Adaptive Teaching and Evaluation Design in University Classroom

Qizhi Zhang, Hongxiu Tan, Xianglan Mu, Lishen Wang
Classroom situational adaptive teaching and evaluation requires the consistency among specific teaching situations, teaching activities and evaluation methods based on subject content. The basic concepts and requirements of classroom situational adaptive teaching and evaluation are: Teachers’ teaching...
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Justification for Dilution in Public Good Theory

Zhang Xuyao
This paper aims at utilizing the public good theory of economics and the principle of market efficiency to strengthen the jurisprudent Support of Trademark Dilution Doctrine in Trademark Law. Since dilution doctrine has long been one of the most controversial issues, that the justification to protect...
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Cultivation Mode and Practice of Master Teaching Based on Cooperative Education of “Production, Study and Research”—A Case Study of Vehicle Engineering

Na Yang, Jianfeng Wang, Dongwei Liu
With the rapid development of China’s economy and society, there is an urgent need for a large number of high-level professionals with innovative, entrepreneurial and practical abilities. According to the cooperative education of production, study and research of Harbin Institute of Technology, the advantages...
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Research on the Application of Digital Virtual Technology in the Protection and Innovation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in China —Three Types of Carvings in Huizhou as an Example

Yu Xinyong, Dai Yanli
As a human-oriented living culture, intangible culture is an important part of human civilization. It’s also a vivid witness of human history, a pearl of human wisdom of creativity and innovation, an important symbol of national spirit and culture, national cohesion and centripetal force, and has high...
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Study on the Optimization of Practical Teaching for Applied Undergraduate in Independent Colleges — Take SY College as an Example

Leng Hongmei, Li Shuwu, Dai Yanmei
According to the orientation of SY college: based on Guangxi and facing the whole country, the college should train the compound applied senior specialized talents with deep theoretical foundation, strong practical ability and innovative spirit. First, we should deeply analyze the definitions of “practical...
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Research on the Theory and Connotation of State-Owned Enterprises to Become Stronger, Better and Bigger

Zhao Jian, Wu Yali, Jia Qian, Ying Dichao
The purpose of this study is to clarify the connotation of state-owned enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger, so as to indicate the direction for the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. As the result of the study, “become stronger” of state-owned enterprises is to achieve strong...
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The Concept Reform of Chinese Modern Mural Art

Shengju Li
The “modernity” of modern mural painting is mainly reflected in the change of creation concept, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, modern deconstruction launched an attack on traditional rules and stereotypes; second, the use of scientific dialectics brings the two-sided aesthetic feeling...
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To Explore the Innovative Value of the Three-Pillar EAP Model for Human Resource Management in Enterprises Under the Epidemic Situation -- Take M Company as an Example

Yang Tian-wen, Luo Guangli
In recent years, EAP began to spread widely in various enterprises in China. Many large enterprises have used EAP to achieve the goal of motivating employees and improving efficiency.Although EAP has been promoted in China for a long time, many enterprises still find EAP “not fit with the soil” and fail...
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The Mediating Role of Stress in Cultural Differences in Depression: A Comparison of US American and Chinese Culture

Wendi Jia
The current study examined the associations between depression and several potential predictors: intolerance of uncertainty (IU), mindfulness and stress between two different cultures (US America and China). US American participants reported higher levels of depression and stress compared to their Chinese...
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Analysis on the Key Elements of Chinese Characteristic Town

Yali Wang, Lu Feng, Yan Liu
The construction of characteristic towns is of great significance to the economic transformation and upgrading and the construction of new-type urbanization. On the basis of summarizing previous studies, this study extracts six core elements of the construction of characteristic towns in China, namely,...
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On the Conditions of Eliminating Private Ownership--Starting With Communist Manifesto

Qianshen Guo
2020 marks the 200th anniversary of Engels’s birth. It has been more than 170 years since He and Marx issued Communist Manifesto, and more than 40 years since China’s reform and opening up. The abolition of private ownership” in the Communist Manifesto is to eliminate capitalist ownership and its concept....
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Application and Development of Smart Pension Products in China

Ge Ying, Li Zonghua
China has stepped into the aging society; the traditional pension model has been unable to meet the growing needs of the elderly personalized pension service. The smart pension based on modern information technology provides a new development direction for solving the problems of the old-age service...
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The Exploration of Ideological and Political Teaching Reform of Architecture Curriculum Under the Cultivation of Professional Quality—Taking the Course “Fundamentals of Architect Business” as an Example

