Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Progressive Education 2022 (ICOPE 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Ryzal Perdana, Sunyono, Gede Eka Putrawan, Trio Yuda Septiawan, Bayu Saputra
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Development of Creative-Reading Skill Assessment Instruments for Indonesian Language Learning in Elementary Schools

Teuku Alamsyah, Rostina Taib, Muhammad Iqbal
This study aims to examine the needs of elementary school teachers related to creative reading assessment instruments, develop related instruments, and conduct trials of the developed instruments. The research and development method of the Dick & Carey model was chosen for the instrument design and...
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HOTS Based Scientific Reasoning: Cognitive Model Assessment in Work and Energy Material

Rikardus Feribertus Nikat, Parsaoran Siahaan, Algiranto, Parlindungan Sinaga
Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) is one of the higher thinking skills that must be possessed in 21st-century education. HOTS is a higher cognitive level of humans thinking in explaining concepts, thinking logically, and solving problems. The purpose of this study is to describe HOTS students based...
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School Profiling in Indonesia Based on Scholastic Ability Using Cluster Analysis

Rebecca Ester M. Sihotang, Leonardus Reinaldy Christianto, Aditya Wisnugraha Sugiyarto
Evaluation of Education is an essential part of improving the quality of Education. This aims to classify the top 1000 schools participating in the 2021 UTBK in the Scholastic Potential Test. Using K-Means cluster analysis, this study involves four parameters to classify these schools into six main clusters....
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Analysis of Self Responsibility Level for Elementary School Students

Savitri Wanabuliandari, Sekar Dwi Ardianti, Fajar Nugraha
The purpose of this study was to (1) describe the personal responsibility of elementary school students and (2) analyze the level of responsibility of elementary school students. Researchers used a qualitative approach. The survey method is a survey method. Data collection techniques using observations...
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The Differences in Research Productivity Based on Gender, Age, Marital Status, and Academic Position Among Lecturers

Indra Maipita, Gaffar Hafiz Sagala, Eko Wahyu Nugrahadi, Faisal Rahman Dongoran
This study aims to identify the figure of the research productivity among faculty members based on lecturer demographics at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Medan (Unimed). This study was conducted by a survey using an electronic questionnaire. Research respondents were all lecturers at the...
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Using LKPD Based on Inquiry Social Complexity Improves Student’s Learning Outcomes

Elsa Aprianisa, Dwi Yulianti, Ryzal Perdana, Sunyono
Learning activities in the classroom are often a problem for educators and students, this is due to the lack of educator initiative in providing interesting learning media so that most of the learning process in the classroom tends to be passive and only receives information from educators. Thus, learning...
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The Interactive Students E-Worksheet Based on Discovery Learning and Representations on Hydrolyzing Salt Topic

Lisa Tania, Nina Kadaritna, Ila Rosilawati, Anisa Rosalinda, Andrian Saputra
This study develops interactive electronic worksheets for students based on discovery learning and chemical representations of salt hydrolysis, and the relevance of describing teacher and student answers in relation to the developed electronic worksheets. The purpose was to Research and development by...
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Analysis of Student Needs for e-Assessment Tools Oriented to Higher Order Thinking Skills (Host) in Thematic Learning to Measure Soft Skills and Hard Skills Competence

Rahmalia Azharini, Handoko, Undang Rosidin, Ryzal Perdana
Technological developments, devices or electronic devices have affected our lives in many aspects that demand the implementation of e-learning, the implementation of learning assessment cannot be separated from the influence of technological advances. This is related to the use of e-Assessment tools...
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The Advantages of Diagnostic Tests for High School Students in Physics Learning: A Literature Review

Lintang Pramusita Wiyartiningtyas, Fairusy Fitria Haryani
During the learning process, especially in physics, students experience many difficulties solving a problem. The difficulties will lead to misconceptions about learning indicators experienced by students. It will cause students to have trouble understanding the following material because one concept...
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Implementation of Reading to Learn and Discovery Learning Models in Science Education Learning: Teaching Learning Process and Students’ Response

