Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Education and Management (ICEM 2017)

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Research on the Communication Mode and Marketing Strategy of Mobile Media

Di Kang
Smart phones are the important communication tools and information information dissemination media, and the communication mode of mobile media and the transmission form of mobile phone network affect the development of the mobile phone. Based on the theory of communication and marketing, this paper gives...
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Research on the Use Efficiency of Scientific Research Funding for Colleges and Universities Based on DEA Model

Yanjun Tong
At present, under the background of the high attention paid to the use efficiency of scientific research funding in various sectors of our society, how to effectively evaluate the use efficiency of scientific research funding in colleges and universities has become a key point which reflects whether...
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Research on the Problems and Causes of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Application-Oriented Universities

Mingxiu Ding
The cultivation of innovative talents is the support for the formation of an innovative country, and the cornerstone of the transformation from the "manufacturing country" to the "intelligent manufacturing country". Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force to enhance our country's international competitiveness...
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A Study on the Cultivation of Non-English Majors' Autonomous Learning Ability of Listening Based on Metacognitive Theory

Lei Liu
Education in the 21st century is a modern education. Its main goal is to cultivate students' autonomous learning ability. Only by studying independently can we really master the skills and meet the needs of the development of the times. The current teaching mode of college English listening comprehension...
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Establishment and Implementation of Japanese Training Project Based on Concept of CDIO---By the Example of Training Project "Simulation and Display of Japanese Conversational Scene"

Qiang Qu, Fang Sun
To analyze how the engineering education concept – CDIO is applied to Japanese practice project based on the investigation of the social needs, the researcher of this paper carefully select, construct and implement the training project – "Simulation and Display of Japanese Conversational Scene". This...
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Analysis on the Relationship between Audit Fee Management and Audit Quality in China

Jiabing Xu
Audit fee management is an important factor that affects audit quality. It is a systematic project to standardize audit market management, promote the rationalization of audit fee management and improve audit quality. Audit quality is an important standard to measure audit service. Demanders are difficult...
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Study on the Teaching of Internet + Era Virtual Packaging Design

Ying Luo
With the continuous development of the information technology, the level of the Internet technology is becoming higher and higher, and the Internet has already become an important content in people's life and work. Subsequently, the virtual technology is constantly improving, and virtual products have...
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Study on "2 + 1 + 1" Applied Talents Training Mode in Computer Science and Technology Major

Zijiang Zhu, Weihang Dai, Yi Hu, Dong Liu, Junshan Li
The problems such as unclear orientation of curriculum system, weak pertinence of practical teaching, and the difficulty of internship outside the university are analyzed in this paper, and "2 + 1 + 1" training model of applied talents is proposed. The training mode designs talent training program revolving...
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Research on the Micro Class Teaching Application of the University Computer Foundation Course

Nan Xie
With the rising of micro class teaching mode, micro class teaching of the practical courses bring great convenience to teachers. this paper applied undergraduate college non-computer professional courses of "University Computer Foundation" as an example, and it has described the micro class in the application...
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Research on the High-skilled Talent-training Mode for the Computer Network Technology in Higher Vocational Education

Hui Suo, Caijuan Huang
Recently, the development of network technologies such as e-commerce and mobile Internet brings new challenges for the talent-training of the computer network technology in higher vocational education. This article first in brief introduces the industry background and then analyzes the talent demand...
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Teaching Reform of Civil Engineering Based on Discipline Competition

Zhenhua Liu
The effect of structural design competition on cultivating students' comprehensive abilities was analyzed. The present investigation focused on some items such as innovation ability, practical ability, teamwork ability, study style construction, and so on. The positive influence of structural design...
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Study and Practice on the Talent Training System of Applied Physics Specialty

Yaxiang Bai, Wang Yucai
In order to further improve the teaching quality of applied physics specialty in Dalian Ocean University and cultivate students' creative and practical ability, we formed the training system that reflects school characteristics, highlights interdisciplinarity and adapts to social needs, established the...
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Study on the Influence of Floating Population on Urban Economic Growth

Shuwei Chen, Jingfeng Zhao, Zhaoan Han
In 2016, the total number of floating population is 245 million, and the inflow of floating population can greatly increase the vitality of cities and promote urban economic growth. Articles based on solow growth - swan model, the effective labor model, the human capital is divided into local human capital...
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Interaction between Technology Innovation System and Knowledge Innovation System of Universities in Hubei Province

