Proceedings of the 6th UPI International Conference on TVET 2020 (TVET 2020)

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The Effect of the Perception of Learning Space at Home on the Learning Motivation of X.1 Grade Students Competency of Geomatic Engineering Expertise in the Vocational School of Vocational School, West Java Province

Nur Hanifah Ramadhani, Tjahyani Busono, Nitih Indra Komala Dewi
The learning environment in the classroom must meet several indicators so that students can be enthusiastic about learning. If it is related to the current pandemic condition, which causes learning to be carried out online from home, then ideally indicators to increase student enthusiasm for learning...
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School Mapping Using Geographic Information System

Ana A, Indah Khoerunnisa, M Muktiarni, Vina Dwiyanti, Asep Maosul
Development of school mapping research in various countries illustrates how to improve the quality of human resources by optimizing mapping research. This article aims to explore the development of school mapping, examine the types of school mapping tools used, and explore the data presented in school...
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Using Multimedia Interactive in Online Learning in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dariyono, Mukhidin
The Covid-19 outbreak has changed learning patterns that have been carried out by face-to-face methods with online learning. The purpose of this study was to find alternative learning methods implemented during the pandemic. The method used was a literature review. Online learning with computer-based...
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Building Performance and Academic Performance of University Campuses

Post Occupation Evaluation of Projects With Foreign Loan Financing

M. Syaom Barliana, Budi Kudwadi, Dedy Suryadi, Fauzi Rahmanullah
Amidst the limited state budget, one of the efforts to improve the quality of higher education facilities and infrastructure is obtaining through foreign loan and grant financing (PPHLN). The problem, does physical transformation has a balanced impact on improving the quality of higher education, namely,...
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Working or Going to College

Self Efficacy, Family’s Social Status, and Vocational High School Students’ Interest in Continuing Education to Higher Education

Mayang Nur Sagita Fitri, Tutin Aryanti, Indah Susanti
This research is motivated by the unachieved Vocational High School policy that allows its students to continue their studies to tertiary institutions, which is 20%. The factors obtained at the time of the interview were the students who were still confused in determining their career decisions after...
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Internship Experiences

Contribution to the Shop Drawing Reading Skills

Arris Maulana, M. Agphin Ramadhan, Haura Mahaliandini
This study aims to determine the effect of internship program on the ability to read shop drawing. This research is a quantitative study with a correlational research design. The study population were 78 students of the Bachelor Program of Vocational Education in Building Construction, Universitas Negeri...
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Hard Skills and Soft Skills as a Result of Industrial Practices and Their Impact on Graduates Job Performance

Yatti Sugiarti, Ginggi Khansa Julyanidar, Dwi Lestari Rahayu, Indah Khoerunnisa
Industrial practice is a real learning process carried out in industry. Educational institutions collaborate with industry to foster students to have soft skills and hard skills according to the needs of the job market. This study aims to determine the effect of graduate perceptions on student soft skills...
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Vocational Education in the Industrial 4.0 Era

Challenges and Opportunities

Aam Hamdani, Aim Abdulkarim, Diah Cahyani P, Eki Nugraha
This resonance of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has been predicted to peak since the 2000s, when technology and information innovation experienced rapid development. Industry 4.0 has a very large and broad impact, especially in the employment sector, where robots and machines will eliminate many jobs...
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Time Management During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Effect of Students’ Time Management on Learning Outcomes in Basic Building Construction Course at State Vocational High School 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Mila Sari, Ilhamdaniah, Trias Megayanti
Students’ time management was one of the factors contributing to students’ learning outcomes. Time management during a forced-distance-learning was particularly interesting to be studied, since students were practicing it independently at home without teacher’s direct supervision. Therefore, students...
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Perception of Engineering Education Students Using the Curriculum Design Module as a Guide in Developing a Syllabus and Learning Plan

Amay Suherman, Mumu Komaro, Ega Taqwali Berman
This study aims to obtain information from engineering education students about the use of curriculum design modules as a guide to compiling a syllabus and lesson plans. This study used a qualitative method with research participants as engineering education students as vocational school teacher candidates...
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The Development of Material Grinding Ball in Ballmill Made of White Cast Iron and Applied to Cement Plants

