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A Human Body Motion Capture System Using a Wireless Inertial Sensor

Pengzhan Chen, Wei Chu, Junchao Wang
In this study, a wireless inertial sensor system was designed for application in human motion capture. A human body node displacement and attitude data decoding strategy is proposed based on the gait analysis method, synthesizing the advantages of the complementary filter and Kalman filter methods. A...
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Research on Railway Real-time Online Power Supply Automation Network Communication System

Li Liu, Wei Liu, Kaiqin Peng
Railway construction has entered a stage of rapid development. The design and construction of high-speed railways are further expanding. In the face of competition from advanced technologies, it is very urgent to study the real-time online power supply automation system for railways. At the same time,...
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Citizen observatories of water: Social innovation via eParticipation

Uta Wehn, Jaap Evers
We live in the age of Big Data, yet many areas of environmental management are still suffering from a lack of relevant data, information and knowledge that impedes sound decision making. A highly relevant phenomenon is therefore the so-called citizen observatories whereby the observations of ordinary...
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Information and Communication Technologies in Philology Education in Russia

Tatiana Arkadjevna Zolotova
The article considers the main forms of ICT (information and communication technologies) used in Philology education in Russia and presents the experience of development and use of traditional (folklore) culture database as a virtual excursion with game elements in the process of education of Bachelors...
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A Simulation Model of Longwall Coal Mining

Victor Okolnishnikov
A new simulation model of longwall coal mining is presented. This model intends to research processes by longwall coal mining and to solve a problem of increasing the productivity of a shearer-loader. Using the simulation model the solution of several optimization problems was obtained.
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Study on Mathematical Validity Learning Strategy of SPOC Platform

Shu Fang, Zaiqiang Ku
Internet + Education has a good development prospect. The SPOC platform can make offline classrooms more dynamic, but SPOC is currently used less in basic education.The article firstly divides the learning factors that affect mathematics effectiveness into curriculum design and implementation, individual...
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Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on Multi-objective Optimization in D2D Communication

Xueying Han, Yi Sun
At present, the algorithm for solving the problem of resource sharing in D2D communication and cellular communication in cellular networks is mostly optimized for a single target. This paper proposes a general resource allocation algorithm based on multi-objective optimization, which optimizes system...
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Levenberg-Marquardt Method Based Iterative Square Root Cubature Kalman Filter and its Applications to Maneuvering Re-entry Target Tracking

Mu Jing, Wang Changyuan
Levenberg-Marquardt (abbr.L-M) method based iterative square root cubature Kalman filter (abbr. ISRCKFLM) inherits the numerical stability of square root Cubature Kalman filter and effectively suppresses the influence of the larger initial estimation error and the nonlinearity of the measurement equation...
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Five-axis CNC Machine Tool based on UG Software for Automatic Programming and Simulation of Complex Surface Impeller

Xiurong Zhu, Xin Zheng
This through the parametric optimization and simulation processing on the five-axis CNC machine tool with automatic programming of complex shapeparts, the complete machining technology and NC program are compiled. Automatic programming plays an important role in the machining of the impeller. In the...
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Construction and Application of Heluo Culture Big Data Platform Based on Basic Framework of Hadoop

Hongsheng Xu, Ganglong Fan, Xiaokang Qin
Heluo culture is the core of Chinese culture and Yellow River culture and it is an important part of the Central Plains culture, and also the essence and mainstream of Chinese traditional culture. Through collecting, cleaning, analyzing, sharing, visual research and development of big data of Heluo culture,...
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Agricultural Product Rating Prediction Design Based on Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Bairui Tao, Ding Liu, Fengjuan Miao, Tongri Sun
The rapid development of agricultural e-commerce has led to more and more agricultural products on the website, and the problem of information overload has become increasingly prominent. By analyzing the user's historical score data set, this paper analyzes the recommended models of different collaborative...
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Research on Test Automated Framework for Reverse Generation of Use Cases

Zhiqi Guo, Jiacong Zhao, Yi Guan
In the beginning of the framework technology, it was used to solve or deal with the complex problems of the application system. The traditional software testing process has always been basically a manual execution of test cases, and the same common test cases are needed in the entire software life cycle....
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Classifying the Sectors of the Russian Economy by the Level of Integration Activity Based on the Use of the Model for the Splitting of Probability Distributions

Mariia Karelina
Statistics of mergers and acquisitions is a traditional direction for Western and international statistics and a new direction for the Russian statistical science. In accordance with the recommendations of Eurostat and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in order to improve business...
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Research on Network Intelligent Joint Operations

