Proceedings of the International Conference on Arts and Design Education (ICADE 2018)

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The Applying of Contouring Technique in Doing Make Up

Asri Wibawa Sakti, Rasi Yugafiati
The article aims to discuss about the correlation between conturing technique and gradation technique in a media called the face of a model. Since it is believed that conturing technique as a part of make up, and gradation technique as a part of arts. Fortunatelly, the researcher is an artist and professional...
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Model-Based AUD Arts Music Education Efforts to Develop Sense as Motor

Dewi Suryati Budiwati
Model-based education music Arts AUD Efforts to Develop Sensitivity as motor skills, backed by empirical experience of music teachers who have not had a taste of the musical sensibility to develop a basic ability in processing by aesthetic and physical muscles and motor neurons in the integrated arts-based...
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Critical Thinking as a Trigger of the Creativity of Teaching Music

Diah Latifah, Henry Virgan, JL Hestyono Moeradi
This study examines the power of critical thinking to produce music creative teaching performance. The study participants were twenty music teachers who had participated in teaching music training, based on twenty-first century learning practices, with the desired peak of achievement targeted at improving...
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Strengthening the Identity of Geopark Ciletuh through Creating Various Batik Motifs Using Beautiful Natural Environment

Bandi Sobandi, Herry Santosa
Pakidulan Batik development is an effort to support the position of Ciletuh Palabuhanratu as a Global Geopark given by UNESCO. The nomination as a global geopark represents a part of inheritance and educational process to Indonesian citizen through cultural diversity. Therefore, this study aims to describe...
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Kris as a Symbol of Statehood in Indonesia

Diana Aniesah Rahman, Juju Masunah
In Indonesia, the tradition on creating and using the kris has occurred since the kingdom era and it has been inherited to the family until now. The purpose of this article is to report the result of the study on the meaning of the kris as symbol of statehood in Indonesia. This qualitative study uses...
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Creative Community Branding in Makassar (Creating a collective identity Jamaah Kreatif Sektor Selatan for creative communities in the Southern Region of Makassar)

Nurabdiansyah, Irfan Arifin, Prusdianto
Jamaahkreatifsektorselatan (#jkss) is a branding activity, a creative campaign to build collective identity through community, image, networking and creative entrepreneurship in the field of art and design in Makassar. This article was compiled as a medium to convey the campaign in a broader scope, becoming...
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Strengthening Character Education through the Model of the Logic–Scientific-Artistic Kaulinan Urang Lembur

Tri Karyono
The world of children's games has now been served by gadgets and internet information waves. Separation of children from the playing environment and peers makes children more likely to like being alone, introverts and behaving aggressively. Creative teachers should rethink the traditional games of West...
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Sociodrama Method: Increasing the Relationship of Students Social Interaction in Dance Learning in Inclusive Classes

Heni Komalasari, Siti Khairunisa, Ria Sabaria, Elindra Yetty
This article is the result of a research based on some problems inside the inclusive class in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. There are consist of some disabilities and normal students whom have different characteristics. It causes lack of relationship on social interaction between students in the class....
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Educational Value Within Lampung’s Hadrah Dance

Gita Shervina, Trianti Nugraheni
Hadrah’s dance in textually is one of Lampung folk dance which is still seen as mere entertainment, whereas Hadrah’s dance has contain of values in contextually. The objective of writing this article is to explain the educational values contained in Lampung’s Hadrah dance. This qualitative research using...
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Exploring Engkle Learning Model for Prospective Teacher in Creating Game-Based Children Dance Composition

Ayo Sunaryo, Tati Narawati, Juju Masunah, Trianti Nugraheni
ENGKLE is similar with entering environment, navigating, googling, knitting and validating and evaluating a dance composition learning model blended from various theories and dance composition concepts. This article discuss the implementation of ENGKLE learning model for prospective dance teachers to...
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Computer Embroidery Design in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia

Aini Loita, Wan Ridwan Husen
Application computer embroidery in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, is a new media and technology in the field of embroidery arts. Not many people know how to work on Tasikmalaya computer embroidery which includes the design process, various motif designs, color combinations and types of design products. To overcome...
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The Technique of Playing Sundanese Gamelan Made from a Black Bamboo Resonance

Engkur Kurdita, Agus Supriyatna, Dody Mohamad Kholid, Farid Abdullah
Sundanese gamelan is an Indonesia’s pentatonic musical instruments. Sundanese gamelan with black bamboo resonance have different shapes and sizes with conventional Sundanese gamelan in general. Therefore, the characteristics of Sundanese gamelan prototype with black bamboo resonance have an effect on...
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The Constructive Approach in Teaching Theater Arts

Agus Supriyatna, Tati Narawati, Juju Masunah, Imas Diana
Under the 2013 Curriculum of Indonesia, theater art is an art subject that is taught in formal schools, especially in junior and senior high schools, public schools and special schools alike. Theater art can aid students who have special educational needs particularly deaf students to express themselves...
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The Style of Silampari Dance of Lubuklinggau as a Greeting Dance in South Sumatera Indonesia

Saian Badaruddin, Juju Masunah
The purpose of this article is to discuss the style of silampari dance different from the guest greeting dance in South Sumatra. This article is based on qualitative research with ethnocoreological approach aimed to study the text and dance context of silampari dances. The research used descriptive-analysis...
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Could Students with Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) Memorize Numbers through Dance?

Reni Rahmawati, Juju Masunah
This article discusses dance as an instrument to improve memorizing ability of numbers 1-5 for students with mild intellectual disability (MID). For those who suffer MID, their short-term memory in abstract-thinking is relatively hard because they need a concrete object and those students need to perform...
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Bedhaya Rimbe Dance in Keraton Kanoman Cirebon West Java, Indonesia

Wangsa, Tati Narawati
Bedhaya Rimbe dance was composed by Sultan Kanoman VIII of Sultan Raja Adipati (PRA) Dzoelkarnaen in 1960 and experienced revitalization in 1994 by Handoyo, an artist from among the people outside the palace environment. Considering that Bedhaya Rimbe dance has grown and developed for a long time and...
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The Policy of the Local Government in Developing the Arts (fine art) in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

Amir Sarifudin, Dadang Sulaiman
The development and preservation of the arts in a region is a shared responsibility between the government and its artists. The task of the government is to establish policies related to the management of the arts in its territory. Whereas the task of the artists worked with her artwork to be appreciated...
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Jalur Dance in the Opening Ceremony of Pacu Jalur Festival in Kuantan Singingi Regency of Riau Province, Indonesia

Agus Firmanyah, Juju Masunah
Kuantan Singingi Regency is one of the regencies in Indonesia which has one of the cultural festivals namely Pacu Jalur. In the opening ceremony of the pacu jalur Festival, there is one dance namely Jalur dance. Jalur dance is part of the Pacu Jalur festival. Formerly this kind of dance was very well...
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Design of Portable Purchase Display for Small to Medium Enterprise (Case Study of Fish Cracker Village in Surabaya)

Grace Mulyono, Diana Thamrin
Kampung Krupuk, a village of traditional cracker makers, the problem solving method is used to answer the following questions: what type of portable purchase display is suitable for the community of the village of Surabaya crackers? Is a need to develop its business promotion and sales through exhibition...
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Active Learning Models in Indonesia

Hilda Jasri, Juju Masunah
This research aims to see the effectiveness of combination of two learning models in helping students to understand learning process. The learning model is a conceptual framework that encompasses the stages of activities, materials, and guidance procedures in obtaining learning experiences that are arranged...
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Village Culture Planning in Increasing the Income of the Village Community

Ali Akipin, Dadang Sulaiman
Research on the village culture in the village of Kamuning is expected to be an example of a solution to the problem of lack of income for the villagers due to the disappearance of the most important natural resources such as rice fields, fields, gardens and forests that have been supporting its needs....
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Pencak Silat Banten as a Martial Arts

Awit Gending, Trianti Nugraheni
The purpose of writing this article is to present the results of research on Pencak Silat Terumbu of Banten as martial arts, which took place at Abah Minggu Tilar's Paguron as a direct descendant of Ki Terumbu. This research used descriptive analysis method. Data collection was carried out by using observation,...
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How the Fluency Aspect can Improve the Creative Dance Movement of the Children?