Rongyan Zhu, Shufan Zhu, Xiaofen Zhou
Colleges and universities carry out technology innovation and knowledge innovation at the same time. As a large education province, Hubei Province in where the interaction between technology innovation system knowledge innovation system of colleges and universities are studied, that is of great significance...
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Econometric Analysis on Development of Grain Industry in Zhanjiang

Yanli Xu, Dan Liu, Zixin Wu
In order to increase the total grain output in Zhanjiang, this paper uses econometrics method to establish the regression model of grain yield in Zhanjiang, and analyzes the factors such as the amount of chemical fertilizer affecting the grain yield of Zhanjiang and the cultivated area of grain crops....
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Research on the Construction of the Software Specialty Oriented Ecological Network Homework Platform

Kechao Wang, Tiantian Wang, Xiangmin Ren, Na Man
In view of the problems that the homework of students majoring in software can not be submitted anytime and anywhere, students have no smooth communication with their teachers and other students, the phenomenon of homework plagiarism is serious, and the work efficiency is low, which is caused by the...
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Standard Drafting Unit Evaluation Model Comparative Study

Yunpeng Chen, Yan Gao, Jingjing Han, Sihan Liu
Standard between the countries all over the world and domestic trade plays an important role to rent, mainly by the international, regional, national and state the following levels of organization. In the era of big data, data as the foundation of support from all walks of life decisions, based on analysis...
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The Development of Guzheng Playing Technique and Its Application in Teaching

Nan Wu
As one of the oldest and most distinctive ethnic musical instruments in our country, Guzheng not only can express the magnificent pride of imposing passion but also can play beautiful melody. Therefore, Guzheng playing has also become an important part of our musical culture. Guzheng teaching has also...
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Reform and Innovation of "Introduction to E-commerce" Curriculum Teaching Based on Entrepreneurship Education

Mengqing Feng
E-commerce is an emerging industry with highly entrepreneurial awareness, E-commerce venture has become the focus of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, providing a broad stage for college students. Take "Introduction to e-commerce as a starting point, this paper constructs the curriculum...
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Investors' Financing Risk Prediction in Crowd-funding Platform

Hongjian Li, Yan Shao
Abstract. Internet finance is a popular trend nowadays. The financing risk is an issue that can not be neglected. This paper uses the data of "Roll call time" crowd-funding platform to construct a forecast model of financing risk based on neural network to study the disclosure of personal information...
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Research on the Strategy of Improving the Effect of Enterprise Marketing in the Context of Consumption

Jian Xu
With the development of social economy, the purchasing power of consumers is increasing, the difference between similar products in the market is narrowed, and the transmission of goods information is not timely or asymmetric, which makes consumers face more difficulties when facing more homogeneous...
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The Performance Evaluation of Multilevel Fuzzy Comprehensive Model of College Seminar Based on Student Perspective in China

Hongmin Liu, Yandong Yang, Yichao Han
College seminars are based on student development-oriented teaching. The paper bases on the students' perspective and constructs the index system of the performance evaluation of the college seminar. It includes the effectiveness of learning environment of the construction and the teaching process and...
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Foreign Language Teachers Autonomy in Career Development in Colleges and Universities of China-Key Problems and Solutions

Rui Wang
In carrying out teaching reform, colleges and universities must pay attention to the development of foreign language teachers in colleges and universities. However, at present, foreign language teachers have a weak sense of career development and their teaching ability needs to be further improved. In...
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Study and Practice in Flipped Class Based on Inquiry Cooperative Learning

Shanshan Guo, Qian Tian, Yun Liu
At present, students born after 1995 has entered the university study and that born in the later five years are going to enter the University. This group of students has distinct personality. The traditional teaching mode has been unable to meet the development of students' innovative ability and the...
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Research on the Internal Audit Outsourcing

Ting Guo
Internal audit as an important organization of enterprise supervision and restraint, which originated in the accountability relationship, we focus on the optimization of modern enterprise management and decision-making, in order to improve the enterprise economic efficiency, work efficiency, thereby...
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Research on Marketing Adaptability of Cross-border E-commerce under Different Cultural Symbols

Ying Wang
The cross-border e-commerce breaks the traditional pattern of foreign trade, and it makes the foreign trade enterprises are able to confront wholesalers, retailers, or even consumers directly and closely. So as to it dilutes the difference between practice and commercial space in the transaction process,...
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Research on Lexical Approach in College English Reading Teaching in Ethnic Minority Areas

