Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Science and Technology on Social Science 2021 (iCAST-SS 2021)

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The Role of Esprit De Corps as a Variable Moderation Between Workplace Incivility and Turnover Intention

(Study On Military Hospital in Indonesia)

Amos R. Patandung, Margono Setiawan, Mintarti Rahayu, Ananda Sabil
This study aims to determine the role of esprit de corps as a moderating variable for the relationship of incivility at work to the desire to leave voluntary nurses who work at the Gatot Subroto Army Central Hospital, Jakarta. The research sample was 240 voluntary nurses from a total of 606 nurses who...
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Learners’ Perception Towards Online Classroom Environment during Pandemic of COVID-19, TPACK in EFL Context

Puji Astuti Amalia, Minarni Adham, Maulita, Sektalonir Bhakti
The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed many aspects of life across the globe including in Indonesia. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 the president of Indonesia announced national distancing rule and encouraged citizen to work and study at home. Universities have changed the learning system into...
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Income of Women Traders Around the Coast of Kupang City Beach Attractions Before and During Covid 19

Veronika A. S. M. Flora, Yudha E. Nugraha, Christina W. Plaituka
The purpose of this study was to determine the business and income of women traders on the coast of Kupang City Beach attractions before and during the Covid 19 pandemic. The research method used was qualitative, the data collection techniques were observation and in-depth interviews with informants...
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Study of Micro and Small Business Development Strategies in Economic Recovery Post COVID-19 Pandemic in Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara

Puteri Ayu Pratiwi, Rosdiana Mata, Rosmiati
This study aims to provide information on business development strategies MSBs in economic recovery post COVID-19 pandemic in Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara. The type of research used in this study is a qualitative descriptive approach. The sampling technique in this study was Proportional Random Sampling...
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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Electronic Payment Technology in Service Applications Online Transportation in Indonesia

Moh Farid Najib, Vita Karima
This study aims to understand customer behavioral intention in adopting digital payment on online transportation services. Researcher modifies the Unified Theory of Acceptance, and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT 2) theory in this research. With 200 respondents, this study identifies performance expectancy,...
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Students’ Perceptions on Lecturers Affective Competence at Kupang State of Polytechnic

Rosdiana Mata, Puteri Ayu Pratiwi, Yosef P. Dheghu
This study aimed to investigate the student’s perception level in the learning process toward lecturers’ affective competence when online learning policies are implemented. This study used survey research by adapting research instruments that have been developed in previous studies by King, namely “Teacher...
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Strategic Preferences Towards the Challenges of Destination Branding: A Case Study in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province

Rio Benedicto Bire, Imelda Regina Pellokila, Asbi Nasar
This study aims to rank strategical preferences pertaining to the challenges of destination branding in the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province. Scarcity of empirical research into the related area of study, and the rise of tourism along with the challenges it encompasses, justifies a gap for the aforementioned...
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Gender Differences in Covid-19 Vaccination Intention

Jappy P. Fanggidae, Stella Y. Sahetapy, Noldy D. P. Mumu
This study aims at investigating gender differences in accepting Covid-19 vaccination shot. Data were collected through a self-administered survey participated by adults who have never been vaccinated. We used Structural Equation Model analysis to examine the relationships between variables in the research...
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Anticipated Guilt in Reducing Irresponsible Driving Among Youth People

Septia Dioh, Jappy P. Fanggidae, Noldy Mumu
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether anticipated guilt can increase the intention to drive safely among adolescents. They were selected as the population of this study because adolescents are the age group most affected by traffic accidents. To achieve the research objectives, in this...
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Planning Area Design of Agro-Tourism in Bukit Raya Village, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province

Anton Nurcahyo, Eman Sukmana, Bhanu Rizfa Hakim
The Government of Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) Regency has decided the tourism sector as one of the mainstay sectors in increasing regional income, with indicators of the number of visits and movements of tourists and the average stay at Kukar accommodations during tourist activities. This is in line with...
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Development of Applications for Making Evidence-Based Accounting Practice Modules

I Made Ariana, I Komang Sugiarta, I Made Bagiada, I Dewa Made Mahayana
Application development is needed to create transaction evidence-based basic accounting practice modules to increase learning effectiveness. The research problem is how to develop an application to create transaction evidence-based basic accounting practice modules? The general objective of this research...
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Development of Spreadsheet Based Application for Hotel Accounting Practice Learning

Nyoman Sentosa Hardika, I Made Ariana, I Made Sudana, Ni Ketut Masih
A spreadsheet-based application for hotel accounting practices learning according to the uniform system of accounts for the lodging industry (USALI) needed by lecturers and students. The research objectives were: 1) to produce a spreadsheet-based application for learning hotel accounting practices according...
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Audio-Visual Media of Spreadsheet Based Financial Management Learning to Support Blended Learning

Made Sura Ambara Jaya, Ni Ketut Sukasih, I Wayan Karman, I Made Ariana
Audio-visual media of spreadsheet-based financial management learning is indispensable to support blended learning to increase learning effectiveness. The research objectives were: 1) to produce audio-visual media for financial management learning based on spreadsheets, and 2) to analyze the test results...
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Management Model of Rural-Owned Enterprises Due to Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 Based on Transformation of Economic Behavior

