Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2019)

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Content Validity of e-Psychological Testing Version-I for an Effective Flood Victims' Mental Health Digital Management

A. Nazilah, Nor Aizal Akmal Rohaizad, Raja Zirwatul Aida Raja Ibrahim, Mazidah Dagang, Syaidatun Nazirah Abu Zahrin
Floods are classified among sudden onset phenomenon and the highest natural disasters happen in Malaysia. Floods have a negative impact on mental health. Mental distress intervention and treatment need to a valid and reliable test to measure its symptoms. In Malaysia, there is a lack of such test. The...
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The study on China civil aviation manufacturing industry’s development Strategy facing international industrial transfer

Liping Zhu, Li Zhang, Jiani Zhao
This paper analyzes the characteristics of world civil aviation manufacturing industry and the present situation of the international transfer, on this basis, the influence of international transfer on China's civil aviation manufacturing industry is discussed. And it also discusses the global civil...
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The Comparative History and Development of E-commerce in China and the United States

Ruofan Shen
This research aims to investigate the differences between e-commerce in two countries, the origins of those differences, and what they can say about the future of E-commerce. While China is among the developing countries in Asia, the US has the greatest power to affect global market. By analyzing previous...
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Research on Model Design about Learning Result Prediction and Intervention Based on Dynamic Data Mining

Zhao Chengling, Li Min
Predicting the academic performance of online learners and promptly intervening and guiding them is an effective way to improve the effectiveness of online learning. How to predict the academic performance and behavior of online learners, implement academic early warning based on prediction results,...
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Challenges and countermeasures faced by financial personnel under financial robots

Liujing, Liqin Zhang
The implementation of Deloitte's financial robot has made the prospect of financial robots optimistic. The financial robot as an accounting tool is the product of the development of intelligent era. The financial intelligence will bring a new round of accounting. Change, which led to the repositioning...
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Analysis of the Construction of Online Open Courses under the Background of Internet +——Take Henan Province as an example

Bo Zeng, Shanshan Li, Zhixue Zhang
As the main means of realization of "Internet + Education", the online open course has fully utilized the open and sharing characteristics of the Internet, established a new educational concept, reformed the educational model, and brought a new industry form for education. The paper analyzes in detail...
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A Study on College EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices

Yao Xi
This study attempts to explore the non-English major college EFL teachers’ beliefs and practices at three universities by quantitative and qualitative approaches. Through one and a half months’ data collection, this study found that all of the participants were able to articulate their own teaching beliefs...
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Research on the Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Ecology Circle of Local Applied University Students——The Space of Creation Perspective

Zonghui ZHOU
With the development of China's economy and the vigorous development of various industries, innovation and entrepreneurship has become a national policy, so universities and colleges have also become an important position to encourage young people to start their own businesses, and innovation and entrepreneurship...
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The Research and Application of Flipped Classroom Bleed into CDIO

Shanshan Li, Hui Wang, Xiangtao Chen
As a new mode of education, flipped classroom gets popular attention both at home and abroad in recent years. By reversing the process of delivering and expanding knowledge,the flipped classroom changes the traditional teaching structure,and takes advantage of the time for face-to—face communication...
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Analysis and Research on the Cultivation of Applied Talents in Local University or Colleges

Xingliu HU, Haifei SI, Zhong Yang, Yujuan Tang
The idea and strategy of training applied talents in local colleges and universities is analyzed in this paper. It is necessary to strengthen the research on the social needs of applied professionals and study the training standards for undergraduate applied talents. The talent training model is needed...
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Volunteer Project Competition Impact Research on Volunteer Organization——Based on the influence of China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition on a university in Wuhan

Mingyue Yin, Ziqing Li, Dila A
At present, the development of volunteer organizations in major universities in China is booming, and volunteer activities have become an integral part of the life of college students. A number of volunteer service competitions are held each year to encourage more young people to join the volunteer service,...
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The Qualitative Analysis of the Behavior of Network " Crossing -The-Wall " Tools in Illegal Sales

Yu-qiang WU
In recent years, there are more and more cases about the punishment of network " crossing-the-wall " tools in the sales. However, in the judicial practice, there are divergences on which crime should be applied in this act. Some believe that it conforms to the crime of illegal business operation, and...
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Research on the Characteristics of Work, Job Fit and Job Satisfaction of Enterprise Employees