Gadis Yunita Berliana, Indra Fardhani, Sugiyanto
In this research, 29 junior high school students of 8th grade were exposed to two different learning models in their learning activity in excretory system topic. First, Students were introduced to Reading to Learn (R2L) model (1st and 4th meeting). R2L model was considered effective to improve students’...
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Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning-Based Instruction in Teaching Speaking EFL in Indonesian Context

Ranta Butarbutar, Seli Marlina Radja Leba, Sukardi Weda, Sahril Nur
The use of small groups of two or more learners to accomplish shared learning objectives, often known as computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), has grown in popularity over the last several decades in several educational contexts including Indonesia. The purpose of the research is to determine...
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The Effectiveness of Radec Learning on Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking in the Era of Super Smart Society 5.0

Rosi Nova Lasari, Wirawan Fadly, Presa Fatmatiara Nuranisak, Aziza Karenina
Changes in the educational paradigm can improve the quality of human resources. The demands of critical and creative thinking skill are developed through the radec learning model. However, the result of the implementation of radec are not yet known for their affectiveness so that learning outcomes are...
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A Systematic Review of Project-Based Blended Learning as an Innovative Teaching Model

Wayan Suana, Doni Andra, Dimas Permadi, Ni Made Anggi A. Putri
To meet the demand of 21st-century skills, an innovative teaching approach is currently used at several education levels. Lately, the recent interests have considered in project-based learning (PjBL) through blended learning as a new teaching strategy. This model has a lot of uncovered information to...
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The Developing of e-Module Flip Pdf Professional Based on Napai Ethnoscience to Improve Science Literacy on Biotechnology Materials

Ema Juwita, Sunyono, Undang Rosidin
This study aims to develop a Professional Flip Pdf e-Module Based on the Napai Ethnoscience, to describe its validity, practicality, and effectiveness, to improve Science Literacy on Biotechnology materials. Research and Development (R & D) is used as a research method refered to the 4-D model (Define,...
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Development of e-LKPD Based on Nyeruit Ethnoscience to Train Science Literacy on Additives and Addictive Substances

Yustina Retno Kusuma Wardani, Sunyono, Viyanti
This study aims to develop an e-LKPD Based on the Nyeruit Ethnoscience, to describe its validity, practicality, and effectiveness to train Science Literacy on additives and addictive substances. Research and Development (R&D) is used as a research method based on Thiagarajan's four-dimensional...
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Need Analysis for Development of Articulate Storyline-Based Interactive Learning Media During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Febblina Daryanes, Darmadi, Elya Febrita
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused learning to be carried out online. Based on observations, it appears that students find it difficult to understand the concept of material when learning online. One of the efforts that can be done by lecturers is to design an interactive learning media that suits the...
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Need Analysis of Trilingual E-Dictionary for Early Childhood; Indonesian- English-Lampung

Linda Septiyana, Tommy Hastomo
Based on the standard competence for early childhood of Pertiwi Kindergarten in Metro, the students are introduced language at school, namely; Indonesian, English and Lampung. This study aims to analyze how the needs of trilingual (Indonesian-English-Lampung) e-dictionary for early childhood of Pertiwi...
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The Application of Android-Based Business English Learning Module

Adi Prehanto, Gina Cissy Aprilia, Rangga Gelar Guntara, Hanif Pradika Indradi, Stella Kova
During pandemic Covid-19 this world requires all elements of society to adapt through the use of digital technology, especially in the education aspect. The application of android mobile-based learning module becomes one of the solutions within solving problems in learning, so that education goals can...
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Exploring Students’ Attitudes of Using Essay Maker in Essay Writing Class