Ni Nyoman Aryaningsih, I Made Bagiada, Putu Rany Weda Suari, Made Dana Saputra
Empirical data on the development of rural-owned rural in 2020 shows that around 77% of rural-owned rural in Bali and around 73% are still running savings and loan businesses, and other businesses such as 19.8% shop business units, 8.8% market management businesses, waste management 10.8%, leasing 15.8%,...
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Model of Sustainable Tourism System Application Between Borders of Indonesia and Timor Leste

Sari Bandaso Tandilino
Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the Indonesian government decided to close access for foreign tourists. As a result, based on BPS data, foreign tourist visits fell very deeply to more than 80 percent in 2020 which only reached 4 million people with foreign...
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The Role of Motivation to Mediate the Effect of Work from Home on Audit Quality at Public Accountant Firm in Bali Province

Ida Bagus Anom Yasa, I Ketut Sukayasa, I Ketut Parnata
The quality of the audit is a basic construction of the audit to be performed by the auditor during the conduct of the engagement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, auditing tasks become more risky, due to restrictions on the scope of the audit, as a result of the implementation of social distancing, so...
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Factors That Influence Generation Z in Using E-Wallet During COVID-19 Pandemic

Maulita Maulita, Puji astuti Amalia, Fabiola B. Luturnas
Generation Z is a generation that cannot be separated from gadgets. Generation Z has been a market for e-wallet producers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic since 2019. In other words, this pandemic has changed several ways of life. For instance, the new normal affects transaction activities for...
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Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourist Village Resilience in Tackling Covid-19 Pandemic

Ni Nyoman Sri Astuti, Gede Ginaya, Ni Ketut Bagiastuti, I Ketut Suarja
This study aims to examine the resilience of the management of the Bongkasa Pertiwi Badung tourist village in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The resilience of the management of the Bongkasa Pertiwi Badung tourist village is a form of resilience and adaptation to the empowerment of tourism villages...
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Identification of Village Potential as a Basis for Development of Tourism Village in Tunua Village, North Mollo District South Central Timor Regency

Melky Kabu, Elim R.A Lau
The province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), has both natural and cultural tourist attractions that are very attractive to tourists. Some of the interesting tourist attractions in NTT are on Timor Island such as Boti village, Tamkesi traditional village, Oetune beach, Fatumnasi village, Fulan Fehan, Tunua...
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The Effect of Understanding, Income, Promotion, and Trust on Cash Waqf Collection in Indonesia

Sigit Hartoko
Objectives—This study aims to determine, and measure the strength of the factors that influence the collection of Cash Waqf. The data obtained is used to build a strategy to increase the collection of Cash Waqf. This research uses quantitative methods. The research Variables include Understading, Income,...
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Sport Tourism Development in Mali Beach Alor Regency - Indonesia

Elim R. A. Lau, Melky Kabu, Baskoro Handoko Putro
Sports Tourism is tourism to participate in sports activities both in the context of participating in competitions or just as fun in channeling sports hobbies. It is undeniable that tourism is one of the government’s mainstays in attracting the number of tourists. Various types of tourism and concepts...
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Economic Impact of Tourism Development in Coastal Area: A Multiplier Effect Analysis Approach

Yudha Eka Nugraha, Veronika A. S. M. Flora
Coastal areas in Kupang is one of the places where economic activities between tourists and business units managed by local communities have taken place since the 1990s. However, research on the economic impact using multiplier effect approach has never been done in coastal areas of Kupang. Objective...
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Competitiveness Potential of Agricultural Sector Products Market Prospects to Improve Community Welfare

I M M Arsana Dicriyani, K A B Wicaksana, I M A Putrayasa, N LG M
The aims of this Research to identify and determine agricultural sector commodities that have superior and potential levels in Tabanan district. Research method This research uses two types of research, namely: quantitative research and qualitative research. The method of data collection is carried out...
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Fully Online E-Learning Model Development as an Online Learning Model During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Komang Sugiarta, Cening Ardina, I Komang Wiratama
During the Covid-19 pandemic, all teaching and learning activities at educational institutions were requested by the government to be carried out online. Therefore, there are no more learning activities carried out face-to-face in the classroom. This research was conducted to provide an overview of the...
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Influence of Electronic Word of Mouth on Destination Image and Their Impact on Visiting Interests and Decisions

(A Case Study on Millennial Travelers)

Asbi Nasar
This study aims to assess several variables related tourism marketing, namely the influence of Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM) on the image of the destination, the influence of tourist destination image on interests, and influence of interest on visiting decisions. This study was conducted in Tablolong...
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The Influence of Transfomational Leadership Style, Organizational Commitment and Working Spirit on Employee Performance

Study at On The Rock Hotel Kupang During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lorens Riwu, Imelda Regina Pellokila, Merlin Luisa Malelak
This study aims to determine relationship between Transformational leadership style, organizational commitment, working spirit to employee performance where hotels are the main object of this research. Hotels in the tourism industry are accommodation facilities that can help tourists who are traveling...
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The Professional Online Teaching Based on Integrity of Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual Quotient at Diploma Business Administration Program in Bali State Polytechnic