Nobel laureate Pissarides (2017) mentioned that the issue of low wages is not unique to Taiwan, But the trend in all countries of the world. Taiwan's labor market, five-day work week, low salary, youth unemployment, AI replaces work, etc., are full of incomprehensible questions. In this depressed market,...
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Research on the Method of Integrating Humanistic Literacy in Professional Courses

Jukun Yao, Peizhi Cui, Junwei Yang
The rapid development of society has put forward higher requirements for college students' humanistic literacy, but limited to the limited hours of humanistic courses in engineering colleges, it is of great significance to develop the integration of humanistic literacy in professional courses. Based...
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Present Situation and Forecast of Intelligent Information Technology Application in Archives

Xianghong Cui, Bin Gao
With the rapidly developing of artificial intelligent technology (AIT) in CHINA, the archives work is stepping into a new stage of intelligent archives. The Second Information and Intelligent Archives Forum and Academic Seminar held successfully in 2018, which brings new opportunities and challenges...
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Research on the development patterns of sharing economy based on block chain technology

Luzhao Zhou, Qian Jia
In the context of the coordinated development of mobile Internet and big data, block chain technology has promoted a new pattern of sharing economy, which realized the connection between supply and demand. And social resources are effectively and conveniently matched, so as to be fully utilized. However,...
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On the Difficulties and Solutions of English Teachers in the Reform of Blended Teaching

Xinyan Feng, Ming Wang
Various kinds of blended teaching modes, such as flipped classroom, MOOC teaching, SPOC teaching, etc. have entered the classroom and become a fashion nowadays. This paper discusses the main difficulties faced by English teachers in the process of blended teaching reform and correspondingly provide some...
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Harmoniousness is a Right Relationship:Study on the Primary Meaning of Pythagoras’s Theory of Harmoniousness

Jiaying Liu, Menghu Wang
Pythagoras school believed that the ‘number’ was the essence of the world. The harmoniousness of the ‘number’ was the source of the world’s harmoniousness. In fact, the harmoniousness of the ‘number’ is a kind of right and changeless relationship that embodying in factors of quantity or quality of things....
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The Dual Factors and Significance of Five Liang Politics and Literature

Jiaying Liu, Menghu Wang
Five Liang literature, is Achievements of Chinese culture and minority culture. It has unique geographical features and distinctive ethnic characteristics. It fills blank in the literary creation of this period. It adds to new factors for Sixteen State Chinese literature, and contributes to the formation...
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Application of analytic hierarchy process in international trade practice: research on supplier selection evaluation system based on M company

Lulu Yu
In this paper, the application of AHP in international trade practice is discussed from the perspective of supplier selection evaluation of M company by using international trade practice data and expert scoring.The results show that the establishment of AHP model and the final index screening based...
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The Impact of Promotion Justice on Job Performance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Trust

Qingjuan Wang, Ailing Wang, Rui Li
It is acknowledged that promotion is not only an important way for employees to achieve their career goals but also an effective means of organization incentives. This study explores the impact of promotion justice on job performance and organizational citizenship behavior(OCB) as well as its mechanism....
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A Review of Research on Employability of Higher Vocational Students

Yu Jing, Arasinah Kamis, Ridzwan Bin Che'Rus
This paper summarizes the concept of employability at domestic and foreign, and outline the definition of employability structure at domestic and foreign, summarize the concept of employability and employability structure of vocational students.
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Research on the Public Participation Mode of Village-level River Chief System—Introduction of “Civilian River Chief”

Chen Yilei, Liu Yixi, Long Yang
River chief system is a new innovative system in the field of environmental administration in China. In the process of the practice, the innovation was implemented to set the village-level system under the provincial, municipal, county and town levels in many areas. The village-level river chief system...
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A Study on the Influencing Factors of ASEAN Students’ Willingness to Study in China and their Social Mentality Based on the Cases of Colleges in Guangxi

Huan Du
This survey is conducted in five universities in Guangxi with a total of 300 questionnaires distributed and 225 valid ones collected. It aims to analyze the factors influencing ASEAN students' willingness to study abroad, students' social mentality and the relationship between the two. The analysis leads...
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Reforming Chinese teaching for cultivating students' key competencies

