Proceedings of the 6th Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development (SSCHD 2020)

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On Value Goals of State Governance Modernization

Xiaodong Li
As the value goals change as per the varying theme of the times, people desired for the unity and harmony during war and unrest years, but fought for democracy and freedom under great empire’s ruling. However, at present, as the social conflicts and economic stagnation occur, people are longing for communion...
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Business Model Innovation of Bicycle Sharing From Perspective of Sustainable Economic Development

Yunqi Wang, Liang Li, Daiqingwen Luo
As the typical representative of sharing economy, bicycle sharing is not only the result of technological innovation, but also the innovation of product designing and business model. From the massive influx of bicycle sharing brands into the market in 2016 to the subsequent rapid withdrawal, and then...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education of College Students From the Perspective of College Network Public Opinion

Wen Ren
In the era of new media, the online public opinion of colleges and universities is more complex and diverse. Formulating scientific and effective online public opinion management strategies is of great significance to maintaining the harmony and stability of colleges and universities. Through the analysis...
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Research on the Influence of Place Attachment on Residents’ Attitude and Behavior Based on Structural Equation Model

Taking Beijing as an Example

Lei Jia, Yining Chen, Yaqin Dai
Place attachment describes the emotional relationship between people and places, which is a new perspective in the study of residents’ perception of tourism impact. Taking ‘place attachment’ as the starting point, this paper further studies the effect of place attachment on tourism impact perception,...
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A Brief Talk on the Construction of New Countryside in Pearl River Delta

Deyu Chen, Jing Guo
The issue of agriculture, rural areas and farmers has always been a key issue in our country’s modernization drive. Since the reform and opening up, China’s rural construction has made great achievements, especially in the Pearl River Delta, relying on the superior geographical position and the country’s...
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What is the Relationship Among Wages, Supplementary Labor Income, Unemployment and Productivity?

Evidence From Canadian Manufacturing

Huixuan Xie
This study investigated the relationship between the labor wage (LC), supplementary labor income (SLI), unemployment rate (UN), and labor productivity (LP) of the manufacturing industry in Canada, using time-series econometric techniques. This study was based on the Vector Autoregression Model (VAR)...
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Charity Organizations Participate in Research on Poverty Alleviation and Mechanism Innovation

Yanli Guo, Baoai Zhao
2020 is the year to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the year to win the battle against poverty. Transformation of the forms of the poverty of our country makes charity organization is becoming more and more significant in the crucial role of poverty, this paper uses...
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Visualization Study of Terrorist Activities in Asia Based on UCINET

Qiwu Wu, Lingzhi Jiang, Mingzhu Zheng
After 9.11, terrorism has become the hotspot of research by scholars all over the world, and the fight against terrorism has been intensified. However, under the fight of the whole society, the phenomenon of “the more we fight against terrorism, the more active it becomes” has appeared, which is especially...
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The “One-Dimensional” to “Two-Dimensional” of Ideological and Political Education: Cause of the Problem, Generation and Elimination, Paradigm Innovation

Huiyan Gao
Ideological and political education is a practical activity aimed at the all-round development of people. The ideological and political education model based on the pure subject-object structural relationship can easily lead to single subjectivity and “one-dimensional” subjective personality. Taking...
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The Influence of Family Economic Status on Literacy Ability of Early School-Aged Children: The Mediating Effect of Parental Involvement

Rou Sun
The impact of family economic status on children’s development has been widely concerned in recent years. However, the influence of the basic cognitive ability of early school-aged children and its mechanism need to be further studied. In this study, 120 early school-aged children were tested with the...
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The Analysis of Tautology in Political Discourse

Yan Niu
This paper discusses one intriguing but complicated issue about identity in tautological constructions in Chinese political discourse. We recognized that, though Russell’s description theory is helpful to exploit the logical mechanism underlying the grammatical forms, it still has the difficulties in...
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Research on the Path to Teach Ideological and Political Theory Courses on Patriotism Education in Universities During the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Jun Cao
Patriotism is the national heart and soul of the Chinese nation, as well as the most important spiritual wealth and spiritual power of the Chinese nation. The spirit of patriotism demonstrated in the no-gun smoke fight against COVID-19 has become the favorable weapon and spiritual key to support the...
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Preliminary Study on New Quality Combat Effectiveness of Intelligent and Unmanned Anti-Terrorism Equipment

