Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation (AMMS 2017)

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An Improved Finite Element Method for Solving a Kind of Nonlinear Volterra - Fredholm Integral Equation

Zhiguang Xiong, Kang Deng, Qisheng Wang
In this paper we extend the idea of interpolated coefficients for a kind of nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equation to the improved finite element method. we introduce this numerical approximation method and Newton iterative scheme for this integral equation. Then we derive convergence estimate...
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Parameter Identification of Fractional Order Nonlinear System Based on Haar Wavelet Operational Matrix

Yuanlu Li, Min Jiang, Jun Li
A parameter identification method for fractional order nonlinear systems was proposed. The basic idea is to use the Haar wavelets to represent the input and output signals, and then convert the nonlinear differential into a corresponding integral equation. As a result, the parameters of the nonlinear...
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Classification of Land Production Function Based on Cluster Model

Xiao He, Kui Fang, Xinghui Zhu
Scientific classification of land production functions can promote the efficient use of land. In this paper,16 land production functions were collected, and 10 characteristic features of land production function were put forward according to the different attributes of each function. The characteristics...
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Coordinate Basis Transformation Based Linearisation Method for Ordinary Differential Equations

Danlei Ye, Xin Jiang, Guanying Huo, Cheng Su, Zehong Lu, Bolun Wang, Zhiming Zheng
In this paper, a linearisation method for nonlinear ordinary differential equations based on coordinate basis transformation is proposed. In order to transform a nonlinear equation into a linear one, we introduce a general framework to extract the coordinate basis of the differential system. Actually,...
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Continuous-Time Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection Problem with Ho-Lee Stochastic Interest Rates

Chuangwei Lin, Li Zeng
This paper investigates a continuous-time mean-variance portfolio selection problem with Ho-Lee stochastic interest rates. Compared with the mean-variance model with deterministic interest rate, a verification theorem without the classical Lipschitz and growth conditions is required to solve our portfolio...
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Effect of Surface Tension on Nanocontact Problem

Liyuan Wang
This paper proposes an application of surface elasticity theory in the analysis of contact problem at nano-scale. The Fourier integral transform method is adopted to derive the fundamental solutions for contact problem with surface tension effects. As a special case, the deformation induced by normal...
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Two Schemes to Improve the Implementation of the Aggregation Based Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioner

Jianping Wu, Fukang Yin, Jinhui Yang
Algebraic multigrid is often used as the preconditioner in Krylov subspace iterations to solve general sparse linear systems, and the aggregation based version is one of the most popular, for its cheap complexity to setup. In this paper, when this version used as the preconditioner, two schemes are provided...
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The Realization of the Parametric Excitation on MEMS Gyroscope

Lei Qian, Heming Zhao, Dacheng Xu, Xiaofeng Zhang
In this paper, parametric excitation is applied to the excitation of a micro-ring gyroscope. The primary objective of this work is to improve the dynamic gain. It is show that, by adjusting the parametric excitation parameters, the harmonic forcing can be reduced whilst the gain of frequency response...
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Perturbed Iterative Algorithms for Split General Mixed Variational Inequality Problem

Yali Zhao, Qian Zhang, Shuyi Zhang
In this paper, we introduce a split general mixed variational inequality problem, which is a natural extension of a split variational inequality problem, split general quasi-variational inequality problem in Hilbert spaces. Using the resolvent operator technique, we propose two classes of perturbed iterative...
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Image Mosaic Algorithm of Sequential Images Based on Voronoi

Zhicheng Wang, Qian Xu, Zhiheng Wang, Xiaopeng Guo, Yaxing Yang
The image sequence of Vehicle panorama camera platform has the characteristics of serious distortion, large parallax and large amount of data, which can lead to invalid montage for the image sequence by adopting the common image mosaicking method based on features. In this paper, Voronoi algorithm is...
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Hearing Loss Detection Based on Wavelet Entropy and Genetic Algorithm

Fangyuan Liu, Arifur Nayeem, Atiena Pereira
In order to develop a new hearing loss detection method, this paper proposed to combine wavelet entropy with feedforward neural network trained by genetic algorithm. The dataset contains 72 subjects—24 healthy controls, 24 left-sided hearing loss patients, and 24 right-sided hearing loss patients. The...
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An ADS-B Trajectory Segmentation Correction Algorithm Based on Improved Kalman Filtering

Boyuan Gong, Wenbo Li, Zhiyuan Shen
The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) with the advantage of faster update speed of the data, wider range of detection and sharing of traffic information. It has been regarded as one of the future mainstream surveillance systems by the International Civil Aviation Organization. This paper...
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The Research of SURF Image Matching Method Based on Region and Feature Information

