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A Human Body Posture Identification Algorithm Based on Kinect

Tong Wang, Xiaoliang Liu, Meng Wang, Tongyao Wang
This study was performed to improve the computer identify of the human body posture more accurately during human-computer interaction. In order to get a better algorithm, the author applies Kinect for Xbox device, Hausdorff Distance theory and Joint Angle measurement method to identify the human body...
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Removing Redundancy Point Clouds Based on Multi-view Geometric

Junmin Lv, Jin Guo, Xiaoning Chen, Hongyan Xu
According to the problem of structure light measuring for registration, such as the low efficiency of three-dimensional modeling because of overlapping points, a removing redundancy points technology based on multi-epipolar line resolution had been explored out. The traditional method belonged to the...
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The Application of Distributed Raptor Codes in Cooperative Transmission  System

Chao Wang, Xiaojie Qian
In order to reduce computational complexity and transmission delay in the cooperative transmission system based on digital fountain codes, the paper proposes the cooperative communication scheme based on a distributed Raptor codes . The throughput is treated as the parametric analysis of the system complexity...
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A Clustering Routing Algorithm Based on Max-Energy Path Selection

Hongfei Chen, Huagang Shao, Shengzhe Ni
A routing algorithm based on optimizing for cluster distribution and max-energy detection is put forward, and it is called ECME in this paper. The advantage of the algorithm is that it can save the communication energy effectively in WSNs because the optimal path is selected to send the maximum amount...
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Discussions on Class Management of Class Advisers in Higher Vocational Colleges

Hongxia Huang, Baohua Cui, Chao Xu, Xiaoming Zhang
The class management of class advisers in higher vocational colleges is an important job in higher vocational education, and it plays irreplaceable role in the cultivation of students’ professional quality, occupation spirit, personality, and social responsibility. This paper firstly summarizes the characteristics...
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Design and Realization of Ancient Fabric Information System Based on SSH

Feng Zheng, Senlin Zhang, Meiqin Liu, Zhen Fan
Ancient fabrics are of high importance to the modern fabric industry, and have attracted large amounts of amateurs. Therefore, they should be protected properly while accessible. In order to solve the problem, this paper designed and implemented a system to provide services for ancient fabric managers,...
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Combining Hiearachical Clustering and Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor For Image Classification

Chen Fu, Shijie Jia
This paper addresses the problem of image classification, which has successful applications in many fields, such as image retrieve, object detection and recognition. As a simple nonparametric methods, Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor(NBNN) employs NN distances in the space of the local image descriptors...
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Time Delayed Feedback Control of Internet Congestion Control Model with Compound TCP under RED

Han Wang, Dawei Ding, Tianren Cao, Rui Sun
This paper is concerned with controlling of chaotic behavior in Internet congestion control model with Compound TCP under RED. Compound TCP (CTCP) is currently the default transport layer protocol in the Windows operating system. Firstly, this paper briefly analyzes the nonlinear dynamics of the CTCP...
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Synthetical Evaluation of the Eco-environment Sustainability Based on Grey Correlation Degree in Hebei Province

Nannan Shan, Ran Hou
In recent years, with the seriously ecological pollution, environmental problem has become one of the concerns about the topic. Hebei province is a region of high energy consumption, high pollution, in order to guarantee the quality of people's living environment, the ecological environment in Hebei...
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The Setting Method of Signal Timing Parameters at Over-saturated Intersection

Yi Cao, Zhongkuan Wang, Zhongyi Zuo
In order to adapt to traffic operation situation of over-saturated signalized intersection, the setting methods of optimal cycle and green split of every phase are studied. Selecting Xinan Rd. and Wuyi Rd. intersection as study object, traffic investigation was carried out. Considering the two factors...
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Study on Service-Oriented Manufacture in Dong-Feng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company LIMITED

Yihong Xu
Service-oriented manufacturing is a new manufacture form which combines manufacture with service to cater to customers’ diverse needs with the globalization of economy and the development of technology. This paper will make a case study of the service-oriented manufacturing in Dong-Feng Citroen Peugeot...
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Research on the Technology of UAV Landing Using Visual Guidance

Jia Li, Yangzhu Wang, Yelin Zhang
According to the landmark feature, the paper guides UAV precise landing with machine vision technology. Firstly, the author analyzes the principle of visual navigation based on the landmarks. According to the imaging principle of machine vision, the paper uses projection matrix method to solute the conversion...
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Schedulability Analysis of Fixed Priority Systems with Scheduling Overheads