Iwa Kuntadi, Uum Sumirat, Enda Permana
Cement is one of the main ingredients of civil construction. In addition to Indonesia’s domestic cement production, cement production is also to meet overseas demand. Cement demand which continues to increase in production costs due to rising costs. The relatively high increase in production costs directly...
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The Space Flexibility of Techno Park Facility for Vocational Education Development in Cimahi City

Winda Rahmawati, Tjahyani Busono, Diah Cahyani Permata Sari
Cimahi has an integrated area that allows the growth of creation, interaction, and collaboration between Creative Industry stakeholders (academics, business, government, community, and media). Cimahi Techno Park supports skills and competency development activities such as training, exhibitions, seminars,...
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Feasibility of R1270 as an Alternative Refrigerant to Replace R134a in Refrigerator

Kamin Sumardi, Devinda Naufal, Muhammad Farhan Maulana, Ega Taqwali Berman
This study aims to determine the feasibility of R1270 as an alternative refrigerant to replace R134a in the refrigerator. The test is carried out on a showcase refrigerator with a volume capacity of 210 liters. The research method used experiment with drop in substituted refrigerant technique. In the...
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Evaluation of Technology Literation Through Innovation of Autotronic Simulator Assisted Learning in Vocational Schools

Wahid Munawar, Sriyono, Subhan Nur Sobah, Ridwan Adam
The Cruise Control System (CCS) autotronic simulator is an automatic speed control system that functions to maintain the vehicle’s speed at the desired speed without stepping on the gas and brake pedals. Autotronic learning innovation in vocational high schools is interpreted as a renewal of the learning...
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Development of Written Test Instruments to Measure Basic Skills of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Junior High School Students on Science Concept

Nada Amira, Ana Ratna Wulan
Constructing a high quality of test items needs a substantial time and efforts in developing and examining each test item. Literature suggested this limitation can be remedied with a large collection of test items along with their measurement characteristics which termed as item bank. However, a well-developed...
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Cultural Expression of Local Architecture for Developing Educational Campus Design

Riska Amelia Huzaifa, Mokhamad Syaom Barliana, Riskha Mardiana
Architecture is an environmental product from the expression of values adopted by society. These values are passed down over time to become a culture eventually. The culture of a region is a result of interaction and acculturation that occur in a society. Through the design process, architecture analyzes...
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Characteristics Adaptation of Traditional Sundanese Architecture for Development of Educational Building Design

Irna Lugina, Mokhammad Syaom Barliana, Indah Susanti, Diah Cahyani Permata Sari
This research aims is to explore the characteristics of traditional Sundanese architecture to be adapted and adopted into the development of educational building designs. Physical development of educational buildings is needed as an effort to improve the quality of education and academic culture. The...
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Prediction of Facilities and Infrastructure Needs Digital Architecture Technology in the Era of Industry Revolution 4.0 and Readiness of Vocational High School Program

Qatrunnada Ryan Syifa, Mokh. Syaom Barliana, Fauzi Rahmanullah
Digital technology which is a characteristic of industrial revolution 4.0, affects the change in drafter competence which is the output of graduates from the vocational high school program. These changes need to be accompanied by adequate quality infrastructure. This study aims to predict the need for...
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The Development of Self and Peer Assessment Instruments for the Meat Processing Practicum

Gea Azoya Apriarani, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani, Dewi Nur Azizah
This study was conducted to know the validity of the developed self and peer assessment instrument for meat processing practicum and to know the instrument results in assessing students discipline on meat processing practicum. The method used in this study is the method of development and validation...
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The Effectiveness of Online Learning Methods During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Iskandar Muda Purwaamijaya, Rina Marina Masri, Btari Mariska Purwaamijaya
The education environment in Indonesia has actually been implementing online distance learning methods for a long time, especially at universities. Several universities in Indonesia have started implementing the hybrid learning method for their students, which combines face-to-face lectures in classrooms...
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Assessment of Learning Domains in Material Technology Courses Using Product Oriented Module in Vocational Education