Rongbao Chen, Qianlong Wang, Honghui Jiang, Yang Liu, Dawei Tang
According to the SURF feature matching dense matching interpolation algorithm to realize the problems in the complex dynamic background image. The dynamic camera captured the same environment as the object. SURF image is proposed based on the combination of region and the feature information matching...
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A LVRT Control Strategy Based on the Improved Second Order Generalized Integral PLL

Hongling Lei, Chang Yang, Jianfei Li, Yunxiang Xie
Facing the unbalance drop of three-phase grid voltage, jumping frequency and other complex working conditions, the accuracy and dynamic response of phase-locked loop (PLL) have become the important performance indicators of the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. Aiming at the problem that the low...
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Learning to Follow Directions with Untagged Data

Zhidan Yang, Zhiting Yang
We describe a program learns to follow directions using a corpus, without human preprocessing. The program only build a semantic lexicon instead of semantic grammar to learn from an untagged corpus. Without grammar, the program uses a language-independent parser to find the boundaries between steps,...
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Research and Implementation of TCM Knowledge Acquisition Based on Open Data Source

Yonghong Xie, Yanxuan Qian, Shuang Ha, Dezheng Zhang
With the development of online information resource, open data sources are becoming an important channel for domain knowledge acquisition. To establish a comprehensive knowledge base of TCM, this paper choses Baidu Encyclopedia as data source by comparing the data and web structure of the main open TCM...
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A Speech Interaction Method in Immersive Virtual Maintenance

Yuxue Jin, Chuan Lv, Jie Geng, Di Peng
Human-computer interaction, which involves interactive information processing, directly affects the vividness and immersion of virtual operation. Therefore, this paper aims to achieve the naturalization and intelligence of human-computer interaction. We present two language understanding models constructed...
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Shape Classification of Red Blood Cell Image Based on Tetrolet Transform

Ruihu Wang
The shape of red blood cell is a primary factor for its deformability and filterability. Generally the regular shape of red blood cells should look like a biconcave disk. Meanwhile the deformability degradation of erythrocyte could lead to some blood-related diseases. Thus the shape analysis of red blood...
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Uncovering the Physiological Impacts of Omics Changes for Oryza sativa with Gene Set Linkage Analysis

Pengcheng Chen, Ling Wang, Xin Chen
High throughput omics profiling technologies enable comprehensive and accurate measurement of plant physiology. However, currently, most high-throughput results are only used for discovery of individual significantly changed genes. High-level coordination of physiological mechanisms is rarely discovered...
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Research on Government Environmental Regulation Strategy in WEEE Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Yichao Yuan, Kuiran Shi
With the progress of science and technology, a large number of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) not only poses a threat to the environment, but also causes serious waste of resources. It's necessary and practically significant for the governments environmental regulation to construct...
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Application of Citation Relationship and Co-word Method on Patent Analysis of Cloud PaaS

Jia-Yan Huang, Pei-Hua Zhuang
Cloud computing is generally considered to be beneficial for the public and private IT organizations because it can substantially reduce the cost of IT systems. Cloud computing technology is not only very important for the development of businesses but also has significant impact on the overall competitiveness...
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Quantitative Investigations about the Surface Texture Characteristics of the Nickel-Carbon Composite Thin Films using Stereometric Analysis

Aleksandra Adamiec, Sebastian Stach, Stefan Talu
The purpose of this study was to describe the 3-D nano-scaled surface texture of the Nickel–Carbon (Ni–C) nanocomposite thin films composed of Ni nanoparticles with different average sizes embedded in amorphous hydrogenated carbon using stereometric analysis. The 3-D nanoscaled surface texture was studied...
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Localization of Diffusion Source in Networks With the Noisy Data

Tiantian Li, Lu Niu
Locating diffusion source in network is an important issue in network data analysis. Many methods have been developed. However, noiseless assumption used in the literature is restrictive and the methods are not robust enough. In this paper, we consider the problem of locating diffusion source in networks...
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Research on Intelligent City Problem Based on New Parameters

Peng Zhang, Ke Zhang, Lei Dai, Yinhai Xu, Yunhao Dou
We define an evaluation metric, known as Smart Growth Metric, to judge whether the development of cities from around the world meets smart growth, which means the higher Smart Growth Metric is, the deeper the extent of urban smart growth is. As regards of the selection of evaluation index, referred to...
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Predicted Arabidopsis Interactome Resource-A Network Modeling Method of Integration and Analysis for the Omics Data

Heng Yao, Xin Chen, Xiaoxuan Wang
The Predicted Arabidopsis Interactome Resource (PAIR) is an online database of the functional interactions between Arabidopsis genes. PAIR is inferred by integrating six types of evidence each of which suggests a different aspect of functional associations between Arabidopsis genes and therefore enables...
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Research on Rice Yield Forecasting Model

