Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Humanities and Social Science

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An Investigation on Students’ Metacognitive Awareness and Their Achievement in EFL Study

Puyu Ning
Metacognition has been developing into a key word of the English as Foreign Language (EFL) study in the previous two decades. The present paper probed into the relationship between students’ metacognitive awareness and their performance in the EFL achievement test. By the employment of the Matecognitive...
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The Design and Implementation for Undergraduate Teaching Work Management Systems of Universities in China

Shanshan Yan, Jingxian Ma, Lingling Wei
The undergraduate teaching work management system is the most important management system of universities. It can reflect scientific, standardized, systematic levels of universities management, as well as to establish the stable teaching order and provide guarantee to achieve the goal of the teaching...
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Network Information Policy and Legal System Construction in Japan and Its Implication for China

Jiahao Yang, Xiangyang Hu
By making full use of the resources of literature and data, the status of network information policy and legal system in Japan was disclosed, the outburst features and rules were summarized, and major differences between China and Japan were found. Especially, characteristics of strategic objective,...
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A New Method of Quantitative Analysis on Curriculum of Instructional Technology

Maojuan Li, Chun Wang, Fang Zou
To improve the assessment of curriculum, this paper proposed a new quantitative analysis method. Firstly, the curriculum was divided into domains, and both domains and courses are investigated. Secondly, an improved expert panel evaluation approach is applied to correct the investigation results. And...
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RANGE Application in Examination-oriented Education: Focusing on TEM-8 Translations

Shangchun Zeng, Ying Shen
As an important part of Test for English Majors Band-8 (TEM-8), an inclusive test to figure out the students’ levels of English learning, translation (translation from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese) is of certain difficulty and accounts for a large percentage of grades. Being a corpus...
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Public Space Analysis on Spontaneously Formed University Towns on the Basis of Students’ Behaviors to Attend and Dismiss the Class—A Case Study of Shigulu Block in Jimei District, Xiamen City

Minfeng Yao, Sha Liu, Runshen Liu
Jimei School Village is a university town with a history of nearly one hundred years. Its “spontaneous” formation is distinctly different from that of the prevailing “planning-construction” university towns. Under the turning point of public space optimization in Jimei District, this paper took the behaviors...
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Enacting Action Learning In Art And Design Education To Create Emotional Learning Experience

Amic Garfield Ho
In art and design education, there are fundamental subjects, such as Art History, Design Management, and programme-specific subjects, such as Drawing, Typography, Printing, etc. are included. Tutors generally taught the concepts and theories of art and design through lectures followed by studio practice....
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The History of Development of Insulin Integration in Pharmacy Introduction Teaching

Zhiping Wang, Fan Yang, Yifei Wang
Objective: In order to improve the learning efficiency, quality and the comprehensive ability of Pharmacy Introduction for nonpharmacy students in medical colleges and Universities. Methods: In “Introduction”, “Pharmacy”, “Pharmaceutical analysis science”, “Biopharmaceuticals” and “Pharmacology” teaching...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching of Mechanical Design Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology

Yanmei Meng, Ning Yu, Zhihong Tang, Jin Wei, Zhen Dong, Xianwang Li
This paper studies the teaching method of mechanical innovation design based on virtual prototyping technology. According to the specific requirements of basic course and specialized course on mechanical design, we pay attention to comprehensive training for the virtual modeling, motion simulation and...
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The Problem and Countermeasures of Application-oriented College’s MOOC

Yihong Xu, Hongzhen Deng
The application-oriented college refers to the undergraduate institutions, whose train targets are to train the application-ability persons. MOOC has many notable advantages that regular higher education doesn’t have. MOOC has challenged the traditional mode of higher education revolutionarily. The thesis...
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Research on Difference and Effectiveness of Teaching Course

Kui Dai
To summarize with summing up through an analysis of teaching course, the paper propose how a teacher sets up effective course, make the teaching result improved greatly. Having analyzed to student's state,we can point out the difference characteristic, take the corresponding measure. These principles...
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On the Current Situation and Development Trend of National Cross-border Education