Yongyan Zhu, Qiwu Wu, Xiang Li, Xutao Liu
New-quality combat effectiveness is a systematic combat capability based on information systems. It is the basic form of combat effectiveness under information conditions that integrates comprehensive perception, real-time command, precision strike, full-dimensional protection, and focused support. Combat...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Big Health Industry in Jiangxi Province Based on SWOT

Nan Wang, Lei Wu, Jiayi Jiang, Yueping Zhou
The big health industry is an emerging industry with great potential, which will lead the development of China’s society and economy. This paper used SWOT model to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges of the development of Jiangxi province’s big health industry, and we put...
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A Comparative Study Between Chinese and Western Dragon Culture in Cross-Cultural Communication

Lina Yuan, Yunling Sun
This paper compared the differences between Chinese and Western “dragon” culture and emphasizes that cross-cultural communication should focus on contrast and comparison between heterogeneous cultures. Through the detailed analysis of the origins, cultural connotations, and symbolic meanings of Eastern...
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Research on the Development and Current Situation of Teaching Mode Under the Background of Informationization at Home and Abroad

Zhibin Zhang, Xianzhen Ren, Xiuhua Geng, Wei Liu
accelerate the education informatization construction is not only the important content of deepening the reform of vocational education teaching, and teaching mode, changing to adapt to a new generation of the inevitable trend of the informationization process of education informatization which includes...
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Exploration of Contextual Marketing Model Based on Mobile Apps

Xiaojun Zheng, Fenglin Lin, Xinyi Cai
With the development of mobile Internet technology and the explosion of the number of mobile terminals, the contextual marketing model of mobile apps have brought benefits to businesses and ultimate sense of experience to users that traditional business marketing models cannot create. And developers...
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Investigating Interpreters’ Professional Competence

Lei Dai
With the economic and hi-tech globalization as well as the increasingly frequent exchanges between countries, the demand for high-caliber interpreters is constantly growing. This paper thus expounds the professional competence an interpreter needs, including core competence and auxiliary competence....
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Four-Phases Hypothesis of Drama Culture Translation: A Case of Academic Translation Project on Silk Road: The Study of Drama Culture

Fen Gao, Fan Yang, Lin Wang
Starting from the procedure of applying for Chinese Academic Translation Project sponsored by Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences, this paper probes into the four phases of translation for drama culture in Silk Road: The Study of Drama Culture, i.e. initial translation, re-translation,...
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The Visual Communication and Cultural Reconstruction of Chinese Traditional Skills

Nongzhang Ke
Chinese traditional skills refer to technical methods and cultural connotations, such as the harmony of materials and environment, the harmony between people and materials, the simultaneous development of practicality and aesthetics, and the distinction between grades and etiquette. However, contemporary...
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Critical Discourse Analysis: A Cognitive Investigation of Production and Interpretation of Netnews

Liyun Dong, Wei Deng
News discourse is ideological since it is made up to sustain or restructure power relations.Netnews is no exception: it strengthens ideology and ideology conversely strengthens Netnews.The article is trying to illustrate how the ideology works in the production and understanding of Netnews. The findings...
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On Collage as a New Language of Modernist Literature

Lu Xiang
With the acceleration and fragmentation in modern society, language is undergoing a paradigm shift under the impact of digital media. It is no coincidence that collage comes with modernity and becomes a new possibility of expression. In the context of modern and contemporary art and literature, it is...
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Enlighten Education to Children via Elegant Art

Yiduo Su, Kun Li
This paper starts from the educational work of cultivating children’s elegant music art, and it adopts an alternative perspective of how to grasp the psychology of children to achieve the best training effect. Through the combination of theoretical research and scientific practice to prefect the means...
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Discourse Analysis on Campus News in University Image Construction

Haijian Dan, Xiaoben Yin
Campus news is one of the most important aspects of the university image construction. This paper takes campus news of Wuhan University of Technology, Seoul National University, Harvard University as corpus, and applies systemic-functional grammar to analyze the transitivity, the subjectivity of the...
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Research on the Strategy of Home-School Cooperation in Precision Support Work of Colleges Based on Psychological Quality of the Students

