Proceedings of the International Conference of Early Childhood Education (ICECE 2019)

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Development of Interactive Multimedia on Material Introduction the Wild Animal in Kindergarten: Research and Development in Early Childhood Teacher Education Program

Taruni Suningsih, Yetty Rahelly, Rukiyah
This manuscript is to developing interactive multimedia on material introduction the wild animal in kindergarten. This research used the development research method with the Allesi and Trollip model that consists of: planning phase, design phase, and development phase. Research subject used 25 students...
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Integrated Character Education Model in Early Childhood Education Based on Minangkabau Local Culture: Randai

Nurlaila Tussubha, Hadiyanto
The crisis of character is closely related to the crisis of cultures. The most appropriate character education should be given at an early age, because this golden age will later determine the adulthood. The early age is called as the golden age because this is the time when a child’s brain develops...
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Social Emotional Development of Early Childhood Through Traditional Games in PAUD Terpadu Hauriyah Halum City of Padang

Nina Ramayenda
This study was background by there are still parents who provide media for children’s games using gadgets and other modern games. The factors that influence it are social emotional changes that are unstable and temperamental, and social status. The purpose of this study is to: (1) analyze the factors...
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Story Telling Through Animated Films for Early Childhood Students at Kindergarten

Nenny Mahyuddin
This study aims to look at the vocabulary of children at the age of 4-6 years at Kindergarten Fadhilah Amal 3 Tunggul Hitam Padang by using Animated Films Story Telling. The researcher wants to see the the students language development through the activity of introducing the English Language by Animated...
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Implementation of Children’s Numerical Skill Learning Activity in Early Childhood Education

Dadan Suryana, Eva Delfia
The purpose of this study was to determine the process of implementing numeracy skills learning activities in Aisyiyah 27 Bungo Pasang Padang Kindergarten. This research is a type of descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The subjects of this study were educators in the Aisyiyah 27 Bungo Pasang...
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Improving Responsibility Value of Children Through Si Umbuik Mudo Story in Pertiwi 1 Kindergarten Kota Padang

Delfi Eliza, Hany Reska Putri
This study aims to find out more information about the responsibility value of children through the story of Si Umbuik Mudo at Pertiwi 1 kindergarten Padang. This research is a classroom action research carried out in two cycles. The results of the research in each circle shows that the responsibility...
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The Development of Kato Nan Ampek Picture Storybook Models Through Literacy of Minangkabau Culture to Develop the Character During Early Childhood

Syamsuarni, Delfi Eliza
This study aims to develop a model of picture books through literacy ampek kato nan Minangkabau culture to develop character early childhood. This story book development through literacy Minangkabau culture to develop the character of children aged 5–6 years. This type of research is the research and...
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The Model Development of Picture Story Books Sumbang Kurenah Through Minangkabau Culture Literacy for Early Childhood Character Building

Fitriani Jambak, Delfi Eliza
This study aims to develop a model picture book “Sumbang Kurenah” through literacy Minangkabau culture to build the character of early childhood especially in Group B. Sumbang kurenah designed in the form of picture books using the Minangkabau language aims to introduce children about the teaching culture,...
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The Art of Chain-Scission Creativity as a Business Opportunity at Kindergarten

Farida Mayar, Dadan Suryana, Eko Purnomo, M. Nasrul Kamal
This service aims to train Anugrah Sayang Ibu Kindergarten teachers in Kampung Jua, Sungai Limau District. The title of this service is Chain-Scission Art Creativity As A Business Opportunity In The Kindergarten Anugrah Sayang Ibu In Kampuang Jua, Sungai Limau, Padang Pariaman Districts. Previously,...
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Character of Children Discipline in Learning Drawing

Farida Mayar
Character discipline of children in learning to draw aims to find out the discipline of children in learning to draw at kindergarten. This is a qualitative research using observation, interviews, recording and photography. It is done to study information data that is closely related to the character...
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Critical Thinking and Technology in Young Children: Do We Really Need Technology to Help Children Improve Critical Thinking?

