Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology

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Waterworks comprehensive monitoring management system design based on T-S model

Yan Bai, Wengang Zheng
This paper designs a set of PLC technology, network information technology, configuration technology in the integrated monitoring and management system, which has the advantages of unified management, reasonable open source, optimizing the configuration and overall saving. In the process of water treatment,...
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Research of Intrusion Detection Method Based on Ant Colony Clustering

Qiang Yue, Zhongyu Hu, Shikai Shen, Dawei Zhang
Network intrusion detection has been intensively investigated in recent years. In this paper, we propose an adaptive method based on ant colony clustering to discover unknown attacks. The focus of the method is the clustering process of an ant colony movement. The structure of the intrusion detection...
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Modeling and Simulation of RLS for Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Zhongyu Hu, Qiang Yue, Weiming Chen
In this paper, an adaptive noise cancellation system based on RLS algorithm is presented, and the principle of noise cancellation system and the steps and processes of RLS algorithm are described. The simulation of adaptive noise cancellation system based on RLS algorithm is obtained by using an example....
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Brief discussion of Distributed Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Interface Device

Shandan Wang, Guosheng Yang
This paper mainly studies the distributed PV interface device how to realize the control of distributed power grid, and the interface to achieve the function of islanding prevention, the integration of relay protection, measurement and control, power quality control, remote control, harmonic control...
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Analysis of Laser Gyro Strap-down Inertial Navigation System for its Self-Navigation and Integrated-Navigation Experiments in the Static State

Yun-Fei Mao, Lin Ou, Yi Zhao
In this paper, the test for the laser gyro strap-down inertial navigation system is studied. The self-navigation and the integrated navigation are introduced. By comparing the measuring results with the real data, the accuracy for the integrated-navigation is obtained. The errors for the head, the roll...
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Fracture Surface Fractal Dimension and Its Relationship with the Impact Strength of the PP/Diatomite composites

Chen Liu, Chengbao Wu, Jing Wei, Zhenghua Chen
The surface of diatomite particles was treated by a silane coupling agent, and the diatomite filled polypropylene (PP) composites with a volume fraction range of the filler from 0 to 15% were prepared by means of melt blending in a twin-screw extruder. The impact strength of the composites was measured...
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Study on Process of Rotationally Molded Truck Fender and Effect of Technics on Product Properties

Ya-mei Liu, Jing Liu, Yongpan Li, Xianming Cheng
In this paper,we studied a process for the rotationally molded truck fender . The part’s impact strength, the melt flow index and bubbles inside the part are all affected by the heating temperature and time, all of which are analyzed. Finally, the optimized process conditions were given. The result...
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A Scheme of Multi-path Adaptive Load Balancing in MANETs

Yang Tao, Guochi Lin
The majority of multi-path routing schemes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) does not consider the traffic distribution and load balancing routing performance, increasing network overhead, excessive energy consumption and other issues. We propose a scheme to achieve load balancing when the topology changes...
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Integral Sliding Mode Control of Airship Pitch Channel simplified model

Aijun Zhou, Junbo Chu, Haibo Wang, Tianwei Li, Guoqiang Liang
A kind of integral type sliding mode control law was designed for a kind of simplified pitch channel model of hypersonic aircraft which is widely discussed recently. The advantage of sliding mode control is that it has strong robustness. And the integral sliding mode control method can reduce steady...
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Discussion on the choosing of Lyapunov function for adaptive parameter identification problem

Yuqiang Jin, Junwei Lei, Huali Wu
.The selection of Lyapunov function is depth studied with adaptive parameter identification, where a kind of simple first order system with two unknown parameters is taken as an example. The study shows that the selection of Lyapunov function is completely free, and the proportion of the parameter identification...
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A kind of differential sliding mode controller design for pitch channel simplified model of hypersonic aircraft

Guoqiang Liang, Guangbin Wu
A kind of differential type sliding mode control law was proposed to improve the robustness of a kind of simplified pitch channel model of hypersonic aircraft which is widely discussed recently. The advantage of sliding mode control is that it has differential item which can provide a special damping...
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Increasing damping ratio of high speed aircraft by terminal sliding mode method

Guangbin Wu, Guoqiang Liang
A special method to increase damping ration of a kind of high speed vehicle was proposed by constructing a kind of terminal sliding mode surface. As the increase of damping ratio of flying system, the stability and stable margin can be greatly improved which is also a most important point cared by many...
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Research and Realization of AP Clustering Algorithm Based on Cloud Computing

