Proceedings of the International Conference on Teacher Training and Education 2018 (ICTTE 2018)

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The Needs of Learners for Fieldwork and Outdoor Activities in the Tourism Elective Course

Ilada Sarttatat
The objective of this research was to examine the needs of learners and one-day trekking for the elective course (Trekking and Adventure Tours). This mixed method research comprised both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Group discussion, participatory observation of trekking, a questionnaire...
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The Development of Researchers’ Ethics Using Practical Classroom Training for Marketing Students, Faculty of Management Science, Thepsatri Rajabhat University, Thailand.

Panitsupa Thampramuan
Every students studying marketing research for marketing decision should develop a research ethics by practicing to achieve the goal. The student will be a good market researcher with ethics and morals suitable for being a qualified researcher in the future.This research was aimed to develop researchers’...
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Nurturance Effects of the New Cognitive Style-Based Learning Strategy in Science Learning

Arif Sholahuddin, Leny Yuanita, Imam Supardi
This research is the field trial stage of research and development of the new cognitive-based learning strategy called @UnESa-GAIn. Basically, this learning strategy is designed for students in concrete cognitive development to improve mainly instructional effects of conceptual understanding, problem-solving...
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The Environmental Knowledge and Attitude of Middle-School Students in Five Prominent Green Schools in Indonesia

Widy Anggraini, Puguh Karyanto, Sarwanto
This research aimed to assess the levels of the environmental knowledge and attitude of the middle-school students in five prominent green schools in Indonesia and to determine the possible factors related to their achievements. The findings were very important in giving feedbacks of the implementation...
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Identification of Problems and Needs of Professional Development of Special Education Teacher in Inclusive School

Munawir Yusuf, Erma Sari, Arsy Anggrellanggi
This study aims to identify the problems and needs of professional development of special education teacher (SET) in inclusive schools. This research is a survey research with quantitative approach. The research respondents consisted of 265 special education teachers in 242 inclusive schools in Central...
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The Influence of Inquiry Learning Model with Scaffolding on Cognitive Learning Outcomes in Biology Subjects of Eleventh Grade of Science Class in Special Region of Yogyakarta Mountain Areas

Aisyah Anggraini, Suciati Suciati
Inquiry learning model model with scaffolding is a combination of inquiry learning model with scaffolding. Scaffolding is used to overcome the weaknesses of the inquiry learning model. This study was aimed to determine the effect of learning inquiry learning model accompanied with scaffolding towards...
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Teachers’ Perception on the Development of Local History Digital Teaching Material in Surakarta

Leo Agung, Muhammad Akhyar
Technology utilization supports global information current to be accessible through internet. This condition is in contradiction with the limited access to information about local history. Students’ emotional closeness to surrounding environment is a historical learning source valuable to the learning...
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Implementation of Scientific Approach by Sociology Teachers at Private Senior High Schools in Pontianak

Yohanes Bahari
This study was intended to describe the implementation of scientific approach by Sociology teachers at private senior high schools in Pontianak. The things described were the implementation of the following steps: (1) observing; (2) questioning; (3) reasoning; (4) communicating; (5) concluding and (6)...
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Revitalizing of Vocational High Schools for Productivity Improvement and Graduates Competitiveness (Standard Formatting for Alternative Excellence of Vocational High Schools)

Sohidin Sohidin
The main problem in this study is how to see the government focus on preparing qualified Human Resources (HR) Indonesia so that Indonesia can make a leap of progress and catch up with other countries. A competent and skilled workforce one of whom was born of a qualified vocational education and training...
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Various Language Choice Factors on Local Language Directive Speech Acts at University in Centralof Sulawesi

Fatma Fatma, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Sarwiji Suwandi
The use of language in a communication is influenced by the participants’ culture. The language used in spoken communication reflects belief system and norm developed in a certain society. Different dialects acquired by people cause different ways of using language as communication media, including local...
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Integration of Environmental Education at the Adiwiyata Program Recipient School in Growing Ecoliteracy of Students

Dhea Adela, Sukarno Sukarno, Mintasih Indriayu
This research is a descriptive and explorative research that aims to find out how the integration of environmental education in Adiwiyata recipient schools in growing the students' ecoliteracy through intracurricular and extracurricular program. This research uses qualitative approach with case study...
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Integrated Entrepreneurship Education through Characteristics of Natural School