Kinanti Wijaya, Sutrisno, Siti Zulfa Yuzni, Syafiatun Siregar, Harun Sitompul
Materials technology practice is learning in the laboratory which is contained in the civil engineering study program. Learning in the laboratory is not only sharpens competencies in the psychomotor domain but also in the cognitive and affective domains. This study has identified measurable and authentic...
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Development and Implementation of Media Learning Digital Comic in Basic Competency of Harvesting Models for Online Learning APHP Student SMK Negeri 1 Sukaluyu Cianjur

Bonita Firdiana, Masriam Bukit, Sri Handayani
Learning activities using ordinary media like textbooks making the students disinterested to pay attention the material provided, especially for online learning. Therefore, digital comics were developed to be a solution that can be accessed anywhere, enjoyable to use, and make learning become more fun....
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The Design of Automatic Rice Cooker 3 in 1 with Circuit Control Based on Solidworks as Three Dimensional Modelling Software

Sandi Setiawan, Muhammad Iqbal Rahmatullah, Muhamad Ilyas Wijaya, Apri Wiyono
The development of technology allows all activities to be carried out automatically, including for rice cooking. The problems who still exist when we did it is about of the time-consuming process, especially for among people who have a lot of activity. The automatic rice cooker 3 in 1 with circuit control...
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Engineering Skills and Knowledge Related to nZEB Construction

Victor Jose Torrejon Marina, Talat Munshi
The buildings sector is the largest energy- demanding and polluting sector in the global economy. The implementation of nearly Zero Energy Buildings contributes to reducing energy use and climate change. To support this construction there is a need for educating professionals with the required skills...
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Developing Animated Video for Patisserie Learning

Yulia Rahmawati, Sudewi Yogha, Asep Maosul
This study aims to design video animation for patisserie learning in vocational education, especially the learning patisserie which requires students to have skills in practicing pastry and bakery. It requires a companion learning facility when it take place in the outside of the classroom by using effectively...
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The Effect of the Implementation of E-learning Model on Learning Outcomes

Case study in Basic Mechanics Course at State Vocational High School 5 Bandung, Indonesia

Shafly Ramadhan, Ilhamdaniah, Trias Megayanti
This study aimed at determining the impact of the implementation of E-Learning model during the Covid-19 pandemic at State Vocational High Schools 5 Bandung. In particular, in Department of Modeling Design and Building Information, Class X DPIB 2, on Basic Mechanics subjects. The Covid-19 pandemic in...
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Design Construction of Gerabah Printing Using Autodesk Inventor

Wahyudin, Wawan Purnama, Nabillah Agmita, Ilham Himanudin
Gerabah Printing is an automatic pottery making tool based on CNC. This technology is used to create the initial shape of pottery according to the virtual design that has been created. The purpose of this research is to design the concept of Gerabah Printing mechanical system that can later be used as...
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Tinkercad Application Software to Optimize Teaching and Learning Process in Electronics and Microprocessors Subject

Enjang Akhmad Juanda, Falah Khairullah
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has hits many sectors, one of which is the educational sector. Lockdown policy has closed schools in most countries from natural teaching and learning process. This study aims to analyze students’ experiences during the online learning process in electronics and microprocessors...
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Development of E-Module Android Based on Basic Competence to Apply Plantation Results in SMK PPN Lembang

Sopa Zahra, Sri Handayani, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani
Student Learning Resources XI Agribusiness processing agricultural products (APHP) SMK PPN Lembang is still very limited, causing learners do not have a handbook for independent study. There are 56% of learners get a value less than the minimum submission criteria (KKM) on material applying rubber plantation,...
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Development of Audio Visual Based Learning Media on Technical Drawing Subjects

Case Study in SMK Negeri 1 Sumedang, Bandung

Aldo Dwi Hervindo, Lilis Widaningsih, Lucy Yosita
The background of this research is the inhibition of learning process in schools, including in vocational schools, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 virus pandemic in Indonesia, thus causes the learning process must be done online. However, in the implementation of learning process, students feel less...
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Vaporcelain, Installation and Work Tools Installing Ceramics