Yao Hu, Yaxiong Li, Hao Gu
Since the US military proposed the network-centric war, all countries in the world have focused their military theoretical research on the intelligence of the network. In view of the fact that the world has entered the era of information and networks, the joint operational model based on network intelligence...
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Design of Autonomous Navigation Algorithm For Security Inspection Robot

Xiaowei Han, Changwen Liu
The security inspection robot is mainly used for large-scale warehouse security and automatic inspection of various warehouses, community security inspections, industrial site monitoring and other automated inspections. The security inspection robot uses the SLAM algorithm to map the inspection target...
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3D 9+- Model Representing Topological Relation between 3D Bodies with Holes

Yunfei Shi, Shuang Di, Lingling Zhang, Ting Mi
Three-dimensional topological relation is the basis of spatial analysis, spatial reasoning, and other applications in 3D GIS. Based on 9-intersection model, the proposed 3D 9-intersection uses 5 values {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} to replace two values {0, 1} of original model, which not only can distinguish whether...
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Development of Alarm System Based on Speech Recognition

Qingsong Zhu, Hongzhao Li, Ruyan Ye, Meide Xu, Fayue Zheng
Aiming at the burglary, fire and the safety and health of the elderly in current living quarters, a kind of alarm system based on speech recognition is developed. The video monitoring device can be triggered by the voice alarm signal which is sent to the mobile client at the same time. Monitor people...
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Methods of Collective Intelligence in Exploratory Data Analysis: A Research Survey

Piotr A. KOWALSKI, Szymon Lukasik, Piotr KULCZYCKI
This study contains a brief presentation of the basic tasks for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), namely: classification, clustering, reduction of data dimensionality and number of data instances as well as detection of outliers. Herein, solutions to the aforementioned problems incorporating a wide range...
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Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR Super-resolution Imaging Method Based on 2D-FISTA Algorithm

Ming Zhou, Peng-Cheng Xu, Zhao-Hui He, Qing-Hua You
The traditional Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method has the problem of low imaging quality and large computational complexity. In view of the above problems, this paper studies a sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method based on two-dimensional fast iterative shrinkage threshold...
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Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction of Cationic Imidazolium Porphyrin-Anthraquinone and Hsp90

Muhammad Arba, Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita, Daryono H. Tjahjono
Hsp90 is involved in the progressiveness of cancer cell through the activation of oncogenic client proteins, including Her2/ErbB2, Akt, Raf-1, and hTERT. Thus, targeting Hsp90 is considered as one of promising strategy in anti-cancer drug development. In the search of new potential Hsp90 inhibitors,...
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The Visualization Research of User Observation and Quantitative Information

Xin Zhang, Hai Fang, Fei Hu
User observation is a significant method for user research. Researchers collect information by field observation. Information collecting and analysis to information observed effects structure analyzing and innovative design of products directly. It visualizes the research results, eliminates interference...
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3D Simulation Model of Lunar Crater Based on Single CCD Image

Junlin Wang, Jiaqi Li, Binbing Liu, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
The paper gives an algorithm to simulate the crater topography from a single Charge Couple Device image. Refer to the Oren-Nayar reflectance model, several parameters of the lunar crater and constraint conditions have been added to this new algorithm, also the small craters have been enhanced in the...
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A Comparative Diagnosis Approach on Transformer’s Insulating Oil

Ming-Jong Lin
The immersed oil power transformer is so vital equipment in power system that maintenance-engineers take more cautious on transformer’s insulating oil as the criterion of maintenance. The dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is known for an effective technique to detect transformer’s incipient faults. In this...
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Design of Security Monitoring System for Geological Data Library of Hainan Province

Min Sun, Binwen Huang
Geological Data Library is an important component of Land and Environmental Resources Department of Hainan Province, which is responsible for the collection and management of Hainan province's regional geological data, such as geological survey data, solid mineral geology data, petroleum geology data,...
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An Adaptive Approach for Optical Recognition of Inter-Point Hindi Devanagari Braille and its Transcription to Text

T. Shreekanth, V. Udayashankara
Optical Braille Character Recognition (OBR) system is in great need inorder to restore the old Braille documents to make them available for the large section of visually impaired people. The recognition of the double sided Braille dots is a challenging task due to the overlapping of the front side dots...
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The Start-up Mode Test of SBR Process for Pickle Wastewater Treatment

