Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Economic Development and Education Management (ICEDEM 2019)

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The Study on the Development of Private Higher Education based on the view of Non-contiguous Orbital Maneuver

Jianwei Shi, Maohua Li
The theory of “S-shaped curve” is of important guiding and practical significance for the transformation of the new and old higher education modes in China. On the one hand, the traditional momentum that supported the growth of higher education in China in the past has moved to the top of the “S-shaped...
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Design and Research of Campus E-commerce System Based on B/S

Jinhuan Wang, Yan Li
Internet life has become an indispensable part of people, and the e-commerce model has greatly changed the way people live their lives. However, the application of e-commerce in the campus field is not enough. Aiming at current problems and actual needs of the campus, this paper proposes the design and...
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Research on Speech Feature Extraction System in Oral English

Jinhuan Wang, Yan Li, Zehui Xue, Chunxiang Li
This paper analyzes and studies the problems existing in oral practice, proposes a study of speech feature extraction system in oral practice, and uses MALTAB to analyze cepstrum on the extraction of speech signal, to mainly research the same type of feature parameters for reference speech and follow-up...
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Analysis on Semantic Relations of English Nominal Anaphora

Yuqing Xu
Anaphora plays an indispensable role in discourse cohesion since it tells us how discourse is constructed and arranged. The present paper aims to analyze anaphora from a semantic angle. In this paper, definition and types of anaphora are presented firstly, and then moves to focus on nominal anaphora....
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Research on Performance-based Salary Distribution System of Vocational College Teachers Based on Fair Incentives

Qiaoyue Zhao, Ying Wei
Performance pay is an important part of higher vocational education with independent distribution rights. Performance salary reform is a major change in the higher vocational salary system. At present, the salary of most of the higher vocational teachers is mainly composed of three parts: post salary,...
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Influence of Chinese Enterprises on the Agricultural Investment Mode and Performance in Laos under Institutional Distance

Xuekun Li, Yuqin Zhang, Jing Jin, Yu Zhang
In the 21st century of economic globalization, foreign direct investment has gradually become the main mode for international capital flow. As one of the countries that directly invested Laos earlier, China has become an indispensable partner of trade investment activities in Laos. As per the traditional...
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Research on the Implementation Countermeasures of Humanistic Quality Education for College Students in Science and Engineering Colleges

Qiyu Sun
The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated the tasks and objectives of cultivating high-quality talents in higher education institutions. The science and engineering colleges have been focusing on cultivating students' science and engineering expertise and skills, ignoring...
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Research on Hot Topics and Frontier Analysis of Enterprise Financial Pressure

Shujun Wang
This paper reviews existing literature on enterprise financial pressure and hopes to provide corresponding support for the follow-up research based on the comprehensive summary of domestic and foreign literature relevant to enterprise financial pressure. Using inductive method, this paper discusses the...
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Exploration of Practice Path of General Education of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Higher Vocational Colleges

Lu Sun
Higher vocational colleges should vigorously develop the general education of intangible cultural heritage on the basis of respecting the law of protection of intangible cultural heritage to cultivate new cultural talents with the awareness of intangible cultural heritage protection, accurately locate...
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Research on the Present Situation of Contemporary College Students' Idol worship and Countermeasures

Hanke Gu
At present, idol worship is a relatively common social phenomenon in college students. It not only affects the study and life of college students, but also affects the construction of college students' ideological and moral qualities and value ideals. In order to play the leading role of the icon of...
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Research on Managerial Self-interest and Corporate Donation

Furong Guo, Shengdao Gan
Corporate donation is not only influenced by the enterprise, but also driven by the managerial self-interest. Based on the data of Listed Companies in China from 2008 to 2017, this paper empirically examines the influence of managerial self-interest and actual controllers on corporate donations. The...
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Can Asset Quality Promote the Sustainable Development of Enterprises?

