Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Culture, Design and Social Development (CDSD 2021)

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Analysis on the Trends and Characteristics of Vehicle Recalls in the United States

Yongqin, Feng Xiaorui, Zhang Le Liu, Wenzhao Li
Based on the statistical data released by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), this study analyzed the trends and characteristics of vehicle recalls in the United States from 2010 to 2019 by using descriptive statistics and correlation analysis. Research shows that vehicle...
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Study on the Influence of China’s Fiscal Policy on the Urban and Rural Income Gap

Li PENG, Qingxian YANG
Fiscal policy is usually a common means to narrow the income gap between urban and rural residents in China.Therefore, this paper uses multiple linear regression to choose the seven popular measures of fiscal policy to explore how it will affect on the urban and rural income gap.The conclusion concluded...
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Impact of Social Media on Young Consumers’ Hotel Decision-making Behavior

Caihong Zhang, Huabing Yao
Social media emerged quickly with the rapid development of computer and Internet technology as a new type of communication medium. With the rise of social media, it has also become a new carrier of hotel information. Its emergence not only provides convenient information for hotel consumers but also...
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Research on Lighting Design Method of Children’s Ward

Li Wanling, Ren Shaohui
Light is a way of energy transmission, which has a great impact on children’s visual health. Lighting environment is one of the important factors affecting the comfort of wards. Therefore, the introduction of lighting design in the interior design of wards has an important impact on the physical rehabilitation...
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Research on Children’s Use Behaviors in Public Entertainment Spaces Based on “Child-Friendly Cities”

Xia Jin, Lu Lili
Public entertainment space is a comprehensive space that carries the activity needs of all kinds of people, among which children are one of the most frequent users and active groups. The form and combination of public spaces affect children’s activity behaviors. At the same time, Children’s use behaviors...
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Preliminary Explore on the Influencing Factors of Undergraduates’ Attitudes Towards Homosexuality

Zhong Yi, Cao Xiaoyan
The present study focuses on the attitude of undergraduates to homosexuality in mainland China. Taking a medical university in Southwest China as an example, a questionnaire survey was conducted among undergraduates. Results: the students who are single in love have higher recognition of homosexuality...
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Comprehensive Academic Influence Research of University Professional Financial Journals

Take the Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics as an Example

Yameng Liu
Based on the CNKI database,this paper makes a quantitative analysis of a total of 1783 published articles from 2010 to 2020 in 《Journal of Yunnan University of Finance and Economic》.By using the bibliometric method,it analyzes the quantitative results from the direct perspective of h-index,g-index,g-index,influence...
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Research on the Culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yan Likun, Wen Yongyi
“Twenty-four History” as one of the Chinese traditional historical and cultural carriers, has important historiography, literature value, through the content of the “24th History”, to investigate and analyze, to explore medical practices in clinical practice Dialectical thinking and treatment methods,...
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Interactive Cat Furniture Design

Junyan Ai
With the development of urbanization, young people are under high pressure, which means that they don’t have much time to company with family members. Keeping pets can be a useful solution to address these problems and offer emotional support. More and more people regard pets as family members. The increase...
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Connotation and Implementation of Ideological and Political Education in Foreign Language Teaching

Bianqi Sun
“Morality cultivation” is the fundamental task of higher education, and curriculum-based ideological and political education is a strategic measure to implement the fundamental task of “morality cultivation”. The course with ideological and political elements is to put the value guidance in the teaching...
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A Potential Application of Gale-Shapley Stable Marriage Model in the Babysitter-Households Matching in China

Luyin Wang
The traditional Gale-Shapley two-sided matching has been applied to high admission system in the US, which helps reduce the inefficiency when matching students and schools. In other areas like kidney exchange market, market design also plays an important role. Facing the upcoming third child policy in...
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The Construction and Cultivation of the Core Competencies of Business Teachers in the Background of New Business

Yi Liu, Siping Peng, Panjia Chen
The new business education is a new model business education under the background of the new business era, and is with characteristics of sociality, integration, applicability and openness. For business teachers in the new era, it is not only necessary to adhere to demand-oriented, goal-oriented, problem-oriented...
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Considerations on the Construction of Dual-teacher Faculty in Higher Vocational Institutions Under the Background of Double-high Plan