Qiang Yue, Zhongyu Hu, Xinhua Lei, Xiaoming Li
With the extensive application of network, massive growth in the scale of data through cloud computing has been observed. Cloud computing is a powerful technology to perform complex computing, and applications running on cloud computing with Hadoop architecture are increasing. In this paper, after studying...
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On-line Monitoring of Electrical Equipment and Fault Diagnosis Analysis

Jian-wei Zhao
In order to improve the reliability of power system, on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis for electrical equipment is very necessary. In this paper, we research on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis of transformer, building the gas online monitoring system in transformer oil, and improved transformer...
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Research on Frequency Measurement of Power System Based on Support Vector Machine

Rui-peng Yang
A new method for measuring the frequency of power system based on support vector machine is proposed in this paper. This method used the exploratory way, under rare sampling points, to fit the original signal with a single frequency curve. Then, through comparing the amplitude, the power system frequency...
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Research of the Design of Hybrid Power Compensation Controller Based on Neural Networks

Jian-wei Zhao
The problem of harmonics compensation in power system was concerned in this paper. The method based on artificial neural network (ANN) about how to design the hybrid power compensation (HPC) controller was proposed. The HPC controller can automatically measure the harmonic currents and automatically...
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Research on Harmonic Analysis in Power Systems Based on Neural Network

Rui-peng Yang
A new harmonic analysis method for electric power systems based on triangle basis functions neural network was presented, the convergence theorem of the algorithm was proposed, and a window function and interpolation algorithm were employed to correct the frequency of fundamental waves. This approach...
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Research on Routing Choice of Computer Network Based on Improved Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm

Xin Cao, Yana Zhang
According to the problem of poor optimization performance and convergence performance of the current computer network’s optimal routing algorithm, this paper puts forward the improved quantum evolutionary algorithm based on computer network routing. On the basis of traditional quantum evolutionary...
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Research on Reliability Optimization Calculation of Computer Network Based on Genetic Algorithm

Yana Zhang, Xin Cao
To decrease network link cost is one of the most important paimsrs for computer network reliability optimization design. In order to make the network cost minimum, the network link medium cost, mathematics mode of reliability and resolve algorithm must be considered when it is designed. In the paper,...
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Research on Solving Timetabling Problem Based on Improved Retrospective Algorithm

Jie Song
The algorithms for timetabling have been widely studied but there are no perfect solutions for it yet. Through investigating and comparing the existing algorithms, it has been found that these algorithms can be classified into two categories designated as constructed algorithms and modern algorithms,...
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Research on Computer Network Security Assessment Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Chun-yuan Li
The hierarchy model of computer network security assessment was constructed in light of the characteristics of computer network and the factors influencing the network security. The fuzzy analytic hierarchy process based on triangular fuzzy number was applied to assess the network security comprehensively...
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Research of computer image aesthetics’ classification and assessment based on support vector machine

Jian-liang Xiong, Yan-mei Yang
Computer image aesthetics is an interdisciplinary research field, which covering visual arts, psychology, information theory and other disciplines. And it depends on the image processing and computer vision to solve specific problems. This paper will design a comprehensive computer image aesthetic evaluation...
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Research of computer network security evaluation based on RBF neural network

Yan-ling Zhang, Jian-liang Xiong
Nowadays, computer network is widely used in many areas of daily life. Since the affectation of vulnerabilities and viruses, there will be a variety of security issues in the application process of computer network. In order to provide effective protection for computer network security, computer network...
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Application of DEA Method in Computer Network Security Evaluation

Yan-mei Yang, Yan-ling Zhang
Since the affectation of vulnerabilities and viruses, there will be a variety of security issues in the application process of computer network. In order to provide effective protection for computer network security, computer network security evaluation system should be established. This article will...
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Research on Computerized Simulation of Occlusal Contacts for Complete Denture Based on 3D Digitized Modeling

Wei-can Chen
Aiming at solving the problems on dynamic occlusion of complete denture in the field of dental restoration, this paper presents a computerized system from the viewpoint of integration of related disciplines. Firstly the displacement matrix of mandibular movement on Hanau articulator is established by...
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Research on Estimation for Architectural Project Cost Based on BP Neural Network