Yanfeng Zhai, Fengxiang Zhang
In this paper, the author extends the traditional exact schedulability analysis for fixed priority (FP) preemptive scheduling by taking into account the extra scheduling overhead that may be induced by context switching. Then the author develops a necessary and sufficient scehdulability test for fixed...
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Initial Stability Of Semi-Submersible Vessel During Floating Onload Without Cargo

Quan Zhang, Baijun Tian
The initial stability of Semi-Submersible vessels, associated with transportation safety, can vary significantly during Floating Onload. There are some accidents happening in the past during operations of floating onload, and it highlights the requirement of analyzing the stability during this period...
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Building A SMP2-based Operational Effectiveness Simulation Model Framework for UAV Systems

Ning Zhu, Xiaobo Li, Yonglin Lei, Yifan Zhu
Operational effectiveness assessment is one of the most important warrants for UAV Systems demonstration and design, and simulation is a key method. Operational effectiveness simulation relies on large quantity of simulation applications, and composable modeling is an approach to support rapid development...
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Location Privacy of ADS-B for General Aviation

Honggu Lin, Haomiao Yang, Jing Zeng
Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) is a satellite-based system that makes an aircraft equipped with it periodically generates ADS-B broadcasts including the aircraft’s identifier, position, velocity, etc. Since the broadcasts can enhance navigation capability remarkably, it has replaced...
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Field-Distribution’s CAD and Characteristics of Electrostatic Immersion Objective

Xingquan Wang, Fengpeng Wang, Jun Huang, Shoucai Yuan
Based on the numerical calculation method, a program is designed to solve the field distributions and equipotential lines in a electrostatic immersion objective. Then the characteristics are discussed. Successive approximation method is used to solve the finite difference equation of field distributions...
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The Application of EIQ Analysis to The Order Picking of Book Industry

Shan Lu, Hongyue Li, Xiaojun Yu
EIQ analysis is based on the order data for logistics planning and has a guiding significance to the selection of order strategy. This article describes the steps and methods of EIQ analysis, combined ABC classification of book enterprise orders to carry on the EQ, EN, IQ and IK analysis. According to...
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Transfer Efficiency Maximum Coil Turns of Symmetric Wireless Power System via Magnetic Resonance Coupling

Zhaoyang Zhang, Yong Lu, Zhengyou Xie
Wireless power system via magnetic resonance coupling has been widely used in numerous fields, thus, this technology has been studied by many researchers for different problems, and influence factors on system power and efficiency are proposed in some papers. By applying lumped parameter circuit theory,...
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Effect of KMnO4 on the HCl-based Pickling Process of 430 Stainless Steel

Qiong Xie, Peiyang Shi, Chengjun Liu, Maofa Jiang
The effect of potassium hypermanganate (KMnO4) as an oxidant on pickling behavior in HCl-based electrolyte and the surface quality of original hot-rolled and blasted 430 stainless steel (430-SS) plate are studied using weight-loss tests, microstructure analyses (scanning electron microscope and laser...
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Design of an acoustic imaging system based on MEMS sensors

Linsong Chen, Yueyun Cao, Wenyong Guo
Developed an acoustic imaging system applied in acoustic test. The acoustic array is made up of 260 MEMS microphones and control by a FPGA, which also in charge of transferring data by optical fiber. The mainframe is control by a FPGA. A DSP is in charge of processing the data from acoustic array. Two...
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Design on Competency Index System of Huansu Motor Sales Personnel

Lihong Han, Yu Zhao
Enterprises should not only be regarded as the combination of products and services, it also should be the combination of capabilities. Sales staff's capacity and quality directly relate to "lifeline" of an enterprise. The paper focuses on the practical sales work of Beijing Automotive Huansu auto in...
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Game Study on Host City Behavior in Enclave Economy

Wanhong Xiang, Yanfei Feng
Enclave economy is a brand new regional economic development model that is chosen by different administrative regions for economic cooperation. It is crucial and efficient in solving difficulties of land bottleneck and institutional barrier, complementing advantages between two places and promoting regional...
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Study of Path Planning Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Logic

Dianhua Zhang, Yimin Chen, Chen Huang, Mingke Gao
The path planning problem is an important problem in the research area of robot, games and group animation. However, the current path planning algorithms don't consider practical problems such as roughness, gradient, and barrier height etc. This paper shows a 2.5-dimensional terrain grid which can reduce...
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Economic Research on the “Last Mile” in E-commerce Logistics System on the Basis of Time and Space

Chunmei Ye
Being the unique stage to face client, the "Last Mile" in e-commerce logistics is the bottleneck of e-commerce development owing to the problems of high cost and low service quality. The author attempts to analyze the delivery patterns of "Last Mile" on the basis of economics and find the appropriate...
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A Research of the Construction Project Managers’ Moral Qualities