Zhang Xue, Yang Mingyuan, Tang Wei, Guo Wenling
In the context of the “double-high plan”, the problems faced by higher education institutions in the construction of “double-teacher” teachers are analyzed. Taking Beijing Institute of Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College as an example, we use the SWOT model to analyze the internal and...
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The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development on Environmental Pollution

Yunxiu Qiu, Jianjun Niu, Like Zhang
Foreign direct investment has driven the growth of China’s economy, but also caused many environmental problems, threatening the health of residents, restricting the further economic development. Striking a balance between the economy, FDI and the environment to achieve sustainable growth is an urgent...
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Studies on the English Translation of Culture-loaded Terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ruoxin LI, Yajun LI
Culture-loaded terms in TCM are the key and difficulty point of TCM translation. Studying the translation method of Chinese medicine culture-loaded terms has significance to Chinese medicine translation. This paper briefly divides the Chinese medicine culture-loaded terms into proper nouns, traditional...
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Cell Respiration—Energy Production of Cells

Jianing Hu
Cellular respiration has always been an important topic in the history of biology. In the past, many scientists have studied this topic. Decades ago, humans first found mitochondria in the cell, then start the big research of cellular respiration. When the research becomes deeper, they divide the big...
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Research on the Construction of Makerspaces in the Colleges and Universities of Guangdong Province from the Perspective of Industry-Education Collaboration

Jian Dong, Jianru Xie, Haiming Su, Guizhen Fu
By taking the relevant basic theories of the makerspaces as the research foundation and the countermeasures for the construction of the makerspaces in the colleges and universities of Guangdong Province as the research object, this paper analyzes the main difficulties that restrict the development of...
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Research on University Cultural and Creative Product Design

Ying Wang
Each university has its own cultural and historical characteristics, which can be condensed into the material carrier of campus cultural and creative products. Nowadays, more and more universities begin to operate their own campus cultural and creative products, which have become an important channel...
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A Study on the Value of the Integration of Music Education and Local Music Culture in Local Colleges and Universities Under the Background of New Liberal Arts Construction

Bai yuqi
Culture is the soul and symbol of a nation and even a country. It is the historical deposit and foundation of a nation. We should not only inherit and carry forward the local culture, but also enhance the confidence of national culture, enhancing the soft power of culture. It is of great significance...
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Innovative Design and Creation of Chinese Lighting Culture

Qian Zhao
With the rapid development of social economy, people’s spiritual needs are increasing, and there are more and more kinds of lamps, and they are developing from simple lighting function to decorative function. At present, the development and innovation of lighting in China need to pay attention to the...
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Industrialization Development of Traditional Arts and Crafts Intangible Cultural Heritage Under Mixed Reality Technology

Chenhui Wu
The mixed reality technology has developed rapidly in recent years, which has promoted the technological reform in all walks of life. The mixed reality technology has the interactive nature of real-time feedback between reality and virtual, and sets up an information loop of interactive feedback, which...
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On the Divine Color of “Maqiao Dictionary”

Liu Yixin, Li Xue, Chen Haiyan
Han Shaogong’s “Maqiao Dictionary” published in the 1990s not only creatively created a new folk world, but also fixed his own distinctive creative characteristics on the experimental development of novel forms. This article analyzes the unique Chu Wu cultural traditions in Western Hunan from three aspects:...
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Enlightenment of School-enterprise Cooperation Mechanism of German Vocational Education to the Development of Chinese Vocational Education

Yao Xu
Vigorously developing vocational education and building a modern vocational education system take significant parts in China’s current educational reform and development strategy. “Combine the work and study” and “School-enterprise cooperation” are the hot issues in the development of Vocational Education...
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The Prospects of “Cultural Creativity” from the Perspective of Cultural Studies

Jing Luo
Since the middle of the 20th century, different disciplines have developed in a complex and diversified direction. Under the background of the postmodernist era, the development of knowledge has gradually shown a trend of openness and stronger dialogue. On the one hand, Stuart Hall’s “culturalism” has...
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Research on the Difficulties in Rural Renovation Through Art Intervention Under the Background of Rural Rejuvenation and Countermeasures

Wei Zhong, Wang Xueqin
The rural renovation effort has been continuously deepened throughout China since the implementation of the rural rejuvenation strategy and has tapped the vitality of the countryside after integrating the resources and forces on all fronts. However, the homogenization phenomena of rural renovation and...
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Design and Development of Cultural and Creative Products in Jiujiang Museum