Silvia Daniati, Slamet Subiyantoro, Siti Fadhilah
The objective of this research was to explore the forms of entrepreneurship education towards the student which was created by natural school. The location of this research was Muhammadiyah Alam Surya Mentari Elementary School Surakarta, Indonesia. This research was qualitative research in the form of...
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Completed Representation of Electronic School Book (ESB) on Physics Subjects at Senior High School

Irfan Yusuf, Sri Widyaningsih, Imelda Mallipa
This study aims to describe the completeness of the Electronic School Book (ESB) on physics subjects at high school. This research was descriptive qualitative research. This research was conducted by selecting 21 ESB books available on the website of the central office of the Ministry of Education and...
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Learning Motivation for Every Student Learning Styleon Multimodel Learning

Kasman Arifin
The low motivation of Junior High School(JHS) students in learning science is one of the major problems to overcome by the lesson study group ofScience Teacher Association(STA) in Kendari City. Meanwhile, the development of multi-model learning strategy is intended to accommodate the diversity of students’...
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The Effect of Discovery Learning Model with Scaffolding on Students’ Cognitive Learning Outcome at Tourism Area in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

Zendi Dermawan, Widha Sunarno
This research is aimed at figuring out the effect of discovery learning model with scaffolding on students’ cognitive learning outcome of the eleventh science class (XI MIPA) at tourism area in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. This research is an experimental research. The research was designed by employing...
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The Development of Students' Social Integration Attitude Through Learning Islamic History in Surakarta

The objectives of this research are to know: 1) the effectiveness of the application of inquiry methods compared with the expository method in Islamic history learning to develop students' social integration attitude MAN Surakarta; 2) differences in the influence of Students' interest in Islamic history...
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Thinking Styles of Seventh Grade Students and the Effect on Misconception

Maya Pamungkas, Sulistyo Saputro, Sri Mulyani
Misconception can happen in students because of several factors. The existence of misconception makes students wrong in constructing knowledge that will be continue to the next level of education. One of the factors that can lead misconception is thinking style of students. There are four types of thinking...
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The Development Of Public Ethics Learning Method Using Playground Song Gundul-Gundul Pacul

Agus Suharsono, Muhammad Aziz
This research aimed to find out the participants’ opinion on the development of learning method using playground song Gundul-Gundul Pacul as an alternative to Public Ethics learning method in basic training and leadership education and training for prospect civil servants. This study was a Classroom...
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Implementation Project Based Learning Model for Anti Corruption Subject in Fundamental Training for BPKP’s Civil Servant Candidates as Millennials Generation

Mustofa Kamal, John Elim
Anti corruption subject for civil servant candidats in the fundamental training must be done effectively. The learning objective is the trainees can be able to show and act the anti corruption values (attitude and behavior) during the training period. To achieve it, the anti corruption learning process...
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Algebraic Thinking of Elementary Students in Solving Mathematical Word Problems: Case of Male Field Dependent and Independent Student

Ati Sukmawati, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Tatag Siswono
Algebraic thinking has an important role in solving problems, such as algebra, mathematics, science, and daily life problems. This paper is a case study on male elementary school students with field independent (LI) and field dependent (LD) cognitive style, with the aim of obtaining their algebraic thinking...
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Evaluation of Training to Improve Ability of Lecturers’ Learning Design

Tina Rosa, Yusdi Anra
This evaluative research aimed to get information on the implementation of the Training Program Instructional Skills Techniques conducted by Regional Coordinator Private Education III Jakarta. Educational systems in Indonesia are standardization system, in which the lecturer must evolve and improve knowledge...
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Improving Student Ability in Poem Appreciation Through Inquiry-Based Learning Model

Sukini Sukini, Andayani Andayani, Muhammad Rohmadi, Budhi Setiawan
The ability of university students from Indonesian Language and Art Education Department in Poem Appreciation has not been optimum yet. The teaching and learning process was lecturer-centered that did not involve the students actively inside. Consequently, many of them were bored and paid less attention...
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The Subject-Specific Pedagogy (SSP) of STM-Biblical integrated based Geography to improve the Christian Worldview of Eleventh Graders in SMA Kristen Kalam Kudus, Sukoharjo

Sudrajat Krisanjaya, Sarwono Sarwono, Chatarina Muryani
This study aims to know the development of SSP of STM-Biblical integrated based Geography, and to know the feasibility of SSP of STM-Biblical integrated based Geography to improve the Christian Worldview of Eleventh Graders in SMA Kristen Kalam Kudus, Sukoharjo in the academic year of 2017/2018. This...
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Development of Geography E-Learning Media Based Adobe Flash to Improve Studen’t Learning Outcome of 10th Grade in Senior High School 1 Sragen

