Proceedings of the 2018 International Workshop on Education Reform and Social Sciences (ERSS 2018)

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Discussion on Strengthening the Construction of Practical Training base in Vocational Colleges and Promoting the Training of Skilled Personnel

Kun Lin, Zhaoyan Xie
China has always been attaching great importance to education. Especially since the reform and opening-up, Chinese economy has experienced great increasing and more excellent talents have been demanded by the market. So, our nation has put forward lots of related preferential policies to cultivate more...
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Relationship among School Atmosphere, Self-esteem and Loneliness of Left-behind Children

Chang Wei, Zhirong Huang
The school atmosphere questionnaire, self-esteem questionnaire and loneliness questionnaire were used to investigate 547 left-behind children to explore the relation among school atmosphere, self-esteem and loneliness of left-behind children. The results showed that the perceived teacher support and...
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Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway and Demographic Change

Man Xia
As a symbol for the modern industrial civilization, Jiao-Ji Railway (shorted for Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway) is the first railway of Shandong Province, and exerts an influence on the demographic change. The influence manifests in migration craze, demographic change and distribution, and people’s identity,...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of the Course — Taking the Textile Foreign Trade Documentary (Bilingual) as an Example

Jinfeng Wang, Weilai Chen, Ming Weng
Analysis on the global economic malaise era of China's foreign trade development status quo, Belt and Road Initiative, CDIO engineering education and documentary talents demand status of modern textile trade, based on training mode of textile trade documentary talents in China needs, we explore and practice...
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Study of Development and Utilization of Literature Tourism Resources

Fang Li
Literature, as a language art, has been closely related to tourism since ancient times. On the one hand, the emergence of literature is often accompanied by beautiful scenery. Under the stimulation of beautiful scenery, writers can produce excellent literary works; on the other hand, specific scenery...
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Analysis of the Function of Educating People in the Management of College Ideological and Political Education

Su Zhuo
The management of ideological and political education in colleges and universities plays an important role in cultivating students' correct ideas and sound personality. However, due to the influence of the residual thoughts of exam-oriented education and the importance of moral education and moral education,...
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A Look into the Globalization of the Film Industries Through the Lens of Kung Fu Films

Duolai Xing
This research project in film studies focuses specifically on the action film as a genre and historical developments. This research considers not only a historical perspective but also broader cinematic themes, including the role of the hero, masculinity, foreignness, special effects, and character development,...
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Discussion on Action Behavior Creation in Sports from Spatial Dimension

Jian Huang
Action behaviors are important components of the physical activities of human beings. People know the world and themselves through the body, the creativity of which is the basis of the survival and development of them, while the expression of the body will is realized through the action behavior. The...
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How Do Teachers Face Educational Changes in Artificial Intelligence Era

Yingfang Zhao, Guibao Liu
With the rapid development of information technology such as deep learning, big data, and neural networks, a new era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has arrived. Thinking, emotion, and social skills that were once considered to be unique to human beings are gradually being realized on AI, and education...
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Development and Application of Simulation Teaching Project of "Intelligent Electric Apparatus Principle and Application"

Shilei Wang
"The principle and Application of Intelligent Electrical apparatus" is a new technology application course, with strong practicality and knowledge points, in order to enable students to quickly grasp the relevant content in the process of practical operation. Based on the HT600 control system, a comprehensive...
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Organic Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Su Zhuo
Innovation and entrepreneurship, as the main theme of the times, can play an active and effective role in the process of integration with college education. The development of innovative thinking, the improvement of students' comprehensive quality, and the relief of employment pressure are all the focus...
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The Cultivation of Aesthetic Value and Aesthetic Ability in College Art Education

Ying Gao
Aesthetic essence refers to human's subjective social consciousness of beauty. Since things have different types of display, people have different attitudes and views on the concept of beauty. At the same time, the level of objectivity produced by things also makes objective objects have different judgments...
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Research Performance Evaluation of Weihai Campus of Harbin Institute of Technology based on InCites and ESI Databases

