Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Global Economy, Commerce and Service Science

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Systemic Risks and Resilience of Global Financial Networks

Akira Namatame, Kiyotaka Ide
The current financial crisis has triggered research interests on financial networks, since the linkages created by liabilities among banks and other financial institutions play a crucial role, but they are poorly understood. Understanding the structures of financial networks holds the key to understanding...
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Research on Efficiency of Listed Commercial Banks in China Based on SBM

Xiping Wang, Xulei Wang
For the purporse of accurately caclulating the banking efficiency of China in recent years, a slack-based measure (SBM) was used to measure the relative efficiency of 16 listed commercial banks considering the non-performing loans over the period of 2007–2012. Staff costs, total loans and fixed assets...
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Research on Strategies of Optimizing Industrial Structure in Hebei Province

Zhihao Su, Yajuan Chen
By analyzing the structure proportion of output data and three industries of Hebei province in 2012 compared with that of China and Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong province, this paper aims to find the major problems exist in current Hebei industrial structure, by means of data analysis and theoretical...
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Legal Process of Deposit Disputes in Commercial Bank

Hailing Wu, Yanmei Huo
Various kinds of deposit disputes constantly happened in social life. Due to different cognition, the processing of similar disputes in local courts varies greatly. Analyzing deposit disputes and following the appropriate legal principles for classified processing can unify cognition and judgment, so...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of the Operating Performance for Commercial Banks in China Based on Improved TOPSIS

Chao Li, Caiqin Ye
With the purpose of presenting a scientific, reasonable and feasible method to evaluate the performance of listed commercial banks, this thesis takes the current 16 listed commercial banks in China as study objects, selects their data up to 2011 and studies the performance evaluation system for listed...
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The Application Research of Nominal Accounts on the New Agriculture Insurance Based on the All-Inclusive Society Mode

Xiaowen Gong, Xinde Chen
The social security of China is going forward to all-inclusive society mode, establishing a pension system compound with social account and personal account. But the "one-size-fits-all" safeguard way which create the fair but lost the efficiency. Especially in new agriculture insurance, there is a gap...
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The Applied Research of Contestable Market Theory in the Development of the Theory of Industrial Organization

Shan Chen
With the theory of industrial organization continuing to mature, theory of contestable markets which was created in 1975, by analyzing perfectly contestable markets and the sunk cost, illustrated the question of the relationship between the size of the enterprise and the degree of competition. It makes...
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A Research on the Diversification of Financing Modes of Real Estate Enterprises in China

Weiwei Zhang, Hengliang Wu
In recent years, the government has implemented a series of severe macro-economic regulation policy, especially monetary policy, on the real estate industry. It is more and more difficult to acquire bank loans for most real estate enterprises. Financing difficulties become the critical problem that limits...
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Study on the Correspondence between Premium and Discount of Audit Fee and the Difference in Reputation in Initial Discount Data from A Stock Market in China

Cunyan Zhang, Haiping Lv, Yahui Tian, Cairong Wang
Using the data of audit fee in four consecutive years in Chinese A stock market, the paper conducted an empirical test on the correspondence between the premium and discount of the fee in the audit industry and the difference in reputation in granting discount. The results were analyzed by multiple regression...
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Research on Chinese Listed Companies' Financial Fraud

Xiaoyong Lu, Jing Xu
Listed company's financial fraud is not only the investors' interests having been infringed and lost confidence in the investment, also make the credibility of the accountant be questioned and disrupt the normal social and economic order. This article summarizes the commonly used means of forgery of...
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Security Analysis in Electronic Banking An Evaluation Model of Some Turkish Banks

Arzu Baloglu
In the 1990’s internet banking starting up and costumers could made banking operations online and introductions of this first new services. Security is an eternal concern for organizations. Electronic banking brings their security problems, because of its remote accessing to their information to people....
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A Hierarchical Study on the Efficiency of the City Commercial Banks in China

Sen Wang, Anqi Wang
City commercial banks have become an important pillar of the banking system in China. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is used to study the efficiency of city banks at this paper, and evaluate the effects of four indicators profitability, liquidity, security and sustainability on bank efficiency. This...
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Research on Industrial Relation and Group Effect of Pearl River West City Circle