Ling Yan
According to the home-school cooperation and interaction, home-school cooperation plays an important role in the psychological precision support in colleges and universities. This paper will combine the importance of home-school cooperation to study the strategies of home-school cooperation to provide...
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Research on Cultural Influence Based on the Immersive Entertainment IP Experience Project

Mao Wang, Zhucui Jing
With the continuous integration of culture and technology, new forms of cultural industry continue to emerge. As the intelligent product of the new era, the immersive entertainment IP experience project can not only reflect IP value with novel and innovative forms, but also enable participants to obtain...
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An Analysis of Hofstede’s 5 Cultural Dimensions Functioning in Ren Zhengfei’s Intercultural Communication With BBC Reporter

Qinpei Fan
In the context of economic globalization, communication and coordination are the best way to seek long-term development. Ren Zhengfei’s interview with a BBS reporter conveyed the message that Huawei is actively communicating with the West. This article intends to analyze the 5 cultural dimensions in...
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Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training System for Network Information Security Talents

Bin Han, Zhi Qin, Ding Chen, Xiangmei Li
This paper studies how to create a training system of innovation and entrepreneurship ability of Cyberspace Security Specialty by researching the current situation of college education, stimulate students’ innovative thinking and entrepreneurial consciousness, and comprehensively improve students’ innovative...
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Visualization Study of Terrorist Organizations in Asia Based on UCINET

Mingzhu Zheng, Qiwu Wu, Lingzhi Jiang
Until 2020, the threat of international terrorist activities still not diminish, extremists accelerated their flight from the Middle East to many countries in Asia and Africa, and terrorist forces around China became extremely active, thus impacting on regional security. Therefore, the analysis of the...
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Application of Equipment Quality Management in Fulfillment Tasks Based on Alliance Blockchain Intelligent Contract Technology

Xiang Li, Qiwu Wu, Yongyan Zhu
Based on the intelligent contract technology of alliance blockchain, the equipment quality management mode matching responsibility, right and accountability is established. It makes seamless link between the equipment management department and the team which executes the tasks, realizing the intelligent...
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On the Role of Nonverbal Communication in Li Ziqi’s Videos in Intercultural Communication

Qinpei Fan
This article intends to analyze the role of non-verbal communication in cross-cultural communication from the four types of non-verbal communication in Li Ziqi’s videos: 1. Kinesics: body behaviors produced by speakers; 2. Proxemics: uses of spatial setting by speakers; 3. Sound; 4. Chronemics: use of...
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Research on the Relationship Between Online Gamer Identity and Game Loyalty

Guo Zhao, Baolei Yang
With the continuous development of internet and communication technology, human have also increasingly expanded social interactions. The proportion of traditional face-to-face communication has decreased in daily life, while conveying information through media becomes the principal part. CMC (Computer-Mediated...
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Preliminary Study on the Implementation of Spiritual Needs Accommodation in Retirement Community Landscape in the Context of Smart Pension

Yanhong Liu, Ting wen, Yongdong Liu, Mimi Tsai, Juan Chen
Smart Pension aims to cope with severe problems caused by population aging with the help of information technology, which helps the elderly improve their quality of life and demonstrate their value and dignity. Technology and needs accommodation are the cores of Smart Pension, in which the supply of...
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The Revival of Spanish Through Hispano-Filipino Literature in the Philippines

Jinmei Chen
In this paper, we focus on another form of Spanish’s survival within Filipino culture, Hispano-Filipino literature, and discuss whether it is possible to revitalize the Spanish in the Philippines through the existence of Hispano-Filipino literature, its teaching, and its spread.
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Cognition of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship System Among the Different Grades and Genders of Undergraduates in Environmental Science and Engineering Education: A Case Study From Universities in Western China

Jian Zhang, Huanjie Xie, Tianshu Chen, Jianjun Cao
The innovation and entrepreneurship education play an important role in higher education system worldwide. However, cognition differences in innovation and entrepreneurship of undergraduates (such as grade, gender) are not well explored. In this study, taking undergraduates engaged in environmental science...
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The Role of Chinese Realia in Mo Yan’s Big Breasts and Wide Hips

Ying Sui, Dong Zhang
The article is concerned with the role of realia in the novel Big Breasts and Wide Hips by the Chinese contemporary writer Mo Yan and its translation into Russian and English. Based on the material of the literary text, the most representative Chinese realia are collected and studied. The role of Chinese...
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The Principles of the Evaluation of China’s Company Websites Translation From Perspective of Eco-Translatology

