Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Innovation in Engineering and Vocational Education

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Augmented Reality for Introduction of Unit Systems in Personal Computer

V.R. Palilingan, Gladly C. Rorimpandey
There are lot of technologies that used to developing a learning media. Creative and attractive are some of reasons the teachers want to develop a learning media. Technology Augmented Reality and creative, but it is also can reducing the cost for purchasing a practical tool. Introduction of Unit System...
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A Model of Trait and Factor Career Counseling to Enhance Students' Career Maturity State Vocational Schools in Bandung

The purpose of this study is to produce a trait and factor career counseling model to increase students' career maturity. This research method uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative (mexed methods design) include the type of exploratory mixed methods. The model of this research is a research...
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A New Variant of Android Educational Game as The Facility Intoduction Number for Early ChildHood

Devi Astri Nawangnugraeni, Subiyanto
This paper presents a new research, development and experiment evaluation of an android application game. The game is proposed as for the educational facility to introduce number for early child. This educational game teaches a childhood to learn while playing that is learning numbers 0-9 uses the media...
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Local Wisdom of Traditional House in Earthquake Risk Mitigation (Comparison of Traditional House in Kampung Naga, West Java and Minka Gassho-Zukuri Architecture in Shirakawa Village, Gifu Perfecture, Japan)

Ahmad Yani, Lilis Widaningsih, Rosita
Long before information and technology are developed, Japanese people have been aware that they live in an earthquake area. They have local wisdom how to build houses in the attempt of mitigating earthquake risk. Japanese traditional house such as Minka style in Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture is...
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Learning Model of Entreupreuneurship Using Business Incubator Based on Web 2.0 Technology

Ratih Hurriyati, Lisnawati, Sulastri, Yusef Rosmansyah
Indonesian youth unemployment rates are among the highest when compared with other countries. Unemployed youth in Indonesia reached 25.1 percent of the total workforce. Therefore, there must be a serious effort to reduce the unemployment rate. Learning Model entrepreneurship through business incubators...
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Self-Designed Project Based Learning- in the Lathe Machining Field

Aam Hamdani, A. Djohar, Dadang Hidayat
The problem in this research is the lack of direct experience of the atmosphere experienced by students in the industrial atmosphere that can enhance the students' competence in the field of machining. The purpose of this research is to find a model learning design which can provide industrial atmosphere...
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Sustainable Multimedia with Beta Wave Learning in Letter Literacy to the Achievement of Pupils with Learning Disabilities in Level One Primary School

Yeap Teik Wei, Salleh Abd Rashid, Nazeri Mohammad
This study aims to measure the effects of Multimedia with Beta wave in letter literacy to the achievement of pupils with learning disabilities in level one of Malaysian primary school. This research designed using Quasi-experimental method. There were 34 respondents selected as the study sample in Sekolah...
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A Preliminary Study on Augmented Reality for Learning Local Wisdom of Indonesian Batik in Vocational Schools

Isma Widiaty, Lala Septem Riza, Ade Gafar Abdullah, Ana
On October 2009, UNESCO entitled Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. There are over 100 variants of batik that are determined by uniqueness on drawing techniques, regions, patterns, colors, customs, etc. Therefore, they commonly represent culture, philosophy,...
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The Development of Higher Order Thinking Laboratory to Improve Transferable Skills of Students

Adam Malik, Agus Setiawan
the preliminary study conducted at The Physics Education Program course on Basic Physics course showed that most students are still not able to develop higher order thinking skills when doing the practical implementation. Their main activities are still limited to practice low-level of thinking skills....
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The Effect of Teaching Models and Teaching Materials Towards Situational Interest

Hilda Ilmawati, Adang Suherman
The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of teaching models (inquiry and direct instruction) and teaching materials towards situational interest. The sample of the research was Class X students at SMAN 1 Batujaya Karawang which was taken as random cluster sampling from 4 classes. The study...
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The Implementation of Integrated Course Ware Pneumatic Valve to Improve Student's Learning Out Come in Vocational Schools

Purnawan, Haryadi, Sumarto, Wahyudin
The aim of this research was to get empirical experience of the application of Integrated Course Ware (ICW) Pneumatic Valve in Vocational Schools. Quasi-experimental method with non-equivalent control group design was employed. In addition, 330 students from four different vocational schools were involved...
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The Implementation of Learning Strategies "Listen-See-Do" Based on Mini-Laboratory for Student's Science Process Skill (KPS) in Senior High School