Ulfah Ramadhan, Chatarina Muryani, Seetya Nugraha
Learning media is a supporting tool in teaching and learning processes. The media that use in the teaching and learning process must be suitable to the student’s need and the school environment. This research aims to find out (1) the student’s need of geography e-learning media (2) the development of...
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Function of Traditional Art “Karungut” in Character Building Education of Dayak People in Central Kalimantan

Holten Sion, Muhamad Affandi
On this modern era, many people only concern about how to improve the cognitive and psychomotor as the results of their children’s education process. They usually did many ways to increasing that aspect but sometimes they forget the affective (attitudes) of their childrens. The affective aspect, which...
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The Importance of Disaster Learning Multimedia To Enhance Students’ Preparedness

Chatarina Muryani, Yasin Yusup, Singgih Prihadi
The aim of this research was to evaluate the importance of disaster learning multimedia in improving the students’understanding and preparedness of disaster for high school students. There are four disaster learning multimedia that were experimented in classroomie floods, landslides, eruption and tidal...
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Practicality of Islamic Religious Education Module Anti-Radicalism and Terrorism Nuance on Islamic Religious Educational Subject

Syahrizal Syahrizal, Riska Putri, Liza Sari
The subject of Islamic Religious Education (IRE) is the compulsory subject in college. IRE subject in universities needs to be prepared, delivered, and practiced in a practical and efficient way to prevent the development of student thoughts and behaviors leading to the occurrence of acts of radicalism...
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Evaluation of Implementation of Inclusive Education at Primary School

Rokhmaniyah Rokhmaniyah, Chamdani Chamdani
The purposes of this study are to identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of institutions as providers of inclusive education with using the instruments that have been prepared. Evaluations are conducted to identify and explain both the opportunity and challenge of an institution that is able...
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Readability of Conceptual Science Material Teaching based on Science Literacy Using Modified Cloze Test Technique to Develop Computational Thinking Skills

Fina Fakhriyah, Siti Masfuah, Mila Roysa
This study aims to describe the level of legibility of science-based literacy materials to develop computational thinking skills in PGSD students of Muria Kudus University. The development of science literacy teaching materials have been done in stages, from expert validation of content material. Furthermore,...
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Implementation of Indonesian National Qualification Framework (INQF) for Accounting Diploma

Surya Jatmika, Nahiyah Faraz
Since 2012, Indonesian Government has implemented Indonesian National Qualification Framework (INQF) on higher education to face global competition era. Although INQF has been applied since 2012, the Accounting Diploma Program of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta is implementing a curriculum that has been...
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Paper Toysas Paikem Media to Introduce Local Character to Elementary School-Age Children

Ercilia Octavia, Anugrah Ismail
The objective of research was to describe the use of Pandawapaper toysas the implementation of PAIKEM (PembelajaranAktif, Inovatif, Kreatif, EfektifdanMenyenangkan) (English: Active, Innovative, Creative, Effective and Joyful Learning) media in introducing local character for establishing positive personality...
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An Analysis of Student’s Mathematical Literacy Ability of Junior High School Students

Pangestika Saputri, Mardiana Mardiana, Triyanto Triyanto
This research aims to describe the ability of student’s mathematical literacy consisting of four contents, namely space and shape, change and relationship, quantity, and uncertainly. Next, it is defined on which the lowest content of student's ability, how the perform of students on the process of literacy...
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Students’ Error Pattern and Its Cause in Mathematic Basic Ability Test of The 3rd Grade of Elementary School

Wahyudi Wahyudi, Joharman Joharman, Rokhmaniyah Rokhmaniyah
Students should master three basic abilities: reading, writing, and counting (mathematics). Those three abilities are the basis to learn other subject and used in daily life in order to adapt to society. The objective of Basic Ability Test implementation is to find out the students’ reading, writing...
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Integration Pattern between Electrochemistry Competence with Battery Competence Unit and Analysis of Achievement Resultof Creativity Indicator on Vocational High School