Xiang He, Jinxiang Fu, Xuejiao Feng, Zhaoxian Dang
Salted wastewater with high salt properties, the salinity range at about 6%, its treatment processing is difficult .This experiment studies the start time and treatment effect of SBR process in different ways (stage cultivation ,full cultivation).The experimental study shows that: with the use of 2-stage...
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An Adaptive Threshold Algorithm for Joint Sparse Recovery

N. F. Dong, J. X. Wang
This paper presents a new greedy algorithm for joint sparse recovery, called adaptive threshold simultaneous orthogonal matching pursuit (AT-SOMP). In this algorithm, an adaptive threshold is designed based on subspace decomposition to stop the iterative process, during which the support of target signal...
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Forecasting the Environment Changes with the ARMA Model for Application to an Oil Tank Fire Hazard

Ni Yuanzhi, Zhang Jie, Lyu Ming, Bo Yuming
In oil tank farm, the fire hazard causes a great loss to both people and property. Once there is a fire, to avoid more loss, a reliable, secure and practical method for putting out a fire is needed. And under this circumstance, the accurate forecasting of the changes of the environment, such as temperature...
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Research on Intelligent Rapid Design System of Sheet Metal Equipment

Yuan Zhengbo, Shi Hong, Zhong Liangwei
In view of the long development cycle and the heavy workload of sheet metal equipment development, the method of intelligent rapid design system that secondary development of sheet metal equipment is operated through 3D CAD software is proposed. This method constructs the expert design knowledge base...
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Blind Signal Separation of Unknown Source Number under the Constraint Based on Uniform Linear Array

Jin-de Huang, Bin Liao, Bing Chen
Regarding blind signal separation based on eigenvalue decomposition, when the spatial dimension of signal is wrong in case of unknown source quantity, it will result in significant separation errors. By making use of kurtosis as the cost function, this paper attempts to construct a blind signal separation...
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Exploration and Practice of "Dual Integration" Mode of Collaborative Production and Education in the Context of Applied Transformation---The Case of Automotive Service Engineering

Jian Fang, Fang Shao
The cultivation of applied talents of application under the background of transformation should be based on the requirements of professional talent cultivation orientation transformation, transformation, transformation of teachers, curriculum content, teaching conditions transformation and transformation...
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The relationship of city and small business economic parameters

Andrey Vazhdaev, Artur Mitsel, Marina Grigoryeva
The article presents the results of a study on dependencies between the macroeconomic parameters of Yurga City and those of financial-economic activity in small businesses.
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The Very Useful Linear Indefinite Equations in Applied Sciences

Lijiang Zeng
The number theory is an important branch of mathematics. The paper introduced some methods of solving linear indefinite equation in convergent and the so-called extended Euclid's algorithm, and got two results about linear indefinite equation. And it is very important for our understanding and using...
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Influence of Key Player Detection and Removal on Efficiency and Performance of Covert Networks using Social Network Analysis

Aisha Ahmad, Anam Shahjahan, Wasi Butt, Qamar Usman
Terrorist network is particular type of social network with prominence on efficiency and performance. In order to propose successful approaches for terrorist organizations destabilization, identification and understanding of structural properties of network is essential. This paper presents a brief survey...
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Research on the Security Management Method of Cloud Computing Authorized User Based on Anonymous OTP

Baoli Yuan
For the information security issues of cloud computing, this paper studys the security management methods of cloud computing authorized user, analyzes the vulnerabilities of OTP and proposed security authentication scheme based on OTP authentication.This authentication enables two-way authentication...
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The study of Electronic measuring equipment Electromagnetic Protection

Yi Wang, Guohuan Yan, Hua Zhang, Xiaoyan Hou
Electronic equipment is used more and more widely, but it is also to be interfered more and more vulnerable by external electromagnetic radiation interference. In this paper, a new method to enhance the anti-jamming capability of electronic devices is presented, named active electromagnetic protection...
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Local Normal Universities and Colleges of Undergraduate Course Engineering Talents Cultivation Plan Orientation

Shuxia Gao, Deyi Wang, Peng Zhang, Xianjun Guo, Xiaolong Zhang
The passage focuses on the basic connotation of life vocational career,the training concept of local universities and colleges of undergraduate course engineering talents, talent objective orientation and talent training mode were deeply analyzed and discussed, this paper introduces the courses of general...
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Research on Economic Theory and Implementation Method of the Financial Inclusion in Rural Financial Market