Hongmin Zhang
In a long period of time, resources can’t be shared inside Pearl River West City Circle, fragmented situation made the group hard to form a healthy industrial structure on agglomeration advantage and scale advantage. Based on this, the article measures economy and industry associations inner this group,...
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Influences on Shanghai Free Trade Zone on China's Foreign Trade Enterprises and Countermeasures

Bing Guan, Chunhui Fu, Yiwei Li
Shanghai is the frontier of free trade in China. While the establishment of Shanghai Free Trade Zone will bring great opportunities to the development of foreign trade enterprises in China, make two-way investment more frequently between China and the world, it also brings challenges. China's foreign...
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An Empirical Analysis on the International Competitiveness of China’s Electronic and Telecommunications Equipment Industry ——The Data from OECD Countries

Jue Zhao
China's electronic and communication equipment manufacturing industry has grown from strategic emerging industry to leading Hi-tech industry. So it will be of great theoretical and practical significance for government to make strategic plan of Chinese strategic emerging industry and high technology...
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Can Big Auditors Increase Enterprises Value ——An Empirical Study Based on A Stock Market in China

Cunyan Zhang, Haiping Lv, Yahui Tian, Cairong Wang
Based on the large sample data of 2009-2011 A-shares market, the paper tests whether the current capital market in China has cultivated higher quality auditors by studying whether big auditors can increase clients’ market value. The results were analyzed by multiple regression analyses. It shows that...
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The Building of Relationship between the Taxation Authority and Tax Collector Based on the Principal-Agent Game Theory

Chunzhi Ou
Despite its importance to tax collection and management efficiency,Grassroots tax collection is an understudied topic. This is partly attributable to the “tax collection and management predicament,” which arises because costs of tax collection and management are easier to measure than its benefits. In...
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An Empirical Research of Foreign Trade and Economic Growth in Chongqing

Zongrong Ran
After Chongqing became the municipality of China, Chongqing kept the high speed of annual average of 16% or more to develop. And it has highlighted a positive effect of the region’s economic growth. For the depth study of the size that foreign trade can boost the economic growth in Chongqing, sorting...
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Moderate Scale Estimates of Local Government Debt Case of Jilin Province

Daguang Yang, Cun Li
In order to prevent local government debt crisis, we established a theoretical model to estimate appropriate scale of local government debt in this paper. Example of Jilin Province, we forecast a moderate scale of local government debt in Jilin Province in next few years. The results show that the local...
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The Improvement and Application of Econometric Model for Reverse Spillover Effect of Technology Sourcing FDI

Xiaoyong Lu, Linli Wang, Haiyan Huang
In order to study the relation between service trade development and FDI, in this paper we study the generating ways for them, then point out that service industry mainly through the form of commercial presence and cross border supply promote the development of service trade directly, besides, the technical...
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A Design of the Incentive and Restraint Mechanisms for Venture Capitalists in the Venture Funds of the Limited Partnership

Pingping Liu, Chunsheng Jiang
There is a principal-agent relationship between investors and fund managers - venture capitalists for the venture funds in the limited partnership. The compensation for the venture capitalists is mainly from the fund management fees and carried interests. For the venture capital funds in the different...
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The Evaluation and Analysis of the Eastern Regional Industrial Competitiveness Based on Factor Analysis

Rongping Li, Yuanjie Li
On the basis of pinpointing the meaning of industrial competitiveness and analyzing its influence factors, we build an evaluation index system of regional industrial competitiveness constructed by three first-level indicators-- the scale of regional industrial, the efficiency of industrial enterprises...
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Discussion on the Community Rights Theory of Characteristics of Stock Ownership

He Wang
This article is based on the community rights theory which plays the dominant role in the contemporary academic debates about the nature of stock ownership, including the theory’s crucial points and ideas, its advantages as well as the disadvantages, then express the writer’s personal view about it.
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Market Analysis on Civil Aviation of China after Joining Aviation Alliance

Jianhui Wang, Jianguo Kong, Yuran Zhu
With China Eastern joined Sky Team Alliance in 2011, the three biggest state-owned airlines in China have all joined aviation alliance. After joining aviation alliance, both the domestic and international markets of China's civil aviation company will change. This paper studies the domestic and international...
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Preliminary Market Analysis for a New Hybrid Electric Farm Tractor

