Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Research, Implementation, and Education of Mathematics and Sciences (ICRIEMS 2020)

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Potential Roles of Extracellular Traps in the Progression of Coronavirus Disease (Covid)-19

Kartika R Pertiwi
Millions of people have suffered from coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 worldwide with diverse clinical presentations, ranging from asymptomatic to severe pneumonia leading to respiratory failure and even death. In critical phases, thrombosis and inflammation are considered as the important contributors...
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Economic Contribution of Fruit Bats (Family Pteropodidae) Through Durian Fruit Production in the Agroecosystem in Java Island

Bambang Suripto
The Farmers in agroecosystems generally do not know that the existence of fruit bats in agroecosystems is very important because of their function as pollinators for various types of horticultural crops with high economic value, such as durian and other plants that are chiropterophilic. The purpose of...
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The Effect of Leaf-Waste Type and Bioconversion Ability Based on Feed Conversion Ratio in Black Soldiers Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens, L.)

Ciptono, Suhandoyo, Tri Harjana, Rizka Apriani Putri
The Black Soldiers Fly (Hermetia illucens) life cycle is unique. The uniqueness lies in the life of the larvae until the pupae and metamorphosis become relatively clean flies, do not like smelly media and tend to be in a moist to dry medium. Unlike some other types of flies, the BSF life cycle brings...
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Molecular Characterization of Riau’s Mascot Flora (Oncosperma tigillarium)

Desti, Fitmawati, Putri Ade Rahma Yulis, Mayta Novaliza Isda
This research was aims to find out about the molecular characterization of the Nibung plant (Oncosperma tigillarium). It has been conducted in the Biology Laboratory. The results of DNA isolation were tested to determine the quality of DNA that has been isolated. DNA purity was determined based on A260/A280...
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The Effect of Temperatures and pH on Bacteriocin Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria Strain Pr 4.3L From Peda Fish

Charis Amarantini, Vinsa Cantya Prakasita, Lidia Ester Cahyani
Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) produce bacteriocin, which is potentially administered as biopreservative. It is important to study bacteriocin continuously from an applied perspective. However, isolate LAB strain Pr 4.3L obtained from peda fish are known to produce antimicrobial compounds such as bacteriocin....
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Relationship Between Vital Signs, Hemoglobin Level and Iron Consumption Pattern With Learning Concentration

Tutiek Rahayu, Tri Harjana, Kartika Ratna Pertiwi, Yuliati
This study aimed to determine the vital signs (pulse and respiratory rate), hemoglobin (Hb) levels and iron (Fe) consumption pattern, and to assess their correlation with learning concentration in adolescents. This cross-sectional study was conducted from June to September 2017. Thirty-five subjects...
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Detection of Coliforms and Enteric Pathogens in Favorite Snack Food Sold in Yogyakarta City

Tri Yahya Budiarso, Charis Amarantini, Guruh Prihatmo, Ratih Restiani, Yesika Putri, Virgin Kindagen, Sharoneva Linggardjati
Favorite snack food is very popular to Yogyakarta’s residents, such as cilok, skewered meatballs, and dumplings. The processing and serving processes of these food does not pay attention to hygiene aspects, therefore, it is necessary to monitor the presence or absence of coliform bacteria and enteric...
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Physiological and Molecular Characterization of Mutated Spathoglottis plicata

Suyitno Aloysius, Nur Aeni Ariyanti, Lili Sugiyarto, Djukri
A number of Spathoglotis plicata mutant orchids were derived from in vitro culture of X-ray irradiated seeds obtained from previous studies. This study aims to identify the physiological and molecular characteristics of the S. plicata mutant orchid. There were 4 groups of mutant orchids corresponding...
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Molecular Characterization of Orchid Variants Spathoglottis plicata Blume Based on RAPD Analysis

Suyitno Aloysius, Ixora S. Mercuriani, Ratnawati, Sudarsono
The development of S. plicata orchid variants is important to increase their genetic diversity. This study aims to determine the genetic diversity of S. plicata orchid variants based on RAPD analysis. The research sample was 15 plant variants consisting of wild type and mutant orchid variants. Molecular...
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Genetic Diversity of Spathoglottis plicata Blume Orchid Variant Based on Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) Molecular Marker

Desri Rofita Sari, Suyitno Aloysius
The aim of this research is to determine the level of genetic diversity of in vitro cultur Spathoglottis plicata variants derived irradiated (mutants) and without irradiation (wild type) seeds. This research is an observation study to detect of genetic diversity of plant variants based on ISSR molecular...
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Genetic Variability Analysis of Terrestrial Spathoglottis plicata Orchid Variants Based on RAPD Marker

Fay Della Prika Auvira, Ixora Sartika Mercuriani, Suyitno Aloysius
The purpose to know the genetic variability of orchid variants Spathoglottis plicata based on molecular marker Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD). DNA isolation carried out using TIANGEN Plant Genomic DNA kit. DNA sample was amplified using PCR-RAPD technique. Genetic variability were analyzed using...
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A Study on the Potential of Cow Dung Waste as an Environmentally Friendly Alternative Energy Source

Ratminingsih, Jumadi
Cow dung is a very serious problem for people around the farm. The problem is often caused by cow dung which is not handled professionally. Its existence pollutes the environment, disturbs the scenery, and can be a vector of disease. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the potential...
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How Are the Students’ Biology Conceptual Knowledge and Procedural Knowledge in Padang City?