Chenhua Cui
In view of non-standard question of the current construction project managers' "moral" qualities structure this article investigated, studied and analyzed domestic and foreign structure of construction project managers' "moral" qualities. referring to the domestic and foreign existing qualities structure...
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A Three-dimensional Scene Simulation System for Evaluating Textures of Fabrics

Ruyuan Dun, Huilin Yao, Zhen Fan, Senlin Zhang
In this paper, a method of displaying 3D model on the web end based on Three.js library which can simulate the wrinkle and distortion of fabric and support the replacement and modification of texture is realized. The visual effect of a specific fabric texture can be evaluated after texture mapping from...
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Secure and Privacy-Preserving Matchmaking protocol for Mobile Social Networks

John Bosco Aristotle Kanpogninge Ansuura, Qi Xia, Benjamin Klugah-Brown, Richmond Martei Tei-Ahontu
Mobile social networking has changed the way people communicate in recent years. Matchmaking service innovates people communication mode in terms of colleague networking, making new friends and many other scenarios. Although this new paradigm brings enormous benefits for enterprises and individuals,...
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Experimental Study on a Piezoelectric Wind Energy Harvester

Jianghai Fang, Xiaoyu Jiang, Shuyun Wang, Xiang Fei
To achieve a fluid energy recovery by piezoelectric generator, a piezoelectric wind energy harvester (PWEH) is presented and investigated experimentally. Making use of the force generated by the flow of wind to vibrate the piezoelectric material, the mechanical energy harvested from the vibration of...
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State Forecast Method of Electronic Equipments Based on Improved HMM and LS-SVM

Jianzhong Zhao, Wen Ye, Yong Liu, Tao Jiang
For the deficiency that the traditional single forecast methods could not forecast the states of electronic equipments, a combined forecast method based on hidden Markov model (HMM) and least square support vector machine (LS-SVM) is presented. Multi-agent genetic algorithm (MAGA) is used to estimate...
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The Algorithm for Mining Global Frequent Itemsets based on Big Data

Bo He
There were some algorithms for mining global frequent itemsets. Most of them adopted apriori-like algorithm, so that a lot of candidate itemsets were generated. To solve the problems, the algorithm for mining global frequent itemsets based on big data was proposed, namely, MGFI algorithm. MGFI algorithm...
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Modeling for Comment Trust Recommendation Based on Collaborative Filtering

Xinkao Liao, Lisheng Wang, Xiaojian Liu, Xiaojie Xu
Asymmetry in the parties of the transaction leads to uncertainty in the transaction. Trust problem has been one of the bottlenecks restricting the development of e-commerce. For e-commerce product review issues, comment trust recommendation model was proposed based on comment credibility degree and user...
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Research on Resource Scheduling Method Based on Improved Hungary Algorithm

Tingpeng Li, Yue Li, Yanling Qian, Bin Li
The optimal allocation of resources is of great significance to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of equipment manufacturing. For the shortage of traditional Hungary algorithm that cannot solve the resource scheduling problem containing the parallel jobs, an improved Hungary algorithm is proposed...
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Complex Information Game Problem Based on Artificial Neural Network

Xingfeng Liu, Tiansong Zhou, Zhongxia Zheng
The assumption of game theory is that the players in game must be rational. In the game of incomplete information, participants are not completely clear about the game. Therefore, usually there is a probability distribution of strategy selection in game. It is very complicated to know the real game information...
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Research on Analysis and Forecast of Truck Market in China

Xingfeng Liu, Zhongxia Zheng, Tiansong Zhou
For the modern enterprises, it is significant to develop production according to the market demand, and there is no exception to the auto companies. The article tries to establish a statistical model to predict the number of the truck ownership and provide references for truck manufacturers to make production...
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Study On the Status and Influencing Factors of New Generation Migrant Workers' Entrepreneurship Competencies ——Taking Hefei City as an Example

Zhongxia Zheng, Asad Ullah, Tiansong Zhou, Xingfeng Liu
In China, with the improvement of entrepreneurial environment and increasing urban adaptation problems, entrepreneurship is a rational choice for growth. The major entrepreneurial competencies of migrant workers are professional ability, social ability and management ability, which are commonly influenced...
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Spare Optimization Based on Renewal Process

Xiaoli Zou
An optimal model for determining minimum-cost spare number for systems with components connected in series where the failure time of components follow any general distribution is presented. The component availability with a certain number of spares is derived through renewal process theory and the system...
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An Improved EMD with Second Generation Wavelet and Feature Extraction for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery

Fengli Wang, Sihong Li, Hui Xing, Qinan Liu
Fault feature extraction is a challenge for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery. The vibration signals measured from rotating machinery are usually non-stationary and nonlinear. Especially, the useful fault characteristics are too weak to be identified at the early stage. In order to solve the problem,...
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Dynamic Characteristics of Fan Impeller Combines C Ross-flow

Wenmin Liu, Housen Yang, Xinwen Luo, Xingmei Dai
Cross-flow fan with its large volume, the export flow distribution uniformity and other advantages, has been widely used in joint harvesting. In this paper, a type of grain combines cross-flow fan be analyzed, using ANSYS Workbech finite element analysis platform, and the flow field of the cross flow...
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Research on Subsidence Ageing of Soft Soil Roadbed Based on Original Position Monitor

Chenguang Jiang, Yong He, Jianguo Peng, Fengqin Wang
The stability of soft soil roadbed is a key factor for the properties and quality in motion of highway or railway. The process of stable soft soil roadbed has protracted nature. The stable of soft soil roadbed depend on the internal structure, composition, volume and external environment. Based on a...
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Optimization of Extraction key Process for Erinacine from Hericium erinaceus

Jinzhe He, Qiang Shen
In order to improve the yield of erinacine from H. erinaceus, with pretreatment of enzymatic and acid hydrolysis, then combined with the method of industrial alcohol reflux extraction, significantly the extraction yield of erinacine was improved from 2.4% to 3.2%. In order to optimize extraction process...
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Vibration Characteristic Analysis of Axial Fan Shell Based on ANSYS Workbench

Lichun Gu, Lichang Chen, Zhiqun Guo
Axial fans with the advantages of its simple structure, large amount of wind, widely used in agriculture that respect, but agricultural cross flow fan in the size range of big, prone to resonance problems. In this paper, to a certain type of agricultural pipeline fixed shaft flow fan shell as the research...
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The Influence of Synchronous Blinking Jamming on Monopulse Radar Seeker Angular Resolution

Xiaoming Geng, Hongyue Yang, Fangcheng Wang
The Blinking jamming is the intentional and deliberate transmission or retransmission of amplitude, frequency, phase, or otherwise modulated intermittent or pulse signals for the purpose of misleading in the interpretation or use of information by electronic systems. In this paper, it is shown how blinking...
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Analysis of Bottom Frame Structure on Seismic Performance

Hongyu Deng, Baitao Sun
In order to study the seismic performance of masonry buildings with frame and seismic-wall in the lower stories, a serious damaged bottom frame structure in Wenchuan earthquake was taken as the research object in this paper. The eccentricity of each layer of the structure was calculated, and seismic...
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Government-business Relations:Summary of Theories and Construction of Prototype

Xin He, Tong Li
This article reviews the existing research on the government-business relations (GBR), and summarizes the related works in the fields of economics, management, politics, sociology, etc. It then classifies the current contribution on GBR into three categories: pattern, nature and general relations. Finally,...
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The Design and Implementation of Natural Human-Robot Interaction System Based on Kinect Sensor

Fengli Ma, Zhifeng Sun, Hao Wang
In this paper, researchers propose a method to build a natural human-robot interaction system based on Kinect sensor. Taking the advantage of skeleton tracking technology, researchers can easily get the depth data from Kinect sensor and capture body movements, which greatly simplify the recognition algorithms....
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Design and Analysis of a New Tool Holder with Force Sensing Element

Zhengyou Xie, Yong Lu, Jianguang Li
Cutting force measurement is an essential requirement in the machining process. Hence, various methods of measuring the cutting force have been proposed by many researchers. In this study, a new type of tool holder with force sensing element is designed to measure the three-dimensional cutting force...
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Research on Distribution Network Control Integration Based on the Smart Grid Environment

Shanlin Cui
With the continuous development of the social economy, the demand of the whole society is bigger and bigger. To improve the level of electricity service and meet user demand for electricity, power grid companies must work to change the structure of power grid development, establish and develop smart...
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Research on the Application of Electrical Automation in Electrical Engineering

Hongdai Si, Xin Cheng, Xiaopeng Cui
Nowadays the society is the age of information, the computer technology and network technology have been widely used in all walks of life, which effectively improve the competitive power of enterprises and promote the healthy development of the society. With the rapid development of economy, it also...
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Research of Tectonic Geomorphology in Pinggu Basin and its Adjacent Area in Beijing

Xiaoyan Liu, Sihua Yuan, Jinxian Deng
Based on field geological investigation, combined with the regional geology datas and study results from the former researchers, this paper has researched and analyzed the tectonic geomorphology types of Pinggu area and its adjacent area. The results indicated that the major tectonic geomorphological...