Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Education Reform and Social Sciences (ERSS 2019)

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Teaching Practice and Exploration of Efficient Classroom Learning Based on World University City Platform

Tingting Cui, Daixin Feng
This paper introduces the effective teaching & learning practices base on the World University City Platform with the case of “financial marketing”. The teaching practices are divided into three parts: self-study online and offline, classroom presentations and after-class extension activities, attempting...
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Study on the Strategies of International Propagation of Chinese Filial Piety Culture Against the Strategic Background of “Belt & Road” Initiative

Xiying Fan
Chinese filial piety is the core content of Chinese culture. It reflects the Chinese people’s way of thinking and values, and conveys the beautiful feelings of the Chinese people. Therefore, the international propagation of Chinese filial piety is an important part of the international communication...
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Problems in the Reform of Physical Education Teaching in Colleges and Universities and Countermeasure Study

Teng Ma, Yongjun Zhao
In China’s higher education system, physical education has always been an indispensable part, with the continuous deepening and improvement of education reform, college physical education teaching must also adapt to the modern education trend and change the traditional teaching mode. In the contemporary...
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Innovative Ideological Education Operation Mechanism of Political Education of Higher Vocational Students

Qixin Gao
Ideological and political education is the key point and difficult point in work of higher vocational school. The practice education operation mechanism has great and long-term significance for the ideological and political education in higher vocational school. On the basis of the analysis of the domestic...
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Research on the Innovation of Police Physical Fitness Teaching Method in Public Security College

Fan Zhang
By using the methods of documentation, expert interview, questionnaire survey and logical analysis, this paper investigates and analyses the current predicament of physical fitness teaching in public security colleges. It is suggested that we should change our teaching concepts, construct a diversified...
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Study of the Experimental Course Scheduling System Based on MIP Model

Rui Huang, Jingcheng Huang, Xiaoshan Wang, Yong Luo, Jie Yu
In order to solve the complicated problem of the course scheduling, the experimental course scheduling system based on the mixed integer programming (MIP) model was designed. This paper introduces the implementation process of the system in detail from four aspects: system function, system overall design,...
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Research on the Training Model of Innovative Talents in Visual Communication Design Specialty

Yubin Wu
Through a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of the development of visual communication design teaching in Colleges, this paper explores the implementation methods of visual communication design teaching mode from the perspective of innovative personnel training, and further improves the...
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Study on Teaching Mode of Communication English in Business Based on Mobile Network Environment

Ying Cui, Xiaoli Duan
Business Communication is vital in Business English Major student teaching procedure, it is one of the significant and difficult points in cultivating Business English major students’ professional abilities and many students have deficiency in this field. Especially in the traditional education mode,...
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Research on the Acquiring Users’ Needs and Providing Precision Information Service by Sci-tech Novelty Search Training Course

Junbo Zhu
Understanding and acquiring the needs of readers is the prerequisite for developing user-driven information consulting services. In the field of library, the traditional ways of obtaining users’ needs mainly include reader consultation, library guidance, special training, librarian investigation and...
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Translation Research of Conjunctions in English–Chinese Literature Based on Parallel Corpus

Linling Zhong
Parallel corpus is widely used in Translation works and helps scholars achieved a certain degree of effect. However, English and Chinese language have differences which means the translation cannot be completely equal. This paper is based on the English-Chinese Classics Corpus (ECCC) to analyze the translation...
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Study on the Professional Quality of Pre-Outstanding Chemistry Teachers from the Perspective of Key Competence

Yiyan Su, Xiaohui Yang, Hongjiang Ren, Chengyin Yang
Current wave of key competence and core literacy brought the age of education reform which put forward new requirements to the professional qualification, and the pre service outstanding chemistry teachers is the backbone for the future to create outstanding middle school chemistry teachers. To improve...
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Teaching Reform of the Computer Engineering Talent’s Innovation Ability Under the Background of Internet Plus