Nurul Puspita, Umar Alfaruq A. Hasyim
Essay maker is an artificial intelligence tool that can generate an essay on any topic within a couple of minutes. Therefore, the students will be easy in generating their own essay. The aim of this research is to explore the students’ attitudes in using essay maker while generating an essay. In addition,...
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The Influence of the Means-Ends Analysis Learning Model on Critical Thinking Ability in History Subjects Class X SHS IT Insan Mulia Boarding School for the 2021/2022 School Year

Ardian Fahri, Aman, Risky Setiawan
The ability to think critically in education in the 4.0 era is essential for students. Means-Ends Analysis is a learning model that can support these abilities. This study aims to determine the influence of the Means-Ends Analysis Learning Model on critical thinking skills in students. This research...
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Profile of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in 21st Century Skills-Based Learning

Jolanti Wisje Pentury, Dorce Bu’tu, Yakob Godlif Malatuny
The 21st century demands that collage as an educational institution significantly sharpen the student's critical thinking skills. The problem found in the lecturing process is that the lecture does not maximize students' critical thinking skills. Students' Analytical Power, creativity,...
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Soft Skill Development of Stakpn Sentani Christian Religious Education Graduates in the Workplace

Julianus Labobar, Yakob Godlif Malatuny
Soft skills are related to psychological skills that are the key to success for college graduates to take more significant advantage of various workplace challenges and opportunities. The importance of developing soft skills is creating a comfortable and harmonious working atmosphere, increasing productivity...
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Academic Resilience in the Context of Counseling Student: A Study of Factor Analysis

Zuraida Lubis, Siti Chairani Lubis, Rosmala Dewi, Raudah Zaimah Dalimunthe, Muhammad Bukhori Dalimunthe
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant learning shift from face-to-face to online mode. Students are faced with various challenges and difficulties in dealing with the dynamics of learning modes that have an impact on their psychology. The presence of academic resilience is necessary as a stimulus...
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Analysis Use of Application and Social Media Appropriate in Online Learning in Universities Indonesia

Fajar Wulandari, Andi Mursidi, Nur Meily Adlika, Rosmaiyadi, Ihsan Nurhakim
The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the education system at all levels with online learning. The teaching and learning process is one way to mature students to form their identity to understand science correctly. To promote the continuation of education in Indonesia, utilizing apps and social...
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Preliminary Study on the Impact of Managerial Principles and Student Learning Motivation upon the Effectiveness of Education in the TPQ as an Islamic Primary School at Gunungkidul Regency

Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal
An early Al Quran teaching for children is in Indonesia usually initiated at TPQ (Taman Pendidikan Quran) as primary education institution. Studies on the TPQs to understand the effectiveness of education is still limited. On the contrary Indonesia has significantly large TPQs in number. This study’s...
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Visual Language: A Literature Review for Bridging Linguistics and Visual Communication Design

Harits Setyawan, Wawan Gunawan, Doni Alfaruqy
This study traces the extent to which visual language has been studied in research in order to provide a new concept of how visual language is studied and how the new concept is applied to research for future researchers who want to investigate further about visual language. The data was collected through...
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Exploration of Entrepreneurship Character in Minangkabau Livestock Toke as a Source for Social Studies Learning for Junior High School

Felia Siska, Sapriya, Nana Supriatna, Neiny Ratmaningsih
The Minangkabau cattle market has traditions and values of local wisdom as the identity of the Minang community, including livestock traders called toke livestock. Every activity carried out has entrepreneurial values that need to be explored and integrated in social studies learning in junior high school....
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Education Towards Society 5.0: Humanizing Digitalized Learning Through Multicultural Literature and Emphatic Technology

Andreas Akun, Pei-Ling Yang, Paramita Ayuningtyas
This article was inspired by the research we conducted towards English and Non-English Department students in Indonesia and Taiwan regarding the role of multicultural literature in cultivating empathy and Cultural Competence (CQ) to successfully navigate diversity in today’s network society. The goal...
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Reinforcing Quality of Higher Education in Digital Era: An Anthropology of Education Study About Strategy and Innovation of Development in Adab and Humanities Faculty, State Islamic University of Makassar