Shuiping Huang
Meeting the economical globalization, the development of national cross-border education is vibrant. The study on current cross-border education development like sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, running school oversea and mutual studying abroad will provide active enlightenment for forecasting...
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Materialization of the Innovation Entrepreneurship Education Reform, Building of the Innovation-driven Talent Highland—Take Zhuhai College of Jilin University as an Example

Ming Sun, Yakun Yang
Applied university should exercise its key role in talent development, scientific research, social service and so on, revolve around the materialization of the innovation entrepreneurship education reform, adopt the differentiation strategy that is different from research university, keep in synergic...
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Exploration and Practice in the Artistic Design Software Teaching for Applied Talent Cultivation-mode

Minmin Guo, Liting Zhou
Propelling with the reform of applied undergraduate teaching in non-military colleges and universities, innovation for traditional artistic design projects and teaching system is vital. Combined with carrying out the reform of applied undergraduate teaching mode, we analyzed the teaching status of design...
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On the Administrative Level of Chinese Colleges and Universities

Zuqiang Liang
From the perspective of origin, there was no administrative level in colleges and universities. From the perspective of function performance, the administrative level is not indispensable to colleges and universities. Facts have proved that the administrative level is the “arch-criminal” of administrativization...
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The View of the Social Service Positioning of China’s Vocational Colleges from Evolvement of History

Xiuyan He
In China, for the performance of social service function of vocational colleges, a kind of higher educational institutions, the first issue is adhering to the basic principle – “trinity” of social service, education and scientific research, the core issue is forming the type features of vocational colleges’...
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Study on Mathematical Culture Application Value Research under the Public Mathematics Education

Guocheng Li
Mathematics is a culture for human. The mathematical content, concepts, solutions and linguistics are the important parts of the modern civilization. It is aimed at improving the quality of the students, especially in enhancement of national quality, which is the final goal in Mathematics Education....
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The Practical Exploration of Calligraphy Education in Quality Education

Fanlei Meng
Being the soul and culture capital of our nation, calligraphy will help to promote the comprehensive development of teenagers in morality, intelligence, aesthetic judgement and fitness. The aim of calligraphy education identifies with the requirements of quality education, also, its wide basis of the...
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On Students' Subjectivity in English Teaching

Yong Wang
As a language practice course, the achievement of the prescriptive language skills needs students’ active participation and repeated practice. Only after they fulfill these can they achieve the standard of proficiency. As English teachers, we should break through the traditional classroom teaching mode,...
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The Cultivation of Employment Competitiveness of Students Majoring in Elementary Education

Lei Wang
The problem of college students’ employment is a center strategic one among employment problems in China. As for cultivating the employment competitiveness of students, there are problems like the biased cultivating objectives, outdated curriculum and teaching methods, the disorderly extracurricular...
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How to Improve the Effectiveness of English Classroom Teaching

Qiutan Yu
How to adapt to the requirement of new curriculum reform is a realistic problem all the English new curriculum practioners faced with. Classroom teaching is the basic way of teaching, also it is the main channel for students to obtain information, and to exercise their ability in improve and develop...
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Investigation on the Implementation Status of the Graduate National Scholarship System in China

Yanhua Chen, Yue Li
Provisional graduate national scholarship system has been set up by Chinese Ministry of finance and Ministry of education, whose intentions are to encourage and aid the outstanding graduates, and enable them to try their best to study and actively devote themselves to academic researches. Many people...
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The Review of Recent Policies of Teachers’ Education Fund Investment in Some Countries and the Implication

Rong Mo, Baicai Sun, Jie Liu, Zunli Mo
To provide the excellent school education has become an important means of building a lifelong learning society in the world, and the key to improve the quality of school education is the construction of teachers. Australia, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa carried out the stereo and multilayer...
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Exploration and Practice of Training Excellent Engineers of Traffic Engineering via School-enterprise Cooperation

Yaping Zhang, Yuyang Zhao, Lijun Luo, Guozhu Cheng, Yanli Ma, Shaowu Cheng, Lihua Liu
Analyzed domestic and foreign education situation and development trend in excellent engineers training, and explained the significance and necessity of exploration and practice of traffic engineering excellent engineers training program. Combined with the actual situation of Chinese higher education,...
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The Construction of Discipline Groups in the Characteristic Development of Application-oriented Institutes