Xiaolin Li, Chenggang Li
The Internet technology revolution is profoundly affects every aspect of human society, such as people's production and life, habits, and even culture. At the same time, the development of the network economic activity also has a huge impact on the financial sector. And the internet finance has a large...
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The Teaching Design of Multimedia Web Page Design Based on the Flipped Classroom Mode

Jie Mao
To respond to the issues existing in the teaching of multimedia web page design, this paper has proposed a teaching mode based on the flipped classroom, where teachers provide teaching videos, courseware and other study resources before class, apply task-driven and interactive teaching methods during...
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Process Analysis of Condition Based Maintenance for Equipment

Chunjian Wang, Hongjun Fan, Tiao Wang
For a long time, the instruction of navy equip.’s detections and maintenance is the traditional theories, and the plan servicing is the main instruction thought and organized form. But with the development of electrification and digitization, the traditional method may cause disrepair and excessive repair....
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Research on Software Composition Algorithm for Antenna Arraying Based on Data of Chang'e

Juan Gao, Fei Cai, Xiaojun Cao
Lunar exploration data of Chang'e-3 is collected using two measurement & control stations 60 kilometers apart. The data is synthesized by Sumple algorithm and simulation experiments are carried out using Matlab. The synthetic efficiency is higher than 90%, which verifies the applicability of the composition...
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Calculation and Analysis of The Safety of Pressure Vessel Wall Climbing Robot

Jixin Liu, Fengju Hu, Haiyan Wang, Jitao Chen
In order to solve the problem of safety detection of pressure vessel wall, a wall climbing robot based on permanent magnetic adsorption is proposed in this paper. For climbing wall robot adsorption mechanism, from analysis of the adsorption of active permanent magnet wheel, and the statics analysis of...
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Target Detection Algorithm Based on Region Segmentation in Moving Background

Shanqiu Zhang, Jianhua Yang, Wei Lu
A new method of target detection based on region segmentation was proposed for the problem of reciprocating pumps and other disturbances for segmenting moving foreground. In this method, the background region is segmented by means of mean and variance, and divided into static background area and dynamic...
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IPv6 Enabled Smart Home Using Arduino

Mahesh Patil, Sumathy Subramaniam, Rajendra Hegadi
Internet of Things (IoT) is a widely emerging technology making our lives smarter with smart applications. One of its applications is smart home where any device or object at home can be made smart and can be controlled via internet or in a local network. All recent projects in smart home are using IPv4...
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Numerical study on deflagration and combustion effect of aircraft impact

Junwei Zhang, Wenxiang Cai, Ling Yu
In the survey stage of nuclear power plant site, it is necessary to consider the impact on nuclear power station brought by the aircraft. The most serious consequence is the fuel leak. The fuel combustion process is divided into two stages of deflagration and pool fire. This paper is mainly focus on...
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An Improved Statistical Machine Translation Method for United Chinese-Japanese Word Segmentation

Xiaowei Wang, Jinke Wang
As Chinese and Japanese word segmentation is processed with different tagging system and semantic performance, the granularity of word segmentation results should be readjusted to improve the performance of Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). This paper proposes an approach to adjust the word segmentation...
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Stochastic Non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra Mutualism systems with Impulse Jump and Markov Switching

Fangxia Lu, Zuomao Yan
In this paper, we investigate a stochastic non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra mutualism with impulse jump and Markov switching, and two sufficient conditions for stochastic persistence are established.
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A Feedback based Probability Selection for Frame forwarding in AVB switched Ethernet

Ang Gao, Yansu Hu, Lixin Li, Xu Li
In order to support real-time quality of service in time-sensitive and time-tolerant coexisting network in Ethernet, a set of IEEE standards for transporting and forwarding real-time content over Ethernet are proposed that known as Audio Video Bridging (AVB). By bandwidth reservation and priority isolation,...
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A Simulation Model for Predicting the Development of Cut Lily Based on Photo-Thermal Index

Yong-Yi Dong, Dong-Sheng An
In order to provide accurate prediction of the development stages of cut lily, which is crucial for decision-making of the market schedule, a simulation model based on photo-thermal index (PTI) was developed to estimate the phenophase days during greenhouse production. Three experiments of Lilium Oriental...
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Discussion on the Work of College Network Ideological and Political Education