Irfan Ripandi, Devi Nurassyfa Abdullah, Rismawanti Nurfatimah, Dedi Purwanto
The incessant development of infrastructure in Indonesia is one factor in the increasing role of the construction sector in the Indonesian economy. This can be seen from the large percentage of the construction sector to GDP of 10.60% in the third quarter of 2019. One of the improvements is found in...
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Method of Sugar Production From Arrowroot Starch: A Review

Enjang Rohman, Rama Tiyana, Sarah Amelia Nur Wahidah Al Falah, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani
Sugar production from sugar cane, palms, and beet plants could not be able to fulfill domestic sugar need in Indonesia. Moreover, there is a shift in sugarcane as a raw material for ethanol. An alternative solution to this problem is sugar production from other sources such as starch, which is widely...
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Dynamic Hijaiyah Braille Display With Voice Features and Android Integrated as a Media for Introduction to Arabic Letters for Blind Children

Muhamad Rafi Anggara, Arief Khairi Irawan, Lukman Arif Purwanto, Dandhi Kuswardhana, Adhit Cahyo Prasetyo, Egawan
The provision of learning media for blind people is one of the things that must be considered for equality in educating the nation through inclusive education. One of the media that can be used by blind children in learning to recognize braille characters is Refreshable Braille Display media that can...
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Polylactic Acid as Biodegradable Plastic Material Based on Tofu Dregs

Mohammad Manarul Lubab, Zahratul Aflah Fatharani Rahimah Sudianto, Permata Maratussolihah, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani
Polylactic acid (PLA) is an environmentally friendly plastic raw material. However, the synthetic lactic acid raw materials needed are relatively expensive. There is an alternative solution to produce lactic acid from other natural resources that are abundant and untapped, such as tofu industrial solid...
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Youth Perceptions About Sundanese Food Graphic Video as Sundanese Food Education Media

Aurora Paramita Siswanto, Cica Yulia, Elis Endang Nikmawati
This research is motivated by the low knowledge of adolescents about traditional food, so that educational media is made in the form of graphic video and the perceptions of adolescents towards the graphic video of Sundanese food that not yet known. This study aims to analyse adolescent perceptions about...
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Formal Versus Entertain, Which is Better?

An Analysis Video Based Learning Design at SMKN 1 Dawuan, Subang, West Java, Indonesia

Feny Puspitasari, Dwie Yustin Pratiwi
This study aims to design educational videos as video based learning and determine the design educational videos which makes students more interested in paying attention to the distance learning process (PJJ). If students want to pay attention to the material during the learning process, hoped that students...
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Teacher Competency of Vocational High School (SMK) in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Johar Maknun, M Syaom Barliana, Yulia Rahmawati, Dinn Wahyudin
The world is currently in the industrial revolution 4.0 era, which is marked by new technological advances that are physically, digitally, and biologically integrated. According to several studies, technology is likely to replace the role of teachers assuming their function is limited to the transfer...
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The Effect of Online Problem Based Learning Model With Google Classroom on Motorcycle Electrical System Maintenance Knowledge of Vocational High School Students

Imam Mahir, Syamsuir, Brenden Federik Immanuel
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of online problem-based learning (PBL) model with google classroom on Motorcycle Electrical System Maintenance (MESM) Knowledge of Vocational High School (VHS) students. This research used the Participatory Action Research approach of Kemmis and...
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Development of Scientific Writing Guidelines for Project Based Learning in Vocational School

Muhamad Rafi Anggara, Wawan Purnama, Dandhi Kuswardhana
This research started from the results of a need analysis that vocational students still have a lot of difficulties in compiling reports on scientific papers from project-based learning outcomes in class. Around 56,25% of students have not systematically compiled scientific papers. In fact, students...
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The Influence of Perception About Working World Information Based on Student Work Readiness at SMK Negeri 1 Sumedang