Vina septiani, Paidi
The conceptual knowledge and procedural knowledge are able to equip students to have new skills in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Because, both of these knowledge are used to solve a problem correctly. This study aimed to determine the conceptual knowledge and procedural knowledge of Biology...
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The Learning Continuum of Ecological Aspect Based on Complexity Level According to Elementary School Teacher’s Opinion

Hani’ Faridah, Bambang Subali
This research is a descriptive research using the survey method. This research aims to collect elementary school teacher’s opinion about the learning continuum of ecological aspects based on the level of complexity. The research data is conducted by means of a questionnaire. The research use the hypothetical...
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Teachers’ Opinions About Learning Continuum Based on the Level of Abstractness in the Biological Resources Management Aspect

Nidia Fadhila, Bambang Subali
The purpose of this study was to determine the opinion of elementary school teachers about the learning continuum based on the level of abstractness in the biological resource management aspect. This study used a survey method, conducted in Yogyakarta City and Bantul Regency. The population in this study...
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The Learning Continuum of Biological Resource Management Aspects Reviewed From the Difficulty Levels Based on Elementary School Teachers’ Opinions

Hanida Listiani, Bambang Subali
This research aims to investigate teachers’ opinionson the teaching and assessment of biological resource management aspects reviewed from their difficulty level in order to develop a curriculum. This is survey research whose sample members were selected through the convenience sampling technique. In...
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Elementary School Teachers’ Opinion About Learning Continuum of Organism Diversity Aspect Based on Level of Cognitive Processes

Desi Trilipi, Bambang Subali
This study aims to determine the teachers’ opinion who teach science in elementary schools regarding the continuum of learning design on organisms diversity aspect. The method used in this research was a survey by giving a questionnaire to the teacher. The study population in this study was a hypothetical...
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Developing Monopoly Educational Game Application on XI Grade High School Student’s About Cell Teaching Material

Restiana, Djukri, Indarto, Umi Hijriyah
This study explains the process of developing a monopoly educational game application on XI grade high school students about Cell teaching material and determining the feasibility and quality of the product. This research categorized as developing by Borg and Gall with six stages of research. Those are...
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Visual Representations Analysis of Senior High School Biology Textbooks About Plants’ Structure and Function

Riani K. Utami, Agung W. Subiantoro
This article’s purpose is to find out the features of visual representations used in biology textbook about plant tissues structure and function. There were three biology textbooks analysed in this study. Those textbooks are published and used in High School biology classroom based on the current curriculum....
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Analysis Learning Resources Based Local Potential of Pacitan Regency as Biology Learning in Senior High School

Ezif Rizqi Imtihana, Djukri
This research is a preliminary study conducted with the purpose to know: 1) kinds of learning resources based local potential of Pacitan regency used as biology learning, 2) biological topic using local potential of Pacitan regency as learning resources, 3) difficulty learning resources based local potential...
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The Profile ICT Knowledge of Biology Teachers Based on Teaching Experience and Gender

Ria Almareta, Paidi
ICT knowledge is very much needed in the current digital era by biology teacher, because teachers can design and develop technology to help students reach the success in the modern era with an great value of learning. Teaching experience is grouped into four categories, (< 5 years); (6-10 years);...
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Chrome Cation Removal Using Microfiltration Ceramic Membrane From Kaolinite

Heri Sutanto, Jaslin Ikhsan, Endang Widjajanti LFX, Erfan Priyambodo
The increasing activity of the leather tanning industry has resulted in an increasing amount of liquid waste produced. The waste contains heavy metals which are harmful to the environment and human health. Therefore the waste needs to be managed so that the negative impact of this waste can be reduced....
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Preliminary Study on COD Removal on the Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Using Birnessite-Type Manganese Oxide via a Solvent-Free Method

Amir Awaluddin, Okrida Sonia, Muhdarina, Amilia Linggawati, Siti Saidah Siregar
Palm oil mill effluent (POME) has an adverse effect on the environment due to its high toxicity, low pH, and high chemical and biological oxygen demand. The degradation using Fenton processes is considered as an attractive and sustainable way for the treatment of POME. In this study, as-synthesized birnessite-type...
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Comparison of the Effectiveness of Glucose and Sucrose Against General Endurance of the Hockey Players Faculty of Sport Science, Makassar State University

Nur Fadly Alamsyah, B M Wara Kushartanti, Abdul Rahman, Arimbi
This study aims to determine the comparison of the effectiveness of glucose and sucrose to the general endurance of hockey players in FIK UNM. The type of research used is descriptive comparative, the population of this study is 35 members of the FIK UNM hockey club, and the sample is 20 hockey players...
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Characterization and Biological Activity Test of Garlic and Its Fermentation as Antioxidant, Analgesic, and Anticancer

