Proceedings of the 2018 International Workshop on Education Reform and Social Sciences (ERSS 2018)

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Research and Practice of School-Enterprise Cooperation Talent Training Mode by form of Order Integration

Yaowu Shen, Jindong Yu, Wenyan Xu
The paper designs one talent training mode by the form of order integration to implement school-enterprise cooperation and production education integration in vocational education. Through the practice of school-enterprise cooperation and production education integration talent training mode by the form...
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Discussion and Research on the Professional English Reform of Automotive Major in Vocational Colleges based on Ability

Yan Hu
At present, the country popularizes higher education, and higher English education has accounted for 52% of higher education. Higher vocational students feel the importance of higher education thus education reform is very important. Higher vocational graduates are showing an increasing trend every year,...
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Exploration of Efficient Project Management based on the Co-operation of Architects and Chief Consultants

Lu Cheng, Yilin Yin, Hang Yin, Ningyong Wen
The Sydney Opera House is a jewel in the history of architecture, a model of success in the project, and a feat of Danish architect Jon Wusong; but project management is also the responsibility of Wusong and another structural engineer, due to the uncompromising management of Wusong leading to the failure...
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Information Block: Analysis of Factors Affecting the Training of Kindergarten Teachers — A Discussion based on the Perspective of Mechanism Design Theory

Chunzhong Li
A discussion on factors affecting the training courses for kindergarten teachers has a great practical significance. First of all, an overview of the change of selecting indicators for accessing training effectiveness is provided. Based on it, an analysis conducted from the perspective of mechanism design...
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Bibliometric Analysis of the Minority Sports Tourism Research in Yunnan

Luxiao Zhu
Based the key connotation of the minority sports tourism research and the CNKI database resources, the bibliographic data, which is associated with the minority sports tourism research, has been obtained from the 3 aspects of resource development, product research and industry research. The bibliographic...
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Research on the Basic Education Resource Allocation in Guizhou Province under the New Population Situation — Based on CPPS School-age Population Prediction

Hongqiong Zhu, Jiayu Yang, Xiaoqing Li, Yayuan Wang
The implementation of the "universal two-child policy" and the acceleration of urbanization have posed new demands and challenges to the allocation of basic education resources in Guizhou province. Based on CPPS population prediction, this paper calculates the demand and supply gap of education classes...
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English Translation of the Network Hot Word " Antediluvian power" from the Perspective of Translation Skopos Theory

Hailong Li
Exchanges between different ethnic groups and countries have become more frequent, with the advent of the network multimedia era, and the way of communication between people has become increasingly networked, and popular online words have emerged. The translation of online hot words has also become a...
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Research on the Practical Teaching of Mechanical Drawing based on the Whole-Process Combination

Qingyun Meng, Bingyu Hou, Jun Ni, Min Xiong, Chunyu Shan
In order to cultivate the mechanical drawing ability and technology of the students majoring in interdisciplinary combination of medicine and engineering of applied new engineering universities, and to meet the national "13th five-year" special plan for scientific and technological innovation of medical...
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Research on the Rebuilding Path of Educational Field in Shaanxi Local Universities from the Perspective of Industry-Education Integration

Yuanyuan Wang
Promoting the integration of industry and education is the way for local universities to reengineer the field of education and realize the transformation to application-oriented. Local colleges and universities should further meet the needs of industry. Talents training is driven by discipline to industry...
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How Postsecondary Teachers Can Take Care of the Growth of Medical Students

Rui Meng
Medical students have the characteristics of strong professionalism, heavy academic work and high employment pressure. Medical students have different psychological characteristics from other college students. College teachers play a vital role in personnel training. From the perspective of University...
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A Study on the Impact of "Her Image" Culture on the Training of Female Talents in Colleges and Universities

Ning Fang
This paper mainly studies the influence of female image culture on the training of female talents in Higher Education under the background of media integration. Because the contemporary audience has been given more freedom of choice, especially some highly educated female talents show a higher enthusiasm...
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Research and Practice on Innovative Ability Training of Applied Talents Based on Extension

Yingli Pan
Extensive talent is a new concept of talent cultivation, which is different from pioneering talents emphasizing innovation and professional talents emphasizing meticulous drilling, but a combination of both. In view of such a brand-new concept of talent cultivation, this paper innovates the talent cultivation...
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Innovation and Research on the Teaching of Singing and Ear Training based on the Preschool Education Major