Kui Fang, Qingshan Ren, Xiangmei Feng, Xinghui Zhu
The meteorological factors play an important role in rice yield. In this paper, according to the current agricultural meteorological factors on the impact of agricultural production, an the rice yield prediction model was established by using multiple stepwise regression analysis.The experimental results...
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Mechanism Design and Dynamical Modelling of a Flexible-Wire-Walking Robot with Swinging-Arms and Rotational Pole

Yonghua Huang, Yaxiong Chen, Changsheng Wang, Hao Huang
In order to investigate the principles of a wire walker who maintains balance by rotating or moving a pole left and right, a novel single wheel robot that can runs on a flexible wire was designed and its dynamics was studied. The robot features a couple of parallel swinging arms and a rotational pole....
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Set of Time Series Forecasting Models Using the Ordered Difference

Hongxu Wang, Chengguo Yin, Xiaoli Lu, Hao Feng, Xiaofang Fu
Set of time series forecasting models using the ordered difference of historical data (SOD) is proposed. For a time series, for example, for the enrollment of the University of Alabama in 1971–1992, when simulating the prediction of historical data, the automatic optimization search method can be used...
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A Set of Time Series Forecasting Models Based on the Ordered Difference

Hongxu Wang, Chengguo Yin, Xiaoli Lu, Hao Feng, Xiaofang Fu
A set of time series forecasting models based on the ordered difference of historical data (ASOD) is proposed. For a time series, the automatic optimization search method can be applied to sieve standard time series forecasting model Cp(k,h) in ASOD, so that in simulating the prediction of historical...
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A Set of Time Series Forecasting Model Based on the Difference

Hao Feng, Hongxu Wang, Chengguo Yin, Xiaoli Lu, Xiaofang Fu
A set of time series forecasting models based on difference is proposed (SD). For a time series, it can select the best time series forecasting model in SD by using the automatic optimal search method. For example, when forecast enrollments data of University of Alabama in 1971~1992, it can select the...
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A Set of Time Series Prediction Models Based on Difference Method

Xiaoli Lu, Hongxu Wang, Chengguo Yin, Hao Feng
This paper proposed a set of time series prediction models based on difference method(ASD). For a time series, the computer can automatically find the time series search method to filter out the ideal in ASD prediction model. For example, the forecast number of registered at the University of Alabama...
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Application Research for the Urban Ecological Index Prediction Based on the Grey System Prediction Model

Li Yu, Jiaquan Wang
City along the Huaihe river in understanding the natural environment and social economic conditions, based on statistics from the city's urban ecological support systems ecology quantitative 2006-2010 values, and accordingly based on multiple factors associated predictive model of gray system GM (1,...
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Unified Hierarchical Model of the Data Exchange

Tatiana Penkova, Sergey Kochetkov
The paper presents an approach to standardized data exchange between heterogeneous resources based on a unified hierarchical model of the data representation. The paper gives a metamodel and description of the structural elements of the unified model. Some conversion algorithms were developed to turn...
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Worm Propagation Modeling Considering Smartphones Heterogeneity and People Mobility

Gabriel González García, María Elena Lárraga Ramírez, Luis Alvarez-Icaza
In recent years, the worldwide market for smartphones has grown dramatically. The kind of information stored in these devices makes them an attractive target for malware writers. Consequently, modeling of worm propagation in smartphones in order to predict the side effects of a new threat and understand...
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A Multi-Gears Cellular Automata Model for Traffic Flow Based on Kinetics Theory

Héctor Alonso Guzmán, María Elena Lárraga, Luis Alvarez-Icaza, Jerónimo Carvajal
Traffic flow modeling based on cellular automata (CA) has gained considerable importance as one effective tool to successfully simulate complex traffic systems and understand their behavior. However, most of the existing CA models assumes a constant acceleration rate for the vehicles, which is an over-simplification...
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The Persistence of Invasion and Diffusion Model of Poisonous Weeds with Allee Effect

Lei Shi, Hua Liu, Yumei Wei, Ming Ma, Rui Jiang
In this paper, a water resource competition model of poisonous weed invasion and diffusion with Allee effect was studied. We first discuss the persistence of the model. After that, by discretizing the model, the population dynamics with and without Allee effect was simulated. The results shows that:...
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Element Simulation of Welding Residual Stresses and Distortion in 5083 Incorporating Metallurgical Phase Transformation

Xiaohu Tian, Juan Liao, Peng Cheng, Yi Ling
The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of metallurgical phase transformation on welding residual stress induced by MIG(metal inert-gas welding) butt-welding in 5083. In the numerical simulations, two separate finite element models are studied. The first one describes a sequentially...
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Numerical Simulation of Solute Transport in Fractured Rock with Particle Tracking Method

