Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Social Science and Modern Education Conference (SSME 2018)

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Research on Collaborative Innovation and English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Danlu Liao, Fongpeng Chew
In the case of English education in higher vocational colleges, collaborative innovation is the trend of development. The students who are trained by traditional higher vocational English teaching have been unable to meet the needs of the employers in today's society. Therefore, it is necessary to promote...
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An Analysis of the Effective Path of Life Education for College Students against the Background of "Internet Plus"

Kun Wang, Dong Yu, Jianlei Qian
The Internet brings about convenience to college education, and at the same time puts forward new challenges for safety education of college students. In recent years, the psychological problems of colleges across the country have emerged in an endless stream, even suicide. This article starts with the...
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The Construction of University's Smart Library

Haibo Zhang, Peifa Lin, Xiaoyan Li
Due to the limitation of objective conditions, some university libraries can hardly change their “physical conditions” such as library buildings. In order to improve service quality, it is an effective method to use information technology to build “virtual conditions” of libraries. As an important content...
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Research on Higher Vocational College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System--Taking Business English of Hainan College of Economics and Business for Example

Li Liu, Shouguan Huang, Zhuanfeng Li
Cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents should focus on education. This article elaborates the development of the innovation and entrepreneurship education training system of higher vocational college students from six aspects: perfecting the talent cultivation quality standard, improving...
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Research and Practice on the Innovation Ability Cultivation Model of Undergraduates Under the "Unity of Knowledge and Practice"

Xiaogang Tang, Sunan Wang, Shibing Zhu, Litian Liu
Under the background of the nation’s innovation-driven development, college students' engineering practice and scientific and technological innovation training are the inevitable way for students to become talents, and also one of the important yardsticks for measuring the practical teaching level of...
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Study on English Teaching Mode of Higher Vocational College based on ESP

Lingjie Chen
The ESP is a kind of study is based on the different needs of language teaching and language learning theory, it is the college English teaching in our country, especially in the trend of the higher vocational English teaching. College English teaching reform based on the theory of the ESP factors mainly...
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College Students' Creative Ability Training Based on Discipline Competition Platform

Fei Xu, Jianguo Wang, Li Zhao, Yanbo Zhang
In the current higher engineering education, the improvement of student's innovative quality has become the primary goal of the construction of education model. This article relies on professional teachers and business instructors in colleges and universities to build a "double-tutored teacher studio",...
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Research of Project-based Teaching system in Course of Art Design

Jinhua Yu
project-based teaching method is often used in art design education. This article takes an art design course as an example to illustrate the four essential points of the project-based teaching: exoteric project design concepts and the integration of diverse curriculum contents; well-design and regulated...
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Research on industrialization path of educational robot

De-peng Kong, Li-li Zhao, Yi-fei Zhou, Jiu-sheng Li
With deep learning, cross-border integration and development of human-machine collaborative technology, artificial intelligence talent is in short supply, the intelligent education represented by education robot equipment in high-tech talent training and training plays a more and more important role,...
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When Experimental study meets Ancient Chinese language study: A Comparative study or Complementary verification study

Yancheng Yang
Recently experimental study paradigms are widely applied into the language study. The experimental results about the topic “Interactions among space, time and number” can be attested or identified by the linguistic expressions and Symbolic Cognitive Artifacts in Ancient China. To some extent, the language...
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Construction of Evaluation System for High Performance Scientific Research Team Based on Multi Value Elements Coupling

Jing Gu
This paper, taking high performance research team as the research object, puts forward a team performance evaluation system based on multi value creation elements and value evaluation, which will help to clear the team's common value goals, play the power and individual potential of the team, effectively...
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Focusing on Internet Learning Psychology to Officers and Men, Promoting Military Professional Education Innovation and Development

Yi He, Xin Li, Ze Yu
Development of military professional education is a major measure to speed up and improve the three-in-one novel military talent training system. Online Internet course learning is the main form of military professional education. In this process, officers and men will probably witness psychological...
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Analysis of Necessity and Feasibility of Enhancing Graduate Employability--Taking Korean as Example

Yong Yu
In recent years, Hainan higher technical and vocational education has developed rapidly, mading great contributions to the development of the harmonious socialist society. However, employment of the college students witnesses serious problems. Starting with enhancement of employmentability of Hainan...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom Model in College English Translation Teaching