Melina Surya Dewi
Dance provides extensive space to learn how to create which use movements as the basic materials of dance. Learning how to create which is to bring up ideas of the children, which can be observed through personal movements, starts in early childhood. The fluency to express movements referring to the...
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Strengthening Competence of Dancers

Fitri Kurniati, Trianti Nugraheni
For a dancer with core competencies to be a benchmark for the success of dancing, of course, it must be mastered thoroughly. Core dance competencies consist of mastery of motion techniques (wiraga), dance inspiration (wirasa), musical sensitivity (wirama). This will be achieved well if the learning carried...
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Relationship between Boboko and Women in Logoko Boboko Dance

Fitri Deviani, Tati Narawati
This study of Boboko Logor dance aims to find out the relationship between Boboko and women, where Boboko is a Sundanese local wisdom product commonly used by women from ancient times to wash rice, serve rice, or shop for food. Boboko certainly plays a more important role. A deeper meaning can be explored...
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The Transformation of Sumbang Duo Baleh Values for Minangkabau Women Dancers (Based on Local Culture)

Fuji Astuti
Naturally women and men in Minangkabau community with maternal (matrilineal) systems have different roles especially related to dance activities. In the past dance, the activities were only expressed by men not for women. The present development has shifted values so that women dominate their expertise...
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The Image of Sundanese Woman in Mas Nanu Mudas Gaplek Dance West Java Indonesia

Dwi Maretty, Tati Narawati
The role of women in life is very large, for Sundanese women are figures who must be glorified. Sundanese women are a picture of the identity of the West Java people who have the values of delay, one of which is "Someah Hade Kasemah", friendly and polite towards the guests, attracting Sundanese women...
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Local Wisdom Values of Traditional Music Performance Tarawangsa in the Bubur Sura Ritual Ceremony

Nanang Supriatna, Iwan Gunawan, Febry Cipta
Tarawangsa is one type of local wisdoms in the field of music, which once had massive supporters. In every show, Tarawangsa is always presented to entertain both actively and passively. Tarawangsa is usually performed in various events, one of which is the Ritual Ceremony of Bubur Sura. Tarawangsa show...
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Analysis of Public Art Concepts and Arrangements in Purwakarta District

Yuwan Fijar Anugrah, Zakaria S. Soeteja
Purwakarta District has a typical and unique character with many works of art placed in public spaces. The (public) artwork is mainly sculpture, is made monumental and placed in strategic locations. The creation and placement of artwork in the public space basically has a philosophical foundation with...
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The Cultural Transformation of Seni Tarling in Cirebon

Harry Tjahyodiningrat, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, Warli Haryana
This research featured the development of Seni Tarling in Cirebon. As a special Panturas art, Seni Tarling has already been change caused by the transformation in textual and contextual aspect. There is fast transforming and changing of Seni Tarling in Cirebon, so it is interesting to be research. Based...
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Singing Keroncong and the Values Behind it

Rita Milyartini
Learning through music is one of music education paradigm, but limited research articles talk about this concept in the context of singing keroncong. Combining content analysis and interview, this article tries to shed light on the values behind singing keroncong. Several famous keroncong songs like...
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Conceptual Framework for the Development of Etude Piano Based on Degung Scale

Hafizhah Insani Midyanti, Yudi Sukmayadi, Diah Latifah
This conceptual framework of piano etudes is arranged in accordance with the phenomena that occur today, that there are still many students which study piano both in music schools and in international standard music courses in Indonesia, not sensitive to the musical sense of Indonesian traditional music,...
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Media Construction of Langen Tayub Dancers in the Millennial Era