Yuanyuan Sun, Danfeng Ji, Jing Su, Mingxia Zheng, Beidou Xi, Olaf Kolditz
In this work an open source scientific software platform OpenGeoSys (OGS) was utilized for the simulation of fluid flow and solute transport in fractured porous media. A particle based method was proposed which takes use of velocities calculated by finite element method (FEM) to obtain flow patterns,...
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Simulation Evaluation Model of Airport Airspace and Ground Operational Efficiency

Xiong Li, Xiaoqing Chen, Dongbin Li
It has great significance for airport planning and design to build simulation model and evaluate scientifically for airport airspace and ground operation. The evaluation model of airport airspace and ground operation was constructed by using analytic hierarchy process (AHP). 5 airspace operation indexes...
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Simulation on Low Velocity Impacted Damage of Sandwich Composite with Finite Element Analysis

Yanpeng Feng, Li Chen, Chun Wang, Haijun Tang, Chunguang Li, Xiaoming Ma, Yang Jiao
A finite element tool was used to simulate the structural and damage response of honeycomb sandwich composites subjected to low-velocity impact, under different energy. Damage evolution such as composite skins failure, and collapse of honeycomb core was assessment by different damage models. And interlaminar...
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Optimum Plan for Step-down-stress Accelerated Life Testing with Censoring and Numerical Simulation

Yu Wang, Xiaoqin Zhang, Dianjun Lu
In this paper, we obtain the optimum plan by discussing a step-down-stress accelerated life testing (SDS-ALT) satisfying some specific condition at k stresses under an exponential distribution.
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An Approximate Model Based on Feature Matrix for Nonlinear Hybrid Systems

Shihan Yang, Qiong Yu
Nonlinear hybrid systems are focused on. A modeling framework based on the feature matrix, which is a matrix of Boolean function of the truth table, is proposed. Then, we study a special kind of nonlinear hybrid systems. This kind of systems is linearized by the means of Taylor series expansion, where...
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Modelling on Dynamic Spectrum Planning of Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Stochastic Approach

Qiucheng Shan, Dongtang Ma, Jun Xiong, Xiaoying Zhang
Cognitive Radio (CR) is a promising technology for overcoming the lack of available communication bands. However, in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN), available spectrum changes due to the user mobility. In this paper, we investigate dynamic spectrum planning and allocation in CRN, which considers the...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis on Shear Bond Behavior of PUFA-to-Concrete Interface

Qifeng Xu, Lianzhen Zhang
The paper mainly focus on the new type of reinforcement with polyurethane-fly-ash(PUFA) reinforced concrete interface problem. ABAQUS is used to study the debonding behavior of PUFA-concrete with in-plane shear test method. Plastic damage model is used for concrete materials. Flow Angle, dilatation angle...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis of Complex Variable Diameter Pipe Polishing by Solid-liquid Two-phase Abrasive Flow

Junye Li, Xu Zhu, Hua Xiong, Jinglei Hu, Hui Lu, Baozuo Wang
In order to explore the effect of abrasive flow on the variable diameter parts of the polishing effect, taking complex variable diameter pipe parts as the research object, the numerical simulation research on the machining process of abrasive particle flow polishing complicated diameter pipe parts was...
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Analysis of Civil Aviation's Passenger Turnover Based on X11-ARIMA Model

Lixin Zhang, Cuifang Yang
The analysis of civil aviation's passenger turnover is of great significance to civil aviation department. According to the data of civil aviation's passenger turnover in the last 12 years, using the X11 method, the long-term trend was separated, and the results showed that the civil aviation's passenger...
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Simulations to Evaluate the Impact of Ca2+ release from Endoplasmic Reticulum on Intracellular Ca2+ Oscillations

Enlin Tang, Hongkun Zuo
The role of Ca2+ release from endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in influencing intracellular Ca2+ oscillation is elucidated. Various types of oscillations in a two-pool model are discussed, based on fast-slow dynamic analysis. Three types of burster are obtained by varying the parameter affecting Ca2+ release...
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The Design of SoS Multi-Agent System Model Based on Emergence Imitation

Qiang Qu, Xinhua He, Hao Cheng, Weichao Zhang
The traditional modeling method of multi-Agent system (MAS) for weapon systems is to build the underlying Agent unit in micro perspective, and then integrate the units to make a larger system. The MAS built by this way cannot show the emerged characteristics of the macro system in the simulation, the...
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DEM Data Based Stratigraphic Visualization Modeling

Qianlin Wu, Dandan Zhu, Chenchen Wang, Zhihui Ye, Dong Chen
We proposes a three-dimensional visualization modeling method of multilayer stratum by the DEM data, including the longitude, latitude and depth information. The interactive environment is mainly supported by a Python-embedded plotting library, Matplotlib. We adopted the DEM data to create the upper...
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Mathematical Model and Analytical Solution for Groundwater Seepage in Confined Aquifer Subjected to Well Pumping without Penetrating Overlying Aquiclude