Genyin Cheng, Jingjing Tang, Jian Cao, Jiehua Ding, Shan Feng
In the characteristic development of the application-oriented institutes, North China Institute of Science and Technology(NCIST) has always adhere to the safety in production and coal industry as the first service-oriented. After taking the construction of safety engineering discipline as a leader and...
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On the Continuing Education from the Perspective of MOOCs

Li Li
How to combine continuing education with MOOCs effectively is still a puzzle. To solve this problem, the article first discusses the influence of MOOCs on the teaching in the continuing education, and then studies the teaching reform from the perspective of MOOCs. Accordingly, a new teaching model of...
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Workplace Spirituality and Occupation: A Study of Employees in Higher Education Institutions

Aminah Ahmad, Zoharah Omar
The aim of this paper is to examine workplace spirituality in terms of its dimensions, namely meaningful work, sense of community and allignment of values, among employees in private higher education institutions in Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The differences among the spirituality dimensions according...
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A Study on Public English Course Books in Higher Vocational College—Taking 21st Century Practical College English as a Case

Chunyi Li
21st Century Practical College English was a set of newly -published course book by Fudan University Press. It is now widely used by colleges. Under such a circumstance, the evaluation of college English course book is now increasing. The author intends to understand the current use of this set of course...
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The Quality Assurance of High-Quality Innovation Professional Postgraduate for Optimizing Incentive System

Ge Yang, Yongping Yang
In this paper the concept of motivation and incentive system, and the management science theories related incentives were proposed. The internal and external quality assurance models and incentive system model implementation were analyzed. Finally, some specific applications of this model were discussed...
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A Research on Characteristic Applied-Type Talent-Cultivating Model of North China Institute of Science and Technology

Genyin Cheng, Jiehua Ding, Jian Cao, Jingjing Tang, Shan Feng
North China Institute of Science and Technology surrounds “what kind of talents to cultivate” and “how to cultivate them”, which are both essence and core of the cultivating talents, and then defines training objectives, directions and ideas through theoretical and empirical research. By optimizing the...
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Influential Factors for Foreign Language Teaching

Yiqun Yin
To maximize the level of language learning, it is a big responsibility for teachers to choose best ways of teaching a foreign language. However, there is not such a method merely effective on teaching process and leading to success. So they should analyze the conditions, determine the techniques, and...
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How do Chinese High School Graduates Choose Their Majors: An Analysis Based on the Individual and Family Background

Xinhong Wang, Wenhui Li
Based on the freshmen enrollment information in a western university of China, this study explored the effects of individual background and family background on the major choice of higher school students in China. The study found that gender is an important factor influencing the choice of students in...
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On the Quantity Analysis of Classroom Teaching Behavior between China and America: A Case Study

Bo Zhao, Yingjuan Peng
China and America all pay high attention to classroom teaching. However, the persons they cultivate are different in both talent and abilities. What exact difference of classroom teaching behavior does there exist between China and America So, in the paper, two lessons are chosen from Netease Website....
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Reference of Open Education and Resource Sharing of American University

Xueguang Li, Shukun Wang, Yi Gao, Ying Xu
Taking the Michigan Technological University as an example, this paper describes and illustrates the concept of open education and resource sharing from the perspective of personal experience, and analyzes the various aspects of the classroom, laboratory, library, gymnasium, personal campus email and...
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Research on English Teaching Model Based on the Mobile Internet Environment

Guangjin Li, Xiangchong Gao
With the rapid development of information technology, the integration of network information technology and English curriculum fundamentally changed the nature of English teaching. At the same time, the English class teaching mode changed. It transformed from traditional classroom to modern English class...
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Several Vital Relations in Basic Teaching Construction of Transformation Universities

Ming Yang, Shaozhi Chen
It is imperative to transform local colleges and universities into universities of applied sciences. How to handle following relationships of different universities is vital to the scientific and effective transformation, including major orientation and feature development, teaching mode and practical...
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The Application of CALL in College English Writing Teaching

Hongcai Yan, Yinqiu Song
Information age exerts great influence on education and teaching. With the changes of students’ learning goals and pluralism of their learning methods and modes, the introduction of computer-aided and network-based teaching model to college English instruction becomes a necessity. An experiment was designed...
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Approaches to Establishing Communities Dedicated to the Promotion of Young Faculty’s Scholarship of Teaching