Hongming Zhang, Xin Li
Taking Harbin Institute of Technology Weihai as the research object, based on InCites and ESI databases, the research performance of the campus is evaluated comprehensively through multidimensional evaluation index from the SCI/SSCI thesis perspective. Meanwhile, by comparing the citation frequency of...
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College art Education Internship Problems and Reform and Development Countermeasures

Huifan Gao
With the development of education integration, college art education has become a very important part of the quality education field, but there are still many problems to be solved in the teaching of college art education internship. In order to better promote the healthy development of the college of...
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Research on the Effective Mode of Education Socialization Development of Public Art in Colleges and Universities

Ying Gao
with the development of education diversification, the development of education of public art is not limited to art colleges and universities, and the attention paid to education of public art in ordinary colleges and universities also shows a trend of increasing gradually. However, there is no targeted...
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A Study of the Tombs of Zhu Yihai, King of Lu, in Southern Ming Dynasty at Kinmen County

Yuansheng Yue
In recent years, new historical relics and materials related to the Southern Ming dynasty have been discovered one after another on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and Zhu Yihai, King of Lu, and his tombs have also attracted the attention of scholars. In regard to the tombs of Zhu Yihai, there are currently...
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Some Characteristics of Basic Swimming Training for Teenagers in China

Hongtao Zhou
in order to strengthen China's swimming talent reserve, we need to start from the basic training of teenagers. This paper will formally analyze the current situation of its basic training, to find out the reasons for the emergence of some characteristics of its training. Among them, the research means...
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Research on Strategies for Improving College Teachers' Informatization Teaching Ability Against the Background of Internet +

Bo Zhang
With the advent of the era of big data, the Internet has penetrated into all fields of society. In order to adapt to education informatization, it is necessary to improve the teaching ability of college teachers. It should not only become an important part of the assessment system of teachers' ability,...
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Talent Attraction Evaluation Model based on Data from Shenzhen City

Song Meng
What this topic needs to solve is the evaluation of the level of attraction of urban talents. According to the needs of talents, the level of urban talent attraction can be measured from the four dimensions of urban development prospects, income consumption level, living environment and government influence....
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Research on the Innovation of Advertisement Design Teaching Reform in the New Media Era

Hongliang Xing
The rapid development of new media has brought great influence to the teaching content and form of advertising design, and has put forward new and higher requirements for the cultivation of students' innovative thinking and practical ability. This paper explores the teaching ideas of advertising design,...
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The Significance of Traditional Medical Culture in Ideological and Political Education of University Medical Majors

Su Zhuo
The development of medical ideological and political education in China is based on Western medical ethics, and there is a certain gap between China's humanistic spirit and the educational problems between professionalism and civic quality in medical ideological and political education. In order to make...
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Research on Strengthening the Professional Ethics of College Teachers

Yibo Liu, Fei Xu
In the new era, with the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of the material living standards of the people, college teachers should have higher requirements on the self-discipline and professional ethics for. Improving the quality of talent education in colleges and universities, increasing...
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Combined Model-based Prediction on the Scale of Professional & Technical Talents in the End of the 13th Five-Year Plan Period of Guizhou, China

Junhui Kang, Jianmin Wang, Jie Wang, Yulian Wang
The professional and technical talents are the significant supporting factor for the leap-forward development of economy and society, for the timely-completed political task of overcoming poverty and for the overall construction of moderately prosperous society in all aspects during the period of Five-Year...
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Mediating Effect of Psychological Capital and Academic Achievement on Left behind Children in Rural Areas

Qiying Gan
The study shows that long working hours of parents will have a negative impact on children's performance, and the impact is unlikely to be offset by increasing family income; even if parents return home, it will not significantly improve children's performance. This shows that left behind phenomenon...
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Experimental Teaching Research based on Virtual Simulation Electronic Laboratory

Yanfen Gan, Junliu Zhong
With the continuous development of China's higher education and the continuous advancement of the teaching reform of traditional electronic courses, some defects and shortcomings of traditional experimental instruments in electronic experiment teaching are increasingly apparent. The teaching methods...
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Analysis of the Concept of Audience in the Digital Age