Sri Atun, Nurfina Aznam, Retno Arianingrum, Senam, Yashinta Devi, Riski Melasari
The purpose of this study was to characterize and biological activity test of garlic and its fermented products (black garlic) as antioxidants, analgesics, and anticancer properties. The subject of this study was garlic and its fermented products (black garlic). Characterization includes analysis of...
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Synthesis and Utilization of Composite Beads of Activated Carbon-Phosphate-Chitosan as Adsorbent of Mg2+ and Pb2+ Metal Ions

Sulistyani, Susila Kristianingrum, Annisa Fillaeli, Risca Febyan, Isma P Loka
We report a new modification of composite beads to absorb metal ions. The phosphate insertion into the activated carbon coated with chitosan is expected to have a higher adsorption capacity and the better mechanical properties than activated carbon and chitosan respectively. The identification of the...
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Hydrogen Gas Production in Kersen Leaf Extract (Muntingia calabura) Using Stainless Steel Electrode

Isana Supiah Yosephine Louise, Resti Bangun Pertika
This research was conducted to study the influence of the addition of kersen leaf extract, to understand the variation of temperature effect, and to determine the optimum result of hydrogen production in the process of water electrolysis within the kersen leaf extract using voltammetry method. The use...
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The Effect of Introduction, Connection, Application, Reflection, and Extension (ICARE) towards Students’ Chemistry Learning Outcome

Das Salirawati, Erfan Priyambodo, Metridewi Primastuti
This study aimed to analyze the differences in students’ learning outcomes covered curiosity (SC), responsibility (SR) and cognitive achievement (SCA) between students subjected to ICARE model at the experimental class (N=68) and the control class without ICARE (N=69). This research is an experimental...
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Research-Oriented Collaborative Inquiry Learning Model to Improve Students’ Science Process Skills in Reaction Rate Topic

Intan Agnes Sinyu Fiolida, Eli Rohaeti, Suwardi
This research aimed to improve students’ science process skills and to describe the profile of students’ science process skills in the Research-Oriented Collaborative Inquiry Learning (REORCILEA) in reaction rate learning. A quasi-experimental design had been employed in this research. The sample in...
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Effect of Problem Based Learning on Student’s Metacognitive Ability and Science Process Skills

Nur Yaumil Awaliah, Jaslin Ikhsan
This study aimed to investigate the effect of problem-learning on student’s metacognitive abilities and science process skills. Quasi-experimental with the posttest only design was used in this study. There were two classes namely experimental and control class. Experimental class applied problem-based...
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Inquiry Learning Using Local Socio-Scientific Issues as Context to Improve Students’ Chemical Literacy

Rosiana Melia Sari, Antuni Wiyarsi
This study aimed to investigate applying inquiry learning using local Socio-scientific Issues (SSI) as a context on the students’ chemical literacy; in this study, using a Quasi-experimental with a pretest-posttest design. There are two classes in this study, the experimental class, and the control class....
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Analysis of Students’ Difficulties in Answering Questions on the Chemistry National Standardized School Exam in Kupang

Fatnan Asbupel, Heri Retnawati, Muhardis, Seriana Yovita, Sudji Munadi
The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristics item questions of chemistry national standardized school exam and identify students’ difficulties in answering questions. Data collection was carried out by documenting results of the exam in 2018 in Kupang city. The documentation was consisted...
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In-Service Chemistry Teachers’ Prior Knowledge Regarding STEM Integration in High School Chemistry Learning

Nur Fitriyana, Antuni Wiyarsi, Heru Pratomo, Marfuatun, Annisa Krisdiyanti, Wahnutia Adilaregina
A good knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) integration is essential for chemistry teachers before they are implementing a successful chemistry learning using STEM approach. This paper reported in-service chemistry teachers’ prior knowledge in integrating STEM in high...
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Empowering Students’ Worksheet with SSI to Improve the Conceptual Understanding of Rate Reaction and Thermochemistry

Maryone Saija, Sri Rahayu, Endang Budiasih, Fauziatul Fajaroh
The purposes of this study were to (1) develop a worksheet that enriched with socio-scientific issues, and (2) examine the effectiveness of the developed worksheets for improving high school students’ conceptual understanding of rate reaction and thermochemistry. This research implemented the 4D research...
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How Can Open Inquiry Enhancing Students’ Scientific Attitude Through Chemistry Learning?

Betzy Rampean, Eli Roheti, Jewish Septriwanto, Meilan Lengkong
This literature review aimed to analyze the effectiveness of open inquiry learning on students’ scientific attitude. Open inquiry learning is a learning model has the most complex level of scientific inquiry that gives students the opportunity to be able to identify errors, submit suggestions, to support...
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The Influence of Guided Inquiry-Based Learning Using Socio-Scientific Issues on Environmental Awareness of Pre-service Chemistry Teachers

Oktavia Sulistina, Sri Rahayu, I Wayan Dasna, Yahmin
The present study investigated the influence of guided inquiry-based learning using socio-scientific issues related to environment on the environmental awareness of pre-service chemistry teachers in the fundamental chemistry class. The study was designed according to the triangulated mixed-method design....
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The Role of Collaborative Learning Based STSE in Acid Base Chemistry: Effects on Students’ Motivation