Fei Liu
At present, in the per-school education in China, we first analyze the status duo of the teaching of the vocal and ear training, then analyze the teaching of the vocal and ear training, and the characteristics of the students' various musical abilities, so as to preschool education in the new era. The...
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Research on the Necessity of Career Planning Education for Freshmen

Jie Jiang
The entrance period of freshmen is a critical period for the growth of college students and an early stage of career preparation. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out career planning education in the period of freshmen entrance education. This paper mainly discusses the necessity and content...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Quantitative Investment Talents Training in Colleges and Universities

Peiying Quan, Yaru Dong
In the process of quantitative investment teaching, there are some problems, such as imperfect hardware facilities, short teaching schedule, lack of teachers, etc. The outstanding problems of students' quality need to be improved and the lack of funds for real transaction. Therefore, in order to do a...
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A Study of the Impact of "New Racism" in American Film and Television Works

Qingxu Li
In 2016, two films focusing on the O. J. Simpson case were released: O.J.:Made in America and American Crime Story: The People V O.J. Simpson. Although there are many differences in narrative strategies and positions, both of them focus on the core event of the O. J. Simpson case and discuss the influence...
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On the Change of the Female Status in the Tang Dynasty from the Horse-riding Tomb Figurine

Bosen Zhang
The Tang Dynasty was at the peak of the development of China’s feudal society. The powerful and unified multi-ethnic centralization, highly developed material economic conditions, free and open-minded all-inclusive ideological and cultural concepts together constituted the heyday of the Tang Dynasty...
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The Pragmatic Comparative Analysis of Translation of Propaganda Language From the perspective of Cross-culture

Lan Zheng
There are great differences between Chinese and English, different cultural backgrounds and values lead to the pragmatic failure of the translation of propaganda terms. Based on the analysis of the differences between Chinese language and English language in meaning, expression and discourse characteristics,...
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Research on the Construction of Marxist Ecological Civilization and Harmonious Society based on Energy-Saving Society

Yurong Li
Ecological problems have developed into the natural problems facing human society today, including environmental degradation and social ecology. The Marxist ecological concept is an important spiritual wealth for us to understand the relationship between man and nature, man and society, a theoretical...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Mathematical Thoughts

Minhang Zhou, Lina Gao
China's traditional mathematics has a long history and rich achievements. From the founding to the modern times, traditional Chinese mathematics has been developing independently and is rarely influenced by Western mathematical thoughts. I will analyze the historical significance and value of "Nine Chapters...
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Exploration on the Training of Safety Engineering Professionals in Colleges and Universities based on Local Development

Jufeng Zhang, Lan Yu, Rili Yang, Fengfeng Yang, Chao Zheng
In order to make Longdong University's safety engineering specialty more practical and better serve the regional economic development, this paper analyzes the subject construction and employment development of safety engineering specialty in domestic universities, combining with the construction plan...
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Discussion on the Reform of Experimental Teaching of Securities Investment

Peiying Quan, Yige Fan
Securities investment is a subject with strong operability. This paper expounds the significance of teaching reform in relevant practical courses, and focuses on the analysis of existing problems, such as the lack of practical ability of teachers, the inadequacy of hardware equipment to meet the experimental...
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Promotion of Cross-Cultural and Construction Theory to Interactive English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lian Zhai
Promotion of cross-cultural and construction theory to the interactive English teaching in higher vocational colleges is analyzed in the paper. To cultivate student intercultural communication skills, teachers should first have the level of the intercultural communication. They can analyze and study...
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Research on the Training Model of Military College Postgraduate with the Development of Weaponry

Zhongyi Cai, Lili Wang, Huachun Xiang
With the continuous development of weaponry development, military college postgraduate training faces new opportunities and challenges. According to the development characteristics of weaponry, this paper analyzes the talent demand of military equipment development for military college postgraduate,...
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Overturning Conventional but Conform to Dao in Contemporary Architecture

Xin Shen, Chunyu Wei
In this paper, the “Overturning Conventional but Conform to Tao” from the traditional poetry but a very new perspective is borrowed to discuss contemporary architecture activities. The author hopes that this research can help people find the meaning of architectural forms and the value of creation.
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Cultural Differences between Chinese and American Weddings

Yi Long
This paper examines the influential factors of the differences between Chinese and American wedding cultures. Two online websites world-wedding-traditions and dazhongdianping because of their detailed records of wedding components are analyzed as evidences of wedding traditions in each country. Under...
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Ancient Buildings Vibration Control Technology Research Status and Future Prospects