Oktarina Noviza
Psychologist defines critical thinking as human capability to gather information, reason and deduce an idea based on their experience. Young children now days tend to question all the things around them, and it is part of development. one of the important part of children development is to improve their...
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Institute Quality Improvement Through Management Training of Accreditation Preparation in TK Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal Padang

Rosniati Hakim, Khadijah, Mahyudin Ritonga, Weti Susanti, Rahmi
The weakness of the role and existence of the Kindergarten ‘Aisyiyah Bustanul RA as a basic institution of Islam that introduces and teaches the teachings of Islam for young children, due lack of fully professional management and generally have not been accredited. This will result in a weak child education...
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Professional and Pedagogical Competence of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Millenial Era

Erick Yolanda
This research is based on current problems that occur in kindergarten teachers in Pariangan DistrictThis research is a quantitative study using descriptive methods with ex post facto research design on the subject of research namely kindergarten teachers in Pariangan sub-district. The data collection...
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The Analysis of Anti-Corruption Education in Kindergarten DEK Padang

Yayuk Rahayu
Education can play a role in combating corruption indirectly through the association of learning materials with messages to be conveyed regarding anti-corruption values. Anti-corruption education for early childhood is one of learning in the form of characters includes nine anticorruption values. Corruption...
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The Use of Multimedia Technology in Early Childhood Literacy

ZR Zulfitrah
UNESCO shows that the reading interest of Indonesians is in ranks 60 out of 61 countries in the world which shows that the interest of Indonesians in reading and writing is relatively low, therefore, the habit of reading should be introduced to children, by using multimedia technology. This study aimed...
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The Effect of Playing Science on Cognitive Development of Early Childhood at Melati Kindergarten in West Pasaman

Endang Citrowati
This study aims to determine the extent of the effect of playing science on early childhood cognitive development in kindergarten Melati, in Jorong Sakato Jaya, Sungai Aur, West Pasaman. This research method is pre-experimental design (nondesign) with pretest-posttest group design. This experimental...
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The Implementation of Mathematics Learning in the Preparation Center Islamic Kindergarten Raudhatul Jannah City of Payakumbuh

Misrayeti, Nenny Mahyuddin
This study aims to describe the implementation of learning the development of science at the center of science and natural materials of the Islamic Kindergarten Raudhatul Jannah, Payakumbuh City. Science is part of the scope of cognitive development that must be developed in kindergarten. Stimulating...
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A Learning Model based on Comprehensive Games (Study on Conceptual Learning Model to Improve Early Childhood Abilities)

Sri Tatminingsih
Learning or development activities in early childhood should be implemented holistically and comprehensively to develop all aspects of its development, including cognitive and emotional social. One of the models developed is a comprehensive game-based learning model. This early childhood learning model...
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Design & Application of Storyboard in Teaching Characters for Children Aged 6–8 Years

Azimatur Rahmi, Nenny Mahyuddin
The purpose of writing is to explain the theory teaching of design and application of storyboard. That has not been used in developing the character of children aged 6-8 years, during this time the media used in developing the character of the child is carried out through flannel board media in teaching...
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Improving the Ability to Know the Concept of Numbers Through the Game of Fishing Numbers in Integrated Islamic Kindergarten Adzkia III Padang

Iswi Apsari, Dadan Suryana
Early childhood is an individual who is undergoing a process of rapid growth and development even said to be a developmental leap because that early age is said to be a golden age (golden age). This study aims to improve the ability to recognize the concept of numbers of children through the game of...
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The Early Childhood Mathematics Learning

Mathematics is one of the human knowledge needed in everyday life. This article aims to describe the learning of mathematics in early childhood. What is included in early childhood mathematics learning, and what steps can be done so that the learning of mathematics can be in a high value. In this article...
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The Effect of the Storytelling Method Using Bigbook on the Language Ability of Children Aged 5-6 Years in Group B TK Mutiara Bunda Bangkinang