Study Case: in SMK Negeri 1 Sumedang

Muhamad Ridho Bagja Nugraha, Lilis Widaningsih, Trias Megayanti
The unemployment rate for vocational high school graduates is very high. Initial observations show that not all of the Vocational high school graduates have the readiness and skills to enter the working world. It is also shown that Vocational high school students still have difficulty in determining...
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Construction of SIBI Datasets for Sign Language Recognition Using a Webcam

Dandhi Kuswardhana, Iva Rachmawati, Ghina Nadifah Amani, Hendra Fauzi, Agus Heri Setya Budi
SIBI (Sistem Isyarat Bahasa Indonesia) is a sign language established by the Government of Indonesia as a standard of communication that used in Special School. Hence, not everyone can understand the sign language, even though people have ability to hear. They also must be able to understand the sign...
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Testing the Feasibility of Practical Student Worksheets Based on the Soil Testing Module Learning

Suhairiani, Nahesson H Panjaitan, Hamidun Batubara, Siti Zulfa Yuzni, Kinanti Wijaya, Enny Keristiana Sinaga
This research aims to develop and assess the feasibility and attractiveness of learning media in the subject of soil mechanics practicum in terms of practical student worksheets based on learning modules for soil testing, which functions as an understanding of the concepts contained in soil testing so...
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Measuring Tool of Children’s Social-Emotional Development Through Digital Technology

Nenden Rani Rinekasari, Yoyoh Jubaedah, Melly Sri Sulastri, Lia Shafira Arlianty, Agni Nur Sholilhah
Social and emotional factors have a great impact to children development achievement. The study investigated the production a measurement tool using digital technology in children social and emotional development. This measurement property derived from several process such as a needs analyses, a measurement...
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Analysis of Alternative Solution for Improving Voltage Profile Due to Overloading Interconnection System 150 KV

Tasma Sucita, Yadi Mulyadi
Voltage profile has a very important role in the distribution of electricity from generation sources to consumers. This research was conducted at PT. PLN APB West Java with the subject of the power flow study conducted to determine the voltage profile, active power flow and loading on the subsystem....
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Factors Affecting Work Readiness of Grade XII Students Program Modelling and Information Design Skills Building (DPIB) SMK Negeri 5 Bandung

Tiara Nurfalah Akbar, Usep Surahman, Indah Susanti
This study aims to determine dominant factors affecting work readiness of students at Vocational Senior high Schools (SMK). Program Modelling and Information Design Skills Building (DPIB) 5 in Bandung and 109 students of class XII DPIB was selected as case study school and sample, respectively. This...
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Effect of Student Participation in Processed Fishery Technopark on Student Employability Skills

Anggi Nurmalasari, Siti Mujdalipah, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani
Employment recruitment by companies currently prioritizes employability skills rather than hard skills abilities. The PSMK Directorate seeks to improve the quality of students in preparing a skilled middle-level workforce through the implementation of technoparks. This study aims to 1) determine the...
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Automatic Waste Transport Equipment in the River Integrated With the SCADA System

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Dicky Rustandi, Noval Dwi Jayanto, Ibnu Hanifah Alem, Dandhi Kuswardhana
Humans use goods and services to meet their daily needs. The number of items used by humans also increases the amount of waste generated every day. Technological developments, industrial developments and the increasing population are factors in the increasing amount of waste, especially plastic waste....
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Class Learning Concentration Control Application as Teaching Support in Determining Learning Strategies

Kusyandi, Abdul Hannan Fauzi Alfani, Mumu Komaro, Elfira Rifa Salim
Concentration in learning process is important for students to be able to understand the learning materials. One of the factors that can reduce student’s concentration in learning process is sleepiness. The teacher visually is not always able to distinguish the conditions of each student. Physical conditions...
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Technology of Tofu Pressing Tool With Time Delay Valve Pneumatic System

Mila Kartika, Milati Febriyani, Muhamad Ilyas Wijaya, Purnawan
The survey results in several tofu industries in West Java, on average, still use manual tools. The process of making traditional tofu takes a long time to press, so it requires new technology, a tool that is easier to use and does not take a long time. Technology of tofu pressing tool with time delay...
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Project-Based Learning Module Development of Wearable Computing for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Innovations in engineering and education