Inayah Rohmi, Masykuri Mohammad, Endang Susilowati
This study aims to: 1) determine the pattern of integration between electrochemistry competence and battery competence unit, 2) analyze the results of achievement of the indicator of creativity on the question of electrochemistry tests integrated with battery competence unit. The research was conducted...
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Analysis Of The 21st Century Skills Achievement Using Constructivist Learning With Arduino Based Driverless Vehicle Technology

Azinudin Achzab, Cucuk Budiyanto, Aris Budianto
There has been recent attention to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning for early age children. Furthermore, the development of new technology learning standards and methods for integrating it into early age children education have been improved. Teacher-centred learning, information...
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Developing an English Teaching Model Using Project-Based Learning for SMA Students in Surakarta

Ngadiso Sutomo, Teguh Sarosa, Muhamad Asrori
English teachers of SMA must use Curriculum 13 for teaching English. In the early implementation of the curriculum, the teachers must use scientific approach. Nowadays, scientific approach is not the only approach to teach English using Curriculum 13. English teachers may also use the other approaches;...
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Collaboration of vocational education between schools, universities and industry in Indonesia "The case of analytical chemistry schools and polytechnics under the Ministry of Industry"

University and industry collaborations are rapidly becoming a common practice worldwide as a response to the increased of competition resulted from globalization and constant technological advancement. This collaboration is mainly undertaken to enhance the diffusion of knowledge, increase research and...
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Reinterpretation of Pracimayasa Building in Pura Mangkunegaran Surakarta: An Attempt of Conserving Local Wisdom

Sunarmi Sunarmi, Bani Sudardi, Pande Sukerta, Titis Pitana
T The change of Pracimayasa building’s function into cultural tourist space in dinner tour form conceived as the reinterpretation of cultural pledge for conservation purpose. It is noteworthy that the truth is not singular and not only determined by mind and rationality. For that reason, the following...
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The Students Ability of Expressing Generality in Numbers at Junior High School Based on School Level

Yumiati Yumiati, Saleh Haji
This study aims to determine the ability of expressing generality of junior high school students on the topic of numbers based on school level. To achieve the objective descriptive research with the subjects of the study were 8th grade students at high, middle, and low junior high school, amounting to...
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Learning Outcomes Viewed from a Learning Process Through an ICT-Based Learning Group

Junaidi Matsum
Technology is becoming commonplace entities in both our personal and professional lives. Although the use of ICT by economy teacher is still not widespread, yet it has the potential to profoundly enrich and improve students’ skill, as well as engage and reinforce them in learning. Thus, this research...
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Macro Flash-based Multimediafor Improvement The Learning Result of Volleyball Game

Hartati Hartati, Destriana Destriana, Silvi Aryanti, Destriani Destriani
The purpose of this study is to determine the improvement of learning skill learning outcomes on teacher training and education science faculty students UNSRI class of force 2016 after using multimedia-based macro flash. This study uses classroom action research to determine the effectiveness of multimedia-based...
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The Analysis of Active Learning Practices in Pre-Service Teacher Training and Education

Pratiwi Essy, Masykuri Mohhamad, Ramli Murni
Active learning in higher education can be defined as a process to provide pupils with more opportunities to optimize their understanding by experiencing various learning process especially to teacher candidate program. This research is a classroom observation aims to analyze the active learning (AL)...
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Students’ Knowledge on Adolescent Reproductive Health

Sri Musmiah, Nuryani Rustaman, Saefudin Saefudin
A preliminary study about supplementary book as learning resource on reproductive health was carried out to investigate the profile of students’ knowledge on adolescent reproductive health. This study used descriptive quantitative method with the involvement of 154 middle school students from different...
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The Effect of Cooperative Problem Based Learning (CPBL) Model with Scaffolding on Students’ Cognitive Learning Achievement of Eleventh Grade Science Class at Coastal Area in Yogyakarta

Citra Imaningtyas, Suciati Suciati, Puguh Karyanto
This study aimed to determine the effect of CPBL model on students' cognitive learning achievement of eleventh-grade science class at the coastal area in Yogyakarta. This study was quasi experimental study. All of eleventh grade science class at the coastal area in Yogyakarta as population. Sampling...
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The Implementation of Students’ Hard Work and Responsible Characters in Civic Education Learning in SMP Islam Karangrayung of Grobogan Regency

Citra Megananda, Bambang Sumardjoko, Ahmad Muhibbin
This research aimed to describe implementation, constraint, and solution to the constraint in the implementation of hard work and responsibility character education in Civic Education learning in students of SMP Islam Karangrayung Grobogan. This study was a descriptive qualitative research with ethnographic...
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Community’s Social Capital in Treating Early Marriage in Jebres Sub District of Surakarta City