Hengyao Tang, Xiaoyan Zhan
According to problem of lacking innovation ability and weak adaptability proposed by China engineering education quality report, the paper designed teaching model of six learning procedures based on Internet, including learning planning, online self-study, communication of doubtful points, lectures,...
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Research on the English Reading Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom

Xiaoyan Zhan
With the development and popularization of online courses such as MOOC and flipped classroom, the traditional reading teaching model can’t meet the needs of English reading teaching. By analyzing the shortcomings of traditional reading teaching, this paper explores the superiority of English reading...
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Comparison of the Implementation of Course Education in Chinese and American Universities

Yihui Hu
This thesis compares the differences in teaching objectives and developing modes between Chinese and American university courses, the autonomy of students and the classroom interaction in both countries, as well as different assessment methods for students’ learning results, thus reflecting the implementation...
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Exploration and Practice of Higher Vocational Curriculum Reform Based on Network Learning Space

Wuxue Jiang, Guangzai Ye, Bin Xie, Cao Chai
With the development of network technology, the construction level of network learning space is getting higher, which is complementary to the traditional education modes to a certain extent. This paper takes higher vocational colleges as the research objects, aims at the characteristics of higher vocational...
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The Impact of Family Rearing Style on Children’s Resilience Under the Background of New Era—Empirical Study Based on North China Electric Power University

Junxiang Wang
Based on the theory of resilience, from the formation and cultivation of the resilience of adolescents in their growing environment, the manifestation of the resilience of their children in different family rearing styles are investigated, and it is find that the resilience of different children caused...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Education on Birth Rate Based on Chinese Provincial Panel Data

Tianjiao Qi
China’s birthrate is moving towards a dangerously low level. Based on the provincial panel data from the 2013–2017 China Statistical Yearbook and the population survey, through an empirical model, this paper analyzed the impact of education on the birthrate of a province and found that the illiteracy...
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The Relationship between Teaching Efficacy and Job Satisfaction of Special School Teachers after In-Service Training: Analysis of the Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment

Xin Wei, Hongye Wang, Qiuzhu Liu, Xiaoli Yang
To investigate teaching efficacy of the special education teachers by training, and explore the relationship among organizational commitment, job satisfaction and teaching effectiveness, this research makes a survey of 616 teachers from 37 special schools in Sichuan Province. Results found that special...
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Analysis on the Employment Quality of Private Undergraduate Universities—Taking Seven Private Undergraduate Universities in Shaanxi as an Example

Haifeng Li, Juan Du, Xiaoju Zhang
The employment quality of college graduates’ is increasingly valued by the state, schools and families, and has become an important indicator to measure the school-running level. This paper takes the graduates of seven private undergraduate universities in Shaanxi Province as research subject, analyzes...
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The Role and Practice of Red Genes in National Defense Education in Colleges

Shengxian Gu
The red gene is a good will quality and lofty spirit formed by our party and our army in the practice of revolution, which embodies the party’s fine revolutionary tradition and collective wisdom. The national defense education work of Changshu Institute of Technology combines the characteristics of the...
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The Construction and Practice of the Course Evaluation System Based on the Course of Engineering Drawing

Wenyu Zhao, Haichen Zheng, Zhonghu Gao
The reform of the assessment mode is an important part of the teaching reform. This paper aims to change the past single assessment method. Taking the “Engineering Drawing” course as an example, we will explore a set of enthusiasm that can truly mobilize students and integrate teaching, learning and...
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Physical and Mental Wellness among Students: Comparison of State-Level Model High Schools and Regular High Schools in China

Meixin Yu
The relationship between physiological and psychological well-beings among adolescents has always been studied extensively by researchers, yet few researches focuses on the impact of contextual factors such as school type, and demographic factors such as gender on the relationship between physical and...
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Attitudes Toward Physical Education and Physical Activities: A Comparison Study of Chinese and American High School Students

Yixuan Wang
The Chinese structure of physical education as a high school curriculum differs greatly from that of the United States. The purpose of this study is to measure the difference in attitude toward physical education among Chinese and American high school students and to identify possible causes. Furthermore,...
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Design and Evaluation of Science Teaching Using STEM Literacy