Jing Zhao, Li Zhao, Yi-wei Ren
The estimation of project cost affects the rationality of project invitation for bid. According to the principles of construction budget estimate, the main character index is identified as a model example, and the char index is transformed into a numeric character index. At the same time, the BP neural...
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Total pressure probe directional scanning imaging principle and device design

Yuankai Li, Yueming Yang, Limin Song, Xiujuan Liu, Song Li, Xiao Xu, Xuewei Liu
this article from the analysis of total pressure in the flow field in the directional scanning is detected by the pressure signal, this paper discusses the color image technology is used to do high density scanning imaging space complex vortex system. The image has a complete structure, image is clear,...
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Influence of sintering atmosphere on the performance of porous silicon carbide ceramics

Hong Sheng, Kaihong Zhang, Ziqiang Li, Xiaoxue Liu
The core-shell structure precursor powder was fabricated by coat-mix process in different fabrication conditions with various aging pH value. The porous silicon carbide ceramics were prepared through molding, carbonization, and sintering in argon atmosphere and vacuum, respectively. Morphology, physical...
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Experimental Study on Shear stress of Magnetorheological Fluids

Linjing Xiao, Xubo Gong, Yurong Chi, Chuangping Wang, Yamin Fan, Jie Wei, Xuli Zhu
Test the Magnetorheological Fluids (MRFs) that prepared with carbonyl iron powder as soft magnetic particles and dimethyl silicon oil as carrier fluid by Rheometer Physica MCR 301. The experimental results demonstrate that the shear stress of MRFs increases slowly with the increase of shear rate. With...
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A kind of packet reordering analysis model in concurrent multipath transmission

Yang Tao, Jiayong Zhang, Xuanrui Xiong
Focus on the problem of packet reordering in concurrent multipath transmission which lead to an unnecessary fast retransmit and increase in network load, reduces the utilization of network resources.This paper put forward a kind of packet reordering analysis model in concurrent multipath transmission...
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The Pollution of Ships' Ballast Water to the Marine Environment and Countermeasures

Jingguo Yuan
as the integration of the world economy, the amount of global trade has increased. 80% of the trade commodities are transported by sea. A large number of ships whose ballast water cause great damage to the marine environment are sailing in the ocean every year. Ship’s ballast water has become an important...
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Feature Extraction of ROI on Image

Zhenyu Han, Jihong Wang, Tianshe Yang, QingE Wu
This paper presents an algorithm of image segmentation of region of interest (ROI), extracts the ROI of a palmprint image and studies the composing features of palmprint. This paper constructs a coordinates by making use of characteristic points in the palm geometric contour, improves the algorithm of...
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The study about the water strategy of America which is based on the data analysis of the MATLAB software

Yilin Li
This article explains and demonstrates the study about the water strategy of American which is based on the data analysis of the MATLAB software. This society is an era which is consisted of data. The formulation of some policies and the reform of some systems need the help of data simulation. In this...
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Structural design and motion analysis of Hexapod Bionic walking device

Zhifang Zhu
Based on the principle of bionics, this paper designs a hexapod walking device by using a crank rocker mechanism. The designed structure can perform some basic walking operations, such as forward and backward place, turn left, turn right and so on. Furthermore, the triangle gait principle of the hexapod...
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Feature Evaluation in Fine-gain of Leaf

Zhanhao Chen, Shan Xu, Yixiong Zou, Hualong Zhang, Zhu Zhang, Yue Li, Wei Wang
In order to compare the value of several features involving leaf retrieval, we design an approach to evaluate 37 features about leaf’s contour, content and texture. Random forest algorithm is employed to rank these features’ contribution to leaf categorization. To forming the optimum features combination,...
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A Novel Carrier Phase Recovery for Optical Coherent Receivers with 16QAM Modulation Format

Shuhao Xue, Xue Chen, Wentao Liu
We propose a novel carrier phase recovery algorithm based on constellation partitioning and maximum likelihood phase decision (MLPD) for square 16-ary quadrature amplitude modulation format in optical coherent transmission systems and verify its performance by PDM-16QAM simulation. Compared with classic...
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A Scheme of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Switching FC-AE-1553 Network

Shaojun Wu, Liqian Wang, Yueying Zhan, Guangheng Zhao, Jin Wang
In order to meet the requirement of space payload system and the data transmission, a scheme of periodical and concurrent dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) of switching FC-AE-1553 network was proposed based on both theoretical analysis and simulation approaches. Compared with traditional solutions,...
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2D DOA estimation for non-uniform L-shaped array via a successive Capon algorithm