Erwinsyah Erwinsyah, Demartoto Argyo, Supriyadi Supriyadi
Earlyage phenomenon still occurs in Surakarta, particularly in Jebres Sub District. This study was a descriptive qualitative research on Jebres people, Surakarta City. the informant is composed of Kemenag, KUA married children, early childhood, family children who marry early, my son who married early...
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The Effectiveness of Augmented Reality Technology Based- Interactive Multimedia Implemented to Improve Students Learning Outcome Ecology at High School Level

Rizki Sambodo, Baskoro Prayitno, Puguh Karyantoo
Augmented reality is an interactive multimedia technology that has the ability to combine virtual models in a real environment. Nowadays, augmented reality has been widely applied in the field of education and in the form of interactive multimedia. The purpose of this study is to know the effectiveness...
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The Effect Of Emotional Intelligence On Videograhic Learning Outcomes In Student Groups Taught By Using Discovery And Demonstration Approaches

Supriyadi Supriyadi, Djaali Djaali, Suyono Suyono
The rapid development of the television industry in Indonesia requires the support of human resources who have good knowledge and skills in the field of videography. At present many institutions produce graduates who master broadcasting theory, but are not matched by good skills in the field. The results...
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The Performance of School Leader Elements as Impact of the Implementation of Regional School Operational Assistance (Bosda) Policy

Suheni Suheni, Jaenam Jaenam, Septya Suarja, Zulkifli Zulkifli
The performance of school leader elements needed to get special attention, because it had an effect on the quality of learning service in empowering the optimal teacher. Incentive was one of the factors that affected the quality of the performance of school leader elements, therefore the government of...
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The Effect of the Use Picture Story Book Based on Scientific Approach toward the Problem Solving Skill of Primary School Students

Khoirunnisa Khoirunnisa, Pratiwi Pujiastuti, Zuhdan Prasetyo
In the 21st-century, education requires that every student masters various skills, intelligence, and character to support future success. Therefore, the learning process and learning resources must ensure students to have these skill, especially critical thinking skill in solving problems. However, the...
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Influence of Emotional Intelligence Against Assessment of Final Project (Thesis) Student Semester VIII Economic Education Study Program STKIP Panca Sakti

Rita Aryani, Supriyadi Supriyadi, Ayu Amalia
Internal and external factors of students allegedly may affect the assessment of the final project (thesis) students. Detecting from the beginning on the influence of internal and external students is very important as a consideration to optimize the assessment of the final project (thesis) students....
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The Logical Validity of the Inquiry Based Learning Design of Plantae for High School Biology

Yasinta Choirina, Murni Ramli, Yudi Rinanto
According to the preliminary survey involving 100 high school students in Surakarta City, Indonesia, students facing difficulties on classifying the Plantae, distinguishing the base determinants of plants classifying, and remembering the Latin nomenclature. To solve this problem, the new strategy of...
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Organization Culture of Student Council to Shape the Students’ Entrepreneurial Trait

Lelahester Rina, Wiedy Murtini, Mintasih Indriayu
Graduates from Senior High School are often getting less attention towards their entrepreneurial trait skills rather than the graduates from vocational school. This study focuses on the organization cultural phenomenon that emerges in the Student Council members in SMA Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga when...
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Readiness and Acceptance in Using Web-Community for Developing CPD Among Teachers of Remote Areas in Central Kalimantan

Elanneri Karani
The study explores the readiness and acceptance in using the cloud-based community as a platform for continuous professional development (CPD) among teachers of remote areas from thirteen regencies in Central Kalimantan. The survey involves one hundred fifty teachers of English and Social Science who...
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Analysis of Students' Science Process Skill of Junior High School in Ngawi District in Material Classification and its Changes

Nurul Fathonah, Sentot Rahardjo, Baskoro Prayitno
This study aims to determine the science process skills in material classification and its changes 7th grade of junior high school in Ngawi. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive. The sample of this research is taken by stratified random sampling technique. The initial profile...
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Design of Interactive Digital Books: Learning Facilities Based on the 2017 Revision Spectrum of 2013 Curriculum