Has conducted research that aims to obtain a condition of the use of learning strategies listen-see-do based on mini laboratory for student’s science process skills (KPS) on the material quantities and units. The method used is a quasi-experimental design with a "one shot case study" conducted in class...
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Developing Performance Assessment Instruments to Evaluate the Competence Achievement in Patisserie Learning

Mauren Gita Mirani, Ana
The lack of standardized assessment instruments which can assess student achievement competence in learning patisserie made the researchers motivated to create it. The purpose of this study is to create the design of assessment instrument which can be applied in teaching patisserie. This study used Developmental...
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Production Unit Model with The Approach to Knowledge based Industry in SMK Competence Expertise Clothing Design

Mally Maeliah, Yoyoh Jubaedah, Neni Rohaeni
This study was based on the fact that it is important to synchronize the competences of vocational school students or graduates and workplace requirements. The students should actually be equipped with abundant learning experiences tailored with the industrial requirements. The aim of this study was...
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Potential Implementation of Problem Based Learning in Kurikulum 2013 Context at Vocational High School

Herminarto Sofyan, Wagiran, Kokom Komariah
This study was aimed at: (1) describing teachers’ readiness to implement problem-based learning in 2013 curriculum context; (2) describing the learning profiles in 2013 curriculum implementation; and (3) describing the potential implementation of problem-based learning in 2013 curriculum context. This...
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Roadmap of Vocational Education Research at Engineering Faculty, Yogyakarta State University

This study was aimed at: (1) describing research mapping in Engineering Faculty, Yogyakarta State University (YSU); (2) roadmap formulation of Vocational Education Research at Engineering Faculty, YSU. This research and development was done at Engineering Faculty YSU. Samples were determined using purposive...
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Personality Traits as Predictors of Authentic Leadership

Aan Komariah
The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictability of traits personality towards authentic leadership madrasah principal and also to examine the relation of five factors of personality with dimensions of their authentic leadership. Participants for this study consisted of madrasah principal...
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Investigating Factors of Students’ Competence in Internship Activity

Nia Lestari, Denny Meirawan, Ana
This study aims to determine "the factors suspected to affect the competence of the authors work to limit to two variables: motivation and work attitude. The study took place in SMK Negeri 9 Bandung. Population in this research is the students who have done the work practices of the industry or internship,...
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Compliance of IQF towards AQRF: Challenges and Opportunities of The Referencing to Regional Qualification Framework

Agus Setiawan
Recently, TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) has attracted more attention because of its important role to the regional and global economic development. To enter the global market, as well as ASEAN Economic Community 2015, standardization and harmonization in TVET sector become crucial...
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Improvement of Competence Students Through the Implementation of Problem Based Instruction on Laboratory of Building Materials’ Course

Nurmi Frida Pakpahan
This research is a classroom action research to students of Building Technique Education the State University of Surabaya. Subjects were 38 students who programmed the course of laboratory building materials. The research objective is to improve the competence of students, including cognitive, psychomotor...
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Socio Cultural Phenomenon and Citizenship Rights of Indigenous Communities in Remote Island Buru

Fatimah Sialana
This study aims to determine the various phenomena and problems that exist in remote indigenous communities or people bupolo Buru island . This research uses the ethnographic method with a qualitative approach. The results showed that the Remote Indigenous Communities has not fully accept their rights...
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Transformation of Traditional Village Architectural Values in Modern Sustainable Architecture Design

Lilis Widaningsih, P. Diah Cahyani
This study is aim to explore the local wisdom of traditional villages as well as how these values can be an architecture precedent in the modern society in the sustainable architecture discourse. Therefore, the expected result is a description and application of the community education values of architecture....
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Challenges in Developing Engineering Class Design at Middle Classroom to Improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

Ida Kaniawati, Irma R. Suwarma, Lilik Hasanah, Nuryani Y. Rustaman, Elah Nurlaelah
In this paper, we discuss challenges in designing engineering class that was conducted in a middle school to improve STEM education in Indonesia. Engineering class design was implemented in several schools in US to embed STEM education into school curriculum that emphasized on engineering practice. However,...
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Developing Classroom Blog in Engineering Mathematics to Enhance Students Comprehension Ability

Dedi Rohendi, Purnawan
Nowadays, the use of blog in daily activity is increasing, yet research of how the blog used in teaching is still a few. Further contribution of how the blog used toward learning result is limited. To overcome this problem, a research was conducted which aimed: 1) to develop the classroom blog in engneering...
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Impact of Teaching Materials Using Adobe Flash to Enhance The Comprehension of Algorithms and Programming Course