Justin Flint, Daming Zhang, Pei Xu
Asurveywas administratedwith 101 participants from the agriculture communities in California and Texastoanalyzepotential market acceptance for a hybrid electric farm tractor (HET) and to identify factors influencing purchase decisions. The preliminary results suggest that reliability is a deterministic...
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Effects of County Economy Model on the Rural Youth’s Intentions of Urban and Rural Employment in Southwest China:Taking Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi as an Example

Xiaojin Feng, Xuewen Feng
The urban and rural employment psychology and its effect factors in the southern minority areas was analyzed via questionnaire survey. It was found that both the development level and the county economy model affect the youths’ employment model and intention which in turn affects the economy development...
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The Financial Crisis in the European Union:Legal and Economic Aspects of an Anti-democratic Stabilization Mechanism

Nellie Munin
This article presents the dilemmas encountered by European Union (hereby – EU) leaders facing an ongoing severe financial crisis, as the mechanism developed by them to pull out of the crisis is criticized for being anti-democratic, both in legal and in economic terms.
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Business Angel in the UK: A Review

Yunfei Du, Jiao Xiong
As business angel becomes a hotpot and an essential financing source to SMEs nowadays, fully understanding business angel could be necessary for the further development of business angel, especially in China. Because of the relatively completed system of angel investment, business angel in the UK is...
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Research Group Purchase Transaction Based on Dynamic Game

Xuyao Lin
Group purchase as a new trading mode has been accepted by the public. But now there are many problems existing in group purchase transactions. Through establishing a dynamic model of group purchase transactions and analyzing the problems existing in the group purchase procedure, some corresponding solutions...
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The Position of the Czechoslovak Economy in the Global Economy in the Years 1945 - 1989

Marian Lebiedzik
This article focuses on the situation of the economy of Czechoslovakia in the global economy from the period after World War II up to 1989. Economic development in this period was significantly influenced by the political events that took place in Czechoslovakia in 1948, when it became part of the Eastern...
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Anxiety in Foreign Language Learning

Ling Hu, Na Wang
Anxiety is one of the emotions that affect language learning. Knowing the causes of anxiety can help the teacher understand and analyze the problems caused by anxiety among students so as to take effective strategies to help students complete their assignments successfully and improve their learning...
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Application of Multimedia Technology in Situational Teaching of Foreign Language

Zhenhuan Zhang, Fengyun Zhao
By using digital information, the integration of situational teaching of foreign language and modern multimedia technology enrich the contents of foreign language teaching, which provides a rich and colorful environment for English learners. It can stimulate emotional students’ experience and enhance...
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Study on the Teaching Reform in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Chunguang Zhao, Haijun Chen, Yulong Zhu
According to the current situation of the local colleges and the theory of probability and mathematical statistics in teaching practice, how to design teaching content and teaching methods, etc, the paper puts forward the suggestions and measures in teaching reform for this course.
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Fostering Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability of College Students: A Prospective of Entrepreneurship

Xulei Chi
Inntoovation is the backbone of the rise of the state and the nation, while college students are the future of the state and the nation, therefore it is crucial to cultivate college students’ innovative ability; on the other hand, start-ups have become an important channel for the graduates’ employment...
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The Application of the Task-Based Teaching Method in Business Japanese Teaching

Jiadong Wang
The teaching of business Japanese has gone through decades of development. The development is dramatic both in major construction and enrolment scale. In the meantime, there have been a lot of problems that need to be resolved. In order to improve the teaching of business Japanese, this article studies...
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A Review of Organizational Learning: How Can We Overcome the Knowledge Inertia

Ping Wang
Organizational learning, as a continuous process of generating and applying new knowledge, has been an important topic for the field and for the business leaders. It is able to overcome individual’s inertia of using past successful experience and knowledge to handle the confronting problem without consideration...
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Research and Practice of School Enterprise Cooperation Training Orders after Sale Repair Engineers

Jiangyong Xing, Kaiju Zhang
The comprehensive construction of well-off society, the living standard of urban and rural residents in China continue to improve, various household appliances, information consumption product benefit thousands of households. New product information consumption of various energy-saving appliances, promotes...
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How to Improve the Quality of Student Cadres in the Management by Grades Mode