Hongmei Zhang
The framework of key competencies and value for Chinese student’s development requires that the education of students in the new era should cultivate the well-rounded people based on the principles of scientificity, contemporaneity, and nationality. The research objective of this paper is to reform traditional...
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Legal and Economic Consideration of Easement System

Weixin Wang, Xiuying Li
Easement system is an ancient system of other real rights originating from Roman law. As far as modern society is concerned, the easement system has made great progress, breaking through the limitations of traditional easement system in subject, content and setting conditions. This article intends to...
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A Qualitative Study on the Sustainability of Single-Parent Students in Ningxia Polytechnic

Jiang Yaqiong, Arasinah Kamis, Ridzwan Bin Che'Rus
Exploring the current status of sustainable development ability of single-parent families in Ningxia Polytechnic, and proposing corresponding educational countermeasures and methods. Taking the purposeful sampling method, 10 key personnel including counselors, professional teachers, and 15 single-parent...
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Analysis on the Comparative advantages of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities across the Taiwan Straits

Yanfang Zhang, Qingyun Xia
Since 2015, innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities has developed rapidly under the promotion of national policies in mainland China. Innovation and entrepreneurship courses have been gradually popularized, the education has developed in a diversified way, the construction of innovation...
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Study on the Paradigm of the Secondary Vocational School's E-commerce Specialty Based on the Reform of CDIO Teaching Model

Min Wang, Xiaohui Hu, Fuchang Li, jia Shi
This paper studies the evolution of the teaching reform of e-commerce in secondary vocational colleges from the perspective of paradigm theory. Based on the fusion innovation under the framework of CDIO engineering education model, the paradigm perspective combines the actual creation of the X+CDIO model...
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Research on Problems and Counter Measures of Training Mode of Intellectual Property Talents in China

Zhao Lingrui
With the development of intellectual property undertaking in China, the number of intellectual property talents we need is highly increasing. While the deficiency of training mode of intellectual property talents, the gap between demand and supply of intellectual property talents in China is becoming...
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An Empirical Research on Influence of Users’ Using Willingness of Internet Rumor-refuting Platforms

Teng jie, xia Zhijie, Teng Qi
Absrtact: Internet rumor-refuting platforms have made a step forward in combating rumors. But it lacks the attention of the audience participation. Therefore, internet rumor-refuting platforms’ traffic and utilization rate are low. It is of great significance for the designers to improve the willingness...
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Value co-creation of innovation eco-system based on customer needs

Hongyan Huang
The innovation eco-system is the embodiment of the transformation of the business model, and the value co-creation is realized through the communication and cooperation of the participating entities. Customer is an important part of the eco-system, and this paper studies the mechanism of the innovation...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of the Course “Fundamentals of Automobile Repacking Design”

Renhua Yang
This paper proposes the measures for the teaching reform of the Fundamentals of Automobile Repacking Design, including measures to motivate students, optimize teaching content, strengthen multimedia application, and change teaching methods, based on the analysis of the teaching status of the course,...
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An empirical study on the trend of students' academic achievement in Fujian and Taiwan cooperative universities

Weixia Liu, Yanfang Zhu, Xiaoqing Yan
Based on the four-year academic scores of selected undergraduates from a Fujian-Taiwan cooperative university, this paper analyzes the trend of college students' academic performance, as well as the gender differences and urban-rural differences. Key findings are summarized as follows: first, college...
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Exploring the Opening-up of Service Industry and the Innovation and Development of Service Trade

Wenyong Li, Xueyu Zhang
With the development of economic globalization and the improvement of China's international status, China's service industry's open trade development and innovation research has become a new proposition of China's economic development in recent years, and has been widely concerned by the national economic...
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Research on Valuation Method of Internet Enterprise

Chuanlin Chen
Nowadays China's Internet industry is in the stage of rapid development.Internet technology has been widely applied to every aspect of social economy, involve communication, people's livelihood, transportation, retail, finance, service.The rapid development of Internet enterprises will be accompanied...
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Present Management Status and Standardization Advice of Rural Collective Economic Organization

Xiaolei Ma, Zhenyu Yun, Yutong Wang, Liangbing Hu, Kun Luo
The development of rural collective economic organization, is not only related to the vital interests of the broad masses of peasants, but also related to the development direction of basic rural economic system, the perfection of rural social governance system, and even the overall strategy of national...
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Study on English Textbook Publication from the Perspective of Chinese Culture ‘Go Out’