Erfan Priyambodo, Nur Fitriyana, Metridewi Primastuti, Farizky Aquarisco Duo Artistic
Designing learning environment that leads on the improvement of students’ motivation becomes crucial for chemistry teachers. The objective of this research was to investigate the effects of collaborative learning-based Science, Technology, Society, and Environment (STSE) towards students’ motivation...
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Optimization of Nutritional-Menu Planning for Toddlers by Goal Programming Model

Dwi Lestari, Agus M. Abadi, Atmini Dhorurri, Asmara I. Tarigan, Elin Herlinawati
Food or nutrient intake is required to increase human resources. However, there are several problems that arise such as difficulties in preparing a nutritious menu for toddlers and lack of public understanding of nutritional fulfillment despite governmental efforts. Apparently, good quality nutrient...
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Implementation of Average-Based Fuzzy Time Series Model in Forecasting Product Selling at Ainaya Boutique

Eva N. Ramadhani, Agus M. Abadi
Demand forecasting is needed in a company to find out the estimated level of demand in the future. Forecasting cannot be considered as an absolute one because there is no accurate forecasting. The forecasting accuracy level continues to be sought through forecasting development. One of those is applied...
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Optimization of Kelanting’s Production in a Home Industry Kelanting Fuzzy System

Fetty F. Sholikhah, Agus M. Abadi
Determining the exact amount of production is difficult to do because the system used by the company owner still relies on a manual calculation system. One method that can help predict production is a fuzzy system. This study aims to build a fuzzy system model to predict production based on demand and...
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Multivariate Time Series Data Forecasting Using Multi-Output NARNN Model

Hermansah, Dedi Rosadi, Abdurakhman, Herni Utami, Gumgum Darmawan
This research proposes the multi-output Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network (NARNN) method to forecast multivariate time series data containing the input layer, one hidden layer, and the output layer. The multi-output NARNN method is performed by applying the logistic activation function and the...
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Modelling and Analyzing Quadruped Robot Motion with Two Motors using Max-Plus Algebra

Laurensius I. Setiawan, Laurent Simangunsong, Marcellinus A. Rudhito
Nowadays mathematics has been widely used to program and control robots. One type of robots that exists is a robot with a type of propulsion in the form of legs, which is more effective for uneven and uphill terrain compared to the type of wheel drive. The study discusses quadruped robot motion with...
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Solution of the SIR Mathematical Model for the Spread of Covid-19 Using GeoGebra

Marcellinus A. Rudhito, Dewa P. W. Putra
This study aims to find solution of the SIR modelling for the spread of Covid-19 in populations of an area for normal, new normal and lockdown conditions using GeoGebra. This research consists of two stages of numerical assessment of mathematical model completion using GeoGebra spreadsheets and building...
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Smoothing Spline Estimator in Nonparametric Regression (Application: Poverty in Papua Province)

Ni P. A. M. Mariati, I N. Budiantara, Vita Ratnasari
Three estimates were obtained in estimating the regression curve, namely estimation of parametric regression, nonparametric regression and semiparametric regression. The most popular nonparametric regression option is smoothing spline. The advantage of smoothing spline is that it can use variable data...
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Robust Spatial Regression Model in City Minimum Wages (CMW) in East Java 2018

Nur Atikah, Dyah L. Afifah, Nadia Kholifia
The minimum wage determination has always been a moment that is eagerly awaited every year by both workers and employers, even though it always creates polemics. The government seeks to raise the minimum wage every year to guarantee a decent life for workers. The fulfillment of the need for a decent...
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Optimal Control for Smoking Epidemic Model

Nur Ilmayasinta, Elly Anjarsari, Moh W. Ahdi
In this study, we used a mathematical model of the smoking epidemic which was divided into three sub-classes. In this model we provide four optimal controls, namely education campaign about cigarettes, vaccines, treatment and rehabilitation. To solve the problem of optimal control, we use the principle...
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Exploitation of Nasolabial Folds for Happy Smile Recognition on an Image Using ANN

Sri Andayani, Nur H. Waryanto, Bambang S. H. Marwoto, Monica M. Hapsari
Nasolabial folds are the wrinkle around the mouth that can be used to mark facial expressions. In this study, nasolabial folds were used to identify happy smile expressions on facial images. The recognition consists of 2 main stages. The first stage for facial area detection is carried out using the...
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Modify Multistep Difference Transform Method for Solving Jamming Model in Lorentz System

Hartono, Agus M. Abadi, Fitriana Y. Saptaningtyas
The Lorentz system is one of the model which can be applied to single line traffic model. This model was based on the distance deviation, velocity deviation, and time acceleration. In this paper, we would like to solve the mathematical model of traffic congestion with the Lorentz system. Modify Multistep...
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Effects of Worked Example on Experts’ Procedural Skills in Solving Geometry Problems

Baiq W. Widyastuti, Endah Retnowati
Cognitive load theory is an instructional theory that concern to designing an effective learning strategy based on human cognitive system. Worked example was designed based on this theory. Through worked example, students are presented with examples and similar problem solving tasks. This method is believe...
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Are there Differences in Reflective Thinking Between Male and Female Prospective Mathematics Teachers?