Ying Liu, Xiuzhong Hu, Qianfeng Wang, Xiaohong Yang
With the increasing expansion of higher education scale in recent years, the construction and management by grades is a hot topic. Under the new times background, the situation puts forward higher requirement for the students management staff. This article was written from the management by grades point...
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Green Development Path in Exhibition Construction: Empirical Research

Xueming Liu, Xianhui Feng
Exhibition can gather a large scale of exhibits, exhibitors and visitors in a short time, and make them exchange information, conclude the transaction. It has wonderful publicity effect and it is strong in their industries promotion. When exhibition construction industry vigorous development and bring...
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Opportunities and Challenges of College Tourism Undergraduate Students Employment in Tourism Industry

Xiaoyang Li
China's tourism has entered the country's strategic system, facing the unprecedented development climax. To make tourism industry become strategic pillar industry of national economy and modem service industry of the people better satisfaction, we must have a high quality professional talent team. Tourism...
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Over-Investment & Regulatory Capture in China’s Transportation Industry

Junlin Chen, Qian Shan
To investigate the reason why consumers transfer from one transport network to another one is inconvenient in China while China has invested much in transportation infrastructure and suffer in conflict on its over-investment growth path, we considered the impact of infrastructure operators’ rent-seeking...
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The Explanation of Differences in Regional Carbon Emissions in China

Yuting He, Tianbai Xia
This paper attempts to analyze the factors affecting the carbon emissions in China, and the central, eastern and western regions of this country respectively, by building models of carbon emission affecting factors and using inter-provincial panel data from 2005 to 2009. This research shows that the...
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Study of Organizational Culture Assessment Model Based on Balanced Scorecard and Its Application

Yongbo Ding, Xiangxi Ji, Chao Ma
Building corporate culture assessment model based on balanced scorecard provides a new approach to corporate culture assessment. 12 measures for the three perspectives of Customer, Internal Process and Learning and Innovation are selected in this thesis, which are customer orientation, social responsibility,...
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Study on Information Collection Efficiency of Network Public Opinion in Unexpected Social Event

Qingguo Wang, Zhixia Liu, Qing Yan
Under the background of increasing unexpected social emergency events, this paper studied the research status of network public opinion information collection, analyzed its characteristics, container present form in unexpected social emergency, and gathering way, existing problems and causes of network...
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The Role of Moral Identity in Consumers’ Purchase Intention with Corporate Social Responsibility

Guisheng Jin, Di Chen
Based on the domestic and international researches about consumer response to corporate social responsibility (CSR), this research builds a theoretical model about the effects of CSR on consumers' purchase intention, which introduces the consumer corporate identity and the self-importance of moral identity....
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Study on the Development Path of Intermediary Based on the Consumers’ Shopping Channel Selection

Qingguo Wang, Shaowei Xia, Haile Hui
The development of intermediary on one hand depends on the external environment changes, on the other hand depends on the transaction patterns between buyers and sellers. On the basis of rational agent assumption and from the perspective of what shopping channel the consumer select when they buy different...
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Problems of Chinese Environmental Criminal Law and Its Developing Trend

Cong Ma
There are some existing problems of Chinese environmental criminal law in the fields of legislative idea, justification, accuracy of specific crime and efficacy of deterrent effect of punishment, and the key reason that leads to these problems is the old-fashioned legislative idea and purpose. Lawmaker...
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The Research of the Development of Tourism Industry Based on the Concept of Low Carbon

Dan Yang, Xinde Chen
As environmental problem has drawn the focus of people’s attention; low carbonization has become the trend of world’s economic development. In this background, low carbon tourism is becoming a new traveling fashion and tourism attitude. So, low carbon tourism will become the new development direction...
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The Affects of College Students’ Attitude Change on the Using of Credit Card

Wenning Li, Ruiqi Wang, Xiaoli Xu
The purpose of this study is to analyze the attitude variables of the college students to use a credit card and their behaviors, so as to demonstrate the feasibility and its positive or negative influence of the college students' credit card consumption, and finally, put forward the proposal on college...
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Research on the Network Public Opinion Pre-warning Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Qingguo Wang, Shuxia Xie, Yaohua Wang
The article constructed a scientific, complete and practical index system about online public opinion after reading a large number of books and articles. Then it obtained the data through questionnaires, using the analytic hierarchy process to analyze the data and calculate weight of the indexes; finally,...
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Study of Current Situation of Chinese Maternity Insurance System and Presentation of Some Countermeasures to Its Development