Wei Yang, Shengdao Gan
Assets are the material basis of enterprise's profit. Therefore, asset quality is an important factor for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. This paper analyses the internal relationship between asset quality and the sustainable development of enterprises. Through empirical analysis, we...
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Comparison and Translation Between English and Chinese from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics and Aesthetic Linguistics-a Case Study of Character Reports

Yali Liu, Mei Dong
Character reports, as an important type of news, can convey events and attract readers. News reports, as the channel of information transmission, has distinct language features, and character reports also have unique language features. Chinese and English character news reports are different in syntactic...
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Construction of Practical Teaching System for Technical Skilled Talents Based on Professional Ability Training

Jiangbo Chen, Futing Ge, Yuanyuan Xu, Yan Li
In view of the problems such as the single teaching form, one-size-fits-all practice process, lack of enterprise participation, etc, the construction of practical teaching system of cultivating technical skilled talents in Qingdao Huanghai University must take the market demand as guidance, take the...
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Research on the Construction of "Double Type" Faculty in Vocational Colleges

Jiangbo Chen, Rui Xue, Yuanyuan Xu, Weizhi Wang
In the context that the state is vigorously developing vocational education, the importance of vocational education has gradually been recognized by society. How to develop vocational education well is an important topic for us. So "double type" teachers should reflect the characteristics of vocational...
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Research on Transitional Shared Space Architecture Design-Taking the Planning & Design of Kazakhstan Fishermen’s Supply Station Center as an Example

Geng Huang, Lili Zheng, Xinqun Feng
In recent years, the state has been increasingly strengthening the development of urbanization. The influx of population from less developed areas into cities with high economic development level has caused large density of population, relatively small per capita land area, unbalanced population income...
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Talent Cohesion Strategy for Building Innovation-oriented Central City against the Background of Big Data-Take Guiyang as an Example

Jun Yang, Jianju Wang
At present, under the background of big data strategy and "innovation-driven" strategy, innovation-oriented central city has become a road which one must get through for regional centers to improve the primacy and competitiveness of cities. Guiyang is the first comprehensive big data pilot area of China.Based...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Financial Asset Allocation of Urban and Rural Residents in Zaozhuang

Benyao Sun
Take Zaozhuang household as research object, based on the micro data from questionnaire survey, using multiple linear regression model, this paper puts forward the structure of urban and rural residents family financial asset allocation of Zaozhuang. Based on empirical analysis of the influencing factors,...
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Study on Realization Mechanism of CSR in SME

Maohua Li
As the development of economy, environment problem is facing the whole society, and more and more people are focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR). And nowadays, small and medium enterprise (SME) plays a significant role in Chinese economic development, so SMEs should take its social responsibility....
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Research on Evaluation Index System of College Engineering Talents in Emerging Engineering Based on Onion Model

Xiaoping Wang
In response to a new round of industrial changes, China has actively deployed the construction of Emerging Engineering. This paper sorts out related research of Emerging Engineering, summarizes the new requirements of Emerging Engineering construction for college engineering talents, and uses the onion...
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Tax Planning Strategy of Service Industry in Jilin Province

Yuhong Wang
Service industry is an important indicator to measure the comprehensive competitive strength of a region. However, the development level of service industry in Jilin Province has a large gap compared with that of other provinces. This paper carries out elaboration and case analysis of the tax planning...
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European Practice of Conflict Settlement in the South Caucasus: Philosophical and Methodological Aspects

Dadashova Kamilla, Abdullayev Nazim, Kashaev Nail, Karev Dmitriy, Churakov Aleksei
The article analyses the key aspects of certain theories devoted to European integration processes, the impact of these processes on EU peacekeeping activities regarding conflicts in the South Caucasus, evaluates the results of European peacekeeping missions in this region. Special attention is also...
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Evaluation of the Ecological and Financial Aspects of the Natural Gas Logistics

Guliev Igbal, Mekhdiev Elnur, Konovalova Ekaterina, Bondarenko Alexander
The paper presents the results of the analysis of compressed natural gas marine transportation based on ecological and economic criteria, the most economical and ecologically friendly ways of natural gas transportation that are needed to take reasonable managerial decisions as well as to extend use of...
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Private Banking in Russia: Challenges and Prospects For the Future

Sokolova Elizaveta, Toropova Natalya, Mekhdiev Elnur, Fedyunin Alexander
This article is devoted to the peculiarities of optimizing the relationship of high net worth individuals (HNWI) with Russian and foreign banks offering services in the field of private banking. The authors consider organization issues of HNWI banking in different banks, especially the relationship between...
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New Zealand and Local Teachers’ Teaching Styles in China: Perspectives of University Students on their English Language Teachers in China