Hurianti Vidyaningtyas, L.V. Yovita, R. Mayasari, B. Hudiono, Y. Jamiah
The goal of this study is to see the effect of the use of interactive media on Algorithms and Programming course. Based on preliminary studies, the causes of sub-optimal student learning outcomes are the inadequate both of teaching material and media that are used in the learning. Related to these findings,...
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Life Skill Education Model Through Integrated Learning Approach to Improve learners specialization

Neni Rohaeni, Mirna Purnama Ningsih
This research is conducted by the fact that the attention for developing the life skill education in formal, non-formal and informal is still inadequate. According to such evidence, this research aims to develop life skills education model through integrated learning approach in improvinglearners specialization....
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Entrepreneurship Education Learning Model in Vocational Secondary School

Sarwa, M. Syaom Barliana, As'ari Djohar, Suryana
The research objective was to develop a learning model of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in vocational secondary school (SMK). Development of a learning model was designed to Experiential Learning Theory (ELT), which are aligned with best practices in SMK. The research method was used by Research and...
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Employability Skills of Tourism Vocational High School Student Through Collaborate Inquiry Learning Model

Krisna Primanti
The research aims to know the improvement of employability skills of Tourism Vocational High School students through collaborative inquiry learning model implementation. The employable skills of vocational high school students are observed from problem solving skill aspect, collaborative skill and communicative...
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Use of The Malcolm Baldrige Method to Formulate Strategic Planning in Technological and Vocational Education

This article describes the results of a research study evaluating the performance of Technological and Vocational Education (TVE) by using the Malcolm Baldrige method. Data of the performance were used to know its excellence and weakness. Based on the excellence and weakness in performance, a competitive...
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Vocational Learning Design for Women in Rural Areas in Indonesia

Kamin Sumardi, A. Djohar
This research aims to generate a vocational learning design for women in rural areas. The vocational learning in the design includes knowledge, attitudes, and skills which are needed by learners to be applied in their lives. Three methods were used in the design of the vocational learning, namely: regenerated...
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Implementation of Life Skills Oriented Education Through Learning Reorientation and School Reform on SMK

Tasma Sucita, Sumarto, Janulis P. Purba, Bachtiar Hasan
This study aimed to achieving the implementation pattern of implementation of life skills education through a reorientation of learning and practice reforms implemented in vocational education. Research conducted on vocational school in West Java with a sample of five CMS. The method developed in this...
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Development of Study Program in Vocational Secondary School in Accordance with Main Economic Activity in Six Economic Corridors

Siswantari Daryanto
The purpose of this study was to analyze the expertise study program that need to be held in Vocational Secondary School and to find the development pattern of expertise competency in provincial level and/or expertise study program and expertise competency in the district/city level appropriate with...
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The Influence of Study Performance and Family Background to Entrepreneurship Motivation in DPTA Bandung

Riskha Mardiana, Mokhamad Syaom Barliana, Bachtiar Hasan
The purpose of research is to know how big the influence of study performance and family background to entrepeneurship motivation for student of Architecture Technic and Architechture Education in DPTA UPI. Number of research population is 66 students, and using sample from 2011 students which number...
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The Improvement of Professional Competences of Culture-Based Vocational Education Teacher

Yadi Mulyadi
the improvement of professional vocational education teachers in the context of lifelong education is a series of comprehensive systems that are continuously performed, both formally and informally. Life experience is the structure of teachers built on the perfect combination of cultural process of verbal...
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Investigation Leader Skills that Effect Leadership Effectiveness: A Case Study on Vocational High School Headmaster

Nathanael Sitanggang
The objective of the research was to investigate the effects of interpersonal skills, task structure and directive leader behavior on leadership effectiveness. This research was conducted at Vocational High Schools (SMK) in Medan, using the survey method with 132 principals as population and the sample...
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Social Skills and Social Values in Malaysian Dual Training System Apprenticeship

Norhayati Yahaya, Mohamad Sattar Rasul, Ruhizan Mohamad Yasin
The mismatch between the skills required by employers and the skills acquired by graduates is one of the major causes of unemployment among the graduates. The efforts to reinforce advanced technology skills training must be synchronized with the instilling of social skills and social values among the...
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The Development of Instructional Video to Illustrate How Teaching in a Real Learning Environment

Meini Sondang Sumbawat, Munoto Munoto
The State University of Surabaya yield the teacher candidates who are having four standards of competencies namely pedagogy, personality, social, and professional competence. Teacher competencies are taught through courses to complete teaching plan and be able to teach with innovative learning model....
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The Influence of The Empowerment Coaches Towards The Achievment in Sports Competition