Liming Zhu, Baofeng Miao, Shiling Xing
Ancient buildings as the ancestors left us precious cultural heritage, we work as a future generation handle protection of ancient buildings. Many times, in recent years due to natural disaster make damage to buildings and caused by the rapid development of urban traffic vibration also has influence...
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The Case Study of Multimedia Technology-based Heuristic Story Teaching Method

Wenping Qiu
This paper explains the connotation and basic characteristics of the heuristic story teaching method based on multimedia technology. In order to illustrate this way to this teaching method, the teaching plan takes students' railway traffic safety knowledge education as an example; besides, this paper...
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The Study on Homophony in Chinese Diet Culture from the Theory of Internal Lexicon

Yue Zhu
Homophony is a widespread phenomenon prevalent in Chinese language. It has already penetrated every corner for people’s lives. And the research on homophony is of great significance. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis on homophonic phenomenon in Chinese diet culture, and it looks for some linguistic...
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Influence of College Students' Use of Social Networking Sites on Self-Concept Clarity: Mediating Role of Social Comparison

Yazhi Liu, Hao Liu, Yuan Jiang
To explore the effect of college students' use of social networking sites and social comparison on self-concept clarity and its mechanism of action, the researchers used social networking websites use strength questionnaire, social comparison tendency questionnaire and self-concept clear questionnaire...
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The Study on the TBLI in the Ideological and Political Theory Education Oriented College English Course

Xiangni Mu
Xi Jinping holds that each course in colleges and universities should have the ideological and political theory education function. College English course, a public compulsory course, should accomplish the multiple teaching goals of imparting knowledge, cultivating the students’ abilities and educating...
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A Critique of Neoliberalism: Alter-globalization, Human Rights and the Genoa G8 Summit

Xinyi Zhou
Critiques emerge as neoliberal globalization progresses. Alternative globalization movements continue to act transnationally to counter the consequences of neoliberalism. Drawing on the case of Genoa Group of Eight Summit Protest with the focus on debt relief issue, this paper analysis how the alter-globalization...
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One Belt and One Way Strategy and the Internationalization Path of Local Colleges and Universities

Lizhen Guo
Public colleges and universities are the main force of higher education in China. The country's vigorous promotion of the “Belt and Road” strategy has brought challenges for the internationalization of public universities. With this strategy, companies need more talents who are not only having solid...
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Research on the Cultivation and Teaching Management of Double Degree Professionals under the Construction of "New Engineering"

Chunfeng Shi, Yuqing Yang
New engineering is to cultivate interdisciplinary talents. Compared with the double degree training under the traditional situation, it puts forward some new requirements. Combined with the main problems existing in the dual degree training process, this paper proposes three methods of redefining the...
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Research on Corpus-based College English Vocabulary Teaching

Fangmin Pu
In China, some researchers have investigated corpus-based college English vocabulary teaching and yielded some positive results. Their studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the use of a corpus in EFL vocabulary teaching both in theory and in practice. Nevertheless, as a new approach to vocabulary...
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Research on the Training Mode of E-commerce Major in Higher Vocational Colleges based on “Internet +”

Ming Yang
In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, information technology and Internet technology have also been greatly developed, and the world has developed into an “Internet +” era of science and technology, networking, information technology. At present, most colleges and...
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Exploration on Order Training Model of Pharmaceutical Vocational Education Based on "Craftsman Spirit” — Take Binzhou Polytechnic as an example

Zhenzhen Xu, Lianlian Ji, Shuang Wang, Niannian Tan, Hong Xu, Guangjun Meng
Craftsman spirit embodies a kind of professional spirit. Talking about craftsman spirit cannot be separated from vocational education naturally. Pharmaceutical vocational education plays an important role in training skilled talents needed by pharmaceutical related industries. In training pharmaceutical...
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Research on the Strategy of Revitalization Development based on the Combination of Urban and Rural Areas

Ming Yang
With the acceleration of urbanization, the social problems of urban-rural integration have become increasingly prominent. China’s planning for urban-rural integration has not been paid enough attention, and the theoretical guidance is relatively weak. As the “head of the countryside and the tail of the...
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A Study on Influence Factors of College Students’ Entrepreneurial Behaviors in China

Chen Yu, Ruochen Hu, Tianxiang Feng
College students are the main pioneer in the era of "entrepreneurship and innovation". How to promote them to actively innovate and start a business and improve the entrepreneurial work for them are urgent problems. This paper subdivides college students’ living environment and deduces the factors affecting...
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Research on the Countermeasures for the Development of Informatization Teaching Ability of University Teachers