Cholis Sa’dijah, Muhammad N. Kholid, Erry Hidayanto, Hendro Permadi
Reflective thinking is a thinking process involves re-investigations to overcome confusion for problem solving. This type of thinking is important for prospective mathematics teachers because the thinking can be a competence for them to teach mathematics effectively. In Indonesia, in the last three years...
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Developing Learning Set with STEM-PBL Approach to Mathematics Connection Ability and Student’s Learning Motivation

Indra K. Wijayanti, Agus M. Abadi
This study aims to produce and describe the development process and quality of learning set with the STEM-PBL approach. The development model in this study was adopted from Plomp model, it is preliminary research, development, and evaluation. The learning set developed include lesson plan and student’s...
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Examining Middle School Student’s Lower Order Thinking Skill

Maria E. O. Barut, Ariyadi Wijaya
Focusing in Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) has been main goal in many education curriculums around the world including in Indonesia. Even though the ultimate goal is usually for students to achieve HOTS, it is also important to make sure student already mastered Lower Thinking Skill (LOTS) since...
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Comparison of Contextual and Scientific Approaches to Improving Student Achievement and Emotional Intelligence

Nani Maryani, Djamilah B. Widjajanti
This research was quasi-experimental, with a nonequivalent control-group design. This study aimed to compare the advantages of contextual and scientific approaches in improving the learning achievement and emotional intelligence of grade VIII junior high school students. The population includes all grade...
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Innovation in Mathematics Learning on Students with Disabilities in Asia: Literature Review

Nuraini Safitri, Anis T. I. N. Syarifah, Dwi Kurnita, Leni A. Cahyani, Mukarramah, Pujaningsih
The literature review is aimed to analyze research regarding innovative mathematics learning in Asia. The research utilizes six articles discussing five media innovation learning in Indonesia and one instructional innovation learning in Malaysia. The results of the study shows that media learning innovation...
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Indonesian Mathematics Teachers’ Responses Towards the Implementation of Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Veronika F. Rianasari, Hongki Julie, Maria S. Apriani
In Indonesia, Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented disruption in the education sector. This paper examines the responses of 415 Indonesian Mathematics Teachers’ towards the implementation of distance learning during Covid-19 pandemic. It identifies online learning platforms used, type of online...
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Worked Example as a Scaffolding on Problem Posing Instruction of Parallel Lines and Transversal Learning

Ibrohim A. Kusuma, Endah Retnowati
This study aims to review on literature of worked example function as a scaffolding on problem posing instruction, its design and instructional implications. Students should be facilitated to pose problem by relating their existed knowledge to the given information and develop their thinking further....
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Optical Characteristics of Tin Oxide Thin Films Doped with Indium and Aluminum Using the Sol-Gel Spin Coating Technique

Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Haris Munandar
The aims of this research are to understand the optical characteristics of SnO2 doped with Indium and Aluminum (SnO2:In+Al) using the sol-gel spin coating technique. Optical characteristics of SnO2:In+Al thin films were measured by UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. The optical characterization results showed...
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Testing Low rpm BLDC Generator as Power Plant for Remote Areas

Bachtera Indarto, A. Wildan Ilhami, M. Arief Bustomi
BLDC generator can be an alternative solution for providing electricity to rural communities in Indonesia. In this research, a BLDC generator with a rotor and stator frame made from PETG material has been made using 3d printing. The dimensions of the generator stator section are 20 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm....
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Microtremors Measurement Around Dengkeng Fault Line in Central Java

Denny Darmawan, M. Ilham N. Hafsyah, Nugroho B. Wibowo, Laila Katriani, Khafid N. Aziz, Siti Patimah, Rofiki, Bambang Ruwanto
Microtremor signals measurement had been conducted in area surrounding Dengkeng Fault line in Central Java, Indonesia. This research is aimed to identify the characteristics of area surrounding Dengkeng fault line and to identify the Dengkeng fault line through microtremors parameters analysis. Microtremor...
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Structure Interpretation Using Gravity Spectral Analysis and Derivative Method in Grindulu Fault, Pacitan, East Java

Mustika N Yusvinda, Shania W Puspitasari, Nadia M P Wafi, Khafidh N Aziz, Denny Darmawan, Laila Katriani, Novita T Handayani, Nugroho B Wibowo
The Grindulu Fault is a one of the fault that lies alongside the Pacitan Regency, East Java. This fault is a land geological structure that is potential to be the source of earthquake disaster. The structure interpretation is carried out using gravity data by performing spectrum analysis and derivative...
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A Design Study of Cajaput Oil Industry Based on Carbon Nanodots

Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandaru, Athi’ Nur Auliati Rahmah, Febriani, Pramudya Wahyu Pradana
The aim of this study was to produce a design of a cajaput oil industry that can improve the products of cajaput oil industry based on carbon nanodots (C-dots). The method used in this study was research and development (R&D) with observation at the Sendang Mole cajaput oil factory and simple experiments...
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Reaction Order Parameters of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio, and Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio as Markers for Colorectal Carcinoma After Chemotherapy