Xianfa Lan
Since the popularization of colleges digitization, the traditional ideological and political education can not meet the needs of college students. It is urgent to carry out ideological and political education with the times by the means of computer network. It is necessary and urgent to carry out the...
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Strong Electromagnetic Pulse Comprehensive Protection Methods Research for UAV

Baozhou Du, Yazhou Chen, Erwei Cheng
Data link system, as important guarantee for unmanned aerial vehicle equipment to complete its battlefield function, its anti-electromagnetic pulse capacity interference directly affect the safety of airborne communications. Strong electromagnetic pulse has become an important source of electromagnetic...
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Design of E - Mail Based on Embedded Network Terminal

Ping Wang, FuLan Ye
Aiming at the hardware systems and operating systems of embedded network terminal, solutions for chat software and E-mail client software based on embedded network terminal were proposed. In this paper, the design of chat software and E-mail client software were described in detail, after analyzing the...
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A Novel 2.45GHz Compact Wideband Micro strip Antenna

Hanchun Chen, Xinglong Guo
In order to solve the contradiction of bandwidth narrowing and gain reduction caused by miniaturization of micro strip patch antenna,this paper designs a novel miniaturized wideband micro strip antenna by combining slotting on radiation patch with slotting on ground plate. The miniaturization of the...
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A Generation Method For Chinese Equipment Name Abbreviations Based On Rules

Jiwei Qin, Liangli Ma, Yanping Wang
In the field of CALS, Chinese equipment name abbreviations are widely used, and recognizing these abbreviations named entities has an important significance in the CALS knowledge discovery, but there are less research on it. A generation method based on rules is proposed for Chinese equipment name abbreviations....
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Management and Prevention of Enterprise Tax Risk

Zhang Maoliang
With the continuous improvement and perfection of China's market economic system and tax system, enterprises pay more and more attention to management and prevention of tax risk. If the enterprise can not be dealt with tax risk timely, it is likely to affect the normal operation of enterprises and then...
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Adaptive Discussion Forum for Reduce Information Overload

Aleksandr Kozko, Andrei Melnikov
Nowadays an extremely large number of people is involved in the process of creating new information. This causes information overload, which reduces the effectiveness of traditional means of online interaction. We propose an approach that we hope will help to work with the increasing volumes of information....
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Modelling for Forecasting of Pattern Recognition - Based on comparison and analysis be-tween U.S. stock Market and Chinese stock Markets

Hong Zhou, Yu He, Yuxiang Jin
An essential aspect of stock trading is the accurate forecast of stock price. This enables buy and sell points to be determined, which facilities profitability whilst reducing potential loses. This paper proposes a "Two-stage pattern Strategy (TSPS)" as an effective and intuitive mechanism to identify...
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The Construction of Social Services of the Evaluation Index about the Colleges and Universities

Feng Lu, Yunlong Shang, Kangning Zheng
This article uses the balanced score card (BSC) and various analysis method construct the evaluation index system of social services.Based on the BSC to build model, using factor analysis, descriptive analysis, hierarchical analysis method, it is used in study of higher education school of social service...
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OCControl: A Novel Congestion Protocol for Oceanic Delay Tolerant Networks

Bingxin Li, Xudong Zhang
Because of oceanic surface's complex environments, such as varied weather conditions, and its easy reflection and refraction of wireless signals, Oceanic Wireless Communication Networks (OWCN) suffer low link quality and intermittent connectivity, which in turn disable the stability of end-to-end communication...
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Is there a pattern for innovative firms? A case study from a Portuguese and a Polish Region

Nelson Duarte, Francisco Diniz, Matylda Bojar, Anna Arent
The article presents the results of the study and comparison of innovation of Portuguese and Polish companies. For this research, the perspective is taken from innovation based in intangible factors, trying to measure, above all, the organizational culture of companies on innovation. The results state...
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Data Management and Three-dimensional Visualization of Global Velocity Model Crust 2.0

Xuefeng Zheng, Yuwei Sun, Xiong Xu
This paper described the method for managing and visualizing three-dimensional earth velocity model Crust 2.0 based on knowledgebase. Firstly, we managed the velocity structure data with Geodatabase. And then, we presented a method to model and visualize the three-dimensional velocity structure with...
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A case for the development of data standards for reporting projections of growth in the Internet's energy consumption

Etienne-Victor Depasquale, Chris Preist
A growing body of literature (the "energy litera-ture"), from academic as well as industrial sources, is contrib-uting to knowledge about the growth of the Internet's energy consumption. Despite a general consensus on trends, there exist significant differences in the values published as well as in the...
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Research on the Disposal of Space Debris