Weihua Lv, Wang Zheng, Qianlin Cheng, Xiaofei Zhang
Capon algorithm is a common algorithm for the estimating of direction of arrival (DOA). As it needs two-dimensional (2D) spectrum peak search which costs a tremendous computational complexity, in this paper, we propose a successive algorithm based on Capon algorithm for non-uniform L-shaped array to...
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Low complexity 2D-DOA estimation algorithm for non-uniform L-shaped array

Donglin Yang, Qianlin Cheng, Weihua Lv, Wang Zheng, Xiaofei Zhang
In this paper, we discussed the problem of two-dimensional (2D) direction of arrival (DOA) estimation for non-uniform L-shaped array, and for this, a low complexity multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm is proposed. The proposed algorithm uses two one-dimensional searches to achieve the joint...
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Successive PM–based 2D DOA estimation for non-uniform L-shaped array

Weihua Lv, Qianlin Cheng, Wang Zheng, Xiaofei Zhang
Propagator Method (PM) algorithm is a common method for the estimation of direction of arrival (DOA). As PM algorithm has no eigenvalue decomposition of the covariance matrix which is needed for MUSIC algorithm, it already has a lower computational complexity relatively. In this paper, we proposed a...
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Development of Research on Treatment Technology for Low-concentration Uranium

Yueran Ni, Yadan Guo, Weiwei Ouyang, Peng Li
Based on analyzing the characteristics of the environment of low concentration uranium, the traditional processing method of low concentration uranium waste-water, such as adsorption method, chemical precipitation, evaporation-enrichment method were summarized. Then the principle, characteristics and...
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Distribution characteristics of soil heavy metals in farmland soil around the mine area

Yinghao Wu, Jingying Chen, Bai Gao
The acid waste water produced in the process of mine exploitation has greatly increased the migration and transformation of heavy metals, through the waste water and rainwater flow to the soil, did great harm to the use of the soil. Farmland soil around the mine area was studied in this paper, by using...
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A Software-Defined Networking Security Controller Architecture

Fengjun Shang, Qiang Fu
With the development of the software-defined networking (SDN), centralized and open network management has brought many security problems. In this paper, we analyzed the security problems in SDN architecture, and then designed a SDN security controller architecture. We verified the feasibility and effectiveness...
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Research Advances of Chemical Treatment of Wastewater With Low Concentration of Uranium

Wenchao Yu, Yadan Guo, Bai Gao, Ping Liang
The article briefly introduces the harm of the uranium and the existence form of uranium in aqueous solution. Reviewing the research advances in recent years of chemical treatment of wastewater with low concentration of uranium, the article analyzes the main principle and advantages and disadvantages...
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A Load Balancing Model based on Load-aware for Distributed Controllers

Fengjun Shang, Wenjuan Gong
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new paradigm that decouples the control plane from data plane. But with the continuous expansion of the network scale, a single controller faces with scalability issues and may trigger a single point of failure. It is important to take into account the scalability...
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Research on Pre-coding Technology Analysis of LTE Systems

Zhiyong Ren
As the demand for wireless communications become more sophisticated, the wireless communication system also received an unprecedented flourish. LTE as the evolution of 3G systems, which greatly enhance the spectrum utilization system, it is possible to obtain higher than traditional wireless communication...
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Research of OFDM System Channel Equalization Techniques

Juan Wang
In a wireless mobile communication, it is required to provide high-speed and high-quality communication services and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) due to a high bandwidth efficiency and resistance to multipath ability, etc., in recent years, widespread attention. Contents of this...
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Research on the Design and Implementation of Video Surveillance System Based on WiFi-Mesh Network

Weiqiang Wang
This thesis proposes a new wireless video surveillance system implementation, using Wireless Mesh Networks(WMN) as the data bearer network, using VLC video server to build the video transmission and preservation solution, using SD card to save the historical surveillance video and building an FTP server...
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The Analysis on the Techniques and Skills of the Action Set in the Three-Dimensional Animation Manufacture

Xiao Zhang
With the rapid development of information, 3D animation technology has become the indispensable technical means in the field of video effects, education and scientific research. The three-dimensional animation is a comprehensive art. The action set has been the key step in a three-dimensional animation....
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Analysis of Oxidation resistance of Flavonoids in Northern Shaanxi Red Jujube