He Hai Fang, Zheng Kan, Gao Jia Wei
In view of the current situation of architecture education, this paper proposes the ideological and political teaching reform mode under the cultivation of professional quality.Taking the implementation of basic courses of architects as the carrier, through the construction of ideological and political...
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Research on Protection and Inheritance Path of Toponym Culture in Xingqing District of Yinchuan City Based on Cultural Gene

Ying LIU, Rong WANG
Place names are symbols of local regional culture and contain rich cultural connotations. On the basis of collecting the place names of Xingqing District and excavating the cultural elements of the place names of Xingqing District, this paper extracts the cultural genes of Xingqing District, takes the...
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How and With which consequence Does the State Make People “Legible”

Silin Zhu, Zeran Xu, Yianfei Zhu
“Legible” is a method used by states to obtain clearer understanding and better control of the governance. This article will base on Scott’s “legible” theory to illustrate how does the authority make state and people “legible” in three ways: redesigning the city, mandatory use of the surname, and promoting...
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Research on the Construction and Application of Online and Offline Blending Teaching and Learning Model

Guo Xingxiang, Zhang Yuye, Li Weiling, Zhang Suqin, Li Li, Li Kun
Online and offline teaching have their own advantages and disadvantages. The author combines many years of teaching experience and makes full use of the advantages of online and offline teaching to carry out teaching mode reform and application in the course of management modeling and solution, which...
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Influence of Transactional Distance of Online Education on Efficiency Management Under the Perspective of “Internet +”—Based on the Mediating Role of Learning Viscosity

Wenqi Liu
In the era of “Internet +”, online education has flourished, and the recent COVID-19 epidemic has further brought it into the public eye. Despite the high expectations placed on online education, there are still many people in society who are skeptical and worried about its quality. At present, there...
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Research on Psychological Capital and Job Engagement of Primary and Secondary School Teachers -- Taking Northern Guangdong as an Example

Hongxiu Tan, Qizhi Zhang
Objective: To understand the current situation of psychological capital and job engagement of primary and secondary school teachers and the relationship between them. Methods: 514 primary and secondary school teachers in northern Guangdong were investigated with the psychological capital scale of primary...
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Research On Countermeasures for the Standardization of Mental Health Education in Colleges and Universities in the New Period

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
The standardization of mental health education in institutions of higher learning is an important guarantee to improve their mental health service ability and level. In the new period, the work of mental health education in colleges and universities is changing with the requirements of the society. Therefore,...
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The Prevalence and Antecedents of Nationalism Conspiracy Theories During Covid-19 in China

Ming Mu
The deadly COVID-19 has been spreading across the globe, causing large-scale deaths, disruptions, recession, and distress. While most governments and citizens have been doing their best to tackle the challenges set by the pandemic, the difficult time also incubated disruptive thoughts, such as pandemic-related...
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The Application of Quantitative Research in the Issue of Australian Women’s Economic Empowerment

Yiquan Wang
Modern society pays more and more attention to women’s opportunities. Although the Australian government and parliament have implemented appropriate legislation and taken appropriate government interventions to solve these problems, this social problem still exists. People with different level of educations...
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The Education of Human Capital and the Development of Urban Economic Resilience

Chen Yiwei, Wang He
As an important source of urban innovation, human capital is the key to enhance the resilience of urban economy. Therefore, the education of human capital plays a very important role in the development of cities. Based on the patent data of 264 prefecture level cities in China and the urban population...
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Relying on Skill Competitions to Promote the Construction of a Preschool Education Curriculum System

Liao Jiayi
In recent years, professional skills competitions for preschool education at all levels have been in full swing,which not only stimulates students’ enthusiasm for learning, but also reflects the level of running schools in higher vocational colleges, and is the vane of professional teaching reform.This...
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The Application of the Student-Centered “ Flipped Classroom” Teaching Mode in the Teaching Process of “Situation and Policy”

Rui Yang, Yan Fang
“Flipped Classroom” is an independent, interactive and personalized teaching mode based on network technology environment. In order to solve the problems existing in the teaching of traditional situation and policy courses, the teaching mode “Flipped Classroom” based on MOOCs and “micro class” has been...
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Research on General Electric Organizational Structure Reform Based on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension Theory

Fan Dongxuan
General Electric Company is the world’s largest multinational company that provides technology and service business. This article first sorts out the reform of the organizational structure of General Electric Company. Then, based on the cultural dimension theory of Hofstede, we make an analysis of the...
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Research on Market-Oriented Selection and Exit Strategy of Professional Managers of State-owned Group Enterprises

Zhao Jian, Zhang Hualei
The purpose of this study is to propose strategies for market-oriented recruitment and exit of professional managers, and to provide strategic references for state-owned group companies to implement the system of professional managers.As the result of the study, the construction of professional managers...
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The Foundation of Morality-- A Comparison Between Mencius and Aristotle