Huaihui Liu, Zhijie Sun, Tong Nie, Furong Wang, Hongpeng Pan
Since human launched the first man-made earth satellite, we have made more and more great achievements in this field. Accompanied with the rapid development, however, there are left multitudes of debris in the space. And the growth of space debris has a strong impact on the normal human space activities....
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Learning Hierarchical Representations for Face Recognition using Deep Belief Network Embedded with Softmax Regress and Multiple Neural Networks

Haijun Zhang, Nanfeng Xiao
In face recognition and classi cation, feature extraction and classi cation based on insuf cient labeled data is a well-known challenging problem. In this paper, a novel semi-supervised learning algorithm named deep belief network embedded with Softmax regress (DBNESR) is proposed to address this problem....
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On the Application of Computer Technology in College English Teaching

Wenxing Zhang
Corpus linguistics gains much development in China, and brings vigor and vitality to college English teaching reform. Compared with traditional English teaching modes, corpus has its unique advantages, and provides a greater room of learning and development for English learners. This paper studies the...
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Research on Algorithm for Virtual Network Embedding Based on Integer Programming

Min Lai, Zhengliang Liu
The virtual network embedding problem is a majorchallenge in this field. Its target is to efficiently map the virtual nodes and virtual linksonto the substrate network resources. Due to multiple objectives and multipleconstraints, finding the optimal solution turns out to be a very difficult problem....
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Study on the valuation of music copyright in China

Yongchen Li, Yang Liu
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the development of cultural industry gets more and more attention and the demand of cultural industry of intangible assets valuation is increasing. This article will research on music copyright, mainly focus on the influence factors of music copyright value on the...
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The Negative Effects Caused by the Development of the Painting and Calligraphy Market during the Early Period of the Republic of China (1912-1937)

Xiaojun Tao, Hangwei Wang
Under the influence of the whole economic situation, the painting and calligraphy market developed greatly during the early period of the Republic of China, which improved the survival situation and social status of the painters and calligraphers, but which objectively brought negative effects on the...
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Application of Wavelet Analysis and Neural Network in Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing

Li Xinli, Yao Wanye, Yang Xiao, Zhou Qingjie
In this paper, a fault-diagnosis method is proposed for generator rolling bearings based on wavelet packet analysis and neural network. Acquisition of wind farm rolling bearings real-time signal under different conditions.Firstly, decomposes vibration acceleration signals use wavelet packets analysis,...
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Subpixel Edge Localization Based on the Bresenham Algorithm

Weifang Sun, Binqiang Chen, Qi Luo
Precise subpixel edge localization is significant for photogrammetry. In this paper; a new subpixel edge localization and interpolation of still image based on the Bresenham algorithm is proposed. Parameters fitting method is adopted to acquire the subpixel image brim point. After the localization; contiguous...
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A Study on the Performance Test of Weight Sensor System for Agent Monitoring of Gaseous Extinguishing System

SungHo Hong, MoonSoo Choi, DongSuk Kim, JiHyun Kwark, GoSeop Roh
This paper presents a study on the performance test for newly developed weight sensor system for agent monitoring of gaseous extinguishing system. The weight sensor system consists of weight sensor, LCD display, main board, power unit and so on. The performance test is configured to be able to accurately...
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A new Bayesian classification algorithm based on attribute reduction

Hongmei Nie, Jiaqing Zhou
Naive Bayesian classifier is a simple and efficient classification method. However, the assumption of the independence of its attributes is difficult to be satisfied, which influences the classification performance. In this paper, a new classification algorithm is proposed, which is based on the attribute...
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Mechanical States Studies on Half-span Swinging Arch Bridge of Open Thin-walled Section in the Construction Stage

Jinghua Fu, Sheng Li, Zhi Li
Basing on an actual swinging arch bridge, some mechanical properties in the construction stage that the half-span swinging structure breaking away the brackets are analyzed by the finite element software ANSYS, such as the structural curve mode, bracing cable force, key section stress and the global...
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Chinese Handwriting Signature Identification techniques

Yongjian Zhao
Chinese handwriting signature is a useful biological feature for identity verification. This paper presents a hybrid signature identification method. Applying wavelet transform to each stroke of signature, reliable signature characteristic is extracted. Subsequently, a desirable classifier is introduced...
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Implementation of a Mobile Application for Field Data Collection