Ghina Nadifah Amani, Yoyo Somantri, Didin Wahyudin
This research explained about the learning module development of Wearable Computing for IOT which was conducted in XI class of Engineering Electronics Industry at SMK Negeri 1 Cimahi which is one of the Vocational Secondary education Institutions in Cimahi City, West Java, Indonesia. This research focused...
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Analysis of Learning Model and Learning Understanding of High School Students in Craft Subject Using an Online Learning System

Ilham Ramadhan, Arjuni Budi Pantjawati, Enjang Akhmad Juanda
The corona virus pandemic has changed the way students learn from physical to online learning. The learning model used will affect how the students understand, especially on subjects that require direct practice such as craft subject. This study aims to explore the learning model used in the online learning...
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Development of Student Worksheet for Infrared Technology Material Using Project Based Learning and Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Learning Model

Indah Melania, Arjuni Budi Pantjawati, Budi Mulyanti
The rapid advancement of technology demands the ability of students to apply knowledge in solving problems that occur in society. This paper proposes the development of student worksheets for Infrared Technology material using the PjBL-STEM learning model. This study aims to determine the feasibility...
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Development of Integrated IoT Trainer (LRioT) for Practical Work in Electrical Engineering Education Program Amid Pandemic

Teguh Pratama Nugraha, Renaldi Pratama, Didin Wahyudin, Yoyo Somantri
The COVID-19 pandemic there have been many changes in every segment of human life, including the education segment. The Indonesian state itself is taking action to close all educational institutions and shift learning to distance learning to limit the spread of the virus. However, distance learning cannot...
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An Evaluation of Educational Facilities and Infrastructure in Vocational High School

Availability, Completeness and Conditions Owned by the Facilities and Infrastructure at State Vocational High School 5 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Fauzi Rahmanullah, M. Syaom Barliana, Danny Meirawan, Johar Maknun
Educational facilities and infrastructure are used to facilitate students’ understanding of the subject matter delivered by using appropriate educational facilities and infrastructure in teaching and learning programs to be more effective and efficient. Research conducted at Vocational High School 5...
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LabVIEW-Based Learning Media for Instrumentation Control Systems and Automation Process Subject at SMK Negeri 1 Cimahi

Khaesa Ananda Putri, Yoyo Somantri, Wawan Purnama
In this era, automation technology and industrial control systems is being developed rapidly without being matched by adjustments in the field of education. The usage of electronic software can be a solution in the field of education for the learning process, therefore the educational curriculum can...
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Study for Impelementation Safety Patrol and Legal Mandate in SHE Management

Dewi Yustiarini, Moch Fachri Asikin
Construction service activities are a sector that has a high risk of work accidents compared to other service activities. This is because construction service activities involve many things, including building materials, installations or equipment, labour, and the application of technology in large and...
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The Analysis of Hotel Linen Cleaning Standard in Housekeeping Department

Neni Rohaeni, Shofa Fithriturrohmi Yusuf, Yoyoh Jubaedah, Moni Sunarsih
This research is based on the needs of performance analysis assessment of standardized Hotel’s linen cleaning in Housekeeping Department, so the assessment for the competence’s achievement of students during field practice can be objectively measured. The purpose of this research is to analyze the performance...
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Power System Oscillation Damping Model

Daryanto, Purwanto G., Faris H. Makarim
Operating electrical power system in a large scale can disturb the stability of the rotor of the synchronous generator on the generating side which can result in failures. This research is intended to investigate the effect of dynamic load parameter on power system oscillation damping. The behavior of...
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Innovation in the New Model of Vocational Professional Teacher Education According to the Demands of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Agus Setiawan, R. Aam Hamdani
Vocational education is very important to prepare skilled workers for economic development. Quality vocational education is very much determined by quality of vocational teacher as well as quality of vocational professional teacher education. This paper addresses innovations in the new model of professional...
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Virtual Reality Tourism