Zhijie Xie
Mencius and Aristotle raised up two totally different ethical theory systems around the same era(B.C 384-B.C 289), among which Mencius’ is based on the idea of human’s original goodness and Aristotle’s is from human nature’s randomness. Besides that, we can see rich diversity of the procedures on how...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Public Transport Management in Zhanjiang City of China

Sun GaoAng
With the continuous growth of the national economy, the demand for public transportation has increased and the requirements for public transportation’s economy, comfort and portability have deepened. The construction of urban public transportation should be strongly pushed forward to attract more citizens...
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On the Integration of Musical Elements Into the Teaching of the Research on the Theory and Practice of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics

Yu Zhou
With the development of education and the needs of the times, the number of graduate students in China is growing, and their mental health education is worthy of attention. The current methods are to strengthen the party construction and ideological and political education of graduate students, organize...
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The Two Worlds of John Keats—An Analysis of Life and Death in To Autumn

Chen Yao
John Keats, a genius poet, is like a sparkling morning dew that disappears swiftly when the rising sun begins to give warmth on earth. His poems attract people not only because of its aesthetic beauty but also because of the profound thinking on life and death they reflect. Keats’s poems present his...
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Study on Effective Ways to Improve the Core Competitiveness of Innovative Smes

Ai-min Cai
The core competitiveness of enterprises is an important factor to maintain the long-term stable development of enterprises, which can enable enterprises to occupy a stable position in the fierce market competition. By analyzing the survival environment faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, this...
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Analysis of Frida Kahlo’s Works From the Point of View of Imagery-Taking “Self-Portrait Wearing a Thorns Necklace and Hummingbird” for Example

Jie Chen, Fan Liu
Frida Kahlo (Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954) is a famous female painter of Mexico in the 20th century and a pioneer of modern female artists. Her own experience is very legendary. “Self-Portrait Wearing a Thorns Necklace and Hummingbird” was created in 1940 and was created by Frida when her husband, Rivera (Diego...
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Strategic Thinking on the Teaching Reform of Environmental Design From the Future to the Present

Pei wen ying
With the popularization and further evolution of artificial intelligence and computing technology, a large number of unemployed people and the demand for talents in new industries appear at the same time and change rapidly, so the reform of higher education is imminent. At present, the teaching of environmental...
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Construction of Emergency Support Mode for Clinical Medical Engineering in Medical Rescue

Lei Jia
Clinical medical engineering emergency support plays a pivotal role in medical rescue, so it is especially critical to analyze the construction of its support mode. This paper mainly analyzes the problems existing in the emergency support mode of clinical medical engineering in current medical rescue,...
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Establishment of a Monitoring System of Eco-Environment – Suggestions and Reflection

Li Heping
The eco-environment is closely related to human’s daily life, and it is also a collective name of various resources, such as biological resources, land resources, and water resources. In recent years, as the environment continuously deteriorates in China, the monitoring of the eco-environment is increasingly...
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Reconsidering the Training of Famous Teachers in Military Academies

Yao Miao
The training of famous teachers is an important measure for military colleges and universities to strengthen the construction of the teaching team, improve the competitiveness and influence of the teaching team, and promote the overall development of military ed.ucation.The training of famous teachers...
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Research on Compulsory Drug Patent Licensing in China Under Covid-19

Zhou Zhide, Yu Shanshan
Covid-19 has spread in China and quickly spread to the world. The world health organization (WHO) has listed it as a public health emergency of international concern. In the face of this serious pandemic, global public security has been seriously threatened, and it is imperative to address the supply...
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The Role of the Media in LGBT Rights Movements Around the World

Miaorui Lan, Yujia Cheng
The LGBT rights movement has been carried out all over the world. With the increasing attention of all walks of life, media force has gradually emerged in such equal rights activities. With the development of information technology, people’s access to information is almost monopolized by the media, and...
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Empirical Studies in Social Stratification Research on Educational Inequalities—A Case Study of Two High Schools in Detroit

Zhirou Liu
This paper is aiming to explore the relationship between social stratification and educational inequality through a case study of two high schools in the Detroit area, where distinct differences between poor communities and the wealthy ones are reflected. Two public high schools, Denby High School and...
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Analysis on the Online Purchasing Behavior of Chinese Customers

Zihan He
With the increasing number of online shoppers, the ways that people shop are changed significantly. Researchers and store planners have acute interests in the customers purchasing behavior on online stores, and the reason that increasingly number of people prefer online shopping. The survey was done...
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Analysis of the Confrontational Relationship of US and Iran