Wayan Suryathi, Ketut Vini Elvarosa, I Made Widiantara, Sagung Mas Suryaniadi, Luh Made Wijayati
This research aims to analyze the professional online teaching and learning based on integrated of intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient. Data were collected from 146 Population at Diploma Business Administration Programme in Bali State Of Polytechnic who already took 107 respondents...
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Development of a Flexible Financial Planning Web-Based Application for Indigenous Communities at Village Credit Institution in Badung Regency, Bali

I Made Wijana, Anak Agung Putri, Suardani Suardani, I Ketut Suwintana, I Gusti Putu Fajar Pranadi Sudhana
This research aims to develop a Flexible Financial Planning Web-based application For Indigenous Village Communities at Village Credit Institution (LPD) in Badung Regency, Bali. This research is a continuation and refinement of previous research results. This stage includes: revision to be more flexible,...
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VRIO Model as a Framework for Developing Tourism Competitiveness

Case Study in Tourism Village in Gianyar Regency, Bali

I Putu Mertha Astawa
The rapid development of the tourism industry, both at the national and world levels, has caused tourism destinations to be faced with quite tight competition. Competition can cause visitors to get many choices, and therefore in order for a tourism destination to be chosen by the majority of visitors,...
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Development and Implementation of a Mobile-Based Accounting Terms Application as Self-Learning Kit in English for Vocational Purposes

Luh Nyoman Chandra Handayani, Gusti Nyoman Ayu Sukerti, I Made Riyan Adi Nugroho, Ketut Arya Bayu Wicaksana, I Wayan Dana Ardika
The dictionary of accounting terms plays an important role for students as an independent learning medium because it can make it easier for students to find vocabulary so they don’t need to use a general dictionary. To increase the effectiveness of using a dictionary of accounting terms, an accounting...
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Towards Branding Kupang City: Local Community Perception

Imelda Regina Pellokila, Lorens Riwu, Melky Kabu
This study aims to examine the perception of the local community in terms of branding the city of Kupang in the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) of Indonesia. The absence of related studies created a gap for this research to be conducted. We used a descriptive qualitative approach to identify and describe peoples’...
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Organization as the Cause of Ship Collision in Indonesian Waters

Shanty Yahya
Ships have an important role in increasing world trade. The increase in the shipping industry has an impact on the marine transportation. The increase of the marine transportation is not in line with marine safety. There are risks when the ship on a voyage. One of them is a ship collision. Ship accidents...
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Service Innovation in the New Normal Era at Restaurants in Ubud Bali Tourism Area

Ni Made Sudarmini, I Wayan Pugra, Ida Ayu Ketut Sumawidari, Ni Kadek Muliati, Ni Wayan Sukartini
The objectives of this study are to (1) analyze the factors that determine service innovation in terms of service demands in the new normal era; and (2) to find out the types of service innovations in the New Normal Era at the Restaurant in the Ubud Bali Tourism Area. The number of samples studied was...
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Strategy Model for Strengthening the Creative Economy Tourism Sector of Karangasem Regency

Luh Linna Sagitarini, Made Sudiarta, Ni Wayan Wahyu Astuti
Creative economy development in Karangasem Regency is the right option to maintain economic resilience in conditions of worldwide crisis. The Creative Economy must be developed because the creative economy has great potential in making a big economic contribution; creating renewable ones; create innovation...
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The Role of Resilience as a Mediation of the Variable Between Job Burnout and Investigators Performance (Study on Regional Police Nusa Tenggara Timur During the Covid-19 Pandemic)

Ridolof W. Batilmurik, Robert Noach, David Latupeirissa
The study aims at analyzing the direct and indirect effects of resilience, job burnout, and the performance of Special Investigation and Criminal Investigators of the East Nusa Tenggara Regional Police during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Investigators need resilience in law enforcement. Respondents were 57...
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Online Cultural Activities Information on Customer Trust on Microfinance Institutions in Bali

I Putu Astawa, I Gusti Agung Bagus Mataram, Christantius Dwiatmadja
Live broadcast video has been widely used by a company or individual as a sales tool. Some literatures explain that it is mostly used by trading companies to influence customers. This study, however, explains cultural activities conducted by microfinance institutions used as a tool for attraction to...
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The Effect of the Usage of Interactive Multimedia on the Students’ Concept Mastery and Critical Thinking Skill

I Ketut Suja, I Gusti Agung Sadnyana Putra, Ni Luh Eka Armoni, Ni Luh Ayu Kartika Yuniastari Sarja
This study aims to determine the influence of the use of interactive multimedia on the mastery of concepts and critical thinking skills of students in courses. Some of the most important findings expected in this study are (1) the influence of this model can improve students’ learning competence in the...
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Evaluation of The NTT Province Regulation No.09 of 2019 Concerning the implementation of Regional Tourism

Elsa Dian Taimenas, Merlyn Luisa Malelak
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the extent to which the NTT Provincial Regulation No. 9 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Regional Tourism, especially in Article 4 which contains the objectives of implementing this regional regulation, includes increasing economic growth, alleviating...
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Expert System for Learning Disability Classification in School-Age Children