Yulin Wang, Kanghe Xie, Xiaohua Zhao
Groundwater in confined aquifer was pumped at constant rate through base plate of a vertical well without penetrating overlying aquiclude, a mathematical model for seepage in confined aquifer was developed, and by technique of integral transforms of Hankel Transformation and Laplace Transformation respectively,...
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Smooth Test for Elliptical Copulas

Yan Su, Xiaoxu Zhou
Based on the Cholesky decomposition and spherical harmonics, we propose the smooth test for testing the elliptical copulas. The asymptotic null distribution of the transformed sample is obtained. An algorithm is given to estimate the p-value of the test statistic by Monte Carlo simulation. The maximum...
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Equivalent Lateral Spacing Operation to Improve Airspace Efficiency of V-opening Runway at Chengdu New Airport

Kun Cao, Zhiyuan Shen, Chaoyang Lu
In recent years, with the rapid development of civil aviation industry, new airport is necessary to plan and construct to the increasing demand for civil aviation. Current parallel runway instrument approach regulations require that divergence angle established between two go-around tracks of independent...
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Management Strategies for a Defined Contribution Pension Fund under the Hull-White Interest Rate Model

Patrick Kandege Mwanakatwe, Lixin Song, Emmanuel Hagenimana
This paper analyzes optimal investment strategies for a DC pension fund under the Hull-White interest rate model. Under this model, the pension fund manager can invest capital in the bank account, stock index, and real estates. The dynamics of the interest rate follows the Hull-White interest rate model,...
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A Sentence Summarizer using Recurrent Neural Network and Attention-Based Encoder

Takashi Kuremoto, Takuji Tsuruda, Shingo Mabu, Masanao Obayashi
For automatically summarizing sentences of nature languages, some cutting-age methods have been proposed since a decade ago. In this paper, an advanced model of abstractive sentence summarization is proposed by composing a recurrent neural network (RNN) and an attention-based encoder. The proposed model...
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Automatic Segmentation Method of Garment Figure Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Chong Chen
Aiming to the problem that the rapid acquisition of clothing style map requires manual participation and takes a long time and heavy task, an automatic image segmentation method based on convolution neural network is proposed. Firstly, we denoised normalized and semantically annotated the sequence image...
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The Extract Method of Engineering Management Index Based on Rough Set

Chen He, Xueliang Hou
Index is very important for judging project implementation status or analyzes some problems in the process of engineering project management. The present method to determine index is mainly a professional empirical method and cannot fully meet the requirement of engineering project management. For the...
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Evaluation Model and Simulation of High Efficient Toll Plaza

Zhidan Cai, Juewei Hu, Xiaoyu Liu, Xin Li
In this paper, we mainly discuss the design and evaluate of how the vehicle return to the original line after passing the toll station. In the case of considering only one direction of the toll square, we establish the evaluation model based on the cellular automata. In the meantime, we emphasis on the...
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The Consensus Formation in the Naming Game on Spatial Networks

Yiwei Liu, Lin Feng, Qiuhui Pan, Linghui Tong, Kaiyu Zhan
The NG model is a model for the dissemination of opinions, focusing on the dissemination of mainstream opinions and how individuals move towards consensus in the adoption of a single opinion through discussion. This is a multi-individual model that uses exchange and negotiation between neighbors to share...
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A Method to Determine the Synthetical Acceleration Factor of Electronic Equipment Based on Failure Physics

Haoping Yan, Yuqing Hu, Yuexuan Ma, Tao Wang
Accelerated test is commonly used to obtain reliability data of products by exerting loads over usage conditions for highly reliable and long life products, and it's very significant to decide the acceleration factor (AF) in the test. For electronic equipment, the AF obtained by traditional method can...
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Simulation of Mass Customization Oriented Manual Handling System Based on Kcal/ERGO and Ergonomics

Wenqian Zhang, Siyu Chen, Jiawei Xiong, Shuhai Fan
Aiming at the manual handling in the mass customization production processes of an automobile manufacturing company which might cause workers fatigue and occupational injuries, the simulation based on Kcal/ERGO is presented in view of Ergonomics. By using ERGO, a Metabolic Rate Prediction Model, and...
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Reactive Power Optimization Simulation of Active Distribution Network Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Hao Zhang, Hongjuan Li, Min Xu
The access of a large number of renewable energy makes the active distribution network become the inevitable trend of development, coordination of renewable distributed power and traditional reactive power compensation device can effectively achieve the active distribution network reactive power optimization....
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The Design of Mass Customization Oriented Laboratory Simulation Platform in IGRIP