Tong Zhao
In the digital age, people's life has changed dramatically. Personal owned electronic devices are increasingly encroaching on people's lives, making people gradually move away from public areas, and think independently. Due to the progress of science and technology in the digital age, people are able...
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Analysis on the Teaching Reform of University Electronic Circuit Course

Jianbo Liu
Some problems are found in the teaching of our Electronic Circuit Course in the university, such as strong theory, complicated course structure, few class hours, lack of hardware facilities, and insufficient practical experience etc. This paper conducts a comprehensive teaching reform research on the...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of the Final Examination Results of Undergraduate's Financial Management Course

Xingqiu Wang, Jian Hao
The scores of students' examinations are influenced by subjective and objective factors. It is found that the final examination results of the financial management course are influenced by the factors of "gender" and "usual achievement" under the same conditions of teachers' teaching and test contents...
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Research on the Supply of Rural Public Cultural Service Wisdom in China

Xiaoning Zhu, Shasha Huang
With the gradual improvement of China's national economic level, the attention and demand of the rural people for public cultural services has also increased significantly. Innovative intelligence supply plays an important role in the supply of rural public cultural services. This kind of innovation...
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Artificial Intelligence Within Sociology at the Taft School

Zherui Zhang
The conceivable link between the sociology and artificial intelligence (AI) is developing. The development is owing to the AI knowledge input method implements. As for statistics evaluation, people are more and more fascinated in social status agent and artificial intelligence research, and sociologists...
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Applied Research on Tourism English Teaching in Colleges and Universities on the Perspective of Conceptual Blending Theory

Shan Da
This paper analyses the application of Conceptual Blending Theory in tourism English teaching in Colleges and universities. The application of Conceptual Blending Theory to tourism English translation strategy provides a new teaching perspective for English teaching. Conceptual Blending Theory can establish...
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Causes, Consequences and Solutions of Gender Bias

Haochen Duan
The gender inequity caused by universal gender regulation and prejudice will lead to the harm of gender dignity and gender stereotype. This kind of social discrimination caused by gender bias is related to the subject's lack of universal recognition. Social discrimination can lead to negative emotional...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Depression in Early Adulthood

Yanghao Chen
Depression is currently a very common mental illness, mainly manifested as feeling strong sadness and depression subjectively, which hinders normal life and social interaction. Depression can occur at any age. The occurrence of depression is the result of interaction among biochemistry, genetics, mental...
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Educational Development Technology in Artificial Intelligence Era

Guibao Liu, Yingfang Zhao
In order to effectively combine the traditional educational mode with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Bayesian conditional probability prediction model was adopted. Basing a knowledge map and a knowledge database, the answer to the student's mathematical subjective question was judged. Through the...
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Analysis of Postgraduates’ Behavior and Learning Achievements based on Clustering Method

Yongchao Shen, Jiawen Li, Menghua Huo
With the rapid development of information technology, the application of big data in the education management has attracted more and more scholars’ attention. The widespread use of information recognition methods, especially the Ecards’ swiping technology provides an important support for the collection...
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Study on the Construction of Entrepreneurship Course System for University Students in Science and Engineering

Yuchao Wang
As a systematic project, entrepreneurship education has its own openness. Although it mainly relies on colleges and universities, it has direct or indirect relations with the society. For innovation and entrepreneurship education of science and engineering university students, it contains multiple correlation...
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Translation Strategies Applied in English and Chinese Idioms

Yu Sun
In recent years, much attention has been paid to how translation can benefit English idiom learning for English language learners. However, there is only scant research regarding the teaching of English idioms among Chinese students and translation strategies between English and Chinese idioms. More...
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Application Research of Actual Environmental Experience Concept Combined with Digital Technology in the Design of Museum Ecological Civilization Education Exhibition

Xiangcheng Wei, Dai Luo
The museum is an important institution for carrying out ecological civilization education and improving the quality of the ecological civilization of people. At present, how to effectively improve the immersion and knowledge of the exhibition is an important topic facing the Chinese museum ecological...
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Research on the Public Service Countermeasures of Urban Ethnic Mutual Embedded Community based on Security Sense and Happiness