Mingbo Yu
With the rise and popularization of Lexical Approach Teaching , in order to promote the quality of college English reading teaching in the minority areas this article expounds the application of Chunk Teaching Method in the minority areas using experiment process to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness...
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Translators' Subjectivity in Commercial Advertising Translation

Yabo Li
While business interaction and communication between different cultures are increasingly frequent and close, the cross-cultural communication has affected everyone's life more or less. Commercial advertising translation as an effective bridge between Chinese culture and foreign culture is not merely...
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Study on the Private Enterprises Establishment of Modern Enterprise System

Honghua Qi, Dongming Yu
On the modern enterprise system, in addition to the "clear property rights, clear responsibilities, separation of government and enterprise, and scientific management" sixteen words guiding principle, most of the study included only the structure of property rights, the structure of organization, the...
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The Role of University Library on the Mathematic Information Quality Education for the Mathematic Graduate Students

Fang Yuan, Tao Liu
Information quality education has become the important component of the graduate students' education. How to study the information quality education thoroughly is an important research topic for the university library. The graduate students' information quality and disciplinization knowledge service...
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Research and Countermeasures on Information Demand and Information Behavior of Digital Youth Network in Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province

Limei Zhao, Enyang Gao
Based on the college students as the research object, through to the recent research achievements of the characteristics of college students' information demand in China, the college students' information demand in recent years are summarized and summed up. In particular, the paper summarizes the research...
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Correlation Research of Shanghai Index and the BDI

Shixin Zhang, Lijuan Pei
This article selects data from 2000 to 2017, using correlation and regression analysis methods to analyze the correlation of Shanghai index and the BDI, and found that there is an obvious correlation . The ARIMA model is used to predict the two, and the two have the tendency to rise in the short term,...
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On Practice and Experience of Higher Education Management in BC Province of Canada

Yongkun Wan
A group of 20 people under the program of 2016 Yunnan Province Higher Education Senior Administrative Personnel Overseas Study went to Langara College for 3-month study in Vancouver of Canada from 18 September to 18 December in 2016. Through careful study, understanding and grasping the basic national...
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The Plan for City's Intelligent Growth

Xinna Qiao
With the continuous development of city, traffic inconvenience, urban economy, the ecological environment problem increasingly prominent, such as urban development and large quickly, not only may cause no reasonable relationship to the input and output, and can cause irreversible ecological problems,...
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Research on the Stratified Teaching Mode of Minority Preparatory Mathematics Courses

Zhifeng Yu
The mathematical basis of every minority preparatory student is uneven due to the existence of various differences. The "one-size-fits-all" teaching method used in the past can not meet the needs of quality education. However, the stratified teaching method is a teaching method for all students to follow...
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Trend Analysis of Mass Music Teaching under the Background of Quality Education

Kegang Lu
In recent years, the cultural level and aesthetic ability of our people have been significantly improved, accompanied by an increase in the ability to enjoy music for the general public. Since ancient times, music is an important way to help people to express their feelings and ease their body and mind...
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Analysis on Supplementary Education of Contemporary Colleges under Functionalism Perspective

Tingting Wu
Supplementary education of colleges is a special form of supplementary education, which, as an important content and phenomenological representation in the reform and development of contemporary Chinese education, generates double influences on traditional higher education system. Supplementary education...
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Construction of the Quality Evaluation System of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Program

Haiying Ma, Yajian Sun
With international perspective in the OECD and UNESCO and American Baldrige AUQA education quality prize and Australia research, building the Chinese-foreign cooperation program project quality evaluation system in colleges and universities is classified: types, characteristics, teaching staff, teaching...
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The Application of the "Four Haves" Standard in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses

Shu Luo
At present, intensifying the cultivation of the innovative and entrepreneurial talents and the training of students' specialized skills is becoming an important mission for colleges and universities. In view of the outstanding problems in the teaching of innovative and entrepreneurial courses, it is...
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Research on the Influence of the Capital Structure of the Listed Real Estate Companies on the Performance of the Company

Yinling Liu
In the background of the government ' s reform and regulation of the real estate industry, the capital structure of real estate company will face a new round of shuffle, so as to directly influence the operation performance of the company. In order to explore the relationship between the capital structure...
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Scientific Management Strategy of Scientific Research Funds in Local Colleges and Universities