Gang Qin, Can Chen, Haijing Fu
With the development of information technology, the working style and live style of people change a lot. Intelligent mobile terminals running Android system become popular in recent years. They are portable and powerful. Field data collection is an important job for researchers and personnel of nature...
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Solving Nonzero-Sum Nash Differential Game via Variation and Pseudospectral Methods

Guang-Yan Xu, Biao Zhou, Hong-Mei Zhang, Dan Zhao
A numerical methods are presented in this paper to solve the nonzero-sum N-player Nash differential game. Variation methods are used to convert the original game into a regular optimal control problem which consists of one objective function, the state equations of all the players with initial conditions...
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A framework for sustainability assessment of ICT futures. Scenarios and sustainability impacts of future ICT- societies

Yevgeniya Arushanyan, Elisabeth Ekener-Petersen, Åsa Moberg, Vlad C. Coroama
The rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) has an influence on all societal sectors and can have both positive and negative consequences. To support ICT for sustainability (ICT4S), we need to learn when and how ICT can enable sustainable development. It is important to take...
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Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity of Two Rare-Earth Complexes with Schiff Base from Lysine-Salicylaldehyde

Yan Li, Zhigang Zeng
Two novel rare earth complexes with Schiff base from Lysine-Salicylaldehyde were synthesized by using the drop by drop reaction. On the basis of molar conductance and elemental analysis, a formula of the target complex was given. Moreover, the target complexes were also characterized by IR and UV-visible....
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Construction and Implementation of Vocational Curriculum Process Evaluation System in “task-driven project” Teaching Mode——Experiences in "International Marketing" Curriculum

Li Chunhong, Wang Dongwu, Zhang Yunqin, Gao Huihui
Teaching evaluation system is the most important link of vocational college teaching quality assurance, which plays important role in collage teaching management and the collage development. Teaching evaluation system is a systemic engineering with rich connotation and denotation. From the teaching evaluation...
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Aligning Interferograms from Single-baseline InSAR by Local Frequency Estimation

Jiao Guo, Shenglan Wang, Baofeng Su
It is feasible to obtain multibaseline InSAR data with repeat passes of existing single-baseline InSAR systems. Due to high coherence, the single-pass pair of SAR images can be accurately aligned using existing methods. However, there exist great difficulties in alignment of multiple-pass SAR images....
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Integration Methodology for Smart City Design ——Application of CHORA’s Urban Gallery in the Case of the SSD-Project ,EU.

Zesong Wei, Georg Hubmann, Shicun Sun
Factor 4 improvements represent a critical leap forward in district planning and management in the future. SSD is an innovation project comes from EU,and helds workshop in Technology University of Berlin,Germany. It is an innovation plan helps us achieve Factor 4 improvements in a range of climate change...
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A New Method for Sorting Radar Signal Based on Entropy Features

Jun Han, Xiaofei Lu, Minghao He, Xiaojie Tang
In order to figure out shortcomings of the existing method, such as the accuracy is not high and the method is sensitive to noise, we firstly Obtain the Wigner distribution space and bispectrum space for the received radar signal, then divide the space into subspace. Under the subspace distribution probability,...
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Development and Design of A New Kind Of Grinding Equipment for Production of Hardware

Zhanfeng Zhao
This paper analyzes a new kind of grinding equipment for production of hardware, including External working table, first working board, second working board, grinding motor, control motor and rotary motor. The center of the workbench has a dust collecting port . soleplates are installed on both sides...
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Knowledge Discovery in Evolution of the Structure and Form of Scientific Model: J-System Theory

Qi Qian, Qianhui Zhao, Yu Chen, Zhaohua Jiang
First we establish the definition of J-System, and by some actual case according to this definition to illustrate that many scientific knowledge system are J-System which is consist of three concept sets by some cognitive pattern. This paper discusses that the J system is composed of the paradigm set...
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Organizational Model of Big Data Innovation Alliance: Case Analysis of Virtual Cluster Perspective

Xiaomei Wang, Tianzhu Li*
In recent years, the Big Data Innovation Alliance has received widespread attention and rapid development, but its effective organizational model remains to be further revealed. From the perspective of industrial clusters, the Big Data Innovation Alliance can be seen as an industrial agglomeration phenomenon....
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Biodiversity and Existing Condition of Coral Reef Ecosystem in Kondang Merak Beach Malang