Yu Wen
Textbook publication has a distinct social and contemporary nature. Under the strategy of Chinese culture ‘go out’, college English textbook publication should take the initiative to adapt to the national strategy, enrich their cultural connotations, and target to nurture a global awareness in the students....
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Research on Project Management and Operation of Aerospace Technology Application Industry in the New Era

Hairu Li, Zhenzhong Ma
In today's society, the project is a strategic carrier to realize enterprise development, and project management is a strategic measure for enterprise development. Corresponding author is optional. This paper discusses the three-coordinate management system of project management through the description...
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The Exploratory Practice of Enabling based on the “Production-oriented Approach” in College English Teaching

Yao Xi
Enabling is not only the core of Production-oriented Approach, but also the key and difficult point of this theory while applied to the teaching practice. Through the two-week exploratory practice of POA, especially through the demonstration of the specific implementing process of the enabling section,...
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Analysis of the Legal Awareness of Public, Industry Association and Government during the Implementation of Environmental Law- Taking the comparison of disposable foam tableware and PX project as examples

Hongjuan Chen, Jinshui Yao, Lin Zhao
The legal awareness of public ,industry association and government was analyzed by using two events, i.e the PX project and the disposable foam tableware about environmental law in China, as examples.From these two environmentally related events, it is not difficult to find out that when it comes to...
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Construction of Outside College Practice Bases for 3P High-level Applied Talents Training

Jili Tao, Weiming Cai, Yuting Zhuang, Shengli Fan, Lingong Li, Jun Qiu
The participation of industry enterprises is critical to develop the students' practical capability, professional quality and industry cognition capability. Based on the characteristics of Ningbo industry, a new sustainable talent-developing mode of school-enterprise deep integration is constructed from...
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Government Behavior in the Development of Inclusive Finance in China from the Perspective of Historical Institutionalism: Regulation or Boost?- based on international case comparison

Yang Wang
In recent years, the inclusive financial industry has become a key development industry of China. The central bank and government departments continuously increased its importance through policy support and achieved China's inclusive finance steady development. As with all economic propositions, it is...
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Research on the Professional Development Strategies of English Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Initiative of “the Belt and Road”

Rui-hong Dang
The implementation of "the Belt and Road" has put forward new requirements for China's higher vocational education. Qualified teachers are the guarantee for education quality. Teacher's professional development should be carried out by various methods. The English teachers in higher vocational colleges...
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Solar Energy Development in Africa: Economics and Policies

Zhengxuan Zhu, Yu Yan
The foreign countries have been starting to assist African counties to develop their electricity industry. The African continent is such an unopened Pandora for renewable energy, solar energy included. Africa has abundant solar resources and high availability. However, Africa accounts for a very small...
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Study on Application of Internet Technology in Individualized Teaching of College English

Jinjin Gao
Internet technology and new curriculum reform have prompted the education to explore and innovate constantly, and gradually shaped a new form of “Internet Plus Education Models”. Teaching methods and resources of college English have become richer because of the advantages of Internet. Teachers can make...
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Research on Mixed Teaching mode of Micro-Course and Rain Classroom Based on ADDIE model Technology-- Take Management Course as an Example

Ping-ting Fu, Jia-ming Mai, Ke Wang
The emergence of micro-course and rain classroom is the product of the big data era of information explosion. In this study, the ADDIE model based micro-course and Rain Classroom mixed teaching model was studied. Literature analysis and questionnaire survey were adopted to conduct the research. 197 questionnaires...
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Research on the Practical Application of Ideological and Political Education under the Trend of Interdisciplinary Integration and Big Data Technology

Yi-nan Fu
The purpose of interdisciplinary integration is to bridge the gap between disciplines, enhance the interaction between disciplines and solve more complex scientific problems. The application of big data technology is using data resources, combined with data thinking mode, to predict and judge.As a new...
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Does the Attitude of Adolescents on Anti-Cyberbullying Affect Their Behavior?