Ngadikun, Untung Widodo, Agus Barmawi, Ahmad Hamim, Kuncoro Asih Nugroho, Iska Rahman Kurniawan, Metamalik Pasala, Izzati Amayazifun Khalifa Farzana
Colorectal Cancer (CRC) ranks 3rd highest cancer incidence, so it is a serious health problem in Indonesia. A new erythrocyte sedimentation rate method was developed to determine a biomarker for CRC. This study aims to investigate reaction order parameters of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), neutrophil-to-lymphocyte...
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Development of Comics Work and Energy Assisted Android Based on Indigenous in Wonogiri

Ahmad Nur Wisnu Priyadi, Heru Kuswanto
This research aims to determine the feasibility of an comics work and energy assisted android based on indigenous in Wonogiri. This research used the model of development 4D (define, design, development, and disseminate). This research was conducted a validation instrument assessment by the instrument...
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Developing Android-Based Marbles Game Comics Using Group Investigation Model in Physics Learning

Almira Eka Damayanti, Heru Kuswanto
This study aims to determine the feasibility of android-based marbles game comics using the group investigation model in learning physics. This study uses a 4-D development model (Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate). The research data were obtained from the results of the product feasibility assessment...
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Development of Physics Comics Through Android-Assisted Benthik Game with Discovery Learning Model on Parabolic Motion

Anissa Maghfiroh, Heru Kuswanto
This study aims to (1) produce physics comics learning media through andorid-assisted benthik games with discovery learning models on parabolic motion (Kofie GeBoL) and (2) determine the feasibility value of physics comic learning media through andorid-assisted benthik games with discovery learning models...
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Development of Integrated Physics Learning E-Module with Pancasila Character Values in Work and Energy Subjects

Aprilia Mayang Sari, Ariswan
This study aims to produce an integrated physics learning e-module with Pancasila character values in work and energy subjects that is feasible to use. The type of research used is research and development. The development procedure is guided by the 4-D model. Research subjects consisted of material...
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Experiments in Physics Learning in the COVID-19 Era: Systematic Literature Review

Arif Rahman Aththibby, Heru Kuswanto, Mundilarto
The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced global conditions globally, including in the world of education in Indonesia. The implication of the COVID-19 pandemic is learning that initially focused on face-to-face shifting to distance learning / online learning. This condition is also a challenge in learning...
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Development of Digital Portable Auto Design Microscope Learning Media to Increase the Understanding of Concepts and Problem-Solving Abilities of Students

Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Adi Hardiyansyah
The purpose of this research is to develop learning media in the form of portable digital auto microscope design to improve understanding of concepts and problem-solving abilities. The results showed that the learning media in the form of portable digital microscope auto design is very feasible to use...
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The Development of Diagnostic Test Instrument for Verbal Representation Ability in High School Physics Learning

Awal Mulia Rejeki Tumanggor, Supahar, Maria F. T. Nirmala
Verbal representation ability is an important part of learning physics at school and is also useful for adapting to the environment. The verbal representation ability is also a need for education in the 21st century, so having this ability can help students to understand the physics language, physics...
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Physics Learning Using Android Assisted Sm and Physics to Improve Problem-Solving Skill

Delson Albert Gebze, Warsono, Nafi’atus Sholihah
The outcome of this study are: (1) Finding the characteristic of teaching aids in physics learning using Sm and physics based on local culture suba mish. (2) Creating an android app of the teaching aids of Sm and physics based on local culture. (3) The effectiveness of physics learning based on local...
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Development of Inquiry-Based Multimedia Learning Module with PhET Simulation in Newton’s Law of Motion

Dian Sukma Luliyarti, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
This research is development research with a 4-D model (define, design, develop, and spread) about Newton’s laws of motion. The purpose of this research is to determine the feasibility of Multimedia Learning Module (MLM) products developed in physics learning. The MLM product that is designed is then...
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Problem-Based Blended Learning: The Impacts on Students’ Collaborative Skills

Dwi Ulan Rahmawati, Jumadi, Eko Mhd Ramadan
This research was conducted in order to test the effectiveness of Problem-Based Blended Learning in improving students’ collaboration skills. The purpose of this study is to describe the significance of learning differences between students who are taught by using Problem-Based Blended Learning model...
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The Effectiveness of Physics Learning Online Based on Guided Discovery Models to Improve Critical Thinking Skill

Eko Mhd Ramadan, Jumadi Jumadi, Dwi Ulan Rahmawati
Critical thinking skill is one of the abilities that must be possessed by students in the 21st century. Online learning combined with guided discovery models, is intended to be able to improve students’ critical thinking skills at the high school level. This study aims to look at the effectiveness of...
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Development of Visual Literacy Test Instrument on High School Physics Material

Erlita Agustina, Supahar
Developing test instruments that can be used to determine students’ visual literacy skills on the subject of optics is the aim of this research. This research is a research development with the method of developing test instruments. The phases used in this study consisted of setting test objectives,...
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Analysis of Students’ Misconceptions Using the Certainty of Response Index (CRI) on the Concept of Work and Energy in SMA Negeri 1 Gorontalo Utara After Online Learning