Chun Wang
With China’s higher education entering into the new historical period of mass education, the introduction and practice of the ideas of scholarship of teaching contributes to the young faculty’s growth and development. Approaches are discussed in this paper to establishing communities dedicated to the...
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Research on the Course Reform of “Automobile Theory” Based on Project Driven Method

Tingting Liu, Zhihua Li
According to the characteristics of high theoretical density of “Automobile Theory” and the main problems in the current teaching, A new teaching reform is put forward, which is based on the combination of various teaching methods, interactive teaching, theory and practice teaching. The project-driven...
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A Study on the Employment and Education of College Students

Xi Chen, Wenchuan Wu, Dan Li
College graduates had become the main labor in the market economy. With the development of times, College students’ employment problem had attracted much attention. How to deal with the problem of College Students’ employment is the need of national development, the key to a country’ take-off, and the...
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Analysis on the Dilemma of College Teaching Team Construction from the Perspective of Game Theory

Haowen Feng, Weimin Ouyang
The construction of college teaching team is an important measure to improve the quality of teaching in Colleges. The construction of college teaching team needs the input of various resources including manpower, funds and system. Because of the defects of “appreciate scientific research and despise...
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The Reform and Practice of the Teaching Model of Engineering Mathematics Based on the Construction of Teaching Resource Platform

Xiaoping Zhang, Qian Ge, Xiuzhen Li, Mingtao Hu
In engineering colleges, mathematical teaching has many issues, such as the lack of application trainings and the unicity of teaching methods. It is necessary to study how to deal with the relationship between the teaching of mathematics and the cultivation of applied talents. Through the construction...
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On the Functional Significance of Confucian Music Education

Yongqiang Lei
With the spreading of the consumerist culture, the contemporary Chinese musicology seems to focus on the performance skills of music, without emphasis on the moral connotation of music. Confucius attached great importance to the educational function, the communicative function and the political function...
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The PBL Teaching Mode of Academic Ability and Vocational Skills Cultivation

Jing Zhang, MinJiao Chen
The article analyzed the graduate students’ cultivation of PBL. It was based on basis of the question guiding, students as the main body, the teacher to guide. Following the teaching principle with the accuracy, integrity, feasibility, effectiveness, innovative etc. At last, it was puts forward the elements...
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Application of Parallel Corpora in Translation Teaching Class

Yushan Zhao, Saihan Qiqige, Liangqiu Lv
In recent years, with the development of corpora-based study, the accessibility of parallel corpora provides language learners and authors with great opportunities in translation teaching and learning. In this paper, the author does an experiment to prove subjects can solve the practical problem of finding...
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A One Hundred Year Review—Foreign Expert Professor Groff at the Agricultural College of Lingnan University

Muchan Lin, Yuan Chen, Huili Wu
This article reviews the early development of Lingnan University, a private university established in Guangzhou over 100 years ago, it introduces the achievement of the main contributor professor Groff using numerous historical pictures showing the early development of the agriculture college of Lingnan...
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Research on Colleges and Universities Sports Teaching Based on the Concept of Health Quotient

Jianqiang Guo, Wenjie Zhu, Qiner Xu
In recent years, college students’ physical and mental quality are decreasing year by year. The lack of students’ health quotient concept has become an important factor to affect students’ all-round development. But the lack of physical education teachers’ health quotient in colleges is largely influenced...
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Physical Education Teaching in Colleges and Universities in the Concept of Health Quotient Research Situation and Development Strategy

Jianqiang Guo, Wenjie Zhu, Qiner Xu
In this paper, through the concept of health quotient in colleges and universities sports teaching present situation research, find the university sports education existence weak link, for physical education teaching in colleges and universities to provide constructive development strategies and Suggestions,...
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The English Talent Training Mode Based on Theory of Humanism

Zengqiang Xia
English teaching can be carried out on the basis of the theory of humanism, whose feasible and effective application in English teaching proves to be true by means of the following three aspects—the students-centered teaching, the equal relationship between the teachers and students, and students’ self-evaluation.
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On the Translation of Foucault’s Disciplinary Theory from the Perspective of Marxist Humanity Studies