Fei Han, Sheng Peng, Dianlei Geng, Hongbo Song, Qiongyin Zhang, Yulin Weng
The Belt and Road has built a good international environment for the development of China’s enterprises in abroad, promoting the development of them in abroad. In this process, however, China’s companies have encountered with kinds of barriers. The problems in the construction of China’s companies’ English...
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The Semantic Frames and Quantitative Characteristics of Chinese Event Noun

Zhong Wu
Event noun is an atypical noun, representing event instead of object. Based on the theory of frames semantics, this article aims at studying the semantic frames and quantitative characteristics of event nouns and finds that nouns in the same event domain have the same semantic frame. Generally speaking,...
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Semiotics: Important Way for Improving College Students’ Abilities of Images Reading and Critical Thinking

Baolei Yang, Guo Zhao
In the context of visual culture, it is an important way for college students to master semiotic knowledge to improve their images-reading abilities and cultivate critical thinking. Image interpretation can draw lessons from Saussure’s three pairs of symbolic concepts -- signifier and signified, combination...
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Manifestation of Tolerance in the Aspect of the Communicative-Pragmatic Approach

Jinling Zhu
In the process of communication, linguistic aggressiveness can lead to various contradictions, failure of communication, but linguistic tolerance is one of the most effective means to avoid aggression, guarantee the continuation of communication, and overcome transcultural barriers. The main content...
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An Analysis of the Path to Cultivating and Practicing Socialist Core Values for College Students in the New Era

Fei Chen
The core values of socialism are the mainstream values of our society, which embodies the common value thinking and value orientation of our people. The cultivation of socialist core values in colleges and universities is currently facing severe challenges. The cultivation of socialist core values in...
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A Comparative Study of Sino-America Family Education From the Perspective of Culture

Lina Yuan, Yunling Sun
Aiming at exploring the similarities and differences in Sino-American family education, this paper tries to carry out a comparative study on Chinese and American family education in terms of notion, content and method from the perspective of culture. To absorb advanced American family education concepts...
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A Study of Sino-Western Intercultural Marriage From A Cross-Cultural Prospective

Yunling Sun, Lina Yuan
With the development of globalization and the frequent communication among cultures and economy, intercultural marriage is becoming more and more popular. Intercultural marriage is a typical representative of cross-cultural communication, which greatly reflects the similarities and differences of diverse...
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On China’s Experience in Fighting Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Sisi Yan
COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented major public health emergency in China in the past 70 years since the People’s Republic of China was founded. In the face of the sudden outbreaks, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core implemented targeted responses, and the broad masses...
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An Interpretation of the Ecofeminism in The Grapes of Wrath

Yan Liu
The Grapes of Wrath is one of the representative works of American modern novelist John Steinbeck. It is a documentary novel which reflects the social problems in the Great Depression in 1930s. The article, based on the background of bankruptcy, fleeing and struggling of the state farmers in the middle...
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A Brief Analysis on the Creation of Relaxed and Pleasant Atmosphere in the Art Class in Compulsory Education

Dong Guo
A good, relaxed and pleasant classroom atmosphere is undoubtedly an important condition for constructing and ensuring effective learning field for teachers and students from the characteristics of the art discipline or from the perspective of receivers. In such an atmosphere, teachers can often brainstorm,...
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Translators’ Subjectivity,Cultural Representation and Readers’ Option in Thick Translation

Yanlin Wang
Thick translation originated from the thick description in cultural anthropology, breaking through the limitations of other translation theories and strategies with providing the pro-found cultural background of the source text. Research in China on thick translation has mostly focused on theoretical...
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An Analysis on the Evolution of Eco-Cultural Identity in Gannan Tibetan Area

Mei Xue
The special geographical location contributes much to the intact original ecological culture in Gannan Tibetan area, but the profit-driven nature of economic system in industrial civilization leads to the intensification of the crisis of ecological and cultural identity in this area. In the evolution...
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Comparative Analysis on English Websites of Chinese and Foreign Multinational Construction Companies

Fei Han, Sheng Peng, Dianlei Geng, Hongbo Song, Yunfei Han, Kai Huang
To study the similarities and differences of English websites of Chinese and foreign construction multinational companies, six representative multinational companies of construction industry in China and foreign countries were selected as the research objects and named “China group sample” and “foreign...
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“Promoting Teaching and Learning Through Competition”, To build an Engineering Practice Training System Complemented by Competition and Education