Hongtian Cen
Under the background of Internet plus, "flipped classroom", as a new education teaching model, has achieved remarkable teaching results in foreign countries. In order to conform to the trend of The Times and improve the teaching quality, "flipped classroom" is also introduced into English translation...
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Characteristics and protection experience of historical buildings in Macao

Yuji Li
The historical buildings have been eroded in varying degrees by urban development and construction with the development of economic and commercial society, as a result of which, the overall style of the historic district has been destroyed. Historical building is the witness of human development trace,...
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A review on The Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union and the implications for China

Yuhao Qian, Junshi Chen
Many developed countries have built the complete theoretical system for the support and protection of agriculture and formulated agricultural laws. The Common Agricultural Policy is a typical example which ensured food security, improved the effective supply of agricultural products, enhanced the competitiveness...
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Out of Multiple-Choice-Test-Oriented Education--to Production-Oriented Approach

Yanping Lu
The paper starts with an alarm that MCQ turned out dumb test-takers and ruined a generation of Chinese English learners! Stuck to a MCT-oriented fallacy, the trend is going on and spreading to hamper the whole educational system! MCT is just one of the tools of measurement of English proficiency but...
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Rethinking Food Security against the New Situation

Jinqiu Wang
Due to the regulation of the international market, the food production and demand relationship in any open country will not be equated with the relationship between food supply and demand. That the international market is used to adjust surplus and deficiency is an inevitable choice for many countries...
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Preliminary Study on Experimental Curriculum Reform of Real Estate Sand Table

Wanli Wang, Ming Hong
Based on the practice of the curriculum reform of the real estate sand table experiment, this paper analyzes the problems of the students' lack of attention in the class, and finds that the fault of the selection of the experimental roles is the crux of the problem. So, the curriculum reform introduced...
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Construction and Practice of Training Project to Enhance the Animation Professional Comprehensive Ability Based on OBE-oriented +3-Center-Change-Creative

Ran Zhao, Xuesong Li
The CDIO engineering education reform is a great revival of China's higher engineering education. With it as the guiding principle, the TOPCARES-CDIO teaching reform is conceived, designed, implemented and operated. Combined with the OBE result orientation, TOPCARES-CDIO inspects the teaching effects...
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Research on Hotel Industry Personalized Service from the Perspective of Experience Economy

Yuan Zhang
Competition in the hotel industry is becoming increasingly fierce. If we want to be invincible, personalized service is an important factor. Innovative and personalized services to meet customers' experience needs have become an important measure to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel. Personalized...
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Open Government Data: The German Government is Moving

Chang Liu, Xuan Liu, Xiaohong Li, Wenyan Liu, Changyan Yan, Qing Li
Based on the introduction of open government data movement in Germany, this article selected the open data platforms of German as a research object to explore the better construction strategies by recognizing current status of G7 Open Government Data platforms through investigation, thus to provide suggestions...
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Exploration and Application of Teaching Mode for Educating and Training Outstanding Civil Engineers

Chunli Wang, Jian He, Hairong Mi, Di Guan, Linan Zhu, Hongyu Lu
For cultivating civil engineering undergraduate students to be qualified outstanding civil engineers with many innovative ideas, the educational reform is imperative. How to create an efficient teaching mode has become a prominent problem. On the base of detailed research of PBL and CBL teaching modes,...
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Logistics Professional Talents Training of Application-oriented Universities Based on Production-Teaching -Research Synergetic Education

Yunqiu Jiao
With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the lack of high-quality and complex logistics personnel has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the healthy development of the logistics industry. Local undergraduate colleges focusing on cultivating application-oriented logistics professionals...
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Bilingual Teaching Mode of Engineering Ethics Course in Universities

Di Guan, Hairong Mi, Chunli Wang, Kun Zhang, Fanli Zeng, Yuanqiang Bi, Lisi Duo, Yanru Liao
In engineering activities, people must integrate the sustainable development concept and the scientific development concept into their views, so the engineering ethics education is necessary for the engineering talent cultivation in universities. Relying on professional courses and related practice,...
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The Model of Social Innovation Project Evaluation