Fahriza Mutiara Fajariyanti, Dias Agata, Tri Harsono
Learning disabilities are generally defined as disorders of one or more basic psychological processes including the use of spoken or written language shown by children with poor ability to hear, think, read, write, spell, or solve mathematic problems. The purpose of this research is to classify learning...
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Preliminary Study on Rural Tourism Development in Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan: Potential and Status

A Rinto Dwiatmojo, Novita Indriani, Yusni Nyura, Friscylia Merlina George, Khairul Hisyam bin Kamarudin
Rural tourism is an economic-driven activity that combines local community creativity, culture, and natural attractions and supported by appropriate facilities and accommodation for tourists. Kutai Kartanegara Regency might posses a combination of all these potentials due to itsstrategic location prior...
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Implementation of Task-Based Language Teaching on Reading Comprehension by the Polytechnic Students

IWD Ardika, IMD Sumartana, Putu Dyah Hudiananingsih, Cahya Dewi, Rai Widanta, Gede Santanu
This study was aimed at determining the students’ comprehension of reading after TBLT method being implemented by knowing th effectiveness of TBLT for students, especially for the polytechnic students. TBLT learners are specifically faced with a challenge or problem to solve. This research used Classroom...
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Lontar Leaves Webbing Craft as Element of Sustainable Cultural Tourism

Case Study on Sasando House in Oebelo Village, Kupang Regency

Martarida Bagaihing, Agustino Lukas Fischer Conterius, Christina Mariana Mantolas
This This study aims to identify lontar leaves webbing products as a cultural attraction at the Sasando House and to analyze the role of lontar leaves webbing crafts into Sustainable Cultural Tourism at the Sasando House. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method. The informants were the Sasando...
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Capital Structure Analysis of Manufacturing Firms Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (Idx) in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Agnes K. B. Mudamakin, Agusta Amanda Wulandari, Melda Mariana Poeh
The manufacturing industry contributes to the Indonesian economy, especially by enhancing export and import activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the manufacturing sector activities, which has also caused the termination of employment, closure of factories, and decline of production. This condition...
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Potential Resources for Development of Sustainable Green Tourism in Sangkan Gunung Village, Karangasem Residency, Bali Province

I Gusti Made Wendri, Ida Ayu Elistyawati, Ni Made Rai Sukmawati
The present tourism trend shows that conventional tourist products begin to lose attractiveness since the tourist shifts interest to more quality tourist activities that allow active involvement. Green tourism with special-interest activities becomes the right offer made to the tourist. A related definition...
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Participation of Local Communities in Supporting the Development of Dark Sky Tourism (Observatorium-Timau) Amfoang Central

Christina Mariana Mantolas, Syul Rosli Sanam, Martarida Bagaihing
This research is intended to understand the participation of local people in supportingthe Wisata Gelap Observatorium-Timau (Dark Tourism Observatory-Timau) in districtCentral Amfoang in Kupang District. The participation of local communities (3 Amfoang tribes) in giving their land to build the Timau-observatory...
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Technology and Information System Expertise Demand for Accounting Professionals: A Requirements Analysis of Job Advertisements

I Made Suarta, I Ketut Suwintana, I Gusti Agung Oka Sudiadnyani
Digital transformation has driven change in business and industry ecosystems, and has also created a disruptive impact in the workplace. The purpose of this research is to describe the technology and information system skills needed by professional accountants as required in job advertisements. This...
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The Impact of Financial Transparency Perception to Public Participation with Satisfaction as Mediation on Taneon Funan Bumdes in Oben Village Nekamese Sub-District

Darwin Yopie Kefi, Maria B. Ringga, Patrisius Seran
The objective of this current research was to know the impact of BUMDes financial tranparency perception to the public interest to be involved in the whole management stages of Taneon Funan BUMDes in Oben village Nekamese sub-district, with the satisfaction as mediation variable. There were 200 people...
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Competency as one of the Predictors that Influence Google Classroom Usage

I Made Budiasa, I Ketut Suparta, Nyoman Mastiani Nadra
The outbreak of the Corona-19 virus has forced lecturers and students to carry out online learning with various communication media, one of which is Google Classroom (GC). The objectives of this study is to investigate predictors that affect GC adoption/usage. The method used in this research is a survey...
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RPL Student Recruitment Assessment Model Based Technology in Pandemic Covid 19

Ni Ketut Bagiastuti, Ida Ayu Kade Werdika Damayanti, Ni Nyoman Sri Astuti
This study aims to find out how the technology-based assessment and recognition model is for the continuation of student recruitment for The Recognition Prior Learning(RPL) program in the midst of covid-19. With the government’s policy regarding restrictions on social interaction that applies also to...
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Tourists Perceptions and Preferences of Sustainable Rural Tourism Management: A Case Study on the Bakas Tourism Area, Banjarangkan Sub District Klungkung Regency, Bali.