Ding Chen, Juan Wang, Bin Han, Zhi Qin, Shanru Chen
Under the background of “New Engineering”, college students’ innovation ability and engineering practice ability are the core tasks of higher education, and subject competition is an important way to cultivate college students’ practical innovation ability. In order to strengthen the innovation and practical...
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On the Characteristics of Modern Education and the Connotation of Educational Informatization

Yan Li, Yue Wu
With the development of the society and the changes of the times, the modern education comparing to traditional education presents many new features, the connotation of the education information is also increasingly rich, which driving people to understand the modern education deeply. At first, this...
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On the Integration of College English Teaching and Ideological and Political Courses From the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Jingwen Ma
General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work of Colleges and Universities that all kinds of courses should follow the same path as ideological and political theory courses, and “cultivate people with virtue” should run through all links of education...
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Discussion on the Exemplary Role of Post-Doctoral Party Members in Scientific Research

Take Jinan University Post-Doctoral Research Station of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine as an Example

Sha Feng, Guirong Li
Postdoctoral fellows, which have deep significance for the construction of the research team, are indispensable part of the young and middle-aged talent team in universities. Based on the working example of the post-doctoral research station of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Jinan...
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Economic Law Thinking on the Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence

Yi Guo
The development of artificial intelligence technology has created huge wealth for human society and brought great convenience to people’s daily lives. However, like every coin has two sides. While artificial intelligence has brought a great positive effect to the world, there comes along its negative...
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Discussion on Laboratory Computer Management and Maintenance of Computer Course

Dan Shao, Juan Wang
Computer course pay attention to practical operation ability, and computer class hours in laboratory occupy a large proportion. The assessment of many subjects also depends on the computer test. How to manage the laboratory equipment and network configuration and maintenance has become an important part...
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Exploration and Study on the Run-Through Cultivation of High-End Technical Skilled Talents in Beijing

XiuHua Geng, Xianzhen Ren, Zhibin Zhang
It has been more than three years since the implementation of the run-through cultivation in Beijing. Regarding how to truly cultivate high-end technical talents that meet the needs of the society, all schools are in the stage of learning, exploring, advancing, and improving. The primary task of the...
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A Whole-Process Innovative Education on Undergraduate Students Based on Scientific Investigations

Yanan Liu, Wanli He, Shiri Guo, Wenhui Zhou, Dengguang Yu
Backgrounds & Objective: Three-comprehensive education is presently going on in all the China colleges and universities. Effectively carrying out this activity should be very useful for fostering the undergraduate students into the professional talents in future. Methods: Scientific investigations...
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A Study on the Using Motivation of Zu’an Culture in Chinese Middle School

Yuting Dong, Zilin Zhang
July 11, 2020, a report in Bimonthly Talk magazine entitled “It’s Time to Stop the Invasion of Zu’an Cultural Circle into Campus”. It has aroused widespread concern and heated discussion in the society. This article through the qualitative research case study method from sociology, psychology and other...
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Understanding and Nurturing Chinese Engineering Students’ Critical Thinking in U.S. Universities

Lei Chen
While it is widely believed that critical thinking is one of the most important goals in higher education for Western universities, there are discussions on whether such goal equally apply to international students, and students of different majors. Specifically, Chinese students in engineering major...
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Research on the Path to Breakthrough in the Dilemma of Chinese Traditional Medicine Intellectual Property Protection

Hongyuan Li
In the protection of intellectual property rights of traditional Chinese medicine in my country, there are problems such as insufficient awareness of enterprises and individuals to protect their intellectual property rights and difficulty in patent application. The current laws and regulations cannot...
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Difficulties in the Application of Legitimate Defense and Its Solutions

Wei Gao
In judicial practice, there is a phenomenon of strict application of justifiable defense clauses, which makes this clause a dormant clause. Therefore, it is particularly important to wake up this clause. In judicial practice, we need to define the limits of legitimate defense, correctly identify factors...
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Research on the Judicial Application of Copyright in Blockchain Electronic Deposit