Yan Lv
Foucault carries out investigation on the discipline structure from three aspects, namely, body control, power intervention and manufacturing knowledge, he believes that discipline has alienated to a kind of self-interested micro power, imposed all-around constraint and control on humans, deprived humans...
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Effects of Vocabulary Knowledge and Translating Competence on the Comprehensive English Ability

Shangchun Zeng, Ying Shen
The purpose of this thesis is to reveal the characteristics of participants’ vocabulary size and their translating competence as well as the correlation between their vocabulary size and their comprehensive English ability, the correlation between their translating competence and comprehensive English...
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The Culture Developing of China with Science and Technology in the Background of Western Culture

Jingze Sun
Through review and comparison of the properties of gold and jade, as well as the tradition of their usage, the culture difference between the West and China is discussed from the aspect of illuminating their impact on civilization as gem-stones and the related. Further, the developing of Chinese culture...
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The Employment of the Stream of Consciousness in Munro’s Amundsen

Yuanzhen Peng
The story Amundsen adopts the perspective of the first-person narrator all through, telling the narrator’s own experience in Amundsen and her own feelings and thoughts. Two separate worlds were unfolded: one was what was happening in the outside world; the other was what was crossing the narrator’s mind...
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An Untraditional Review of Faulkner’s Text

Junlin Yue
The failure to consider the complex mother-daughter relationships in The Sound and the Fury has effectively nullified motherhood and daughterhood as values. Only when we recognize the methods by which mothering in all its dimensions has been “charged” and “turned against” women, can we hope to resist...
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A Different Interpretation of The Sound and the Fury

Junlin Yue
The Sound and the Fury have stood faithful vigil, invoking Faulkner's variations on the creed. In most essays on the work there is the near-obligatory Caddy who is brave, the Quentin who loved some concept of Compson honor, the Mr. Compson who reminds us that no Compson ever disappointed a lady, and...
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A Reflection on the Sense of Understanding

Fang Wang
In the light of Heidegger’s analytics of Dasein, our thinking about the hidden structure behind the explicit understanding — interpretation which functions as a clue in bringing us close to that which has been covered up by it, will ultimately get us accessible to the most fundamental constitutive structure...
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A Different Comment on Understanding

Fang Wang
As Heidegger tells us, “when tradition becomes master, it does so in such a way that what it ‘transmits’ is made so inaccessible, proximally and for the most part, that it rather becomes concealed. Tradition takes what has come down to us and delivers it over to self-evidence; it blocks our access to...
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A Study on the Sense of Understanding in Terms of Existentialism

Shaohua Zhang
Understanding and state-of-mind must inevitably have their basis of the lifeworld, the world of “being-in-the-world”. As a state-of-mind, understanding is not a transcendental apprehension or comprehension as a gift given by God; it is constructed in the being-in-the-world, formed in a fabric of relationships...
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On Heidegger’s Sense of Understanding in Terms of Existentialism

Shaohua Zhang
Any kind of intelligible actions performed by us is made of some use of our understanding of being which has already been there beforehand; otherwise there will be no such intelligible actions. If there are no intelligible actions in us, the meaning of us as human beings is completely lost, because we...
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On Heidegger’s Existentialism of Being-in-the-World

Xiaoli Yan
According to Heidegger, our essential character is our existence which is fundamentally characterized by our being-in-the-world, and the term “the world” in the compound expression only belongs to our human beings because it is co-originally set up with an understanding of being of entities within the...
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On the Role of Worldliness in our Understanding of Being

Xiaoli Yan
The term of worldhood or worldliness means that “the Being of that ontical condition which makes it possible for entities within-the-world to be discovered at all — the worldhood of the world” (BT, 121). That is, the worldhood is like a framework or conceptual scheme which overarches or underlies our...
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On the Phenomenon of Deception in Fictions

Yanhui Wang
We human beings are not fact machines—beings who scan the environment for information and then process it in their extremely large brains to produce pasteurized lumps of truth. Thomas Gradgrind’s vision in Charles Dickens’s Hard Times—a board of fact, composed of commissioners of fact, who will force...
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On the Necessity of Fictional Deception