Hong Zhang
In recent years, the public has developed a strong interest in visiting museums, and the museum tourism boom is gradually rising in major cities in China. Under this background, museums have changed their previous academic attitude and become closer to the needs of the public. Various forms of museum...
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Design and Remodeling of Apparel Fabrics in the Context of “Weaving and Mending”

Yuan Tao, Yin Wei, Zeng Chen
Fabric is the carrier of costume art. With the requirement of sustainable development of industry, environmental protection design is on the stage. The article takes the design of apparel fabric reconstruction as the research object, summarizes and analyzes the design methods of existing works with the...
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The Effective Application of Mother-of-pearl Lacquerware Technology in Modern Product Design

Firstly, this paper analyzes the development of lacquerware and mother-of-pearl lacquerware, including the application and development of lacquer modeling and mother-of-pearl lacquerware. Then, it elaborates the application of mother-of-pearl lacquerware technology in modern product design, including...
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STR Profiling’s Contribution to Forensic Science

Xunyang Ye
STR profiling is the edging biotechnology that uses PCR to determine the identification of an individual. Animals in the same species have more than 99% of the same DNA sequence. PCR is an analysis of the difference in the DNA. Forensic science is the usage of science in the crime scene to determine...
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“Smart Stall” Artificial Intelligence Solution -Vendor Economy and Its Transformation Model from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Lingqing Liu, Jing Lu, Minyu Huang
With the sweeping of COVID-19, the domestic and foreign economies show a downward trend. As one of the main forces of the national economy, vendor economy shoulders the important task of alleviating economic pressure and promoting employment. In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial...
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The External Factors That Influence the Image of Disney Movies Characters

Jiru Huang
Disney is a successful movie producer which produce many popular series. There are researches that discuss how the concept change affects the characters designed by Disney, for example how the change of gender role change Disney princess characteristic. However, these papers tend to focus on limited...
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Design of Tourist Souvenirs Injected into Lushan Poetry Culture

Wei Wu
Firstly, this paper analyzes the present situation of Lushan tourist souvenirs, and elaborates the specific application of Lushan poetry in the design of Lushan tourist souvenirs, including the application of Lushan poetry in the font creation of tourist souvenirs and the application of Lushan poetry...
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A New Probe into the Strategic Steps of Japan’s Annexation of Korea in Modern Times: Focusing on the Treaty Relations Between Japan and the World’s Powers

Fan Xinyue
The merger of Korea and Japan in 1910 undoubtedly opened the “cold winter era” in North Korea’s history. Even though a hundred years have passed, the ‘hatred’ of the Korean nation’s subjugation has still not disappeared. In the past, how Japan “legally” occupied North Korea under the modern Western treaty...
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The Significance of Nirvana in Fire’s Spirit of Loyalty

Li Xue, Liu Yixin, Chen Haiyan
The novel Nirvana in Fire tells a story about Mei Changsu’s undying pursuit of justice, self-sacrifice, self-sacrifice, selflessness and mutual help, which accords with the core socialist values of justice, patriotism, honesty and friendship. The contemporary spirit of loyalty and righteousness in Nirvana...
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Chinese Cultural Empowerment in Short Video New Media Under the Phenomenon of Pan-Entertainment - A Comparative Study Based on Li Ziqi and Blondie in China

Xichang Li
With the rapid development of Chinese short videos in the new media era, people are in a communication field full of pan-entertainment. Some short video bloggers, such as Chinese and foreign food culture short video blogger Li Ziqi and Australian Amy(Blondie in China), strive to output quality content...
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“Admiration of Flowers in Poems” — On Translation of Flower Images in Tang Poems Under the Guidance of Green Translation

Qin Nan, Fan Xiangtao
Social development is the driving force of translation research and practice. The green concept has taken deep roots in people’s hearts with increasing global ecological awareness. Therefore, green development has become the focus of global ecological civilization construction. “Strengthening ecological...
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Exploration of Divergent Experimental Teaching for Improving Students’ Innovative Practical Ability

ShiSong Zhang, XiaoFang Sun, ZhongShan Yao
Divergent thinking refers to a thinking mode that pursues multi-directional, three-dimensional and open conclusions without the constraints of existing methods, laws and concepts. This thinking mode mainly refers to finding different methods to solve relevant problems by combining the thinking methods...
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The Influence of People’s Views on Chinese and Western Festivals on Festival Marketing