Hongmei Guan, Linyi Wang
The improvement of the teaching ability of college teachers' information technology has become an important factor affecting the quality of school teaching. The teaching ability of teachers' information technology directly affects the quality of students' learning and the mastery of knowledge. This paper...
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Correlation Analysis of Physical Exercise and Mental Health of Middle School Students — An Empirical Study based on 10 Middle Schools in H Province

Waichun Chan
Objective: To explore the effects of physical exercise on self-harmony and mental health of middle school students, and to provide basis for improving their mental health. Method: A total of 532 middle school students from H province are surveyed by the "physical exercise rating scale", "Chinese middle...
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Prediction of Language Development

Shuyao Liu
Since entering the 21st century, the factors influencing linguistic distribution such as electronic communication devices and social media have seen unprecedented growth. Therefore, we have selected the data on the number of users in each of the languages used in the past 10 years and have carried out...
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Practical Research on Improving Education Targeting based on Big Data Mining

Mingju Zhao, Wanyi Zhao
Promoting the traditional advantages of education, employment guidance and other work in colleges and universities and highly integrating information technology are required for the development of education, and the scientific application of education big data is indispensable for the realization of...
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The Challenge and Transformation of Teacher Professional Development from the Perspective of Core Literacy

Yue Wang
At the national education conference in 2018, President Xi Jinping stressed that the construction of the teacher team was the basic work, and the development of students' core literacy is the core and important content of the current education reform. Core literacy poses challenges to the cultivation...
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Research on College basic Computer Teaching under the Mode of Application-Oriented Talent Training

Menglu Zeng, Mengjie Zeng, Meng Wang
With the development of the times, the college basic computer teaching has become an important subject. Starting from the connotation of application-oriented talent training, through the investigation of freshmen's computer application level, and based on the present situation of college basic computer...
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Analysis of the Value of College Chinese Courses

Yanan Cui
Based on college Chinese curriculum research, computer integration software is used. Data processing is achieved by an image compensation method suitable for moving target detection under rotating imaging. Then, the sliding window dynamic time warping and CNN video facial expression recognition are combined...
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Bioethicists' Attitude Towards Gene Editing

Lan Ma
Gene editing is a controversial technology and there are many ethical issues to worry about and the most fundamental ethical issue is the risk. Relevant data collected from some ethicists who are interested in the gene editing and tend to cautiously criticize Chinese scientist, He Jiankui’s first gene...
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Analysis of Teaching Strategies for Higher Mathematics Calculus

Xiuyan Wang, Henan Pei
Many colleges and universities offer advanced mathematics courses, focusing on guiding college students to carry out thinking training, so that they can flexibly master various problem-solving methods and have strong ability to use mathematical knowledge. Among them, the teaching of calculus is very...
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Exploration on the Enrollment System of Big Categories in Universities

Hailong Wang, Lili He
In recent years, large-scale enrollment is a major change in the university enrollment system. It changes the situation of college entrance examination volunteer "one choice for life", realizes the large-scale enrollment of students in Colleges and universities. After students fully understand the specific...
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Three Logical Dimensions of Cultural Self-Confidence

Baicheng Lin, Shunwen Chen
the cultural self-confidence is a hot topic in academic circles, to clarify and grasp the logical study path of cultural the self-confidence, to deeply discuss the value of cultural self-confidence, the contents of cultural self-confidence and the improving methods of of cultural self-confidence which...
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Research on Intellectual Property Protection from the Perspective of Big Data

Ming Yang
In the era of information fragmentation, big data technology is widely used in various fields of the Internet. In the intellectual property industry, the application of big data technology can be said to be in the ascendant and has not formed a large-scale application and implementation. This paper introduces...
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Research on the Impact of College Enrollment System on High School Graduates

Hailong Wang, Lili He
Recruitment in large categories is the current professional distribution scheme in many colleges and universities, which has a direct impact on the students taking the college entrance examination. How to fill in the form of college entrance examination high school graduates will play an important guiding...
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Misunderstanding Analysis and Countermeasure Research in Vocal Music Teaching of Bel Canto

Eunkyung Um, Yunfei Zheng
Bel Canto is a form of Western vocal music teaching and an important part of music teaching in art colleges. In the teaching of vocal singing, vocal teachers usually teach students to maintain a high position, strong and bright, relaxed and free to sing and sing the natural state of the word. The requirements...
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Analysis of Promotion of Socialist Core Values to Ideological and Political Education in New Era