Yanhui Wang
As we go back further into our ancestral past, we find that narrative served an even deeper purpose than pleasure. The ability to construct factually accurate narratives allows human beings to process a staggering amount of information during the course of a single lifetime and to transmit their acquired...
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“Things Are as Numerous as Strings of Pearls, as Numerous as the Brilliant Flowers”—Arts of Figure of Speech in Qian Zhongshu’s Novel Fortress Besieged

Jiugen Xiao, Xijuan Chen
Fortress Besieged is a famous novel written by Zhongshu Qian. The most prominent feature in this work is its witty expressions with figure of speech used for the characterization, which is bound to do research. The paper uses comparison and induction in the research. It is concluded that the language...
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A Study on Schmidt’s The Novel: A Biography

Zheng Fu
Michael Schmidt’s The Novel: A Biography(2014) is an ambitious,erudite study exploring the 700-year history of the novel in English.Tracing the intensification of interest in the story of the novel in English as a privileged unit of world literature, Schmidt rethinks its complexity that unfolds like...
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On the Development of Literary Criticism in America after World War I

Changfa Zheng
In the United States such critics as John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Robert Penn Warren, and Cleanth Brooks agreed with Eliot that literary criticism should be a largely autonomous endeavor, distinct from biography, psychology, philosophy, and other disciplines. Brooks described this critical approach...
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On Manolin’s Symbolic Meaning in the Old Man and the Sea

Hongxia Li, Xiaobing Qi
There are many researches about the old man and the sea in China and abroad, such as “The tough guy” “Heroism” “Iceberg theory”. However, there are little comments about the little boy. It seems that his role is irrelevant and unimportant to the novella. In fact, it is worthwhile for us to learn his...
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Confucian Humanistic Values of the Combination of “Human Being” and “Benevolence” and Fusion of National Cultures

Guoli Tang, Huimin Xie
This essay discusses the Confucian humanistic values of the combination of “human being” and “benevolence”, pointing out that Confucian humanistic values of the combination of “human being” and “benevolence” have introduced high, extensive, benevolent, modest, tolerant spiritual nature, which enabled...
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“Revolutionary Realism and Romanticism”: Representing the Ballet The Red Detachment of Women (1971)

Di Liu
This paper takes the well-known model work, the ballet The Red Detachment of Women (1971) as a case study to analyze this ballet in relation to the following issues: harmonic music language “Revolutionary Realism and Romanticism”, Three Prominences (San tuchu), the relationship between music and image...
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The Tragedy Implication in the Religious Thoughts for Journey to the West

Jiayin Qu
Author explored and analyzed the tragic theme of novel of Journey to the West from the different religious aspects, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and “Combination of three religions”. Wu Cheng’en wrote in a humorous tone to disclose the ugly realities and he wanted to save the decadent feudal society...
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Measurement of Impacts of Construction Land Expansion on Carbon Emissions in Hubei Province

Jing Jia
On the basis of STIRPAT model, this paper measures the influence that construction land expansion has on carbon emission from 2002 to 2012 in Hubei province by adopting the calculation method of carbon emission and the dynamic model of construction land. The research result: During the process of research,...
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Survey on Rural Residents’ Religion—A Case of Christian Faith of Z Village’s Residents in South Henan

Junhua Wang, Yexi Zhong, Shuming Bao
Since the reform and opening up, especially in recent years, Christianity has been developing rapidly in the countryside, which has a huge impact on rural social governance. Combined with fieldwork and combing literature, a thorough investigation into Z village had been taken to acquire the condition...
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Afterthought of the Old Summer Palace Restoration—Study on Protection and Development of the Chinese Landscape Cultural Heritage Based on Ontology

Weile Jiang, Chenchen Ma
The development and protection of the Old Summer Palace (Yuan Ming Yuan) in Beijing China have received extensive attention in China and even in the whole world. According to social surveys, tourists have been found that it is never to form whole memory of the Old Summer Palace. The urbanization and...
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To Revisit Advertising Translation under Nida’s Translation Theory

Luxin Zhang
With the rapid development of the global economy, the production of commodities has become extremely prosperous, and the competition has become exceedingly fierce. Therefore, in order to promote sales, manufacturers of each country try their best to set up their images and trademarks of the products...
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The Possibility of the Reseach on Yan-Zhao Culture from the Fang Yu Words in the Shuo Wen jiezi