Zichen Jia
In this article, we analyze the reasons behind current nervous relationship of US-Iran and propose some valid methods to solve this tension. By selecting authoritative articles and some latest news from the website and analyzing the various factors which affect the nervous relationship, we eventually...
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The Formation of Italian-American Diasporic Space: An Account of the Emergence of An Italian-American Community in Philadelphia

Hechen Liu
In this paper, the author seeks to outline and theorize the emergence and formation of a diasporic Italian American identity. The researcher focuses on historical concerns as well as contemporary dynamics but is principally interested in the creation of an identity that is sustained even today while...
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The Impact of Brand Innovativeness on Customer Loyalty—Take Apple Inc. as an Example

Ziyi Yang
Brand innovativeness, long been recognized as a critical aspect in developing a company, is conventionally considered to be useful in acquiring new customers. However, mixed findings have been focusing on the impact of brand innovativeness on customer loyalty. This article takes Apple Inc. as an example...
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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Perceived Value

Haoli Shi
CSR, short for corporate social responsibility, is a key issue both for companies and all stakeholders. Many companies invest a lot in CSR in order to obtain new customers attracted by identification of its values and missions. In turn, customers need a brand with good image and reputation to show who...
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Analysis on Whether World War III Will Happen in the Middle East From Historical Perspective

Jingyi Ma
The academic research of World War III (hereinafter referred to as WW3) has been continued since several years ago. The Middle East, the major area where great power conflicts were performed, the center of national grievances, religious conflicts and cultural differences, is always the place most likely...
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Analysis on the Role of Emotional Communication in the Relationship of Siblings With an Age Gap from Two-Child Families

Xiaoyu Sun
China’s unique one-child policy and two-child policy have objectively given birth to a large number of two-child families, in which the two children have an age gap. The superimposed changes of parent-child relationship and sibling relationship faced by such families have aroused the attention and extensive...
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The Impact of Cross-Border Cooperation and Brand Co-Branding on Product Sales and Customer Loyalty

Jiahao Xu
This article studies how brand cross-border cooperation affects customer loyalty and customer numbers. The model of cross-border cooperation between the two brands will be used in this article. This article adopts a qualitative method and selects multiple peer articles for theoretical basis and analysis....
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The Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Luckin Coffee in China

Lingyu QIU
As the increasing demand of coffee market, Starbucks, pacific oceans, Nescafé and other main gamers inside the coffee market are facing a great competition. But the pain point, expensive price, still cannot be effectively solved. However, the appearance of Luckin coffee solves this problem subtly. The...
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Who Wants the Second Child: A Test Based on Leibenstein’s Cost-Utility Theory

Jialin Yan
To counter China’s continued falling fertility rate in recent years, the government has introduced a two-child policy, but the expected effect is not obvious. Given that the 90s generation is now in its prime childbearing ages, the government should consider the willingness of this 90s generation to...
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The Impact of Social Media on Traditional Mainstream Media— A Case Study of People’s Daily

Xuyan Yan
The advent of communication technology has posted great challenges to conventional media. The traditional mainstream media are accordingly faced with fierce competition under the flourishing media convergence. People’s Daily, as the representative of mainstream media in China, has accomplished media...
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Research on the Influences of Market Conditions, Culture and Politics on Market Timing

Zhuobin He
A correct judgment of the market consists of comprehensive analysis in different aspects. The market timing is one of those important aspects, so this paper focuses on the market timing and proposes three factors which will play the key roles. This study aims to examine the influence of market conditions,...
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Great Power of Positive Thinking When Applied Correctly

Xiuyi Jia
This article summarizes the general advantages of positive psychology, optimism and the correct usage of it. During the past decades, topics revolving around positive psychology have aroused attentions of the public. Misinterpretations are frequent, whereby people are misled. Several literatures show...
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Discussion on the Effect of COVID-19 in the Field of Education

Zhongwen Sun, Jingjing Zhang, Yi Li
Due to the COVID-19, the education in China confronted with great changes and challenges. Through analyzing relevant data and news, with the reference to analyzing the impact of SARS on the education, the following effects of the COVID-19 on education are concluded. Firstly, the education form has changed...
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Research on Infringement of Artificial Intelligence Medical Robot

Chen Mingtsung, Qian Wei
with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, intelligent medical robots have been used in the medical field to assist medical staff in diagnosing and treating diseases. Due to the lag of legislation, the current liability for medical damage and product liability in China is difficult to solve...
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Analysis of Officials’ Livestreaming Sales of Agricultural Products

Zeng Sishi, He Jiaqi
In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet economy, online livestream E-commerce became quite popular. To get rid of poverty, the government report points out that it is important to carry out “Internet+Poverty Reduction” Mode. Many officials become livestreaming celebrities to represent...