Heri Yusuf Muslihin
This study investigates the influence of the empowerment of coach towards the achievement in sport competition. This study employed exploratory survey toward 50 referee in West Java by using purposive sampling. Besides that, 50 coaches that has participate actively in developing of athlete. the result...
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Influence of Demographic Variables on Environmental Consciousness of The Low Income Communities

M. Syaom Barliana, Tetsu Kubota, Usep Surahman
The global society is currently faced to problems an constraints in energy saving measures, one of them is a lack of environmental awareness. Therefore, prior it enters the technical problems of energy saving as part of sustainable architecture, the required first of all the banging and raise public...
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Principal Leadership to Alleviate Poverty at Lagging and Social Crisis Area in District of South-west Sumba East Nusa Tenggara

Tetty Setiawaty, Gunadi Thajono
Thi s research’s purpose are: (1) produce guidelines models of principal leadership in alleviate of poverty at lagging and social crisis area in district of S outh-west S umba East Nusa Tenggara; and (2) produce indicator models of principal leadership in people empower through education. Research method...
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Integrated Problem Based Learning for Improvement Soft Skill and High Order Thingking of Vocational Students

Siti Hamidah, Widjiningsih, Yuriani, Sri Palupi
Education process in university should contribute in a balanced competency mastery between knowledge, skills, and soft skills. The elements of soft skills are crucial in achieving and functionalization of cognitive and psychomotor. Hence, the university as vocational education organizer is responsible...
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Curriculum Development Agroindustri Engineering Education Study Program Based on Need Stakeholders

Elih Mulyana, Ati Sugiarti, Siti Mujdalipah
Technology Education Agro Industry(PTAG) is a vocational agricultural higher education in Indonesia. The purpose of this study program is to produce graduates to work as a teacher or trainer personnel in accordance with its competence. To achieve these objectives has been revised curriculum, but whether...
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The Teaching Performance of The Teacher: Profession Allowance and Work Motivation

Dadang Lukman Hakim, S. U Syaefuddin, A.A Wahab, A. Komariah
This research aims to reveal and analyze the teaching performance of Vocational High School (VHS) teachers which is influenced by profession allowance and work motivation. Profession allowance and work motivation are the most significant variable beside competence. Profession allowance becomes motivation...
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Implementation of Learning Management System Model in Vocational School

This study aims to develop and to implement the Learning Management System (LMS) model in improving learning outcomes in Electronic Measurement (EM) subjects for students of vocational school in Bandung. LMS is an online learning system or e-learning, which is a web-based learning management application...
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Development Technology and Engineering Literacy Through STEM-Based Education

Harry Firman, Nuryani Y. Rustaman, Irma Rahma Suwarma
Technology and engineering have become critical components of 21st-century life. Therefore technology and engineering literacy (TEL) need to be achieved by youngsters, not only vocational and technological school students but also students at general secondary schools. As a result general education at...
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Preparing TVET Teacher Competence Through Industry Practice Process

I. Wayan Ratnata
Entering the year 2016 all ASEAN’s countries have to be ready to face the MEA era, namely era for competition for various sectors, certainly through healthy competition, and fair. Indonesia constitutes one of ASEAN’s countries and with the number of 250 millions populations should be ready to deal with...
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The Implementation of Nutrition Education “Athena” for Improving Nutrition Knowledge of College Athlete Student from Indonesia University of Education

Cica Yulia, Ira Purnamasari, Ali Khomsan, Dadang Sukandar
Athlete’s Nutritional status was one contributing factor for athlete endurance. Nutritional status influenced by many factor such as nutritional knowledge. Based on preliminary research, more than a half respondent (69%) of college athlete student from Indonesia University of Education has a poor nutrition...
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Physics Students’ Mental Model and Prediction in Heat Convection Concept

Ika Mustika Sari, Duden Saepuzzaman
Investigating students’ mental model is something important in physics education. Mental model is students’ internal representative of some phenomena that they find in daily life. A Student who have a scientifically mental model of a concept, he/she will be able to scientifically explain and predict...
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The Development of Vocational Curriculum Implementation Evaluation Model (Studies in Vocational High School of Building Engineering)

Dedy Suryadi
This study aims to produce a model for the evaluation of the curriculum implementation of Vocational School. The method used consists of literature study, survey, documentation studies and Delphi technique. The results of the study, completion of a vocational curriculum model of comprehensive evaluation...
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The Analysis of Character Education in Teaching Physical Education