Jingxian Ma, Shanshan Yan
Yan-zhao culture formation mechanism, the development course, the regional differentiation and the refracted by the inherent regularity, in the development of the traditional Chinese culture will help explore conforms to the regional characteristics of the protection of traditional culture and development...
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The Influence of Renaissance and Religious Reform on the Development of Music and Art Style

Jenny Yu
Renaissance art was devoted to the recreation of ancient culture, and there was a kind of realism literature. Medieval artists added the poetry of expressing human spiritual world to the music. During the two periods, the key point of art was shifted to the humanism. This paper presents that the influence...
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How to Cultivate Intercultural Communication Awareness in Postgraduates English Teaching

Xuemei Wang, Ying Li
As the arrival of economic globalization age, some new and higher requirements on cultivation of intercultural communication ability are urgently needed. How to cultivate intercultural communication awareness and competence has become the main task in university English teaching, especially for postgraduates....
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A Reflection on Literary Realism: It’s Length and Breadth

Hongli Wang
Becker might have been thinking of formalistic critics like Northrop Frye, for whom realism was in some fundamental sense anti-literary: “One of the most familiar and important features of literature,” Frye had declared in his famous Anatomy of Criticism in 1957, “is the absence of a controlling aim...
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A Discussion about the Institutionalization of Postmodernism in Postmodern Studies

Yueping Wang
This paper focuses on the new trends of postmodern studies and practices. In her opinion, postmodernism has not been dead as some theorists declared, only that it has entered into a new phase which can be temporarily called “the late postmodern moment,” that is, postmodernism has evolved into an institutionalized...
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To Review Postmodernism and its New Trends from the Oriental Perspective

Yueping Wang
China skipped the transgressive, constestatory part of postmodernism and moved directly to the compromised, commercialized offspring. A question always haunts me: how can a common reader, with his mind being shaped by the conventional realistic thinking about history and without receiving enough teachings...
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Reflections on Literary Realism from Postmodernist’s Perspective

Xinyan Li
Out of date and second-rate. Squashed in between the freshness of romanticism and the newness of modernism, it is truly the tasteless spam in the sandwich of literary and cultural history. Compared with other long-established members of the cast of critical players, it has recently been having a really...
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Studies on English Translation of Shijing in China: From Language to Culture

YanHua Wang, PeiXi Huang
Studies on English translation of Shijing have undergone three phases in China. It begins with introductions of English versions and their translators as well as comparisons between them; the second phase features in the theoretical attempt of translational strategies. The first two phases stress more...
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Localization and Dissemination of Soviet Marxist Philosophy in China by Zhiyuan Shen

YanHua Wang
This paper, based upon text interpretation and historical analysis methods, elaborated the Soviet philosophy in “Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism” translated by Zhiyuan Shen in the 1930s, and summed up the historical contribution that Zhiyuan Shen has made to the initial dissemination...
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Nonverbal Communication between the Disabled and Nondisabled People: An Intercultural Communication Perspective

ZhiYuan Li
Recently, the research on the co-cultural groups gradually becomes a new focus. In the midst, the study on the disabled co-culture is a typical example. Going from this perspective, this paper mainly summarizes the influence of physical appearance, interpersonal space and distance, and paralanguage etc....
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A Brief Discourse about Cultural Innovation of University Spirit

Xinggang Wang, Mingwei Jia, Chenggang Peng
As the important vein and foundation for development and survival of university, culture is a necessary mark and feature that distinguishes a university from one another. The function of university can not be fully played without culture’s nourishing and nurture, which is also the nature and soul of...
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The Astray Belonging—The Perplexity of Identity in Paul Muldoon’s Early Poems

Jing Yan
As a poet born in a Catholic family in Northern Ireland but deeply influenced by the British literary tradition, Paul Muldoon’s identity is obviously multiple and complex especially from 1970s to 1980s when Northern Ireland was going through the most serious political, religious and cultural conflicts,...
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The Aesthetic Life of Image Time Influences on Chinese Traditional Arts

Ruixia Song, Changyu Fu
How to solve the relationship between the Chinese traditional art forms with today's characteristics of the image of the times, and reasonable develop their own problems. This is the main problem to be discussed in this paper. The first, clear understanding of Chinese traditional art forms and contemporary...
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The Research of Clothing Space Design