Nelti Rizka
The ability of early childhood language is a very important thing because with the language the child can communicate with friends or people around him. But the problems that often occur now that speech and language delay experienced by 5–8% preschool children. At the age of 5 years, 19% of the children...
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The Importance of Community Engagement in Education Management in Early Childhood Education in 4.0 Era

Early childhood education aims to develop the basis of intelligence, knowledge, personality, noble character, and skills to attend education among children aged 4-6 years, called the age of gold. Community involvement in school development is fitting, because education is part of the essence of people’s...
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The Language and Social Issues in Early Childhood (Observations at TK-IT Ar-Rahmah Padang)

Dessy Amelia
Language and social is a very important thing to learn to add to the knowledge gained, then a study of the symptoms of language and social studies are held for some analysis of the weaknesses in speaking (speaking) vocabulary, slow language developing in speaking, often talking irregularly, not concentrating...
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Early Children Education Management in Integrated Kindergarten of Mutiara Bunda Learning Management to Develop the Potential of Early Childhood

Adde Resfi Fitri
Early Children Education program management is a process of stages to organize programs and management of institutions in an effort to improve the service and progress of schools.These activities are related to setting the stage of development, ability indicators, defining the concepts of knowledge to...
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The Application of Audio Visual Media Based on Minangkabau Folklore to Develop Children’s Speaking Ability in Kindergarten Kartika 1–7 Padang

Mahyurianti, Nenny Mahyuddin
One effective way of learing and teaching process is to maximize the use of media. Learning media in the form of visuals in the form of pictures, photos, audio in the form of sound recordings, certain sounds, as well as in the combined form of both such as video recordings that contain audio and video...
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The Effect of Storytelling Picture Book on Reading Readiness of Group B Kindergarten Children in Padang

Endri Yanti, Delfi Eliza
The purpose of this study to determine the effect of storytelling picturebook activity on the group B children’s reading readiness kindergarten in the city of Padang in 2018. The method used an experimental method using a pretest-posttest control group design. Data were analyzed using T test to calculate...
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Character Module Development Through Minangkabau Traditional Story Based Literacy by Using Role Playing Method at Kindergarten in Padang

Nurhaini, Delfi Eliza
This research is motivated by lack of a module or a storybook based on traditional story Minangkabau and lack of teacher knowledge about the ways and means of reading stories to children so that the literacy of children is less developed, and also there is no modules about the traditional story of Minangkabau...
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The Development of Educational Tools (APE) Based on the Environment for Scientific Learning on the Type of Play Development for Teachers of Earthquake Victims in West Praya Sub-District

Baik Nilawati Astini, Ika Rachmayani, Nurhasanah, Raudatul Jannati
This research is motivated by the learning process in schools that still have many shortcomings one of which is a limitation of the APE for children. Not only that, an earthquake that occurred in August 2018 ago caused a lot of APE were damaged due to the destruction of the building, exposed to rain,...
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The Improvement of Children’s Social Emotional Achievement Through the Implementation of Traditional Games (An Action Research in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Mutiara Hati Mataram 2015)

Istati Dwi Rahayu
The research aims to improve the children’s social emotionalachievement through traditional games. The traditional games are the solution for the existing cultural and untapped potential for the stimulation process in early childhood. The experiment was conducted among 16 children of group B of Early...
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Techniques of Developing Fine Motor Skill Through Collage Art Activities Among Children Aged between 5-6 Years in PAUD Mataram City