Fedi H. Latif, Mursalin, Trisnawaty Junus Buhungo, Abdul Haris Odja
Research has been conducted on students’ misconceptions on physics, especially on the concepts of effort and energy in high school. The targets of this study were students of class X Ipa 1 in SMA Negeri 1 Gorontalo UtaraThe sampling technique is to choose a class that is very active in the school where...
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Students’ Problem-Solving Profile in Overcoming Sound Wave Concepts Based Students’ Academic Abilities on Online Class

Iron Ujulu, Masri K. Umar, Mursalin, Abdul Haris Odja
A research has been conducted to describe the students’ initial problem-solving abilities through five stages of problem-solving. This study was aim to describe the profile of students’ problem-solving in overcoming sound wave concepts in terms of academic ability, where the research subjects were grade...
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Developing Assessment Instrument to Measure Senior High School Student’s Mathematical Representation Ability in Physics Learning

L P Sari, E Istiyono
Physics deals with a lot of quantities that have size and direction and thus require a mathematical representation to describe it. So that in the context of physics learning cannot be separated from the application of mathematical representation. This research aims to: 1) determine the feasibility of...
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Feasibility of STEM Teaching Kit for Heat Material Through Simple Technology Design

Lusy Rahmawati, Insih Wilujeng
The government needs to modernize the education system to equip 21st-century skills that can meet the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0. The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) approach is one of the recommended learning approaches to help the success of 21st-century skills....
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Analysis of Validity and Reliability of Diagnostic Test of Picture Representation Ability in High School Physics Learning

M F T Nirmala, A M R Tumanggor, Supahar
The purpose of this research was to determine the feasibility of a diagnostic test of the picture representation ability of high school students in physics learning. This research was a developmental research of test instrument. Analysis of test instruments includes qualitative and quantitative analysis....
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Physics Learning with E-Book Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model to Improve Image Representation Ability of High School Students on Optical Material

M. F. T. Nirmala, D. A. Gebze, A. M. R. Tumanggor, M. Lengkong, I. Wilujeng
This research aimed to (1) produce learning tools and e-book media using Problem Based Learning (PBL) model to improve image representation ability on optical material of class XI MIPA students at SMAN 1 Banguntapan; (2) know the effectiveness of e-book learning media in physics learning activities using...
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Android-Based Carrom Game Comics Integrated with Discovery Learning for Physics Teaching

Mega Septiana Ika Rahayu, Heru Kuswanto, Cokro Yongky Pranowo
This study aims to develop an android-based carrom game comics integrated with discovery learning feasible to use in physics teaching. This study was developed using the 4-D: define, design, develop, and disseminate. The feasibility of the developed comics is evaluated by media experts, material experts,...
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Development of Two-Tier Test Instruments to Detect Student’s Physics Misconception

Meilan Lengkong, Edi Istiyono, B A O Rampean, Awal Mulia Rejeki Tumanggor, M F T Nirmala
The aims of this research is to develop a two-tier test instrument to diagnose students’ conceptual understanding abilities and knowing the level of student misconceptions on the topic of simple harmonic motion. The method in this research is 4D Research and Development (Define, Design, Develop, and...
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Development of E-Module Momentum and Impulse Integrated the Pancasila Values Practice

Nur Arviyanto Himawan, Ariswan
This study aims to determine the feasibility and response of students to the e-module momentum and impulse integrated the Pancasila values practice developed. This type of research is Research and Development used the 4-D model. The subjects of this study were 2 expert validators, 2 practitioners, 3...
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Development of the Android-Based Interactive Physics Mobile Learning Media (IPMLM) with Scaffolding Approach on the Sound Wave to Improve Student Learning Independence

R N Tuada, Suparno
This study aims to: 1) produce an Android-based IPMLM application that is suitable for learning on sound wave material, 2) test the effect of IPMLM on student learning independence. This type of research is the R&D of 4-D models (defining, developing, developing, and disseminating). The application...
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The Application of Physics Learning Media Based on Android with Learning Problem Based Learning (PBL) to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Reni Tania, Jumadi
One of the abilities that students must have in the 21st century is the ability to think critically. This study aims to see the use of Android-based physics learning media using PBL learning to improve critical thinking skills in Newton’s Law material. This type of research is the pretest posttest control...
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Assessment Instrument on Measuring Physics Verbal Representation Ability of Senior High School Students

R Adawiyah, E Istiyono
The problem questions used in the physics learning assessment process do not only require the ability of students to apply concepts only in solving problems. But more than that, these questions measure how the concept can be applied in various situations, and how students make sense in solving the problems....
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Bringing Indigenous Knowledge into Physics Learning Instruments for Enhancing Students’ Data Literacy: Its feasibility and practicality

T D Purwita, D Rosana
This research aims to (1) determine the feasibility and practicality of indigenous knowledge-based learning instruments, and (2) measure the suitability of test items to be measured students’ data literacy abilities. This study uses a 4D model research and development. Data collection techniques use...
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Misconception Analysis to Know the Understanding of Static Electrical Concept at SMK Bina Taruna Gorontalo by Using Certainty of Response Index (CRI)