Haobang Wu, Li Wang, Ju He, Feng Yin
Maternity insurance is a social security system that the state provides the necessary material assistance, maternity allowance and maternity leave through legislation to women workers who temporarily lose their income sources because of pregnancy or childbirth. The maternity insurance system with the...
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The Forming Mechanism of the China’s Environmental Movement from the Perspective of Risk Society -------A Comparative Study between These Two Cases

Hubiao Zhang
Environmental crisis is a problem of modernity in certain phase (stage) of modernization. Risk society theory becomes a new dimensionality for modern society to survey social development on the perspective of modernity. The thesis opens out the practical logic of environment movement through the comparison...
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The Strategies Research on the Development Problems of Guangxi Liuzhou’s Service Industry

Kerong Jian, Zhigao Liao
This paper researches the development strategies of Guangxi Liuzhou’s service industry. First, we try to find the insufficient problems with the current situation analysis, and through reason analysis, the reasons defeat the fast development of Liuzhou’s service industry may be the orientation of industry...
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Empirical Analysis on Development Efficiency and Influencing Factors of China's Provincial Real Estate

Zhigao Liao, Yan Liao
Taking the real estate development enterprises in China's 31 provinces and cities as research object, we have applied the Super Efficiency DEA model to measure their technical, pure technical efficiency, scale efficiency and inter-annual change trend between 2007 and 2011 in this dissertation. Using...
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A Study on Equalization of Basic Medical Services in Shanghai Based on Factor Analysis

Yadan Zhang, Chunfang Cai, Xinde Chen
Purpose: This paper comprehensively evaluates whether the districts in Shanghai realize the equalization of basic medical services and aims at providing the reference for the health planning. Approaches: The author adopts SPSS software to conduct factor analysis on each index. Results: The districts...
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The Study on the Effect of Waiting Time for Medical Treatment and Medical Convenience on Patient Perceived Value Based on an Empirical Research in China

Hui Qian, Yiwei Wu
In China, the long waiting time and inconvenience in taking medical treatment are common problems that patients complaint about usually. A number of hospitals have allocated a lot of money for solving the problems and improving the medical service. Although plenty of resources are allocated into it,...
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Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Governance into SustainableDevelopment

Daojiu Hu
Over the last few years, corporate entities around the world have identified the value creation ability of CSR governance and have started to weave the so called triple bottom line idea -economic, social and environmental (ESE) considerations into their sustainable strategy.This article firstly examines...
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Visualization Enables Accomplishment A Systems Response to Global Calls for Reduction of Harm to Patients in Healthcare

Ranjit Singh
The author and his team’s mission is to reduce the burden of harm to patients all over the world. The economic impact of harm to patients in US alone is more than $1 trillion/year, out of a total annual healthcare cost of $3.2 trillion. The World Health Organization regards patient safety a Basic Human...
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Comparison of Bone Mineral Density between Professional Cyclists of Union Europe International and Non-athletes

Shabani Mohammad, Mazani Ali Asghar, Balaghi Zivar, Toktam Niyazi, Talebi Maryam, Shirazi Nassim
The purpose of this study was to compare the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) of lower and upper limbs between professional cyclists of Union Europe International and non-athletes. In this research 73 professional cyclists of Union Europe International (UEI) and 32 non-athletes were participated. The BMD of...
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The E-Government in Sudan: Challenges, Barriers and Prospects

Quanxi Li, Elhadi Osman Abdalla
The purpose of this study is to illustrate the challenges and barriers encountered in E-Government development and implementation in Sudan. The study described the E-Government initiatives and pointed out the benefits of E-Government which could be realized throughout the adoption of E-Government. The...
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A Kind of Adverse Selection Problem and Its Improvement

Yuanhao Zhang, Jun Ren, Zhigong Hao, Guangna Yin
A kind of adverse selection problem when integrating AHP and integer 0/1 programming to aid decision-making is discussed. The causes of the problem are analyzed. A new model based on AHP range estimation and parametric programming is created to improve the old one and solve the adverse selection problem....
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Analysis of Formation Mechanism of Revisit Intention: Data from East China