Fang Chen, Li Zhu, Lianzhong Liu
Objective: In this study, setting up STEM-based science teaching time activities proves the superiority and effectiveness of STEM-based scientific teaching design. It can provide guidance and reference for the implementation of STEM curriculum in China. Methods: By collecting and consulting a large number...
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Research on the Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in the Course of Mechanical Drawing

Runqin He
Based on the “mechanical drawing” course, the construction of the flipped classroom teaching model, the overall planning of the curriculum design, the teaching design is complete and implement. The research method of comparative experimental analysis, and analyzed the effects of learning. Practice shows...
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Research on the Reform Strategy of Tax Law Course Teaching Method in Colleges and Universities

Xianpeng Yuan, Yi Hu, Mingjing Tian
At present, the course of Tax Law in Colleges and universities is the basis for students to learn such courses as Tax Accounting and Tax Planning. The course of Tax Law is neither simply imparting knowledge nor training skills, but cultivating students’ comprehensive professional quality. Selecting textbooks,...
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Research on the Reform and Innovation of “Internet + Higher Education”

Xue Yang
Internet technology innovation, the Internet began to spread to various industries and fields, “Internet +” affects people’s way of life and knowledge system structure. In the era of “Internet +”, it is of great significance to explore and utilize the value contained in data, to achieve innovation in...
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Exploration on the Transformation of Applied Undergraduate Scientific Research Achievements Into Teaching Resources—Taking the Design and Development of Vacuum Non-consumable Arc Furnace Equipment System as an Example

Li Zhang, Zhongqi Dong, Tiwen Han, Haijun Liang, Zhen Cao
Based on the research project of design and development of vacuum non-consumable arc furnace equipment system, this paper explores the ways and methods of transforming scientific research achievements into high-quality teaching resources for applied technology undergraduate students. Through the design...
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The Connection and Practical Exploration of the Cultivation of International Civil Engineers Under the Background of Belt and Road Initiative

Yanli Wu, Suhua Yin, Chuangju Wu
At present, Belt and Road Initiative’s long-term strategic plan put forward by our country is being promoted and implemented methodically, and many countries along the route have also begun to enjoy the dividends brought about by Belt and Road Initiative’s strategy. Infrastructure engineering construction...
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International Experience and Reference of PPP Model in Inclusive Preschool Education

Meng Zhang, Yang Liu, Jing Cheng
In order to standardize the marketization and privatization reform of inclusive preschool education and apply PPP model of inclusive preschool education scientifically and effectively, this paper firstly introduces the main forms and implementation status of PPP model of basic education in foreign countries....
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Research on the Model of Labor Model Culture Integrating Into Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Fen Chang
as an advanced socialist culture, Labor Mode culture in the new era has positive social effects and values. Through the new era, Labor Mode culture integrates into the mode of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, aiming to find the combination of laomao culture in the new...
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Research of the Engineering Competence Framework: Analysis Based on the Engineering Education Accreditation Criteria of 15 Countries

Hongyu Lu, Xiao Yu, Xinmei Zhu
In the background of a knowledge economy and globalization, engineering talents, who are the carriers of engineering knowledge, have become a key factor determining the industrial level of all the countries in the world. To explore the competence demand of engineering talents under the trend of globalization...
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Research on the Formation and Cultivation of Psychological Resilience in Middle School Students

Zirou Liang
Psychological resilience is of positive significance to the growth of adolescents. Teenagers with high psychological resilience can better overcome adversity and setbacks and pursue self-realization of life. Middle school students’ psychological resilience is influenced by personal factors, family factors,...
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Research on the Quality Evaluation of SPOC-Based Blended Learning in Higher Vocational Colleges

Wuxue Jiang, Guangzai Ye, Bin Xie, Cao Chai
Along with the development of network technology, the concept of “Internet + education” has gradually been valued by the society; the SPOC-based blended teaching fully reflects this feature. The vocational college as research background, this paper explores the evaluation status quo of SPOC-based blended...
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Teaching Reform and Practice of Applied Undergraduate Course “e-Commerce System Design”