Hua Chen, Pascal Brown, Ying Wang
This present study investigated sixty Chinese students’ perceptions of the teaching styles of New Zealand teachers and of local Chinese teachers’ in an English language programme in one university in China. Questionnaires and in-depth interviews were used in this study. Data analysis shows that students...
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Thoughts on Fine Management Assessment-Taking Product Oil Sales Company X as an Example

Xing Tan, Shengdao Gan, Furong Guo
Fine management assessment is an important part of fine management. Effective assessment mechanism is a powerful guarantee to achieve the objective of fine management. Based on the actual situation of Product Oil Sales Company X and the requirements of fine management, this paper considers how to establish...
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English Translation of China’s Internet Buzzwords from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Tianchen Hu, Tingyun Zheng
With the development of network and globalization, China’s Internet buzzwords gradually become popular. Accordingly, accurate and concise translation of these words has become increasingly important for the spread of these words and the culture they contain. This paper analyzes the features of China’s...
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The Evolution of the Party's Educational Policy since the Founding of the People's Republic of China and Its Enlightenment to College Ideological and Political Education

Lei Zhou
The Party’s educational policy has always been the guiding principle for guiding and implementing education in our country. Since the founding of New China, our leaders have made certain changes to educational policies of different periods according to actual development of China at various stages. The...
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The Reform and the Future of Chinese Philosophy Education

Xufeng Yu
Looking back on the history of the reform of philosophy education in colleges and universities in recent years, people have carried out a lot of exploration work on the reform of the content of philosophy education in colleges and universities, like the innovation of philosophy and teaching methods,...
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A Study on the Mediating Value of Self-efficacy in Primary and Secondary Education

Yan Zhang
Self-efficacy is a very important factor affecting primary and secondary education. On the basis of introducing the connotation of academic self-efficacy, this paper summarizes the conclusions about the relationship between self-efficacy and primary and secondary education, the mechanism of academic...
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The Study on the Construction of Study Ability under Empowerment Theory

Yihua Liu
This paper analyses the causes of College Students’ learning ability and points out that family, school, and society cause it. Through strengthening the cultivation of College Students' overall ability, the construction of counselors' team, the construction of teachers' group and the construction of...
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Opportunities and Challenges Faced by College Modernization Teaching from the Perspective of Digital Economy

Yankun Peng, Jing Jin
The digital economy with ICT as the core has a certain impetus to all aspects of society. The modernization education of "Internet + education" under the background of digital economy is the product of the development of educational technology to the stage of information technology, opening up a new...
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Research and Practice on School-enterprise Collaborative Talent Cultivation Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chen Zhou, Lantao You, Ying Gao, Fangmei Ning
A major demand for colleges education is to improve the cultivation quality of higher vocational talents, but for higher education in our country, the major task is to fully combine forces of colleges, government and the society (enterprises), and build innovation and entrepreneurial talent cultivation...
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Formation and Implementation of a Common EU Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) (1992-2019)

Dadashov Kanan, Arbuzova Svetlana, Ivanova Svetlana, Azarkhin Aleksey, Zinkov Evgenii
The article argues that the European Union’s Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP), from 1992 to 2019, allows the Union to play a leading role in peacekeeping operations, conflict prevention and strengthening international security. It is an integral part of the EU’s integrated crisis management...
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Bibliometric Analysis of Research on China's Agricultural Supply-Side Reform-Based on CNKI Journal Paper Data (2015-2019)

Xiaohong Xiao, Tingting Wang
Based on 4263 journal literatures collected by CNKI from 2015 to 2019 as data sources, this paper discusses the research progress of agricultural supply-side reform from aspects of literature quantity, discipline distribution, keyword analysis, abstract content analysis and so on by using quantitative...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of New Employment Form in the New Period

Deming Lei, Hongzhen Lin
With the continuous development of market economy, people's employment choices are showing a diversified status, and the new employment form has become a new trend. The purpose of this paper is to study the countermeasures to promote the development of new employment form in China. The object of this...
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Impacts of School Climate on Preschool Teachers’Attitudes towards Inclusion of Students with Special Needs in China