Adang Suherman
The phenomenon of the low character of students demands the teacher to be able to integrate character education in every subject at school. The purpose of this study is to find out some factors supporting the integration of character education in physical education. This study was conducted through a...
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Influences of Multiple Representation in Physics Learning to Students in Understanding Physics Material and Scientific Consistency

Sidik Nulhaq, Agus Setiawan
This research was to obtain an overview the ratio of ability increase in understanding and scientific consistency between students who get Physics learning using multiple representations and students who get Physics learning without using multiple representations Physics learning using multiple representations...
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Microscopic Virtual Media (MVM) in Physics Learning to Build a Scientific Conception and Reduce Misconceptions: A Case Study on Students' Understanding of the Thermal Expansion of Solids

Firmanul Catur Wibowo, Andi Suhandi, Dadi Rusdiana, Yayat Ruhiyat, Dina Rahmi Darman
A domain of research in physics teaching is focused on the study of the effects of different types of learning interventions aimed to help students build a scientific conception. Microscopic Virtual Media (MVM) is the application of a particular interest in physics learning because they can support microscopic...
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Learning from Cireundeu: A Prototype of Local Wisdom-Based Cultural Traditional Village and Food Security

Yani Achdiani, Isma Widiaty, Elis Endang Nikmawati
The purpose of this study was to explore the potentials of local wisdom as a prototype of vocational local wisdom-based Cireundeu traditional village with food security. Cireundeu traditional village can be used as a learning resource related to the processing of rasi as staple food that is unique to...
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Local Wisdom-based Lesson in Designs for Batik Learning in Lesson Study Activity at Vocational Schools

Iwa Kuntadi, Isma Widiaty, Lilis Widaningsih, Ana
The purpose of this study is to examine local wisdom-based lesson designs of batik learning in lesson study activity at vocational schools. Lesson designs examined are important signs that need to be considered in designing local wisdom-based batik learning. Research method used is Focus Group Discussion...
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Skill Training Models to Install and Maintain for House Electrical Installation

Jaja Kustija, Elih Mulyana, Bambang Trisno, Hasbullah
This research aims to develop a training model on installation and maintenance of electrical installations homes for youth in the village. The research using activities carried out by using participatory approaches demand responsive approach method. Training model development is based on the needs and...
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Interactive Media in Learning Japanese Language Vocabulary for Vocational School

Nuria Haristiani, R.S. Rahmawati, D. Sofiani, A.B.D. Nandiyanto
This research aimed to develop a model for an interactive media on Japanese learning and to examine its impact on student ability for remembering Japanese language vocabulary. Different from other methods, this media was user friendly for students who want to learn independently. Further, this interactive...
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Design of Multimedia Animation Metal Reinforcement to Improve Learning Quality

Ariyano, Amay Suherman
Difficulty engineering student in Materials Engineering courses were related to learning materials that seem abstract. Learning the atomic crystal structure is very important to determine the material properties, in particular the mechanical properties or strength of the material. This study focused...
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The Book of Fundamental Electromechanical for Vocational High School

Hilda, Mukhidin, Bachtiar Hasan
This research aims to develop teaching materials for basic electromechanical work subject and determine the feasibility of teaching materials that have been developed by teachers and students. The method used in this research is using research design and development. Teaching materials developed in this...
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Developing The Competencies of Prospective Vocational Teachers Through The Implementation of Trans-National Teacher Education Program Model

Amay Suherman, Sudjani, Dadang Hidayat
The rapid development of Vocational Schools)) in Indonesia influence the role and readiness of Educational Institution of Educational Personnel (Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan (LPTK)), especially Technology and Vocational Education (Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan (PTK)), as a producer of prospective...
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The Students’ Perception on Self-Image, Tourism Career, and Job Choice

Heri Puspito Diyah Setiyorini, Elly Malihah, Rini Andari
The purpose of this study is to understand the perception of tourism and hospitality students self image, the tourism and hospitality career, and the job choice. The initial perception about career image could drive the student's eagerness to finish the study and prepare their career path in this business....
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Standard Implementation of Teaching Factory 6 Step Model (TF-6M) Learning

Dadang Hidayat, Amay Suherman, Sudjani
Learning Teaching Factory 6 Steps Model (TF-6M Model) is a learning model that can create industrial climate at schools, can improve students’ competencies and can produce vocational students with entrepreneur spirit. TF-6M Model as a concept had been refined through researches that strengthened the...