Zhitan Feng, Yan Li
Through the course study, students can use the methods and ideas in the design of e-commerce system, let students learn how to plan and design for the e-commerce system, what tools can be used to help students from a system perspective, from a holistic perspective. Understand and master the actual development...
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Research on Innovative Talents Training Mode of Civil Engineering Specialty based on CDIO Concept

Jiangping Ma
Expound the current society’s urgent demand for talents with innovative ability and practical ability; Analyze the advantages of CDIO education mode on the cultivation of innovative talents; The investigation found that the current situation of training innovative talents in civil engineering specialty...
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The Meanings and Strategies of Quality Evaluation System about Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jing Liu
The innovation and entrepreneurship education evaluation system play an important role in the process of implementing innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher vocational colleges. On the basis of studying the meanings of the evaluation system of innovation and entrepreneurship education in...
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Research on the Accounting Specialty Talents Training and Enterprise Demand Docking of the University in New Era

Xiaoxin Wang
With the emergence of new technologies such as financial sharing, artificial intelligence, and cloud accounting, the financial work content, models, and application scenarios of enterprises have undergone tremendous changes. Therefore, the innovative and practical needs of enterprises for accounting...
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Research of Medical English Paper Translation Under the Skopos Theory

Chen Chen
With the rapid development of the global economy, Medical English is being used by more and more people in clinical, research, teaching and medical services, as international medical and health cooperation is increasingly strengthened. In order to promote the development of medical research in China...
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Study on Chinese–English Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Terms in Empresses in the Palace from the Perspective of the Skopos Theory

Zikai Guo
With the globalization developing and deepened, cross-cultural communication between China and the west has been increasing. Today, in the era of mass media, movies and teleplays are the important media and major ways for the transmission of human culture. In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese...
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Construction of “T” Talents Training Mode for Cross-Border E-commerce Industry

Mingxia Zhong
Since the establishment of Hangzhou cross border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone in 2015, the cross-border e-commerce industry in Hangzhou has developed rapidly. This year, the Hangzhou municipal government proposed the need of “building the digital silk road strategy”, which will give birth to the...
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Research on the Bilingual Education Reform in Control Techniques

Yan Huo, Yajun Ren, Li Feng, Guangying Yang
For the new characteristics of the development of control techniques, bilingual education is improved for creating good learning environment aspects and promoting students’ professional level. This paper summarizes and discusses bilingual education aspects in professional courses about control techniques,...
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Analysis on the Implementation Effect of Xi ’an “Talent New Deal”

Wenchao Wang
Talent is a strategic resource to safeguard the core competitiveness of cities. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: “we should adhere to the principle of the party’s management of talent, pool talents from all over the world and use them, and accelerate the construction...
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Narrative Research on the Professional Development of PE Teachers

Huang Zhou, Xin Liu
The narrative research is an effective way to study PE teachers’ professional development. Study of a super sports teacher education narrative research, firstly, description of the overall impression on him, secondly, refine five topics related to his professional, including: the father and the influence...
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Research on the Interactive Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Tourism Specialty Education in the Context of Cultural and Tourism Integration: A Case Study on the Production of Ubiquitous Learning Space in YXHMC

Ping Zhao, Jiaonan Li, Xiaoyan Zhang
The main objective of this study is to design an interactive development model of innovation & entrepreneurship education and tourism specialty education under the background of the culture and tourism integration, so as to fully explore the potential of students’ innovation & entrepreneurship in culture...
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The Creative Application of Incentive Method in the Management of Innovative Development of Higher Vocational Students

Qixin Gao
Incentive way is an important educational means in contemporary education; many students need incentive way to improve their comprehensive quality. Especially in the education of higher vocational students, it is more necessary to adopt the incentive teaching method. Therefore, the reasonable and effective...
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Study on the Path of Ideological and Political Education in Tax Departments in the New Period