Dahua Wang
The fund of scientific research in colleges and universities is the basis for the smooth development of the scientific research work in colleges and universities. Only by constantly strengthening their financial management and improving the scientificalness of the use of scientific research funds, can...
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Evaluation Training Effect System of College Counselors Based on Kirkpatrick Model

Yuyan Zhou
At present, the college counselor training scale is growing day by day, but evaluation training effect system is relatively low. It mainly exists to assess understanding does not reach the designated position, incomprehension about evaluation content, relatively single evaluation and evaluation results...
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Research on Experiential Marketing Model Based on Consumer Demand

Liming Zhang
With the development of social economy, the change of consumer demand and the formation of consumption preferences, the traditional marketing way has not satisfied the needs of enterprises, and can not help enterprises achieve their business goals better. In order to improve market share and improve...
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On the Intrinsic Value and Realization Way of the Constitution Construction of Private Colleges and Universities

Guicheng Hu
The university constitution is the basis of the rule of law for the running of private colleges and universities in accordance with the law and is also an important medium to construct a modern university system, as well as the main way to ensure a university's independent running, and the solid backing...
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Application and Development of Automobile New Media Operation under Data Service

Juan Kong, Xiang Li
With the rise of emerging media technologies, the development of computer network technologies and the rapid development of mobile communication technologies, the emerging media is bred in a new development environment and the range of brand marketing applications is also expanding. The automotive industry...
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Merging Culture into Foreign Language Teaching

Shuguang Zhang
It is well known that almost every normal child can acquire his mother tongue in a few years after he was born. Language development admittedly is remarkable phenomenon and also a basically universal human achievement. The aspect of child language acquisition attracts great interest from many linguists...
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The Role of Musical and Cultural Factors in Music Teaching

Ruihua Yu
In China's higher education, music teaching has a special status. In recent years, the music teaching in colleges and universities has been paid much attention by the society, and the existing problems are also exposed in the public field of vision. How to do the work of music education in colleges and...
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Pricing Model of Self-Service Package

Zhuang Rong
In recent years, with a massive rise of mobile Internet applications, enterprise the self-help service crowdsourcing platform based on mobile Internet use of network resources for commercial inspection and information gathering. The paper mainly studies the factors that affect pricing in package task,...
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Partner, Industry, Characteristics and Venture Capital Investment Performance

Yuxin Ning, Huanying Wang
This paper from the perspective of business partners and industry characteristics, researches the 224 companies listed on the board with the background of venture capital of Shenzhen 2009-2016,constructs the performance indicators of venture investment from two aspects, one is output level, another is...
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The Mother Tongue Education Status and Ecological Diversion in Chinese Colleges

Qian Guo
In the globalized cultural competition, the mother tongue increasingly stands out the importance as the carrier to inherit culture and spread civilization, but mother tongue education in institutions of higher learning is caught in the extensive disputes and "awkward" mud puddle, showing the pessimistic...
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A Discussion on the Continuity of Higher Education and Physical Education's Relative Development

Renjie Song
30 years have passed since the opening up and reformation, during which we have reached a series of achievements in various fields. With the deepening development, the need of a large quantity of personnel talents is urgent. P.E., as a signal to judge if a country is developed, highlights the continuity...
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Study on Employment Intention of Nursing Students and Practice Teaching in Community Nursing

Xiangyan Feng, Xiaona Jin
[Goal] Understand community employment intentions of current nursing students in a private medical school in Xi'an and provide reference for community nursing education. [Method] Design survey questionnaire about the employment intentions of community nursing students. A cluster sampling survey was conducted...
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Innovative Practices in Modes of College Teacher Training

Zhaohong Liu, Chuanjiang Yang, Shiping Liu
Teachers are the main body and key of education, and the innovative practice of teacher training mode has important theoretical and practical significance. We should take the project as the main thread, also innovate and practice the five-step teaching method training mode. The five links, including...
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Research on the Influence of Perceiving Other Customer Support on Customer Citizenship Behavior

Hui Zhang, Hongshen Liu, Chuang Yang, Yongping Chen
Customer citizenship behavior has a very good promotion effect on the enterprise operation. However, the past researches paid little attention to the influence of other customers. From the consumption scenario, the support of other customers will be closer to the actual consumer and increases the validity...
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Study on Definition of Sequence Limit in the Advanced Mathematics with Scaffolding Instructions