Anik Juwariyah, Trisakti Trisakti
Millennial era is characterized by the broader development of technology in the society. This condition also occurs in Langen Tayub performance. In Langen Tayub performance, the dancers are the prominent aspect of its performance; they are the main point of the show. Therefore, their interaction with...
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Learning Dance Creation Based on Literacy to Increase Student Creativity at Junior High School 2 Katapang

Komarasari Komarasari, Trianti Nugraha
This study discusses literacy-based creative dance to improve student creativity. Through the creation of dance with stimulus literacy can increase student creativity both in terms of cognition, affective aspects and psychomotor aspects, in a balanced and intact manner. Determination of literacy was...
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Learning Dance Likok Pulo through Scientific Methods for Creativity

Yeni Zuryaningsih, Tati Narawati, Trianti Nugraheni
Implementation of a learning requires methods that are appropriate to the condition of the class, material and goals that achieved. The scientific method contained in the curriculum year 2013 can enhance students’ creativity in learning traditional art, and able preserve local wisdom. This research aims...
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The Changing Formation of Guel Dance in Gayo, Aceh, Indonesia

Nanda Wahyuni, Tati Narawati, Trianti Nugraheni
Guel dance is one of the dance performances that comes from the Gayo tribe of Central Aceh. The purpose of this study is to documenting in written text about the transformation of the Guel dance performance to the Munalo Dance. This research departs from the interest of researchers in making Guel Dance...
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Creation Dance Learning through Project Based Learning to Build Students Characters

Gisel Tanjung Oktarina Dwi Pratiwi, Juju Masunah, Trianti Nugraheni
This study aims to improve the character of students of SMAN 1 Garut, especially in respect, creative and confident through creation dance learning using project-based learning. In the implementation process, used the steps of composition theory such as exploration, improvisation, evaluation and composition....
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Arts and Design Education for Character Building

Tati Narawati
Education to build the character of the nation has become a necessity for the Indonesian people who have 540 ethnicities with their respective local wisdom. Cultural diversity is both a force and a challenge to face the era of globalization and industry era 4.0. Deep understanding of local wisdom in...
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Building Performing Arts Community through Bandung Isola Performing Arts Festival (BIPAF) in Indonesia

Juju Masunah, Trianti Nugraheni, Yudi Sukamayadi
Performing arts is one of creative industry subsectors in Indonesia. To develop value added of performing arts creative products and entrepreneurship, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) collaborates with local government of Bandung city has established Bandung Isola Performing Arts Festival (BIPAF)....
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Changes in the Function of Gendong Dance, Indonesia (Rituals To Seculars)

Mila Aktasih, Juju Masunah
This article aims to describe the functions of Gendong dance from ritual to secular. The paradigm in this article is qualitative with descriptive analysis method. Gendong dance is a product of Akit tribes. The Akit Tribe is one of the inland tribes in the Meranti Islands, Riau, Indonesia. The Akit tribe...
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Art Education Tourism Model: Study on the Implementation of Art Education Tourism Model in Sanggar Saung Udjo-Indonesia

Agus Budiman, Mustofa Kamil, Achmad Hufad
The art education tourism model can be understood as a multidisciplinary approach to science namely tourism, education and art disciplines in an effort to provide a learning experience to someone (students) about art related to the location they visit. This study aims to discuss the implementation of...
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Animation as an Educational Media to Learn Colors and Shapes for Toddlers

Ima Kusumawati Hidayat, Mitra Istiar Wardhana, Denik Ristya Rini
This research was conducted to obtain data about the positive impact of an animation movie for toddlers against most negative assumptions. Although the animation movie has benefits, toddlers should only watch with parental guidance. Parents could not avoid the growth of technology, thereby they should...
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Learning Model of Creative Dance for Early Childhood