Yong Tan
Since entering the new period of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the duties and phased objectives of the tax department have also been adjusted and optimized accordingly, in which the path and mode of ideological and political education should be improved. Based on the experience of ideological...
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A Review of the Development and Research of Production Orientation Methods

Yanbing Chen
The paper investigated Product Oriented Approach (POA), originally proposed by Professor Wen Qiufang in 2015, and sorted out the development of theoretical framework. In the meantime, the current empirical researches on POA from the perspectives of classroom practice and textbook compilation were examined...
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New Thoughts on College Counselors’ In-Depth Counseling Work in Student Development Guidance in the Information Age

Tingting Luo
The study and development of college students is an important part of the cultivation of university talents. The in-depth counseling of counselors in the development of students is an important way to develop talents and is widely used in the field of education. Its unique significance and connotation...
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Research on the Design and Application of Xiuyan Manchu Shadow Play Art Language

Li Han, Yue Yang
Starting from the historical transformation and modeling evolution of Xiuyan Manchu shadow play art, this paper analyzes the transformation and communication path in the application of network expression design. On the basis of systematically combing the development dilemma of Xiuyan Manchu shadow play...
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Research on the International Communication Strategy of New Filial Piety Culture

Xiying Fan
Filial piety culture is the nuclear content of Chinese culture. It reflects the spiritual outlook of the Chinese nation and conveys the beautiful feelings of the Chinese people. The international spread of filial piety culture is of great significance for the spread of the splendid Chinese culture. However,...
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The Academic Rationality and Parasitism of Literary Theory Under the Strategy of Anti-Essentialism

Yu Su
As the root of literary theory, the essence of literature has always been regarded as the core and cornerstone of literary theory, and it is also the primary problem that every researcher of literary theory cannot avoid. Only by clarifying the essence of literature can we start from its basic nature...
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A Preliminary Study on the Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode of Biochemistry

Weidong Xiao, Guifang Chang, Kexue Yu, He Zhu, Yue An, Yanxia Xing
With the advent of the information age, a new teaching mode of flipped classroom has emerged. This paper analyzes the current situation of biochemistry teaching in food specialty. In the process of exploring and practicing the flipped classroom teaching mode, local colleges and universities should carry...
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The Current Situation and Suggestions of Preschool Chinese Bilingual Education in Ethnic Minority Areas

Xiaoxi Wang, Min Tang
Mother tongue plays an important role in the growth and development of national individuals and groups. In addition to taking active protective measures, the state must also effectively inherit and develop through education. Children are at a critical stage of language learning. In the period of the...
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Cultivation of Network Ecological Civilization Consciousness of College Students

Chundi Lan, Haixia He
The cultivation of college students’ network ecological civilization consciousness is to cultivate college students’ positive network ecological security consciousness, civilized network participation consciousness, noble network moral consciousness, good network legal consciousness and good network...
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Study on the Usage and Satisfaction of Mobile Reading Behaviors of College Students—A Case Study of JD Reading App

Xueyan Cao, Yiting Feng
With the arrival of the era of universal reading, the reading style of the new generation of digital aborigines is also changing. Mobile reading apps are becoming more and more convenient and fragmented ways and platforms for the younger generation to acquire knowledge and read. Based on the specific...
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Bearing and Spreading of Cultural Connotation of Animation Public Education Short Film in the New Media Era

Bing Wang, Yao Xu, Wuming Ma
after China has entered the new millennium, science and technology have driven the rapid development of new media industry. The development of new media has brought new opportunities for China’s animation public welfare education short film industry. China’s animation public welfare education short film...
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Research on the Teaching and Improvement of College English Translation in the Age of “Internet +”

Xin Li
The rapid development of the socialist market economy has promoted the progress of Internet information technology and accelerated the development of the “Internet +” era. Internet information technology is widely used in all aspects of people’s daily production and life, and it has a huge impact on...
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Theoretical Innovation of Music Teaching under Anti-Essentialism Strategy