Ling Chen
With the needs of education reform, the traditional mathematics teaching model is no longer adapted to the development of the times, and scaffolding instruction is a new teaching mode arises at the historic moment. To define the limit in higher mathematics series as an example, studying the use of scaffolding...
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Research on the Effect and Teaching Mode of Three-Dimensional Teaching Resources Construction -- The Experience of the Curriculum Reform of "Multimedia Technology and Application"

Jing Wang
With the popularization of computer application, the freshmen's computer level is no longer a "zero starting point". The traditional teacher-centered teaching mode can no longer meet the learning needs of students at different levels and the teaching effect is not satisfactory. This paper introduces...
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A Study on the Promotion of Self-Learning through Pigaiwang

Fang Sun, Qiang Qu
English writing ability is one of the important performances of English comprehensive abilities. To find out whether Pigaiwang can help to promote students' self-learning through writing, this study will analyze the datum on this website and make some student interviews. The results show that Pigaiwang...
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Tax Adjustment and Analysis of Enterprise Investment Management Business

Jiabing Xu
With the initial establishment of China's socialist market economic system, as one of the main body of the market economy, the enterprise's business model of self-financing and independent operation has been established and improved. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to diversify...
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The Application of Modern Apprenticeship in the Major of Stomatological Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Na Li
In recent years, education has become the focus of social attention, especially the higher vocational education. Viewed from the current situation of our country's economy development level and the demand of higher vocational students, employment rate of higher vocational colleges is higher than that...
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Research on Government Supervision System of Housing Safety Appraisal Institution

Yihua Mao, Haiwei Huang, Yabing Liu
In this paper, a complete government supervision system of housing safety appraisal institution is established based on the existing problems in the management of housing safety appraisal institution which come from field investigation and interview, the relevant literature research and actual supervision....
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The Research on the Relationship between Task-based Language Teaching and Listening Motivation of English Majors

Chunyan Chen
A deep research is done on the relationship between task-based language teaching and listening motivation of English majors. The aims of this study are as follows: Firstly, it is to verify whether TBLT is conducive to improving students' motivation of listening and listening achievement. Secondly, it...
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Research on the Advanced Office Application Course Construction and Practice Based on the "Internet plus" Mode

Nan Xie
With the "Internet plus" action plan vigorously, as applied undergraduate education of non-computer professional a general course, advanced office application is very practical, we have more and more paid attention to the teaching quality about the course. Through the author's own teaching experience,...
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Measurement and Analysis of Social Integration of Floating Population

Shuwei Chen, Jingfeng Zhao, Zhaoan Han
In recent years, the floating population has become an important population effect on our country's urbanization, the floating population in the city's social alignment more can directly reflect a city's development potential and resistance. Through constructing social integration evaluation system,...
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Econometric Model Analysis of Influencing Factors of Import and Export in Zhanjiang City

Yanli Xu, Dan Liu, Limei Zheng
In order to analyze the quantity and regularity of Zhanjiang's total import and export with the changes of GDP and residents' consumption level in Zhanjiang, this essay uses econometrics method to establish a model to study the influencing factors of import and export in Zhanjiang. The results show that...
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The Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method in Financial Early Warning of Real Estate Enterprises

Jingyi Cai
With the accelerated pace of global economic integration, Chinese enterprises will face more intense market competition while welcoming the opportunities for development. The research of enterprise financial early-warning is a research topic which is widely concerned. With the continuous changes of the...
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The Research of College Student Entrepreneurship Education based on E-commerce Platform

Mengqing Feng
In the age of network economy, it is necessary to bring e-commerce into campus and combine it with education.In this paper, on the basis of summarizing the development of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities at home and abroad, combining e-commerce business of college students questionnaire,...
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The Characteristics of Wang Wei 's Paintings in Tang Dynasty and Their Teaching Enlightenment

Jing Wang
As the originator of the literati painting, Wang Wei is similar to Wu Daozi, Li Sixun and Li Zhaodao in terms of painting. However, Wang Wei is unique in the subject matter and technique. Based on the times he lived in, this article analyzes Wang Wei's painting theme, style characteristics and the status...
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Innovative Construction of Quality Management System for Chinese-foreign Cooperative Program

Haiying Ma, Rangjia Cai
The Chinese-foreign cooperative program is applied characteristic development of universities as well as the important way to promote the teaching level. On the basis of analysis of the applied university cooperation innovation mode and its advantages of the project, this article analyses the mode of...
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The Transformation of the Party Newspaper and the Construction of Modern Communication Ability