Zuofang Li
The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to advocate prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, honesty, friendliness, and actively cultivate and practice the core values of socialism. General Secretary Xi...
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Research on the New Mode of MOOC and Flipping Classroom Teaching Method in Classroom Teaching of "Network Database"

Guogen Fan, Fang Meng
The teaching mode of "flipping classroom" course is adopted to reform the course of "Network Database", and according to the teaching knowledge point, the teaching PPT, teaching video, micro-course and other kinds of teaching resources are made. Enrich the MOOC online teaching resource library for the...
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Experimental Research on Disyllabic Tone of Heshun Dialect in Shanxi Province

Ying Li, Yonghong Li
In this paper, we use the method of experimental phonetics and listening perception to analyze the forms of disyllable tone in Heshun dialect. The experimental result shows that there are twenty types of disyllabic tone in Heshun dialect. Among them, Yinping, Yangping, Shang, Qu, and Ru have four types,...
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Comments on the Modeling Style and Artistic Characteristics of Xia-Shang White Pottery

Ke Tang
White pottery in Xia and Shang Dynasties is an important temple utensil, which is exquisitely made, beautifully decorated and elegant in appearance. White pottery originated in the late primitive society, and gradually evolved from the original utility to the temple ceremonial ware. Its functional changes...
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Current Situation and Prevention of Crime among Youth Aged 18-25 in China

Zhitong Liu
As a part of adolescents, youth groups play a decisive role in the total number and tendency of young offenders. At the same time, in recent years, youth crime incidents have been emerging in the upper class one after another, causing widespread concern and discussion in the society. Youth criminal groups...
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Research on China's Network Nationalism from the Perspective of the Spreading Development of E-Sports

Hongna Zhao
With the development of the Times, the progress of information technology, China's e-sports industry in the virtual environment of information technology construction continues to grow, and its emergence is also the inevitable result of the development of an era. In this paper, November 3, 2018 of IG...
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The Effect of Extra-Oral Facial Information on Audiovisual Speech Perception

Zeyu Huang, Yao Lu, Lu Wang, Xiyu Wu
An experiment consisting of five blocks was conducted to examine the effect of extra-oral facial information on audiovisual speech perception. Twenty Chinese native speakers were asked to report the syllables they perceived in different conditions: audio-only, video-only, video-only without oral part,...
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Analysis on the Path of Strengthening College Students' Integrity Education

Chunqiu Luo, Lin Tang, Peng Xu
College students' integrity education is an inevitable requirement for the construction and development of a harmonious and civilized society. It is not only an inevitable way for college students to grow their individual and improve their moral quality, but also the responsibility of the university...
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Application of Multimedia Technology in the Exhibition Design of Memorial Museum

Yali Shi
to study the application of multimedia technology in the exhibition design of the memorial museum, firstly, it is necessary to understand the status quo of multimedia technology in the exhibition design of the memorial museum. After investigation, it is found that the main features are a wide range of...
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Efficiency of Relational Development Intervention Program for Children with Autism

Na Wang, Yuhua Wang, Huimin Han
Background: Relational Development Intervention (RDI) program is widely used for the treatment of children with autism. However, its effectiveness in different countries under local hospital conditions is various. This study assessed the efficiency of a modified RDI program that was adapted in Qiqihar...
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Research on the Cultivation of University Administrative Management Talents based on Government Function Management

Jie Shen
In the new era, China's college education reform has entered a crucial stage. The administrative department is a management system that provides services for school education and guarantees the smooth development of educational activities. It is of vital importance to strengthen the level of administrative...
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Analysis and Optimization of Warpage Deformation in 3D Printing Training Teaching -- Taking Jilin University Engineering Training Center as an example

Dongni Geng, Jichang Zhao
Fused deposition (FDM) Is a typical rapid prototyping technology. In this paper, the 3D printer based on the principle of fused deposition molding produces warpage deformation during the printing model. By analyzing the root causes of warpage deformation during the 3D printing process of student engineering...
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Probe into the Path of Ideological and Political Education in Classroom Education from the Perspective of Traditional Culture

Zuofang Li
The traditional cultural elements are integrated into the ideological and political education in colleges and universities to maximize the value of traditional culture in ideological education and to promote the effect of ideological education in colleges and universities. Under the background of the...
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Study on Educational Reform of Geological Hazard Assessment based on the OBE Pattern

Tao Cui, Jun Sun
On the basis of previous studies, the teaching reform in the OBE model has been carried out on the course of Geological Hazard Assessm according to the national and social needs of the assessment of geological disasters under the new situation. The main reforms include: 1) Strengthening the course orientation...