Huamin Li
The paper discusses the factors of revisit intention, and constructs an Extended Model of TPB which contains the variables of attitude, customer’s value etc. Based upon the literature review, the paper constructs the measurement of these factors. The structured survey is adapted to encompass four different...
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Research and Analysis on Non-medical Approaches to Alleviate Fatigue

Xinjun Zhao, Ying Zhong, Ying Zhao
With the fast development of society, it is a normal case for human to suffer fatigue, while the traditional approaches to alleviate fatigue cannot satisfy the requirements. The contemporarily commonly-used non-medical approaches to alleviate fatigue are summarized, which are related to human senses...
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Perceptions of Accounting and Accountants In the Eyes of the People from Mainland China and Macau

Kwok Shu Hung
This study examined the perceptions of the accounting and the accountancy profession. A survey of university students was performed. The results indicated that both the Mainland Chinese and Macau students perceive accounting and accountants with a negative image of dull and boring. The results also indicated...
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Pilocarpine on the Clinical Research in Treating Glaucoma

Yun Pan
Glaucoma is one of the most common blinding eye disease, a serious threat to visual nerve function. Incidence may have from the freshmen do old people, and not easily noticed. However, the pathogenesis of glaucoma is not very clear. If not taking timely and effective treatment of glaucoma, vision will...
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From Customer Intelligence to Customer Understanding in Industrial Services

T.S. Mittilä
The paper suggests a new conceptual construct “Wheel of customer understanding” by bringing the concepts of customer intelligence, customer knowledge and service management together.
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Individual Customer Knowledge Exploitation: A Multiple Case Study

T.S. Mittilä
We scrutinize how the personnel of industrial companies exploit customer knowledge in service innovation and development. The paper puts in evidence of the factors influencing the absorptive capacity of individuals in industrial service firms.
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Robust Networks to Cascading Failures

Hoang Anh Q. Tran, Akira Namatame
Nowadays, the ongoing progress of networking in essential utilities such as the Internet, the WWW, transportation networks, electrical power grid networks, etc., brings significant benefits to the quality of our life. However, networked systems hold a certain danger that a failure of a single node in...
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Study on Risk Management for Global Sourcing

Xi Zhang, Rui Miao, Chenyan Xu, Liya Wang, Xiaoxu Deng
Being along with globalization development and acceleration, big challenges are in front of all the enterprises. So more and more companies are doing global sourcing to reach cost saving and be more competitive. Today China is not only the center of manufacture globally, as well as the center of global...
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Customer Relationship Management and Online Customer’s Brand Loyalty

Yufan Yu
With the development of web economy, brand competition is very serious. Branding on the Web will be built through experience. Competition is not about product or service, but about customer relationship. More and more organizations realize that brand loyalty is a valuable variable, and the efficient...
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Exploring Supply Chain Risk Factors for Supplier Selection in Electrical and Electronic Industry in Thailand: A Case Study Approach

Sittichok Sinrat, Walailak Attihirawong
Currently,supply chain management is a part of several organizations and supplier selection is the most important in the success of firms. Therefore, company requires agility in supply chain for risk diversification. The risk in supply chain is a potential variation of outcomes, which decreases the efficiency...
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Enterprise Human Resource Support System Based on the Technological Innovation Take Haier Group as an Example

Bo Sun, Zijing Zeng
Technology innovation ability is of great significance for both country and enterprises. Technology innovation focuses on "people", which is provided by the support system of enterprises’ human resources. In this paper, we shall first briefly introduce the constraints of enterprise technology innovation...
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Evaluation of Consumers’ Preference to the Brands of Beverage by Means of ERP Pre-comprehension Component

Mohammadali Nazari, Zohreh Gholami Doborjeh, Toktam Amanzadeh Oghaz, Javad Salehi Fadardi, Seyed Amir Amin Yazdi
Because of the critical role of emotional and unconscious processes in consumers’ decision making, understanding the human brain and neural performance scope varied to better understanding the behavior and predict the consumers’ decisions. In this regard, the combination of interdisciplinary studies...
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Research on Internal Audit of Enterprise Knowledge Management