Liya Yao
In recent years, a new situation has emerged in the development of the newspaper industry. The speed of the development of the party newspaper has been obviously accelerated, and it has surpassed the demand of urban newspapers. From the original loss to the current favor, the party newspaper has become...
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Reviewing the Empirical Studies on CET4

Shuguang Zhang
Having a long history, testing has played an important social and educational role in China. Nowadays, there are many large-scale English tests designed locally, including the College English Test (CET), the National Matriculation English Test (NMET), the Test for English Majors (TEM), the Graduate School...
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Research on the Development of Advertising Education in the Mode of "Internet Plus Education"

Lingling Zheng
Internet Plus Education is based on innovative elements of education as the core, is a new educational ecosystem in the digital age. The traditional advertising under the internet age is gradually replaced by the digital new advertisement. The current advertising education mode contradicts with the new...
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Introduction to the Management and Development of Data Resource Sharing and Exchange Platform in the New Era

Shiping Liu, Wen Liao, Shan Li
In the process of designing data exchange platform's management and development system, we have been faced with many contradictions, and the most important thing is the tradeoff between usability and rich functional support. This article starts with the needs of the whole, from the perspective of users,...
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The Impact of Purchase-Decision Involvement on Purchasing Intention: The Mediating Effect of Customer Perceived Value

Yabing Liu, Hongliang Yu, Haiwei Huang
The study explores the influence of purchase-decision involvement on purchase intention in the process of commercial residential purchasing from the perspective of customer perceived value. The aim of the study is to construct a model in which the purchase-decision involvement indirectly influences the...
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From Traditional Culture Education, the Application of Peking Opera Facial Elements in Poster Design Teaching

Dan Xu, Zexian Nie, Wenquan Zhou
Chinese art of Peking opera mask keep up Chinese traditional cultural elements, which are not only reflected in colorful mental aspects, but also appear modern graphics with traditional cultural elements. Although the Peking Opera Mask originated from stage, different styles of mask images can be found...
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Research on Network Governance Model in the Cooperation of Tourism Destination in Shaanxi Province——Social Networking Perspective

Guihong Xu, Jingfeng Zhao, Haizhen Wu
Governance is an important way to build effective cooperative relations in the competition to obtain strategic advantages. Based on previous studies more focus on formal relationship "bilateral cooperation", ignore the network context, cooperation between tourist destination often on informal relationship,...
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Innovation and Reference of American Applied Talents Training Mode under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Jia Cai
The innovation made by the United States in personnel training mode also has some reference significance to the traditional teaching mode in china. The cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial undergraduate talents in the United States presents four highlights: the government attaches great importance...
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Applied Basic Courses under the Background of Mathematical Modeling Idea into Mathematics Teaching in the Discussion

Yanying Ma, Xiuzhen Li, Chao Ma, Xin Wang
At present, the applied undergraduate colleges students' motivation to learn higher mathematics is not enough, did not form a good habit of higher mathematics learning, teacher's teaching method is drab, cannot effectively organize the teaching activities based on students' knowledge and ability level....
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Research on Internal Quality Assurance System of International Cooperative Joint-Programs

Haiying Ma, Yajian Sun
International cooperation program can promote teaching reform and discipline construction, meet diverse learning needs and enrich personnel training mode. However, due to the failure to establish effective internal quality assurance system, it is difficult to accurately evaluate the progress and quality...
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Explorating Causes and Countermeasures of the Employment Difficulties for College Graduates in the New Era

Xuemei Ni
This paper focuses on the increasingly prominent problem of employment difficulties that college graduates confront. Through analyzing the major causes of the employment difficulties and investigating the impact that the society, universities, families and individuals have on college graduates' employment,...
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The Exploration of the Reform and Development of College English Teaching in the Context of the Internet Plus Era

Xinli Liu
The advent of the Internet Plus Era has greatly influenced people's style of life, the higher-education fieldin particular. At the forefront of new technologies, colleges and universities are facing unprecedented impact and challenges whether in educational concepts or educational methods. In the information...
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A Brief Discussion on the System Architecture of Tourism Logistics Services: Take Qingcheng Mountain Featured Agricultural Products as an Example