Qiao Chen, Xiaoping Hu
This research mainly aims at the close relationship between clothing and human activities in people’s daily life, trying to design different costumes to address the demand problem for clothing functionality that people usually have in different environment or different activities. It demonstrates that...
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The Negative List in China — Causation, Content and Implication

Chanting Chen
This paper introduces current prevalent situation of the negative list in the field of international investment. It discusses that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the China-U.S. bilateral investment treaty negotiation directly promote the reform of China’s foreign investment regulation. The...
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Elizabeth’s Epiphany in “Odour of Chrysanthemums”

Jing Xin
This paper mainly focuses on the epiphany by Elizabeth of the story “Odour of Chrysanthemums”, which is written by D. H. Lawrence. Through the analysis of the important instant of the story, we could learn a lot from the epiphany especially in the aspect of marriage and life and understand deeper of...
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A Lacanian Interpretation of Beloved’s Subjectivity

Jun Shen
This paper aims to interpret Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved and examine the subjectivity of the controversial character Beloved in the framework of Lacanian subject theory, revealing her subjectivity is not shaped by Morrison in Cartesian paradigm and she is actually mirroring the unconscious of Sethe,...
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Translation Process of Caused-Motion Constructions from the Blending Point of View

Zengqiang Xia
Conceptual integration (blending) provides a way of the mental processes of mappings between languages and thoughts. If a source text is treated as the blends of the source language structures and schemata of the communicative events, in translating, when translators digest the source text, translators...
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Wuhan Commercial Jockey Credibility Preliminary Analysis System

Cheng Yang, Yi Li, Bo Xia
This article from the perspective of credibility investigate the risk of Wuhan Commercial horse racing faces legal, public, economic, game system, etc., by analyzing the problems of the current commercial horse racing credibility, from the legal, game system, media control and management system, event...
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The Chinese Version of WOrk-reLated Flow Inventory (WOLF): An Examination of Reliability and Validity

Yiyu Chen, Xiaotong Yu, Bo Huang
For introducing the WOrk-reLated Flow Inventory which was developed by Bakker (2008) to the research of work-related flow in China, and examing the reliability and validity of the scale. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis have showed us that the scale was composed of 3 factors such as, absorption,...
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Research on the Price Discovery Function of Chinese Corn Futures Market

Wei Guan, Mu Zhang
For researching the function of price discovery in the Chinese corn futures market, this article uses cointegration test, Granger causality test, vector error correction model and state space model to analyze the corn futures market. The empirical results indicate that corn futures market and the spot...
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Research on Purchasing Management of the Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing Enterprise Based on the Supply Chain Management Environment

Yanbo Jin, Lixin Zhao
Small and medium manufacturing enterprises in order in the fierce competition in the market based on the need to strengthen the procurement management. In this paper, supply chain management theory as a guide, analysis of the existing problems of China's small and medium manufacturing enterprises procurement...
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The Human Capital Stock's Practice of Shanxi Banking Businessman

Jingyu Qi, Ying Du
This article unifies our country human capital stock's practice, elaborate the importance of human resources management and the important theoretical and practical significance.
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Dynamic Research on China's Gini Coefficient

Xiaohui Hai
Based on the grouped data of resident income in Statistical Yearbook, the paper calculates the China’s Gini coefficients of urban, rural and national residents in the ten years from 2002 to 2011 according to the characteristics of income data of urban residents and rural residents, and finally analyzes...
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Research on Trade Effect to Establish Sino-Russian Free Trade Area (FTA) on the Basis of the Partial Equilibrium Model

Yijun Xiang, Li Tian, Nan Yan
On the background of new economic normality, the regional cooperation between China and Russia has got rapidly developed. Russia is the important country of the “one belt and one road” line, and to establish free trade area is the main propulsive forms of “one belt and one road”. The paper analyzes the...
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Study on Innovation of Government Management Mode

Ying Sun
The innovation of government management refers to the government organizations constantly adapt to changes and volatile external environment, through the formation of structure, process, mechanism and new behaviors, explore and establish reasonable system of government operation mode, so as to ensure...