I Komang Mahayana Putra, Ni Wayan Sumetri, I Dewa Made Partika, I Wayan Eka Dian Rahmanu, Cokorda Gede Putra Yudistira, Kadek Dwi Cahaya Putra
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the development of the tourism sector in Bali. The pressure on the tourism industry is most evident in the massive decline in foreign tourist arrivals with massive cancellations and a drop in bookings. UNWTO recommendations, in order to speed up recovery...
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Description Study of the Implementation of the MSME Credit Relaxation Policy Affected By Covid 19 in BPR Christa Jaya Kupang

Eugenia Hendrini P. Tanan, Wilsna Rupilu, Tiffany Natalia P. Gah, Agnes Kidi Beda Mudamakin
The involvement of banking institutions that maintain their existence as a provider of funds for MSME business activities most affected by the covid 19 outbreak is also supported by the Regulation of the Financial Services Authority of the Republic of Indonesia Number 48 / POJK.03 / 2020 on national...
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The Local Culinary Potential to Support Tourism in Perean Village Bali

Ida Ayu Kade Werdika Damayanti, Made Suardani, Luh Linna Sagitarini
Culinary plays an important role in human life, because culinary itself cannot be separated from cultural, social, and economic elements. Tourists visiting a tourist spot will like to do culinary tours, especially every time they visit one area. Local cuisine can be a reinforcement of the tourism theme...
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Improving the Performance and Competitiveness of the Company Through the Implementation of Blue Ocean Strategy in MSMEs Which Promotion is On-Line in Karangasem District

I Ketut Pasek, I Wayan Sukarta, I Komang Mahayana Putra, I Putu Yoga Laksana, I Gusti Ngurah Sanjaya, I Wayan Wirga
The existence of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in quantity is relatively large, but their contribution to GRDP and export value is still relatively low. This condition requires MSMEs to make innovative breakthroughs in an effort to improve performance and competitiveness. One of the strategies...
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Implementation Analysis of Financial Accounting Standards for Entities Without Public Accountability (Sak Etap) on Financial Statements of Bumdes Ora Et Labora in Usapisonbai Village, Nekamese District

Melda M. Poeh, Septia S. Dioh, Christian T. Peilouw
The purpose of this research was to analyze the implementation of the Financial Accounting Standards for Entities Without Public Accountability (SAK ETAP) of 2016 with the financial statements of BUMDes Ora Et Labora of 2020 in Usapisonbai Village. Data collection was carried out by interviewing and...
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Strengthening the Financial Aspects, Characteristics and Competencies of Entrepreneurship to Improve the Performance of MSMEs Managed by Women

Wilsna Rupilu, Eugenia Hendrini P. Tanan, Tiffany Natalia P. Gah
MSMEs are a potential sector and have a strategic role and a very large contribution to the national economy. According to data from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises in 2019, the number of MSME actors as many as 65.465.975 million or 99.99% of the total number of entrepreneurs...
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The Influence of Personality on Performance in Mediation of Work Engagement

(Study on Customer Service Employees in the Banking Industry in Kupang City)

Robert Noach, Ridolof W. Batilmurik, David Latupeirissa
This study analyses the mediating role of work engagement in the relationship between personality and employee performance, especially employees who work as customer service at a government-owned bank in Kupang City. It is explanatory research using a quantitative approach. The data source was gained...
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Development of Reading Module Based on Ecolinguistic Discourse

Paulus Subiyanto, Ketut Suciani, Budi Susanto, Lien Darlina, I Made Sumartana, Putu Somawati
Ecological awareness, labelled with green, has been a familiar icon for institutions and businesses around the world. Higher education, especially Polytechnic serving as a vocational institution preparing students for workplace, needs efforts to equip its graduates with ecological awareness and knowledge....
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Exploration of Opportunity Recognition in Ecotourism Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Ni Made Wahyuni, I.P. Astawa, Ni Nyoman Aryaningsih
Entrepreneurship is related to development. Opportunity recognition is considered an important part of realizing entrepreneurial action and sustainable development. Sustainable entrepreneurship has the initial goal of entrepreneurship while still prioritizing the issues of social (human), environmental...
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The Effectiveness of Regional Financial Accounting Practicum in the Era of the Covid 19 Pandemic

Sri Endar Utami, Agusta Amanda W., Fransiscus N. N.
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many countries around the world, including Indonesia. Due to the pandemic, the higher education teaching has been disrupted. Teaching and learning activities cannot be done in-person and are switched to a virtual learning system. Therefore, this study analyzes the effectiveness...
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Vlog as one of the Applications of Project-Based Learning Method in Online English Classes

Anastasia Imelda Sayd, Yessi Susan Intan P. Benu
This research is motivated by the problems which arise during online lectures in this pandemic period. The Project-Based Learning (PBL) method using Vlog as the project is applied in online English classes, with the aim that the learning process takes place effectively and efficiently so the competency...
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Production Economic Management Model in Product Design

Rosmiati Rosmiati, Syahrul Bahari, Agustinus Laka
This paper is the result of research that produces a design consisting of a production economic management model in designing a product. The problem that is often faced is that there is no synchronization between product planning and production economics, with the aim of making a product design management...
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The Effectiveness of Health Protocol Implementation for Hospitality Industry Due to COVID-19 Pandemic in Kupang City

Laurensius Sandro Rero
The objectives of this research are twofold: 1) to analyze the effectiveness of Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental sustainability (CHSE)-based health protocols implementation for the hospitality industry in Kupang City, and 2) to identify the impact of Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental...
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The Existence of The Fulan Fehan Festival Towards Indonesian MICE Tourism Destination

(Case Study on Dirun Village, Lamakmen District, Belu Regency, NTT)