Chao Sun
The purpose of the study was to describe the relationship between teachers’ perceptions of school climate and their attitudes towards inclusion. An online survey was completed by 816 preschool teachers in Shanghai, China who responded to items regarding their demographic characteristics, perceptions...
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Preparing Teachers for Inclusion: Attitudes, Challenges and Concerns of General Education Novice Teachers from the Perspective of a Credential Program Training Teacher

Chao Sun
The current study aims to explore the attitudes, challenges and concerns of novice teachers towards working in an inclusive education classroom and the degree of which their training has adequately prepared them to teach students with special needs. This qualitative research reports that compared with...
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Promoting Education Equity by Block Chain Technology

Qun Chen
At present, violations and breach of education-related laws and regulations are frequent in China. The root cause is the management loopholes in school roll, including information discreteness, unsafe custody, difficult in verification, easy to manipulation and fraud. To a certain extent, these have...
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Confucius' Thought of Teaching without Classification and Its Enlightenment to Modern Teachers

Fan Wang
Confucius is a great educator in the history of education of the Chinese nation. He is known as the "teacher of all ages". The thought of "teaching without classification" is an important part of Confucius’ educational thought system and has great significance in the history of China’s educational development:...
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An Acoustic Experimental Study on the Negative Transfer of Voiceless Plosive Codas by Chaoshanese EFL Learners

Huanbiao Hu, Long Ye
In this research, Chaoshanese EFL learners are studied from the perspective of experimental phonetics. The research believes that the phonological characteristics of entering tone of the Chaoshan dialect will be negative for the students with mother tongue of the Chaoshan dialect to acquire the voiceless...
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Research on the Influence of External Audit Characteristics on Selective Disclosure of Internal Control Deficiencies

Fengjiao Long, Wei Liu
Based on the A-share listed companies on the main board of Shanghai and Shenzhen during the 2014-2016, which have been restated in the financial reports, this paper selected the sample of listed companies with deficiencies in internal control. According to whether the listed company disclosed the internal...
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The Pulling Effect of Residents’ Information Consumption on Economic Growth-Evidences from Jiangsu Province

Yang Chen, Chao Xu
Information consumption is an important part of China's strategy of expanding domestic demand and stimulating consumption demand. Residents’ information consumption in Jiangsu is taken as the research object and the information consumption data over the years are collated. By using comparative descriptive...
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Research on 5E Mode of Talent Cultivation for School-enterprise Cooperation Based on Double-Creative Education

Qinghui Guo
The traditional research on school-enterprise cooperation has remained at the superficial level, without in-depth and detailed research on the specific content of cooperation. It is not clear who should do it and what should be done, how to do it, as well as what the rights and responsibilities are,...
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Application and Research of Enterprise Reservation System in Hotels and Guesthouses in China

Manping Weng, Xiaofang Wang
The research and development of the enterprise reservation system of sprinkler hotel in China can bring more comfort to the customers, and bring greater convenience to the managers of hotel enterprises, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the hotel enterprise market and expanding market share and influence.
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Empirical Research on Urbanization Efficiency of National Central Cities

Zhao Wang, Mengjie Wang, Wenqiang Bao
From both dynamic and static perspectives, this paper conducts a comprehensive analysis research on the urbanization efficiency of nine Chinese central cities from 2005 to 2017. The dynamic analysis of this research shows that the urbanization efficiency of China’s central cities is generally raising...
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Narrative Research on Shanghai-style Ceramics

Qiang Zhao, Mingyi Zhou, Geng Huang
This paper analyzes Shanghai-style ceramics by taking Shanghai-style ceramic culture and work as the research object, and from the basic symbolic creative elements and carriers, the creative styles and environment under cultural background, plot extended product functions and experience and so on, narrative...
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Research on Influencing Factors for Information Service Quality of Online Learning Platform under New Media Environment

Qiong Li, Lei Wang
Under the new media environment, Online Learning Platform have emerged in succession. This paper chooses Online Learning Platform as the research object, the influencing factors model for information service quality of online learning platform under new media environment is constructed. Relevant data...
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Analysis on the Role of Social Practice in College Students' Quality Education

Ziyi Liu
As social development puts higher demands on talents and knowledge, Chinese universities must focus on quality education and improving the overall quality of college students as well. As an important way of quality education for college students, social practice provides a good platform for students,...
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Research and Application of Lightning Protection for Overhead Line of High-speed Railway