Digital Application as a Media Education of Tourist in the Covid-19 Era

Dian P. Sari, Nitih Indra Komala Dewi, S. Fuada, W. Nuriyah, Robby Akbar, Raihan I. T.
The impact of Covid-19 in Indonesia has led to information technology innovations such as virtual reality tourism. By making a digital application, it can provide education and benefits caused by boredom when having to stay at home and tourist objects that are still closed. In this study using data collection...
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Experimental Comparison of Co-gasification Charateristic of Rice Husk Pellet and Rice Husk Mixtures

Pyrolysis Zone Optimization

Apri Wiyono, Ridwan A. M. Noor, Rany Anggrainy, Ega Taqwali Berman, Asep Setiadi Husen, Mutaufiq, Haikal
Raise of energy demand, in line with the rate of population growth is always followed by waste volume increasing. Where the largest percentage comes from organic waste, it is potentially utilized as raw material of biomass mixture for emission reduction efforts on fuel conversion from waste energy. The...
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Non-Destructive Classification of Thai Cha-Nee Durian Maturity With Near-Field Reflection Mode Measurement Using a 3.4-GHz Microwave Sensor

Pakornkiat Sawetmethikul, Kittiwan Nimkerdphol
This paper proposes an investigation of Thai Cha-Nee durian maturity with reflection mode measurement using a simple microwave sensor based planar structure. The microwave sensor was a “Pencil-like shaped probe”, which were made of a FR4 laminate; dielectric constant (εr) = 4.4, dissipation factor (tan...
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Effect of Multimedia Lesson With Blended Learning for Grade 4 Students

Tiamyod Pasawano
The purposes of this research were; 1) created the blended learning lesson plan for Grade 4 students, 2) finding out the efficiency of the multimedia lesson, 3) compare the pretest and posttest of learning achievement result with blended learning and 4) finding out the effective index of the student’s...
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Alleviation of Cheating in English Academic Writing Exams Using a Developed Tracking Application

Piyarat Pipattarasakul, Rong Phoophuangpairoj
Examinations play an important role in the teaching/learning processes to measure students’ learning outcomes. Today, to comply with the social distancing policy, it has become a big concern for organizing the test online when the students are asked to take a test and submit an answer online. Occasionally,...
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Interactive Reading to Second Language Reading Ability

Phirunkhana Phichiensathien
The present study extends this line of research by implementing the use of an interactive reading process in the 21st reading classroom. 56 English major students studying in the English Reading and Writing course in the second semester of the academic year 2019 were asked to participate in a voluntary...
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Online Collaborative Learning Communities (OCLCs)

Pathways to Promote Teachers’ Professional Development in Transformative Educational System

Bhornsawan Inpin
With the dramatic and utmost advancement in a new paradigm shift of education, there is inevitably noticed that instructional designers (IDs) prioritize their professional development to help students gain their academic achievement and pursue their professional goals. Apart from that, technology, especially...
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Effects of Internal Control System on Performance of Local Governments in Sisaket Province

Piyachat Thongpaeng
This study aimed to study the effects of internal control on performance of local governments in Sisaket Province. The independent variables used in this study were 5 factors of the internal control system: control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communications and monitoring....
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Important Characteristics of Buddhist Monk as the Moral Teacher

A Case study in Patumthani Province, Thailand

M. Pigultong
Thailand declared an educational innovation area as a new act to improve the achievement of the students that every province must drive all provincial educational organizations to support the new act. If Patumthani province has the plan to be a city of innovation soon, especially educational innovation...
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Development of E-Book for the Basics of Observing the Sky Object

Wiraporn Maithon, Sommkorn Chaiwarakorn
This electronic book (e-book) involves the horizontal coordinate system explanation and the basis of the sky object observation. We analyzed the astronomy cause description of the undergraduate level in many Universities and developed this e-book for the undergraduate students. The performance content...
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Instructional Activities on Calculus for High School Level by Using a TI Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

Sayun Sotaro, Sermsri Thaithae, Pisuttawan Sripirom Sirininlakul
The purposes of this study were 1) to study the achievement and the efficiency of instructional activities on calculus for high school level by using a TI Nspire CX CAS graphing calculator and 2) to study students’ satisfaction toward workshop learning with instructional activities on calculus for high...
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Learning Management Based on Language Teaching for Communication Combined With Grouping Techniques to Develop Chinese Speaking Skills for Everyday Use of Secondary 4 Students