Dong Jenn Yang, Shuang Lu, Shu Chun Chen, Han Shu
Facebook is the most commonly used social website for Taiwanese teenagers, who use it to seek recognition. However, recent studies have found that cyber bullying is widespread problem that imposes a negative impact on teenagers. This study used focus group, semi-structured interviews to explore and explain...
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Cyberbullying and Anti-Cyberbullying among Adolescents in Community Websites

Dong Jenn Yang, Ting Huang, Shu Chun Chen
Cyberbullying is widespread in the online community and imposes a great impact on teenagers. This study administered interview questionnaires to obtain data from 200 teenagers living in Kaohsiung City chosen through convenience sampling. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS 19. The results showed...
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Practical Exploration of the Third-Party Evaluation of Local Government Target Management

Gu Yanan, Hu Bin
The target management of local government operation is an innovation of the traditional government management system and promotes the change of government management from task-oriented to goal-oriented. However, as a typical tool for evaluating the performance of public organizations, relevant theoretical...
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Research on the Influence of Diversification Strategy Model on Enterprise Value Based on Principal-Agent Theory

Haixu Song, Xiaodong Li, Xiaofeng Zhang
Based on the principal-agent theory, this paper studies the impact of diversification strategy model on Enterprise Value, using the data of listed companies in China from 2015 to 2016 as a sample. The results show that the diversification strategy change with the external M&A model has higher enterprise...
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A Study of Student Satisfaction Index to Logistic Service Provided by Enterprises for Chinese Overseas Higher Education Based on ACSI Model

LUO Xing
Some Chinese universities are having a tendency to run their schools in overseas countries. When those universities involved offer students logistic support by means of purchasing such services from overseas enterprises, an evaluation system should been established. In this paper, an empirical research...
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Aging and income inequality: An empirical analysis of the Chinese context,1995-2016

Ye Sun
China’s rapid economic growth is accompanied by an aging population and rising income inequality. Although both developed and some developing countries are faced with the challenge of population aging, but the transmission mechanism of aging-to-income inequality has been lacking. With Gini coefficient...
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Ethical Dilemmas of the Modern Bureaucracy and its Solution

Ying Wang
In the 20th century, Max Weber’s theory of modern bureaucracy had an important influence on the research of administration. As a rational and efficient form of organization and management system, modern bureaucracy embodies the characteristics of impersonalization and institutionalization that meets...
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Recognization and Analysis of Key News Event for Chinese Stock Market Based on Change Point Analysis and Event Study

Li Qingyang, Wang Yue, Wu Jiachen
We used the automatic keyword extraction algorithm to identify the key events of the obtained news reports and get 45 key events. We further defined the method of calculating the relevance of events, applying the lexical field theory, and build an event correlation network. Then we used change point...
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Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition

Zhu Ming
There are a vast variety of factors that affect learners’ second language acquiring process. Among these variables, individual differences are of great importance. Individual differences consist of age, sex, affection, personality, cognitive styles, learning abilities, learning strategies, learning styles,...
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Suggestions on Sustainable Development of Precision Poverty Alleviation of E-commerce in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Wang Yan
In recent years, e-commerce has become an important force to promote the development of "Internet+" and an important part of Chinese new economy e-commerce platform provides an effective solution to the problems existing in the development of rural areas, agricultural modernization and farmers poverty...
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Research Status, Hotspots and Development Suggestions of Micro-learning in China—— Based on CNKI 2008-2018 data

Rui Zhang, Ziyang Xiu, Jiahui Liu
In this paper, the Micro-learning documents collected in CNKI database from 2008- 2018 are taken as samples, and CiteSpace software is used to analyze and visualize them. The results show that since 2013, the research on Micro-learning has been growing rapidly. The publishing institutions mainly focus...
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Current Situation, Hot Points and Trend Analysis of Flipping Classroom in China——Data Analysis Based on CNKI

Peng He, Ziyang Xiu, Ling Jia
As a new type of teaching mode, flipped classroom subverts the traditional teaching order, which is of great significance to the cultivation of learners’ autonomous learning ability and innovation ability. Taking the documents collected in CNKI database from 2012 to 2018 as samples, this paper uses Citespace...
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The Causes and Countermeasures of School Bullying in Primary and Middle Schools: From the Perspective of Frustration Aggression Theory

Zhao Kang, Cai Chen, Jinyi Shu
At present, bullying incident in primary and middle schools has aroused widespread concern from people in all walks of life. It is important to analyze the causes and countermeasures of bullying behavior in primary and middle schools. The frustration aggression theory can provide a new perspective for...
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Thoughts and Countermeasures on Precision Poverty Alleviation in Higher Vocational Colleges