Shudan Yu, Wei Wang, Peng Cai, Xiaojing Zhou
Lightning is a common discharge phenomenon in nature. Lightning is also a disaster for human society. The scope of lightning disasters covers all filed of production and life. As a space for passengers to wait, collect and distribute, the comprehensive overhead line of railways has many stayers. In order...
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The Exploration and Practice on the Teaching Reform of Software Engineering Course in Higher Vocational Education-Integrate CDIO and OBE education concepts

Fangmei Ning, Chen Zhou, Lantao You
This paper discusses and studies the teaching mode of software engineering course, which is the core course of software technology major in higher vocational education. Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching of software engineering curriculum, and combined with the characteristics of higher...
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Study on the Teaching Reform based on the Visual Composition of Visual Communication

Ping Chen
With the progress in the design field, the teaching reform of the design foundation course is also imperative. Taking the basic composition course as an example, this paper integrates the teaching situation of design basic course opened by the visual communication design major in China's colleges and...
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Analysis of Bad Website Filtering System on Intelligent Terminal under Cloud Computing

Yan Li, Kun Chen
With the rapid development of information technology and intelligent terminal, it is more convenient for people to use intelligent terminal to surf the Internet. More and more users choose to use intelligent terminal to surf the Internet. This paper studies how to implement an efficient and accurate...
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Reform Practice and Statistical Analysis of College Computer Fundamentals Teaching Based on SPOC Hybrid Mode

Guanghui Feng, Chaoqun Zhang, Xiaoyang Fu, Yu Cheng
Based on the analysis of the current situation of Fundamentals of College Computer Application and the actual situation of teaching reform for non-computer majors in Zhuhai College of Jilin University based on SPOC hybrid mode, this paper introduces the design and implementation process of the teaching...
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Reflections on Revitalization of Macao's Animation Industry and Reform of Talent Training Mode

Nan Ma
Macao's modern animation industry, which has no self-owned brand and lacks higher professional education settings, is not innovative enough, The current situation is unsatisfactory. In fact, Macao's co-existing cultural elements are integrated and flourished together in a variety of ways. If the opportunity...
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Research on College English Teaching Patterns in Application-Oriented Universities Based on ESP

Lei Wang
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a special English teaching and education field which derives from the 1960s. As it can well illustrate the instrumental aspect, highlight the practical values, and stresses the differences among individual learner in college English courses, it has always been popular...
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A Study on the Construction of Foreign Language Proficiency Assessment System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Hongxia Zhao
As soon as the concept of National Foreign Language Proficiency Assessment System is put forward, it has brought about a new direction of reform for all levels of foreign language teaching in China. Based on this concept and China’s Standards of English Language Abilities implemented on June 1, 2018,...
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Research on Students’ Diversion during the Transformation Process in Local Undergraduate Universities-Taking the joint training stage of Hebei University of Science and Technology as an Example

Ying Qu, Na Yang, Shugui Cao
The application transformation of local undergraduate institutions is the trend to adapt to the development of higher education in the new era, the transformation means the transformation of training objectives from theoretical academic research to employment-oriented practical talents. This paper takes...
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International Education and Lifetime Benefits: a Case Study

Huijuan Xue
Through an individual case this empirical longitudinal study explores how the international education impacts on the career development of a Chinese scholar after his returning to work in China. It draws the conclusion that the UK higher education and going-abroad experience generate lifetime benefits...
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Exploration of EOP Turn and Its Path Oriented by Vocational Skills

Huan Jiang
The training goal of higher vocational colleges is not only to cultivate students' knowledge and skills, but also to cultivate students' professional skills. According to the teaching needs of English skills for vocational skills in Higher Vocational colleges, this paper adopts the methods of literature...
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Researches on the Relationship between KAP of Physical Exercise and Life Quality of Female College Students

Maosong Wang
Knowledge, attitude and practice(KAP) towards physical exercise are the influencing factors for College Students' active participation in daily exercises. With the random sampling method, 268 female students from Shandong Women's University were selected for the study. Through questionnaire, the knowledge,...
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Data Analysis of EMS Sorting System on the Basics of Graph Database Neo4j