Pittayarat Yamprayoon, Rossarin Jermtaisong
Nowadays, language learning focuses on students’ ability in real life communication so that students can be in society properly and appropriately. Language learning can be started from the very basic level and gradually increased to the complexity both in depth and width according to the age and level...
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Learning Management Through the Combination of STEAM Education and Phenomenon-Based Learning to Develop Creative Thinking of Secondary 6 (Grade 12) Students

Sayrung Tongsoong, Rossarin Jermtaisong
Learning management based on STEAM Education is the integration which combined the knowledge to the real phenomena. In this research. In this research, The purposes were to: 1) develop learning management of STEAM education combined with phenomenon-based learning, 2) compare creative thinking in Physics...
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Strategic Collaboration Framework Between Vocational Colleges and Automotive Industry in Peninsular Malaysia

Norisham A. Rahim, Yusri Kamin, Muhammad Sukri Bin Saud, Mahyuddin Bin Arsat, Mohd Zolkifli Bin Abd Hamid, Syazwani Binti Abd Razak
This study investigates the main construct and sub construct in forming a strategic collaboration between vocational colleges and automotive industry. Three (3) research questions have been developed to achieve the research objectives. Qualitative and quantitative research approach were used to develop...
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Development of Sound Insulation Panel From Oil Palm Fiber

Kittichat Homaswin, Natawut Chaiwino
The purpose of this research is to develop sound insulation panel from oil palm fiber (OPF). The study compared panels made from OPF with other acoustic panels in the market. This raw material is a byproduct from agricultural harvest. Hot press technique with the pressure of 400 kg/m3 was used to create...
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Crisscrossing Textbook Writing Tasks and Core Values of Education Students in an Outcomes-Based Education Platform

Jovar G. Pantao
This study aimed to describe the core values observed among education students during their textbook writing journey. This study employed concurrent triangulation mixed method design wherein quantitative data were generated from survey while qualitative data were taken from reflective questions responses...
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The Gamification of Covid-19 Pandemic as an Active Learning Tool in Disaster Education

Sirinon Suwanmolee, Abd Halim Md Ali
COVID-19 likely affected our daily life for a long time. Skill to monitor this pandemic is important in order to increase our adaptability particularly during these tough times. Generally, a non-science learner always tends to ignore news related to the scientific contents of COVID-19 as they claimed...
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Challenges of Implementation Digital Learning and Online Collaboration to Teach Pronunciation During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Thailand

Nutprapha K. Dennis
This article focuses on the challenges faced by students and teachers while adapting to learning and teaching styles needed to implement and conduct a course completely online instead of in a classroom during a 2-month-summer class at a local university in Thailand during the spread of COVID-19 pandemic....
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Instructional Media for Using the Program Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional

Jaturawit Sirimaha, Natawut Chaiwino
Nowadays, programs used in construction work are important in drawing and design. Several options are available. Design programs are two- and three-dimensional structural analysis and design programs which can analyze large and complex structures accurately and rapidly. Moreover, a design software can...
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Instructional Media for Construction Drawing by Autodesk Revit Structure

Jaturawit Sirimaha, Panyakit Kaewlex
The purpose of this research is to create a teaching tool using Autodesk Revit program. The production of instructional media for drawing construction with the Autodesk Revit Structure consists of the study of data and usage of program procedures. The teaching material of Autodesk Revit Structure was...
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Precast Concrete Columns Strengthened With CFRP and GFRP Laminates Under Eccentric Load

Natawut Chaiwino, Jaturawit Sirimaha
This paper presents the experimental results of precast concrete columns strengthened and repaired with externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) and grass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) laminates. The aims of the study were to investigate the structural behaviors of a precast concrete...
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Development of Multimedia Video Tutorial Learning Quillng Technique

The quilling technique is an activity that involves a person’s creativity in rolling paper at first but according to the material needs, you can use a cloth/ribbon/rope by paying attention to aesthetic values so as to produce beautiful and charming artwork. Preliminary study results with 2017 Fashion...