Yang Cao
The essence of dialectical materialism holds that essence is the main, fundamental attribute, nature, and characteristic of a thing. Its essence is generated, multifaceted, and developed and changed. What can be countered by anti-essentialism is the essence of idealism and mechanical materialism. Education...
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Construction and Analysis of Foreign Language Learning Model Based on Classroom Network Environment

Cuiyan Lan
The problems in the traditional college English classroom teaching have become increasingly prominent. The development of network technology has solved these problems to some extent. However, there are still many problems in the combination of traditional college English classroom teaching and online...
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Practical Research on the Moral Education in High School Aerobics Teaching

Jin Sha, Yongjun Zhao
Integrating moral education into physical education is one of the effective ways for the country to foster the socialist successors with all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding with a hard-working spirit, aerobics has the unique moral education value and educational...
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Research on the Present Situation of Advertising Teaching in Applied Colleges

Zhi Li, Yuemeng Ge
In the past 30 years, the majors of Chinese higher education institutions have become more and more sophisticated. Advertising has become a second-level discipline under the discipline of journalism and communication through the integration of academics and practice. At present, according to the professional...
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Research on the Inheritance and Transformation of College Students’ Employment and Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of New Media

Chunlei Zhou
in this article, through analyzing the current situation of employment and entrepreneurship, and put forward the use of new media to promote employment and entrepreneurship theory analysis, and to strengthen the employment guidance, set up information platform, establishing employment feedback mechanism...
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The Difficulties in the Teaching of Traditional Business Schools and the Rise of Teaching Models in New Business Schools

Liang Huang, Haowei Ti
It is generally believed that business schools are places where social business elites are created. Just like doctors trained in medical schools, everything is natural, but in fact it is not. After a series of selection and national unified examinations, you successfully entered the business school to...
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Research on the Coping Strategies of Learning Styles of College Students Under the Background of MOOCs

Xiaogang Chen, Chundi Lan, Ziyuan Shu
As the product of the Internet age, MOOCS maximize the realization of students’ learning as the center, display a variety of high-quality course resources, and have a huge impact on college students’ learning. Faced with the impact of MOOCS, college students should clarify the opportunities and challenges...
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Research on the Performance Evaluation System of Professional Laboratories in Chinese National Universities

Zhitan Feng, Yan Li, Qianqian Su
The construction and improvement of laboratories in private universities is an important channel and place for improving students’ skill level, and an important construction requirement for applied undergraduate colleges. Only when there are enough laboratory construction conditions can students’ practical...
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Research on the Status Quo of Employment Guidance in Applied Undergraduate Colleges—Taking Nantong Institute of Technology as an Example

Jiaoli Ge
Taking Nantong Institute of Technology as an example, through the form of questionnaire survey, the students in the current employment guidance of applied undergraduate colleges analyze the forms and contents of employment guidance, employment guidance expectations, employment guidance satisfaction and...
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Flipped Classroom-Based Foreign Language Teaching Research Abroad: A Review

Ling Ding
This paper provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the research into the flipped classroom-based foreign language teaching abroad from the four perspectives of general research trends, research foundation, research hotspots, priorities and trends, and research results and reflection and research...
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Study on the Value and Cultivation Path of Carrying Out Happiness Education in Police College

Fan Zhang
This study explores the issue of happiness education in police colleges by means of literature and interviews. Results show that police’s happiness directly determines their role in maintaining social stability, and improving police’s happiness is an important part of improving the whole social well-being....
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Analysis on the Advantage of High Quality Employment of Graduates from Private Colleges and Universities

Juan Du
This paper analyses the employment advantages of private university students from five aspects, and suggests that by discovering, tapping and strengthening their own advantages, the employment quality of private university students can be effectively improved, which is of great significance to the implementation...
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Research on the Relationship between Corpus Linguistics and Translation