Hasyim Haddade, Abd. Raviq R, Askar Nur, Muhammad Nur Akbar Rasyid
The challenge for education, especially higher education today in Indonesia, is the necessity to adapt toward the development of the era in order to be able to compete globally. In the digital era, higher education is faced with several challenges and opportunities. The process of socio-cultural adaptation...
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Exploring the Roots of Social Conflict and Its Resolution in Aceh Through the Study of the Hikayat Pocut Muhammad: Cultural Literacy

Mukhlis, Herman Rusli
This research examines the roots of social conflict in Aceh during the Aceh Darussalam Kingdom and conflict resolution carried out to achieve peace. The focus of the study is on literary texts of the saga genre. From some of the initial survey texts, the Hikayat Pocut Muhammad is very interesting to...
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Fostering Peace and Harmony Through Indonesian Heroes’ Stories: A Systematic Review of Literature

Firman Parlindungan, Irfan Rifai, Rahmad Nuthihar, Sofie Dewayani
In this article, we explored how the Indonesian national hero stories have been constructed and how the academic scholars perceive, critic, and encourage the development of Indonesian children’s storybooks about national heroes. We conducted a systematic review of literature in the following steps: (1)...
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Communication Skills in Learning: An Integrative Review

Khoiriah, Agus Suyatna, Abdurrahman, Tri Jalmo
Communication skills play a critical role in equipping the global community to survive in the face of increasing job competition as a result of the rapid pace of change brought on by the development of digital technologies. In addition to enabling information, the education sector is encouraged to incorporate...
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Students’ Perception of Flipped Classroom in College French Reading

Diana Rosita, Endang Ikhtiarti, Setia Rini
This study discusses the perceptions of French Education students at the University of Lampung in the French Reading Class about the flipped classroom model. This study aims to describe comprehensively the perceptions of students in French reading classes towards the flipped classroom model. This study...
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The Influence of the Environment and the Family Economy on Children’s School Motivation in the Local Village Area, Merauke District, Papua-Indonesia

Helga Charolina A. Silubun, Andi Azizah, Rusli
This article aims to describe the problems that hinder the interest and motivation of indigenous Papuan children in the local village area of Merauke Regency to attend school in terms of environmental influences and the family’s economic situation. This study uses qualitative descriptive research methods,...
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Establishment of Social Skills in the Middle of Digital Technologies: A Quranic Approach

Ahmad Riyadh Maulidi, Zulfa Jamalie
The presence of digital technology in the current era brings many changes to every side of life, one of which is the decline in social skills. With the massive digital technology, a child seems to be in a phase where he doesn’t need other people. The siege of digital technology makes children able to...
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Analysis of Educational Values Embodied in the Maras Taun Tradition

Reza Pahlawan, Drs Martono, Awal Putra Suprianto
The tradition called Maras Taun is a traditional ritual enacted by the community in Selat Nasik District of Belitung Regency to express their deep gratitude for rice harvest. This research aimed to reveal educational values embodied in the tradition Maras Ta’un. The research method used in this research...
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Improving the Mathematical Understanding of Elementary School Students Through Problem-Based Learning and an Ethnomathematical Perspective

Yeni Dwi Kurino, Tatang Herman
The ability to understand mathematics is quite crucial in the process of learning mathematics in elementary schools. Ethnomatematics Problem-Based Learning is a strategy for learning mathematics that helps improve the ability to understand mathematics. The type of this research is Quasy Experiment with...
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Project Based Learning on Students’ Activities and Learning Outcomes in Geography Class XI IPS

Sugeng Widodo, Sudarmi, Ilda Purnama Sari
The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of a project-based learning model on students’ learning activities and outcomes in the geography subject of class XI IPS at SMA Negeri 1 Kedondong. This was a pre-experimental study using a one-group pre-test-post-test design. Subjects were her 27 students...
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Students’ Cognitive Ability: Its Relationship with Ability in Scientific Literacy and Student Self-efficacy