Shan Li, Wen Liao, Shiping Liu
In this paper, we summarized the system framework of tourism logistics services from the system target, key elements, framework, organization and security etc.
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Analysis on the Management Objectives and Measures of Modern Logistics Enterprises

Ying Guo
With the rapid development of China's logistics industry, the management objectives and optimization strategies of modern logistics enterprises have gradually become the focus of related professionals. This paper first introduces the basic principles of modern logistics enterprise management, and then...
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Application of Emotional Teaching Method in English Teaching in Vocational Colleges

Xiangmin Li
Emotional teaching method means that when teachers guide students to read and analyze English texts, they can make students feel and comprehend the affective factors contained in the texts. When teaching, teachers hope to reach emotional resonance and emotional feedback with students. Based on the emotional...
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Research on Teaching Quality Assurance in Chinese-foreign Cooperative Programs

Haiying Ma, Yajian Sun
Chinese-foreign cooperative program is an inevitable choice for China's higher education to conform to the trend of internationalization of education, and also an important way to explore and improve the quality of higher education in China. Through the cooperative of Chinese and foreign cooperative,...
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Research on Innovation and Development of Enterprise Salary Performance Management in the Era of Large Data

Jian Li
In the era of big data, the innovation of enterprise salary performance management is directly related to the level of human resource management, and it is one of the prerequisites for ensuring the competitiveness of enterprises. This paper analyzes the positive impact of big data on the innovation of...
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Research on the Introduction of High-quality Education Resources in Chinese-foreign Cooperative Programs

Haiying Ma, Rangjia Cai
In the Chinese-foreign cooperative program, the introduction of high quality education resources must adhere to is beneficial to the students' growth and development, beneficial to the improvement of the school ability construction and the overall level, is advantageous to the national economic and social...
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Research on Application of Situated Cognitive Theory in Mathematics Teaching

Guili Liu
With the continuous promotion and deepening development of educational system reform in China, experts in mathematics education field begin to explore new teaching methods and measures to promote the deepening development of educational system reform in Chinese universities. Therefore, the research and...
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College Music Innovation Teaching under the Background of Quality Education

Xiuli Wang
Quality education refers to a form of education aimed at improving the quality of all aspects of educated people. Under the background of quality education, innovative music education for college is a comprehensive expression that we hope to attach great importance to college students' ideological and...
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The Study of English Teaching in Chinese and Foreign Cooperative Programs

Haiying Ma, Rangjia Cai
Globalization has made the internationalization of institutions of higher learning inevitable, which has led to the Chinese and foreign cooperative school running program favored by the Chinese people. Undoubtedly, China's Sino foreign cooperative education program is mainly aimed at developed countries...
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Comparative Study on the Implementation of Project Course and Subject Course in Higher Vocational School

Xiaojing Ren
With the continuous improvement of the socialist market economic system, the current employers have put forward higher requirements for the professional and technical level and comprehensive quality of talents. Based on the occupation status of teaching, this paper first introduced the definition of...
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The Study of Interactive Relationship between Teaching and Learning in College English Teaching

Xue Ni
With the economic and social development, the demand for talents in our country grows exponentially. In the context of quality education, we should pay more attention to the quality of talent cultivation while paying attention to the number of talent cultivation. Under the new situation, the traditional...
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Pay Attention to the Classics and Advance with the Times--Discussion on the Integration of Classics and Fashion Elements in College Dance Teaching

Na Yue
Dance is a kind of human art which has a history of thousands of years. The graceful dance is presented by using the body language and facial expressions combined with some more distinctive movements. Dance is a very important body art, which can bring a visual feast and enjoyment. In the process of...
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Study on Application of Micro Class Teaching Model in College English Teaching

Na Liu
The micro class is an innovative teaching model derived from the Internet and the educational reform and development. At present, the micro class has been widely used in College English teaching, and has opened up a new model of College English teaching, and has achieved good teaching results. However,...
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How to Improve the Efficiency of College English Classroom Teaching

Linlin Tong
At present, the efficiency of English classroom teaching in Colleges and universities is low, so it is difficult to meet the needs of social development and progress. How to effectively improve the efficiency of College English classroom has become an important research topic in college education. In...
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Study on Effect of China "One belt, one road's" Construction on the World Economy

Zhennan Wu
"One belt, One road"'s construction is different to the regional economic cooperation and the global construction of regional cooperation construction. It is based on the slow growth of global economic growth in recent years, the rapid development of the US's two strategies and the important period of...