Tarzan Purnomo
Coral reefs are one of the compilers of ecologically and economically important tropical marine ecosystems, but are very vulnerable to damage. Declining sea water quality due to climate change, coastal land use, and inaccurate coastal management patterns can threaten its sustainability. This study aims...
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Relational Algebra Interpreter

Tamim Alkhalifah, Denise De Vries
Relational Algebra is a procedural language that defines database in terms of algebraic expressions. It is used to explain query execution and optimization in a relational DBMS. However, the tools available to teach the concepts of Relational Algebra are limited. Most of the tools that teach database...
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Research on Existential Problems Based on Drawer Principle

Wenrong Jiang
The principle of drawer, also known as the "pigeon (nest)" principle, is a common method for solving existential problems. It was first proposed by the German mathematician Dirichlet. Therefore, it is also known as the Dirichlet principle in mathematics. In this paper, the combination of algorithms and...
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A Mobile Frequency Allocation Algorithm Based on the Graph Theory

L. Yang, Y.H. Yu
By using the theory of point coloring in graph theory, the algorithm in this article converts the relationship among base stations to the relationship between the vertices and lines in a graph, performs the point coloring for the great connecting diagram on the basis of the thought of the wheel diagram,...
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The Necessity of Ecological Education in Wuling Mountain Area

Hongzhen Su, Yan Wang
Wuling mountain area is one of the areas where economic development is slow, but it is also reach ecological resources. Hence joining the environmental protection and the economic development is of great significance in the area.This paper analyzes the necessity of implementation of ecological education...
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A Wireless Ecological Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring System Based on LoRa Technology

Mao Li, Cong Lin, Jia Ren, Feng Jiang
For the development of the direction and scale of aquaculture, the requirements for aquaculture technology and the environment are constantly increasing. In the process of aquaculture, the high requirements of parameters such as dissolved oxygen content and PH value of water quality make water quality...
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Design of Analog Circuit for Radar Video Echo

Chunyu Shao, Xuezhi Zhang, Cun Xie
Radar plays a more and more important role in modern war. Many countries have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in radar technology research and development. The radar echo is simulated with modern electronic technology and computer digital simulation technology in order to debug and...
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Improved K-means Algorithm Based on Optimizing Initial Cluster Centers and Its Application

Xue Linyao, Wang Jianguo
Data mining is a process of data grouping or partitioning from the large and complex data, and the clustering analysis is an important research field in data mining. The K-means algorithm is considered to be the most important unsupervised machine learning method in clustering, which can divide all the...
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Modification of Edon80 to Resist the Key Recovery Attack

Xiaomei Wang, Yunqing Xu
Edon80 is a hardware binary additive synchronous stream cipher submitted to the last phase of the eSTREAM project. The core of the cipher consists of quasigroup string e-transformations and it employs four quasigroups of order 4. The internal structure of Edon80 is highly pipelined, making it scalable...
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Curriculum Evaluation of Internet of Vehicles Converted from Electronic Information Engineering

Qingyu Zou, Dejun Liu
Internet of vehicles is a new professional, involving real-time access to vehicle data, car road and shore information exchange, traffic data analysis and processing of key technologies and public transport information services, big data and cloud computing. In this paper, we analyze the curriculum structure...
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Generalized Nonlinear Vector Variational-like Inequalitie with set-valued mappings

Aihua Wang, Di Wu, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we introduce and study a class of generalized nonlinear vector variational-like inequalities. By utilizing maximal element theorem, we prove the existence of its solutions in the setting of locally convex topological vector space under certain conditions.
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Nonlinear Calibration of Thermocouple Sensor Based on Least Squares Support Vector Regression

Shengbo Zhang, Qingling Dai
Calibration is an important operation in the instrumentation industry for determining the relationship between the output(s) (or response) of a measuring instrument and the value of the input(s). This paper proposes a nonlinear calibration method based on least squares support vector regression (LS-SVR)...
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Obtain Employment Oriented Personnel Training Program of Engineering Class Specialty

Shuxia Gao, Deyi Wang, Peng Zhang, Xianjun Guo, Xiaolong Zhang
With the development of environmental protection industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is a growing demand for professionals in the aspects of environmental protection equipment engineering. On the same time, the profession in our country is just began and many questions...
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Study of Instructional Model for Information Technology Fundamental Courses under MOOC Environment

Mingjing Chen
MOOC has several characteristics such as open, diversified, massive and supporting to personalize interactive learning. It pushes high education reform to a new stage. How to improve existing teaching with MOOC has become a hot topic in current research. Both the information technology fundamental courses...