Xiangqian Zhang, Min Zhang, Aili Zhao, Xiaolong He
With Shaanxi Ziziphus jujuba var. goutouzao as an experimental material, soxhlet extraction and ultrasonic extraction were adopted to extract flavonoids in Ziziphus jujuba var. goutouzao, and qualitative detection of flavonoids in extracting solution was scanned through color reaction and ultraviolet...
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Research of the Management Information System Comprehensive Assessment Model Based on BP Neural Network

Zhirong Liang, Qi Xue, Dawang Cheng
In this paper, on the basis of building management information systems (MIS) evaluation index system, we propose neural networks based integrated evaluation method for management information systems. It can simulate evaluation made by experts and avoid subjective mistakes. The results from the simulation...
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Research on the Access Control and Communications Security Research Based on Hadoop Big Data Processing

Yanhua Hu
Hadoop is an open cloud computing platform. Cloud computing is a new computing model. It derives from distributed computing, grid computing etc, integrating available valid resources and providing computing resources, storage resource for user as service. The object faced by cloud computing could be...
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Research and Application of Mobile Geographic Information Service Technology Based on JSP

Chengtong Guo, Yan Yao
In this paper, scientific statistical data and geographic location information are combined. A JSP design scheme of mobile geographic information service system is put forward. This system displays statistical data on the map in many ways. Besides, HTML5 technology is also used to achieve a visual, vivid...
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Vibration Noises and Acoustic Optimization Design of the Centrifugal Pump

Zhanqi Hao
In daily production and life, the centrifugal pump plays an important role, but its vibration noise has influenced humans’ mind and physical health. This paper adopts the vibration noise of the centrifugal pump as the research objective, analyzing how to reduce noises. The focus of this paper is on...
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Study on optimization design of building water supply and drainage projects

Yunzhao Fan, Tianpeng Wang, Jinwei Lei, Chong Tan
With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there has been a higher requirement of buildings’ construction level. In order to create a favorable living space, the current construction departments should emphasize on optimization of water supply and drainage system design during...
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Discussion of electric engineering automatic control based on the PLC technique

Xiaoqiang Chen, Jian Wang, Long Li, Yantao Liu
With the development of information technology, the automation level of electric engineering is continuously increasing. The extensive application of the PLC technique has enhanced the control effect. During the application process of the PLC technique, CPU plays a fundamental role, efficiently improving...
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Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnSe nanoparticle

Xiaoguang Ren
The Zinc Selenide nanoparticle has been successfully synthesized with oleinic acid as surfactant by hydrothermal methord. Using X-ray diffractometer (XRD)、scanning electron microscope (SEM)、transmission electron microscopy (TEM)、X-ray spectrometer (EDS)、ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer and...
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The Design and Implementation of IC Card System Based on Digital Campus

Li Jiang
Campus id is an important part of the "digital campus" construction and foundation engineering, for the "digital campus" provides a comprehensive data collection network platform. This article from the campus id function module, provide a platform for other management system, fund settlement and system...
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A Histogram Equalization Algorithm about Second Generation Wavelet Integer Transform

Jianye Peng, Yi Zhang
In view of the traditional processing defects of histogram image, this paper proposes a new histogram equalization algorithm about second generation wavelet integer transform. Firstly, the method of three level lifting was used to improve to the wavelet integer transform and to extract the low frequency...
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The Research of Urban Rail Transit Integrated Automation System Based on Cloud Computing

Qin Wu
This paper analyzes the state of the art of urban rail transit integrated automation system, combining automation, information technology, intelligent trend in industrial applications the depth of integration, noting that urban rail transit integrated automation system will be based on existing real-time...
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Research on OFDM System Dynamic Allocation of Wireless Resources

Juan Wang
OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) system dynamic resource allocation can be utilized effectively limited system power and spectrum resources, improve system performance and those are widely studied. This article focuses on the resource allocation problem of a single-user, multi-user and...
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Software design and realization of the bidirectional communication system in the smart grid

Qi Xue, Zhirong Liang, Ying Du
With the soaring development of economy, people’s living standards have been gradually improved, fueling increasing demands for power resources. In response to the trend, the traditional grid is evolved into the smart grid. In the smart grid, the communication system adopts the bidirectional technique,...
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Communication management system design of the smart grid based on the GIS

Zhirong Liang, Qi Xue, Ying Du
The emergence of the smart grid has put a higher management requirement of the current electric power communication network. In response to it, people must gradually realize intelligentization and upgrade of the communication management system, apart from increasing its efficiency. Geographic Information...
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Research of Distributed Systems on Local Area Network