Patni Ninghardjanti, C. Dyah Indrawati, Andre Rahmanto
Education plays an important role in achieving educational goals, equally important to technology in improving the quality of learning. In addition, there is a need for new learning support facilities that are more interesting and effective in supporting the quality and quality of learning in schools,...
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Analysis of Students’ Mathematical Reasoning Ability in Solving Mathematics Problem

Ratih Rahmawati, Mardiyana Mardiana, Triyanto Triyanto
The purpose of this study is to describe students' mathematical reasoning abilities in solving mathematical problems. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The subjects of the study consisted of 10 XI grade students of SMA Muhammadiyah 3 Surakarta, selected by purposive sampling. The instrument...
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Stimulating Higher-Order Thinking skills (HOTs) with the Module on Metabolism Topic at the Senior High School in Surakarta

Betty Pramesti, Sajidan Sajidan, Sri Dwiastuti
Disruptive era is an era with the rapid progress in various fields. Every individual is required to possess qualified skills to keep up with the rapid progress. One of the skills that must be possessed is Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTs). The purpose of this research was to find out how to stimulate...
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Geometrical Visualization and Students’ Cognitive Style

Noor Fajriah, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Tatag Siswono
Students’ naturally have different characteristic especially cognitive style. When they solve geometrical problems, their visualization could be varied depending on his understanding and viewpoint. This research aim is to describe students visualization type in solving geometrical problems regarding...
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Needs Analysis for Development Authentic Assessment Oriented NGSS

Tiara Cahyanti, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Ashadi Ashadi
Needs analysis on the learning process is needed to know the needs of schools in order to achieve learning objectives. NGSS is a framework in the 21st century learning which requires the active participation of students in learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This research...
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Developing Authentic Reading Material for Food Science Students Department

Tuti Tuti
The idea of using authentic material in language teaching is supported among references and many professionals in the field of language pedagogy. Authentic material provides the learners with many significant advantages and promotes them with high motivation and interest in language learning. This paper...
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The Influence of Integrated Information and Communication Technology Use in Teaching and Learning on Student Competence at University

Aan Hendrayana, Sholeh Hidayat, Heni Pujiastuti
Currently, online learning is inevitable. There have been many studies that suggest that there are many advantages of online learning. To serve the online learning, has created a lot of Learning Manajament System (LMS). Even so, there are currently not many who integrate LMS with Public facilities and...
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Entrepreneurial Learning Design in Higher Education in the Era Revolution Industry 4.0

Tri Suratmi, Wirawan Nugrohadi, Dinni Agustin
The disruption era that initiated the 4.0 revolution has caused some types of jobs and professions in Indonesia disappear, replaced by machines/applications with artificial intelligence technology. These conditions force universities to change the orientation of producing ready-to-work human resources,...
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The Effect of Picture Story Book Based on Scientific Approach with Discovery Method on Collaboration Attitude of Elementary Student

Fitria Fatmawati, Zuhdan Prasetyo
The collaboration attitude is essential to be accustomed to the students so that the student can work well with others in the future. The collaboration attitude is also required to meet the demand of learning and innovation skills in the Industry 4.0,which emphasizes that students should have good collaborative...
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Teacher Professional Education Requires Learning Mobile-based and Project-based

Aan Hendrayana, Wahyudin Wahyudin
Increased teacher competence is the focus of the current Indonesian government. Thus, there should be efforts made to support the government program. Since, in the 21st century, the achievement of competence in teachers is no longer classical but must experience a tremendous jump. The jump can be achieved...
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Pancasila and Civic Education Learning as an Adhesive of Multicultural Society

Bambang Sumardjoko, Eko Supriyanto, Harun Prayitno
The objective of this research was to describe (1) the profile of Pancasila and Civic Education teachers in Surakarta, (2) the teacher’s understanding on the essence of Pancasila and Civic Education learning, and (3) the characteristics of Pancasila and Civic Education learning as social adhesive in...
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Enhancing Students’ Creativity in Physics Classroom using Virtual Laboratory

Gunawan Gunawan, Nina Nisrina, Ni Suranti, Lovy Herayanti
The virtual laboratory can be used to support an experiment of physics for visualizing abstract concepts. This article discusses the effects of virtual laboratory towards improvement on student's creativity in three different schools. Creativity measured in this study included verbal, numerical, and...
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Analyze Mapping Of Students’ Skills on Implementing of Scientific Approach in Biology Learning