Rui Wang
With the rapid development of the express delivery industry, competition among industries is becoming more and more fierce. As an important part of the logistics process, sorting is facing severe pressure. Therefore, using data analysis to improve the efficiency of distribution centers has become a hot...
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A Teaching Reform and Practice of Small-Class System in Optional Courses of Engineering Postgraduates

Guangqiang Li, Fengqiang Zhao
Graduate education is the highest level of higher education. With the rapid development of economy and society in China, the scale of national graduate education is also expanding. The optional courses for engineering postgraduates are highly practical, and also there are usually many curriculums in...
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Research on Bamboo Forest Ecotourism Development in Xianning City Based on SWOT Analysis

Lei Guo, Chengyu Fu
As a special tourism project, bamboo forest ecotourism has broad market prospects and a strong development momentum. Xianning is know as the famous “hometown of bamboo” and has innate conditions for carrying out bamboo forest ecotourism. This paper analyzes the current situation of bamboo forest ecotourism...
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Research on Innovation Performance in Multi-level Collaborative Innovation Network

Jing Li, Huimin Tang, Haibin Tang
Taking the patent data of Guangzhou bio pharmaceutical industry in 2017 as an example, this paper constructs a double-level collaborative innovation network, which consists of the R & D institution network and the R & D staff network. Exponential Random Graph Models is used to analyze the present collaborative...
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Influence of Green Organizational Response on Innovation Performance of Enterprises

Keting Lv
With the increasingly prominent environmental problems, there are some different opinions in academic circles on whether enterprises should carry out active environmental management. Based on the stakeholder theory, this paper discusses the impact of green organizational response on innovation performance...
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Professional Emotional Education under the Deep Integration of University and Enterprise

Xiujuan Sun
In order to cultivate applied talents, China has been promoting the talent training model of school-enterprise cooperation in recent years. During execution of the mode, a series of problems arise. At present, the mode of school-enterprise cooperation is still more focused on knowledge and skills. In...
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Research on Enterprise Management Innovation in the Era of "Internet Accelerated Speed Era"

Yuan Ma
Since China put forward the "Internet Accelerated Speed Era" strategy in 2012, "Internet Accelerated Speed Era" has been integrated into all walks of life and various fields, making China enter the Internet era. Because the Internet is very open and integrated, it also provides a historic opportunity...
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On the Influence of Marxist View of Education on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Contemporary Colleges and Universities

Yanghao Ye, Qing Wang, Shengwen Liu
As an emerging practical education, innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities plays a key role in cultivating innovative talents. However, due to the late start of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China's colleges and universities, the development of innovation...
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On Demands of Tourism Market and Talents Cultivation in Higher Tourism Education

Jianbo He, Zhen Wang
In China, tourism industry has been developing rapidly in recent years. Meanwhile, the blooming tourism industry still faces lots of problems, such as extreme shortage of tourism professionals, imbalance of tourism structure and so on. In fact, low entry rate and high turnover rate are two serious problems...
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On English Learning Anxiety and Its Affective Factors of College Students

Zhen Wang, Jianbo He
Through discussing the definitions and causes of anxiety, analyzing the causes of college students’ English learning anxiety from the source, the thesis sums up the present circumstance of college students’ English learning anxiety at home and abroad. The reason of anxiety is made up of objective environmental...
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Research on the Influence of Perceived Risk on College Students' Use of Internet Wealth Management Products—Taking Yu'ebao as an Example

Ming Xiao
With the steady growth of residents' disposable funds, the potential demand for wealth management by Chinese people continues to increase, and college students are gradually becoming an important group of Internet wealth management products. Among them, as a large-scale domestic money fund, Tianhong...
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Arrangement of Curriculum Group for Systematic Education in Materials Science and Engineering

Pu Wang, Yaoyao Yang, Ke Wang, Haojun Zhuo, Dengguang Yu
In the higher education, the arrangement of curricula should give an overall consideration on the systematic cultivation on the college students’ study capability, innovation capability and their innovation capability as well. In this paper, a method about the arrangement of a curriculum group for the...
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Thoughts on Promoting Discipline Construction with Scientific Research in Private Colleges and Universities in the New era