Wenliang Qu, Fumei Liu
Large-scale distributed storage system has the advantage of high scalability, has become a research and development direction of the storage areas and has a wide range of applications in the major internet companies and corporate data centers. Due to complex function of large-scale distributed storage...
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Study and Application on Security Technology of Computer Information System

Yan Liu
In this paper, the secure policy on application of the computer information system, the secure principle, secure layer, secure service and secure architecture model of the development of computer information system are mainly studyed on this thesis. The developing situation both home and abroad about...
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Developing Situation and Research Advances of Structural Damage Detection Using BP Network

Jinsheng Fan, Ying Yuan, Xiuling Cao
The basic method, research status and development of structural damage identification technology based on BP network are reviewed and summarized, and then the advantages and problems of various methods in theory and practical application are discussed. The development trend and research direction of...
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Key Anti-Jamming Technologies and Their Performance Comparison in Frequency Hopping Communication System

Yuan Yuan
Wireless communications have been applied to every aspect of our life with the development of modern communication technologies, which makes the problem of interference more critical. Especially for the frequency hopping (FH) systems, the application scenario of them is very complicated. Developing anti-jamming...
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Face Recognition Technology Based On Image Processing

Xin Chen, Yajuan Li, Zhimin Tian
Face recognition is an important identification technology, which has broad application prospects. As an important biometric feature with high universal and non-contact collecting, face is increasingly being used for authentication. This paper describes the basic process of face recognition and briefly...
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Applications of Technologies of Internet of Things in Computer Monitoring System

Siyuan Zhang, Yue Qian
The Internet of things technology can realize the communications between persons and persons, persons and objects, as well as objects and objects. The IOT have wide applications in the area of computer monitoring system. This paper firstly presents the concept and operation principles of IOT, then expounds...
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Dexmedetomidine as an anesthetic adjuvant to control intraocular pressure: a meta-analysis

Chengmao Zhou, Yuting Yang, Zhen Liu, Lin Ruan
The aim of this meta-analysis was to evaluate the effect of dexmedetomidine on intraocular pressure (IOP) and hemodynamict. Methods: There were 12 randomized clinical trials in the meta-analysis. The Primary outcomes were the Weighted Mean Difference (WMD) and the 95% Confidence Intervals (CI) of changing...
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Study on Application of Building Waterproof Construction Technology

Fuyong Huang
This paper raises the question of the status of the building waterproofing and the facing technical route background and significance of the research, content and research. On the basis of the current problems in the domestic construction waterproofing industry development and management analysis on...
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Research on Application of Construction Technology of Energy Saving

Fuyong Huang
At this stage, the social and economic progress leads the building industry into a new period of development of civilization. Indicators of buildings is an important aspect to measure the building urban development, for people's production and life has a very important role, it will also affect the environment...
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Study on Application of Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement System on Power Transmission Safety Testing

Minglin Liu, Chenyu Zhao, Nan Sun
Cable is in the daily production, life everywhere. In power plants, factories, laboratories usually concentrated a large number of cables for easy wiring, maintenance, and beautiful. As people grow dependent on electricity, large concentrations of cable make the probability of fire accidents also increased....
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Research of Cable Tunnel structure Settlement sensor based on FBG Technology

Huaguang Wang, Mu Fang, Nan Sun
With the rapid development of science and technology, sustained economic growth, social progress, a variety of engineering structures of today's society undergoing significant changes, material, structure, technology and other complex, and we will continue to large, complex , automation, and so the long-term...
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Cloud Computing Security Challenges and Critical Technologies of Its Protection

Yuxing Yang
In the last few years, cloud computing has grown from being a promising business concept to one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. With the continuous evolution of global information processes, cloud computing has become a new Internet service model following distributed computing, parallel...
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Research on forming force of flexible rolling for three-dimensional surface sheet metal parts through numerical simulation

Fengyan Lun, Wenzhi Fu, Mingzhe Li, Xintong Wang
Flexible rolling is a novel manufacturing technique for forming three-dimensional surface sheet metal parts. The working parts are two bendable rolls. The shape of each working roll can be adjustable respectively, and the gap of two rolls is controlled. The transverse curvature of the formed surface...
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The Design and Implementation of Tourist Perception Information Service System based on Web