Shan Da
The corpus is the database responsible for the storage of language materials. As a large-scale electronic text library, researchers can conduct related language theory and applied research by using computer analysis tools to. It is widely used to provide relevant statistics or case studies for many fields...
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Strategies for Integration of Undergraduate Specialty Setting in Shaanxi Universities and Regional Social Development

Fang Zhou
In recent years, Shaanxi has been one of the fastest growing regions in China. Under the guidance of industrial structure theory, this paper deeply analyses the present situation of industrial structure in Shaanxi Province, clarifies the future adjustment trend of industrial structure, studies industrial...
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Analysis of Students’ Nutritional Status of in the “Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students” Area

Jihong Zhan, Hongxia Yang, Xiaxia Jiang, Huixing Lu, Xiaomei Guo, Yanping Hong
To assess the nutritional development of China’s “compulsory education phase” by investigating the students’ nutrition status in the “Nutrition Improvement Program for Compulsory Education Students in Rural Areas”. The implementation effect of the plan provides a scientific basis for the relevant departments...
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Study on the Setting and Arrangement of Art Courses for Preschool Education Major

Jing Lei
Art course is a very important compulsory art course for preschool education majors. It is also a professional art education course to cultivate students’ basic art skills and comprehensive artistic quality. This course enables students to improve their cognitive ability, modeling ability, aesthetic...
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Study on the Setting and Arrangement of Piano Course in Preschool Education College

Siwen Wang
Piano course, as a compulsory art skill course for students majoring in preschool education, has its own particularity compared with other theoretical courses. Most of the students have no music foundation when they enter school, but after they enter the job, music activity is one of the teaching activities...
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Translator’s Consciousness and Historical Literature Translation

Xin Hui
China’s translation history enjoys a long history. Since the creation of writing, Chinese scholars have taken the issue of “standard” of translation as one of the central topics of research. Although there are different schools of China’s translation theory, no signs of continuity have shown. In the...
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Research on the Interaction of Issues and Frames in University Public Opinions

Xiuxiu Tian
The research focuses on the issues and frames interaction characteristics between media microblogs, opinion leaders’ microblogs and netizens microblogs in the public opinion events of universities. Taking Liang Ying’s academic misconduct as the case, and the content analysis method is used to quantitatively...
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Investigation and Research on the Teachers of Newly-Built Undergraduate Universities in Shaanxi

Jiangping Ma
Based on the questionnaire survey of newly-built universities in Shaanxi, the data show that the construction of the teaching staff is developing in a good direction, but there are still many problems with the source of teachers and the “double-qualified” teaching staff, such as the single channel of...
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Analysis of Psychological Stress Sources of High School Students and Relevant Countermeasures

Weizhou Yuan
Based on referring to the literature related to the psychological stress sources of high school students and its relevant countermeasures, and taking W school as an example, this paper investigates and analyzes the stress sources of the students from four classes in the second grade, aiming at putting...
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Research on the Curriculum Reform of “An Introduction to E-Commerce” Based on MOOC

Zhitan Feng, Hui Shen
The Ministry of Education of China has established the establishment of high-quality “golden course” courses informatization and online and offline as an important construction direction for colleges and universities in the future. As an application-oriented undergraduate college, how to embody the application...
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Study on the Innovation of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Qinying Yuan
The innovation of Ideological and political theory teaching in Colleges and universities must hold back the development direction of higher education reform. On the basis of the achievements of practical teaching of Ideological and political courses in Colleges and universities, by giving full play to...
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Research on the Optimum Design of College Physical Education Teaching Contents for the Improvement of College Students’ Health-Related Physical Fitness

Yongjun Zhao, Teng Ma
Health is the goal of physical education curriculum teaching, in recent years, people pay more and more attention to university physical education curriculum, and the reform of physical education curriculum in colleges and universities is also steadily advancing. College physical education curriculum...
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Research on the Development Status and Countermeasures of Chinese Youth Amateur Basketball Training

Zuming Jia
In order to study the significance of the development of the youth basketball training industry in China and find the main factors that affect youth basketball training industry in China, this paper adopts literature method, to study the development situation of basketball training market in China and...
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Research on the Construction Scheme of Jiangsu Navigational Vocational Education Group