Deyuan Zheng
Blockchain technology, with its decentralized and hard-to-tamper characteristics, can ensure the authenticity and reliability of digital copyright electronic data in the generation, storage, transmission, authentication and verification stages. Both my country’s Internet courts and third-party platforms...
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Construction of Career Core Competence Evaluation System for Vocational Students Based on OBE

Qishen Zhu, Yinghua Zha
Constructing an effective evaluation system of career core competence is an important link of talent training in higher vocational colleges and an important driving force of education and teaching reform to improve the quality of talent training. This paper puts forward the idea of constructing the career...
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Research on Teaching Reforms of Embedded System Course Under New Situation for IOT Speciality

Lei Shi, Juan Wang
Facing the rise of international anti trade doctrine, China’s science and technology development is facing more and more challenges. Under the new situation, how to play the role of educational reform in the development of science and technology is particularly important. The traditional teaching method...
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On the Construction of “Curriculum Ideological and Political Education” in College English

Hongli Gao
As an important concept and principle to guide the teaching of various disciples in Chinese universities, curriculum ideological and political education has become a hot research topic in academic circles. College English, one of the most popular key general courses in Chinese universities, has become...
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Intellectual Property Protection of Biological Genetic Resources

Yayun Luo
There is a serious loss of biological genetic resources in China, the domestic legislation on biological genetic resources is scarce and scattered, so we should improve the domestic law of biological genetic resources as soon as possible. Research from the aspects of intellectual property rights (ipr)...
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Teaching Reform of Precision Agriculture Technology Based on Virtual Reality

Ying Liu, Gangshun Rao, Jianping Chen, Hanqiao Hu, Yuduan Ou, Yingbin Xue
In the field of higher education teaching, the development of virtual reality teaching is one of the important manifestations of education and teaching informatization, and its specific application has been increasingly extensive implemented. Based on the characteristics of virtual reality technology...
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The Characteristics of Preschool Mathematics Education in the United Kingdom and Its Inspiration

Wanchun Wang
Mathematics education is an important part of the preschool children’s all-round development, occupying the important status in the teaching activities of the kindergarten. Young children can develop mathematical logic thinking ability, and accumulate mathematical experience, form good learning quality....
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Law on Control of Marine Environmental Pollution in Vietnam Today: Assessment of Content and Proposing Solution to Further Complete the Law

Luan Nguyen Thanh
This study focuses on analyzing the content of the current law on controlling the marine pollution in Vietnam. These regulations are mainly under the Law on Environmental Protection 2014; Law on Natural Resources and Environment of Sea and Islands 2015 and documents guiding to implement these two laws....
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New Engineering Construction of Internet of Things With Prominent Safety Features

Based on Computer Network Security

Juan Wang, Luqiao Zhang, Liyun Ren, Yan Jiang
New industry 4.0 needs the cooperation of new engineering education to cultivate new talents with multiple core abilities. The Internet of things project is an important specialty of new engineering and the next 10 billion industry. However, its personnel training does not meet the requirements of the...
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Observation and thinking of Innovative Courses in Colleges and Universities

Li Li, Tingting Zou, Bin Liu, Lei Wu, Helang Huang
The courses of innovation and entrepreneurship training are proposed by colleges and universities to change the traditional education concepts and cultivate more applied talents. This article takes Nanchang University as an example to introduce the current situation and existing problems of innovative...
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Unauthorized Transactions and Unintended Transactions in Open Banking:

Loss Allocation Based on Predictably Irrational Customers

Junqi Wang, Duwei Deng
Open Banking allows for faster data flow data to flow faster and more widely. At the same time, a variety of risks have emerged as a result. This paper examines two major types of risk: unauthorized transactions and unintended transactions, both of which take place when consumers provide authorization...
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Development of “Double-Qualified” Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges: Dilemma, Framework and Path

Ying Li, Jianmei Mao
In view of present situation and development dilemmas of “Double-qualified” teachers in higher vocational colleges, clarify the gap between the actual “Double-qualified” teachers and ideal ones required by the country. Based on the concept of “Double-qualified” teachers, development framework for teacher...
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Research on the Embodiment and Protection of Workers’ Rights and Interests in the New Individual Income Tax Law of The P.R.C.