Hayani Wulandari, Mubiar Agustin, Tati Narawati, Juju Masunah
Learning treatment for early childhood (5-6 years old) is needed to obtain empirical data of the effectivity of the creative dance learning model by using the population of 100 early age children with 20 samples one Kindergarten in Purwakarta Regency, West Java, Indonesia. The findings show that the...
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Songah Article in Developing Creative Economy and Tourism

Ridwan Sigit, Taty Narawaty, Uus Karwati, Yudi Sukmayadi
Songah Art is a traditional art village community revitalization results Desa Citengah Sumedang, West Java Province, Indonesia, will be attributed as one of the supporting mediums in developing creative of economy based local wisdom associated with tourism. The purpose of this article is to reveal a...
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Enhancing Machinima for Low Budget Animation

Mitra Istiar Wardhana, Ima Kusumawati Hidayat, Denik Ristya Rini
Machinima is still dominated by game-based and virtual environments products. No one has utilized the advantages of machinima in the production of three-dimensional animation. For this reason, machinima needs to be enhanced so that it can be used in the production of animation, especially low-cost animation....
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Dangdut: Java, Reggae and Rap A Collaborative Concept of Via Vallen

Catur Surya Permana
Dangdut originally regarded as the lower class. The term dangdut taken from onomatopoetic drum sounds and intentions satire for lower class, but now began to be known and consumed also by the upper class. This cannot be separated from the change and development of dangdut music in the beginning of its...
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Fourth Person POV: A Study of Game “Pavilion”

Dini Faisal, San Ahdi, Hendra Afriwan
Common point of view in digital games are first person and third person point of view (POV). However, in 2014 a fourth person puzzle game entitled Pavilion is published. This paper aimed to overview the role of 4th person POV in game Pavilion by analyzing the POV, the character, the gameplay and the...
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Teaching Tradition Dance in Children Building Indonesian characters

Fitri Daryanti, M. Jazuli
The purpose of this article is to find the right steps or strategies to build the character of children in accordance with the identity of the Indonesian nation. The method used is the art education approach, through the teaching of traditional dance in the community with peer tutoring models. This study...
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Body Relationship with Dancing Skills

Nurmalinda Zari, Juju Masunah
Body is part of science kinesiology which has the function to process flexibility, stamina and agility in moving. This article aims to link the body to the process of dancing as a skill in moving. The method used is the literature review and the results of this article prove that the body has a significant...
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Building the Competence of Culture Art Teachers in Inclusive School in Bandung City

Reni Haerani, Juju Masunah
This study aims to describe the competence of cultural arts teachers who teach in junior high schools inclusive education providers in Bandung, including pedagogic and professional competencies in carrying out the main tasks and functions as teachers, especially dance teachers in providing learning services...
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Internalizing the Good Values through Lenyepan Dance to the Student in Indonesia

Frahma Sekarningsih
The conflict of value is one of the most complex issues in education. The research questions are: 1) Why there is a decrease in politeness in some learners, 2) What factors are the cause? The purpose of this study is to solve the problems by observing dance movement, so the student can internalize the...
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IT-Based Movement Evaluation System in Dance Studios

Dinny Devi Triana, Indah Juniasih
This IT-based movement evaluation system utilizes technology that is familiar to students and can be used to diagnose students’ dancing skills. It is helpful in selecting students’ skills in preparing the students for taking the final exam. Qualitative research methodology is used with the focus on IT-based...
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Saman Dance and Children’s Prosocial Behavior

Ria Sabaria
This article tells about the role of saman dance in developing students’ prosocial behavior that was the result of research in one of primary school in Bandung. It came from the thought of the importance of developing prosocial behavior of students in schools through learning dance, and Saman Dance is...
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The Model of Angklung Badeng Learning for Junior High School Students in Malangbong Garut

Dody Mohamad Kholid
Traditional art is one of the characteristics of a particular ethnic and region, so it must be preserved. Its existence concerns the identity and sovereignty of a region because traditional art usually contains philosophy and meanings of life that must be preserved and applied by the students. It also...
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Better Late than Never: Strengthening the Role of Women in Performing Arts in the Millennial Era