Guangliang Zhu
Discipline construction is a fundamental work in the construction and development of colleges and universities, and it is a symbol of the level of operating a school. Strengthening the discipline construction is the basis for private colleges and universities to improve their competitiveness and the...
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Research on the Function, the Influencing Factors and Implementation Strategies of Family Sports

Qingbao Wang
Under the background that national fitness has been increasingly accepted by vast citizens as the national strategy to realize the Chinese Dream, family sports have also obtained unprecedented attentions as one of the most effective approaches to promote lifetime sports. This research carries out the...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Psychological Problems of College Students in Private Colleges and Universities

Shuqi Wang, Guangliang Zhu
With the increase in the number of college students in private colleges and universities, more and more attention has been paid to the psychological problems of college students. This paper analyzes the common and special psychological problems between private college students and public university students...
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The Influence of Social Capital and Ownership Structure on Enterprise Value in China's Steel Industry

Kunseng Lao, Xuechun Li
The environmental protection industry is an important part of the development of a country’s green economy and plays an irreplaceable role in the process of China’s socialist modernization. In recent years, environmental protection companies have developed rapidly, gradually subdivided their industries,...
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Application of Level-based Teaching and Formative Assessment in College English Teaching

Jun Chen
The traditional large-class teaching mode and summative assessment method neglect the individual differences of students, causing the polarization more and more serious. Through the construction of the level-based English teaching mode and diversified formative assessment methods, students’ studying...
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Analysis on the Influence of the Establishment of Hainan Free Trade Zone on the Economic Cooperation between Guangxi and ASEAN

Fan Li, Nan Xu
In October 2018, the CPC central committee and the state council issued the guidance on supporting Hainan to comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, marking a new step in the process of opening up to the outside world. The construction of Hainan pilot free trade zone has brought a series of challenges...
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Comparative Study on Paths of College Students' Ideological and Political Education as well as College Students' Ideal and Faith Education from the Perspective of New Media

Shengle Chen
Through a comprehensive comparison of the research ideas of college students' ideological and political education under two kinds of new media, this paper makes a comparative study on the path of college students' ideological and political education as well as the path of college students' ideals and...
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The Promotion Effect of Knowledge Transformation on Psychological Intelligence: a New perspective of Political Identity

Jian Deng, Tongjian Zhang, Ren He
In knowledge economy, knowledge-based talents are an important capital of the state-owned enterprises and national economy. Political identity of knowledge-based talents lays an important impact on knowledge ability development, but the research from this perspective is relatively scant. Our study theoretically...
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Study on Internet Use and Family Education Style of Middle School Students

Zhongfu Li
The popularity of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, has changed people’s study and life style. While the Internet brings convenience to people’s life and study, a series of problems due to inappropriate access to internet are also becoming increasingly obvious, which makes it difficult for...
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Research on X Company Supplier Selection Problem

Hongqi Hui, Hongli Guo
As the domestic logistics industry continues to grow and develop, higher levels of integration and optimization of the supply chain enter the management of the enterprise, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise in society. As an indispensable part of the supply chain, suppliers affect...
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Research on the Formation Mechanism of Cross-border E-commerce Payment Risk

Xiaoyong Guan, Jie Ren
Cross-border payment is an important part of cross-border e-commerce development, the risks arising from the payment process will have a huge impact on the completion of cross-border trade. Payment risk research is also an important part of the risk security mechanism. Through literature and on-site...
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Study on W Company's Green Supplier Selection

Hongqi Hui, Xin Wang
In the face of the uncertainty of green supplier selection, this paper uses the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Ideal Point Method (TOPSIS) to judge the model and construct a comprehensive evaluation index system. To optimize the practice research of W company, select the most suitable green supplier,...
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The EAEU Cooperation and Integration Processes on Oil and Gas Markets

Guliev Igbal, Krivosheeva Ekaterina, Shota Geladze, Benashvili Christina
The article covers the recent tendencies on the energy markets of the EAEU countries and is aimed at developing better strategies for their development and integration. The article reveals the main problems of the current strategies and the issues in the economies of the EAEU countries in the energy...
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Research on the Value and Cultivation Path of Sports Spirit in the Construction of College Campus Culture

Fan Zhang
By using the method of documentation, this paper explores the problems existing in campus culture of universities in the new era. The research holds that the invasion and growing of grey or even black campus culture not only destroys the purity, elegance, ideological spirit, positive enterprising spirit...
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Study on the Impact of Large-scale Sports Events on the Soft Power of Chinese Urban Culture