Based on Survey Research of College Students

Mao Wang
With the inflow of western festivals and the rapid change of the times, people have a new understanding of celebrating festivals. Great changes have taken place in people’s consumption ability and demand, which poses new challenges to the festival marketing of enterprises. The paper investigates college...
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An Experimental Study on the Acoustic Features of Vowels in Western Yugur Language

Fan Bai, Shiliang Lyu, Lin Na
This article will use the theory of experimental phonetics to describe the acoustic characteristics of vowels in Western Yugur language, making the speech signal more specific and objective. Using the vowel distribution pattern theory and the vowel formant pattern, extract and analyze various acoustic...
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Using Children’s Literature to Develop Pupils’ English Language Acquisition

Xiaojuan Ye
English learning has become more and more popular nowadays in China. Most Chinese children begin to learn English from the primary school or even from kindergarten. Therefore, the learning materials designed and chosen for English learners are closely related to their English learning interests and efficiency....
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Dialogue Between Sincerity and Piety: A Study on the Artistic Characteristics of Documentary Photography Works of Lu Nan’s Four Seasons: Daily Life of Tibetan Peasants

Xu Wenhao
This paper focuses on the artistic expression of lu Nan’s documentary photography “Four Seasons: The Daily Life of Xizang Farmers”, and explores the visual expression and spiritual connotation of the image to obtain the unique value orientation of the “precipitation type” photographer by combining the...
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Communication Strategy of Zhaojun Culture in Xingshan County Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Xiaodong Lei, Yunpu Chen, Xin Yang
Since the rural revitalization strategy was proposed, adjusting and optimizing the rural industrial structure and vigorously developing the rural cultural industry have become the focus of rural development. The Xingshan County in Yichang City, with a pleasant environment surrounded by mountains and...
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Rhetoric Art in Gao Xiaosheng’s Water Flows East

Fan Rong, Chang Baoqing, Chen Haiyan
Firstly, the author is good at using words in southern Jiangsu dialect, and often arranges rhyming words at the end of some sentences. Then it discusses the characteristics of sentence pattern selection in the novel. Finally,it analyzes the use of figure of speech,focusing on antithesis and metaphor.
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Application of Bronze Decorative Patterns in Fashion Design in Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Zhang Jiaojiao, Zhao Fu, Wang Junying
Starting with the historical background and formation style of bronze art in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, this paper analyzes and summarizes the characteristics and significance of bronze decorative patterns, and discusses the application of bronze decorative patterns in clothing from the aesthetic...
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Research on Management in Teaching Evaluation

Jingde Huang
The purpose of teaching evaluation in colleges and universities is to standardize teaching and improve the level of talent training. Scientific teaching evaluation is not only a comprehensive test of the strength of colleges and universities, but also a comprehensive display of the atmosphere of colleges...
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Research on the Development of Rural Sports Under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

Zhi hong Yin
This article through the literature material law, questionnaire survey method, comparative method and other research methods, the rural left-behind children physical exercise situation investigation, physical exercise behavior research, to their sports participation present situation, physical exercise...
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Cultural Implication of “Ma” Character and Chinese Character Teaching as a Foreign Language

Zhang Yang
The character “Ma” can be used alone, or it can be used as a phonetic or semantic component in pictophonetic characters. With the continuous expansion of the meaning range of the character “Ma”, its meaning has become virtual. In the teaching of Chinese characters as a foreign language, the teaching...
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The early warning and prevention and control mechanism of campus loan for college students in higher vocational colleges from the perspective of 3F hypothetical crisis communication theory

Based on the survey of students’ online loans in Wuhan Polytechnic

Fan Xia
Campus online lending is highly hidden, the means are diverse, the physical and mental harm to students is very large, bringing many hidden dangers to school safety management, and rectifying campus online lending has become the consensus of all sectors of society. How to effectively establish a daily...
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Research on Virtual Reality Technology in Traditional Architecture Protection

Jian Xiao, SiYu Guo, TengFei Zhou
Intangible cultural heritage records the history and changes of Chinese traditional culture. It is a living fossil of regional economy, culture and politics. It is an indispensable part of the treasure house of Chinese cultural information. Using big data to build a digital platform for intangible cultural...
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Research on the Cognizance Mechanism of Excellent Microfilm included in Scientific Research Achievement

Microfilm has increasingly become an effective carrier of ideological and political education in universities as an important part of excellent network culture. It discusses the cognizance mechanism of excellent microfilm included in scientific research achievement from three aspects, including cognizance...
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Cure·Recovery -- Research on the Development of Urban Public Art in the Post-epidemic Context