Songhua Qing
The concept of precise poverty alleviation was a concept put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he investigated the poverty-stricken areas in Western Hunan in 2013. Precise poverty alleviation can effectively help the people in poverty-stricken areas improve their economic income, solve the...
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Research on Solutions to the Psychological Problems of Postgraduates with Adjustment Disorder-Based on the case analysis of A university

Yang Liu, Xiang Wang, Chengbi Mu
Adjustment disorder is a common psychological problem for freshmen, but behind the various manifestations of maladjustment to the new environment, there are different deep-seated reasons. Only by thoroughly understanding the source of anxiety and stress, can we "prescribe the right remedy for the problem"...
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Open Party Building: Discussion on the Party Building Model of Independent College Based on Mass Line

Wanmei Ning, Tingwei Mai
The party building work of independent colleges has a special nature.This article takes Huali University of Guangdong University of Technology as an example to explore how the open party building model based on the mass line should be carried out in an independent college. Based on the mass line, the...
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Discussion on Innovative Design based on the investigation of Culture and creative products in Hubei Provincial Museum

Hong Peng, Can Xiong
Hubei provincial museum is a national level museum whose aesthetic features and historical and cultural values are different from that of other famous museums in ChinaThis paper mainly studies the relationship between the Jing-Chu culture and the cultural and creative products of the museum, which laid...
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Reform of Ecology Teaching Based on the Specialty Characteristics of Landscape Architecture

Juan Chen, Guojiao Yu
Ecology is a comprehensive discipline involving natural science and humanities. Under the background of global economic development and national ecological civilization construction in China, ecology is facing with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Landscape architecture is a specialty to cultivate...
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A Study on the Participation Motivation of "Send and Receive Network Red Envelopes"

SUN Yuan
With the popularity of smart phones and the development of Internet technology, the phenomenon of sending and receiving network red envelopes has penetrated into people's daily life, and the study is to explore theparticipation motivation of "send and receive network red envelopes" phenomenon, so that...
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Negative News of Celebrities and Value Change in Companies with Celebrity Endorsements

Li Yuxin
It is an important marketing strategy for Chinese companies to use celebrities in the movie and television industry for endorsements to help promote their products and improve their business performance. However, will the negative news of the celebrities have a negative impact on those companies? By...
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Strategic Research on the Promotion of Higher Vocational Teachers in the Context of Modern Apprenticeship

Xiaoli Yan, Xueli Sun
Based on the in-depth study of the connotation of the "double-teacher structure" teaching staff under the modern apprenticeship model and the existing problems in the construction of the teaching staff in Vocational colleges, this paper aims at how to create a good environment for the exchange and study...
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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Value on Financial Performance -- A Case Study of A-Shares on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Chih-Yi Hsiao, Cheng-Yang Li, Shi-Qi Wang
In recent decades, corporate social responsibility is a hot issue. Many studies show that corporate social responsibility is conducive to corporate image and brand value. The implementation of corporate social responsibility and brand value both are required investment in a certain additional operating...
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Exploration on the problems and deepening ways of International Exchange and Cooperation in Colleges and Universities

WenJun Lu
With the continuous development of economic globalization, international exchange and cooperation between colleges and universities has become an important trend in the development of higher education teaching.Under the background of economic globalization, the international exchange and cooperation...
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Analysis of the impact of Information Disclosure Violation on audit opinions and audit fees of listed companies

Ya Liu, Zhao Yuanyi, Wang Jue
In the first half of 2018, there were 63 cases of information disclosure violations in listed companies, accounting for nearly 40% of the administrative penalties imposed by the SFC. This paper takes information disclosure violations as a starting point to investigate the impact of corporate information...
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Research on the Impact of Equity Check and Balance on Corporate Value Based on the Mediating Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility

Wei Zheng, Yufang Ding, Dan Liu
By the methods of mediating variables, select 2011 - listed companies released in the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report as a research sample, the empirical research Shareholdres social responsibility and ultimately the role of mediating effect on firm value. The regression results show that...
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A Study of the Application of Image Simulation System in Clinical Teaching