Zhihong Zhu, Dawei Xue
Internal audit of enterprise knowledge management is the first link of enterprise knowledge management. Research on internal audit of enterprise knowledge management is of great significance on the successful implementation of enterprise knowledge management. This article explained the concept, content,...
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Tacit Knowledge Management and Its Philosophical Analysis

Huachu Liu
With the advent of knowledge economic age, features of tacit knowledge and its production are not only issues of economics but also ones for philosophers. The transforms between explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, between knowledge and social construction contains philosophical values and possibility...
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The Researches on Famous International Cruise Brand Building

Zhuling Xu
In recent fifty years, modern cruise industry is growing at the average annual rate of 8-9%, the growth rate is about two times the average growth rate of output of international tourism. In today's era of rapid development of the cruise industry, through the building of cruise brand , the cruise company...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of SMEs Cluster Network Structure Evolution

Shujiang Yu, Guiyun Ding
This dissertation analyzes the effect of government ability, market demand, knowledge spillover, collective learning, influences of the leading enterprises, technical complexity and enterprise heterogeneity on the SMEs cluster network structure evolution according to the development characteristics of...
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Analysis on the Utilization Efficiency of Human Resources in Guangxi Based on Data Envelopment Analysis Method

Xin Zhu, Xianjun Yu
The goal of this paper is to analyze the human resources development and utilization efficiency in the 14 cities in Guangxi. Firstly, we make an introduction about the relevant research in this field. Then, we establish the input and output index system of resources development and utilization with method...
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Evaluation of Management Fraud Risk Based on Grey Correlation Model —Evidence from China’s ST Companies

Zexia Wang, Jing Xiang, Zhaoyun Ye
This paper evaluates risk of management fraud based on the grey correlation model. In this paper, 442 samples are applied to build index system according to the fraud triangle theory; 68 ST companies with motivation of preventing delisting are chosen as training samples to calculate risk scores; Another...
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Operation and Development Models of Dairy Industry in Inner Mongolia of China From Retail Dairy Farmer to Milk Industry Artel

Xingwang Wang, Xiulan Chen, Daming Zhang
Milk Industry Artel is a new development model driving the dairy industry. Retail farmers receive compensation for devolving dairy cattle ownership to Artel. This paper describes retail dairy farmers’ circumstances and analyzes the first demonstration pasture of one of the Artels, Company A. But Milk...
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An Multi-objective Model under Considering Disruption Risk and Scenario Analysis for Order Allocation in a Supply Chain Environment An Integrated Multi-objective Model for Order Allocation

Wei Pan, Fengxia Wang
Within a supply chain, order allocation plays a key role for procurement management. This paper researches a company can order crucial raw materials, for example crude oil, from multiple suppliers. At the same time, order allocation is an important multiple criteria decision making problem including...
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Thoughts about Further Standardizing and Developing Model of Labor Dispatch Market

Shanshan Xu
The labor dispatch model is an important supplement to China's basic form of labor contract employment. After China's reform and opening up, companies which gain more autonomy in operation begin to take various ways to reduce labor costs, in order to meet the needs of market economy, thereby promoting...
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An Application of AHP Approach to Evaluate the Brand Equity for Healthcare Center Case in Taiwan

Wan Tran Huang, Tran Trong Thuy
In recent years, having a strong brand is important, since it can provide a business with several benefits both externally and internally. In order to have a strong brand, the company’s and the customer’s perception of the brand equity needs to be congruent. Therefore, the objective of the research is...
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Senior Management Incentive and Corporate’s Value

Xueqin Jiang, Ian Liu
It has been the focus of attention for all parties that how to encourage enterprises senior managerial personnel. As the important measurement of the corporate value, Tobin-q provides important guidance for management compensation. Based on the data of the public listed companies in China, This paper...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain

Xiaoqian Wang, Dianli Cao
With the increasing demand of fresh agricultural products, many scholars have paid more and more attention to the study of performance of fresh agricultural products supply chain. Based on the running effect, operating costs and service quality of fresh agricultural products supply chain, this paper...
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Study on Related Issues of Earnings Management for Listed Companies in China

Zhihao Su, Yajuan Chen
Earnings management has been existed for a long time in the West, which has also been widely concerned by the accounting profession in China in recently years. The earnings management of listed companies has become the focus of investors, creditors, competent public authorities and the institutions that...
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Analysis on the Measures to Improve Compensation Management in SMEs in China