Syul Rosli Sanam, Christina Mariana Mantolas, I Wayan Adi Putra Ariawan
This research is conducted in Fulan Fehan which is located in Dirun Village, Lamaknen District, Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This Fulan Fehan Tourism Destination is designated as one of the event venues or destinations that organizes the annual event in the form of a Festival. The Fulan Fehan Festival...
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Analysis of the Role of Social Media on Sales of Used Clothing Online in Kupang City

Heni M. Sauw, Reisanty M. Djami, Ronald Renoat
This study aims to: 1) find out how the role of social media in selling used clothing online in the city of Kupang; 2) Knowing the factors that influence the sale of used clothing online in the Kupang city. Data was collected using the methods of observation, interviews, and documentation. This study...
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Feasibility Analysis of Investment in Pt. Sahabat Kasih Nusantara at South Central Timor Regency

Yefta Sanam, Margaretha Sartien
One business with good prospects for development in Timor Tengah Selatan Regency is raising laying hens and distributing chicken feed because the community/consumer need for chicken eggs increases both for household consumption needs and raw materials of various types of cakes, and culinary. This type...
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Women Farming Group Empowerment Model in Improving Family Economy in Boentuka Village, Timor Tengah Selatan

Reisanty M. Djami, Heni M. Sauw, Yefta Sanam
This study aims to: 1) To determine the empowerment of women in order to improve the family economy through the Women Farmers Group.2) to find out the supporting and inhibiting factors of the Women Farmers Group in improving the family economy. This research is a descriptive research with a qualitative...
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Analysis of the Potential Development of Tourism Villages in Jembayan Tengah East Kalimantan Using AHP Method

Said Keliwar, Eman Sukmana, Riska Rahmania, A.Rinto Dwi Atmojo
Rural areas have very diverse potential, both the potential of natural resources, cultural resources of the community, and the creative resources of local communities. The diversity of these resources has the potential to be developed as a product of rural community-based tourist attractions to improve...
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Gastronomic Tourism Development Strategies to Face the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kupang.

Friend Zakharia, Laurensius Sandro Rero, Fahri Adiputra Wely
There is great potential in the gastronomic tourism sector because this gastronomy provides added value when compared to culinary tourism offered abroad, so gastronomic tourism actually plays a very important role in maintaining the existence of local food. Even so, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the...
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The Implementation of the Revaluation State Property Assets at Politeknik Negeri Bali

Anak Agung Putri Suardani, Ida Bagus Anom Yasa, I Made Wijana
This study aims to analyze the implementation of the revaluation of State Property (BMN) assets at Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) in accordance with the Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number. 75 of 2017. The sampling technique used is saturated sampling, with a total of 23 respondents....
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tourist Attractions (A Study in Kupang Regency)

Agustino Lukas Fischer Conterius
This research aims to assess the COVID-19 pandemic on tourist attractions in Kupang Regency of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province of Indonesia. We limit the study sample to seven tourist attractions that are officially managed by the Kupang Regency Government. The type of research used is that of descriptive...
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Conservation & Tourism; Problem and Challenge in Development of Manado City Center as Heritage Tourism

Benny Irwan Towoliu, Fonny Sangari, Dimas Ero Permana
This paper aims to describe the state of cultural heritage sites in Manado City that are poorly maintained, damaged, changed in function, and the challenges of developing Manado city center as a heritage area. In developed countries, the old city area with historic sites is well preserved, even though...
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Job Satisfaction in Higher Education (Study at Universities in Indonesia)

Fullchis Nurtjahjani, Ayu Fury Puspita
The current study examines the importance of lecturer job satisfaction in universities in Indonesia. Job satisfaction has an important role in increasing job involvement. The results of previous studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between lecturer job satisfaction and employee performance...
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Analysis of Contextual Learning Model on Ethics and Personality Development Materials for Vocational Education

I Made Widiantara, Ni Made Wijayati, Ni Ketut Lasmini, Ketut Vini Elfarosa, Ida Bagus Putu Suamba
The need for learning models for students in vocational education is certainly different from learning for students in academic or scientific education. An in-depth analysis of the need for subject matter that is indeed in accordance with the characteristics of vocational education is needed more than...
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Speaking Language Words, Terms, and Sentences in Virtual Presentations Bali State Polytechnic Students

I Nyoman Mandia, I Nyoman Sukra, Putu Dyah Hudiananingsih
Students’ ability in spoken or spoken language can be seen in communicating and presenting in public. This study aims to determine the level of use of spoken language in virtual presentations of Bali State Polytechnic students. This is important to do because there is a tendency to use words, terms,...
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Green Hotel Promotion Strategy in Bali: A Study Using SWOT Analysis

I Ketut Astawa, Cokorda Istri Sri Widhari, I Ketut Budarma, I Gede Mudana
Bali is a small island of extraordinary natural beauty and cultural appeal. This island’s stunning qualities make it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. According to TripAdvisor, Bali was chosen as the world’s best tourist destination in 2021. Therefore, this study aims to identify...
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An Analysis of the Impact of Cleanliness, Health, Safety, Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) on Consumer Satisfaction at Zoom Hotel Mulawarman Samarinda