Manwen Huang, Qian Luo
The "three senses of the people's livelihood" is the suggested objective of the people's livelihood when China conform to needs of the new times development, and it is also the most direct embodiment of people's life satisfaction, community public service is a kind of social service that affects the...
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Assist the Reform of Petty Officers and Improve the Quality of Training of Petty Officers -- Thinking on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Directional Training Petty Officers in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiandong Zhao, Yonggang Zong
In recent years, the problems which are restricted about the development of army are the lack of professional knowledge, single skills and few experts. In order to solve these problems, the high-quality teaching resources of higher vocational colleges to cultivate high-skilled petty offers came into...
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The Influence of Video Game Intervention on the Memory of the Elderly

Yifei Cao
The cognitive decline of the elderly has received more and more attention with the increase of the elderly population. Many researchers are seeking for efficient way to train the elderly and to slow down the aging. Several training methods, such as cognitive training, music training, physical activity,...
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The Relationship between Left Behind Children's Life Stress, Loneliness and Happiness: The Mediating and Moderating Role of Psychological Capital

Qiying Gan
At present, China's GDP keeps rising, but the national happiness index has not been continuously increased, and there are differences in happiness among individuals of different ages. Especially, the mental health level of the Left-behind Students in adolescence is relatively low, so it attracts the...
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Research on Online Knowledge Sharing Behavior of College Students

Siwei Sun, Jinhu Jiang, Zhenjie Ding, Fangqin Lin, Shishi Jin, Yuqing Lin, Siyao Li, Liang Cai
Knowledge is the prerequisite for college students to obtain employment abilities and opportunities. At present, most of the research on students' knowledge sharing is conducted from the perspective of academic achievement, but seldom from the perspective of vocational education and vocational development...
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National Vulnerability Assessment System: Part1 Model Theory

Fengshan Song
In recent years, the impact of climate change on national vulnerabilities has become increasingly evident. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to propose a sound evaluation system to measure the impact of national vulnerabilities and climate change. In this paper, we focus on how to develop a comprehensive...
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Qualifications for a Successful Translator of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lun Ma, Yong’an Li, Qianqian Qu
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a treasure for the Chinese people, has demonstrated its favorable therapeutic effect on treating diseases. Although regarded as an alternative medicine, TCM has witnessed its increasing popularity worldwide. In order to make TCM better known to the world, it is imperative...
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Research on the Cultivation of Students' Vocational Ability in Secondary and Higher Vocational Education

Jing Liu
This paper has a thorough understanding of the basic status quo of the cohesion education between secondary and higher vocational schools in China, and has analyzed the constituent elements, current situation and problems of the cohesion between secondary and higher vocational schools. It is necessary...
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Research Status and Latest Progress of Chinese Children's Mental Disorders

Yanan Yang
China has nearly 1.4 billion people, of whom 238 million of children under 15 years old. In recent years, the rapid economic development and social reform have had a major impact on the mental health of children and adolescents. Although China lacks a nationwide study on the prevalence of mental disorders...
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How does Zhongyong Thinking Affect Employees' Innovative Behavior?

Yuting Yu, Ping Wang
Through the literature review, this paper combs the related concepts of the Zhongyong Thinking and employee innovation behavior, the structural dimension and measurement scale of the research, the outcome variables of Zhongyong Thinking and the influencing factors of employee innovation behavior, and...
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Research on the Word Order Adjustment of Translation from the Perspective of Thematic Meaning

Yifu Shen
In the practice of English-Chinese translation, an important issue facing translators is to adjust the word order. For literary texts, word order directly affects the fluency of the translation, and it also involves the transmission of the aesthetic value of literary texts. The traditional translation...
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Research on Creative Derivative Creation and Brand Operation Strategy of Terracotta Army Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Cultural Renaissance

Xingwei Qu, Qinchuan Zhan
The Qin Terracotta Army Culture is one of the “rich ores” of Shaanxi culture, which is a symbolic visiting card for Shaanxi's historical tourism resources, and it is a world-famous landmark in the Chinese cultural heritages, its cultural derivative market is mainly based on imitation for a long time,...