Xinghua Su
The paper first analyzes the problems of compensation management in SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in China. Besides, the paper combines with practical cases and puts forward suggestions and measures on improving the compensation management system in SMEs in China accordingly, aiming at providing...
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Facial Recognition Using Eigenfaces Approach

Mohd Noah A. Rahman, Armanadurni Abd Rahman, Afzaal H. Seyal, Nursuziana Kamarudin
Face recognition has been researched extensively since the early 1950s and it is still an evolving domain for research. However, this application is relatively new in this country as compared to other biometric identifications. This paper seeks to find out the success rate of detection and recognition...
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Could Managers Consider Waiting Times as Something Positive

Gilda Hernandez-Maskivker, Gerard Ryan
Normally managers consider waiting times as something negative they must minimize or delete. The objective of this paper is to explore how managers perceive waiting times and in which sense the wait can be considered as something positive. This qualitative paper seeks to demonstrate that waiting times...
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The Effect of Training on Employee Retention

Mengjun Chen
The purpose of this report is to examine the relationship between training and employee retention. Training is beneficial to the organization performance and specifically it is a core organizational strategy influencing the employee retention and human capital growth. However, there is not enough investment...
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A Review of Supervisor-Subordinate GuanXi Conceptual, Measurement Issues, and Relative Study Conclusions

Ping Wang, Xi Ye
Supervisor-Subordinate GuanXi (SSG) is a new research direction in the study of the relationship between superior and subordinate within the organization, and because of its appropriateness in Chinese context, this concept is increasingly becoming a hot area of research. However, since this theory is...
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The Analyses of Causality Relationships for Service Brands Development

Ching-Chow Yang
The globally intensive competition of the business environment has forced the service corporations to gain the trust customer relationship. Developing the service brands and effective management will achieve the customer trust and intimate customer relationship. How to successfully build the service...
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2.0 Country Branding

T.S. Mittilä, H.L.M. Laurén
The article lays a theoretical ground for empirical futures research on country branding. The concept of crowd branding is introduced.
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Enterprise Management Innovation in the Informationalized Consumption Mode

Jingyan Wang, Zhen Zhu
With rapid development of computer technology and communication technology, the application of information technology has penetrated into all social and economic fields. The focus of enterprise competition has turned to speed competition, information competition and knowledge competition. In order to...
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The Direction of Corporate Governance and Challenges--Lessons and Learning

Yuanzhuo Wu, Chun Fu
The key drivers of the future direction of corporate governance principles, policies and practices have been discussed. The challenges involved in producing improved systems of governance have been evaluated. From literature reviewing, lessons and learning from case studies in companies have been explained,...
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Collaborative Innovation Center as a New Service System to Drive Economic Development

Qiqing (Christine) Ouyang, Stephen Perelgut, Jim Spohrer
This paper describes a model for a new service system, Collaborative Innovation Centers (CIC) that IBM has instituted to work with regional government, academia and business. While education, research and entrepreneurship are generally the three pillars of a CIC, the center can be tailored to emphasize...
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Construction of Emergency Material Mobilization Model in Normal State

Qingwei Zhang, Ziyao Li
As for emergency material supply in crisis, it is critical for emergency material mobilization to prepare in normal state. Economic mobilization has certain relations with supply chain in normal state. On the basis of analyzing the relationship of mobilization and supply chain, the paper constructs emergency...
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Network Analysis in Tourism Distribution Channels

Ananda Jeeva, Mai T.T. Tran
Application of Network Analysis in tourism research is relatively new, especially in the study of tourism distribution channels. Network Analysis is employed to investigate the structure and pattern of relationships between actors in a network. This paper applies Network Analysis with ORA software to...
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The Impact of the Sector Type on the Role of Management Information Systems for the Decision-Making Process: RNS-Sudan as Case Study

Mohamed Eslam Hassan, Ping Wang, Fengwen Zhi, Elhadi Osman Abdalla
This study purpose was to investigate the influence of the sector type on the role of management information systems in the administrative decision-making process in River Nile State-Sudan. The study adopted the technique stratified random sampling to cover 200 employees in various positions in the public...

RETRACTION: “Smart”, Distributed Information for Multi-processors

Jun Zheng
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...