Diana Hernawati, Dina Maulina
This research aimed to show the relationship between ability in scientific literacy and self-efficacy of students with their cognitive capabilities. The population in this research were students of biology education at the Siliwangi University who attended a vertebrate zoology class. The samples were...
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Learning Model of Social Studies Role Playing Card Based on Madura Ethnic Entrepreneurs Values

Fajar Wahyudi Utomo, Didin Saripudin, Disman, Abdul Azis Wahab
One of the problems that continue to be considered in social studies learning is how to make learning situations that take place in the classroom not monotonous and boring for students. This is very important attention, especially when social studies learning is considered as a lesson that is only done...
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Cooperative Education Units as an Alternative Option for Junior High School Education in Indonesia

Dini Octoria, Harnowo Susanto, Sigit Wahyudi
The Cooperation Education Unit [CEU] is a pattern of providing education in formal and non-formal education units, which is held in collaboration with two institutions, namely a Foreign Education Institution [FEI] that has been accredited in their country, and the Indonesian Education Institute [IEI]....
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Acehnese Celebgrams’ Repetitive Language Style as an Endorsement Strategy: A Stylistic Study

Denni Iskandar, Nurrahmah
The repetitive language style is a language style to emphasize a speech’s meaning. This language style can be found in the speech of Acehnese Instagram celebrities (celebgrams) when they endorse a product or service. The repetitive language style of Acehnese celebgrams can conjure up Instagram users,...
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Implementation Movement Literacy School Through Corner Read in Improve the Ability of Read Participant Educate in SD Muhammadiyah Metro Center

Rapani, Loliana, Siska Mega Diana, Muncarno
The problem in this research is that there are still SD Muhammadiyah Pusat participant educate class V Which Not yet fluent read. Study it aims For describes (1) Implementation of the School Literacy Movement (GLS) through reading corners in increase ability read in SD Muhammadiyah Center, (2) The ability...
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Educational Attainment Inequality in Indonesia

Noni Rozaini, Reza Aditia, Thamrin, Mica Siar Meiriza
This study aimed to analyze how higher education students‘ backgrounds can lead to inequality in terms of educational attainment. We employed Chi-Square analysis on 127 respondents gathered from an online survey questionnaire completed by undergraduate students. The finding suggests that inequality did...
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Scientific Reasoning Analysis on the Implementation of PjBL-Worksheet on Renewable Energy Topic in High School Physics Learning

Viyanti, Widyastuti, Agus Suyatna, Novinta Nurulsari, Haza Kurnia Dinantikan
Scientific reasoning skills (SR) is one of important skills in Content Standards for Elementary and Secondary Education as stated in the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 21 of 2016. In fact, there are many students who found difficulties in developing scientific reasoning skills on the...
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The Preliminary Study of an Integrated STEM Education with Design Thinking Module for Preschoolers

Teh Eng Ho, Vincent Pang
There has been a growing emphasis by educators, academicians, and policy makers on the importance of foundational scientific literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. Many studies have shown positive learning outcomes when STEM education was implemented in the preschool...
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The Learning Achievement of Preservice Teachers from Internship: A Descriptive Study

Muhammad Bukhori Dalimunthe, Raudah Zaimah Dalimunthe, Lokot Muda Harahap, Fitri Yani Panggabean, Utami Nurhafsari Putri
This paper aims to analyze the learning achievement of internships for preservice teachers who carry out the School Field Program (SFP), especially for economics and business students. Regulations on SFP established six learning objectives to build the foundation of the teacher’s professional identity,...
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The Influence of the Family Environment on Teacher Performance Through Teacher Competence as Mediator Variable

Qori Cahya Dwiningtyas, Mami Hajaroh
This study aims to analyze the direct and indirect effects of the family environment on teacher performance through teacher competence as a mediating variable for elementary school teachers in Kulon. Progo. This research is a quantitative research with a survey method. This research was conducted at...
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Making Pocket Books Based on Local Wisdom to Increase Students’ Interest in Learning