Wang Shougang, Cui Tao
As one of the fastest growing and the widest ranging disciplines in the field of modern medicine, Image Simulation System (ISS) is a science that displays the form of human interior structure and functional information in its pictorial form as images and implements interventional therapy [1]. The application...
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Analysis and Strategy of Public Signs Translation

Lei Liang
With the deepening of China's internationalization process, more and more international friends come to China for tourism, business, visit and study. Large and medium-sized cities have English signs in public places, and bilingual signs can be seen everywhere. We can say that the city public sign is...
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A study on the Dialogue Interpretation Based on Triangular Model

Hui Wang
Dialogue interpreting is a familiar form of interpreting that happened most frequently in our daily interpreted activities. In the dialogue interpreting, the two sides are maintaining a high level of interaction and are responsive to each other. In this thesis, the Triangular Model proposed by the interpretive...
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Research on the construction strategy of double-qualified team in vocational education colleges

Lei Qiu, Xuezhi Zhang, Dawei Hao
The realization of talent training objectives in vocational education colleges is inseparable from the support of the construction of "double-qualified" teachers. Colleges should strengthen the cultivation of "double-qualified" teachers in the construction of teaching staff, make full efforts in top-level...
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A Study on Translation of Bai Architectural Culture in Dali from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Luping Shang
Translation is a communication activity involving different cultures. From the perspective of intercultural communication, this article attempts to propose the translating principles and solutions based on the analysis of the translation of Bai architectural culture and hopes to better achieve effective...
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The Implementation of Inquiry-teaching Mode in Electronic Experiment Course

Li Hong, Li Kai, Li Ying, Wang Xianlei
In order to cultivate students' independent spirit, experiment teaching should not stay at the verification stage from the known knowledge to the known conclusion, but rise to the inquiry experiment. Inquiry experiment teaching mode has changed the teaching method of verification in experiment. In the...
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An analysis of the relationship between sun yat-sen and the independent liberation movement of the Korean nation

Peng Huaibin
Sun yat-sen paid great attention to the independence and liberation of oppressed nations in various Asian countries and regions. On the issue of the independence and liberation of the Korean nation, sun yat-sen showed a completely different attitude from that of the northern warlord government of China...
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On the Guidance of Red Film to the Values of Contemporary College Students

Qi Huanhui, Zhao Jianhua
Red movies, as a new force in the Chinese film market, have repeatedly set box office records in recent years. While being accepted by the market, red movies play a vital role in the dissemination of red culture, and college students, as the main consumer groups in the film market, will also be affected...
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Optimization of University Campus Takeout Joint Distribution Route Based on Clustering Tabu Search Algorithm

Shuaisha Sun
With the rapid development of the Internet, takeout in campus also conform to the general trend of the times. However, because of the low efficiency and not timely delivery, the campus takeout distribution is facing great challenges. In this paper, according to the features of campus takeout. The mathematical...
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Research on Distributed Decentralized Management and Control Mode in Intelligent Networked Automobile Industry

Sun Xueyuan, Shi Yuntao
Significant advancements in the intelligent vehicle and vehicle network technology have fostered an emerging industry- the intelligent network car industry. The distinctive characteristics of this industry have completely subverted the underlying laws of traditional industries and promoted innovation...
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From New Democracy to Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era——Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China

He Hua
since the founding of the People Republic of China, Chinese society has experienced the process of building from a new democratic society to socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era. It is the evolution of socialist China from choice, establishment to continuous development. It is also the...
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Research on the Evolution of Chinese Local Government Special Bond Management System in the Perspective of Opportunistic Behavior

Zhang Chunyan, Xie Ping
The opportunistic behavior in the process of restricting local government borrowing is a matter that the central government needs to consider firstly when setting up the management system of local government bond issuance. The local government bond issuance system was spawned by financial crisis, and...
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Study on Dissemination of Folk Linguistic Cultural Symbols and Building of National Cultural Self-confidence

LEI Qian-qian
The folk linguistic cultural symbols being its research object, this study defines and sorts out the scope of the folk linguistic cultural symbols from the theoretical point of view, interprets them structurally with examples, and also probe into the dissemination function, disseminator and dissemination...
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Siwen Guo
Despite the fact that at first glance I. Turgenev is not a “writer-philosopher”, his work clearly reflects the clash of various philosophical trends of the 19th century. It should be noted that the works of I.Turegenev does not only reflect Western philosophical ideas but also Eastern ones consciously...
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The Organic Integration and Innovative Development of Financial Accounting and Management Accounting