Yan Liu
This article is based on an in-depth investigation of tourist information system and its current situation. Taking into consideration the requirements of tourist information system by using the computer science, network technique, the database technique and management principles and methods, we designed...
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Evaluation of Effects and Mechanism of Hedysarum Polybotys Saccharide on Ventricular Remodeling in Mice Model

Bo Liu, Weisi Feng, Qiuyang Yu, Mingcheng Li, Ruowen Zhang
Objective To study the effects and mechanism of Hedysarum Polybotys Saccharide (HPS) on ventricular remodeling induced by isoprenaline (ISO) in the mouse. Methods Ventricular remodeling model was induced by subcutaneous injections of ISO for continuous fourteen days. Mice were randomly divided into control...
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The research of adding bacterial cellulose to improve the strength of long-fiber paper

Jing Yang, Chuanshan Zhao, Yifei Jiang, Wenjia Han
BC (Bacterial Cellulose) is fermented by the bacteria and other microbes from wood vinegar. This paper studies using the well dispersed bacterial cellulose fibers which is modified by polypropylene with plant fibers to make paper .According to the changes of the physical properties indicators of the...
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Study on modification of calcium carbonate for paper filler

Yanqing Wu, Chuanshan Zhao, Yifei Jiang, Wenjia Han
Using silane coupling agent and ammonium zirconium carbonate to modify heavy calcium carbonate separately. Experiments show that using modified calcium carbonate as a filler made of significantly higher than filling in terms of the physical strength of paper. Under 40 ° SR condition, after 1% ammonium...
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Synthesis and Application of Efficient and Environment-friendly PAE Resin

Chong Han, Chuanshan Zhao
According to the problem that harmful by-products which are low molecular weight organic chlorides in the synthesis of PAE resin is inevitably, in order to reduce the content of organic chlorine, complex fatty acid ester was used as a modifier to compound new PAE (N-PAE) resin, as such, the active amount...
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Spatial-temporal variations of Cd in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Danfeng Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Zhikang Wang
We analyzed the horizontal, vertical and seasonal variations of Cd in waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay, eastern China in 1984. Results showed that, for seasonal variation Cd contents in waters were higher in autumn than in summer, which were determined by the equatorial Kuroshio flowing. For horizontal...
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The good water quality on Cu in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Ming Wang, Xiuqin Yang
We analyzed the contents, horizontal distributions and pollution sources of Cu in Jiaozhou Bay, Shandong Province, China in 1984. Results showed that Cu contents in surface waters in July, August and October 1984 were 0.28-1.88 μg L-1, 1.60-4.00 μg L-1 and 0.11-2.00 μg L-1, respectively, and were...
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The slight impacts of marine current to Cd contents in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Xiuqin Yang, Ming Wang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang
This paper analyzed the content, horizontal distribution and migration process of Cd in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay based on the investigation of Cd in July and October 1984. Results showed that Cd contents in bottom waters in July and October were 0.05-0.18 μg L-1 and 0.05-0.06 μg L-1, respectively,...
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Static Driving Comfort Analysis Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Zhimeng Li, Songshan Wang, Yaxiong Zhu
Based on the purpose of the comfort zone of the drivers’ body angle and on the basis of evaluation principles in analyzing the human-machine adaption capacity, this paper puts forward the systematic and practical index system for the driving operation comfort evaluation. Facing the uncertain factors...
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Bearing Fault Recognition Based on Feature Extraction and Clustering Analysis

Xin Zhang, Jianmin Zhao, Haiping Li, Fucheng Sun
In this paper, the clustering analysis is used to distinguish bearing fault pattern. Some time domain feature parameters are extracted from vibration signal, and the combination of three feature parameters are chosen from these feature parameters for the clustering analysis. The Euclidean distance is...
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A Novel Frequency Estimation of Sinusoid by iterative interpolation DFT algorithm

Chao Huang, Jidong Suo, Guiming Shi
The frequency estimation of sinusoidal signal based on discrete fourier transform (DFT) is investigated, which performance is caused to decline due to the error of interpolation direction when the signal frequency is close to quantized frequency of DFT. To solve this problem, a new algorithm without...
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Ad hoc on-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol Based on Delay Forwarding

Yunjie Zhu, Yongqiang Li, Qinggang Fan, Yibin Wu
The ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing protocol based on delay forwarding (AODVDF) is proposed aiming at the problem of extend networks lifetime due to the limited energy in nodes. The turbulence phenomena in on-demand route protocol is presented, the delay forwarding technology is introduced in...
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Main diagenesis of middle-lower Ordovician of Yubei Area in Tarim Basin