Tadeusz A. Grzeszczyk, Dariusz Klimek
The main aim of this paper is to discuss the model of evaluation of social innovation projects. At the beginning the theoretical background and foundations of social innovation are described. Then the essence of evaluation approaches that can be used in this field as well as multi-stage evaluation processes...
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Micro-lecture Application in College Ideological and Political Theory Teaching

Yongcai Yang
Micro-lectures generated by sufficient integration of information technology and education are widely applied in teaching. Application of micro-lectures in college ideological and political theory teaching has conformed to the needs of development of the times, and enhanced college teaching reform. This...
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Research on Improving the Effectiveness of Agent Incentive System in China's Insurance Companies

Shaoguang Wang, Xi Feng
Over the past decade, insurance agents have been developing rapidly in China, which has brought vitality to China's insurance market. With the increasing contribution of insurance agents to insurance companies, it has also attracted more and more attention from the society to the incentives of insurance...
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Research on the Reform of College English Teaching Mode Under the Background of MOOCs

Huifen Lu
Progress with the development of modern education in our country, for class as a kind of popular online course in recent years education mode, and is taught by video, after-school practice tests, the network interaction and study aspects of interwoven network teaching process, it has greatly changed...
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The Effects of WI-FI on College Students' Physical and Mental Health*

Yongmei Hou, Xuelin Li, Jinzhao Zhang, Wenling Xu, Yan Xie
Purpose: To understand college students' physical and mental health status and the use of WI-FI, and to explore the relationship between them. Method: A total of 1174 undergraduate students from 5 universities in Guangdong province were selected by stratified random method, and they were investigated...
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Social Public Security Management in Intelligent City Based on Fast Big Data Analysis

Tong Zhu
Social public security management is an important component in the current construction of intelligent cities in China. There have been scale construction of information system for social public security management, which has been widely applied, generating abundant information data in the city’s “grid”...
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Construction of Innovative Thinking Teaching System for Professional Degree Postgraduates

Hairong Mi, Chunli Wang, Di Guan, GuiFang Liu, Yong Sun
This paper, starting from the construction of the teaching system, discusses the course of training the graduate students of architectural and civil engineering. In the cultivation of creative thinking, we need to construct a complex curriculum target system of three main bodies, which are basic theory...
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Analysis on China's Food Policy under Government Regulation

Wentan Wu, Baoming Cao
Being a significant component of agriculture policy, food policy plays a considerable role in safeguarding food security in China. Analysis on the course the food policy evolves was made herein from the perspective of government regulations, that is how tough the regulations exercise and variation of...
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A Study on the Pre-job Training Pattern upon the Command talents of Underwater Unmanned Equipment in the Background of Informationization

Bo Li, Qi Zhang
Based on the current development status of underwater operation equipment in the background of informationization, this paper analyzes the training needs of underwater operation command talents, and studies the countermeasures for the pre-job training on the command talents of underwater unmanned equipment...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Serving Industrial Upgrading

Zhixia Zhou, Hongxuan Lv
Innovation and entrepreneurship is the root of national development and the soul of national rejuvenation. This thesis deeply explored the utility mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship education serving the industrial upgrading, constructed operation mechanism of multi-agent collaborative innovation...
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Research on Entrepreneurial Service System based on E-Commerce Background

Jia Cheng
With the development of science and technology, e-commerce has gradually integrated into People's Daily life. As the Internet has become more and more popular, many industries have joined the big family of Internet, which facilitates People's Daily life and increases the employment rate of college graduates....
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Empirical research on skill premium in China

Jian-yun Cao
Based on the panel data in 1989-2014, the paper carries out an empirical research on skill premium focusing on the influence of industrial agglomeration and entry barriers. The results show that skill premium occurred in 1993 in China and since then it was expanded rapidly; the level of skill premium...
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Research on Innovative Talent Cultivation Mode of "Internet +Education"

Yue Gao, Shuying Zhang
With the "Internet +" as a national strategy. "Internet + Education" became the pioneer and new sharp of education reform and development. It has a profound impact on education resources, education mechanism, learning mode, teaching mode, etc. ,and that brings about a change in the idea of education....
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A Study on Learning Engagement of Higher Vocational College Students

Xiao Li
This study took 599 higher vocational college students as subjects, using UWES-S to examine the current situation of higher vocational students' learning engagement. The results showed that: Male students' learning engagement is significantly higher than that of female students; the learning engagement...