Hao Kaili, Liang Yan
A novel Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the development process of all countries in the world. Isolation and distancing have made wearing masks seem to be a sensitive word in the post-epidemic era. Face the dilemma, our senses of the city will be infinite amplification, loneliness, depression, irritability...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Tourism Industry with Local Characteristics in Machong

Meng-bo WANG, Zhen-dan Liu, Feng Ding, Li-na Zhang, Jin-ting Zhang
At present, China’s local special tourism is from sightseeing tourism to experience, health, Leisure and holiday tourism over. Machong is rich in local tourism resources, but it has not yet turned into an industrial advantage. Based on how to transform the resource advantage into the industry advantage,...
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Discussion on Integrating Ideological and Political Education into Dance Classroom of Preschool Education Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Yan Jing, Fu Fang-yi, Bi Zhi-li
Ideological and moral conduct has always been one of the most valued talents of the Chinese nation, and it is also regarded as the most important teaching content in basic education. Especially for the talent cultivation of preschool education majors, only by improving their ideological and political...
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Brief Discussion About Ecological Design

Take Ecological Design of Clothing as an Example

Wang Junying, Zhang Jiaojiao, Wu Min
From the perspective of ecological design, this paper discusses the sustainable development of clothing, and extends the ecological concept throughout the entire link of clothing production and design. The ecological design of clothing includes not only the pollution-free treatment of the life cycle...
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Observing Consumer Market Changes from Brand Slogan Changes

Yang Liu
The slogan of a brand is a summary of its product characteristics and brand connotation, and is one of the most important and effective ways for a brand to express itself in the market. A good slogan is the result of a deep insight into the consumer market, which allows consumers to quickly understand...
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On the Integrated Development of Public Art and Urban Environmental Design

Zhu AiLin, Ren Shaohui
At present, urban construction has entered a stage of rapid development, and public art can reflect the cultural and spiritual outlook of the city. Public art gradually fills our urban space, and the urban environment and public art are gradually integrated. A vibrant, open and civilized urban public...
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A Study on the Perception of Public Space in Displaced Relocation

Take Three Communities in Changan District as an Example

Qun Cao, Xiaojun Yang, Shen Li, Wenjing Cai
The focus of the New Urbanization Strategy and Rural Revitalization Strategy has shifted from the material needs of residents to their needs for a better life and the improvement of quality of life. Based on the concept of quality of life, taking three remote relocation and resettlement communities in...
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Cross Border in Fashion Design

Taking the Integration of Clothing and Architecture as an Example

Meiru QU, Junying Wang
From the perspective of cross-border thinking, this paper analyzes the importance of cross-border thinking in the field of clothing and architecture through the application and expression of cross-border design in the field of clothing and architecture. Firstly, this paper recognizes and understands...
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Review and Prospect of Accessible Design Standards in China

Xiaoshan Zhang, Weiyang Jia
Since 1980s, the accessible industry in China has witnessed many important achievements. However, problems such as the uneven development of accessible construction between cities, developed and underdeveloped regions in China, and the large population base demanding accessibility have become increasingly...
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A Study of Depiction of Clothing on Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the Popular Suikoden All Told

Wu Songlin, Pei Yu
This article examines Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s study of Chinese painting and the relevance of the portrayal of the magnates to literature, and explores Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s intention to represent the different identities of the magnates and their stylization as military generals. Secondly, he discusses the...
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College English Reform and Cultivation of Cross-cultural Competence

Ying Gu
College English teaching, as a compulsory course in higher education, plays an indispensable role in cultivation of talents of our country. The reform of college English has become a major issue of concern to all universities. In order to comply with the tide of social cross-cultural communication, college...
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The Application of Multi-modal Discourse Annotation and Analysis Tool ELAN in the Construction of Cross-border Endangered Chinese Dialect-Dungan Corpus

Lian Jing, Kang Xiaoming
Dungan Language is unique among the languages in the world. It is unique in the sense of linguistic typology and has been paid more and more attention by the academic circle at domestic and overseas. This paper takes ELAN, a multimodal discourse annotation and analysis tool, as the research tool, and...
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A Textual Research on the Spread of the San Zi Jing in the Cultural Circle of Foreign Chinese Characters and its Value in the Foreign Chinese Character Teaching