Xuemin Bai
With the rapid development of socialist market economy, our country has put forward higher requirements for the integration of financial accounting and management accounting. This paper first introduces the definition of financial accounting and management accounting, then analyzes the premise of the...
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Illustration about individual growth and education

Wu Yong, Bai Yixuan, Liu Yi, Yuan huan, Li Mingxia
Personal growth and education has always been a social concern. How to recognize the relationship between teaching and learning in the training process is of great significance. Firstly, we look at the imbalance, diversity and stages of individual growth from different perspectives, and describe them...
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A Study on the Consumer Behavior of Online Ordering Platforms and Its Influencing Factors

Wenbo Chen, Weilun Huang
The purpose of this paper is to use a literature review and questionnaire analysis to explore the consumer behavior of online ordering platforms(OOPs)and its influencing factors. The results showed that consumers’ average frequency of OOPs (Frequency) was 5.5 times a week, and consumers’ monthly average...
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The Performance of English Teaching at University and Its Influencing Factors

Xiaohui Xie, Weilun Huang
This paper explores the performance of English teaching at university (ETU) in China and its influencing factors based on literature review and questionnaire analysis. The results of the questionnaires showed that the ETU performance in China could be promoted, which could be proved on the average scores...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Cultural and Creative Products Based on Regional Culture

Jiani Liu
The development and utilization of cultural and creative products can not only fully display the local regional cultural characteristics, but also promote local economic development. Based on the regional culture, this paper proposes the development strategy of cultural and creative products, laying...
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Research on the Construction of Online Open Course of Room Service and Management and the Application of Teaching Reform

Zhihua Wang
The advent of the MOOCs era, it brings new opportunities and challenges to the teaching reform in universities. The "Room Service and Management" is the core course of hotel management in our university selected as the research object, expounding the foundation and goal of the course, designing and applicating...
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Research on immersive teaching mode of e-commerce course group oriented by vocational abilities training

Jinbo Bai, Hongbo Li
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the shortage of talents related to e-commerce has become increasingly prominent. The knowledge and abilities of students cultivated under the traditional teaching mode are seriously out of line with each other. Most of them lack the cognition of vocational ability...
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Discussion on the Whole Process Engineering Cost Control in the Construction Project Management

Wang Qiong
Engineering cost is an important part of the construction project management process, which runs through the entire construction project management. However, in the past, some construction engineering project companies only paid attention to the cost management in the final completion settlement stage,...
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The Research on Training Mode of Professional Post-graduate students in Civil Engineering Colleges and Universities

Yan Li, Xin Qi
The post-graduate training mode has been one of the most important tasks of Green Building Engineering Research Center for Cold Area, Jilin Jianzhu University. Great efforts have been paid from all aspects to improve the quality of postgraduate education in recent years. In this paper, a brief introduction...
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The relationship between internal pay gap and performance of listed companies in high-tech industry

Jin di Yang, Tong Xie, Hong ping Lian
Based on the contingency theory, this study takes 380 listed companies in high-tech industry as the research object and explores the impact of internal pay gap on corporate performance. At the same time, this paper also studies the effect of the nature of corporate property rights on the relationship...
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An Exploration of Information-based Teaching of English Grammar for English Majors

LIU Sheng
The information age calls for the deep integration of information technology and subject teaching. Based on constructivism and the characteristics of English grammar, this document explores some information-based approaches in the English grammar teaching by using information technology: realizing targeted...
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The Role of Team: Analysis on Hotspots, Dimensions and Model of Knowledge-based Team Human Capital

Zenghai Wu, Beijie Yin, Jin Yang
In the context of organizational flattening and teamwork, human capital at the team level will be more achievable than individual human capital incentives, so the organization is more inclined to the value-added of human capital development on the overall level of the team. The research and development...
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Evaluation on Transformation Efficiency of Resource-based Cities in Shanxi Province

Zhaoyuan Zhang
In order to explore the efficient and reasonable transformation path of resource-based cities in Shanxi Province, this paper uses the super-efficient SBM model to evaluate the transformation effects of 10 resource-based cities in Shanxi Province from 2012 to 2016. The results show that the overall transformation...