Shukui Zhang, Jianxia Wan
Group-based school running is an inevitable trend of China’s future education development. This paper has carried out in-depth research on the proposed construction plan of Jiangsu Navigation Vocational Education Group, and discussed the group’s guiding ideology, school mission, operational mechanism...
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Brief Analysis about Pragmatic Function of Pun in English Advertising Based on Grice Cooperative Principle

Lan Zheng
English advertisement is characterized by the diversity of its forms and the flexibility and originality of its language usage, its lexical and syntactic levels are considered as distinguished features, advertising English is also frequently employed rhetorical vehicles which are used as decorative devices...
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Study on the Practice of Interactive Teaching Mode in College English Teaching

Rongqiong Guo
Cultural exchanges between China and other countries have increased since the reform and opening up, as one of the common languages in the world, English prompts the society to put forward higher requirements for English talents. Influenced by the new curriculum reform, college English education focuses...
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Research on the Application of Positive Psychology in the College English Teaching

Huayan Sun
The purpose of the English teaching is to develop the students’ English comprehension and language proficiency, and to help the students prepare for a better adaptation to the future career. Currently, the whole society pays close attention to the psychological problems of college students. The college...
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Research on the Way to Realize the Function of Network Education in Ideological and Political Education

Yu Liu
In the new era, the target group of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities is the indigenous people in the era of mobile Internet, whose dependence on the Internet is far greater than other groups. Therefore, it is necessary for colleges and universities to make full use of...
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On English Conversations from the Perspective of Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle

Zujun Chen
Through the analysis of specific conversations, we can see that not all conversations are conducted according to the cooperation principle. There are also cases of deliberate violation of these norms in conversation. In many cases, it violates this principle and produces conversational implicature, which...
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Application of Discovery Teaching Method in the Teaching of Density Function

Pin Wang
Taking density function of continuous random variables in probability statistics as an example, this paper analyzes the learning mode and psychological mechanism of mathematical concepts in undergraduate business schools based on Bruner’s discovery teaching theory. This paper discusses the process and...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Economics Major in Application-Based Undergraduate Universities Under the Outcome-Based Mode

Daixin Feng, Tingting Cui
With the pressure from social diversified competition, application-based undergraduate universities are undergoing problems from teaching reform. In this regard, the economics major, as a major that involves a wide range of subjects, has many issues that need to be explored. Based on the analysis on...
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Curriculum Reform of Management Based on OBE Education Concept

Yuling Sun
Apply OBE Results-Oriented Education Concept to the curriculum reform of management from two aspects. On the one hand, we should reform the evaluation method of management teaching results from the perspective of assessment program. On the other hand, we should reshape the teaching concepts and methods...
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Exploration of Needs for Marketing Talents and New Ideas for Talent Training in Heilongjiang Province Under the Background of Supply-Side Reforms

Rong Zhou, Xin Liu, Yajing Liu, Wei Gao, Xuehong Zhao
Throughout their deepening, supply-side reforms have been particularly carried out in strategic emerging industries and some regional cultural industries. To realize these development objectives, it is necessary to enhance marketing. Enterprises’ competitiveness improvement, innovation and structural...
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Explorations and Practices on Cultivation of Innovative Talents in New Universities for Undergraduates—A Case of Marketing Majors in Harbin Finance University

Xin Liu
Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation, it is necessary to cultivate innovative talents in new universities for undergraduates. To train innovative talents, connotations of creativity shall be clarified. With the case of Harbin Finance University, problems with creativity cultivation...
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Research on the “Three-Dimensional Integration” Education Mode of International Students

Anran Li, Lei Yang, Kaidie Yang, Feihong Qin, Yuze Wu
With the plan and implementation of the “The Belt and Road”, it provides new opportunities and missions for promoting regional education opening, great exchanges and integration, China will build the “studying abroad in China” brand as the top priority of educational opening up in the new era, optimize...