Suciati Suciati, Citra Imaningtyas, Aisyah Anggraini
This study aims to make analyze of students’ skills on implementing of scientific approach in biology. This study was a descriptive-qualitative method participated by 256 students of grade 11 science class at nine state senior high schools in Yogyakarta. Scientific approach skills are illustrated as...
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Review Literature of Science Process Skill in Curriculum 2013 at Elementary School

Pipit Amarta, Sarwanto Sarwanto, Peduk Rintayati
This article describes science process skills in elementary schools, especially curriculum 2013 in Indonesia. The method of this research is a literature review, which collects and analyzes the literature in the form previous research by using descriptive analysis based on variable regression. The results...
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Introducing Ecolinguistics in EFL Classroom

Maria Luardini, Erna Sujiyani
Referring to the new policy on National Curriculum of 2013, in which one of its objectives is to empower teachers to develop the potential of the region, and answering the gap between the curriculum demand on the local content development and the lack of local content development on the provided materials...
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Implementation of Character Education Using Islamic Studies in Elementary School Teacher Training

Burhanuddin Burhanuddin, Nuur Majid, Rizki Hikmawan
Government has been socializing of character education at recent times. One of the character values contained in Islamic education is taught in every class that every students must practice in daily activity. This research aims to know how to implement character education using Islamic studies in elementary...
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Study Literature: Traditional Game Based Learning Model Sitinjak to Find the Concept Area of Triangle

Dessy Rasihen, Jailani Jailani
Diverse with technological sophistication and humans should keep abreast of technological developments, aspects of child development as the most important to support the success of learning are often overlooked. Such learning does not provide space for students to be able to learn according to the stage...
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Effect of Mapping Concept and TAPPS on Students Critical Thinking of Chemical Bonding

Dilla Pratiwi, Titin Supriyanti, Hernani Hernani
Chemistry is a complex subject that explores a number of abstract topics and concepts. Many of these fundamental conceptual interconnections present in chemistry. The use of concept mapping and thinking aloud pair problem solving (TAPPS) to increase critical thinking of senior high school student, focused...
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Developing Android Based – Student Worksheet Using Guided Inquiry Model to Improve Science Process Skill on Human Reproduction System Material, Grade XI of Senior High School (SMA)

Ermayanti Sutiyo, Djukri Djukri
This research aims to (1) Produce android based - student’s worksheet with Guided Inquiry model to improve the learning process of human reproduction system materials that are suitable for high school students of grade XI, (2) To analyze the effectiveness of the application of the android based learning...
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The Success  of Picture Story Books in SD Science on Student Critical Thinking

Ermaniatu Nyihana, Pratiwi Astuti, Zuhdan Prasetyo
This study aims to determine the effect of learning SD science  by using picture story books on student learning outcomes in helping to grow their critical way of thinking. This research is Quasi Experimental research with Post Test Design Only Control Group Design. Data in this research is data of science...
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Islamic Religious Education TextBook Based on Contextual Teaching and Learning Model which Valid for Higher Education

Azwar Azwar, Jarudin Jarudin, Febri Yanti
Islamic Religious Education (IRE) at university occupies a key position, functionally integrated with various disciplines. IRE plays an agent of student character formation that is praiseworthy, tough, honest and courageous in accordance with Islamic values. However, a lot of questionable policies and...
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CTL Learning Model in the Millennial Era: The Use of Edmodo-Based E-Learning Model on Geography Learning in SMA and MA Assalaam

Erna Rahmawati, Chatarina Muryani, Sarwono Sarwono
The purpose of this research is to find out the difference of geography learning results between using Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) model with Edmodo-based e-learning and using lecturing method in the topic of geographical research methods in the tenth-grade Social students of SMA and MA Assalaam...
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Academic Procrastination on Digital Native Higher Degree Student: Does it Really Matter?

Salsabiila Sholehah, Khresna Sangka, Nurhasan Hamidi
According to a survey conducted at 2017 by Association of Internet Network Providers Indonesia (APJII), the number of internet users in Indonesia has reached 143.26 million people or equivalent to 54.68% of the total population, the major internet users was contributed by people aged 19-34 known as Generation...
Proceedings Article

The English Needs of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Students at Tertiary Education Context: Students’ Voices

Sri Haryati, Dewi Rochsantiningsih, Gunarso Susilohadi, Hefy Suistyowati
One of the significant contributions of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) to the wider world of ELT is the development of thorough needs analysis as the cornerstone of ESP. It consisted of assessing the communicative needs of learners and particular strategy in achieving the learning goals for particular...