Kang Xiaoming, Lian Jing
San Zi Jing has been widely spread in the cultural circle of foreign Chinese characters as an enlightening reading material for memorizing Chinese characters, but today, with the rapid development of international Chinese education, it seems to be powerless. This paper combs the time limit and influence...
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Research on Creativity Model of Creative Product Design Based on Twenty-four Solar Terms

Wentao Li, Zhuopeng Li
The exploration of creative factors in the design of twenty-four-section cultural and creative products is an important part of the design innovation of intangible cultural heritage. Combined with the design practice and model verification of five stages of design thinking, the purpose of constructing...
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Bridging the Degeneration in Public Cultural Services Due to Policy Implementation Bias in the Context of Information Technology

Tingting Li, Jiani Jin, Xiaoning ZHU
Public cultural service degeneration is the degeneration between the supply of public cultural services and people’s demand for public cultural services. The formation of the degeneration in public cultural services is influenced by many factors, but this paper focuses its analysis on policy implementation...
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Investigation on the Using Behavior of Urban Public Space: A Case Study of Huifeng Park, Linwu County

Xia Jin, Liu Ying
In order to study the correlation between urban public space and users’ behaviors, and to analyze the users’ psychological needs, we take Huifeng Park in Linwu County, Hunan Province as the research object to investigate different types of public space based on behavioral observation methods. Meanwhile,...
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Cultural Inheritance and Development Path of Red First Street

Zhou Enming, Li Kehan
In 1933, the Fourth Front Army of the red army moved south to liberate Shiqiao ancient town. On the memorial archway of the town, the Red Army engraved the five words “Leninism Street”. In 2007, Shiqiao Lenin street was jointly awarded the “folk culture experience area” by UNESCO and China Folk Photographers...
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Research on Design Inheritance and Development Strategy of Feather Painting in Shenyang

Yuchen Gao, Haonan Ma
Through the study of the design inheritance of Shenyang feather painting, the artistic value and cultural connotation of feather painting are systematically excavated, so as to improve the public’s attention to feather painting, and make feather painting get more powerful inheritance and healthier development.Let...
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Motivation of Fan Behavior Under the Influence of Psychology and New Media

Yujia Gao
In the wake of the development of the internet and digital media, new media as known as the fourth media become overwhelming in the globe. It contributes to almost all youth subcultures by gathering a specific group of people together on the media platform. Fandom as one of the biggest subculture groups...
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Research on Comprehensive Intervention and Quality Monitoring of Higher Vocational Labor Education in the New Era

Xie Gen-tan, Sun Qing, Bi Zhi-li
The ways to carry out labor education in higher vocational colleges include setting up labor courses, professional characteristic training, labor practice week and participating in social practice, so as to cultivate higher vocational college students to establish good labor values and help them form...
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Research on the Choice Strategy of Rural Mutual Assistance Pension Model -- Based on the Investigation of Y City

Chen Siyu, Luo zirui, Duan Shanjie
As the rural pension problem becomes more and more serious, mutual support for the elderly emerged as a way of supporting the elderly emerged. The typical models of mutual aid for the aged are time bank, mutual aid happy home and Yi Zhuang. The time bank model is based on the exchange of services, the...
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New Production Relations Hiding in the New Economy

Wang Hong-Li, Han Xiao-Pu
Production relations is one of the core concepts of economics, to all aspects of the society plays a decisive role Represented by Internet technique, the development of modern information technology, the most likely to promote a series of changes in social production organization form, which represent...
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Research on the Spatial Composition of Private Gardens in Southern Fujian from the Cultural Perspective

Mengyu Zhang
Starting from the cultural perspective of southern Fujian, this article analyzes the spatial composition of traditional private gardens in southern Fujian and its diverse culture. The southern Fujian region was exposed to Western culture earlier, and the gentry from the Central Plains moved south. The...
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Research on the Design of Talisman Cultural Products from the Perspective of Semiotics

Xingyao You, Wentao Li
By studying the complex visual structure of the Talisman culture, extracting and analyzing the distinctive symbols in the visual structure on the basis of semiotics, and deducing the special symbols that can be used, lay a foundation for the inheritance and development of the Talisman culture. Based...
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Research on the Integration of Traditional Arts and Crafts into the Design of Modern Cultural and Creative Products