Fan Zhang
By using the method of documentation, this paper makes an analysis of the impact of large-scale sports events on the promotion of urban cultural soft power. Large-scale sports events can cohesion the city centripetal force, enhance the city's attraction, expand the city's influence, and enhance the city's...
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A Schema-Based Study of Interpreting Process

Jun Yu
Interpretation has been examined from various perspectives with fruitful results. But the study of interpretation from a schematic approach, despite its bright prospect, is relatively rare. Interpretation is a knowledge-based activity, and schemata is an efficient representation form of knowledge. In...
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Interpreting across Schema Gaps in Intercultural Communication

Jun Yu
Interpreting is an act of intercultural communication. The interpreter has to interpret across subjects, languages and cultures to make intercultural communication successful. During such a communicative process, there are schematic gaps for the interpreter to overcome, such as language schema gaps,...
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The Applied Research and Practice of Flipping Classroom Teaching Mode of College English Majors

Dan Guo
On the basis of retaining the internalization and discussion of the two teaching links, the research combines the flipping classroom with the mixed learning mode to carry out new model construction and teaching design. Through the detailed teaching design of a course for English major, problems are found...
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Application of Human-Machine Interactive Translation Model and Its Implications

Zhaohui Wang
Machine translation has developed from statistical machine translation to neural machine translation (also called AI translation). With the quality of AI translation being much superior to that of statistical machine translation, an epoch-making revolution has taken place in the field of translation...
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Application of Screen Recording in Multimodal Study of Translation Process

Zhaohui Wang
The study of translation process has become a hot topic. The research tools and methods include Thinking-Aloud-Protocols (TAPs), Translog, eye tracking, and so on, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the era of information technology, screen recording, combined with the construction...
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Study on Landscape Planning and Design of Jielong Village in Xinhua County against the Background of Rural Revitalization

Juan Tan, Jingjing Pan
In recent years, we are experiencing the first five year of rural revitalization strategy. For the countryside development in China, there are rare opportunities as well as great challenges. It is a practical problem faced by us when planning the rural landscapes as to how to conduct rural construction...
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Analysis of the Brand Cultural Shaping Mode of Modern Enterprises

Shiyingzi Huang
Based on the four dimensions of brand culture, this paper uses case analysis and cross-case research methods to explore outstanding enterprises in the new era of local business environment by selecting three local Chinese companies, Huawei, Xiaomi and Haidilao as research cases. The understanding of...
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Research on Value And Innovation Network Building for Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises

Limin Ke, Xiaoyan Zhang
With the rapid development of technology and economy, the traditional manufacturing form is unable to adapt to the rapid development of the market. Manufacturing enterprises have gradually developed into a fusion of products and services-service-oriented manufacturing enterprises. According to the characteristics...
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How to Cultivate Character and Cultivate People in Junior Middle School from Chinese Core Literacy

Jialin Chen
The core literacy of discipline embodies the value of discipline in educating people, and the process of cultivating the core literacy of Chinese is also the process of cultivating people by virtue. Around the cultivation of the core literacy of Chinese, the cultivation of students' emotions, attitudes...
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Simple Analysis on the Reform and Research on Talent Cultivations of Dance Performance Major (sports dancing direction) in Universities in Shandong Province

Fei Qin, Daobao Qi
With the arrival of the new era, people’s demand for dance culture and art is constantly increasing. On the purpose of serving the development of local economic and promoting the construction of spiritual civilization, this paper analyzes the study situation, discusses the market demand and current situation...
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Practical Research on Teaching Strategy of Information Technology Courses Based on Group Cooperative Learning

Yingxin Liu, Baoyin Liu
Group cooperative learning has been paid more and more attention by educational researchers, which has become an effective way for teachers to improve teaching effect. Information technology courses focus on improving students' information literacy, aiming at cultivating and improving students' ability...
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The Influence of Shale Gas Revolution on Global Political and Economic Structure

Junli Liu
The substantial increase in shale gas production of the United States not only has a huge impact on the US energy system, but also changes the political and economic structure of the world. So we call it a revolution. This essay tries to express what has shale gas changed and the possibilities that shale...