Hanting Zhao, Tailiang Fan
According to analysis of cores, rock sections, casting sections, logging data of Ordovician carbonate reservoirs in the Yubei area,reservoir rock in the study area include 4 types:mud micrite limestone,grain limestone,biological limestone and dolomitic limestone.In combination with core photos and imaging...
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Research of SNMP-based network topology discovery algorithm in IOT

Minglang Yang, Chuanchang Liu
Due to the rapid development of the IOT, more and more devices in the network need to be connected to the IOT. Device management and device auto-discovery has become increasingly important. Network topology is a way to describe the logical or physical connections between network devices, and it is extremely...
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The Design and Implementation of Combined System Based on Internet Resource Model

Shuzheng Luo, Chuanchang Liu
For the past few years, more and more applications and services need to interact with information from real world. Therefore, many researchers are focus on theories and techniques about the Internet of Things and more enterprises have already adopted this new-generation information technique marked with...
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Multi-keyword Ranked Search with Fine-grained Access Control over Encrypted Cloud Data

Jingyu Lei, Jiao Mo
With the development of cloud computing, people have become accustomed to using these cheap and convenient services provided by the cloud server for data storage and processing. For protecting data privacy from leaking information to unauthorized users, probably including the cloud service provider (CSP),...
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Optimization of Rear Ordnance Depots Supply Business Process Based on GSPN

Jin Chen, Jun Gao, Mi Lei
Rear ordnance depots are important middle tones of our equipment support system.It’s responsible for the campaign tasks of ordnance equipment storage and supply. Utilizing GSPN to analyze rear ordnance depots support business process quantitatively. Describe business process from the three aspects:...
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Shortwave broadband Transmission System with Fountain Code Technology based on MFC

Jiang Bian, XinLe Yu, Hao Duan
This paper briefly introduced a short-wave transmission system with fountain code technology based on MFC. This system can realize the real-time transmission of multi-media files.
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Kinematic Analysis and Simulation of a Novel 2T1R Parallel Mechanism

Ding Ding, Yanbin Zhang, Xin Wu, Zenghui Wang
In this research work, a novel spatial parallel manipulator with three degrees of freedom (DOF) is proposed. The moving platform has two-translation and one-rotational DOFs with respect to the fixed base. Based on the position and orientation characteristics (POC) theory, the number of the DOF is computed...
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HBase based storage system for the Internet of things

Yun Zheng, Chuanchang Liu
Internet of things(Iot) continually produce a large amount of data , need to collect, process, storage, analysis and make use of these data. There are too many nodes in the Internet of things, the data is huge, and it needs a distributed data management system to manage and integrate. For the traditional...
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Study on the dynamic response characteristics of a fuse under the excitation of the detonation field

Weiguang Zhang, Xingyong Gao, Yuling Zhang, Xiaofeng Li, Shuaijie Liu
In this paper, the research status of the tandem warhead at home and abroad is reviewed.The arming types and the corresponding principles for the fuse are introduced.The present situation and the research emphasis of the research on the influence of the front detonation field on the rear - level are...
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Design and Finite Element Analysis of Modular Rubber-Track System Frame

Xiaodong Zhao, Xihui Mu, Fengpo Du, Haoliang Guo, Jianhua Chen
Without modification or a small wheeled vehicles converted premise modular rubber track system can be a direct replacement tire wheeled vehicles, so that it becomes tracked vehicles, thus increasing its off-road performance.Frame as a key component of the modular rubber track system, supporting all other...
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Study of Network-Centric Maintenance Intelligent Decision Technology Based SOA

Hongyu Ge, Quan Shi, Wei Xia, Zhifeng You
For the development of modern information technology, take the advanced concepts and new technologies, new methods of foreign maintenance aspects as lessons, adopt a network-centric technology to build SOA-based network maintenance intelligent decision technology. This paper introduces network maintenance...
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Optimization analysis of high-speed container flat car suspension parameters

Menggang Guo, Pingbo Wu, Ren Luo
Transportation has a rapid development with the stimulus of electronic commerce. As the internet economic hold dominant position, freight characterized by mass high added value, strong timeliness demand has been in strong demand. The world railway transportation presents the trend of logistics. Based...