Wenqian Zhang, Jiawei Xiong, Siyu Chen, Shuhai Fan
In order to solve the problem of lack of online simulation and remote control in the mass customization oriented laboratory simulation platform, it is designed by taking IGRIP software as an example. Based on IGRIP, three kinds of interface methods were compared and analyzed for the exchange of information...
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Research on Agent-based Command Decision Simulation

Peng Cui, Wei Chu, Yuping Li
Command decision simulation is one of the key parts of C4ISR system simulation, and it is also one of the key technologies of Tactical Simulation Experiment platform. Taking the tactical command decision-making process as an example, the framework of command decision model based on Agent is established....
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Design and Simulation of Workshop Layout Reconstruction Based on Flexsim and Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm

Jiawei Xiong, Shuhai Fan, Siyu Chen, Wenqian Zhang
Research the problem of dynamic layout of equipment with multiple constraints in reconfigurable workshop. The logistics transport and restructuring of the layout cost as an optimization target. Transforming the dynamic layout problem into a static layout problem in single production cycle. Utilizing...
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Design and Implementation of General Source Simulation System Architecture

Wei Chu, Songyi Liu
Equipment development and daily training of C2 system need simulation intelligence which are provided by simulation system. This paper put forward a whole system architecture and integration framework which can improve the develop efficiency of source simulation system on the basis of the using demand...
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An New Method of Distributed Communication Framework Based on Simulation

Jianning Lin, Chenyan Kong, Peng Cui
According to the requirement of communication link simulation in simulation tests, a distributed simulation communication framework was designed. The framework can dynamically load different communication efficiency computation models according to the requirements of tests, and the communication efficiency...
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Lossless Adjustment in Software Defined Survivable Network:A Simulation Study

Guoqiang Yan, Xin Huang, Jieyong Zhang
As the Internet becomes increasingly important to all aspects of society, it is critical to increase the survivability of the networks. A software-defined network based disruption recovery approach is proposed. It employs a centralized survivable controller to detect damage to network such as link disconnection...
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Theoretical Calculation and Simulation Analysis of No-load Torque of Main Reducer

Jinli Xu, Ganlin Sheng
Bearing support stiffness of driving bevel gear is the main source of vibration and noise of automobile rear axle main reducer. There are closed relations between bearing preload and no-load torque of main reducer and support stiffness. Taking the car's main reducer as the research object, this paper...
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Sensitivity Analysis of a Simulation Model for Managing Contact Centers with Impatient Customers

Chia-Hung Wang, Bin Zhu
Having worked as the primary contact points among customers and companies in the last decades, contact centers become a great investment for many organizations. This paper aims to study a queuing system with abandonments for managing the modern contact centers, where the impatient customers would probably...
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Modelling, Simulation and Vibration Analysis of Transmission line Inspection Robot based on Mass Spring Damper Concept

Ahmad Bala Alhassan, Xiaodong Zhang, Jian Guo, Haiming Shen, Hamza Khaled
This paper investigates the modeling, simulation and vibration analysis of power transmission line robot modeled based on mass spring damper concept. The robot was design to move along the transmission line with the help of two rollers. The transmission line was assumed to oscillate as the robot moves,...
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Modeling and Simulation of Atomic Clock Clean-up System

Chao Xu, Bo Li, Junliang Liu, Huabing Wu
The atomic clock clean-up system aims at improving the short term frequency stability while maintaining the good long term frequency stability of the atomic clock itself. A simulation model for the atomic clock clean-up system is established, which is paramount importance for design, simulation, and...
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External Environmental Impact for Evolutionary Prisoner's Games on Lattices

Wanting Gao, Qiqing Song
This paper studies the role of external environment in the evolution of cooperation. Due to the bounded rationality of players, external environment of individuals does matters on the evolution. The more the amount of cooperators a player's neighborhood has, expectantly, the more confident the player...
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Study on The Theory and Technology of Parallel Training

Zhiming Dong, Qisheng Guo, Yulong Wang
There are several problems in traditional simulation and live training methods, such as the low technical merit, incoherent process, non-real-time guidance, and subjective assessment and judgement. According to the idea of "real layer - semi-physical layer - virtual layer", the basic theory of parallel...
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Energy Absorption and Response Speed of Crush Beam in Smaller Electric Cars

Qiao Xie, Ziyang Zhang, Azhun Zhu, Rihe Yu, Chengyang Shi, Yiqun Liu, Jianfeng Wang
The use of composite materials to construct the crush beam could enhance the structure performance and provide a lightweight solution. In this paper, we studied the influence of materiel, cross-sectional shape and can structure on crush beam properties by finite element simulation analysis. Firstly,...
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An Automatic Apparel Designing System Based on Databases

Yue Li, Xiaogang Wang, Xinzhan Li
In this article based on databases of 3D female bodies emulator, 3D jacket emulator, textile material parameters, historical photos and pattern parameters, an automatic pattern making and its 3D emulator model support system of woman warm jacket was developed. In this system different databases were...
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Safety Separation Assessment Based on GBAS Landing System