Lan Jin
Traditional arts and crafts, mostly made by hand, represents the wisdom of laboring people over the generations. In modern design, however, the purely handmade way will lead to low efficiency and thus the inability to meet the current large-scale market demand. Many crafts are on the edge of failing...
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Research on the Service Design Strategy and Practice of Red Cultural Tourism from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Pengfei Jing, Lina He, Ruibo Song
Under the background of the inheritance of red culture advocated by the state, this paper analyzes the difficulties of the current red culture tourism and conducts practical research and in-depth analysis in Daigu Town. In order to better inherit the red culture and help the rural revitalization, this...
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Research Trends and Hot Spots of Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing

On the Metrological Research of Ciqikou Conference Papers

Xuemin Huang
Rated as a national AAAA-level scenic spot, Ciqikou boasts one of the four ancient towns in Chongqing, known as a historical and cultural street in China, a key protected traditional street in Chongqing, and a folklore and cultural tourism circle in Bayu. It has made great contributions to the cultural...
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On the Multi-dimensional Relationship of Visual Symbols in Film Posters

Yuying Tao
Film poster is a visual image that publicizes and expounds the film plot. The unique visual symbols in its image design can arouse the empathy of the audience. The significance of its visual image has changed from the ideographic meaning of publicity to the deep visual culture and structure. From the...
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From Hell to Heaven: The Children of God Dance Rimbaud’s Development of Baudelaire’s View of Poetry

Xiao-Bo Zhang
Both Rimbaud and Baudelaire are famous symbolist poets among the representatives of French poets and have made a significant impact on the field of poetry later on, even among which Rimbaud has created many immortal poems in his short time of poetry. In this paper, by comparing Baudelaire’s poems with...
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Design Research on Maker Office Space Based on User Experience

Jiaqi Chi, Jinqi Xu
The maker office space is a new type of office space that has gradually come into everyone’s view since 2014 when the country put forward the concept of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. With the continuous development of the country, the era of experience economy comes, people no longer simply...
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The Difficulties and Optimization Mechanism of Big Data Application in SMEs

Yi Liu, Pingxiu LI
In the era of digital economy, big data has become a strategic resource, and big data application capabilities have also become a strategic capability, which can effectively assist SMEs in precision marketing, enhancing corporate competitiveness, and achieving quality and efficiency improvements. However,...
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Research on the design of cultural and creative products of traditional dripping animals in Southern Fujian

Zhong Zengqi, Li Wentao
Based on the cultural value of Dishui beast, this paper carries out design research, compares its cultural value with the typical Dishui beast cultural and creative product design existing in the current cultural and creative market, and puts forward a new Dishui beast cultural and creative design strategy...
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“RCEP” in the Eyes of Western Media

A Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis

Meifang Li, Xinan Zhou
Based on the self-built corpus of the news reports on the recently-signed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the present study aims at disclosing the western media’s perception of this China-led achievement and thus, revealing the ideology hidden in the news discourse. The present study...
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Research on the Optimization of University Financial Sharing Mode Based on Blockchain Technology

Lijun Cai, Peng Li
The financial sharing center is a model for enterprises to promote standardized, centralized, and informatized management, and is an effective means to enhance the risk control and capital management of branches. This article first describes the application status of blockchain and financial sharing...
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Improve the Photovoltaic Performance of Solar Cells with New Coating Processes

Edward Han
Photovoltaic conversion is a new type of energy generation system that uses the photovoltaic effect of solar cell semiconductor materials to directly convert solar photovoltaics into electrical energy. The purpose of this article is to study the use of new coating technology to improve the photovoltaic...
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Research on the Present Situation of Physical Education Teaching in Middle School under the Background of National Fitness

Zhi hong Yin
With the acceleration of my country’s economic and social development, the pressure of competition between work and life is increasing, and people are paying more and more attention to health issues. In order to promote the development of a higher level of national fitness and better meet the people’s...
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From the Perspective of Marx’s Labor Theory of Value on the Value Creation of China’s Cultural Industry

Shan Dongfang
Based on the perspective of Marx’s labor value theory, this paper analyzes whether the labor in the cultural industry can create value, and comes to the conclusion that not the whole labor in the cultural industry can create value. At the same time, this paper deeply analyzes the current situation of...
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Analysis of concentration degree and concentration period of short-time heavy precipitation and difference analysis based on Morlet wavelet analysis

Rong Sun
As the extreme weather led by short-time heavy precipitation has brought more and more obvious impact on urban social stability and residents’ life in recent years, studying the occurrence and development of short-time heavy precipitation has become an indispensable puzzle to fill the blank of urban...