Trianti Nugraheni
The aim of this paper is strengthening the Role of Women in Performing Arts in the Millenial Era. In some aspects of life and profession, women tend to be placed in private areas. One area that facilitates women to appear in the public area of the Performing Arts, even he plays a major and vital role...
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Developing Educative Tourism Destination in Citarum Riverside, Bandung, West Java-Indonesia

Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
This research aims to develop innovation and creativity to the Citarum riverside people. The data was collected by classify the data system through observation, interview, literature research, documents. Based on the questionnaire that had been spread in the first year, it held in the two RW’s from 25...
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Sunda Cultural Rationality Patterns in Changes of Form, Function and Meaning of Sasapian

Salsa Solli Nafsika
Sasapian which consist of several device namely Rarangken Sasapian, Tukang Moro and Nayaga still survive today despite undergoin from evolution over time. Especially after Indonesian Independence. These changes appear in the function and meaning of each media used. Using the theory of cultural rationality...
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Lesson Study in Dancing Art Learning to Improve Competences of Elementary Students in Sumedang

Dewi Karyati
The poor quality of dancing art learning process has led to low students’ appreciation toward dancing art lesson in elementary school. This is due to several reasons relating to teachers’ limitations either in their ability and capability to use innovative methods in learning process. Regarding this...
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The Influence of the Dance Creativity on Executive Functions of Early Childhood

Elindra Yetti, Erie Siti Syarah, Muktia Pramitasari, S. Syarfina, Debie Susanti
The purpose of this study is to find out the influence of dance creativity on executive functions of early childhood. The research method used is a quasi-experimental design with paired data t-test analysis. This study was conducted on 50 respondents aged 5-6 years. The results showed that t hit > t...
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Pakarena Anida Dance as Guidance Values of Buginese Women in Indonesia

Andi Dwi Resqi Pramana, Trianti Nugrahaeni
Bugis is one of the ethnic groups in Indonesia, precisely in South Sulawesi. Local values in Buginese, especially Bugis women today, have been influenced by the behavior of modernizing technology, which is largely unfiltered, making women less aware of their attitudes and appearance in public. The purpose...
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Intercultural Competencies for Education and Training the Prospective Music Teachers

Yudi Sukmayadi, Sandie Gunara
This paper is the result of a preliminary study aimed at designing intercultural competence models for education and training of music teacher prospective. This design begins with field studies to discover what is needed for music students to be competent and effective to teach in a diverse class. The...
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Student-Centered Approach in Piano Study for Teenagers: Is it possible?

Uni Tawangsasi, Rita Milyartini, Henry Virgan
Most of music education students who learn piano in Indonesia play the instrument based on teachers’ instructions. Teacher-centered approach is commonly found in the learning process in which materials and strategies are determined by the teachers. Fortunately, such learning model is not found in Adorakids...
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Anak Dance in Custom Ceremony Mallaulu in Simeulue Island, Indonesia

Citra Dewi Maysarah, Trianti Nugraheni
This article explain about the living value in domesticity which is contained in Mallaulu custom, which is packaged in Anak dance. The aim of this article is to see correlation of Anak dance toward Mallaulu custom and the meaning contained in moves and lyric of Anak dance. This study use qualitative...
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Increased Ability to Make Learning Evaluation Instruments with Peer Sharing Methods: Paedagogical research on teacher training in 2017 in Indonesia

Teachers are very important to improve their abilities. When researchers become instructors to improve the ability of teachers, researchers have difficulty in teaching, because teachers in learning are less active, less enthusiastic, and less quickly mastered the abilities that researchers convey. In...
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Study of Instilling the Social Values of Hadih Maja in Tarek Pukat Dance

Puspa Hildayani, Tati Narawati, Trianti Nugraheni
This study aims to instill the value of local culture, especially the values of Hadih Maja consisting of cooperation, loyalty, responsibility, which nearly disappeared from the students' knowledge and life. This study consists of two stages, namely studying the dance using the theories of Ethnocoreology,...
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The Teachers’ Attitude and Its Impact on (Musical) Learning