Xin Luo
The Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China (“the new Tax Law”), which was formally implemented on January 1, 2019, protects the workers’ rights and interests in the calculation methods and design ideas of individual income tax. This paper will try to analyze concretely how to protect...
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Application of Flipped Classroom Model in The Integrated Course of Theory & Practice

An Example of Automobile Maintenance Course in Vocational Colleges

Jianmei Mao, Ying Li
Flipped classroom is an effective teaching model. The application of integrated courses of theory and practice in vocational colleges not only innovates educational forms, enriches teaching resources, but also helps cultivate students’ practical ability. Taking the automobile maintenance course as an...
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A Study Proposal of Individualized Educational Program Development Strategies Based on Single Subject Studies

Le Qi, Bo Su
The problem of underachieved students in vocational education is a painful point in improving the quality of higher vocational education. By introducing a small sample and non-statistical data research method of single subject research into the process of teaching reform in our school, we are able to...
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A Comparative Study of National Humiliation Education in China and Foreign Countries and Enlightenment to the Work of Chinese Universities

Yuan Yuan
National humiliation education is an indispensable part of patriotism education, and it is very important to carry out national humiliation education among young college students. By analysing the problems and causes of the current national humiliation education in colleges and universities, and learning...
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The Development of Scientific Research and Evaluation in Humanities and Social Sciences of German Universities

Lihong Li, Wanbing Shi
Exploring the development of scientific research and evaluation in humanities and social sciences of German universities is of great value to improve the management of humanities and social sciences in China. This paper introduces and analyses the scientific research trend and evaluation system of humanities...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Students’ Mental Health in College Classroom Teaching

Gailian Lv
College classroom is still one of the most frequently used venues for college teachers and students, so the course of university classroom teaching is an important factor that deeply affects students’ mental health, but so far there are not many research theories on this subject, so this paper opens...
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The Exploration of the Training Mode in the Major of Information Security in University

Zuli Wang, Luqiao Zhang, Juan Wang
According to the current demand for information security talents, combined with the exploration practice in this major for more than 10 years, the paper puts forward the information security professional talent training mode -”production and learning cooperation, four in one” and the practical training...
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Study on Strategy in University Laboratory Class Teaching

Haoxi Zhang, Edward Szczerbicki
Laboratory teaching is a critical way to ensure the effective input of techniques in engineering learning. Laboratory teaching not only contributes to improving course quality but also helps enrich comprehensive engineering application ability. However, there are some typical problems in current university...
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Exploration and Practice of a New Training Mode for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents of Information Security

Jun Zhao, Lei Shi
In order to meet the national demand for the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, this paper analyses the characteristics of the current information security major and the current situation of the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and proposes the construction of...
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The Application of Mixed Teaching Mode in the Reform of Medical Nursing Training Course

Wei Meng
Objective: In order to improve the independent learning ability and practical operation ability of nursing students, and cultivate learning interest. Methods: The CDIO teaching mode and the multi-functional simulation person were applied in the medical nursing training course.A autonomous learning ability...
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Thinking and Prospect of Online Courses in Colleges in the Context of COVID-19

Yan Zheng
The COVID-19 epidemic in the spring of 2020 has brought great changes and far-reaching impacts on China’s economy, culture and people’s life. The most significant impact it has brought to China’s education is to accelerate the development from “traditional education” to “online education”. The rapid...
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Research on Teaching Resource Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Take PHP Programming as an Example

Chuang Ma, Dinghua He
In the Internet + era, curriculum forms should be diversified. The teaching resource platform based on cloud computing can realize many functions such as teaching resource sharing, teaching interaction and enterprise participation. It is of positive significance to the theoretical research of curriculum...
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The Integration of Moral Education and a Professional Course to Better Strengthen Moral Education and Cultivate Students

Genfa Yu, Guangyong Zhu
Strengthening moral education and cultivate students are the fundamental task for higher education. It is necessary to persist in taking morality and cultivating students as the key point, and to make ideological and moral education penetrate the whole teaching process. Flavor compounds Chemistry is...
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Construction and Practice of Cultivation System for Innovative Talents in Cyberspace Security

Chunwang Wu, Linxia Li, Luqiao Zhang
In June 2015, The Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council of China and the Ministry of Education decided to add the First-Level Discipline of “cyberspace security” under the category of “engineering”. The establishment of the first-level discipline is aimed at implementing the national security...
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Discussion on the Management of Graduate Teaching Secretary