I Made Suwasa Astawa, Ni Wayan Purni Astuti
Early childhood has potential that still needs to be developed, among these potentials is the development of fine motor, one way to develop fine motor is through art collage activities, fine motor is a movement that involves the eye to hand. Art collage is an educational activity that can be used to...
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The Development of an Educational Game Tool (APE) Based on Environment for Scientific Learning on Animal Themes for Early Childhood Teachers of Earthquake Victims in Sub-District Narmada, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Nurhasanah, I Nyoman Suarta, Ika Rachmanyani, Siti Maulida Ababil
This research is motivated by the earthquake that occurred in August 2018 ago caused a lot of APE were damaged due to damage to the building, exposed to rain, and have disappeared so that the formulation of the problem of this research is how to model the development of APE, forms APE, and group APE-based...
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The Learning Innovations and Characteristics of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Disruptive Era

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0 emerging new technologies which resulted in tremendous changes in almost all areas of human life, including education. Even the world of education, including getting a significant impact. If teachers do not make innovations in the learning process their role it...
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Development of Achievement Motivation Training for Teachers in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri, Mataram City

Muazar Habibi
The focus of this research is the development of the achievement motivation training model (PMB model) with the capacity of increasing the achievement motivation of teachers. Inductive and qualitative data were collected and analyzed, the results further emphasize the significance of generalization. The...
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Support of Mnemonics Strategies and Parental Involvement in the Development of Early Childhood Literacy

Nurul Mishbah
One of the essential abilities to develop early on is literacy. Literacy is the foundation of the learning process and the key to learning success. Literacy skills become an early foundation for the mastery of various science and technology throughout the ages. Literacy skills are not the ability that...
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Development of Motion Creativity and Songs for Stimulating Children’s Social Emotional at Kindergarten in Palu Sulawesi

Andi Agusniatih, Besse Nirmala
This research aims to develop creativity in stimulating the movement and social emotional song through movement and song in kindergarten Widyatama with TK Samporoa. The subjects were 20 children. Model development of this study using the model of the Borg and Gall. Data collection through observation,...
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The Arts Learning through Straw Media in Early Childhood

Azwarna, Farida Mayar
Writing aims to outline the theoretical learning through the arts of natural materials in early childhood. Based on the theory of residual materials and theory of art education in early childhood. The media serve as a natural ingredient in learning to stimulate and excite aspects of child development,...
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Adversity Quotient of Students of Early Childhood Education Program Who Experiencing Tsunami

Andi Agusniatih, Shofiyanti Nurzuama
Students of the early childhood education program are prepared to teach at kindergarten. However, some natural disasters might affect their psychology. This research aims to determine the description of adversity quotient of students at Early Childhood Education Program of FKIP Tadulako University force...
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Improving Gross Motoric Skill of Early Childhood Through Dance Arts Learning

Yulia Purnamasari
Young children need a fun exercise for their gross motoric skills. The type and nature of activities conducted should be attractive. It is expected that the overall developmental aspects are increased through the exercise. One of them is through dance. Learning the art of dance performed by teachers...
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The Effect of Application Rumah Gadang Puzzle Games on Improving Students’ Numeral Ability at TK Permata Hati Sungai Tarab Tanah Datar

Aini Hijriani
This research originated from the reality in Permata Hati Kindergarten Sungai Tarab that learning to recognize student’s numerals is still slow and still needs improvement, due to the use of conventional media that does not give rise to Student’s learning spirit. Therefore, researchers use the Rumah...
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An Analysis of the Impact of the Use of Gadget on Children’s Language and Social Development

Dewi Nilam Sari
As the development of technologically very rapidly with the development of a variety of functions and features, making gadgets are not only used by adults, but also by younger children. With many interesting features that they can use to make children an early age to be one of consumer gadgets. The gadget...
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The Early Childhood Curriculum Analysis Lecturing Strategy to Increase Pedagogical Competence in Mastering Concepts and the Ability to Develop Early Childhood Curriculum

I Nyoman Suarta, Dwi Istati Rahayu, Baik Nilawati Astini, I Made Suwasa Astawa
This research was conducted for the students after attending a lecture mastery of curriculum study is still weak in relation to the concept of curriculum and development and the lack of a systematic and standardized guidelines for the study of curriculum subjects. This research aims to study the course...