Bo Liang, Xu Li, Zhiyuan Shen
In order to meet the continuous growth of air traffic flow in the future, it is important to reduce the aircraft separation to ensure the efficiency and safety operation of air transportation. In this paper, collision risk model is used to study the safety flight separation under the condition of ground-based...
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Well-posedness of the Gnedenko System with Multiple Delay Vacations of a Repairman

Mahsut Rozi, Abdukerim Haji, Abdugeni Osman
The Gnedenko system with multiple delay vacations of a repairman is investigated. The well-posedness and the existence of the unique positive dynamic solution of the system are proved by using C_0 -semigroup theory of linear operators in the functional analysis.
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A Resilience Engineering Based Analysis Framework for Network Systems

Fuchun Ren, Jian Jiao, Zihan Zhang, Tingdi Zhao
Many real-world systems can be abstracted into network systems. They have made a great contribution to human daily life, however, risk and disadvantages of these network systems are also serious since a tiny fault may lead to a big disaster. So the ability of resilience that a system can response to...
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Food Safety Detection System Based on Internet of Things

Yongjun Zhang, Changfeng Zhang, Shenggang Wu, Guofeng Jun
With the continuous improvement of the economic level and living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the issues of food safety. In this paper, the design of food safety detection system is integrated by using technologies of RFID, the safety monitoring traceability, which uses the...
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The Design of Intelligent Home Furnishing System Based on ZigBee Technology

Yongjun Zhang, Shenggang Wu, Xiaobo Nie, Changfeng Zhang
In this paper, the design of intelligent control system in home furnishing application that uses CC2530 TI Company's chip, this chip integrates the RF transceiver with 2.4 GHz communication protocol (IEEE802.15.4), meet the system requirements with less cost by using ZigBee technology. The system is...
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Dynamic Response of the Pre-load Steel Frame Under Transverse Impact

Mianyue Yang, Chaojiang Fu
The process of dynamic response for the pre-load steel frame subjected to impulsive load is a complicated nonlinear problem. In this paper, the ABAQUS nonlinear finite element analysis software is used to simulate the dynamic response of the pre- load steel frame subjected to transverse impact loading....
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System Dynamics Analysis on the Coordinated Development of Higher Education in Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei

Yue Qiu, Yiru Su, Chuansheng Wang, Haiqing Cao
Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei's (BTH) higher education coordinated development is a significant component of the BTH's coordinated development. There is seriously existed the shortage of teacher resources; and there is low cooperative index between higher education and industrial structure; the quality...
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Research on Assistant Diagnostic Method of TCM Based on Multi Classifier Integration

Yonghong Xie, Yuyang Yan, Jianyuan Li, Dezheng Zhang
TCM diagnosis is difficult because of the variety of syndromes and the lack of uniform norms. The traditional Chinese medicine auxiliary diagnosis and treatment system refers to the computer aided system which uses computer modeling technology to assist TCM doctors in recording diseases, prompt diagnosis,...
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Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine Case Retrieval Method Based on Machine Learning

Aziguli WULAMU, Yan Xu, Dezheng Zhang, Daole Li
In recent years, the wave of artificial intelligence began to rise. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, decision support system[1] is still in the initial stage, which is a lot of room for development. Therefore, it is very important to establish a practical TCM case-based reasoning system...
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A Method for Evaluating Ballistic Missile Penetration Operational Effectiveness

Xiaolong Zheng, Lefei Pan
According to the characteristics of system operational effectiveness and use plan, combat environment and other factors are closely related, which is a typical ballistic missile penetration combat combat system based on evaluation method to establish the effectiveness of combat simulation system based...
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Importance Evaluation of Power Communication Network Node Based on FCM Clustering

Qiao Xue, Huixia Ding, Xiangzhou Chen
The node importance evaluation of network is of great significance for the improvement of power communication network's reliability. At present, the indexes used in the node importance evaluation in power communication networks are usually one - sided. Dealing with this, this paper presents a multi-index...
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Computer Diagnostic and Monitoring Device Based on the Theory of Identification Measurement of Signals

Alexander Kashevkin, Yuriy Klikushin, Abay Koshekov, Bibigul Koshekova, Sergey Latypov, Natalya Kalantayevskaya, Galina Savostina
The research results in the field of construction of intellectual computer devices for increase of reliability of vibrodiagnostics tests results of the industrial equipment are presented in the article. These results can be achieved by applying the theory of identification measurements of signals. The...
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Reliability Analysis of Safety Intervehicle Communications in a Highway Environment