Tingting Wu, Juan Wang
As the top of the national education system, graduate education is the main way to cultivate high-level professionals and an important pillar of national talent competition. In recent years, the enrollment of graduate students has been continuously expanded, and the enrollment has exceeded 3 million...
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Research and Practice of Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode

Xianzhen Ren, Zhibin Zhang, Xiuhua Geng
Online and offline blended teaching mode is an inevitable trend in the digital era. Flexible application of this teaching mode can improve students’ learning interest and enthusiasm.Based on the new teaching model, this paper mainly discusses the practice of applying this model to specific courses, and...
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Legal Regulations to Tax Administration in Vietnam: Changes and Improvements

Thi Kieu Oanh Vu
Taxation and tax administration are an essential part of ensuring a country’s stability and regular operation. The requirements for openness, transparency, modernity, reasonableness, and legitimacy poses challenges to the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches regarding taxation. This article...
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An Empirical Study on the Curriculum Design for Dance Teachers in China

Yuntong Dang, Lei Chen
This study examines the employment situation of dance teachers after undergraduate study to reflect the curriculum design and training philosophy of dance teacher education in higher education in China. This study further suggests a dance education model that focuses on popularizing dancing, in another...
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The Application and Legal Issues of Artificial Intelligence in the Global Prevention and Control of the COVID-19 Epidemic

Xiaohui Pan
Artificial intelligence technology has played an important role in the global prevention and control of the COVID-19 pneumonia pandemic (Covid-19), but there are also some legal problems. In this paper, firstly, the contribution of artificial intelligence technology in COVID-19 prevention and control...
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The Application of Behavior Theory in Classroom Instructional Reform

Le Qi, Tao Gao, Xurong Liang
The traditional view is that the behavioral approach to learning places too much emphasis on discipline and training, which is not conducive to the development of interactive teaching relationships. This paper starts from the basic principles of behaviorism, analyzes the behavioral aspects of various...
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The Characteristics, Bottlenecks and Countermeasures of the Development of International Students’ Education in Yunnan Province

Jianhui Yun, Jun Kang, Jing Wang
The development of international students’ education in Yunnan is an important part of the opening up and development of border areas and it is a bridge to promote the cultural integration and people’s heart communication between China and border countries (regions). The demand of Yunnan’s development...
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Wireless Network Technology Course Reform

Luqiao Zhang, Juan Wang, Zhe Ding
Facing various challenges, including theoretic study of the details about network protocols easily bores students, students may have very different learning curves, and so on. To solve the above-mentioned problems, we apply the online and offline mixed teaching mode, flipped classroom, outcome-based...
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Business Model Analysis of Community E-commerce Platform Based on New 4c Theory

Take Xiaohongshu as an Example

Ruixuan Song, Haijun Lu
With the rapid development of the mobile Internet economy, the community economy as the carrier has gradually developed, and increasing enterprises have begun to pay attention to the consumption characteristics of users in the era of mobile e-commerce. Managing users in a community way has become a new...
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Dynamic Evolutionary Game Model for High Quality Development Between Governments and Logistics Enterprises

Yingdong Ji, yanqing Gao
Based on the assumption of the limited rationality of the government and logistics enterprises, the evolutionary game replication dynamic model of the governments and logistics enterprises on the high-quality development is established. The game method analyzes the behavior of the government, which is...
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Impact of Personal Behaviors in Entrepreneurship on the Poverty Alleviation

Yifan Pan
There is a recent growing increase in the entrepreneurship because of its functions of “blood circulation, blood exchange, and hematopoiesis” in poverty alleviation. Entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken areas are the main body of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation. Therefore, investing their characteristics...
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Research on the Evolution Path of Business Ecosystem of Platform Enterprises

A Case Study of Alibaba

Qingqing Wang, Wensong Zhang
With the rise and development of the Internet in China, the ecosystem has presented a new format in the field of e-commerce. Establishing or participating in the business ecosystem has gradually become an important strategic direction for more and more enterprises [1]. With the aim to find out the specific...
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Research on Emotional Labor and Management of Takeaway Delivery Staff

Fulin Xiang, Wenbing Wu
Takeaway delivery staff have made a huge contribution to the last mile of service in China’s catering industry. At the end of 2019, the number of delivery staff officially registered on the takeaway platform has reached 7 million. Most of the existing research is the identification and labor process...