A Rinto Dwiatmojo, Musdalifah Musdalifah, Yusni Nyura, Fitriani Arsyad, Nikasius Jonet
This research aimed to analyze the impact of cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability (CHSE) on consumer satisfaction at the Zoom Hotel Mulawarman Samarinda. The research method was quantitative research. The research population was visitors who came and stayed at least once and...
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Clustering of Provincial Government in Indonesia Based on Fixed Asset Ownership and Economic Growth

Ratna Wulaningrum, Venti Eka Satya, Muhammad Kadafi, Amiril Azizah
The availability of infrastructure will affect the level of community access to resources, ultimately encouraging economic growth and reducing poverty levels. This study aims to cluster the provincial governments in Indonesia based on fixed asset ownership and economic growth during the 2015-2019 period....
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Reinforcement of Rural-Owned Enterprises Institutions Through Digital Transaction and Business Risk Challenges During The COVID-19 (Case Study at Kertalangu of East Denpasar)

Ni Nyoman Aryaningsih, I Made Bagiada, I Nyoman Gde Suta Waisnawa, I Ketut Suwintana
Poverty alleviation is not only supported by government social assistance, but is carried out through government policies and real work programs from the community. One of them is strengthening of Rural-Owned Enterprises Institutions through the provision of micro business capital and digital innovation....
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Financial Distress Analysis of Coal Mining Companies

E. Retno Maninggarjati, Ratna Wulaningrum, Rahmawati Fitriana, Dzulfikar Triadi Putra
A new problem in 2019 apart from the absence of a new location for coal reserves was the limitation of coal production by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia. These problems indicate that there are not only external problems with the company. However, internal company...
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Redesign of Canting Cold Batik Using Nigel Cross Approach

Etwin Fibrianie Soeprapto, Dwi Cahyadi
Cold Batik is one example of environment friendly process batik and safe for children because it does not use a stove to heat the wax barrier during the process. The process of cold batik is the same as the process of hot batik but different in the canting. Canting is a tool to make a cross wax on the...
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Reconstruction of Compliance Risk Management Towards a Humanist Approach

I Nyoman Darmayasa, I Made Marsa Arsana, I Made Agus Putrayasa, Putu Indah Larasati
This study aims to reconstruct the compliance model of Compliance Risk Management (CRM) based on taxpayers’ compliance risks. Reconstruction of the tax compliance model utilized the approach of historicity, rationality, and actuality. The CRM reconstruction process equipped results from the observation...
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Content-Based Instruction (CBI) in Writing E-Brochure: Integrating Vocabulary Learning and Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching

Sariani Sariani, Fazrol Rozi, Yaningsih Yaningsih
In the past two years, technology has been evolving rapidly due to the pandemic outbreak in the whole world, and invoking a significant surge in usage of education technology. During thesetimes, both teachers and students have been gradually becoming digital natives in carrying out teaching-learning...
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Risk Assessment With Audit Tool and Linked Archive System (ATLAS) Methods on Going-Concern During The Covid-19 Pandemic

I Made Agus Putrayasa, Made Dana Saputra, Ni Wayan Kurnia Dewi
The risk-based audit approach focuses on identifying and assessing material risks as well as risks that have the potential to hinder business strategy. Moreover, this approach will help the auditor plan a more targeted audit to make the implementation and reporting stage easier. This risk-based audit...
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Fiscal Capacity Clustering of Local Goverment in Indonesia (Empirical Evidence of Fiscal Imbalance in Eastern Indonesia and Western Indonesia)

Muhammad Kadafi, Ratna Wulaningrum, Venti Eka Satya
The purpose of this research is to cluster provincial and districts or cities governments in Indonesia based on PMK Number 120 PMK-07-2020 about Regional Fiscal Capacity Maps. The index value is obtained from the income variable, predetermined income, and certain expenditures. The analytical tool used...
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Strategy for Development of Tourism Villages Towards Digital-Based Advanced Tourism Villages in Blimbingsari Village, Melaya District, Jembrana Regency

I Ketut Suarta, A. Agung Putu Swabawa, I Gusti Ngurah Sanjaya, I Nyoman Meirejeki
This research was conducted in Blimbingsari Village, Melaya district, Jembrana regency. The purpose of this study was to know the existence of Blimbingsari Tourism Village and to design effective strategies in improving Blimbingsari Tourism Village to become an advanced tourism village. The method used...
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The Organoleptic Test of Organic Rice in Banyuwangi

Kurniawan Muhammad Nur, Halil Halil, Driyanto Wahyu Wicaksono
Organic Rice is produced from cultivation with low chemical residues. So it can be well consumed and digested by the body. This study was to determine the consumer preferences with parameters of color, aroma, taste, and texture involving 40 panelists. The research method used a Completely Randomized...
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Analysis of WhatsApp Users’ Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty During The Covid-19 Pandemic in Samarinda

Indah Martati, Suminto Suminto, Dyah Kusrihandayani, Kristin Wulansari
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the use of social media for most people in Indonesia. This study aims to analyze and prove the influence of e-quality, e-trust, and the perceived benefits of e-satisfaction and e-loyalty of WhatsApp users during the Covid-19 pandemic in Samarinda. The data used...
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The effect of Marlin Study Pack Application Towards Students’ English for Maritime Ability at Nautical Study Program