Gina Zahra, Handoko, Dwi Yulianti, Ryzal Perdana
Teaching materials are one of the supporting factors for achieving learning objectives. This is related to the use of appropriate and varied teaching materials in the learning process which has the potential to reduce student passivity in class. The purpose of this article is to compile teaching materials...
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How to Shape Students’ Character Traits? Teacher Credibility Matters

Thamrin, Reza Aditia, Saidun Hutasuhut, Noni Rozaini
This study aimed to analyze how the impact of teacher credibility on the character traits of students. We utilized Partial Least Square (PLS-SEM) with Hierarchical Component Models analysis on 186 respondents gathered from an online survey questionnaire completed by undergraduate students. The result...
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School Principal’s Leadership Skills in 21st Century Based on Teacher Point View

Riswanti Rini, Ujang Efendi, Sowiyah, Muhammad Reza Kahar Aziz, Ismu Sukamto, Nur Ridha Utami
Leadership skills are crucial for a principal to perform his duties as a leader in school. In addition, these skills develop a conducive culture to achieve school vision in the industrial revolution 4.0 era. Hence, the purpose of this study is to analyze and map the level of leadership skills as the...
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Students’ Perception on Blog Based Liveworksheet in English Language Learning at Senior High School of Sport Lampung

Edi Santoso
The present research was aimed at investigating how students of grade X at SMA Negeri Olahraga (Senior High School of Sport) Lampung perceive Blog Based Liveworksheet in English Language Learning and exploring its challenges. Two classes of grade X students participated in this research. The students...
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The Integration of Flipped Classroom and Learning Management System for EFL Students: A Case Study

Widi Andewi, Tommy Hastomo
The integration of flipped classrooms and LMS offers chances for the learners to enable them to take risks and make mistakes while gaining experience in expertise and collaboration in the learning environment. This study aimed to explore the students’ perspectives on integrating flipped classrooms into...
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The Utilization of Gamification of Hijaiyyah Letters as an Effort to Improve the Reading Ability of Elementary School Students

Sekhar Khairunnisa Mahardikha, Munawir Yusuf, Akhmad Arif Musdad
As an effort to print a generation of Muslims who have an insight into the Qur’ran, educating starting from the age of children so as to instill a high love of Al-Qur'an and try to learn it well. The Qur'an as the holy book of the Muslim converts acts as a source by of law in earth, the basis...
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The Effect of Fungi Blended Learning Model on Scientific Communication Skill and Reading Literacy of Tenth Grade Students

Dewi Lengkana, Ismi Rakhmawati, Ratna Komala Sari
The 2013 curriculum which is applied to 21st century learning supports students to have skills and literacy. However, students still have difficulty conveying ideas due to the low reading literacy so that they have not received detail information. This research analyzed scientific communication skill...
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Picture Storybook: Character Analysis of Responsibilities for Grade IV Elementary School Students

Anistia Rizki Khoirun Nisa, Dwi Yulianti, Bayu Saputra
The purpose of this study was to determine the need for appropriate media in improving the character of the responsibility of students. This research is done using descriptive qualitative methods with teachers and students in fourth grade, which was carried out at SDIT PELITAKU, SDIT Muhammadiyah Gunung...
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Augmented Reality Technology Based on Biological Practicum Due to Improving Student’s Ability of Digital Literacy

Asy’ari, Sulisetijono, Abdul Ghofur, Marini, Siti Zubaidah
Digital literacy skills are an effort that students in this sophisticated era need to filter information accurately as an educational medium. It is because digital literacy uses appropriate applications through Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The primary purpose of this study is to analyze the application...
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Theoretical Study to Design Digital Disaster Learning Resources for Prospective Elementary School Teachers