Marno Schulze
How does a teacher teach? How is she/he handling music educational contents? Which goals are pursued by teaching persons? Answers to these questions often include the aspect of the teacher’s attitude. Why is it so important? Students always learn everything, not only factual musical knowledge or instrumental...
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Training of Teaching Music and Movement Competency for the Early Childhood Teacher

Leli Kurniawati, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article interprets the result of the training activity for the teaching music and movement competency for the early childhood teachers. This activity was attended by early childhood teachers in Depok on July 21st 2018. The training material used was music and movement whose essential concept as...
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Building Character through Empathy Centered Dance Education

Melanye White Dixon
This paper argues that dance education courses in higher education can be structured to enhance students’ sense of empathy thereby building character through taking select course experiences and activities. It will offer reflections on teaching methods and approaches utilized in select dance education...
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From Ancient Greece to Contemporary Music Education (Music and character building – more than a myth?)

George Maas
Already in ancient Greece philosophers argued about the influence of music on character building. For Plato and Aristotle there was no doubt, that music was crucial in education. But it had to be the “right” music as the ancient myth of Apollo beating the Satyr Marsyas in a musical competition had made...
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Music Activities in Islamic Boarding Schools

Krisnawati, Yudi Sukmayadi, Hery Supiarza
This study discusses music activities in and their laws in Islam. The purpose of this research is for the wider community to know and better understand how to respond to various polemics about music and its laws in Islamic religion. The method used in this study is an in-depth observation study at the...
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Development of Body Learning Methods with Method Variations that use Fitnes Media in the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar

Ni Wayan Mudiasih
The Performing Arts Education Study Program, FSP ISI Denpasar as a new study program seeks to develop superior and quality learning. Study of body work subjects that develop motion training methods according to the pattern of free movement. This body exercise training is to increase body flexibility,...
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Learning Video Media as a Final Project of Education Arts of Education Students at FSP ISI Denpasar

Rinto Widyarto
This article examines the subjects of Learning Technology, Learning Strategies, the benefits of learning video results and supporting factors in producing learning videos in the student's final assignment. Learning estuary relates to technology, information, strategies and learning processes. Study of...
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Social Change of Death Ritual Ceremony in Indonesia

Rosenta Girsang, Yudi Sukmayadi
Sayurmatuah is one of ritual ceremony of the death of Indonesian tribes who had reached many years of living and bore offspring of men and women, who had grandsons and granddaughters and whose all children had got married. There are two in one of art performances, which is dance and music. The purpose...
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Visual-Art Education for Character Development

Sofyan Salam
One of the challenges faced by schools nowadays is how to develop the character of students effectively. In this troubling era, the need for effective education is clear when we face new challenges unknown to previous generations such as the distribution of hoax, hate speech, pornographic content on...
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Arrangement of Gamad Music as Creativity and Culture Preservation for Traditional Music in Padang

Yeni Maroza, Yudi Sukmayadi
Gamad is the music consisted of vocal and instrument. The vocal has a role play as main melody inside its performance. There are several musical instruments used to support the vocal which are violin, accordion, guitar, bass, tambourine drum and others. It is one of traditional music in Padang which...
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Myth Meaning on Garuda Pancasila Indonesian State Symbol

Arief Johari
The myth is one of visual element symbol that textually or conceptually unknown by the society. This article aimed to discuss the meanings of elements through their symbols and concepts and myths. The object of this research is Garuda Pancasila as the Indonesian Country’s Symbol. This research went through...
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Teacher Creativity Strengthening for Establishment of Culture Identity

Fifiet Dwi Tresna Santana
To achieve the expected educational goals, surely a teacher must be an innovator in his role in the class. The selection of teaching materials, methodologies, and evaluations that are in accordance with the development of students and curriculum needs must be a competency of a teacher. In addition, teachers...