Aprizawati Aprizawati, Zusniati Zusniati, Safe’i Safe’i, Bobi Satria, Romadhoni Romadhoni
this article was expected to investigate the significant differences of using Marlin Study Pack Application toward students’ English for Maritime ability at Nautical Study Program. The data was conducting by quasi experimental research, the writer tried to observe whether Marlin Study Pack Application...
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Community Empowerment Oeseli Tourism Village in Rote-Ndao District

Ariance Ana Lasibey, Boiris Milyardo
The purpose of this study is to analyzing how community empowerment in Oeseli Village in supporting the development of a tourist village. This study uses a qualitative method, which emphasizes more understanding of social problems. This qualitative approach is carried out descriptively, where the data...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning Model to Improve Student Learning Activities and Outcomes During Pandemics

Endang Sri Wahyuni, Nurhazana Nurhazana
The purpose of this study is to find out the increase in the learning and student learning outcomes during pandemics with the implementation of the Project-Based Learning (PBL) learning model. This research is classroom action research to solve problems in the classroom. Research is conducted in two...
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Self-Regulated Learning as Problem Solving of Online Learning in Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Nyoman Kanca, Gede Ginaya, Ni Nyoman Sri Astuti
The aim of this study is enhancing students’ virtual learning through independent learning method, which is termed as self-regulated learning (SRL). The participants of the study were 30 students at the second semester in State Polytechnic of Bali. A questionnaire was administered to highlight progress...
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The Role of Local Communities on the Development of Community-Based Tourism Village in Uitiuhtuan Village, Semau Selatan District

Merlin Luisa Malelak, Elsa Dian Taimens, Christina W Plaituka
The title of this research is the role of local communities in the development of community-based tourism villages in Uitiuhtuan Village, South Semau District, Kupang Regency. The purposes of this study are 1) To find out the extent of the involvement or role of local communities in the development of...
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Academic Research Role in Encouraging the Use of Affordable 4.0 Technology in SME’s Product Design Development (Case Studies: The Use of Manual Two-sided Machining Method on 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine for Wooden Wristwatch Prototype Making)

Royke Vincentius F, Ramadhan S. Pernyata
The 4.0 Technology is proven to be able to give benefits for modern industry in many aspects. The technology commonly used by large scale industries due to the high cost and advanced skill needed to operate the industry. The use of 4.0 technology needs to be encouraged in the SMEs, but the readiness...
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Operating Cash Flow Analysis of Indonesian Provincial Government

Ratna Wulaningrum, Venti Eka Satya, Muhammad Kadafi, Dwi Yana Amalia Sari Fala, Amiril Azizah
The cash flow statement is an important and inseparable part of the company’s or organization’s financial report. It shows each organization’s cash inflow and cash outflow for a certain period and helps identify the cash proceeds capabilities. Research on the analysis of local government cash flow statements...
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Developing Automatic English Speaking Skills Testing System Using Speech Recognition

Aliv Faizal M., Halimatus Sa’diyah, Elizabeth Anggraeni Amalo, Salim Nabhan, M.H. Assidqi, Imam Dui Agussalim
English teachers have been testing students speaking skill through student presentation and other kinds of direct testing. Testing the speaking ability of a big number of students is time consuming. Hence, an automatic model of testing English speaking skill is demanded. A computer assisted testing of...
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The Essentiality of Corporate Reputation on Firm Performance

Amiril Azizah, Ratna Wulaningrum, Ahyar M. Diah
Corporate reputation becomes more important for the investor to make the decision. Reputations reflect to the company’s image from the perception and the information from the annual report. The study aims to examine the relationship of corporate reputation on firm performance. Bond rating is one proxy...
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The Role of Room Attendants in Increasing Guest Satisfaction at Aston Kupang Hotel & Convention Center during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dra. Rulli Saragi, Feny Susana Eky, Christina Mariana Mantolas
Housekeeping Department is a department that regulates or organizes equipment, maintains cleanliness, repairs damage, and provides decorations with the aim that the house (hotel) looks neat, clean, attractive and pleasant for residents or guests staying. In the Housekeeping Department there is a room...
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Identification of Raknamo Village Potential as a Community Based Tourism (CBT) Tourism Village in Kupang Regency

Feny Susana Eky, Syul Rosli Sanam, Dra. Rulli Saragi
The development of CBT-based tourism villages today has become an alternative to local economic development that has been implemented in various regions. Villages that can be developed as CBT-based tourism villages are Raknamo Village, Amabi Oefeto District, Kupang Regency, which is one of the villages...
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Integration of Ergo-learning and Problem Based Learning Strategies in the Development of Basic Science Learning Worksheets

M. Yusuf, Ida Ayu Anom Arsani
The availability of learning media in accordance with the characteristics of learners is important to be developed in an effort to improve learning outcomes. The purpose of this research is to develop learning media in the form of basic science worksheets by combining ergo-learning and problem-based...
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Design and Build a Learning Model for Cost Control Courses Based on Material Control Systems

Ayu Dwi Yulianthi, I Gst. Ag. Mas Krisna Komala Sari
Cost control learning is one of the important courses in the tourism department that deserves attention, especially the development of the learning model. The importance of developing a learning model for cost control courses because this course has a major role in increasing student competence in the...