Eddy Noviana, Sri Erlinda, Ria Novianti, Intan Kartika Sari, Eva Astuti Mulyani, N. Zulkifli, Zufriady, Dede Permana, Wilson
Building awareness of disaster preparedness is indispensable for a country with high disaster risk, like Indonesia. Moreover, the need for knowledge about disasters is essential for prospective teachers or elementary school teachers. This paper is a theoretical study to design a mobile pedagogical framework...
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Development of Classical Aceh History Teaching Materials Based on Heyzine Flipbooks to Increase Learning Creativity at Syiah Kuala University’s Department of History Education

Muhjam Kamza, Ayu Noviana, M. Hafizul Furqan, M. Yusrizal, Fitriani Yulianti
The quality of education can be greatly impacted by the teaching materials used. Technology’s rapid advancement also necessitates education that is globally competitive, digitally oriented, and capable of increasing students’ creativity. The classical Aceh history learning module based on Heyzine Flipbook...
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Technology Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK): An Analysis of Ability of Elementary School Teacher

M. Fikra Yusuf Annazar, Rangga Firdaus, Doni Andra
TPACK is one of the approaches or frameworks that can integrate science, technology, and content. The study aims to analyze the ability of Technology Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) for State Elementary School Teachers. This research is descriptive research with a quantitative approach. The sampling...
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Development of Self-discovery and Exploration (SDE) Integrated Low Level Organism Taxonomy Teaching Materials to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Ashar Hasairin, Ummi Nur Afinni Dwi Jayanti, Adi Hartono, Diky Setya Diningrat
This research aims to improve students' critical thinking skills through the development of self-discovery and exploration (SDE) teaching materials for low-level taxonomy of organisms. This material is a modified version that combines the concepts of Discovery Learning with the mapping of the Indonesian...
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The Use of Time Magazine Media in History Subjects to Improve Learning Motivation of SMA Negeri 1 Baitussalam Class XI Social Sciences

Teuku Kusnafizal, Nurasiah, Ayu Noviana, M. Yusrizal, Muhjam Kamza
One of the factors that determines whether or not the goals of a lesson are met is the quality of the learning media used to transmit the subject. This study seeks to determine the use of time magazine media in class XI IPS and the motivation of students in class XI IPS to learn history through time...
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Making Thematic Learning Modules Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) Models in Improving Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) Skills in Class V Students of State Elementary Schools

Yulinda, Undang Rosidin, Pargito, Ryzal Perdana
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the needs of teachers and students in developing modules that are able to improve students critical and creative thinking skill in understanding the material. The research design used a qualitative descriptive method with a case study approach. Data...
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Investigating Students’ Perception Toward the Use of Instagram in EFL Learning

Yenny Ratnasarie Sy
Educational context should take the benefits of innovative pedagogy and digital devices to go to the deeper content exploration, classroom management, engagement, and motivation of students in EFL teaching learning process. Moreover, it should be used to meet the students’ need by reforming the old learning...
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Building Critical Thinking Skills Through the ADI Model with STEM and Formative Assessment

Tomy Suganda, Parno, Sunaryono
Improving your critical thinking will help you master the concept of shaft materials. Critical thinking skills develop attitudes and perceptions that help create positive classes, recognize the meaning of knowledge, and develop positive thinking skills. However, the ability to think critically in physics...
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Collaborative ESP Online Material Design Project and English Education Students’ 21st Century Skills

Nina Fatriana, Fikri Hamidy
The Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia recently modified “Profil Pelajar Pancasila” measurements in Merdeka Curriculum in an effort to provide 21st century capabilities in education. Today’s curriculum is simultaneously improved in all areas, particularly thanks to the Project...
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Development of Articulate Storyline 3 Learning Media Based on Local Wisdom in Traditional Lampung GamesIn Improving Science Skills

Vandan Wilyanti, Tesi Yulya, Tika Febriyani, Silvi Rahmadani
Many students find it difficult to research Physics. This is partly because of the view that physics is still far from the actual existence and tradition of networking and teachers no longer use materials related to understanding the Lampung environment, one of which is conventional video games, and...