Yang Wang, Fuqiang Liu, Lijun Zu, Nguyen Ngoc Van
Vehicular network can improve traffic safety by exchange of safety-related messages between the vehicles within the the neighborhood of each other. However, many research related to vehicular network depends heavily on system-level simulation. In this paper, we use tools from stochastic geometry to analyze...
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Real-time Haze Monitoring Based on Social Sensors

Dandan Zhu, Chenchen Wang, Dong Chen, Zhihui Ye, Yuanfeng Lian
Traditional environmental monitoring systems require distributed sensors to collect data, which is restricted by equipment deployment. In contrast, social sensor, oriented by Social Network users, offers real-time, widely-distributed and low-cost sensory information gathered and processed through vision,...
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The Analysis of Water Project Bid Rigging Behavior Based on Complex Network

Tiexin Cheng, Ting Liu, Lingzhi Meng, Chaoyang Wang
There are a series of issues in the development of water project bidding areas, the illegal act of bid rigging and colluding is particularly worth attention, and how to prevent the rigging and colluding behavior in the bidding process has already become a current hot topic. The community structure characteristics...
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The Research on the Pre Blocking Scheduling Method for Elevated Road Based on Video

Rongbao Chen, Yang Liu, Qianlong Wang, Honghui Jiang, Dawei Tang
This paper has obtained the taxi speed through the high road video monitoring system to determine whether the elevated road is congested. A scheduling method is proposed to preclude overhead road congestion in advance. The existing video monitoring system is used as base. The vehicle is extracted by...
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PID Control of Elderly Assistant and Walking Assistant Robot

Odekhe Randolph Osivue, Xiaodong Zhang, Xiaoqi Mu, Hamza Khaled Kadry
In this paper, a PID controller is applied to control the speed and direction of an elderly-assistant and walking-assistant robot (EWR) by controlling the speed and direction of two 12V brushless DC (BLDC) motor driving two front hub wheel of the EWR. C code for the PID controller run on ATMega16 microcontroller....
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The Impact of Tube Optimization Design on Radiator Heat Rejection Performance

Toure Ismael, Buyun Sheng
This work consists to evaluate the impact of the tube design on the car radiator heat rejection performance. For this work we come up with two propositions, the first one consists to change the traditional tube shape "1.6x16 B-type" to "1.6x16 Dot B- type". The second one is just to change the traditional...
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Air Gap Magnetic flux Optimization of Halbach Permanent Magnet Motor

Xinsheng Zhan, Zhi Ji, Xiping Bao
This paper built a finite element model of the Halbach permanent magnet motor, whose accuracy was verified by comparing the output phase back-electromotive force of the model with that of the prototype motor. Keeping other parameters constant as far as possible, we investigated five variables one by...
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Optimal Design of Crowdsourcing Project Pricing

Lizhi Yu, Dongkai Chen, Huangding Zhu, Zhe Xuan, Xusheng Kang
Aiming at the problem of the pricing and completion of crowdsourcing project,. we set up a project task pricing design model and solve this model by using genetic algorithm and logistic regression. Meanwhile, we use the differential equation to improve this model. The project task pricing design model...
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A Review of Sensor Layout for Condition Monitoring during Discrete-part Manufacturing

Kang He, Nan Wang, Lin Zhu
This paper presents in a unified way, the various strategies of optimal sensor placement for condition monitoring during discrete parts manufacturing. The objective of this paper, is to survey the current state of optimal sensor layout with two modules: sensor optimized layout for single target and sensor...
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Research on Model and Algorithm of Laying Interceptor Projectile in Restricted Area

Lei Ren, Yue Jia
Aiming at the problem of acoustic compatibility existing in the integrated use of soft and hard torpedo defense weapons, put forward the solution of laying suspended interceptor projectile in restricted area. According to the different types of torpedo guidance, respectively established mathematical...
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Analysis on Distributions of Problem Phenomena in Engineering Project

Chen He, Xueliang Hou
In different stages of engineering projects, there are many problems which appear frequently, always produce disadvantages to projects and bring many barriers to engineering project managers. In this paper, for the purpose of solving these problems, the problem phenomena in engineering projects have...
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The Several Analysis Methods of Railway Vehicles Bolt Coupling Strength

Yana Li, Yue Li, Suming Xie
The bolt connection is one of the main connection ways of railway vehicles connection. The reliability of its connection determines the dynamic performance, safety and reliability of railway vehicles. Checking methods of bolt coupling strength: mechanical design calculation, finite element calculation,...
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Challenges and Countermeasures Faced by the Local Governments under the New Environmental Law in China

Yichao Yuan, Kuiran Shi, Zhaowen Kang
The New Environmental Protection Laws in China have taken effect on Jan 1, 2015, which is an important milestone in the history of environmental protection legislation. Also, the game relationship between governments' supervision and firms' pollution treatment is re-examine by the academic circles. In...