Triman, Mursalin, Abdul Haris Odja
Analysis of the misconceptions on static electrical concepts has been conducted. The misconceptions are found in several indicators, such as in the concept of Atom, the concept of electrically charged concept, the concept of how to create electrically charged objects by rubbing, induction and conduction,...
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Comic Indigenous (Bola Kasti) Based Android: The Development Integrate Problem Based Learning

Wafda Nabila Azmy, Heru Kuswanto
The research aims to determine the feasibility of indigenous comics (ball kasti) based on android integrated problem based learning (PBL) in physics learning. Media development using the 4D model which consists of define, develop, design, and disseminate. The feasibility test is obtained through expert...
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A New Alternative to Measure Students’ Analytical Thinking Skill: A Validity Test for Mechanics Problem Based Learning Module

Yashinta Putri Sekarini, Endang Tri Adiningsih, Zulfa Lutfi Anisa, Bayu Setiaji
This study is aimed to produce a Mechanics Problem Based Learning module, that is feasible to use in physics learning on Mechanics topic. The research method uses Research and Development (RnD). The instruments are questionnaires of module feasibility test and questions validity test. The validators...
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Analysis of Critical Thinking Skill Through Conceptual Change Model Learning Assisted with PhET Simulation

Zul Hidayatullah, Insih Wilujeng, Aminatul Munawaroh
The aims of this research were 1) to analyze the level of critical thinking skills of students through learning based on the Conceptual Change Model (CCM) assisted by PhET simulation on momentum and impulse material; 2) to determine the differences in critical thinking skills between students who received...
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The Effect of Virtual Laboratory Application of Problem-Based Learning Model to Improve Science Literacy and Problem-Solving Skills

Supahar, E. Widodo
This research aims at analysing the effect of the Virtual Laboratory (VL) to improve science literacy and problem-solving skills among junior high school students. This research employed a Quasi-experiment with Nonequivalent Control Group Design. The population in this research was the seventh-grade...
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The Use of Android Comics Based on Local Potentials of Embung Tambakboyo to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Ability

Agustina Nur Fauziah, Heru Kuswanto
This research aims to find out the improvements in junior high school students’ critical thinking ability through Android comics. This research conducted was quantitative research using non-equivalent control group design. The number of samples involved were 68 junior high school students selected by...
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The Development of E-Worksheet Based on Project to Promote Student’s Creative Thinking and Digital Literacy Skills

Dwi Septiana Sari, Yeni Widiyawati, Indri Nurwahidah, Mohammad Masykuri, Cucuk Wawan Budiyanto
E-worksheets can be an alternative learning media during the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires online learning. This study aims to develop an e-worksheet based on project to promote student’s creative thinking and digital literacy skills on the theme City Noise for grade eight students. This research...
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Integrating the Beauty of Herbs Zingiberaceae into Science Learning Through Nature of Science Within the Active Learning Approach

A. Widowati, Sri Atun, IGP. Suryadarma
Nature and its phenomenon are objects of natural w learning. Learning of natural science helps students to understand aspects of life. One of the natural potentials that can be used as an object of science learning is the charm of Zingiberaceae herbs, like the one popular of plant’s family using as herbs....
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Prototype of Science Literacy Instruments on the Competence of Construction and Property Technology Expertise

Faruq Abdur Rouf, Riyan Arthur, Daryati, Arris Maulana
This study aims to develop a prototype of a mechanical scientific literacy instrument for vocational students on the competence of construction technology and property expertise. The type of research used in this research is the Research and Development method (R&D). This research was conducted from...
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The Development of Natural Science Integrated Instrument Box (KIT) Landslide Props to Improve Student Disaster Preparedness

Nur Ismiyanti Arding, Sri Atun
Natural disasters in an area can occur anytime and anywhere. An attitude is needed to deal with these disasters. This study aims to determine 1) the feasibility of the The natural science integrated instrument box of landslide props, and 2) the effectiveness of the The natural science integrated instrument...
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Volcanoes Disaster Risk Reduction in Science Education Curriculum

A Systematic Review

Rizki Arumning Tyas, Pujianto, Suyanta
As a country with 129 active volcanoes, Indonesia has very high potency against volcanic disasters. The high risk of disaster has been offset by the high preparedness of society in the face of disaster. One of disaster risk reduction efforts can be trained through the education sector, which is through...
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The Content Validity of Scientific Literacy-Based Diagnostic Assessment

S Masfuah, F Fakhriyah, I Wilujeng, D Rosana
This research aims to describe the content validity of scientific literacy-based diagnostic assessment. This research is a part of a research and development study that consists of a preliminary study, development, and validation stages. In this validation stage, 7 experts validated the developed instruments....
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Developing a Science Teaching Aid (KIT IPA) to Teach Earthquake of Junior High School Student

Veronica Purnama Sari Latupeirisa, Sri Atun
The threat of disaster encourages everyone to make preparations that must be done. Knowledge about these actions can be obtained through various activities that study learning activities at school. The 2013 curriculum for seventh-grade junior high school discusses the topic of disaster, specifically...